Boarding School Blues
Levi Holland

Chapter 13

Cooper’s eyes were heavy with sleep as the sun streamed into his bedroom.

If it were the weekend, he might have slept in a few hours, but his subconscious knew he had to wake up for class. What’s more, something was different. A rustling and shaking kept interrupting the last bit of sleep he tried to cling to. It wasn’t until he heard a strained whimper that Cooper finally opened his eyes.

In the twin bed beside his, Anakin was up in more ways than one. The covers had been tossed back, revealing his fully nude body. Anakin’s mousy face was a mix of intense concentration and pleasure as he gripped all four inches of his boner in his fist and stroked it at a furious speed. His normally styled hair was fanned out in messy bedhead, although the edges of his hair were damp with sweat. With his free hand, Anakin pawed and gripped at the mattress, his fingers clutching the silky material.

One of Anakin’s legs twitched, and his voice gave another high-pitched whine. Each time Anakin worked his way up, his balls jiggled and bounced with every tug. They were beginning to flatten, nearly pancaked against his groin as his breath huffed through his nostrils.

Cooper was painfully hard and torn between staring at Anakin’s bigger dick or his friend’s face. It didn’t help that he was also dealing with his usual morning wood. If the pleasure hitting Anakin was anything like when the two of them smushed their dicks together or felt the rumblings of the washer, then Anakin must have been totally wrapped up in the good feelings. He didn’t even break concentration when Cooper snuck a hand down to his own boner.

As Cooper softly squeezed the underside of his penis, rolling the head beneath his fingers, his eyes fluttered as he groaned. Anakin noticed then and flicked his eyes down to Cooper’s.

“Morning, Coop,” he panted. “Sorry, I can’t help it.”

“How long have you been going?” Cooper asked, his mouth sour and dry from sleep.

“I’ve already done it twice this morning,” Anakin replied.

After a few more strokes, Anakin’s stomach muscles bunched as his feet raised from the mattress. As he gripped the base of his penis, his jaw slacked open and he groaned loudly. Suddenly, Anakin squeezed his boner at the base. The way it flicked back and forth was kind of like when Cooper tried to shake the last bit of pee out, but the twitches all happened super fast.

“Oh, that feels so good,” Anakin said, finally falling against the pillows. His dick pointed towards his chin, still pulsing with leftover throbs.

“Was it like last night?”

Anakin turned to face him. “It’s different. Still awesome, but I think I liked it more when both of us did it.”

“I think you might be addicted to sex,” Cooper laughed.


Classes weren’t much better than the day before. People were starting to talk again, but whenever they did, it was always about how Jordy and Xavier were still missing. It seemed like everyone had already given up hope on finding them, but Cooper couldn’t. Not when there was still a chance of getting them back. And why did everyone automatically assume the worst? It frustrated him to no end. If they put the same effort into searching that they did worrying, then maybe they’d have already found the two missing boys.

As the day ended, Cooper bumped fists with Anakin before heading to the rock climbing wall. He zipped his sweater and tucked his chin against the chill as he worked his way down the path leading towards the stables. Already ahead of him, Roman walked with his head down and hands shoved inside his hoodie. There hadn’t been much time to talk to him throughout the day until now, and Cooper chased him down.

“Roman, wait up!” Cooper called.

Roman didn’t hear him. Or if he did, he wasn’t listening.

“Hey, you good?” he asked.

Roman stopped and shrugged his shoulders. “I guess. Just a lot on my mind, you know? Listen, about yesterday—”

“I already told you, don’t sweat it,” Cooper said. “Just know I’m here for you, man, no matter what.”

“I appreciate it, Cooper,” Roman said as hints of a blush surfaced across his tanned cheeks.

Roman looked more relaxed as they spotted each other on the wall. Earlier in the week, Professor Green reinstalled all the handholds in different spots, creating new and trickier paths for them to attempt. Yesterday Roman hadn’t been in the right head space. How could he be? Now, at least, he was taking Cooper’s advice on where to place the next foot as he climbed.

As Cooper finished up and hung his harness back on the hook, the sun was inching its way toward the mountains. If he didn’t go now, there’d be barely any daylight to help him in his search. Already he was losing time from the curfew, and now it had been two whole days since Jordy and Xavier went missing. Time was of the essence. Cooper wasn’t exactly sure what he hoped to find, but any clue was better than nothing.

Getting to the lake cost him fifteen minutes. He kept having to blow warm air into his palms to keep them from chilling, but he wasn’t planning on giving up. A little cold never hurt anybody, he told himself. Once the boat house came into view, it wasn’t long before he spotted several upperclassmen dragging their canoes through the main door. Could that have been what he saw several nights ago outside his window? But that didn’t make any sense. Why would someone be out on their canoe after dark?

Inside the boat house, Cooper plugged his nose. The place smelled like stuffy mildew no matter where he went. It had to be from all the sopping life jackets dripping lake water on the floorboards. As he tried to get a look around, there were a couple older kids who gave him funny looks, but he didn’t have time to explain why he was there. Maybe they didn’t see anything suspicious about this place, but Cooper did.

Suspended from a hook on the back wall was a lantern with a rounded amber sphere. He couldn’t be certain, but it might have matched the shape he saw the other night. A closed, splintered door stood next to it that looked like it hadn’t been touched in years. Cooper was surprised something so shabby hadn’t been replaced in a place like Blue Ridge. Maybe it was an old storage room. Without making a scene and barging inside, there was no way Cooper could get behind the counter to check if the door was locked. And if it was, the odds of him finding the key laying around were next to nothing. He shook his head. What was he even hoping to find inside? Maybe the lake held better clues.

As Cooper went back outside, his feet squelched through the soggy grass as he squinted against the sunset. Several hundred yards away, Blue Ridge castle stood proudly. Valentia’s red banner flapped in the wind as sunlight reflected off his bedroom window. He wasn’t crazy—whatever he saw from his bedroom couldn’t have been a coincidence.

Shaking the cold water from his shoes, Cooper tried to dodge the puddles of leftover rain water as he followed the bend in the lake back to the cobblestone path. The street lamps were already buzzing to life, flicking on one by one as day turned to dusk. Time was running out, and Cooper growled in frustration.

Ahead of him lay the castle. He knew there was enough time to make it back if he hurried. Besides, it was getting colder by the minute outside. Behind him, the path continued on into a canopy of dark woods and thick hedges. Cooper had never explored this far out.

The closer he drew to the forest, the more the darkness swallowed him up as it beckoned him deeper inside. Here, there was no sunlight, and the temperature dipped even more until Cooper was rubbing his arms through his thin sweater. Next time, he’d ask to borrow some of Anakin’s clothes to keep him warmer.

These woods weren’t like the ones back home. These were cold, barren, lifeless. Something had spooked all the animals away. The forest should never be so quiet. A wall of high shrubs guarded either side of the path, stretching nearly eight feet tall. Running his fingers along the manicured leaves, Cooper was curious how deep the shrubs might go when a branch snapped from beyond the greenery.

Cooper froze in place.

For a moment, all was quiet, so quiet Cooper thought he might have imagined the noise. But then something tore through the shrub wall, and before Cooper could react, a black German Shepherd darted out, barking and gnashing its vicious teeth. Cooper careened back and landed on his bottom.

Moments before the dog would have ripped him apart, the leash around its neck jerked tight. On the other end, Roy Rochester towered over him, scrutinizing Cooper with the same glaring intensity as the canine in front of him.

With his free hand, Roy made a sharp whistle using two fingers, and in an instant, the barking stopped. The dog squatted on its hind legs, but every single one of its muscles were tightly coiled. Its whole body looked charged with electricity, and its glinting, black eyes were downright murderous.

“You should be more careful where you wander off to,” Roy said. “You wouldn’t want to be the next to go missing.”

As Roy led the dog along the dark path through the woods, Cooper’s blood ran cold. He’d come seconds from being ripped to shreds. It was nothing like the time he’d rescued Sawyer from the dog back in Misty Pines. If Roy’s dog had made Cooper his chew toy, there would have been no one to save him.

Cooper’s arms and legs trembled as he pushed himself to his feet. His heart was a rattling mess inside his chest, and without another glance back, Cooper ran towards the safety of the castle. He didn’t have all the answers yet, but he was sure of it. More sure than anything in his whole life.

Roy Rochester had something to do with the missing boys.


Roman felt like he was on trial.

After dinner, he was called to Headmaster Robinson’s office to share about the last time he’d seen Xavier. Each of his professors scrutinized him, as if he were somehow responsible for what happened to Jordy and Xavier. Headmaster Robinson, his teachers from class, even Roy Rochester. They were all there, listening and interjecting questions of their own.

“Surely he said something to you,” Professor Gray said, his face like the hardened grimace of a gargoyle.

“We don’t talk much anymore,” Roman confessed.

“He didn’t say anything to you at all?” Professor Bell asked. “Nothing about running away or maybe being in some kind of trouble?”

Clearly none of his professors knew how awful his and Xavier’s relationship had been. Still was. Roman shook his head and picked at his calloused palm.

Professor Lee crouched down and placed a hand on Roman’s knee. “It’s alright, Roman. We’re just trying to get some answers. There’s nothing to be nervous about.”

“I already told everyone, I don’t know anything, okay!?” he snapped.

They eventually gave up on getting anything out of him, and when Roman left Headmaster Robinson’s office, he felt worse than he had going in. Whatever Xavier was up to, it wasn’t his fault at all. Why couldn’t his teachers just leave him alone?

Because of how late it was, Roman was escorted by Roy Rochester back to his suite. He couldn’t shake the goosebumps creeping up his neck. Roy stood behind him, never saying a word the whole way back. Actually, that was fine with Roman. He was done talking about Xavier. Done talking to people who didn’t bother to understanding him. He just wanted to be back in his suite with Fielding.

All day it seemed like Fielding consumed his thoughts.

Whenever he thought about the kiss they shared last night, his brain became mush and his heart like putty. In class, he kept getting lost in the freckles sprinkled across his pale cheeks or his curling strawberry-blonde hair. He was seeing things about his suitemate in a brand new way now. He couldn’t help it. He couldn’t explain it. He just wanted more.

Sometimes Fielding noticed him watching, and then Roman had to quickly turn to hide his blushing face. One glance into his teal green eyes was enough to unravel him.

Like now, sitting on the couch in their suite, Roman had hardly worked on their homework for class at all. The only thing he found he could study well was the outlines of Fielding’s face as he furrowed his brow working out a problem.

Fielding flicked his eyes towards Roman, and Roman turned his attention back to his paper, but it was too late. Roman was busted.

Fielding set down his journal and homework and leaned in. “Okay, that’s it. Are we cool? With what happened last night, I mean?”

Roman blinked out of his stupor. “What’re you talking about? Why wouldn’t we be?”

“Because ever since last night, you’ve been acting all weird.”

“What? I’m not being weird. Nothing’s weird at all. Why would you think that?”

Fielding’s eyes narrowed.

“Okay,” Roman conceded with a sigh, “so maybe things are a little weird.”

Fielding folded his legs as he turned to face him on the couch. “Did you wanna talk about the kiss? Or Xavier? Or just school or something?”

Roman’s tongue was thick in his mouth, and all the spit was dried up. He swallowed to get his mouth working again.

“The kiss? I…uhh…I liked it, yeah.”

A smirk crossed Fielding’s face as he leaned in close, too close. The heat spreading across Roman’s cheeks made his ears hot as he tried to lean back, but Fielding kept coming, bracing himself with his hands as he hovered within inches of Roman’s face, his lips.

“Did you wanna maybe do it again?”

Not trusting himself to speak, Roman only nodded as he closed his eyes and leaned in for another kiss.

Right before their lips met, the door to Ivan and Wyatt’s bedroom swung open, and Roman and Fielding jerked apart. Roman had never tried to act so casual about doing homework before in his life. Surely his suitemates must have heard Roman’s heart clanging like a gong inside his chest. Were his ribs breaking? Surely they were breaking.

“Taking a shower?” Fielding asked, maybe a little too casually.

When Roman looked up, his mouth fell open. Wyatt was already halfway to the bathroom, shirtless with only a towel wrapped around his scrawny waist as he strolled barefoot across the floor. Behind him, Ivan walked out of his bedroom fully nude. His towel was slung over his shoulder as he clicked the door shut behind him.

What drew Roman’s attention most was the swinging python between Ivan’s legs. Like the rest of Ivan’s body, the size of his penis looked disproportionate for someone who was only twelve, and all Roman could think about was the other night when he spied on Ivan and Wyatt in their bedroom. Their groans were still crystal clear in his mind, and the image of Ivan smearing his cummy dick across Wyatt’s cheek was seared in his memory.

“Good talk,” Fielding said behind him as the two left without a word into the bathroom.

After the shower squeaked to life, Fielding leaned forward again and said, “Maybe we should start calling him Hog. Woooo boy, imagine that thing in bed.”


“What? I’m just saying,” he said through his laughter.

They were quiet for a few moments, giggling each time they bumped their knees together. When the showers squeaked to a stop, Fielding quickly leaned in for a kiss. His breath smelled vaguely of the key lime pie they had for dessert, and Fielding’s lips against his own sent tingles down Roman’s body, straight into his hardening dick.

Later in their room, as they settled down for the night, Fielding brought up Ivan’s big dick and made another joke.

“Maybe Hog wasn’t the right word. How does Ramrod sound?”

Roman frowned. “Like he’s a viking about to pillage a town.”

“I bet a town’s not the only thing he’s pillaging,” Fielding said, wriggling his eyebrows.

“Are you always this perverted?” Roman asked.

Fielding raised his arms defensively. “I just call it like I see it.”

Roman slipped off his shirt and his socks before sitting on his bed. He lowered his voice and said, “I saw them the other night.”

The walls weren’t so thick that Roman really believed Ivan and Wyatt could hear the two of them, but he didn’t want to take any chances. If Ivan overheard him, it wouldn’t take much to snap Roman like a toothpick.

“Saw who? Ivan and Wyatt?”

Roman blushed. “Yeah…the other night. I was getting some water, and when I came back, they were…well, you know…”

“Gettin’ it on like Donkey Kong?”

“What!?” Roman sputtered. “What does that even mean?”

Hopping out of his bed, Fielding squatted into a gorilla stance, scratching his armpits while grunting. Roman couldn’t help but notice the way Fielding’s erection poked against his briefs as he thrusted his hips.

“You’re crazy,” Roman said.

Fielding monkey-walked over to Roman’s bed and sat close beside him, their thighs brushing together as Fielding’s hand fell gently on top of his. Roman’s dick was sticking up like a flagpole in his briefs.

“So, what were they doing?” Fielding asked as he traced his fingers on the back of Roman’s hand.

“I…uhh…couldn’t see much at first,” he said, trying to ignore Fielding’s tender touch against his hand while he formed his words. “I heard these slurping sounds, and all I saw was Ivan’s back at first.”

“Oh my god, were they…?”

Roman nodded. “Just Wyatt. But his head was bobbing. And then it didn’t take long before Ivan shot his stuff. He did it on Wyatt’s face.”

The last time Roman had seen Fielding’s face this red was when he got burned from being out in the sun all day for their House competition.

“Is that how you knew what jizz looked like?” Fielding asked suddenly.

The playful tone from before was gone from Fielding’s voice. Roman stopped short and shook his head before chewing at his fingernail. When he tried to look away, Fielding gently pulled his hand down.

“You can talk to me, Roman,” he said, rubbing his thumb gently over Roman’s hand. “I’m your friend.”

Roman shook his head again, his lower lip trembling as his body fought him and his words failed him. Why was this so hard to do? Even thinking about his brother was enough to put shackles around him. When he opened his mouth to speak, nothing but a hoarse whisper came out.

He was scared. Scared of what admitting the things Xavier did to him might mean. Scared of how it might change the way Fielding saw him. For some stupid reason, he was also scared of what people would think about Xavier. He was still his brother, and despite lying to himself, despite pretending to everyone else that it was different, Roman still cared about his brother.

But the hurt was winning, chewing him alive and breaking him down until he was nothing but a pulpy mess. He couldn’t keep walking this path alone. If he did, there’d be nothing left of him by the end of things. Eventually he had to trust someone else. Let them in. Let them help. Before his sobs could wrack his body, the tears sprinkled down his cheeks as he squeezed his eyes shut, and choked out a single, confessing word.


End Chapter 13

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