October 23, 2008

Jack’s Hobby
Alex Hawk

Jack and I crept quietly downstairs from his bedroom. We were both fourteen, and he was my newest friend. I was staying the night at his house for the first time. It was a little creepy because his family ran a funeral home and they had a morgue in the basement. But he’d told me he had a really cool hobby he did down there and offered to show me.

Once we got down to the morgue he turned on the lights. They flickered and then illuminated the room. It was steel and cold. There were several drawers along the walls. I knew from watching TV that they were where bodies went. In the middle of the room there was a steel table with a sheet on it and a shape under the sheet.

“This is what I wanted to show you, Kevin,” Jack said, walking towards the table. “They just brought her in.”

He pulled off the sheet to reveal a naked girl. She was about eleven or twelve I guessed. Small breasts and no pubic hair yet. She was really pretty. She was also obviously dead. Living people had more color and breathed more.

“Wow,” I whispered, seeing my first naked girl and my first dead body. “Who is she?”

“Some girl. I don’t know her name. She’s cute though, huh?”


“You ever touch a naked girl before?”


Jack boldy reached out and cupped one of the dead girl’s breasts. “Here, you take the other one.”

Shyly, and a little creeped out but also very horny, I reached out and placed my hand on her other breast. The skin was smooth and soft, but also cold. It was kind of interesting, though.

“Cool, huh?” Jack asked.

“Yeah…” I whispered, shivering a little.

“Try this.” He bowed his head and began licking the girl’s nipple.

I did as he did. The texture of her skin against my tongue was weird, but I didn’t mind.

He stood back up abruptly. “Now we get to the real fun.”


Nodding, Jack said, “Help me spread her legs.”

Moving like I was in a dream, I took one of the dead girl’s legs and Jack took the other. We pulled them apart and propped them up a little. It wasn’t easy. They were very stiff, but Jack said that was normal.

Now that her legs were spread, I got my first ever look at a girl’s vagina. It was fascinating. It looked like a small slit, but even though she was dead, I could tell there was a hell of a lot more there.

Jack licked his middle finger and pressed it against the girl’s vagina. I watched as it slid all the way into her. He grinned.

“Cool. Try it.” He pulled back his finger.

Shaking a little, I wetted my middle finger and pressed it where Jack had his. For a moment nothing happened, then my finger seemed to sort of slide into something very tight. I moved it in and out a little, feeling the flesh clinging to me.

“Nice, huh?”


Jack was, like me, wearing only boxers and a shirt. He surprised me by pulling the boxers down. He looked at me. “Take yours off, too.”

“Uh… why?”

“So you can fuck her, moron.”

I was amazed. “Are you serious?”

“Why the hell did you think we were down here?” he asked, taking out a small tube of something from the pocket of his boxers. He squirted it into his hand and rubbed it all over his erect penis. “Move aside, I’ll warm her up for you.”

I stepped aside and watched as Jack got up onto the table with the dead girl. I couldn’t believe I was seeing this. “You’re really going to fuck her?”

“Yeah. Watch.” He got between her legs and pushed his penis against the spot where our fingers had been. Before my amazed eyes, I saw it slide smoothly and completely into the dead girl’s vagina.

“Oh, my god…” I whispered.

“Yeah…” He grinned and started fucking her slowly. “Oh, this is sweet… she’s tight… must’ve died a virgin… you’re gonna love it in here…”

Despite myself, I started masturbating as I watched my friend fuck the dead girl. He had a look of total pleasure on his face. I didn’t think it was right to be doing this, but apparently it felt really good.

After about five minutes of screwing the girl, Jack let out a couple low grunts and pushed deep into her. His eyes rolled back and he got a totally blissed out look on his face. I knew he must’ve been cumming inside her.

Once Jack was done fucking the dead girl, he pulled his penis out and sat back on his knees, grinning from ear-to-ear. “THAT was sweet. You ready for your turn?”

“Yeah,” I mumbled, a little nervous.

“Cool.” He got off the table and handed me the tube. “Rub some of this on your dick. You gotta make it slippery so you can get into her.”

“Ok.” I did so. It was similar to the lotion I used to masturbate with only different. The label said “KY Jelly”.

“Since I fucked her first, she’ll be a little warmer for you,” Jack explained. “Now get up onto the table.”

I did so, placing myself between the girl’s legs, looking down at her dead body and open vagina. I’d never had sex before, and here I was about to do it with a dead girl.

“Just put it in, Kevin.”

Swallowing hard, I lined up the tip and pressed. I was surprised at how easily my fourteen-year-old virgin penis sank into the dead girl’s young vagina. I thought it was going to be some real effort, but no. I sank right inside her.

I let out an involuntary gasp. It was warm and wet and tight inside of her. Not as much as I guess it would’ve been had she not been dead, but it still felt REALLY good inside there! Almost as soon as I was all the way in her, I began moving my penis back and forth inside her vagina. God, it was heavenly, even though I knew it was probably a pathway to Hell.

I lasted only about two minutes inside her vagina before I added my sperm to that of Jack, trying pointlessly to impregnate this beautiful, wonderful, incredible, but nevertheless dead, girl.

When I was done cumming, I traded grins with Jack. He had his hobby, and now I knew that henceforth it would be mine, too.


Copyright 2006 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved. Don’t fear the reaper!