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Camp Hiawatha – Chapter three

Camp Hiawatha – Chapter three
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Chapter 3

“Nobody knows about this place,” Tony said, pulling aside the hanging branch of a weeping willow and ushering the other two boys through. “I found it last year.”

The boys stepped in through the shadowy, green-smelling boughs of the tree to find a small, secluded glen. The pond was about fifteen feet across, and about seven wide. The water wasn’t still, but was rippling slightly. There was a natural sandy beach on one end about five feet wide. The rest of the pond was surrounded by rock. It looked as if it were professionally designed to look natural.

“I think it’s part of the lake,” Tony said, walking up to the tiny stretch of sand and kicking off his sandals. He dug his toes into the sand. “It’s like a spring or something. You can feel the water moving around your feet when you’re in it.”

“How deep is it?” Lucas asked, eyeing the pond suspiciously.

Tony shrugged thin shoulders. “I don’t know. Like… three feet or so? Maybe a bit more. I was shorter last year.”

“You’re still shorter,” Oliver joked.

The olive-skinned boy responded by sticking out his tongue, then grinning. Tony was the shortest of the three boys, at only four-foot-nine. Oliver was a couple of inches taller at four-eleven, and Lucas was the tallest, as well as the most muscularly developed, at five-one.

Feeling daring, and admittedly a bit horny from his experience the day before, Oliver grinned and said, “We should skinny-dip.”

“Okay!” Tony said eagerly.

“I don’t know,” Lucas said worriedly, which didn’t surprise either of the other boys. After his boner in the shower that first day, Lucas was a bit skittish about being nude. He either tried to take his shower quickly to be out before the others could start theirs, or he pretended to be busy with things until everyone else had already showered before going in himself.

“Oh, come on,” Tony said, dismissive of his friend’s reluctance. “It’s not like we haven’t seen it. Like… all of it,” he said with a cheeky grin. Lucas just blushed. “I’m kidding,” the boy said. “C’mon, Lucas, nobody is gonna say anything. Besides, it’s just us. Nobody cares if one of us gets a boner.”

“Sure, you wouldn’t,” Lucas said a bit petulantly.

“Right,” Tony said with a grin, and then he pushed his trunks down and off.

Oliver couldn’t help looking, as he did every time he saw the little Italian kid naked. While he and Lucas looked a lot alike in the dick department, each having about a dozen hairs, and each having about the same sized dick, though Lucas’ was longer when it was soft than Oliver’s, Tony was a different creature altogether.

The smallest of the three, as well as the skinniest and youngest looking, easily able to pass for twelve or maybe even eleven, Tony was the most physically developed, at least in the puberty department. He had little strands of black hair in his armpits, a tight little bush of black pubic hair, and the second biggest dick in their cabin, behind only a black kid named Marcus, who proved the stereotype with a seven inch cock, but he was also six feet tall. Like Lucas’, Tony’s dick was long and smooth when it was soft, but where Lucas had about four inches, little Tony had over six. A fat six. Oliver was fascinated by it.

“Like what you see?” Tony asked Lucas with a grin, showing Oliver that he wasn’t the only one mesmerized by the little kid’s giant unit. Lucas, being Lucas, blushed and turned away.

Not one to pass up an opportunity to show off, Tony began to wiggle his skinny hips in a way that got that big, floppy dick swinging back and forth, and then eventually begin to spin in a circle. He called it helicoptering. Oliver felt hypnotized by the spinning dick, as well as the large, swinging balls below it.

“How is it so big?” Oliver said, the awe evident in his voice. Then he clamped his mouth shut, amazed he’d asked the question out loud.

Tony just shrugged, ceasing his hip wiggling, although his cock continued to sway back and forth for a bit. “My mom told me that her dad had a big one,” he said. Then he gave a wry smile and said, “Mine is bigger than my dad’s.”

“It is?” Lucas asked, obviously interested.

“My dad’s is like this,” the little dark-haired kid said, holding his thumb and index finger about three inches apart. “I think he’s jealous. He’s always yelling at me about putting clothes on.”

“You go naked in front of your dad?” Oliver asked, remembering his extreme embarrassment when his own dad had seen him getting out of the shower.

Tony shrugged those thin shoulders. “I sleep naked, so when I get up in the morning it’s dumb to get dressed just to go to the bathroom.” A sly grin and then, “Sometimes I even go down to breakfast like that. My dad says not to do it because of my sisters, but I think he’s just jealous.”

“You go naked in front of your sisters?” Lucas asked, mortified.

Tony nodded, “And my mom.”

Lucas just shook his head in amazement, obviously baffled. Oliver asked, “How old are your sisters?”

Tony screwed up his face, thinking, then said, “Maria is seventeen. Anna is fifteen, and Sophia is eleven.”

“And they’ve all seen you naked?” Lucas asked, obviously having trouble believing such an outrageous thing. “And your mom?” He shook his head again. “I’d die, man.”

Something occurred to Oliver and he asked, “You said your dad’s thing is like this big,” he said, approximating Tony’s measurement with thumb and forefinger, “but how about when it’s… you know?”

“When it’s what?” Tony asked, confused.

“You know…” Oliver said, and then his voice dropped to a whisper, “hard.”

“Gross, man,” Tony said with a scowl. “I haven’t seen my old man with a boner.”

“Then how do you know how big it is?” he asked reasonably.

Tony was obviously confused. “I already told you how big it is.”

Now Oliver was confused. Then a thought struck him and he said, “You do know that some dicks get bigger when they’re hard, right?”

Tony looked at him suspiciously and cast an eye downward towards Oliver’s crotch. The blond boy blushed, realizing that Tony was thinking about the size of his own little penis, thinking that the inch-and-a-half that he showed in the showers was all the dick he had. He felt a sudden need to prove his… manhood or something.

“You don’t believe me?” he asked, heart racing at what he was about to do, both in trepidation and a fair amount of excitement.

Before he could change his mind, Oliver pushed down his swimsuit, quickly kicking it off when it reached his feet. He stood there for a moment, heart pounding as he saw his two friends looking at his crotch. He glanced down himself, seeing his little dick hanging there, even smaller than usual, at maybe an inch. He attributed it to nervousness. A bit awkwardly he reached down and gave his little nuts a squeeze of encouragement, and then he took his penis between his thumb and forefinger. He lightly pinched the spongy little pink head, and then he gripped it just beneath the crown and began to tug.

“Dude,” Lucas said, disbelief evident in his voice. Tony’s hand dropped to his own big cock and Oliver saw him squeeze it.

Oliver continued to pull on his little penis, stretching it again and again, then wiggling it up and down. He was nervous, so nothing happened at first, and he was growing more and more fearful that nothing would, and then he looked over at Lucas and noticed the bulge slowly moving up the front of his red trunks as the boy’s cock grew erect. Oliver instantly remembered that first shower and seeing Lucas’ erect penis, the first real one he’d ever seen. He was a bit ashamed and weirded out by the fact that he’d found himself thinking about it that night, and several nights since then if he was being honest with himself.

Before he quite knew it, Oliver’s cock was growing. His fingers began to stroke along the shaft as it grew and grew, and finally it had reached its full, quivering length of four inches. He dropped his hand then, showing off his erection proudly.

“Wow, man. I didn’t know it could get like that,” Tony said, stepping forward for a closer look. Oliver noticed that the little Italian boy’s massive cock was now sticking practically straight out from his body. As Tony moved within two feet of Oliver, his cock continued to grow, until it was throbbing and bouncing at about a forty-five degree angle. Oliver felt the sudden desire to reach out and take that big cock in his hand, and he made a fist at his side to fight that urge.

“I never really saw another one,” Tony confessed, staring at Oliver’s four-inch erection. He reached down and wrapped a tiny fist around his own hugely throbbing cock. “Except yours that day,” he said with a glance at Lucas.

Knowing Lucas was hard, although it wasn’t as noticeable now that it had lifted fully within his trunks, Oliver said to the brown-haired boy, “Let us see yours again. We can all compare.”

Lucas blushed furiously, tearing his eyes away from the bouncing erections of his two friends. He unconsciously reached down and squeezed his boner through his trunks.

“C’mon,” Tony urged. “We’re showing ours. Plus, it’s not like we haven’t seen it before.”

“I don’t think I should,” Lucas said in a soft voice.

“It’s just us,” Oliver said reasonably.

Lucas looked back and forth between Oliver and Tony’s faces. He swallowed nervously. Then, he took a deep breath, hooked his thumbs into the sides of his trunks, and quickly pushed them down, high stepping to get out of them, causing his boner to bounce.

Then the boys just stood there, all with aching erections, just staring back and forth at each other, comparing, evaluating, thinking.

Finally, Tony spoke, asking the question that all the boys were secretly wondering. “You guys… you know… do it?”


Nurse Angela Baker stood beside the examination table in her clinic at Camp Hiawatha, staring down at fourteen-year-old Jamie Waters, who was currently lying naked on said table, sporting a nice-looking five-inch erection. The boy’s dirty blond mop of hair partly obscured his face, which was turned determinedly toward the wall opposite her.

Angela still held the boy’s nicely developed testicles in her hand, massaging them gently. She was supposedly applying a topical cream to combat a nasty heat rash the teen had gotten. In fact, she was just enjoying the feeling of them in her hand, as well as the tantalizing sight of his youthful erection.

The camp nurse had been wracking her brain for the last couple of minutes trying to think of a way to legitimately get her hand on that cock. Or at least semi-legitimately. She had already used the heat rash as an excuse to get her hands on his balls. She was sure the kid would be aware if he had any of the rash on his penis. All she needed was some flimsy excuse that sounded plausible to a fourteen-year-old. Fourteen-year-old’s were dumb, weren’t they?

Angela released the boy’s hairless balls and asked, “Jamie, how often do you masturbate?”

“Wha-?” the boy asked, whipping around to stare at her alarmed for a moment, before blushing furiously and turning his head to the wall again. “I… I don’t do that,” he stammered.

“Jamie,” she said, clearly disappointed. “You’re a typical fourteen-year-old boy. And quite a healthy one by the look of… things. So, please do me the courtesy of not lying to me. Now if I had to judge from what I’m seeing, I’d say you’re doing it pretty frequently. You have some chaffing here, which will really begin to irritate you if you don’t do something about it. Luckily I have some nice, soothing lotion here which will fix you up.”

“Uh… thanks?” the boy said in a small, slightly confused and very embarrassed voice after a long, uncomfortable pause.

“You’re welcome,” she said with a smile. She slipped the glove off her hand, dropped it to the floor and quickly squeezed some plain old aloe lotion into her hand. Then, before he could realize what was happening, she said, “Now I’m going to go ahead and apply it for you this time, but you’ll have to do it yourself from now on.”

“Huh?” he squeaked, his teen voice cracking.

Before he could say anything more, like ‘hey, don’t molest me’, Angela wrapped her hand around that beautiful, slim teen cock.

“Uhnn!” Jamie croaked, his whole body jerking.

Angela took a good, although slick, hold of the boy’s young erection. She could feel his rapid pulse through the throbbing organ. Pulling back a bit she slid her hand down to the root of him, lifting his cock upright. She slowly raised her fist until she covered the cockhead, and Jamie shuddered.

“Nurse…” the boy gasped. “Nurse…”

“Are you okay?” she asked sweetly, squeezing her hand around the boy’s sensitive glans, feeling all that lotion slip and slide around it. The boy took a shuddering breath and his hips jerked. “Does it hurt?”

“N-no,” the boy wheezed, “it’s… it… ungh. Nurse… you can’t…”

“The chaffing is worse right here,” she said, and she began to circle her thumb against the sensitive little bundle of nerves just beneath that slim, bullet-shaped cockhead.

Jamie gasped again and bucked his hips, driving his cock up through her slippery grip.

“You want some lotion down here?” she asked, twisting her fist down around the base of his cock. “I really thought it looked worse up here,” she teased, sliding her hand upward. “But if you want it down here, you’re the boss,” she said, sliding downward again.

Jamie practically sobbed in a mixture of pleasure, shame, and need. His whole body was trembling, his toes curled and his feet bouncing, his fists clenched, as he tried to control himself.

“Or I could just get it everywhere,” she said as she began to slowly but steadily jack his young cock. As the boy wasn’t looking anyway, she used her left hand to hike up her uniform a bit, enough so that she could slip a couple of fingers into her dripping pussy. She spread her legs for better access, and shuddered as they slid into her. She began to frig herself rapidly while she flicked her thumb again and again against her swollen clit.

“This will fix you right up,” she said, a bit hoarsely. She loved the feeling of her fist sliding up and down on the boy’s rigid cock. Almost as much as she enjoyed the way the fourteen-year-old was squirming with pleasure and embarrassment on her exam table.

“Please…” the boy moaned. “Stop… don’t…”

“Which is it, Jamie?” she asked, her hand continuing to work his slippery shaft, twisting a bit at the top each time to make him squirm. She leaned closer, so that her lips were right near the boy’s ear. Then she asked in her softest, sexiest voice, “Do you want me to stop… or not stop?”

She stopped her hand, just held a tight fist wrapped around the very tip of him to await his answer. The boy moaned and shuddered and then drove his slender hips upward. Down again, then up again, fucking her fist. “Please don’t stop,” he gasped.

“Look at me,” she insisted.

Face twisted with fear and embarrassment, he turned to face her, his green eyes shimmering with what might have been unshed tears. He bit his lower lip, mouth trembling, then cringed as he drove his hips upward again. He groaned.

Angela slowly grinned. “Can’t help yourself, can you?”

The boy looked like he was going to cry, but he shook his head and, shuddering as if he just couldn’t hold himself back any longer, and thrust himself into her fist again.

“Good boy,” she whispered, then she released his cock.

Jamie whined in disappointment, but it quickly turned to a sound of confusion as Angela hoisted herself up onto the table. She tried to straddle his hairless thighs, but her uniform was too tight, so she quickly hiked it up, revealing her bald pussy. Jamie’s eyes grew wide in fear and excitement as she swung her right leg across him.

Taking the boy’s cock in hand once more, Angela lowered herself until it was just touching her, then ran it back and forth across her prominent pink pussylips. They spread around the slim head and she watched Jamie’s eyes grow wider and wider as she began to lower herself onto his cock. She hissed as it entered her. Jamie nearly choked, then he groaned as inch after inch slid inside.

“Is that good, baby?” she asked, bottoming out on the slim cock, then grinding against him, feeling all five inches of that gorgeous young dick doing wonderful things inside her. “Mmm, you’re so hard.”

Angela realized her eyes had closed and she opened them to find Jamie staring up at her, eyes wide with awe. He saw her meet his eyes and his cock lurched inside her. “You’re a quiet one, aren’t you?” she smiled. She ground a small circle on him again and said, “That’s okay. Let Nurse Baker do all the work.”

Angela wished she’d bothered to take off her uniform first, but she’d just been too eager to feel the boy inside her. So she cupped her large breasts in her hands, circling the nipples through the cloth as she began to work herself up and down, riding the boy. He made a sort of strangled sound and she looked down at him with a grin. “This is your first time, isn’t it, Jamie?”

The fourteen-year-old nodded almost frantically. “I… I…”

“Does it feel good?” she asked. “Your stiff, hot cock inside my pussy?”

“Uh-huh,” he said, voice cracking again.

She’d have laughed if she wasn’t nearly overwhelmed by sexual desire. Two days in a row. Two young cocks in a row. Her mind was suddenly racing with the possibilities. How many boys were there at the camp this year? Eighty-six, she knew. Not all of them would be cute enough to fuck, but… there had to be a significant number of hot boys out there who would just love to stuff their hot little cocks into her cunt. She thought back to the fifteen-year-old who’d blown his load while she held his cock. Would she have fucked him? Hmm, probably not. She wondered why, then realized that although the boy had been handsome enough, he was a bit too old for her tastes. Imagine that. She had a taste for boys, and it apparently ran to the younger ones. She thought of all the eleven-year-olds at camp. Would an eleven-year-old even have hair between his legs? She shuddered thinking about it. A hairless little boy. How hot would that be? She tried to imagine what a typical eleven-year-old’s cock might look like. She thought about Oliver and scaled it back. Three inches? Less? Would that turn her on? She shuddered. She thought it might.

Angela leaned forward, hips still rocking, and ran her hands over Jamie’s slender chest. She tweaked the tiny brown nipples, smiling when he groaned. “You like that?” she asked, pinching the tiny nubs, twisting them. “You’re so damned cute.”

“I’m gonna… do it… nurse… I mean…” Jamie stammered.

“You’re gonna shoot?” she asked.

Jamie nodded frantically.

“Hmm, not yet,” Angela said. She stopped and lifted herself, watching with avid eyes as the boy’s five-incher slapped wetly against his belly. He was wet with her juices. It jerked several times and she worried he was going to shoot all over himself. She reached down and gripped him tightly by the base, squeezed hard. “Not yet, baby. Gonna put you to work.”

Angela turned around, got on all fours. “On your knees,” she said, looking back over her shoulder.

Jamie quickly scrambled to his knees, skinny cock bouncing. He began to situate himself behind her, even reaching out to place his left hand hesitantly on her hip.

“Hold your horses,” she said, suddenly straightening. “Unzip me,” she said. Unlike Oliver, the boy didn’t even hesitate, immediately grabbing the zipper and yanking it downward. She wasn’t sure she entirely appreciated this newfound confidence.

Angela slid down off the table, then slipped out of her uniform. Jamie watched her avidly, even reaching down to squeeze his erection. She reached behind and unhooked her bra, then slipped it off, her big tits pouring out of the cups. She squeezed them, pushed them together, pinched her nipples. Then she leaned forward and sucked the boy’s cock to the hilt.

Angela was used to bigger cocks, and Jamie’s five inches didn’t present any sort of problem for her. She took him until the head was moving into her throat, tasting herself on him. When he was all the way in and her nose was in amidst his small pubic bush she could smell him, musky teen sweat filling her senses, fighting against the medicinal smell of the lotion she’d used. She reached up and cupped his balls, bobbed her mouth on his cock a few times. So good.

She let his cock go with a smile, licking her lips sensuously. “Nothing like a tasty boycock,” she said, winking at him. Then she got up onto the table again and turned away from him, going to her hands and knees. She reached her hand up between her legs, petting her pussy before sliding two fingers inside.

“Bring your cock here,” she ordered, pulling her fingers free and sticking out her hand. Some movement behind her, and then she felt the slim length of him slide into her hand. She lined up and gave a little tug. The boy did the rest, and she shuddered as he filled her.

“I hope you know how long that little thing of yours is,” she told him. “I don’t want you slipping out and fumbling around back there. Now fuck me.”

Long-fingered hands on her hips. He pushed forward first, pressing himself against her. She felt him shaking, then he was pulling back. She waited for his cock to fall out, but he stopped it with the glans still inside her, then slowly pushed back into her. So fucking good. Out again, and then in. The boy continued to pick up speed after that, his grip on her hips tighter.

“Give me your hands,” she gasped, then she felt the heat of him as he leaned forward. Propping herself on just her right hand, she grabbed his left in hers and brought it to her large, swinging breast. “Grab them,” she panted. The hands were inexperienced, but eager, squeezing her too roughly, but she didn’t care. She began to push back into him, wanting the full force of his thrusts.

“Harder,” she growled. “Fuck me harder!”

“I have to… let go,” he gasped.

“Just fucking fuck me,” she said almost angrily. She needed it so bad.

Hands back on her hips, gripping her tightly, and now the boy really started to give it to her, slamming his skinny hips forward, rocking her body deliciously, causing her titties to fly back and forth, his balls to slap against her clit.

“Yeah, baby,” she panted. “That’s it. Give me that sweet little cock!”

He fucked her even faster then, even harder. She could feel the sweat pooling in the small of her back, pleasure radiating throughout her body. She was finding it hard to breath and there was a roaring in her ears, like a powerful ocean tide rolling toward her. The rapid slap, slap, slap of Jamie’s groin smacking into her was like machine-gun fire. So it’s not surprising she didn’t hear the footsteps on the wooden stairs outside.

Suddenly, breaking through the haze, came a knocking at the door, and the muffled sound of a voice calling out. Jamie immediately stopped fucking her, his hands gripping her hard in panic.

“Someone’s there!” he hissed.

“I know someone’s there,” Angela growled, frustrated.

“What do we do?” the boy asked, panicked.

“You can start by taking your cock out of my pussy,” she said reasonably.

Jamie was out of her in a shot, sliding off the table in a rush, staring at the door wide-eyed while his glistening cock bounced in front of him. Angela slid off the table to stand beside him. “Fuck, so close,” she muttered, reaching out to grab the boy’s cock and give it a longing squeeze. “Get your shit and get into the bathroom,” she told him quietly. “I’ll come get you soon.”

The boy quickly scrambled to gather up his clothes, looking around frantically for his shirt, which was draped over the chair in front of her desk. Then he sped into the bathroom, his pale ass the last thing she saw before she reached down and grabbed her uniform. She looked around for her bra, but didn’t see it at first.

“Hello?” came the voice again, along with another five knocks at the door.

“Coming!” she called out, stepping into her uniform. She’d just have to go without a bra. She got her arms in and reached to her lower back and grabbed the zipper, she yanked it about halfway up when she spotted her bra at the foot of the exam table. She grabbed it and looked around, then walked to her desk and stuffed it into a drawer. She looked down at herself as she reached over her shoulder to grab the zipper and pull it the rest of the way up. She’d never tried wearing her uniforms without a bra before, and the stiffness of her nipples was clearly evident, as was a slight darkness where her silver dollar sized areolas pressed.

Well, there’s no help for it, she thought with a sigh. She went to the door and unlocked it and then pushed it open. There was no one there and she poked out her head to see a small form walking away. He must not have heard her. “Can I help you, honey?” she called out, pushing down her frustration and trying for cordial.

She thought at first she was addressing a girl, as strange as that would be at a boys camp. The boy who turned to the sound of her voice was delicately pretty in a way that you mostly saw with girls. His long blond hair, at least seven inches below his slender shoulders, just added to the illusion. He had the delicate features of a girl, or a very androgynous boy, with bright blue eyes and long lashes and beautifully sculpted cheekbones. A pert little nose, and soft, full, pouting lips finished the picture. Angela felt her pussy, desperately missing Jamie’s cock, contract and she imagined her juices running down the insides of her thighs. The boy was an angel.

He began to walk back toward her. “I thought you were closed,” he said in a sweet, treble voice. No puberty yet for this little angel, she thought. She wondered what his little cock would look like, and her eyes immediately homed in on his crotch, behind knee-length blue polyester gym shorts. Not even a hint of a bulge, she saw, disappointed. The thin legs below were completely hairless though.

“What can I do for you, sweetie?” she asked, holding the door for him. He brushed past her, and she found herself bending over slightly, hoping to smell him. She wanted to pull him against her, to put his face between her breasts and hold him. She wondered if he could smell her. The odor of sex must be strong in the air, and just as strong from her.

“David told me I had to come,” he said. Then wryly, “I got a sunburn.”

David, she knew, must be David Walker. There were two more adult Davids, but David Walker was counselor for one of the twelve-year-old cabins. She wouldn’t have thought this boy was that old. “What’s your name, sweetie?” she asked.

“Aiden Evans,” he said.

Aiden Evans. She accessed her mental patient chart. Twelve years old, four-foot-seven, seventy… three pounds, she was pretty sure. So, small for his age. She couldn’t believe how blue his eyes were. Oliver’s had been a crystalline blue, almost pale. Aiden’s were deep, cobalt blue, warm and entrancing. The kind of eyes that made one suspect contacts, but she knew his had to be natural. He had a beautiful smile. Such sensual lips. Did the boy just glance at her breasts? She thrilled internally. He certainly had.

“Well, let’s take a look,” she said, and reached out to lift the front of his t-shirt. His shirt actually fit him properly, which is to say loosely. Angela was no longer sure she believed that anything other than a tight shirt which showed off a boy’s delicious little body could be considered ‘proper’. She was amazed to think how much her perceptions had changed in such a short time.

Aiden had a gorgeous little bellybutton. Not quite and innie, not quite an outtie. His stomach was deliciously flat. It was also quite an angry red. “That’s a sunburn, alright,” she said. She hooked a finger into the front of his shorts and pushed down a bit, exposing him down to the yellow waistband of his briefs. She saw enough to see they were red below that. The sunburn went all the way down. She let the shorts snap gently back into place and then reached down to his knee to hook the leg, which she lifted. Higher and higher, they continued to reveal reddened skin. She lifted until she caught a yellow-trimmed leg-hole of tiny briefs. Redness all the way.

“Were you wearing Speedos?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered with a smile. “Some of the boys make fun of me, but I like them.”

“Want to know a secret?” she asked, lowering her voice to a whisper. “I like them, too.” She smiled and he returned it. She knew she could get rid of this boy quickly and go back to Jamie and that nice dick of his, but little blond Aiden fascinated her, and she knew she wanted to spend more time with him. “Okay, you,” she continued in a normal tone. “If you could strip to your undies for me and hop up on the table over there, I’ll be right with you. I have to finish up with another patient.”

“Okay,” he said happily, and began to pull up his t-shirt as he turned toward the table.

Angela was mesmerized for a moment, but then a thought struck her and she raced ahead of him. “Just let me…” she said, and she quickly ripped off the paper from the roll at the head of the exam table and pulled out a new length, then crumbled up the last bit. “There we go.”

When she turned, the boy was already out of his shirt. Such a delicate little chest, she saw. Tiny, pinkish nipples. She wanted to touch him. Shaking herself from her reverie she hurried to the bathroom. She knocked twice out of politeness, then opened the door as narrowly as she could and slipped inside.

Jamie was staring at her nervously. He was fully dressed.

“Who told you you could get dressed?” she asked quietly, annoyed. She immediately unbuttoned the boy’s shorts then unzipped them. She pushed them down, almost in a frenzy, having to slow down to get his briefs as well. She got both to the boy’s knees when she saw his little penis was soft. She breathed out her frustration and grabbed the little worm, began yanking on it. “Useless,” she muttered.

She had obviously shocked the boy, who refused to get hard. Heart racing, wanting to get back to Aiden, but needing this, she sank to her knees and took the soft little cock into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, suctioning her lips, finally felt it responding. She was mewling needily as it grew in her mouth, and she finally pulled back when she felt it was hard enough.

Standing, she pulled her uniform up over her hips, then grabbed the boy’s cock and jacked it a few times. “Here,” she hissed, pulling him forward. He stumbled towards her awkwardly, his lower legs trapped in his shorts. She grabbed his ass and got his cock up between her legs. She had to slide her back down along the wall a bit, but her sensible nurse shoes gave her plenty of grip on the tile floor, and she was able to maneuver the boy’s cock until she could sink down along its length.

“Fuck, that’s good,” she gasped. She grabbed two handfuls of muscular boy ass and pulled him forcefully into her, groaning as he sank to the root of his cock. “Fuck me,” she whispered harshly into his ear. “Fuck me with that little boycock,” she growled.

Jamie, perhaps too intimidated to argue, or perhaps eager to finally get his rocks off, began to slam her as forcefully as he could, the position awkward for him at first, but easier as he gained confidence.

“Fuck,” Angela gasped, licking and sucking at the boy’s neck, her hands on his ass urging him to fuck her harder.

The sounds of their fucking was more subdued in that position, but the room was smaller and the squelching sound of his cock working in and out her gripping pussy filled her ears. She thought about Aiden sitting out there. He’d be in his little underwear, with his little cock underneath. His hairless little baby cock. She felt her pussy convulsing and she almost bit the boy.

“Cum,” she gasped as quietly as she could manage. “Cum in me! Shoot it in me!”

Jamie gave a shuddering moan and pressed strongly into her. Once… twice… on the third time practically lifting her from her feet as he shuddered and she felt his young cock jerking inside her, felt the heat of his teen cum spraying her insides.

“I can feel it,” she gasped. “I can feel your hot cum!”

The boy’s ass flexed in her hands as he emptied himself into her. Her orgasm rocked through her, toes to the top of her, racing tingles sparking all over her. Her pussy convulsed around the boy’s flexing cock, sucking at him, drinking his jizz into her.

Before she was ready, she straightened, pushing him away from her. He stood there, panting, his cock red and glistening. As she watched, a string of pearly cum lurched from his pisshole and began to stretch toward the floor. She quickly reached down and caught it on her fingers, brought them to her mouth, tasted the essence of him. That was a taste she was more familiar with, being more bitter than Oliver’s sweetness. Oily. She rolled it on her tongue. Delicious.

She bent over then, sucked the end of the boy’s cock into her mouth, tasting a combination of their juices as she sucked at him. She took him quickly to the root, cleaning herself off him, then grabbed his shorts and briefs and stood, pulling them up into place. She gently tucked his still-hard cock into his briefs, setting it at a jaunty angle that amused her.

She bent again and gave him a little peck on the lips. “Ready?” she asked. He nodded and she opened the door. “Be right there, Aiden,” she smiled. She could see he was sitting there in his underpants and she had to turn away quickly. “Now Jamie,” she said, as she walked to the medicine cabinet. “this is the cream I used. Until it clears up, I want you taking three showers a day. Three cool showers. Not cold, mind you. Cool. I don’t you need freezing anything off,” she grinned at him and winked, as her back was to the other boy.

“After your shower, put on the cream. I also want you to stay out of the sun as much as you can. No swimming, okay?”

“None?” the boy asked, disappointed.

“None,” she said. “Not for a few days at least. So, cool showers, cream, three times a day. Got it?”

“Yes, nurse,” he said.

“And ask Tyler to get you some bigger shirts.”


She began moving him toward the door. “Do you own any boxer shorts?” she asked. Jamie blushed, which amazed her after what they’d just done together. He opened his mouth to speak and she cut him off, saying “Not boxer-briefs. Actual boxers.”

“I’ve got these kinda silk ones,” he said.

“Okay, wear those for now. Wash them every day if you have to. Talk to Tyler about that, too.”

“Yes, ma’am,” the boy responded.

They got to the door, and Angela opened it for him. He went through and she stopped him with a hand on his shoulder. She looked around and saw nobody near the clinic. Pitching her voice low, she said, “Jamie, did you like what we did?”

The boy nodded eagerly and opened his mouth to speak but she again cut him off before he could. She leaned close. “If you ever want to do it again, you won’t breath a word of this. Got me?” she asked, reaching down to squeeze him through his shorts. He nodded rapidly. “Good boy,” she said. She released him, and after a moment he went down the steps.

“Oh, and Jamie?” she said softly, and he stopped and turned. “Also, keep in mind how easy it would be for someone to get lost out in these woods, never to be found again.”

The boy paled. She smiled sweetly, and left him staring at her.

End of chapter three

Copyright 2023 – Rwxxx13
All rights reserved

Yes, really! This is it. The End. No more chapters will follow. Not written by me, nor by Rwxxx13. Sadly, he passed away and will never write another story or chapter. Even though I think it deserves a decent ending, I’ll never write and end to it. I don’t want to touch this genius writer’s work, because I know I’ll never do it justice. But please! Feel free to do so yourself, and send it to me and I might end up posting it here!


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    Will this continue?

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      I’ve written a note at the end of most of rwxxx13’s stories, just not with this one. Simple answer: No. It will not continue if no one writes another chapter. As far as I know, rwxxx13 sadly isn’t with us anymore. I don’t know if he’s just not writing anymore, or if something much worse had happened. Fact is that he hasn’t been heard of for a couple of years now 🙁 .
      Before anyone asks, I’m not the one who’s going to continue his work. rwxxx13 is just too good at what he does, and his style and the way he tells a story is simply awesome. I feel too incompetent to continue his work and do him justice. Beside that, I’d also like to come up with my own ideas. But if anyone is willing to continue any of his work, send it to me and I’ll make sure to post it here.

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