October 20, 2008

Alex Hawk

Based on a true story! Two siblings start teasing and flirting with each other. Soon things get really moving.

I sat in my bedroom, trying to do my homework and tune out what was happening in the bedroom of my thirteen-year-old sister, Reilly. The noises were really distracting me from my chemistry assignment. I was having enough trouble in the class; I didn’t need to make it worse by not getting my homework right.
Finally after my fifth attempt at writing out the chemical formula for dihydrogen-monoxide, I gave up and stormed over to her bedroom door. I threw it open and looked at the bed where she and my fourteen-year-old best friend, Jake, were buck naked. He was on top of Reilly, fucking her brains out.

“Hey!” I snarled. Both kids looked up. I could see Jake’s penis disappearing into my sister’s vagina. It was a penis I knew well. He was close to my age, I was fifteen, and we’d known each other for a long time. We’d seen each other naked a lot and used to jerk and suck each other on a daily basis before we started fucking girls. Hell, we even still did it sometimes, though not lately. Not since he started fucking my sister. That would have just been weird.
I continued with, “You two can fuck all you want, but PLEASE keep the noise down!”

Jake turned bright red. “Sorry, dude.”

“Sorry, Mike,” my sister said from under Jake’s body.

“Well, alright,” I said, trying to ignore the hard on I was developing. “Just keep it down.”

I walked out of the room, shutting the door behind me, and tromped into my bedroom. Soon as I got there I very quickly beat off, remembering the girls I’d fucked, the fun I’d had with Jake and, much to my annoyance, remembering what it had looked like to see Jake fucking my sister. I’d seen them fuck a couple times before, but for some reason it was hitting me really hard this time. I even came while thinking about it.

Once I was done cumming, I returned to my homework and was actually able to make quite a bit of progress. About thirty minutes after I’d started there was a knock at my door.

“Who is it?”


“Come in.”

He walked in, fully dressed and looking slightly abashed. “Sorry about all the noise, man. Reilly just really gets into it when we fuck.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I waved a hand. “I don’t really want to hear all the details. Or anything.”

“Yeah, I know.” He grinned a little. “Sorry again. You want me to give you a blowjob to make up for it?”

My penis twitched a little at the idea. Jake gave killer head. I thought for a few seconds and then shook my head. “No, I really gotta get back to work here.”

“Ok. Well, I’ll see you next time I wanna bang your sister,” he said with a little grin as he left my bedroom.

I rolled my eyes and got back to my homework, only to be interrupted a few minutes later by the sound of another knock on my door.
Sighing, I said, “Come in, Reilly.”

Reilly opened the door and walked in. She was wearing a short nightie that didn’t leave too much to the imagination.

“Sorry, Mike, for all the noise we were making,” she began as she sat down on my bed.

“It’s ok,” I said with a little shrug. “I remember when I was fucking Kim a few months ago and made lots of noise and pissed you off. I guess it’s just tit for tat.”

“Yeah,” she said with a little laugh. “Yeah, I remember that. That’s how I first learned you were getting laid.”

I grinned a little. “Yeah. Kim was fun in the sack.”

“I bet. Mike’s pretty fun in the sack, too.”

“Is he the only boy you’ve been fucked by?”

Reilly shook her head. “No, I’ve had three others.”

“Slut,” I said, sticking my tongue out at her.

“Jerk,” she replied, sticking her tongue back at me. “How many girls you fucked?”

“Well… three…” I said with a little grin.

“Ok… slut.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I peered down a little. “At least I’m not hanging around without any panties on.”

My sister looked down. Her nighty had ridden up enough to give me a nice little view. “Yeah, well, it’s not like it’s something you haven’t seen before.”

“True.” I’d seen Jake fucking her today, and I’d seen him fuck her a few other times, too. I’d never seen her with anyone else, though. I smiled a little. “It IS nice to look at.”

“You really think so?”


“Then you’re a pervert.” Reilly stuck her tongue out.

“You’re a pervert for letting me see it.”

“Yeah, I guess so.” She shrugged. “Do you really think it looks nice?”

“Yeah. You look really nice, Reilly. If you weren’t my sister, I’d be poppin’ you.”

“Oh, gee, thanks,” she said, rolling her eyes. “What a nice thing to say.”

I laughed. “Well, what can I say? I’m a pervert, remember?”

“Yeah, I remember.” Reilly laid back on my bed a little, her nighty riding up a bit more. “What are you doing in here anyhow?”

“Chemistry homework.”

“Oh, how fun.”

“No kidding. I would have rather been doing a whole lot of other things.”

“Like having Mike blow you?” My sister was well aware of the relationship Mike and I had. It didn’t bother her. She’d talked sometimes about watching me and him get it on, but we’d never followed up on it.

“Yeah. That would’ve been a lot of fun,” I said, sighing with regret.

“You’re so gay,” Reilly said with a smirk.

“Oh, yeah? Is that why you’re parading around here with your pussy hanging out?” I said, gesturing towards her.

“Oh, this thing?” She lifted the nightgown and spread her legs in the “fuck me” position. “What, you getting some horrible pervert ideas or something?”

I snorted. “Don’t tempt me.”

“Don’t tempt you to what?”

“Keep lying there like that and you might find out.”

I should be clear at this point that this wasn’t the first time my sister and I had flirted around like this. Usually she’d been more clothed, but once she’d been completely naked and I’d just been in my underwear. It hadn’t gone anywhere, of course, but we’d had fun flirting nevertheless.

“Oh, really…” she said in a very dry voice. “Well, maybe I’ll just have to find out.”

“Maybe you will,” was my clever retort.

“Course you won’t have the guts to do anything,” Reilly said.

“Oh, yeah? Wanna bet?”

“Ok…” She pulled her nightgown completely off and laid back in the “fuck me” position again. “Come on, then, do something.”

Shrugging, I said, “Alright.” I figured I’d put my sister in her place using a fairly harmless technique. I moved towards her, sat down on the bed and reached out with a hand, placing it right onto one of her bare breasts. I massaged it gently, circled the areola with my fingers and then lightly tweaked her nipple before leaning down and kissing it lightly. Then I got up and went back to my chair, smirking slightly.

“See?” I said, looking at her somewhat surprised face. “Told you.”

Reilly recovered quickly. Rolling her eyes at me, she said, “That wasn’t much of much.”

“Yeah, well, I never promised I’d make you cum or something. I just said you’d find out what happened if you kept giving me ideas.”

“Uh-huh… well, that wasn’t much of an idea.”

“Never said it was,” I replied, smoothly.

At this point it was still feeling like nothing more than the usual flirting my sister and I had both done since we’d become sexually active. Granted, I’d never touched her when she was naked or anything like that, but still.

“So is that the ONLY idea you had, Mike?” Reilly said, getting up and moving towards me.

“No, not really.”

“What else was there?” she asked in husky voice as she sat down on my lap, facing me.

“Oh, there was one or two other things,” I admitted.

“Such as?”

My penis was, not surprisingly, very hard and my sister was sitting in such a way so that her vagina was resting almost directly above it. I flexed as hard as I could, making my erection twitch, hoping that it would be enough for her to notice. It was.

“Oh, ho! What have we here?” she asked, poking the bulge in my jeans.

“It’s what’s called a ‘penis’,” I said in a sarcastic tone.

“Oh, really? And what do you do with it?”

“Take it out and you’ll see,” I challenged.

To my slight surprise, Reilly reached down, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and then rather awkwardly reached into my boxers, extracting my penis and letting it spring up into the air.

“Well,” my sister said as she looked at my erection for the first time. Though I’d seen her naked many times, she’d never seen me. “Now what did you plan to do with it?”

“I don’t know if I should tell you now,” I replied, my heart beating fast.

“Oh? Why not?”

“Because I don’t think you could handle it,” I said with a smirk.

“Oh, really?”

“Really, Reilly.”

She sneered. “I can handle anything you can dish out.”

“Oh, yeah?”


I snorted. “Then lay down on my bed and I’ll show you exactly what I plan to do with it.”

“Alright.” She got off me and laid down on my bed, legs spread wide. “I’m WAITING!”

I was dimly wondering in the back of my mind how far my sister planned to take this and how far I planned to take it. Needless to say, this was an odd situation. I was willing to go with it, though.

“So you wanna know what I plan to do with this, eh?” I said, holding my penis.


“Ok.” Figuring that I’d give her a good long tease, I stood up and slowly got out of my clothes. Once I was naked I said, “Still wanna see?”


Now I got down on my bed and knelt between my sister’s legs, penis sticking straight up. “What do you think my plan is?”

“I don’t know.”

“Could be anything,” I cautioned.

“I’m sure.”

“Could be this,” I let my penis drift along her thigh.

“Could be…”

“Could be this,” I said as I moved forward, poking my penis into her belly button.

“I hope it’s not that,” Reilly replied with a smile.

“Oh? What do you hope it is?”

“I don’t know… I’ll tell you when you get to it.”

“Hmmm…” I looked mock-serious. “Well… could be this,” I said as I moved down a little and poked the tip of my penis against her clitoris.

She sucked in her breath a little and nodded, “Yeah… it could be.”

My heart was really thudding at this point. Just how far WOULD I go? How far would Reilly LET me go? Taking a chance, I figured I’d try something. I poked the tip of my penis right into the entrance to my sister’s vagina. Not enough to really penetrate, just enough to let her know it was there. Then I sort of moved it around a little.

“Could be this,” I said.

“Yeah… yeah… it could be…” she managed to say, her eyes closed.

Swallowing a little, I said, “And, of course, it could also be this.” I steadied myself and very slowly pushed, watching as my fifteen-year-old penis sank slowly down into my little sister’s thirteen-year-old vagina. I pushed it all the way inside her and held it there.

“Oh… oh, yeah… oh….” She obviously liked that.

Struggling hard to control myself and thinking, “Jesus! I’m actually fucking my little sister!” She was tighter than most girls I’d fucked and really, really wet. I held steady and said, “Of course… there’s no way it could be this…”

“Why not…?” Reilly whispered.

“Because.” I very reluctantly and very slowly withdrew my penis from Reilly’s vagina. “Since you’re my sister, I can’t do anything nearly so naughty as that with you.” I grinned down at her, knowing I’d won.

“Oh… you… you jerk…” Reilly said as she sat herself up. “Oh, you total jerk.”

“Yep!” I stood up and moved back to my chair, sitting down and facing her, my penis still throbbing.

“Oh, I hate you,” she said.

“Oh, you mean you didn’t want me to stop?” I said in tones of great innocence.

I could see in my sister’s eyes a little battle being fought. Her desire to get fucked warring with her desire to make me look bad. Finally the lust won.

“Well… it wasn’t THAT bad,” she admitted.

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah. I mean, if you want to, you can keep doing it.”

“Oh, can I?”


“Hmmm… I don’t know if I really want to, though,” I said.

“Oh, I know you do.”

“Yeah? How do you know?”

“Because if you don’t want to, you won’t let me do this.” Reilly stood up and walked over to the chair. She straddled me again, just as she had before, but this time positioned herself so that her vagina sank down around my penis.

I let out a little breath of pleasure and pushed my penis deeper into my sister. “Yeah… yeah, you’re right.”

Reilly began ridding me as best as she could, but it was more than a little awkward fucking in my chair. Finally she said, “Let’s get on the bed.”


My sister got off me and lay down on my bed. I got onto the bed with her, lowered myself down on top of her naked body and slowly, easily slipped my penis back into her waiting vagina. Once inside her I started fucking slowly, steadily, giving her as much pleasure as I could.

“Oh, yes,” Reilly whispered. She moved her hands down to cup my ass as I pumped her. “Oh, god, yes, Mike… fuck me… fuck me…”

Doing my best to ignore my sister’s cries (I didn’t want to cum too soon), I just kept fucking her at a good, steady rate. Then something crossed my mind.



“Are you… on the Pill…?”

“No… Jake always just… takes it out when… he cums…”

Much as I really, really loved the bare skin to bare skin sensation of having my penis inside my sister’s vagina, I knew it would be a bad idea to get any sperm in her. I’d already gotten one girl pregnant. She miscarried, thank goodness, but I didn’t want to go through that again. I slowly pulled out of Reilly and reached over to my nightstand.

“What are you doing?” she asked, watching me.

I pulled out a condom and unwrapped it, rolling it down around my penis. “Just being careful.”

“Oh… ok.”

Once the condom was snuggly on, I repositioned myself and slid back into my sister. It didn’t feel as good physically now, but it did feel better emotionally. Now our sex was just pure pleasure with no risk of pregnancy. THAT was much nicer!

I fucked my sister good and hard for a couple minutes in the missionary position, feeling the good sensations increase with each thrust. One nice thing about the condom was that it was delaying my orgasm. Without it I would have spurted long ago.

But it couldn’t delay it forever. Gasping and moaning with pleasure I buried my face in my sister’s shoulder as my penis began to convulse inside her wonderfully wet and tight young vagina, filling the condom with my sperm. It wasn’t the best orgasm I’d ever had, but it was damn close.

I held myself like that for about a minute before I finally pulled out of my sister’s vagina. I took the condom off my penis, tied it off and tossed it into the trash can before falling back onto the bed next to Reilly. We stared at each other for a few seconds and then started giggling like maniacs.

The way these stories normally go, my sister and I would start fucking regularly, forgoing all others and having a hell of a time together. Well, in reality we only had sex a few more times. The last time we did it, we didn’t have any condoms. We were both horny and fucked anyhow, but I wasn’t able to pull out in time and wound up cumming inside her. We both freaked and had a very tense time waiting to find out if she was pregnant. Thankfully she wasn’t, but it was still nerve-wracking, so we never did it again after that.

I still think fondly of those times we fucked. Now I’m married and have three kids, two of whom are teenagers. I wonder, sometimes in the dark of the night, if they’ll end up having a relationship with each other like my sister and I did.


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk. All rights reserved on planet Earth. If you live in Mars, well… go ahead and copy it.

So this was another true story. This one was told to me by an older man I met at my job. He and I go into talking about things in between takes and ended up discussing sex and our first times and stuff. Eventually I told him about how I lost my virginity to my sister and he told me about this. He showed me pictures of his sister and she’s still pretty damn fine! He also showed me pictures of his two teenage kids and, well, suffice to say that if they ARE fucking, they’re both damn lucky.
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