Flash Fiction A-Z is a tribute to something I read a time ago. The Flash Fiction series is inspired by an older series on Nifty called Book of Firsts by Jack Edwards (or jnuanced). In that collection of 26 stories, each chapter was standalone, featuring a character’s first-time sexual experience whose name matched with whatever letter of the alphabet was next.

The Flash Fiction Series is an homage to that, and my way into one-shot, single chapter ideas meant to counter some of my longer stories. Still well-written, but don’t expect anything super deep on a narrative level.

If you have any short, snappy, or first time experiences you’d like to share, feel free to reach out to me at leviholland@protonmail.com. Or just leave a comment here. Both is fine.

I can’t promise it’ll end up here 100% the way it’s told now, but I’m happy to try and include details!