October 19, 2008

Dead Sexy
Alex Hawk

I was on a hike through the woods in the back area of my neighborhood when I heard what sounded like a small scream and then a thump. Curious, I walked towards the source of the sound. When I got there, I froze in total surprise.

Jenna Johansen, a cheerleader in my middle school and one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen, was laying on the ground at the bottom of a small ravine. Her head was twisted all wrong. Clearly, her neck was broken. She must’ve fallen off the small trail above the ravine. She wasn’t moving at all.

“Jenna?” I whispered as I walked towards her, my pulse racing and my knees shaking. There was no response. She didn’t even seem to be breathing. “Jenna?” I called out, a little louder this time. Nothing. Swallowing, I walked closer and crouched by her. I took her hand and felt for a pulse. There was nothing. She was clearly dead.

“Oh, no,” I whispered, feeling great sadness. She was a nice girl, and like I’d said, really beautiful. Now she was dead. She was the same age as me, thirteen, and she was dead. It really sucked.

I stood up and looked at her peaceful dead body and tried to figure out what I should do. Obviously I had to tell someone. I’d go home, tell my mom and she’d call the police and they’d handle it from there.

But just as I made my choice, I noticed that Jenna’s skirt had fallen up over her body when she’d landed. Her white panties were exposed. My virgin penis stirred and hardened as I looked at the sight before me.

I knelt down and looked, seeing the curls of her pubic hair under the fabric of her panties. I wondered what everything looked like under there. On a whim I put my hand on her bare thigh. She was still warm and felt alive aside from the fact that she wasn’t.

I had a horrible, horrible thought. I’d never seen a girl’s vagina before, except in pictures and they weren’t all that good. I’d certainly never seen one on in real life. Jenna would have never let me see hers before, but now she was dead and, well, what would be the harm in just looking?

Licking my lips, I hooked my fingers into Jenna’s panties. I tugged a little, exposing her hair. It was blond and curly. I couldn’t them down the rest of the way, though. I knew that lifting her butt to get them off was going to be tough.

Well, I thought, what difference did it make? She was dead. I took out my pocketknife and cut the panties on each side. Once they were loose, I pulled them apart, exposing my eyes to my first ever vagina.

It looked very… disappointing. All I could see was some hair at the top, a little knob and a slit going down. No hole or anything. I knew there had to be a place for a boy to put his penis, but I didn’t see what that place was.

That was when it occurred to me that I could do more than just look. I could really explore her body and see how everything was laid out. Reaching out with my fingers, I started poking around her vagina, touching, stroking, fondling. Everything felt cool to me.

At one point, the tips of my questing fingers came to a place that felt just slightly different from the rest. I rubbed it with my finger and felt it slip just a little bit into something rather tight and slightly wet and still very warm.

I was stunned as I realized this had to be the place! This had to be the part of Jenna’s vagina that a boy’s penis was supposed to go in! I pushed forward with my finger, feeling it sink into her dead body. Once it was all the way inside, I moved it back an forth a little. There was some resistance and it started to dry out inside her, though, so I took my finger out.

Having spent so much time on her vagina, it now occurred to me that I hadn’t seen anything of Jenna’s breasts yet. I looked up at her chest. She was wearing a light t-shirt. My knife made quick work of that and of her bra, exposing her small, barely developed breasts. Breasts that were never going to get bigger.

I reached out and cupped one of her still-warm breasts. The flesh was soft and nice to touch. On a whim I leaned down and licked her nipple, then sucked at it gently. It tasted really neat!

At this point I became very aware of how hard my penis was. It ached for release from my jeans. I reached down and unzipped, pulling my pants down enough to let my erection pop out to freedom. I gave it a few strokes as I looked at the naked dead girl in front of me.

That was when the next evil thought crossed my mind. I was still a virgin, but maybe that could change. Maybe it could change right now. After all, since Jenna was dead, it couldn’t bother her any if I were to fuck her, and I wouldn’t be a virgin anymore, and that would be REALLY cool. I’d get to have sex with a real live girl! Well, not live, but real.

I pulled my pants and boxers down to my knees and got between Jenna’s legs. Swallowing and shaking a little, I touched the tip of my penis against her vagina and pushed forward, expecting to slip right into her dead body. But that didn’t happen. Instead I just pushed and pushed, but didn’t seem to go in very much at all.

Then I remembered how dry her vagina had gotten when I’d moved my finger around inside her. Maybe I needed to make my penis slippery. I sat back on my knees and tried to think about what to do.

That was when I spotted Jenna’s purse laying on the ground not far away. I picked it up and rooted around inside. I grinned widely when I found a bottle of hand lotion. I used hand lotion to make my penis slick when I masturbated. This should do the trick. I squirted some of the lotion onto my hand and rubbed it all over my shaft. I hoped like heck this would work.

Once I was nice and slick, I got back between Jenna’s legs. Holding my body above her with one hand and my penis with the other, I touched the tip to her vagina and pushed, hoping that this time I’d get it in.

At first nothing happened, and I cursed, wondering what I was doing wrong. Just as I was about to pull back, I felt my body move forward just a little. I pushed harder, then pulled back and pushed in again and just that easily got my entire thirteen-year-old virgin penis into Jenna’s tight, still warm, lifeless thirteen-year-old vagina.

I let out a pleasured gasp as my virginity left me. Oh, this felt NICE. I worked my hips, slipping my penis in and out of her dead body as I fucked a girl for the first time. It was so nice inside Jenna. I wondered if she was up in Heaven, smiling as I fucked her corpse.

I hadn’t been fucking her for long before I knew that my orgasm was near. I let out a shuddering, gasping moan as my sperm fired into Jenna’s dead, unmoving body. It was, of course, the best orgasm I’d ever had.

Once I was done cumming, I pulled out of and looked down. She still looked beautiful and peaceful, despite the fact that I’d just fucked her. I felt no guilt at what I’d done, just a sense of triumph and happiness that I wasn’t a virgin anymore, and I’d fucked the most beautiful girl in class.

Before I left, I fucked Jenna once more, but it wasn’t as good. She was starting to get a little cold, or so it seemed to me. I still came, and it still felt great, but it wasn’t as nice as the first time had been. After I was done cumming the second time, I got dressed and went back home, happy and content in a job well done.
I thought there was no problem until about three days later when the police knocked at our door. It turned out that I’d left fingerprints everywhere and since I’d been printed when I was a kind, in case I went missing, they had them on record. They knew what I’d done with Jenna. I was in serious trouble.

I ended up getting hauled to juvenile detention and was charged with all sorts of bad things. In the end, I wound up with probation until I turned eighteen. Somehow word of everything leaked out to the rest of the community and everyone at school talked about me as the boy who fucked a dead girl.

The next year or so sucked, but then I met a goth chick, who loved the idea of getting fucked by a penis that had fucked a dead girl, so that turned out good for me. I still don’t regret fucking Jenna. I probably won’t ever screw a dead girl again, but I’m happy I did it with that one.


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved. Non terminus messor.