Do Ya Think I’m Sexy – Part 5

The next morning the first thing I became aware of was the most wonderful feeling in my groin. My eyes fluttered open to darkness, but I thought I was still dreaming. It took me a moment to realize that what I was taking for darkness was actually the black cloud of my aunt’s long hair spread across my lower body.

Sensing I was awake, Donna lifted her head and her hair spread like a curtain to reveal her face. Her eyes were dancing with mischief, and her lips were spread in an O around the tip of my cock. She released me with a grin and then circled my cockhead slowly with her tongue. “Morning, Tiger,” she said softly.

“Uh… good morning,” I answered.

“I needed a little treat this morning,” she said, licking sensuously from my balls to the tip of my dick.

“What about-” I began, but she interrupted and said, “Don’t worry, I haven’t woken Jimmy up yet. We have a few minutes just for ourselves.”

With that, Donna rose to her knees. She was naked. She artfully straddled my hips and with a quick movement lifted my cock and then settled down onto it. I groaned as my prick sank into the intoxicating heat of my aunt’s vagina. She rode me gently, her hands pressed to my chest, her hips rising and falling, undulating, twisting, grinding her hairy cunt against my pubic bone.

I began to lift my hips to meet her downward thrusts, adding my own power to our coupling. My hands gripped her hips, pulling her down onto my cock. “That’s it, baby,” Donna moaned. “Fuck me, angel.”

This was a different kind of screwing than I’d grown used to. This was slow and sensual. The feelings built slower, but somehow more powerfully. I wanted to speed my thrusts, but Donna used her body to prevent it, to keep me at a slow, steady pace.

Still maintaining her rhythmic bouncing on my cock, Donna grabbed my wrists and pushed my arms up over my head. Then she attacked my neck, lightly biting and sucking me. She kissed and licked her way down my shoulder and into my left armpit. There she licked long, slow swathes across the hairless skin.

“I love that you don’t have any hair here,” she breathed, her tongue lapping. I was surprised it wasn’t ticklish, but it just made me squirm in pleasure.

“Because you like little boys,” I said softly.

“Because I like little boys,” she cooed. “Beautiful, delicious little hairless boys.”

“Is that why you and Jimmy…” I began, but left the rest unsaid.

Donna stopped bouncing on my cock. She sat back, looking pained. “I know that’s wrong,” she said softly. “He’s my son. And he’s so young still. It just started by accident. I was washing him and not even really paying attention when I made him come. After that, I swore to myself it would never happen again, but he got so upset when I refused to give him ‘the feeling’ that I just kept doing it whenever he wanted. Now… it’s different. He’s my baby, and I’m making him feel good. But it will never go further than that, Tommy. I mean it. It’s bad enough I’m sitting here with my nephew’s cock inside me. I won’t ever do that with my own son.”

“Well,” I grinned. “At least you have me,” I said, and then I flexed, making my cock jerk inside her.

“I have you,” she smiled, “and your delicious little cock.”

“My boycock,” I teased.

“Yes, angel, your perfect little boycock.”

Then she started to fuck me again, but this time her movements were more desperate and it wasn’t long before we were each panting heavily, the wet, messy sound of our sex growing louder. I felt my orgasm begin to erupt and I gave out a painful sounding yelp. Knowing I was coming put Donna over the edge and we writhed together, sharing our ecstasy.

Afterward, sweaty and panting, Donna lifted herself off me and stood unsteadily at the side of my bed as she grabbed her robe and tied the belt around her waist. Then she bent over and gave me a short but sound kiss on the lips. “You’d better get into the shower before you get dressed, Tiger. Wouldn’t want you going to school smelling like pussy.”

I grinned. “Maybe I would.”

She reached down and grabbed my balls. “Up or they’re mine,” she teased.

I got up and headed naked into the bathroom for a quick shower while she went to wake Jimmy. By the time I finished and got dressed for school and headed downstairs, Jimmy was already at the breakfast table eating. Donna gave me a conspiratorial wink as she handed me a plate and I sat to eat.

After breakfast I prepared to leave for school while Jimmy ran upstairs to the bathroom. Donna caught me at the door before I could leave and she caught me in a heated kiss while her hand squeezed my cock through my Levis.

“I’ll see you later, Tiger.”

School that day was a bit of a disappointment. Billy and I met before 1st period, but he informed me that he wouldn’t be around for gym because his mom was picking him for a dentist appointment. That also meant he wouldn’t be coming over to my house after school. It made for a boring day, as I didn’t have anything to look forward to. Well, other than sex with Donna later. I hoped.

I wasn’t looking forward to gym. It just wouldn’t be the same without Billy to talk to and laugh with. I was all alone as I changed into my gym clothes. I’d say it was a uniform, since we all had to wear the same colors, but you could wear any type of shirt and shorts as long as they were the right color. I had on a plain, white, tight-fitting Fruit of the Loom t-shirt tucked into a pair of blue cotton gym shorts, which also fit pretty tightly, hugging my small package. My shoes were Converse high-tops. Not cause I played basketball, but just because I thought they looked cool. My white tube socks, which rose nearly to my knees, had blue stripes, to match my shorts.

In gym that week we were doing some sort of Presidential fitness thing. You had to choose between 4 programs to do, A through D, A being the hardest. I picked A, because I thought I was pretty athletic. It was mostly running and jumping and chin-ups and push-ups. Stuff like that.

The hardest part of the A program was the rope climb. You had to shinny up a thick rope and slap the steel ceiling beam, 20+ feet above. I actually thought the rope climb was pretty easy, since there were big knots every few feet to help you, but it scared most kids.

The President’s thing was a co-ed activity, so all the kids were gathered around the mats with Mr. Patton and Ms. Wallace, the girl’s gym teacher. Usually boys and girls had their own activities on their respective sides of the gym.

Anyway, when it was my turn the for the rope climb, I admit I was showing off a bit. I went up the rope like a monkey, and within seconds I was slapping the ceiling beam from a dizzying height. Then I started back down the rope with the goal of going down even faster than I’d gone up. That’s sorta where I had a problem.

I was nearly all the way back down, and I could already hear the cheers of my peers when my feet missed the last knot and I lost my grip. I instinctively wrapped my thighs tightly around the rope and reached out to hug the rope with my arms, which worked. Sorta. I caught the rope right against my crotch, which allowed me time to grab the rope again, but I was still sliding down fast and when I hit that knot, it was right on my nuts. The shock of the pain made me lose my grip with my hands and I fell the last 4 or 5 feet and landed flat on my back on the mat, driving the air out of my lungs.

I lost a few moments then, concerned with the state of my balls and the fact that I couldn’t get a decent breath. My hands were cupping my abused nuggets and I was rolling around, gasping like a fish out of water. I sensed Mr. Patton over me, and heard him talking to Ms. Wallace, and then I was being lifted and carried away.

I finally got a decent breath as we passed out of the big gym double doors. We were then in the short hallway to the locker-room and I told Mr. Patton that I was ok, and that he could put me down.

“Well, we’re almost here now, so just hold on,” he told me.

I found myself with the urge to reach out and grab the silver whistle hanging around his neck and blow, it, but I restrained myself. Mr. Patton turned and used his back to open the door to the locker-room, exposing us to the smell of disinfectant and feet. Then we were in his office and he was carefully helping me down to stand on my own.

“You’re sure you’re ok?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Ok, well let’s just be sure,” he said. Then he sat in his office chair and he reached out to pull the front of my t-shirt out of my shorts and slid his hand up underneath where he pressed his warm hand against my chest. His other hand rested against my back. “Breathe,” he instructed.

I took a deep breath, to show I could. He moved his hand to the other side of my chest and asked me to breath again. Then his hand was on my stomach. His hands were really big. Mr. Patton was about 6 feet tall and he had big hands and very hairy arms. I could feel his arm hairs on my belly.

Mr. Patton patted me on the stomach and smiled. “Ok, all feels good,” he said, and I relaxed. “Now about your other injury,” he said. “It all… feels ok now?” he asked.

I nodded nervously. He was talking about my balls. “I think I feel ok now,” I informed him.

“No soreness?” he inquired earnestly.

I shrugged. “Maybe a tiny bit,” I allowed.

“Well, we’d best check, to be on the safe side,” he said.

I swallowed nervously. He wanted to check? My balls?

“Just relax,” he said soothingly, reaching out to hook his thumbs into my shorts on both of my hips. “We’ll just make sure everything is ok and get you back to class.”

“But, I – ” I began, but it was too late. With a gentle tug, my shorts and underwear were down around my knees.

Mr. Patton stared at my crotch. I saw him bite his lower lip. Then he swallowed. “E-everything looks ok,” he said, emphasis on the word looks. He planted a smile on his face and looked up and said, “You racked yourself pretty good, huh?”

I nodded slowly. Mr. Patton was acting weird. In fact, Mr. Patton was acting a bit like my Aunt Donna, the first time she’d seen me naked in the bathtub.

“Never can be too careful,” he said, eyes back on my crotch. Then he reached out and put his hand between my thighs, making me spread my legs a little. My shorts fell the rest of the way to drape over my Converse. Then Mr. Patton was gently cupping my small, hairless nuts.

I gasped a bit at the contact, even though I was expecting it. My balls seemed really small in Mr. Patton’s big hand, but his hand was warm and very gentle. He pulled my balls out away from my body a bit, and carefully rolled them around, lightly squeezing them. Then his other hand reached out and and gently picked up my dick and moved it to the side.

“We’ll have to move Little Tommy off to the side, so I can see,” he explained. “Not that he’s all that little,” he went on, his voice oddly higher than normal. “You’re a good size for your age, Tommy. You’re not yet thirteen are you?” He was talking really fast. “You already have some hair down here. That’s nice. I hadn’t noticed before. They’re very light.”

He’d noticed my crotch? Was everyone watching my crotch?

“No pain?” he asked, his voice a bit tight. I could feel his hot breath wafting over my crotch, and then I felt a twinge in my dick. I knew what that twinge meant.

“I think I’m fine, Mr. Patton,” I said worriedly.

“Well, we just want to be sure,” he said. “An injury like this can sneak up on you. Oh!”

He felt what I knew he’d feel and I cringed in embarrassment. His left hand let go of my dick and it dropped downward, only to bob twice and then to rise again. I saw Mr. Patton’s eyes widening as my pubescent cock grew right before him.

“Th-that’s perfectly normal, Tommy,” he said, eyes locked on my growing penis. He licked his lips again. “Nothing to be embarrassed about. It happens to all boys.”

It seemed it didn’t just happen to boys. A glance downward showed me a straining bulge in Mr. Patton’s tight blue shorts. His weren’t gym shorts like the boys wore, but had pockets and a zipper. Real shorts. Still, I could see a rising projection there. My own cock reached it’s full length, quivering with hardness, pointed straight up at the ceiling.

Mr. Patton’s hand was still on my balls, but I realized he wasn’t examining so much as caressing them now. That wasn’t helping my boner at all. Mr. Patton didn’t say a thing.

“Mr. Patton?” I said helpfully.

“Oh!” His eyes rose to meet mine, and then dropped again to my cock. “I…” he swallowed, nervously I thought. “Nothing to embarrassed about, Tommy,” he repeated a bit dazedly. “Perfectly normal.” He went on staring and caressing my ballsac.

“I think I’m ok,” I said, hoping he’d get the hint. Was my dick magic or something? Everyone that saw it seemed to go all glassy-eyed.

“You’re perfect,” I heard him breath softly.

“What?” I asked, though I’d heard him just fine.

Mr. Patton must have realized what he’d said and sort of shook himself, sat up straighter and finally released my nuts. “I mean, you seem perfectly fine, young man,” he said. His voice was much deeper this time. Deeper than normal actually.

“Can I get dressed?” I asked, hopefully.

Mr. Patton’s eyes were locked once again on my swaying cock. He licked his lips yet again. “Do you masturbate, Tommy?” he asked suddenly.

“Wh-what?” I asked.

“It’s… uh… important. Medically. To know.” Mr. Patton looked up at me guiltily, apparently aware he was rambling. He visibly gathered himself. “An injury like this,” he started, hand reaching out towards my balls again, stopping himself just before taking them in his warm hand. “…well, it can sneak up on you. You think you’re fine, see, and then later you… engage in… a certain activity, and… well, you can realize you’re injured worse than you thought. Of course, by then it’s too late. So… do you?”

Mr. Patton tore his eyes away from my cock long enough to look me in the eyes. I nodded nervously, torn between embarrassment and a growing sexual excitement.

“That’s good,” he said. “I mean, that’s normal. For a boy. Your age. I mean, for all ages, but… at your stage of development… it’s good. And normal. To do that.” His eyes were back on my cock. I saw his his hand drop to his lap, where he quickly adjusted his cock where it was straining uncomfortably against his shorts.

“I think…” he began again, and I got the distinct impression he was making things up as he went along, “Tommy, I think I should, just to be safe, mind you, uh… simulate… that action. Just for a bit. To be sure. You wouldn’t want to find out later you’d badly injured yourself. So…” his hand reached out, “… just for a moment…”

Then his hand gently wrapped around my cock. We both gasped at the contact. Mr. Patton just held me for a moment, in his big, warm fist. I was completely engulfed in his hand, able to see only the barest hint of pink poking out the top. His hand squeezed me softly, and I saw a tiny bubble of pre-cum ooze out of my piss-slit. Mr. Patton used his thumb to touch that drop of liquid, then be lifted it. It stretched upward for about half an inch before separating. Then his thumb was back and he swirled it in a small circle atop my spongy cockhead. I groaned.

Mr. Patton moved his fingers enough to allow his thumb to apply a coating of the slowly leaking fluid to the entirety of my acorn-sized cockhead. By that time I was growing a little shaky. Seeing the state I was in, Mr. Patton released my cock long enough to grab me by the hips and sit me on the edge of his desk. My underwear and shorts were left dangling by just one foot. Spreading my smooth, hairless thighs, he was able to scoot even closer to me.

“You let me know if this starts to hurt,” Mr. Patton said softly, taking my quivering cock back into his fist. He began to slowly move it up and down, causing my leaking pisshole to gape open on each downward thrust. Then, as if he realized how blatantly sexual this was and somehow felt the need to disguise it, he said, “So your friend Mr. Parker is absent today.”

“He had to go to the dentist,” I said, panting a little, my voice small and breathy. I watched Mr. Patton’s hand continue it’s steady up and down motion.

“You two seem to have become very good friends,” he said, eyes not leaving my cock and his gentle ministrations. I saw his other hand reach down and clutch the tubular bulge in his shorts, squeezing.

“So does Mr. Parker have a few hairs down here too? Blonde and hard to see like yours perhaps?”

I was beyond caring that it was such and odd and personal question. “He doesn’t have any yet, but he can squirt.”

Mr. Patton’s eyes left my crotch then, snapping up to my face, widening a bit with surprise, his eyes sparkling. It took me a moment to realize what I’d just said. What I’d just admitted. Mr. Patton licked his lips. “And what about you, Tommy?” he asked, trying to hide the eagerness in his voice. “Can you squirt too?”

I felt myself nodding. I guess having someone jacking your cock is sort of like a truth serum. “Only a tiny bit. I did it the first time last night.”

“Just last night?” he asked. His eyes were back on my cock. “Just last night,” he repeated softly. His hand sped up on my cock. “I knew his cousin, you know,” he said. “Dylan. I had him for 3 years. We became good friends.

Are you ok, Tommy?” he asked me. “It doesn’t hurt, does it?” As if he thought it did. I shook my head. “Feels good,” I managed to gasp.

Mr. Patton was silent then, for about 20 seconds he just jacked me. “I can make you feel even better, Tommy,” he said then. He looked up and caught my eye and then quickly looked away. “Would you like that?”

I had an idea what he meant. I could see the hungry look in his eye as he stared at my cock. “Please make it feel better,” I gasped.

That was all the permission he apparently required. With a hungry moan, he leaned his head down into my lap and swallowed me whole. I shuddered as I felt his lips close tightly around the sparse hairs at the base of my throbbing dick. Mr. Patton groaned loudly as he just held me there, his lips and tongue working, sucking at me strongly. His right hand disappeared into his lap. I heard a snap, and then the sound of a zipper. Leaning forward a bit to look, I watched as he used both hands to spread his shorts wide. Then he hooked a finger into his white briefs and pushed them down, freeing his cock.

It was the first real grownup penis I’d seen outside of a magazine. I was surprised by how much hair he had down there. His dick was practically lost in it. It was hard to see at first because of the angle, but then he wrapped his other fist around it and pushed it out and down. It looked to be about as long as Billy’s cock. About 5 inches or so. It was a lot thicker tho. Like me, Billy’s dick wasn’t even an inch thick, but Mr. Patton’s adult cock was nearly an inch and a half wide. I tried to imagine what a nine inch penis would look like, and I couldn’t manage it. The most interesting difference was that Mr. Patton’s big dick wasn’t circumcised like mine. I’d only seen them in books before. I watched as that encircling bunch of skin was slowly pulled back to reveal a thick, purplish cockhead which was glistening with wetness.

Then Mr. Patton’s hand began to move back and forth on his own cock, covering and then uncovering that wide head with it’s layer of skin. I wondered what it would be like to have a foreskin of my own. That’s when Mr. Patton began to slowly bob his head up and down on my dick. On each upward rise, he would stop for just a moment, just long enough to swirl his tongue twice around the head of my cock, before sinking down to once again wrap his lips tightly around the base. Then he’d do it all again. It was official. Mr. Patton was the best cocksucker yet.

Mr. Patton’s foreskin made a wet sound each time it retracted from his cockhead. Mr. Patton’s mouth made all kinds of wet sounds as it worked up and down on my spit-covered little dick. The site of his jacking hand and his hungry mouth soon had me panting shallowly while my whole body began to tingle. I leaned far back on the desk, my hands bracing me on the opposite edge while I began to give little thrusts of my hips.

“Gonna come!” I managed to gasp breathlessly.

Mr. Patton groaned loudly and redoubled his efforts on my little cock, the suction becoming so much more intense, as if he he was trying to suck my balls up through my cock. My whole body was tensing, holding off the moment as long as I could, quivering with the need for release but fighting to restrain it. Finally I could fight it no longer, and with a series of high-pitched, desperate little gasps, I felt my cock begin to jerk violently in my gym teachers hot, eager mouth.

I shuddered and flopped back onto the desk. Mr. Patton couldn’t maintain that angle, and with a pop he released my cock. I lay there for at least a minute, my head lolling off the end of the desk, my long blonde hair nearly touching the floor. My legs were spread wide, my briefs still dangling precariously from one white Converse. Between my legs, my cock continued to twitch, spit-soaked and cooling. My small balls, drawn up tightly when I was coming, slowly loosened and fell in their hairless little sac.

With a heaving sigh and a bunching of stomach muscles, I sat up. My cock fell limply over my balls. Mr. Patton was slumped, eyes closed, in his office chair, hands draped limply over either arm. He was still breathing heavily. His shorts had been pushed down a little bit, so they were tight around his thighs. A thick carpet of hair poked out from the end of his polo shirt, growing thicker around his groin. Even his upper thighs were covered in thick dark brown curls.

In the middle of that patch of hair Mr Patton’s cock lay wrinkled and soft, now less than 3 inches long, but still pretty thick, at least to my eyes. The head was covered once more, and there was a thick line of white slime leading from the pencil-thick, puckered opening of his foreskin as well as little clumpy dollops through his pubic bush and even on his thighs. I could see his balls as well, about the size of robin’s eggs. His scrotum was very dark, wrinkly and hairy.

I slid my ass off his desk, then bent over to grab hold of my shorts and undies. I carefully fit my left foot back through the leg hole, then straightened, pulling them up. I heard Mr. Patton’s chair squeak, and then felt his hands on my bare hips before I could get my shorts all the way up. He turned me so that my back was more fully towards him.

“Magnificent,” he said, running his hand over the smooth flesh of my ass. With one hand on my back, he bent me forward. I didn’t resist. Leaning over his desk, he spread my asscheeks wide and just held them there. Then I felt his thumb press lightly against my little rosebud. “You have a perfect little ass, Tommy.”

After that he released me and stood. I turned to see him adjusting his shorts. I slowly pulled my shorts up as well, slowly, so that he could see my cock was already rising into stiffness again. Mr. Patton grinned, reached out, and give it a little squeeze just before it disappeared.

“You’re a naughty little thing, aren’t you, Tommy?” he asked with a grin.

I grinned back then, emboldened, reached out and squeezed the lump of his adult cock through his shorts. “Maybe a little,” I allowed.

Mr. Patton’s face turned serious then. “Tommy, I don’t need to tell you do I – ” he began but I cut him off with a giggle and a sexy little spin before I headed to the door.

“Don’t worry,” I assured him. “I won’t tell anyone.” And I wouldn’t. Well… maybe Billy. Ok, definitely Billy.

I took my time walking home after school, so I’d only been home about ten minutes when I heard the front door open and slam shut and the rapid patter of little feet racing up the stairs. Jimmy appeared moments later in my doorway to see me lying in bed, relaxing while I worked up the energy to perhaps make a snack or go watch television. His young face was excited, eyes roaming, but visible disappointment fell over his face when he saw me.

“Isn’t Billy here?” he asked.

I had to laugh at his crushing disappointment. “Nope, just me.”

Jimmy shrugged and came into my room and hopped onto my bed with his knees. “That’s ok. We can still play the Rapist Game by ourselves, right?”

“Horny, huh?” I grinned.

“What’s horny?”

“Means you want ‘the feeling’ really bad,” I explained.

“Yeah!” Jimmy grinned. He sat down at my side, facing me and reached out to rub his hand over my crotch.

“Wow, you really are horny, aren’t you?” I asked, feeling my cock beginning to stiffen under Jimmy’s awkward ministrations.

“Really horny,” he said. “See?” Then he rose to his knees, quickly unzipped his pants and pushed them down around his thighs along with his undies. His three inch boner snapped straight up.

My now stiff dick and the sight of Jimmy’s got me thinking and I wondered just how far I could take this situation. Knowing the way Jimmy’s mind worked I said, “I don’t know, Jimmy. You’re kinda little still. I don’t think you could do all the stuff me and Billy were doing.”

“I can, too,” he insisted, hands back on the erection bulging in my jeans. He unsnapped and then unzipped my Levis. With my help he wrestled them down enough to free my cock. “I can do all that stuff. Remember? Billy let me put my thing in his butt and everything!”

“Well, yeah,” I allowed, “but that’s cause you were playing the Rapist. What if I was the Rapist?”

“You mean…” Jimmy took a moment to figure it out. “You’d put your thing in my butt?”

“See?” I said. “I told you you were too little.”

“Am not!” he insisted. He reached out and wrapped his small fist around my cock. He began to jack me up and down. “Would it hurt?” he asked.

Hiding my excitement, I said, “Well, maybe a tiny bit, but if it did I would stop.” The thought of burying my cock in my 9 year old cousin’s tiny ass made my cock lurch in his fist.

“Ok, we can try,” he relented.

I grinned and said, “Ok, take off your clothes.”

We both stripped and within just a few moments we were lying naked together on the bed, both of us with stiff erections. I reached out and took his tiny dick in my hand, caressing it while he reached out to do the same. Curious, I leaned toward him and kissed him on the lips.

Jimmy pulled back. “Gross,” he exclaimed.

“Just try it,” I said, then I leaned back in again. This time Jimmy held still and our soft lips pressed together. After a moment I carefully slid my tongue between his lips, tasting the peanut-butter he’d had for lunch. I released his dick and wrapped my left hand into his longish auburn hair. It was thick and silky.

The kiss went on for nearly a minute, growing hotter and hotter. I was amazed at how quickly he was taking to it and how good it was. His tongue danced against mine while he wrapped his arm around me to pull me closer. Our dicks pressed against each other.

Finally I broke the kiss and pulled back. It took a moment for Jimmy’s eyes to open and then they widened. “Wow,” he breathed.

I grinned. “Nice, huh?” Jimmy nodded.

I pushed Jimmy onto his back and kissed him again. Not long this time before I left the softness of his lips to trace kisses down his neck to his thin shoulders. Curious about what Donna had seen in it, I pushed his left arm up over his head and kissed and licked my way down to Jimmy’s little armpit. Unlike me, he obviously found it very ticklish and just giggled and squirmed away.

I gave that cause up for lost and instead kissed my way down his small chest. I stopped at his tiny nipple, licking it until it stiffened into a tiny nubbin, then continued downward. I had to be careful as I made way down over Jimmy’s belly, as he started to giggle and squirm again. Instead I mostly skipped it and went instead directly to his little cock, which was bobbing eagerly above his hairless groin.

My tongue traced a patch down the moist crease where his leg met his crotch. Then I licked up over his tiny wrinkled nutsac. Unlike mine and Billy’s, Jimmy scrotum was still a tight little thing, like half a walnut shell. I inhaled the faint smell of Jimmy’s crotch, mostly just smelling of soap from his shower last night.

Taking his stiff little penis between thumb and forefinger, I lifted it, then allowed my tongue to trace up it’s length. Reaching the tip, I flicked it with my tongue, making Jimmy giggle. Then I wrapped my lips around his thin cock and slowly took it into my mouth. It fit easily and within moments my lips were pressed against the hairless base. I liked the feel of it, stiff and throbbing in my mouth.

I slid over then, so that I was laying between Jimmy’s outstretched legs. As I began to bob my head up and down, Jimmy reached down to cup the sides of my face. Jimmy moved his feet back, lifting his knees. I moved my arms so that they went underneath and I could rub them up and down his chest and stomach. His cock was a slick little bullet in my mouth.

“I’m getting the feeling,” Jimmy gasped after a few minutes. He began to bounce his skinny hips, driving himself into my mouth while his hands tightened on either side of my face. I kept sucking and soon Jimmy gasped and I felt his slick little cock twitching as he had his dry orgasm.

I continued to suck gently at his little dick until he squirmed away. “That tickles too much,” he said.

“Did you like that?” I asked, moving up to lie beside him.

“It was great,” he said with a grin.

“Wanna try doin’ it to me?” I asked.

Jimmy looked at my cock dubiously and then back up at my face. “What’s it taste like?” he asked.

“Open your mouth,” I told him. He hesitantly did so. I reached out and stuck my finger in his mouth. “Suck,” I instructed. He did, then I removed my wet finger. “It tastes like that,” I said.

“That’s it?” he said, surprised. “That’s easy!”

With that he was on his knees with his face over my crotch. He took my dick in his left hand and then leaned forward and hesitantly swiped his tiny pink tongue over the swollen head of my cock. Seemingly unsure, he then took the entire head between his lips and sucked at it for a few seconds.

With a grin he looked up and said, “It tastes just like your finger!”

“Told you,” I smiled. “See how much you can get in your mouth,” I suggested. “Just be careful with your teeth.”

“Ok,” he said, and then happily bent to the task.

I watched as the head of my cock disappeared back into his mouth. There was something really sexy about watching the nine year old boy with my nearly teenaged cock in his mouth. He gamely lowered himself until nearly all of it was in his mouth, then he gagged a bit and backed off. I instructed him how to tighten his lips around my shaft, how to use his tongue and suck a little. I don’t know if he was a natural or not, but it felt pretty good. Not as good as Billy, and nowhere near as good as his mother or Mr. Patton, but better than just jacking off, that was for sure. Still, I had another goal and after a few minutes I told him he could stop.

“Did you get the feeling?” he asked.

“Not yet, but I wanna try something else,” I told him.

“You wanna put it in my butt now?”

I nodded. “It should be slippery enough now.”

Jimmy cocked his head to the side. “That’s why you lick it first? To make it slippery?”

“Yeah, so it goes in easier,” I explained.

“I got an idea!” he said, and then he was up and racing out of my room, my eyes on his pale little ass.

He returned just a few moments later holding up a bottle triumphantly. “My mom uses it when she suntans,” he said. “It’s super slippery.”

I took the bottle from him. It was Johnson’s Baby Oil. Well, it certainly would be slippery. “Ok,” I said, “uhh… you wanna do it from the front or the back?”

Jimmy grinned and went down on all fours. His white asscheeks glowed and he wiggled his tush back and forth while resting his face on it’s side in my pillow. “Like this!”

I got up on my knees and moved around behind him, my cock wagging back and forth. I looked down between his legs, seeing his little nutsac and the tiny pink pucker just above that. I carefully squeezed out a little puddle of baby oil in my palm, and then slathered my cock with it. It was slippery alright. I vowed to remember this stuff the next time I jacked off. Hell, it felt so good I almost forgot what I was doing.

Just to cover my bases, I thought I should probably put some oil on Jimmy too. In fact, I should probably put some inside him. I hesitated a bit. Putting my cock in there was one thing, but putting my finger in his tiny butt seemed a bit gross. I shook myself out of it and squirted some baby oil right into Jimmy’s asscrack.

He giggled. “That tickles.”

I used my finger to spread it around his tiny asshole, then I slowly started to push it inward. Jimmy’s spine straightened. “That feels weird.”

“I have to put some oil inside so you’re really slippery,” I told him. With very little resistance, my finger sank all the way inside. Jimmy’s ass was really tight, and like his mother’s pussy it seemed to be sucking at my finger. I slowly pulled it out and then slid it back inside.

“How is it?” I asked.

“It feels weird,” he said.

“Does it hurt?”

“No, just weird. Sorta neat though.”

Well, that was encouraging. “Ok, I’m gonna try to put it in,” I warned.


Pushing my rigid cock down so that it was horizontal, I carefully positioned myself until my spongy cockhead was pressed against that tiny pucker. I could feel the heat of Jimmy’s asshole against my cock and I wanted inside. Being as slow and careful as I could stand to be, I carefully pushed forward.

“Ow!” Jimmy exclaimed, tensing.

I hadn’t even got my cockhead inside yet. “Are you ok?”

“It feels really big,” he said, worry in his voice.

“Just try to relax,” I said. “Don’t tense up. I’ll go really slow.”


I was still pressing against him. I waited for about 20 seconds, and then I very carefully pushed forward, just a tiny bit. While Jimmy didn’t object, I decided to wait for a little bit, just to let him get used to it. After another 20 seconds I pushed forward again. I felt the tight ring of his sphincter close around the flared head of my cock.

“Is it ok?” I asked.

“Yeah. Is it in?”

“Well, the tip is,” I said. “I think that’s the worst part. Does it hurt?”

“No, but it still feels weird.”

“Ok, tell me if it hurts.”


With that I slowly pushed forward again. The rest went in with surprising ease. The baby oil made it easy. Within just a few moments I was balls deep in the little boy’s gripping asshole.

“I’m all the way in,” I informed Jimmy.

“It’s really big,” Jimmy said softly.

“Does it hurt?”

He shook his head. I felt his ass squeeze me and I gasped. “It’s filling me all the way up,” he said, voice full of wonder.

Relaxing a bit, knowing he was ok, I slowly pulled back until just the head of my cock remained buried inside him, and then I slowly thrust forward again. Jimmy gave a little gasp of his own. I reached down and found his little prick. It was small and limp. My fingers still slick with baby oil, I began to slowly jack him while I pulled my cock back and then slowly thrust forward again. Very slowly I felt him stiffening in my fingers.

Jimmy’s breathing was quickening. “Do it faster, Tommy,” he instructed me.

“My hand or my dick?” I asked, unsure what he was asking.

“Both,” he insisted.

With that I began to slowly fuck my nine year old cousin’s ass in earnest. I kept it nice and steady, like me and Donna that morning, but pretty soon that wasn’t enough. Even Jimmy was unsatisfied with the slow pace.

“Do it faster, Tommy,” he said again.

“Does it feel good?”

“Really good,” he gasped, pushing his little ass back against me. “Rape me faster.”

“It’s called fucking,” I told him, quickening my pace. “You mean fuck you faster.”

“Fuck me faster,” he panted.

My hand was a blur on my cousin’s 3 inch dick, but I couldn’t get the speed I wanted while still jacking him, so I let go and put both hands on his skinny hips. I saw his own hand reach down to start jacking himself.

“Gimme some baby oil,” he said.

Staying buried deep inside him, I reached over for the bottle and popped the top. “Hold out your hand.” He did so and I filled it with oil. He reached back down and I heard the squelching as he began to frantically jack his little cock.

“Fuck now,” he gasped.

I didn’t need any further encouragement. Taking a firm grip on his hips I began to drive my cock into him, while at the same time pulling him roughly back against me. The heat of his little ass canal was incredible. Jimmy began to grunt as I pistoned my swollen cock in and out of his prepubescent asshole. The meaty smack of my groin against his ass reverberated through the room, twining with his little grunts and the wet sound of his hand desperately jacking his tiny cock.

“G-getting the f-f-feeling!” Jimmy gasped, stuttering with the force of my thrusting cock.

I felt his asshole become even tighter around my buried cock, strangling it. The added friction was too much for me. With one last, desperate thrust, I began to come. I held myself there, buried as deeply as I could get, my spine bowed, my long blonde hair tickling my back, my cock jerking spasmodically deep inside Jimmy’s ass.

My balls gave one last convulsion and with a ‘pop’ of release I collapsed to the side on my back. I saw Jimmy slowly lower his ass until his stomach met the mattress. He was facing away from me, but after a moment his head turned our eyes met. Jimmy grinned.

“That was fun,” he said.

I laughed. “You’re crazy,” I said. “I can’t believe we did that.”

“It still feels like your wiener is inside me,” he said.

“Say cock,” I said.


“Older boys call it a cock,” I said. “Or a dick. If you can fuck, you shouldn’t be saying wiener.” I laughed again at the absurdity of it.

“It still feels like your cock is inside me,” he said.

I grinned and rolled on my side to face him. I leaned in for a kiss and he rolled onto his side to hug me closer. We kissed passionately for some time, our thin limbs entwined. Eventually we were both hard again and rubbing our cocks together.

“Do you wanna fuck me again?” he asked.

“Don’t you wanna try to do me?” I asked. I’d been thinking about it and wondering what it would feel like to have a cock inside me. I figured it would be better to start with Jimmy than to start with Billy’s much bigger dick.

“I want you to do it to me again,” he said. “I liked it.”

“You like getting fucked,” I said. Then, because I couldn’t help it, I added, ‘By my boycock.”

“Yeah,” Jimmy said with a grin, reaching down to grab that very thing.

So I fucked him again. It was even better than the first time.

So, it seems I created a bit of a monster. Jimmy actually wanted to do it a third time. I was really gonna have to trying getting screwed if it was as good as he was making it out to be. I’d have do it too, but we didn’t have a whole lot of time until his mom would be home.

I told him to go take a quick shower and to clean his ass good. I didn’t want Donna noticing her baby’s ass was slick with oil. Bad enough was the worry that she’d notice he was walking a bit funny. Jimmy swore it didn’t hurt, but he was waddling around like my cock was still up his ass.

After his shower, I made sure he put back on the same underwear and shirt, in case Donna should somehow remember which ones he’d been wearing. I dressed in my underwear and a pair of shorts I usually put on after school. I didn’t bother with a shirt.

Donna arrived home soon after that. I’d made sure to tell Jimmy yet again that he couldn’t tell his mom about our little games and he insisted he wouldn’t. Still, I was nervous as he greeted her at the door, but of course she didn’t sense anything out of the ordinary. After hugging her he went to watch cartoons.

Donna watched him retreat to the living room and then came to me. “And how was your day, Tiger?” she asked. Turning to see that we were unobserved, she ran a finger down my bare chest and then squeezed my cock through my thin shorts. “Did you miss me?” she asked softly. My cock instantly stiffened, tenting my shorts. Donna grinned and said, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

Donna went up to her room to change out of her work clothes, and I went up to my room. It had been a busy afternoon and I thought maybe I could just lie down and relax a bit until dinner. I was lying in bed, my arms under my head, when Donna stepped into the doorway.

She looked at me, then turned and yelled down the stairs. “Are you watching cartoons, honey?”

“Yes, Momma,” I heard him reply.

She turned back to me with a grin. “You look so sexy lying there,” she said. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. My boss thinks I’ve got the stomach flu because I went to the bathroom so many times today.”

Seeing my blank look, she clarified. “Because I was masturbating, silly. Fingering my pussy in the bathroom stall like some junior high girl with a crush.”

The admission shocked me a bit. It also made me feel a bit uncomfortable. Of course, there was another part of me that was just as turned on by what she’d said. I felt my cock growing again.

Apparently Donna noticed because she turned once again to make sure the stairway was clear, or maybe she was listening to make sure cartoons were playing downstairs. She turned back around and said, “Take off your clothes.”

I wanted to protest that Jimmy was right downstairs and could come up the stairs any minute, but she interrupted me as soon as I opened my mouth. “I’ll hear him if he comes up and I’ll shut your door so he’ll never see you. I just want to look at you, Tommy. So take off your shorts. I want to see you naked.”

In spite of myself, the idea turned me on a lot. She wanted to see me naked. Just see me. And I knew it would excite her. I grinned and, lifting my hips, slipped down my shorts and briefs. I kicked them off my feet and then lay back against my pillows, my eyes darting between her avaricious eyes and my cock, hovering with stiffness above my groin.

“Look at how hard you are, baby,” she said. She tilted her head back to listen, then returned her attention to me. “Touch yourself, Tommy.”

I reached down to grab my cock, but she said, “Not there. Not yet. Just touch your body. Slowly.”

I wasn’t exactly sure what she wanted, so I started just rubbing my hands over my stomach and chest. She smiled. I realized this was a lot like when I masturbated during those times when I didn’t want to just come right away, but to make it last. So I did what I did then. I began to slowly stroke my skin. I ran my fingertips up my sides, over my chest. I stuck my finger in my mouth and then used it to slowly circle each of my nipples, making them grow pointy. Then I slowly twisted my tiny nipples with my thumb and finger.

Donna groaned and squeezed her own nipples through her t-shirt. The sight really turned me on. I let my right hand drift down across my stomach, one finger outstretched to play among my few silky pubes. I lifted my knees, spreading my legs wide, and stroked the skin there in the crease of my thighs. I watched one of Donna’s hands slip down between her legs and she began to rub her crotch.

I stroked the inside of my thighs, from knee to groin, making myself shudder as I caressed the hairless skin there. Then I rubbed the skin between my balls and my asshole. Donna groaned so I slowly circled my pink asshole with one finger. On a whim, I brought that finger up to my mouth and sucked it for a minute before returning to my asshole, where I carefully inserted it. I felt my ass clench, but it felt great. I slid it in to the second knuckle, making my dick jump. Donna’s hands were eagerly rubbing and pinching her tits and rubbing between her legs.

Unable to hold back anymore, I gripped my cock in my fist while my other hand continued to finger my asshole. Donna gasped. While I started to jack myself, I watched as Donna slipped a hand into her sweatpants. She groaned and I imagined her fingers working desperately in her wet pussy.

I started jacking even faster then, desperate to come. My finger felt great in my asshole, and I found myself wishing I had a bit of baby oil. My fist pumped harder and faster on my small cock and I started making little involuntary grunts. Finally I felt it coming over me. My asshole clamped down around my finger, which I pushed in as far as I could. My hips lifted off the bed and my dick spasmed. I was shocked to see an actual squirt of liquid leap out of my pisshole. I felt it hit my stomach, and burn there as it ran down to my chest while I shuddered. Then I collapsed, my cock still jerking in my fist, a tiny stream of liquid running hotly over my fingers.

I looked up to see that Donna had nearly collapsed in my doorway. Both her hands were buried in her sweatpants and she was shuddering. “I squirted!” I said hoarsely.

“Oh, I saw! I saw you did, baby,” she said weakly. With an obvious effort she straightened. She pulled her hands from her sweats, straightened her shirt, and turned to look down the stairs. Then she came into my room, walking a bit unsteadily.

I released my cock and stared at the clear liquid on my finger. On a whim I brought it to my mouth and licked it off. It reminded me of Billy’s but it was different. Sweeter maybe. Donna just groaned. Then she quickly sat on my bed and, leaning over, lapped at my belly, sucking up the few drops of watery boycum there. She lapped again with her tongue to make sure she’d gotten it all, and then she quickly moved down to take just the head of my cock into her mouth. I gasped as she sucked at my sensitive knob, but she released it quickly, sitting back, rolling her tongue around her mouth, savoring.

Donna looked guiltily towards my wide-open door and realizing the risk, quickly stood and headed to the doorway. She turned back to me and grinned. “Just what I needed,” she said. “An after work snack.”

You know that saying? No rest for the wicked? All this sex must have been pretty darned wicked, because I wasn’t getting any rest. Even during dinner I spent the whole meal with Donna’s foot in my lap under the table. She used her toes to rub up and down my stiff dick through my shorts. Afterward I had to wait until Jimmy was looking the other way so I could get up without him seeing me pitching a tent.

I hurried up to the bathroom to shower alone. I wasn’t worried about getting another handjob. In fact, I really wanted one, considering how hard I was after dinner, but I was still worried about what Jimmy might do if the 3 of us were in the bath together.

I was surprised to see there was a circle of wetness in my underwear when I stripped in front of the mirror. Examining my penis, I could see the little bubbles of pre-cum there. I nearly jerked off right there, staring at my hand moving up and down my little cock in the mirror. I guess I could see what Donna was so excited about. I really was pretty sexy.

Still, I knew I had to get my shower finished so I abandoned my double in the mirror and started the water in the shower. Spending time in front of the mirror had given me an idea though. I was even more curious after fingering my asshole earlier about what getting fucked in the butt might be like. On the bathroom counter was a decorative oil lamp. In the middle of the lamp was a long white candle. It was about 8 inches long and had never been used. It was thicker than Jimmy’s dick, but not as thick as mine. I took it into the shower with me.

A few minutes later, clean and ready to play, I was lying on my back in the tub with the shower pelting my chest and stomach. I had my legs spread and my feet up on the edge of the tub. My cock was in my right fist, and my left held the candle, which was currently about 4 inches deep in my gripping ass.

That’s when the shower curtain opened.

I looked up, startled, to see Donna standing over me. She was naked and her eyes were wide with excitement. I hurriedly pulled the candle from my ass and sat up. “I… I … I was just–!” I began.

Donna smiled. “You don’t have to explain to me, Tiger,” she purred. “You’ve just given me a wonderful idea for later.”


“No time,” she said, reaching down to grab my wrist. She pulled me to my feet. Her hand immediately reached down and wrapped itself around my straining dick. “Jimmy is going to be here any minute wanting his bath,” she explained. “I just couldn’t wait.”

“What do you-“

“Fuck me, Tommy,” she insisted, pulling me out of the tub and against her nude body. She backed until she was pressed up against the wall. I was dripping water all over the floor. “Can you hold me?”

I wasn’t even being given a chance to figure out what the heck was happening. “Hold?”

“Hold me,” she repeated. Then, holding me close, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I staggered and would have fallen except she was braced by the wall. Donna weighed at least as much as I did, and probably more. She shoved her hand down between our bodies and gripped my dick. After a quick adjustment I slipped right into her and she lowered herself so that I was in her to the hilt.

Donna hissed as my cock filled her. “That’s it, baby,” she whispered in my ear. “Mmmm, fuck me, Tommy. Fuck me with that hot little cock!”

I didn’t seem to have a whole lot of choice. Not that was I complaining. Her pussy felt wonderful around my dick. With no more prompting, I began to piston my cock in and out, my feet pushing to keep us upright. I could feel Donna’s nails in my back, her heels digging in just above my ass. She hugged me tightly, grunting with each thrust of my cock.

“So… good… so… fucking… good,” she panted in rhythm with my thrusts. “Fuck… me… Tommy! Oh… oh… oh… fuck… so… hard…”

The sound of our slapping flesh, mine into hers, hers into the wall, seemed loud to me, but I supposed the noise of the shower would cover it if Jimmy were to show up outside the door. As if the thought had summoned him, there was a knocking at the door.

“Tommy, are you almost done?” Jimmy called.

I froze, but Donna wasn’t having any of that. “Don’t stop,” she insisted.

“But-” I began to protest, but she whispered again insistantly, “Keep fucking.”

So I kept fucking. “I’ll… I’ll be out in a minute, Jimmy,” I said, trying to keep my voice steady as my hips worked, slamming my cock again and again into my aunt’s gripping cunt.

“Have you seen my mom?” he asked.

I nearly laughed. “I think she’s in the kitchen,” I called.

“Ok, I’ll check there,” he said, and then he was gone.

My legs were growing rubbery, both from the feelings racing through me and the weight I was holding. “Gonna fall,” I panted, voice straining.

“Wait,” Donna insisted, and then she quickly lowered her legs and stood. She looked around for just a moment, then walked over to the toilet. She lowered the lid and sat down and then gestured me over. I immediately saw what she intended, and I knelt on the floor between her widespread legs, my eyes on her dripping pussy.

She grabbed my slippery cock and pulled it against her, then again wrapped her legs around my waist. I hugged her tight and began to fuck her again. She reached around and grabbed my ass, pulling me hard against her.

Again came a knocking at the door, but not the bathroom door. It was Jimmy knocking on his mother’s bedroom door. “Momma, are you in there?” we heard him call.

I knew better than to stop again, but I pulled my upper body away so I could see her face. Her eyes were wide with what I thought was panic, but I quickly realized was excitement. “I’m in here, angel,” she called, eyes bright, hands still pulling my ass hard against her.

The doorknob turned. “The door is locked,” Jimmy called. “Are you helping Tommy with his bath?”

“No, honey, I’m… I’m peeing. I had to pee. I’ll be right out, ok? Tommy, are you almost done with your shower?”

“Almost!” I managed to call out, my voice straining.

“He’s almost done and then I’ll help you with your bath, ok, honey? Why don’t you start getting undressed?”

“Ok, Momma,” Jimmy called, and then he was gone again.

Donna grabbed my neck and pulled my head close. She whispered hotly in my ear. “Do it! Do it now, Tommy! Make me come!”

I wasn’t sure what else I could do. I was already growing shaky with weakness, but I managed to redouble my efforts and within about thirty seconds I felt it coming over me.

“Coming!” I gasped.

“Shoot it!” she gasped. “Shoot your boycum in my pussy!”

I managed 3 or 4 more thrusts and that’s when it hit me. I pushed forward one last time, straining as my balls erupted. Donna gasped loudly and I felt her cunt clamp down hard around my spasming dick. We held on to each other while we both shook, but before I could even get my breath she was pushing me away and standing. She helped me to my feet and led me to the shower.

“Hurry and rinse off,” she instructed. She disappeared into her bedroom and returned a moment later in her sweatpants, pulling on a t-shirt over her large boobs. She went to the door and opened it just as Jimmy knocked again.

“Are you ready, honey?” she asked, ushering Jimmy into the bathroom, already naked and ready for his bath. “Tommy is just finishing. Aren’t you, Tommy?”

I turned off the shower, nearly shaking with exhaustion. I even forgot to dry off, just stepping out of the shower, dripping on the floor, forgetting what went next. Donna came to my rescue, grabbing a towel and quickly drying me off. I noticed Jimmy couldn’t keep his eyes off my half-hard cock, and by the time Donna dried my hair he was fully erect and absently pulling on his little penis.

Donna ushered him into the water while I ran a desultory brush through my damp hair. Without a word I left the bathroom and went into my room and collapsed naked into bed.

They let me sleep for about an hour. It must have been a very long shower. If Jimmy’s level of horniness earlier was any indication, he’d have likely insisted on the ‘good clean’ tonight. I can only imagine that Donna was happy to oblige him. Despite what she’d said, I had seen the way she looked at Jimmy’s little cock. She wanted it.

I was woken, for the second time that day, by soft lips wrapped around my erect dick. I must have made a sound, because Jimmy sat back on his heels with a big grin. I was on my back, my cock bobbing stiffly, glistening with the faint light coming in from the hallway. Jimmy, straddling my thighs, reached out to grab my dick, jacking it enthusiastically.

“You’re finally awake,” he said, stating the obvious. “Mom is downstairs. She said I should come and get you. Happy Days is about to start!” Jimmy loved Happy Days. Ok, I loved Happy Days too. The Fonz was just too cool.

“Ok, well you have to get off of me first,” I said.

Jimmy grinned, and with a last, wistful look at my stiff cock, scooted backwards and off the end of my bed. I went and opened the top drawer of my dresser and pulled out the first pair of underwear I felt. There wasn’t really enough light to see, so I felt around the inside rim until I felt the tag then, adjusting accordingly, pulled them on and up over my slim hips. I could tell by the way they fit that they were one of the ‘sexy’ pair. The bikini briefs.

“Come on, it’s starting!” Jimmy said, practically jumping with excitement at the top of the stairs. Faintly I could hear the theme song begin.

Sunday, Monday, Happy Days. Tuesday, Wednesday, Happy Days. Thursday, Friday, Happy Days! The weekend comes the da da dums… ok, so I didn’t know all the words, but I was refreshed from my nap and I raced down the stairs after Jimmy.

Jimmy plopped on to his side of the couch, and I as I walked by him he pointed and giggled, “Tommy’s got a boner!”

I looked down, and sure enough, I was poking rather obscenely against the thin cloth of my briefs. There was even a tiny wet patch at the tip, but whether from dripping pre-cum, or Jimmy’s saliva, I couldn’t tell. It was his damned fault in the first place. Hardly fair he could suck it into stiffness and then laugh about it.

“Oh yeah?” I replied. I stopped and bent slightly and pulled the back of my briefs down, mooning him. Then I sat down smugly, my hand unconsciously gripping my stiff cock.

“Mom!” Jimmy exclaimed. “Tommy mooned me!”

“I saw that,” Donna replied with a chuckle. “You sort of asked for it, I think.”

“Oh yeah?” he said. Then he hopped up, balancing unsteadily on the couch cushion, thrust out his skinny hips and pushed down the front of his Underoos, exposing his little dick, already half hard itself, which he proceeded to waggle at me. “So I’m sunning you!” Then he plopped back down into his seat.

“Sunning?” I said with a laugh.

“Ok, ok, both of you settle down and put your little toys away,” Donna laughed. “Someone is going to lose an eye, and then you’ll both feel bad.” We laughed and settled down to watch our show.

Donna didn’t use the blanket trick again, but neither did she leave me alone. Every couple of minutes her left hand would sneak it’s way into my lap to tease, and squeeze and otherwise play with my stiff little dick. I never got a chance to lose my hardon. Worse, this whole semen thing was turning out to be a mixed blessing. It was really cool, and it tasted neat, and felt great, but by the time Happy Days was over the light gray briefs I was wearing looked as if I’d peed in them. The entire area covering my dick looked black with pre-cum.

I couldn’t believe it how much I was leaking. Especially after today. As many times as I’d come today, I was amazed there was anything left in my balls. There were pretty small after all. I guess they just kept making more though.

Happy Days ended and led into Laverne and Shirley, which Jimmy didn’t like as much, unless it heavily featured Lenny and Squiggy. So, by the end of that show, he was dead asleep. After that was Three’s Company, but I had an idea I wasn’t going to get a chance to watch it.

Jimmy had fallen asleep flat on his back, his head in his mom’s lap, his legs splayed wide and scrunched up against the arm of the sofa. As Laverne and Shirley ended, Donna put her hand lightly on his bare chest and shook him, softly calling his name. Jimmy was a pretty heavy sleeper. When he didn’t wake, she carefully held his head while she slipped out from underneath him. Then she gently laid his head down on the cushion.

Putting a finger to her lips to make sure I stayed quiet, Donna stood in front of me, blocking the tv, and slowly untied the belt of her dressing gown. Arms down, she shrugged her shoulders and that silken cloth puddled to the ground, leaving her gloriously naked.

“Do you like it, Tommy?” she asked in a soft voice. She ran her hands down her sides, over her wide hips, then slowly up her flat stomach. She reached her large breasts, which she caressed. Then she lifted them, each in one hand, pressed them together, and began to lick her own fat brown nipples. My cock thrummed in my soaked briefs.

With on hand holding a boob, her other hand hand drifted downward over her stomach until her fingers were sliding through the dark fur between her legs. I watched as she parted her slick pink lips with two fingers, then used a third to stroke up and down in the slit. Up and down, up and down, until she squatted just a little, just enough to let me see her slide her middle finger into the wetness of her cunt.

I watched that finger work itself in and out of her gripping pussy. My own hand drifted into my lap and wrapped around my quivering little dick, instantly wet from my damp briefs. I made to push them down, but Donna quickly stepped forward.

“Let me,” she said, softly but urgently.

She knelt between my widespread knees and gripped the sides of my underwear. I lifted my hips a little, and she pulled them down, causing my dick to slap wetly against my smooth groin. As she leaned back, my legs drew closer so she could slip off my underwear. She pulled them off my feet, the wetness of them cooling my toes.

Donna sat there with her hands on my knees, staring at my crotch hungrily. She ran her hands up my hairless thighs, the back to my knees. Again, and then once more. Then she was pushing my knees apart and leaning forward. I felt her hands join at my crotch, framing my four inch cock. Then she was taking my little missile in the fingers of her right hand, while her left dipped down to caress my heavy, hairless balls.

My lap was hidden by her hair, but I felt my aunt’s tongue lap wetly across the head of my cock. I shivered. Then her tongue was at the base, and slowly making it’s way up. A quick series of flicks against that inverted V, and then her mouth was around my flared head. She moaned softly, and slowly lowered her mouth until her lips touched the base.

“Is Momma playing the game now, too?” I heard.

Oh shit!

Donna sat up quickly, my cock leaving her mouth with a wet slurp. Her hands went between her legs, to cover herself. I looked to my left to see Jimmy now on his stomach, looking excited. “Can I have a turn?” he asked.

Before Donna’s incredulous eyes, Jimmy slid along the couch until he was right next to me, and then he quickly swallowed my glistening cock. Donna gasped in shock and I didn’t know what the hell to do. Should I stop him? It seemed sorta late for that. Should I try to explain? Hard to do when your cock is currently being sucked. Jimmy started making greedy little noises as he bobbed up and down on my cock.

“Donna…” I started, feeling I had to say something.

“What are you doing?” she asked with a gasp. I wasn’t sure who she was talking to.

Jimmy apparently didn’t share my confusion. He pulled off my cock for a moment and smiled at his mom. “I’m sucking Tommy’s cock!”

“Sucking… cock…” she gasped.

Oblivious to the chaos he was causing, Jimmy wrapped his mouth back around my cock. Donna looked on, still stunned, still covering her sex. Slurp, slurp. Jimmy provided totally inappropriate sound effects to highlight this particular moment.

Donna wouldn’t meet my eyes, her own were locked on my crotch, to the joining of my 12 year old cock to her nine year old son. I was having a hard time feeling what I thought would be the appropriate amount of shame and embarrassment over this situation. Again, hard to feel too bad when your cock is being sucked on, especially by a cute nine year old boy.

After a few moments, I realized that the hands between Donna’s legs were no longer just hiding her sex from her son. One of those hands was moving in a very familiar motion. Donna was fingering herself. I watched as her knees spread further. Now she was using her left hand to spread her swollen labia apart, while her other hand circled and rubbed at her clit.

“Do you like that, Jimmy?” she asked quietly. “Do you like sucking Tommy’s cock?”

Jimmy lifted his head and glanced at his mother. I saw his eyes widen with equal shares of confusion and excitement as he saw she was rubbing herself between her legs. “It’s neat,” he smiled. “And it feels good too, huh, Tommy?”

“It sure does,” I agreed.

“What else have you two been doing together?” she asked. “Is there more to your game?”

Jimmy looked excited. “Wait here!” he said eagerly, and then he jumped up and ran up the stairs.

“Tommy…” Donna began as soon as he was gone.

“It just happened!” I said. “I’m sorry!”

Before I could explain further, Jimmy came tearing back down the steps. In his hand was a clear bottle of baby oil. I cringed inwardly. Now I was in for it.

“Here, Tommy!” he said, handing me the bottle. “Let’s show Momma!” Then he quickly stripped off his undies, revealing his immature erection, and went down on his knees and bent over the couch, presenting his ass.

“Oh my God,” Donna breathed, quickly realizing the implications.

“Donna, I -” I began.

“Do it,” she said in a low, husky voice.

“What?” I asked, dumbfounded.

“Put it in me, Tommy,” Jimmy joined in. “Let’s show Momma.”

“You’ve been fucking my baby,” she said. “So fuck him.”


“Fuck him!”

“Yeah, Tommy, fuck me!”

I winced and Donna’s eyes grew bright with wild excitement.

Slowly, I rose up off the couch. My cock, unfazed, swayed stiffly from my mostly hairless groin. I slowly settled on my knees behind my little cousin. With another look at Donna, who was staring at us with a look I couldn’t define, I opened up the bottle of baby oil and poured a bit into the palm my my hand. I quickly lathered my already wet cock, and then slid a finger into Jimmy’s ass.

“Yeah!” Jimmy gasped.

With one last look at my aunt, I pushed my hips forward while lowering my cock with two fingers. I quickly felt the heat of Jimmy’s asshole against my spongy cockhead, and then I was pressing it into him. Jimmy gasped again as the head of penis invaded his asshole. Then, with a steady push, I was was quickly buried to the hilt in nine year old boy ass.

“Oh my God,” Donna breathed.

Taking his skinny hips in my hands, I began to slowly rock my hips, driving my cock in and out of Jimmy’s ass. Donna moved closer.

“He’s fucking you,” Donna said. “Jimmy, Tommy is fucking you.”

“I know. Neat, huh?” To Jimmy it was all a game.

“Does it hurt, baby?”

“No,” Jimmy sighed. He gave a little grunt as I gave him a harder thrust. “Feels good. It fills me all up.”

“Stop,” Donna suddenly said.

Oh man, here it was. I prepared for my annihilation. I pulled my cock out.

Instead of murdering me, Donna urged Jimmy to turn around and sit on the couch. She helped position him so that his ass was hanging half off the couch. Between his gaping thighs, his little dick twitched stiffly.

“Now, do it like this, Tommy,” she instructed.

I saw she wanted me to fuck Jimmy as I’d fucked Billy, from the front. I grabbed my cock and eagerly moved into position.

“No, wait,” Donna said. Then she reached out and slapped my hand away, taking my cock in her hand instead. “Let me do it.”

So I allowed my aunt to guide my cock into her son’s waiting asshole. We all gasped as the head entered and my shaft was slowly engulfed. Donna knelt at my side, one hand on my ass, the hand that had just helped me violate her son splayed out on my groin. I began to pump my hips.

“It’s funner like this,” Jimmy said. “So I can see everything.”

Jimmy reached down to grab his stiff little nail, but Donna stopped him. “Let me, sweetie,” she said. She took his tiny cock in her hand, gently stroking it. “I can’t believe this is happening,” she said softly. “I’m watching my nephew fuck my baby in his ass.”

Jimmy giggled. “Momma, you said a bad word.”

“Yes, I did, didn’t I?” she said. “I think I’ll say it again. Fuck him, Tommy. Fuck my angel’s little ass with your beautiful cock!”

“My boycock,” I reminded her playfully.

Donna laughed. “Yes, baby, your magnificent boycock.”

I didn’t need any further urging. Jimmy’s hot little ass was sucking strongly at my buried cock. I began thrusting harder, faster, the wet sounds of my passage making Jimmy giggle. Donna’s fingers were a blur on her son’s little penis.

“Jimmy,” she said, “do you remember the Baby Game?”

“Uh-huh,” he grunted.

“Be my Baby,” she said, shifting to sit on the couch and offering him one of her large breasts. Jimmy’s lips clamped down around the large, stiff nipple and Donna gasped. Her right hand moved back to her dripping pussy, while her left eagerly masturbated her nine year old.

I lifted Jimmy’s legs, pushing his knees closer to his chest so I could have better access to his ass. The new position allowed me drive my four inch cock deeper into his bowels.

Jimmy gasped, his breaths coming in little hitching gasps. “Do it harder, Tommy,” he begged, not sounding like a little boy anymore. “Make it go harder!”

“Is it good, baby?” Donna asked. “Is Tommy’s cock making you feel good?”

“So good!” he agreed, his voice straining. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

“Oh my God!” Donna gasped, and she began to shudder.

“Gonna come!” I gasped. “Jimmy, are you getting the feeling?”

“Almost,” he grunted.

I wanted him to come with me, so I gasped out, “Donna, suck him!”

Donna’s eyes snapped up at me in surprise, then grew wide with excitement. She had said she never wanted to do this, but I knew from the look in her eyes that was a lie. She barely hesitated, her head shooting between Jimmy’s legs and swallowing his tiny prick whole.

“Momma!” Jimmy gasped, his skinny little hips beginning to buck. “Suck it, Momma! Suck my cock!”

That did it for Donna, who groaned and began to shudder again. I could see her fingers plunging desperately in and out of her sopping wet cunt. Her cries of pleasure sent me over the edge as well. “Coming!” I yelped, and then I pressed myself forward one last time while my body began to shake and my cock jerked powerfully inside my tiny cousin’s ass.

After a minute I rocked backwards and sank onto my back. Between his legs, Jimmy’s normally pink asshole looked red and abused. It was shiny with baby oil and possibly more, a little stream of liquid slowly oozing from his twitching opening. Donna moved up to lie on the sofa, her head in her son’s lap, his little prick still sunk between her lips. She gently suckled it, like it were a pacifier.

“Well,” Donna said, sitting up a few minutes later, “I wasn’t expecting that.”

Jimmy stretched his hands down between his legs, cupping his crotch and anus. “My butt feels all empty again,” he complained softly.

“My poor baby,” Donna said. She leaned down and gently cleaned Jimmy’s asshole with her tongue, like a mother lion caring for a cub. Then she moved between my legs and did the same thing to my cock, which of course rose, perhaps reluctantly, back to attention, like an old soldier coming to attention after a battle. After suckling my balls for a little bit, she tried to move lower, but couldn’t because I was lying flat and too tired to move.

Donna then went over to Jimmy, and I saw her whispering into his ear. They spoke in whispers for a few minutes, and then finally Jimmy stood with a sly smile and ran up the stairs. She came back to me.

“Up you go,” she said, grabbing my arm and pulling me to a sitting position. All I wanted to do was sleep and I grumbled. “No argument,” she scolded. “Did you think you could go behind my back, fuck my nine year old son, and not face any punishment?”

That got my attention. I was instantly more alert. “Up,” she ordered, pulling me to my knees. With trepidation, I followed her lead. She didn’t take me far, only to the couch, where she bent me over the cushions, kneeling in front of it, much as Jimmy had been earlier. Then, my face on the cushions, she moved behind me.

Was she going to spank me? I had no idea, but I was worried. I felt her hands reach out to roam over my taut asscheeks. I felt them spread, and then her face was in that moist cleft, her hot breath wafting over sensitive flesh. With a shudder, I felt her tongue rasp over my asshole. I gasped. Here was yet another thing I’d never thought about before. Licking someone’s butthole? It seemed so gross, but it felt so good.

She circled my rosebud with her tongue, making my cock pound and my body writhe. She had to struggle a bit to hold me still. Then I felt the muscly wetness of her tongue stiffen and push into that tiny pink pucker. I gasped again, my body stiffening in surprise. That’s when Jimmy came back downstairs. I heard his little footsteps on the stairs, and then he was behind me.

“Momma,” he exclaimed, “are you licking Tommy’s butthole? Nasty!”

“It’s actually very nice, baby, and it feels very good to Tommy, doesn’t it sweetie?” I nodded, then, not sure if they saw me, grunted yes. “Here, honey,” she said. “Give that to Mommy.”

Give what to Mommy, I wondered. I didn’t wonder long, because Donna’s mouth was quickly back between my ass. Her tongue was again flicking, teasing, then driving inside. After a bit she stopped and said, “Do you wanna try, honey?”

“Is it gross?” Jimmy asked uncertainly.

“No, angel, it’s nice. You liked sucking Tommy’s cock, didn’t you?” Jimmy must have nodded, although I couldn’t see either of them. “Well, it’s sort of like that. It tastes about the same.”

“Isn’t there poop?” he asked worriedly.

“Not if you’re clean, and Tommy is very clean, I promise.”

Then I felt more hot breath in the moist cleft of my ass, and another, much more tentative tongue probing at my little hole. Jimmy didn’t try to enter me, but as he gained a bit of confidence his tongue was just as energetic as it danced over my sensitive pucker.

“Here, honey, let’s try Mommy’s toy now,” Donna suddenly said. Toy? “Hand me that baby oil,” she instructed. I started to turn to see what was happening, but Donna put a hand on my head, forcing it back to the cushion.

I heard a click, and then a strange humming sound. I sensed Donna kneeling behind me. Her hand was on my back. “Tommy?” she suddenly asked, sweetly.

“Yeah?” I asked, nervously. What was that buzzing?

“We’re going to play a game.”

“What kinda game?” I asked cautiously.

“It’s called the Rapist Game,” she said. “I think you’re going to like it.”

Oh shit, I thought.

Then something was back at my asshole. It wasn’t a tongue, and it wasn’t a finger. Whatever it was was hard, and it was vibrating. I felt it circling my asshole, and I felt myself clenching shut back there. Donna apparently wasn’t have any of that. The vibrating thing pressed. My asshole resisted, but the combination of baby oil and the force of her pushing left it a foregone conclusion.

My asshole parted before the invading instrument, spreading to accept it, albeit reluctantly. I gasped as I felt my asshole stretching. “Donna!” I gasped, worried.

“Just relax, Tommy,” she said soothingly. “Push back, like you’re pooping. It’ll help.”

It sounded like horrible advice, but my teeth were beginning to grit as more and more of whatever it was invaded my ass, spreading my poor little asshole wider and wider. Was it the candle from before? No, candle’s didnt buzz. Plus, this seemed much wider. I bore down, pushing back against it with the muscles in my ass, and something loosened or… something.

“Almost there,” Donna cooed.

I grunted, and then I could feel her hand against my ass and realized that the invading instrument had finally stopped. “All the way in,” she said happily.

I could only breathe, trying to relax and grow accustomed to the girth of the thing stretching my asshole. Was this like getting fucked? If so, I wasn’t sure I liked it. There was none of the warmth and throbbing I’d imagined Billy’s slim cock would have. No, this thing was rigid and cool, although warming with the heat of my ass. I doubted Billy’s cock would buzz like this thing either, but that part actually wasn’t half bad.

“How do you like it, Tiger?” she asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered truthfully. “It’s big.”

“About as big as your cock would be to my poor Jimmy’s little asshole?” she asked, but not cruelly. I got the idea she wasn’t as mad as I thought.

“It’s like a handle in your butt,” Jimmy giggled.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Mother’s little helper,” Donna answered. “Now let’s feel it’s magic, ok?”

Before I could answer, Donna did something to the thing in my ass, and the light buzzing suddenly became a powerful vibrating. My guts lurched and my cock jerked. Wow! I made some sort of strangled gurgling sound, and Donna chuckled. Then she began working it back and forth, slowly at first, fucking my ass, then with more force.

“Honey, can you do this?” I heard her ask.

“Ok, Momma,” Jimmy answered, and after a brief pause, the thing was driving in and out of my ass again, although not as quickly as before.

“That’s only half of your punishment,” Donna informed me, crawling onto the sofa. She got right in front of me, and then sank down, her legs spread on either side of me, her hairy pussy inches from my face. I smelled the strong scent of her sex.

“Do you like my pussy?” she asked, spreading her fat, pink lips apart, showing me all the soft, wet folds inside. I nodded. “Lick it, Tommy,” she instructed. “Eat my pussy, you bad boy you.”

I had no idea what I was doing, but I didn’t hesitate. I put my mouth down into all that slippery wetness and just began licking and sucking everywhere. The taste was decidedly weird, but not bad. Whatever I was doing seemed to agree with Donna, who began to writhe underneath me, her hands on the back of my head, pulling my face into her hairy crotch.

“That’s it,” she growled. “Eat that pussy, Tiger.”

In the meantime, Jimmy continued to drive the buzzing stick thing into my ass, causing my whole body to shake. Then I felt his hand between my legs, wrapping around my throbbing dick. I could have kissed him, if I hadn’t been busy kissing his mother’s cunt.

“Momma,” Jimmy suddenly asked, “can I stop? I want Tommy to fuck me some more. My butt is empty.”

Donna was biting her lower lip, her hips churning. “I have an idea,” I said, raising my face, my mouth and cheeks glistening with pussyjuice.

I reached back and with a shudder, pulled the thing from my ass. I immediately knew what Jimmy was complaining about. It had begun to grow really pleasurable, and it’s absence left me feeling empty and needy. I saw that it was a white tube, about 7 inches long, about an inch and half thick. It was shaped like lipstick or something. Well, sorta like a dick I guess, which is probably what it was supposed to look like. I dropped it, still buzzing, on the couch. Donna grabbed it and gave it a twist, which ceased it’s buzzing.

Jimmy and I were both on our knees, and I leaned close to him and whispered in his ear. His eyes grew wide as I explained my plan, and then he nodded. With a bit of maneuvering, I placed Jimmy between his mother’s legs.

“What’s have you two cooked up?” she asked suspiciously.

“Just something so everyone gets what they want,” I explained. Then I got up behind Jimmy, grabbed his stiff little prick, and guided him forward.

Donna put a hand on his chest. “No, Tommy,” she said, her voice going low and serious.

“You know you want to,” I said softly. I jacked Jimmy’s little cock a bit. “Look how hard he is.”

“He’s my baby,” she said.

“So he’s just going back to where he came from,” I said reasonably.

“Don’t you want me to fuck you, Momma?” Jimmy asked.

Donna’s resolved crumbled. “Oh, Jimmy, I do. I really do, but..”

I didn’t give her a chance to come up with excuses. With a guiding hand on his back and another on his little cock, I pushed Jimmy forward until his slipped right into his mother’s pussy.

“Oh my God,” Donna gasped. “It’s in me,” she said incredulously. “Jimmy, you’re inside Mommy!”

“It’s really warm and squishy,” Jimmy said.

While mother and son joined together, I grabbed the bottle of baby oil and quickly lubed up my cock. Then I was leaning forward myself, and with a pop and a sigh, I was sliding my slippery cock back into the gripping warmth of my nine year old cousin’s tight little ass.

There began a little game of sexual tug of war, with Jimmy in the middle. Eventually I left it up to him to move, diving forward to drive his tiny cock into his mother’s wet, eager pussy, and thrusting backward to impale his ass on my throbbing young cock. Back and forth, in and out, everyone winning this particular game.

The look on Donna’s face as she finally got what she wanted, her son’s cock in her cunt, was priceless. For my part, I was content. To imagine that just a couple of weeks ago the extent of my sexual knowledge was that it felt good when I rubbed my dick sorta staggered me. I could only imagine what experiences the next few weeks would bring.

I began to feel that oh so familiar build up deep inside, just about the time that Jimmy claimed he was getting ‘the feeling’. Donna had come some many times that I’d lost count. I braced myself for the final explosion.

Sometime deep in the night I got up with the urge to pee. I extricated myself from a tangle of limbs and stumbled into the dark downstairs half bath where, with a bit of blind maneuvering, I was able to let loose a stream into the toilet. I flushed and was about to head back to the living-room when I noticed a pale blue light from up the stairs.

Curious, I climbed the stairs. I could see the light coming out from underneath my bedroom door. When I entered I saw two people standing near the foot of my bed. They were each my height. In fact, they were each my everything. To my eyes, they could have been my identical twins. The only difference was that one had cotton-candy pink hair, and one had the same in a shade of blue. They were dressed in shiny, tight-fitting, silver jumpsuits, which had circular openings around each nipple. They were also crotchless and assless. To my further surprise, they each looked to be uncircumcised.

The boy with the blue hair nudged the other, who was looking the other way when I entered. “That must be him.”

Pink hair turned around and saw me. “Ya think?” he said sarcastically. He was holding a pair of my briefs. Had he been sniffing them? He cleared his throat, dropped my underwear, and said, “Greetings, Earthling Tommy!” In unison, they saluted me, I think, with a fist slapping their chests, and then they each reached down and waggled their soft penises at me, in a very ceremonial manner.

“Uh… greetings?” I answered, uncertainly.

Pink continued. “We are from the planet Remulak. Everyone on the planet looks exactly like you. I know, weird, huh?”

To say the least, I thought.

“Anywhoooo,” the alien continued, “our planet recently passed through a freak radiation storm, and now everyone is sterile. Sooo, we’re gonna need you to come with us. We’ll give you a serum that’ll keep you young forever, and then you’ll need to impregnated everyone on the planet.”

Blue spoke up, saying, “All hail Earthling Tommy and his Grand Galactic Gonads!”

Then both Pink and Blue stuck their hands ‘in’ like they were a little league team and with rising voices and hands, chanted, “yyyyyyYYYAAAAYYY BALLS!”

“So,” Pink said, “you need to grab anything? Toothbrush?” He turned to Blue who started to shrug uncertainly, and then turned it into an increasingly enthusiastic nodding of his head. Pink said, “Yeah, I guess we can find you a toothbrush.”

Pink took me by the arm and led me to the window, where the blue glow in the room was emanating from a circle of light on the floor. Blue went over to my bedside table. “What are you doin?” Pink asked. “What are you taking?”

“I like this song,” Blue insisted.

As the small, alien craft lifted silently into the night air it seemed to bob a bit, as if three little people were dancing inside. If you listened closely there could be heard a faint disco beat and the soft voice of a man singing, ‘If you want my body, and you think I’m sexy, Come on, sugar, Let me know.’

The End

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