The Road Less Traveled – Chapter 13

Gabe leaned against the corner sofa-back, his legs stretched out length-wise along the sofa. He perched a lap-desk on his legs where his laptop set. He set his lips in a slight frown as he studied the screen. It was his first day in the seventh grade and of home-schooling, although that was a bit misleading, because I enrolled him in an online private school.

I couldn’t help but smile at him before returning to my screen. It was filled with characters; I was halfway through my first draft of book three of the Give the Devil His Due. Book two was with my editor and book one was nearly ready to publish. It was missing two key components still. I had commissioned cover art for four books, and the artist and I were still hammering out exactly how far to push the cover art and still stay on the good side of Amazon’s notoriously fickle censors. The other missing component was book three finished and back from my editor. I was two weeks away from my first draft, another couple of weeks away from the draft I’d sent to the editor, and then up to a month to get it back from her. I planned a pre-Christmas launch.

Gabe pushed the earphones from his head and stretched. If that boy had a uniform, it was blue, white, or red shorts. Today it was red. He yawned, “Finished for the day. How’s the book going?”

I saved my work. I’d been writing for the better part of six hours and needed a break. “Good. On track. What do you want to do for dinner?”

He came over and slid into the seat beside me, sliding an arm around me. After a deep kiss, he asked, “Is my book back from the editor yet?”

I smiled, whether from the kiss or because I’d seen it pop into my inbox earlier that afternoon, I couldn’t say. “Yeah, sweetie. Now the fun part begins. You get to review the edits and figure out what you need to keep, change, or just throw away.”

He grumbled, “You said it was really good. Do you think the editor will tell me I need to change things?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know. I went with Billie because she edited some of my earlier work and because she edits young adult fiction, so if anyone has their finger on the pulse of the teen market, she would. Whatever changes she recommends, you should consider them.”

Gabe’s fingers found my thigh, and he traced them under the hem of my shorts, “Whatever you think, Syd. Why don’t we go celebrate my book coming back from the editor?”

I sucked a breath in as his fingers touched my panties, “Feels like you’re ready to celebrate already, Gabe.”

He pulled his hand from my shorts, “Maybe later. Let’s go into town and eat at a real restaurant.”

I tried to hide my disappointment, “Fine. Which restaurant?”

He named one I had wanted to try when we were at Mesa Verde at the start of the summer. Now, with a rental car parked next to the RV, getting into town was a breeze. “Sure, sweetie. Why don’t you find a t-shirt and some sneakers and we can go?”

The drive into Durango took thirty-five minutes in the rental car. After spending the better part of two months boondocking in that little slice of heaven in the Rio Grande National Forest, I wanted plenty of creature comforts, including a rental car. When you have to roll in the slides and retract the levelers, to do anything, you really miss having a car. We had only been at the RV park outside of Mesa Verde for a couple of days, and already this was our third outing in the car rental.

Officially, Gabe and I have been dating for a bit more than two months. Of course, almost every bit of that had been in our secluded clothing-optional Garden of Eden. Now that we were around people, Gabe’s demeanor was much more mature than a typical twelve-year-old. it didn’t hurt that he was a bit more than an inch taller than me now. Instinctively, he seemed to understand our romance was for us, and us alone.

After we ordered our food, Gabe asked, “Every month this summer, your books are bringing in a bit less money. You could have published Give the Devil His Due a month ago. But you’re waiting. Wouldn’t it be better to get the books out, each one when they’re ready?”

While I had taught Gabe everything I could think to teach him about writing, we hadn’t delved into the publishing side much yet. “I could have. Although my cover artist is still working on the series. Do you understand why I’m waiting?”

He took another sip of soda, “Not really. I’d think that every day your book isn’t available, you’d be losing money.”

I stirred some sweetener into my tea, “You’d think so, but that’s not really how the online book market works. You see, I’m tapping into an audience who has a genuine hunger to plow through bodice rippers. These old gals will devour one book right after the other. They might give an author a month, maybe six weeks, to get the next book out. But that’s if they really like the author. The best strategy is a rapid release of the books, two to four weeks apart.”

Gabe shook his head, wide-eyed, “It took me all summer just to finish my story. I can’t imagine writing a sixty or seventy thousand word book every month.”

My ankle found his, and I slid it along his calf, “That’s why I’ll have book four mostly done by the time book one hits Amazon. The entire series will be out and available within three months.”

A smile played across his face as he responded by rubbing against my leg, “That’s still a lot of work. What did your editor think of Give the Devil His Due?”

Unlike most men, I admired Gabe’s ability to multitask, playing footsies while talking craft. I picked well. “Unlike my agent, she liked it. No, loved it. Now that this Epstein fellow has been killed or committed suicide, a story with a similar billionaire may catch fire. Sometimes, it’s just about hitting the market at the right time.”

I heard something hit the floor and glanced under the table. One of Gabe’s shoes lay there. I was grateful for the long tablecloth as his toe touched my inner thigh. He was good, though; he didn’t miss a beat, “I hope my book does well.”

Since he started writing, I’d paid more attention to other markets than just the romance. I slid my sandal off and put my foot on the edge of his seat, “Just remember, the average book on Amazon only sells five hundred copies. And that includes people like JK Rowling, who sells hundreds of thousands of copies of her books even after all these years, to Joe Schmoe, who only sells a copy to his wife and mother.”

Gabe wiggled his toe, sliding it inside the leg of my shorts, “But you said it was good. So, it should do well. Right?”

I sucked in a breath when his big toe touched my panties. Not to be outdone, my foot nudged his thigh, opening his legs a bit, and my toe slid against his inner thigh, “I loved it, sweetie. And you should consider it wildly successful if it sells five hundred copies. Do that, and you’ll more than cover the cost of the editor and book cover.”

Gabe’s big toe played with the front of my panties. I wiggled my big toe and slipped it between his inner thigh and underwear until I found his erection straining against his shorts. A startled look crossed his face as a smile danced on the edge of his lips. Before we could continue our conversation further, the waitress returned with our steaks. We forgot about playing footsies with each other’s crotches, although we left our feet where they ended up.

By the time I was halfway through my steak, I couldn’t eat another bite. But Gabe was still cutting away on his. I moved my foot until my sole lined up with his boner. He kept flashing me looks, like I was distracting him from some Grade A USDA choice. The problem was, I hadn’t had any Gabe A USDA choice today and fondling his cock with my foot was turning me on.

Once he finished his steak, he moved his toe around until he pushed my panties aside enough to find my slit. He had just managed to slide it between my labia lips when the waitress returned, “Can I get you anything else?”

She gave me the queerest look when I strangled my words, “Just the check, please.”

I pulled my foot down, leaving Gabe’s cock for later. Before I pulled out my debit card, I moved his foot away from my pussy. When the waitress returned, I settled the bill and worked my sandal onto my foot before scooting out from the booth. Gabe’s head disappeared under the table as he put his sneaker on.

Back in the car, I asked, “You ready to head back to the RV park?”

He glanced at the sky; the sun was low in the western sky. “You wanna go swimming at the pool? Like we did the first time.”


By the time we opened the gate to the pool area, even the purple hue on the horizon had turned black and stars were filling the night sky. And just like that first time, we had the pool to ourselves. Of course, with school back in session and the summer season officially over, the park was only at a fraction of capacity.

Gabe tossed our towel onto a chase lounge before dipping a foot in the water, “It’s a lot warmer than that creek, but not as warm as our pond.”

With that, he jumped into the deep end of the pool. For the first time in two months, he was swimming in a swimsuit. Even I felt overdressed in my bikini. Strange how two months of uninhibited living can leave a mark. The water was chillier than I liked, and I stood toward the shallow end to adjust. Gabe swam over to me and put his arms around my waist. Two months and not quite two inches. Still, I enjoyed looking up to him, however slight the difference. I put my arms around his neck and let him pull me to him. As we hugged, I whispered, “What would you have of me, my love?”

In a hoarse voice, reflecting a slight change to a voice that was starting to break, he said, “Let me show you.”

His lips found my neck, and he kissed me, sending tendrils of pleasure rippling through my body. A hand cupped my bikini-clad tit as his lips worked their way along my neck, then along my throat. He stopped, realized we were standing in the shallow end, the water not quite covering the bottoms of our swimsuits. He let go long enough to grab my hand and pull me toward the deep end. He stopped when the water reached our shoulders and we hugged and kissed.

As our kiss ended, Gabe pushed me toward the deeper water, “You’re it, Syd. You know what’ll happen if I catch you!”

I had a good idea, so I’m not sure why I swam away so fast. I circled around, back to the shallow end, where I could splash through thigh deep water with Gabe splashing behind me. From there, I pushed hard toward the deep end and finally to the middle, where he cornered me. As he closed with me, I threw my arms around his shoulders, “What are you going to do to me now, mister big, bad billionaire?”

A smile creased Gabe’s features. One thing hadn’t changed over the past couple of months. I loved being dominated by him. Gabe grabbed me around the waist and growled, “I’m gonna fuck you silly, Ms. Nelson. Show you who’s the boss.”

Two months ago, that would have turned my face scarlet to hear him become so assertive. Now, it just made me horny. I leaned in, pushing my modest bust against his chest. “Oh, really?”

We were just deep enough for us to stand and keep our heads above the water. He pushed at me until my back was against the wall. His hands slid under my bikini top, caressing my tits. Then he leaned down and kissed one of my nipples and then the other. “Take your top off, I wanna see them.”

I was putty in Gabe’s hands. A moment later, my top landed on the side of the pool. The risk of discovery only made me hornier. He fiddled with my bottoms until he untied the strings. He tossed them with the rest and I grabbed him and pulled him against me. His erection poked against my hip as my lips crushed against his. When we came up for air, he said, “Go ahead, pull my swimsuit off, slut.”

I don’t know why, but when we have sex, the dirtier he talks to me, the hornier I get. I kissed his chest as I slid below the surface. Then his navel. I grabbed his swimsuit and pulled at the elastic waistband, sliding them down off his hip and freeing his erection. He was longer and thicker than when I first saw him like this toward the end of June. Just a smidgen below six inches, but still naturally smooth. I kissed his cock and slid his domed glans into my mouth before finally running out of air.

I broke the surface to, “Ah, that’s right, suck your big boy, baby!”

As I brushed the hair from my face, he grabbed me by one of my legs and pulled it against his hip. His erection grazed my slit, “Put your legs around me, Syd. You want what I’ve got!”

With the side of the pool at my back and my legs wrapped around his waist, Gabe reached down and guided himself into me. He filled me even more, and it felt magnificent as he slid all the way into me. One difference, now when he pushed all the way, he found more sensitive spots to stimulate with his cock.

The way he slid in and out of me in the water, I didn’t last long. I bit my lip as I felt my cum hit me like a giant tsunami wave. I shuddered and Gabe groaned, “Oh! Oh! I’m there!”

He pushed against me as his body shuddered and his cock jerked inside me. Heat drenched my insides as he coated me with his cum. As our bodies recovered, I felt more alive than ever. It was ballsy of Gabe to risk something in the RV campground’s public pool, even if it was after dark. I squeezed him to me, “I love you, Gabe. So fucking much!”

In the afterglow of his bliss, Gabe forgot about my fantasy. He grinned, “I love you too, Syd. That was fucking awesome!”

Unlike our first time, we were not disturbed while we climbed out of the pool and dressed. That was a good thing; we were as naked as Adam and Eve when we climbed from the pool. Walking hand in hand back to the RV along the gravel park road felt liberating, as I declared my love for my twelve-year-old lover to the birds in the trees, a stray cat or two, and the closed doors of the other RVs.

Gabe leaned into me, almost pushing me into the grass, his voice was low as he slipped back into my fantasy world, “You’re hot as fuck, Ms. Nelson. Shame we don’t have a hot-tub; I’d fuck you in there, too.”

I giggled almost like a little girl. One of the sexier scenes from Give the Devil His Due was when the billionaire pushed himself on the heroine in a hot tub at the exclusive gym he owned. The public nature of the scene only fueled the eroticism I was going for. Despite the rough language, Gabe was sensitive to the forbidden nature of the love we shared.

I bumped my ass against his, pushing him toward the center of the road, “Oh, Mr. Nelson, you can have me anywhere, anytime you want.”

We reached the RV before we could see who could get any dirtier in our conversation. Once the door was closed, Gabe rounded on me in the aisle and put his arms around my waist and kissed me. His hand slid down the front of my bikini bottoms, until his finger touched my clit. He rubbed it, “Now, Ms. Nelson, what were you saying?”

The curtains were up; I gasped, “Gabe. The windows!”

For the briefest of moments, a worried expression crossed his face. He slid around me and pulled me into the bedroom, where the blackout curtains were drawn. “What windows?” he growled as his finger returned to my slit.

Gabe’s index finger slid through my juices until he found my vagina and slid into me, while his other hand pushed my bottoms down before going back to my clit. “That’s right, my lovely slut, you’re mine to do with as I wish.”

He left my pussy alone long enough to pull my top off, leaving me naked, my legs backed against the bed. Pushing me back until I lay prone, Gabe soon sat on my lap, his legs spread on either side of my hips. He leaned froward and held my hands over my head, given me the sensation of being trapped. Oh, the things I would do for that boy.

If I had wanted to break free of his hold, I’m sure I could have, but the feeling of being dominated was too great. “Are you going to put that huge cock of yours down my throat?”

A gleam came into Gabe’s eyes. Until then, I expected him to strip his swimsuit off and fuck me. Instead, he stood on the bed and stripped. Then he spread his legs on either side of my chest and sank until his bare ass cheeks rested on my tits. His erection bobbed in front of my face as he resumed holding my hands over my head.

Gabe shifted his hips forward, and I opened my mouth until his glans brushed against the roof of my mouth, and I clamped my lips around the first couple of inches. My tongue ran along the underside of his urethra, making him shudder. He leaned over my face as he grabbed each of my wrists in his hands, holding them apart. His cock touched the back of my throat.

Although his hands were soft, there was iron in them, and when I flexed my wrists, I couldn’t pull them away. While I trusted Gabe completely, in that moment that he pushed deeper, making me gag as his tip slid down my throat, I felt helpless; dominated. His hips rocked back, pulling his erection almost all the way out of my mouth, “That’s it, slut. I’m gonna fuck your mouth!”

Rocking his hips forward, his cock again pushed into my mouth. I gagged again when his glans slid down my throat. For a moment, I panicked, pulling my arms. But Gabe’s grip was firm and I couldn’t move. The weight of his body on my chest left me with no way to shift. He lifted his hips and pushed deeper, his pubic bone pushed hard against my upper lip. I needed to cough, to push his cock out of me. Until I breathed through my nose and swallowed. I swallowed again, and the urgent need to gag actually went away, and with it, my panic.

He rocked back, resting his ass on my tits, his saliva-soaked cock pointing at my face. “That’s right, slut, swallow my cock, like the good little slut you are.”

He shifted forward and this time, when he pushed his cock into my mouth, I was ready and I swallowed, overcoming the urge to gag. I was no stranger to Gabe’s cock, having sucked him off plenty of times over the past two months. But never like this, with no control over what he did to me.

Still holding my arms above my head, Gabe’s groin was poised at my mouth. He rocked back and forth. My lips did what they could to stimulate his erection with every move in and out. My tongue darted and twisted about his fast-moving thrusts. Still, it hadn’t been more than ten, maybe fifteen minutes since his last cum. Sweat glistened on his body as he worked his hips back and forth, thrusting deep into my mouth. Was it five minutes? Maybe even ten when he noisily exhaled, “Fuck!”

A final thrust, his cock buried as deep in my throat as possible, and he shuddered. He grew harder, a bit bigger, and then his cock kicked about in my mouth and something hot hit my throat. Another spasm wracked my mouth as he pulled back a couple of inches. A third blast filled my mouth with his bitter-sweet nectar. And again, a fourth blast, smaller than the ones before, filled my mouth.

My jaws ached, but I still wrapped my lips around his still pulsing cock, licking at the pee hole, nursing another drop of his boy-juice into my hungry mouth. When he was spent, let go my arms and sat up, ass-cheeks still on my tits, His grin was loopy, which was common after his orgasm, “How was that, slut?”

With my hands free, I rolled him from me and wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him into a hug, “That’s was some real power, sweetie. You actually had me feeling trapped and dominated.”

We were face to face as we lay on our sides, catching our breaths, “I thought that’s what you wanted.”

It was. There were moments of pure adrenaline and then that brief moment of terror. Only my absolute trust in my lover made it something I could enjoy. “It was. It is. You can do that anytime you want, my love.”

After a bit of cuddling, I noticed Gabe was still erect. He was like the energizer bunny. I reached between us, “Looks like someone still wants to play.”

He giggled, “I can’t help it. You make me horny, Syd.”

I kissed his lips and then bent between us and licked his shaft, making it twitch, “You’re not the only one.”

I pushed him onto his back and crawled on top of him, straddling his pelvis. With hardly any work, I slid down onto his cock, sliding down until my outer labia pushed down on his pubic bone. He put his hands on my tits and massaged them, drawing out tiny jolts of pleasure. I flexed my hips and knees, pulling, dragging his cock along my super-charged pussy walls until only his glans remained. Then I fell against Gabe’s groin, his cock going as deep as ever. With only Kyle to compare to, Gabe had long blown the college freshman away in the way he made me feel, the orgasmic bliss he pushed me toward. And not even thirteen, he was already bigger, if just by a bit, than Kyle.

I shuddered as a small orgasm surged through me at the thought, Gabe still had a few years of growth. What would it be like taking in a monster eight inches? I could hardly wait. It was my turn to sweat as my hips and knees flexed and bent, sliding my pussy up and down his cock. We had never tried to fuck three times in less than an hour, and as my insides felt a bit sore, I understood why. But I was determined.

I didn’t need to edge him, or work his cock a bit and let him relax. Thirty minutes passed before he tensed up and squeezed my tits hard, grunting as he came again. Where he stored his reserve of cum, I don’t know. But as his cock spasmed, and he sprayed his semen deep inside my pussy, I felt that warmth that came from his cum as he filled my pussy.

That threw me over the edge and I came time after time until he stopped grunting and mewing from the intensity of his orgasm. I collapsed against his chest, both our hearts pounding erratically from some of the most mind-numbing sex I’ve ever experienced. His hands wrapped around my back as we lay connected there.

We fell asleep like that, not moving a muscle until the following morning.

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