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Study BG3-17 – Part Two

September 20, 2018

Study BG3-17 – Part Two
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MM, they decided, meant mutual masturbation. Paige remembered reading the term before. Jenna was a bit miffed to find out they’d screwed around behind her back as it were, but she was so intrigued by the thought and what it might mean for the rest of their stay that she let it drop pretty quickly. Little Paige had let Mason fingerbang her? Wow. According to the computer, Jenna now possessed a half credit. Paige had a full credit, and Mason was up to one and a half.

The kids sat around for a bit speculating with much blushing about what else might earn them points and counting up how many other times they had to complete those ‘tasks’ they’d already discovered. The M line now had a little blue triangle and a little pink shape, and they could tell from the design that another girl M would complete a square, which they figured would be one complete task of the ten required. They only had to do five MMs.

As they were talking, Paige noticed first Mason, and then Jenna, yawning. When she found herself doing the same she immediately suggested that perhaps they should take a nap. It was likely the emotional toll the day had taken as much as anything else which resulted in a complete lack of grumbling about the idea. Everyone wanted to use the bathroom first, so they waited outside the little glass stall and stood with backs turned while they took turns. Mason was the last to go and when Paige noticed that he was about to pee standing up she insisted that he sit to pee. He started to argue until she told him that if he wanted to splash his pee around then he could be the one to clean it. He sat.

After, the three kids headed to the bed area. Mason crawled in first, as he was clearly meant to sleep in the middle. The long pillow was attached to the mattress somehow and meant to be shared. Mason was blinking sleepily the moment his head hit the pillow. Jenna went to the far side and lay down and then Paige sat on her side. The moment she sat down, the lights dimmed so that the room fell into shadow, lit here and there with the soft glow of utility lights. They were all asleep within minutes.

Paige woke some time later to the soft breathing of the other two kids in the dark. Her right side was pleasantly cool in the carefully adjusted temperature of the room. Her left side was pleasantly warm with the weight of a body. She’d never woken up beside another person before, at least not since she’d been a little girl and had crawled into bed between her parents during thunderstorms or nights she’d had a nightmare. This was a completely different experience.

She knew it had to be Mason against her. He’d been the one in the middle. The boy’s chest was against her arm. His right arm was across her chest, the silky hairs on his forearm brushing against her nipples, which were already swollen and stiff. Speaking of swollen and stiff, she felt a moist, insistent heat pressing against her hip. Mason’s right leg was over her left and her legs were spread just enough that she could feel his inner thigh touching her down there, returning her own share of moistness. His breath, sweet with the chocolate he’d eaten earlier, tickled against her shoulder.

Paige just lay there for a time, enjoying the touch of the boy against her body, especially that heated throbbing against her hip. She felt an instinctive and possessive desire to reach down there and grab hold of it, but she restrained herself. Still, with just a thought she could conjure the feeling of it in her hand, so stiff and throbbing with need.

She grinned in the darkness, thinking how odd it was that just a short time before she’d mostly thought of boys’ penises as something a bit funny, even if somewhat mysterious. She remembered the times in school when one of her friends would point out boys in school who were obviously suffering from an erection, trying desperately to hide their little bulges. She’d thought how awful it must be to be betrayed by your own body like that. It was amazing the number of boys in middle school who you could spot with an erection if you looked, and her friend Stacey loved to look and point them out.

There was so much talk about such little things and, while Paige had always giggled along with the rest of the girls when such talk came up, she’d secretly wondered what the big deal was. She’d seen her baby brother’s penis, and it was just a silly little worm. Sure, her father’s was much bigger, but he was an adult, and a sexual thought about her father was so alien that she didn’t even really think of what he had as a penis.

Mason had a beautiful penis though, she had to admit. She’d never imagined she’d think of a penis as beautiful, but she did. In her mind’s eye she could still picture his perfect straightness, the way it rose from his body so gracefully, the gentle curve along it’s inside length, the flaring perfection of his swollen glans. Down below hung his perfect little balls, the grape-sized nuggets snugged away inside his hairless little sac. The way it tightened with his excitement. Then there was that leaking pre-cum, the way it bubbled out of him, the way it smelled and tasted, the way it felt between her fingers. She imagined that youthful fluid adding to the wetness between her legs, leading the way inside her. Pictured that four inches of stiff boyhood as it slid into her pussy. It was such a shocking thought that she surprised herself.

Paige shuddered, realizing how fast she was breathing. Her small breasts ached, and she lifted a hand to touch herself, shivering with the sensation it shot through her. She realized how tightly she was squeezing her legs together, and that she was rubbing her silky mound against Mason’s smooth thigh. She then realized that she wasn’t the only one moving her hips, as she felt the boy’s slick little poker sliding against her hip.

“What are you two doing?” Jenna suddenly whispered into the darkness.

Paige nearly groaned in disappointment. She forced herself to stop moving her hips, but Mason’s light humping continued, his leg continuing to rub against her vulva, offering her no relief from the growing sensation. The little girl thought for a moment about feigning sleep and hoping Jenna would go back to sleep, but she was afraid that instead she’d get out of bed and the lights would not only expose her and her compromising position, but cause Mason to wake and stop what he was doing.

She forced herself to whisper, “He’s asleep.” Then, to explain the movement, she said, “I just woke up. I think he’s humping my leg.”

Jenna snorted with laughter and Paige was afraid she’d wake the boy. “He really is?” Jenna asked. “What a little horndog. Is he hard?”

“Really hard,” Paige admitted. She realized that she was still squeezing her stiff little nipples, but she didn’t care. Mason’s humping dick and the movement of his leg against her preteen mound were still sending thrills through her.

“You really jacked him off?” Jenna asked. When Paige didn’t answer after a few seconds she continued, “What was it like?”

“Kinda weird,” Paige admitted. “I’ve never done that before.”

“When I was nine,” Jenna admitted, “my cousin made me jack his off. He was fifteen. It was really big.”

“That’s terrible,” Paige whispered, feeling sorry for the girl.

“It wasn’t that bad, really,” Jenna mused softly. “I actually thought it was kinda fun and naughty at the time. Then my mom caught us and all hell broke loose.”

“I’m sorry,” Paige said.

“It was a long time ago,” Jenna replied. She rolled to her right side. Although the light was low, there was enough to see the boy’s back. She could see his flexing ass. “He’s still humping you?”

“Yeah,” Paige admitted.

“What is he humping?” Jenna asked, unable to see past the boy. “Not your…?”

“No!” Paige said, a little too loudly. Lowering her voice again she explained, “He’s pressed against my hip.”

“Push him onto his back,” Jenna suggested.

The last thing Paige wanted to do was move Mason and his wonderful thrusting dick and smooth thigh, but she couldn’t think of a single reasonable reason why she shouldn’t. “What if he wakes up?” she asked desperately.

“What if he does?” Jenna asked reasonably. “I’ll help,” she said. Then, moving closer, she put her hand on Mason’s shoulder and slowly pulled him back.

The boy seemed to resist for a moment, and then with a sleepy grumble he rolled to his back, his hips straightening and his left leg stretching out straight. Paige felt the coolness of the circulated air brush against the space Mason had vacated, especially that between her legs.

The first thing Jenna noticed was the boy’s cock. It was hovering over his groin, straining with hardness. She could see how the wetness along its length just managed to catch the dim light and glisten. Then she saw the glistening wetness all over his left thigh. She looked at the other girl then and saw that Paige was gently twisting her tiny nipples.

“Oh wow,” Jenna said in a whisper. “You were totally creaming all over his leg.”

“What?” Paige asked, panicked. She realized she was still touching her chest and immediately stopped. “I was not.”

Jenna ran her hand along the wetness on the boy’s thigh and brought it to her nose. “I can smell your pussy all over him,” she said, moving so that her hand was hovering over Paige’s nose.

Paige lightly slapped her hand and said, “Well, so what?”

“So nothing,” Jenna shrugged. “He’s cute. I don’t blame you.”

As the silence stretched, Paige finally grew curious enough to roll to her left side and go up on an elbow. She noticed immediately that Jenna was gently exploring Mason’s cock with her left hand. She was shocked at the surge of jealousy that shot through her, but then the rational part of her asserted control and she pushed that ugly thought down. She didn’t have any claim on Mason.

Jenna noticed the other girl watching. She gently lifted the boy’s cock so that it was standing straight up, four inches and a bit of swollen boycock. “You ever suck a boy’s dick?” she asked softly.

“No,” Paige answered. “Have you?”

“No,” Jenna admitted. “Remember the movie today? The first one?” Not waiting for an answer, and not able to see Paige’s nod in the darkness, she said, “That lady sure seemed to be enjoying it. I bet it would be easy to suck Mason’s. It’s not that big. You could probably get all of it in your mouth and not even gag. My friend Emma says it’s easy to gag on the big ones.”

“Are you going to?” Paige asked, not sure what answer she was hoping to receive. “Suck it?”

“Maybe,” Jenna asked. “Maybe I’ll even let him fuck me. I bet the pervs watching would love that.”

“Would you really?” Paige asked.

“Probably not,” Jenna admitted, still playing with the small cock. “I wouldn’t want to get pregnant.”

“I don’t think he can get us pregnant,” Paige said, amazed that she’d just said us, as if the subject of Mason fucking them were actually on the table.

“Why not? He’s got balls, doesn’t he?” Jenna asked, and she reached down and squeezed the little eggs to prove that he did.

“He doesn’t squirt sperm,” Paige explained. “It’s just clear stuff. He doesn’t get sperm till later.”

“Seriously?” Jenna asked. This was news to her.

“Yeah,” Paige assured her. Then, “Maybe you’re just worried it will hurt.”

“Nah,” Jenna said. “My gyno says I don’t have my hymen anymore. Horseback riding.”

“Me, too!” Paige said, surprised. After a moment of thought she asked, “Don’t you think that’s weird? I mean, a really serious coincidence that we both ride horses and… you know. Do you think we got picked for this place on purpose because of that?”

“Could be part of it,” Jenna admitted quietly. “All this sex stuff? I bet they’re hoping he’ll screw us. They’re probably filming everything and they’ll sell it online.”

The thought of that was a bit frightening, but didn’t seem very logical to Paige. After all, it was a heck of a lot of trouble for some kiddy porn, and if they had really paid their parents, how would they make a profit? No, there was another reason, but Paige was losing her train of thought as she watched the other girl playing with Mason’s little cock. Feeling unable to stop herself, she reached out and ran a finger through his sparse, silky pubes.

“We can share,” Jenna said with a smile, and ran her finger down the length of Mason’s dick until it met Paige’s finger, and then she ran it up along her hand.

For a few long moments Paige toyed with Mason’s dick while Jenna toyed with her hand. She felt a strange tingle.

“Ever play gay chicken?” Jenna softly asked, as her toying fingers began to rise up Paige’s arm.

“Maybe,” Paige admitted. Gay chicken was when two girls, or guys she supposed, sat close together and leaned forward for a kiss. Like the traditional chicken game played with racing cars, the goal was to see who would flinch before the kiss was sealed, so to speak. She thought Jenna had a different version in mind, as her caressing fingers continued up her arm.

Jenna hadn’t had any experience with boys since that disastrous experience with her cousin, but that didn’t mean she hadn’t had any sexual experiences at all. She’d played many games of gay chicken, many of which didn’t stop at a kiss, and many of which went secretly into the night after other girls had fallen asleep.

“Kneel up,” Jenna said, rising slowly to her knees. “If you’re not scared, that is.”

Was she scared? Paige wondered. More nervous than anything. With a last caress of Mason’s throbbing little member, she rose to her knees, determined to not back down, no matter what Jenna did. She wondered if it was the lingering possessiveness over Mason that was making her feel so obstinate.

With both girls kneeling on the bed, four knees pressed against the sleeping boy, Jenna brought her hand to Paige’s shoulders. The taller girl caressed her there for a moment, wondering if she was actually going to do this. She had to admit that she’d felt jealous when she’d found out the other two kids had fooled around, but she wasn’t sure if she were more jealous of the girl or the boy. Definitely the boy, she decided.

“You’re really pretty,” Jenna said softly as her hands moved down to Paige’s upper arms.

“So are you,” Paige said nervously.

Jenna moved her hands from Paige’s arms to her sides. She began to move them upward while her thumbs gently explored the little girl’s lower chest. Then she was touching her there, and Paige gasped. Jenna found the girl’s little nubs already swollen. She rubbed her thumbs over that rubbery stiffness in small circles, then moved her hands so that she could pinch each between thumb and forefinger.

“I really like your boobs,” Jenna said.

“They’re tiny,” Paige said, suffering a mixture of shyness and excitement.

“I think they’re beautiful,” Jenna responded. Her right hand left the little nipple and Paige immediately missed it. “At least you have hair down here,” Jenna said, and then the hand was back, much lower this time, and Paige nearly jumped.

Unlike Mason’s clumsy hand, Jenna’s knew exactly what to do, and Paige shuddered as she felt the taller girl sliding two fingers expertly through her dripping cleft. She stiffened as those two fingers slid inside her.

“You’re so wet,” Jenna whispered, moving those fingers into the little girl’s gripping little pussy with a barely discernible squelching sound. She continued to pinch and caress Paige’s right breast. “You ever done this with a girl?”

“Nuh – no,” Paige half moaned, half stammered.

Already worked into a state by the combination of Mason’s humping cock and leg earlier, Paige was already spiraling upward toward that amazing sensation she’d only just discovered. It started at her feet, an incredibly hot and tingly warmth which moved up her legs until her whole young pussy felt like it was pulsing with heat. Then Jenna began to flick her thumb against that tiny nub and her whole body stiffened and then she was shaking, reaching out to the other girl to steady herself, fearing to fall across Mason or just melt down into the bed.

“What are you guys doin’?” came a sleepy voice, and then Paige was looking down into Mason’s shadowy face as her body continued to spasm and Jenna’s fingers continued to caress her pussy.

Mercifully, Jenna removed her fingers and said, “We were thinking about sitting on your dick, weren’t we, Paige?” Then she reached down and gripped Mason’s still stiff cock with her pussy-slickened fingers. She stroked it a couple times, causing Mason to jerk and gasp.

“Wh-what?” he asked, confused.

“She’s just kidding,” Paige said in a breathy voice. She could still feel her pussy fluttering between her legs, like a butterfly struggling for flight. She managed to sit back on her heels without tumbling back off the bed.

“Sure, just kidding,” Jenna said in a tone of voice neither Mason or Paige could identify. She released Mason’s dick and then moved back off the bed.

The lights immediately came up, making Mason blink and stare through slit eyelids as the tall blonde stalked off around the corner. He could see that his dick was hard and shining with wetness and he covered himself, embarrassed and still confused. The girls had been kneeling over him. Were they doing something? To him? Jenna had touched his dick. That was kind of exciting. The taller girl was very pretty and she’d touched his dick. He looked over at Paige and the smaller girl was looking strangely flushed and disheveled. There was an odd odor in the air he couldn’t place, and he had the oddest feeling that it was making his cock throb.

Before either Mason or Paige could sort out the situation to each other they heard Jenna call out. “Can you guys come here, please? I can’t even take a fucking shower alone.”

Paige looked guilty for some reason Mason couldn’t understand, but she said, “We’d better go. I could use a shower anyway. And I guess you could, too,” she said with a glance at his wet crotch. Mason blushed, but then climbed awkwardly out of the bed opposite Paige.

The two smaller kids made their way around the corner to find Jenna standing impatiently in the shower. Without a word, they joined her in the large cubicle and then all three gave a little gasp as the water immediately began to rain down on them, warm and gentle. There was plenty of room under the large shower head for all three kids to comfortably lift their faces to the spray. Light hair grew darker as the water soaked them all. Only Mason’s hair stayed nearly as light wet as it had been dry.

Paige worked at her little pig buns and removed the elastic bands that held each together. Mason found himself staring at the girls, eyeing their shiny wet bodies. He found it sort of amazing that the bodies he’d been ogling for hours could look so completely different when soaked and under bright light. He could see every little curve and muscle and tiny golden hair.

Working some shampoo into her hair, Jenna noticed the boy’s attention. A quick glance showed that he was as stiff as ever. “Doesn’t that thing ever go down?” she asked.

Mason started, knowing he’d been caught staring and then covered himself as he blushed. “I can’t help it,” he apologized.

“Be nice,” Paige said. “You know boys can’t control them.”

“Can’t control himself, maybe,” Jenna retorted. “Maybe if he stopped staring all the time his dick wouldn’t always be leading him around like a seeing-eye dog.”

“Am I just supposed to stare into a corner or something?” Mason said angrily. “I didn’t do all this. I’m not the one saying we have to be naked. You’re the one that wanted to take a shower. How am I not supposed to look at you when you’re two feet in front of me?”

“You’re not being very fair,” Paige added.

“You’re just defending your little boyfriend,” Jenna sneered. “He gets you off once and now you’re following him around like a dog in heat. Did you know she was playing with your little dick while you were asleep?” she asked Mason. “I’m surprised she’s not slobbering all over it by now, or riding you like a horse. Except it wouldn’t be a horse, would it, because horses are hung and you’ve just got that tiny baby dick between your legs.”

Mason was covering himself now and nearly in tears when an ominous hum filled the air and the light flashed to red. Paige and Mason looked up in horror, but Jenna seemed not to care, lifting her face defiantly to where she imagined there might be a camera.

“FUCK YOU!” she screamed. “Fuck you and this whole stupid thing! Fucking perverted fucking assholes, locking us up in here! When I get out of here I’m gonna fucking kill you! DO YOU HEAR ME?!”

Jenna suddenly choked back a sob and retreated blindly away. She bumped against one of the glass shower walls and then made her way awkwardly to the corner where she sank down on her heels and hugged herself as she began to rock, her hair in a wet curtain around her face.

Paige stood shocked for a moment. Gathering herself, she went to Mason and spoke softly in his ear. After a moment he uncovered himself and looked up. Paige then went to Jenna’s side and put her arm across the other girl’s back, squatting down beside her. The light changed to white and the humming stopped. She just whispered comfortingly to the girl and sat with her.

After a couple of minutes, Jenna turned to look over her shoulder at Mason. The boy was still standing under the shower, although the water had shut off. His hair was completely lathered and dripping, he was covered in fading suds, and his little penis, soft now, was almost lost in them. She smiled sadly, and then stood, helping Paige to her feet as well. Then she walked up to Mason, and without a word she hugged him.

Mason felt the girl’s firm little breasts press against his wet chest, but he was a bit too shocked to be excited. Jenna whispered in his ear that she was sorry. She said it over and over as she held him and after a bit he simply couldn’t help himself, no matter how hard he tried, and his dick rose to bump up between Jenna’s legs.

The girl squeaked and jumped back, staring down to see Mason’s pubescent cock once again standing stiffly. Mason was cringing apologetically, which made her laugh. “You are such a horndog,” she said, shaking her head with amusement. Then, turning to Paige, “Come on, let’s get him rinsed off.”

With a grin, Paige stepped over to the wall and grabbed some body soap. “We should wash him up first,” she said. Squeezing a large dollop in her hand, and then one in Jenna’s, the girls pulled Mason out of the area which would trigger the shower and began to wash him vigorously.

“Hey!” Mason protested jokingly as Jenna lathered up his back and Paige his front. The girls, laughing, kept adding more and more soap so that within a short time the small boy was covered in obscuring suds. His protest turned to a yelp of surprise as Paige wrapped her fist around his rigid little pole and began to stroke him.

“Not soap!” he protested. Paige released his dick, which quivered in the midst of the suds and explained shyly, “It gets in the peehole and stings. You have to use conditioner.”

“See that?” Jenna said, stepping over to the shelf and getting a palm-full of conditioner. “We’ve become experts on the masturbation habits of middle school boys in a single afternoon.”

Then she stepped forward and wrapped her gooey hand around his stiff cock and squeezed, feeling that viscous liquid sliding all around his skinny rod and between her fingers. She began to move her fist up and down while looking into his bright blue eyes.

“I really am sorry, Mason,” she said, hand stroking. “I think I was just jealous of you.”

“Of me?” Mason asked, confused, his slim hips beginning to rock in rhythm with Jenna’s sliding fist. He looked at Jenna, then at Paige, then back to Jenna and his eyes lit with understanding. “Ohhh!” Then he slapped his hand over his mouth, afraid he had insulted or embarrassed her.

Jenna looked down between them, at the way her hand was sliding along the compact little cock in her fist. She was growing increasingly excited, feeling that familiar tingling between her legs. “Seems like you’re forgiven,” she grinned, and then she leaned forward and did something she’d secretly wanted to do since she’d seen them, which was to press her mouth against the pretty boy’s beautiful, full lips.

Mason felt his eyes widen before he instinctively closed them. Then they opened again as he felt Jenna’s tongue thrust into his mouth. He knew people kissed with their tongues, but he wasn’t sure how it was accomplished and had certainly never experienced it. He was amazed at how intoxicating and consuming a feeling it was. Not knowing quite what he was doing, he reached forward to take Jenna in his arms.

Jenna allowed the boy to hug her, moving her hips back just a bit so she still had room to work on his greedy little cock. With her left hand, she reached down and took Mason’s right, then brought it to her breast. The boy’s wet fingers hesitantly caressed her and she felt a spark of electric zings rush from her nipple to join with the throbbing between her legs.

Paige watched the two hugging and kissing and the steady rise and fall of Jenna’s hand over Mason’s slippery little cock and was unsure what to do. Finally, telling herself to be brave, she stepped forward and placed her hand on Jenna’s other breast while her other hand pulled her face to hers for a kiss. Then she too experienced tongue kissing for the first time.

Jenna was pleasantly surprised when Paige joined them. She stepped back and said, “You can play with his front, I’ll finish his back.” Paige grinned and reached down to grab his conditioner slickened penis while Jenna slid in behind him. She pressed herself to the boy’s back, enjoying the way his smooth skin felt against her aching nipples. She ran her hands down his slim sides to his hips, then moved them inward until she was sliding her hands over his firm little bubble-butt. With a wicked grin, Jenna slid her right hand down into the crevasse between Mason’s cheeks. She chuckled as she heard his gasp when her fingers slid across his rubbery little sphincter.

“Jenna!” Mason exclaimed. “What are you doing?” the boy asked as Jenna continued to rub him down there. He was totally confused. It felt good, but the thought of it was so alien he didn’t know how to react.

“Just relax, bae,” Jenna grinned. “I got ya.” Then she gently slid her middle fingertip into that resistant little hole. Mason stiffened, but it didn’t stop Jenna’s slick finger, which was quickly embedded to the second knuckle.

Then Mason was jumping forward. He turned to face Jenna, confused and accusatory, but his still bouncing cock took a bit of the authority from him. “What the hell was that?”

Jenna laughed. “Relax, Mason. Never had a finger in your butt?”

Paige snorted laughter and got an angry glare from Mason. “Why in the hell would I have had a finger in my butt?!”

“Boys,” Jenna said, shaking her head sadly. “You’ll learn.”

“Learn what?” Mason asked, genuinely confused.

With the spell momentarily broken, Jenna found herself in the mood for more mischief, but was unsure how to spark it. Then an idea hit her. “Let’s go watch another movie,” she suggested.

“Use our points, you mean?” Mason asked, the finger in the butt issue apparently forgotten at the thought of entertainment.

“I mean the regular tv,” Jenna said. “It’s like a… jukebox,” she said. “No, not a jukebox. What’s that thing you put money in and pull the handle?”

“A slot machine?” Paige asked.

“Yeah!” Jenna grinned. “It’s like a slot machine of porn. We’re the coins, and you put us in and you don’t know what you’re gonna get.”

Mason was all for the idea. His dick was still hard, and he knew now that he wasn’t the only one of them who got horny watching the movies. So anything which made the girls want to touch his dick was okay with him. Maybe he’d even get to do more with them. As long as it wasn’t another finger in his butt. That was just weird.

Paige knew she should probably at least think about resisting. She was amazed at how quickly she was giving in to what was happening here, but staring at Mason and yes, even Jenna, wasn’t doing anything about the ache between her legs except making it worse. She knew that watching a movie would up the ante considerably.

As they were all in agreement, they quickly rinsed and dried themselves and then headed to the tv area. “I want Paige to sit in the middle,” Jenna said, when they’d arrived.

“I’m not sure if it’ll even work,” Paige said uncertainly.

“Well can we at least try it?” Jenna asked. She was much more interested in touching Paige than Mason she knew.

So they tried it. Jenna went to the right side, Paige hopped into the center, and Mason finally sat on the left side. The tv powered up as the kids settled themselves.

Music began to play and a very good looking woman with brown hair in her mid thirties was shown standing in front of a stove. She was wearing a white, terrycloth robe. The title read ‘Breakfast Surprise – Or, Do You Want Cream with That?’

Mason, his dick half hard and lying against his thigh, wondered about these porns. He’d seen a couple online before, and even when the camera quality was good, the production value wasn’t. He thought it even more odd that kid porn, if that’s what this was again, would be so nice. Didn’t a movie with this kind of professional look take a bunch of people? Like editors and camera guys and all sorts of other people? When he watched a normal movie there were like a hundred people in the credits.

The woman on the screen was humming softly to herself as she she glanced at a clock and then headed down a hall. She stopped by a door and knocked gently a couple of times. Then she opened it and stuck her head inside. The shot switched to a figure in bed with brown hair covering their face, obviously asleep. They had an arm over their eyes, displaying a smooth armpit.

“Time to get up, honey,” the woman said. “Breakfast is ready.”

The woman retreated back to the kitchen where she started transferring the scrambled eggs which were in the pan to a couple of plates. The camera switched back to the room where the figure in the bed moved their arm revealing a good looking boy of about thirteen with longish brown hair. He sat up with a sigh and rubbed his eyes and yawned. His chest was bare.

“A mother and son?” Paige asked. “That’s gross.”

Mason, who lived alone with his very attractive mother, said, “Yeah.” However, he knew he was being at least a tiny bit dishonest with that comment. He’d seen his mother naked all his life, but the frequency of those sighting had greatly diminished in the past couple of years. The result of this was that he tended to pay more attention on those times when he did see her, and even found himself thinking about what she looked like from time to time. From time to time meaning mostly at night in bed.

Mother was setting down plates and then the camera was following the boy down the hallway from behind. He was wearing gray briefs with a black waistband with Hanes written in white. The camera was looking over his shoulder as he reached the kitchen to show the woman sitting at the table buttering toast. Then they switched to her POV to show the boy rubbing his eyes in the doorway and still yawning. He was a very good looking boy, with shoulder-length, straight brown hair and soft brown eyes. He had a cute little nose and full cheeks. At first the boy was shown from chest up, but then the shot widened until he was shown from about mid-thigh. The boy had a very obvious erection straining at his briefs.

On the screen, Mom’s eyes widened, but hers weren’t the only ones. “I can’t believe they’re gonna do this,” Jenna said.

“Do you think that’s really her son?” Paige asked.

Mason, meanwhile, was remembering a very similar experience he’d had just a couple of months before. He hadn’t been in underwear, but in thin cotton pajama bottoms. He’d also stood by their kitchen table, yawning, not noticing that his morning erection was pressed clearly against the thin cloth until his mom laughed and gave the tip a playful squeeze, saying, ‘Well, at least one of you is awake.’

At the time, Mason had been so shocked that his mom had touched him there, no matter how briefly, that he hadn’t had time to react. It wasn’t until later that his mind began to wander, turning it into more than it had been. He still felt guilty every time he masturbated while thinking about it.

The woman said, “Billy, your…” but then she seemed lost for words.

At the doorway, Billy gave a last big yawn, stretching his elbows out wide while giving a good view of his hairless pits and making his dick strain harder against his briefs. “Hmm?” he asked. The camera zoomed in close to his crotch. The cloth was tight enough that the head of his cock could clearly be seen. It was actually pushing up past the waistband. Jenna, sliding a hand between her thighs, thought it looked pretty big for a boy.

The camera switched back to show a closeup of the mother’s face, her staring eyes obviously fixed on her son’s cock. She said, “Come here, honey.”

Back to a wider shot. The boy walked up to his mother and stopped at her side, his hip against the kitchen table. The woman moved a bit so that she was facing him more squarely and her left leg moved wide. Her hands went to the boy’s hips and she pulled him a tiny bit closer, so that he was standing between her legs. She began to caress his hips.

“Did you sleep well, honey?” she asked.

Paige glanced to her left to see that Mason’s dick was just as hard as the boy’s on the screen. She knew it would be. Feeling emboldened, she reached out and took it gently in her hand. Mason turned to her and smiled. Then he reached out as well and awkwardly slid his right hand between her thighs. Paige spread her legs to allow him better access.

“I slept ok,” the boy on the tv answered. Then he finally seemed to realize that his mother was staring at his crotch and he became cognizant of his condition. “Sorry!” he exclaimed, quickly covering himself.

“It’s ok,” the mother asked, taking hold her son’s wrists. “You don’t need to be embarrassed. It’s perfectly natural for a boy to get like this.” She gently pulled his covering hands away.

“But you’re my mom,” the boy protested.

The woman smiled. “I’ve been seeing your penis since you were born,” she said.

“But not like this,” the boy said, unconvinced.

“You’d be surprised,” the woman chuckled. “You were always getting erections when you were younger.”

“Well, I’m not a little kid anymore,” the boy said.

“You certainly have grown up,” the mother agreed, her eyes again locking on his erection, perhaps a bit softer now. “Can your dear old mother take a peek?” she asked coyly.

“Mooom,” Billy protested with a whine.

“Oh, stop being silly,” the woman berated him. “I’m your mother. Just let me see how my boy is growing up.”

Paige felt the first bit of hot wetness against her finger and looked to see that Mason’s stiff dick was starting to leak. She was gently jacking him, sometimes rubbing her thumb against that little spot under the head she’d found he liked. Between her legs, Mason’s rubbing was gentle but unsure. Then she felt a new hand and saw that Jenna was also reaching between her legs.

“My turn,” Jenna said softly and she gently moved Mason’s hand away. Mason took this easily and went back to watching the film while also watching Paige’s hand move on his cock. Jenna meanwhile was already expertly exploring Paige’s dripping young pussy. Feeling that turnabout was fair play, Paige nervously reached out her right hand to sink it into the heat between Jenna’s legs.

On the tv, the mother released Billy’s wrists and returned her hands to his hips. She hooked her thumbs under the waistband of his briefs and then slowly pulled them downward. Her thumbs moved more to the front in order to slip the waistband over the straining cockhead, but then it was free, slapping against his belly as she pushed the briefs about halfway down his thighs.

The boy’s cock was pretty big for his age, about five inches long and as thick as a bratwurst. In fact, it looked like an overstuffed sausage, about to burst its casing. He was circumcised, and the head was glowing pink. It was bullet shaped, tapering to a tip and streamlined. His balls hung loosely in a big scrotum, each about the size of a ping-pong ball. There were silky hairs on his balls, as well as puffs of soft curls on either side of the base of his cock.

“Oh my, Billy,” mom said a bit breathlessly. “You really have grown up, haven’t you?”

“Geez, mom,” Billy replied, obviously embarrassed.

“You have hairs,” she said, reaching forward to run a finger thru his silky patch of hairs. She briefly touched the base of the shaft and his whole cock twitched. She looked up at him with a smile, but he was looking confused and embarrassed.

“You even have hair on your balls, sweetie!” the woman said, and so saying, she reached out her right hand and gently cupped those large balls.

“Mom!” Billy exclaimed, stricken. Between his legs, his cock twitched again. A closeup revealed that Billy’s cock was beginning to leak pre-cum. Mom reached out her left hand and gently touched a drop, then rubbed it between two fingers.

“Aww, you poor thing,” mom said sympathetically. “Honey, I didn’t mean to get you all… worked up,” she said, while still caressing his balls. “Do you want to go back to your room and jack off?”

Billy seemed too stunned to answer, and the woman gave a little grin. “But that’s not fair, is it? After all, if I did this, then I should help out, shouldn’t I? Do you want Momma to help her baby out?”

“Mom?” Billy asked, clearly at a loss.

“It’s ok, baby,” the woman breathed. “Let Momma take care of everything.” So saying, she reached out and wrapped her right fist around her son’s cock. Mother and son gasped, but again, they weren’t alone in their exclamations.

Mason groaned when the mother took her son’s cock in her hand. He couldn’t help but imagine that the hand he felt on his cock was his mom’s, that the mother and son on the screen were his mom and himself. He closed his eyes for a moment, imagining that instead of just playfully squeezing his cockhead as she’d done, that instead his mother had wanted to see what he looked like down there. That she’d pulled down his underwear, releasing his throbbing dick. That she’d then reached out and took him in her hand, rubbing his cock and staring at it with hunger like the mom on the screen.
Paige looked at Mason as he gave a groan and a large dollop of clear fluid oozed from the tip of his cock. She could see muscles bunching in his body, and his eyes were squeezed closed. If she didn’t know better she’d have thought he was in pain, by the look on his face.

She was learning all about pleasure herself. Jenna at some point had slid closer to her so that they were sitting side by side. Paige had her slim legs spread as wide as she could, and Jenna’s expert fingers worked themselves with a squelching noise in and out of her tight little pussy. She could feel her whole body growing warm, and there were tingles starting down in her toes and working themselves up her legs. Then Jenna was leaning down and flicking a tongue over her swollen nipples and she shuddered with pleasure.

Jenna rasped a tongue over Paige’s tiny breasts, teasing the nubs with her teeth while her fingers worked inside the silky heat of the preteen’s sucking cunt. The other girl’s finger were doing their best to work inside her own pussy, although Paige’s arm was bent awkwardly due to their position. Glancing over, Jenna saw the girl’s hand moving on Mason’s glistening prick. She wondered if a boy’s pre-cum would taste anything like a girl’s pussy.

Mason wasn’t the only one dripping pre-cum. On the screen, a close-up was showing Billy’s cock leaking his own share of clear boyjuice. His mother had her face quite close to her son’s cock, staring at it as her fist worked slowly up and down in a twisting motion that had the boy groaning.

“Does that feel good, baby?” the mother asked.

“Mom,” the boy said, sounding torn, “we shouldn’t.”

“It’s ok, honey,” she was quick to reassure him, obviously caught up in the illicit moment and not interested in a reality check. “Are you embarrassed, Billy? You don’t have to be. Here, I’ll be fair.”

So saying, she released the boy’s cock, which snapped upward to smack wetly against his groin. With shaky hands, she leaned back in the chair and pulled at the belt on her terry cloth robe. Whipping the belt aside, she quickly drew the sides apart, exposing her naked body to her son. She had largish breasts, still quite firm, and tipped with large pink nipples, each of which was standing at attention. Between her legs, a neat triangle of brown hair covered her pussy, the lips of which could be seen already glistening with moisture.

“Do you like what you see, baby?” the woman asked, cupping her full breasts. “Is Momma beautiful?”

Billy was staring with wide eyes. His hand had drifted downward and was wrapped around his cock. “Mom, I can’t believe this,” he said in wonder.

The woman took Billy’s left hand and brought it to her breast. “Touch me, baby. Touch Mommy.”

The boy began to awkwardly squeeze the woman’s breast as her hand reached out to replace his own around his cock. She jacked him a few more times, but she’d apparently gone beyond a simple hand job, because she pulled him closer between her legs and said, “Let Mommy make you feel good, baby.”

So saying, the woman leaned down and swiped an eager tongue across her son’s engorged cockhead. With a wet, slurping noise, she slowly swallowed more of his cock, moving downward more and more until her lips were resting against the silky tufts of hair at the base. Billy groaned.

Paige watched as the woman’s mouth slowly rose, revealing inch after inch of wet, throbbing, teen dick. The look on the woman’s face was clearly one of hunger and excitement and the boy’s displayed one of bliss. She glanced over at Mason’s cock, throbbing in her fist, and wondered what it would be like to have it in her mouth. Would she enjoy it as much as the woman did? Would Mason enjoy it as much as the boy? Would it be gross? Would it be sexy? What would Jenna think? Hell, what would Mason think?

Paige looked down for a moment to see Jenna circling her tiny nipple with her tongue. A glance at the screen showed that the mother was eagerly sucking her son’s big dick, bobbing her head up and down on that five-incher with a passion. She could hardly believe everything that was happening. Jenna’s hot mouth and stroking fingers, Mason’s throbbing dick in her hand, the woman and boy on the screen. She didn’t know where to look or which sensation on which to concentrate.

On the screen the boy was moving his slim hips, fucking his teen cock into his mother’s hungry mouth. The woman was staring up at the boy hungrily as his shiny cock pumped in and out between her lips. The fingers of her left hand were buried between her legs, and her right hand was gently squeezing Billy’s balls.
Billy’s rhythm began to disintegrate, and he urgently said, “Mom! I’m gonna…”

Having apparently anticipated the moment, the woman pulled back, releasing her son’s wet cock and, gripping it in her right fist, began to jack it purposefully. Just a few strokes was all it took before the boy grunted and a strong, ropy stream of cum shot outward into his mother’s wide opened mouth. The woman only got half the first blast in her mouth, while the rest spattered her cheek. The subsequent streams she caught squarely on her tongue.

Paige was staring intently. Here was the white semen she’d heard about in whispered giggles. Unlike Mason’s more youthful emission, this older boy had semen that looked pearlescent. There was also so much more of it.

The woman gently jacked the boy’s slender prick, and then carefully cleaned up the last few drops from his reddened cockhead. Then she released Billy’s dick and leaned back in the chair. Her robe gaped open and she spread the lips of her vagina with two fingers of her left hand.

Scooting forward a bit on the chair the mother said, “Momma needs some loving too, Billy.” The boy looked unsure what to do, so she said, “Kneel down here, honey.”

The boy awkwardly knelt. Putting her hand on the back of his neck, she pulled him forward and down until his face was inches from her pussy. “Just lick me, baby. Lick me all over.”

The boy, looking a bit unsure, began to lap at his mother’s pink pussy. The woman moaned and pulled his face closer, writhing against him. “That’s it, baby,” she cooed. “Eat Momma’s pussy.”

Wow, Mason was thinking. He’d never even considered something like that. Well, not with his mom anyway. Not even really with girls, if he was being honest. He was aware it happened, but it had never been a part of his fantasies. Girls peed out of there… somewhere. Wouldn’t you get pee in your mouth? Of course, if he was fair, he peed out of his dick and knew there were probably tiny bits of pee on the end at any given time, and he certainly had given a lot of thought to having girls, or even his mom, sucking him.

“Mmmm,” the mother was moaning. “That’s it, honey. Feels so good.” She gently ran her fingers through her son’s chestnut hair while he produced wet noises from between her legs. “Your father would never do this,” she said. “Selfish prick.”

Was that what he was being, Mason wondered. He looked down at Paige’s tiny hand doing wonderful things to his throbbing dick. He saw Jenna working her hand between the girl’s legs and sucking on her cute little breasts. Was he being selfish, wanting Paige or Jenna to suck his dick without even considering a bit of reciprocation?

He looked between Paige’s legs at Jenna’s working fingers. She must have been doing something really intense, because Paige was making weird little sounds in the back of her throat and she could barely keep still, writhing around like she had the flu and was suffering a fevered nightmare. What would it be like to put his face down there? To put his lips and tongue down there where he now knew it was so wet and hot and strange smelling? He felt his dick swelling at the thought and was a bit surprised.

Mason worked up his courage enough to act, but did so with a jerky quickness before he could lose his nerve. He rose to his knees and moved down so that he was kneeling near Paige’s calves. Between his legs, his cock barely moved, it was so stiff.

“Do y-you want me do to that?” he asked, voice catching. “I mean to do that?”

The girls both looked up, first at the boy’s rigid cock, which was an attention grabber, and then up to his face. He was looking at Paige, but spared a look at Jenna.

Paige was a bit too lost in the pleasure between her legs, but Jenna caught on quickly, taking a look at the tv and seeing a closeup of the boy’s tongue lapping at his mother’s clit. The woman’s moans were everywhere.

“You want to eat up our little Paige?” Jenna asked with a smile. She had to admire the balls on the kid, and with a quick glance she did just that. The fleshy little bag seemed smaller than usual beneath his throbbing little prick. “You ever done that?” she asked.

Mason shook his head.

Jenna grinned. “Want me to show you how?”

Well, that was a surprise, Mason felt. Jenna had done that before? Wow. He nodded.

“You okay with that, sweetie?” Jenna asked.

Paige, who hadn’t really been paying attention, shook her head to clear it and said, “Hmm?”

“Your boyfriend wants to eat you out,” Jenna said. “Here,” and with that emphasis did something between Paige’s legs which made the smaller girl squirm.

“You do?” Paige asked, surprised.

Mason nodded, looking determined. For the most part.

“Ok,” Paige said, not sure how else to respond to this strange development.

Jenna smiled again and said, “A girl’s first time has to be special. You don’t have a clue, so I’ll teach you and then you can do it on Paige. So come over here.”

“Huh?” Mason was confused. That only lasted a moment until Jenna leaned back and spread her legs invitingly. She casually patted the space between them. “Oh.”

When the boy hesitated, Jenna said, “Lay down so your face is right here.”

Nervously, and a bit awkwardly given the curve of the chair, Mason spread himself out and dropped to his elbows between Jenna’s wide-stretched legs. He found himself face to face with her pussy. Strangely, the first thought he had was that it reminded him somewhat of a taco. There were two puffy outer parts that could be the shell, and snugly in between them was a much pinker pair of lips which were already shiny with moisture.

Mason stared at Jenna’s mound with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. He could smell that smell again. The one he’d encountered on his fingers after they’d been inside Paige. The one he’d woken to when the girls had been kneeling over him. It was a vaguely familiar smell that he couldn’t quite place. Not unpleasant, and somehow intoxicating.

Seeing his hesitation, Jenna took a cue from the mother on the screen and put her hand on the back of Mason’s neck and pulled his head closer.
Mason resisted for just a moment, with a startled, “What do I do?”

“Just start by licking,” Jenna said, pulling him closer until she could feel his hot breath against her crotch. The moments stretched out slowly, but then she felt the first hesitant brush of the boy’s tongue against her hairless pussy. “That’s it,” she encouraged. “Just up and down for now.”

Mason moved his tongue up and down against that pink slit, overcome with the smell and the feel of it. Between his legs, his cock was aching and he was pressing it hard against the softness of the chair. He could feel Jenna’s hand in his hair, stroking it. He couldn’t believe he was doing this. This was all so alien to him, but so very exciting at the same time.

“Use the flat of your tongue,” Jenna instructed, “not just the tip.” She moaned as Mason adjusted his technique. She then glanced to her left when she felt Paige’s pussy clamp down tight around her fingers. Paige’s head was back and her eyes were closed. Her mouth hung open and she was panting as her slim body convulsed. Jenna continued to slowly work her fingers in the girl’s pussy, hoping to prolong her orgasm.

Mason was beginning to get the hang out of eating pussy, or so he imagined. He’d moved his left hand so that it was now gently stroking Jenna’s hairless mound. His right was softly caressing her left thigh. He was experimenting with different movements with his tongue, as well as different pressures. He was trying zigzaggy lines, and swirls, and circles. He teased lightly with his tongue, or hardened the tip to press more forcefully.

Jenna thought that she had to give the kid points for enthusiasm. The younger or more inexperienced girls she’d introduced to pussy eating were usually a bit more reticent than Mason was being. She was surprised to feel her pre-cum tingles already racing through her thighs. It was a ways off still, but she recognized the signs. Between Paige’s sweet pussy around her fingers, Mason’s surprisingly agile tongue between her legs, and the action on the tv, Jenna wondered how much longer until she felt that sweet release.

On the screen young Billy lifted a face shining with his mother’s juices. Mom lay panting in her chair, her legs still spread wide, her breasts clutched in her hands. Billy sat back on his heels, showing that he had a throbbing erection.

“Look at you,” Mom said in a hugely satisfied voice as she lifted her right foot to play gently with her son’s bobbing hard-on. “Does that thing just stay hard?”

Billy grinned and rose to his feet, stepping closer with a cocky swagger. “Pretty much.”

Mom leaned forward with a grin and swiped her tongue the length of her son’s prick. “Mmmm,” she said, savoring the taste. “We’re just going to have to do something about that.”

With that, mom rose to her feet as well. With a shrug, her robe fell to the floor, leaving her as naked as her son. She stepped up against him, hugging him to her. His head barely came to her shoulders. She had to lean over to reach down between them to wrap her hand around his cock. With her face now on a level with his, she kissed him lightly and said, “Do you want to fuck Mommy?”

“Really?” Billy asked, eyes widening with surprise and excitement.

In answer, the woman reached behind her to move the plates of uneaten food out of the way. Then she sat on the end of the table. She adjusted herself for a moment, then reached again for her son’s cock, pulling it and causing him to take a step forward. Then she swiped his narrow cockhead against the glistening pinkness between her legs and, positioning him perfectly, used her other hand on his hip to pull him closer. The camera zoomed in to show his cock slowly enter his mother’s pussy. Mother and son gasped as his cock sank deeper, until their pubic hair was mingling and he was as deep as he could go.

“It’s so hot!” Billy gasped.

“It’s so hard!” Mom moaned. “Oh, Billy, your cock is so hard.” Mom then laid back on the table and wrapped her legs around her son, locking them at the ankle just above his ass. “Now fuck me, baby.”

Not needing any further urging or instruction, young Billy began to thrust his slim hips back and forth, sliding his teen cock in and out of his mother’s cunt.

Jenna watched the boy fucking his mother while Mason ate her pussy. A couple of whispered words of instruction and the boy’s technique had already risen to new heights. He was alternating between licking, sucking and teasing, and the fingers of his right hand were also moving in and out of her greedy little cunt. She could feel herself tensing while currents of pleasure raced through her body. She hadn’t realized that her eyes had drifted shut until she felt a new sensation.

Unaware that she’d even moved, Jenna was shocked to open her eyes and find Paige teasing her left nipple with her tongue. The smaller girl didn’t even meet her eyes, her concentration on her task. Jenna reached out and took the girl’s chin. When she had Paige’s attention she said, “Kiss me.” Paige smiled shyly, but scooted closer and leaned in until their lips met.

From between Jenna’s warm thighs, Mason watched the two girls kiss. He felt his cock lurch against the couch. Wow. He wasn’t sure what it was, but watching Paige and Jenna kiss was one of the sexiest things he’d ever seen. Especially when he noticed that Paige was gently squeezing one of Jenna’s small breasts. Grinning wetly, he pursed his lips and placed them over that swollen little place at the top of Jenna’s slit and began to apply light pressure. When he felt Jenna begin to stiffen underneath him, he stuck out a teasing tongue and began to flick it over the tiny, hooded button there.

For his tenth birthday, Mason’s mom had rented a bouncy castle for his big party. He remembered how hard it had been to keep his feet when his friends were bouncing all around him. He was reminded of that now, as Jenna gave a muffled cry into Paige’s mouth and thrust her hips, causing Mason’s nose to momentarily slide through her wet slit. He tried to lock his mouth back against her swollen, hairless mound, but she wasn’t making it easy, writhing around like she was. His fingers were being sucked at where they were still buried inside her little cunt. Then all was made abruptly easier as Jenna’s thighs locked around his head and her hands pulled his head tight against her spasming cunt.

With a gasp, Jenna pulled away from Paige’s mouth. “Fuck!” she said. “Ohhh, fuck, fuck, fuck! That’s so good!”

Mason listened to her cries through the muffling thighs. He wasn’t touching her clit directly now, knowing what it felt like if he kept touching his cockhead after he’d come, but he was sucking at the area around it. His arm was locked into place, being squeezed as he was, but he was still able to move his fingers a little bit, so he gently moved them in and out.

Finally, Jenna’s slim thighs fell to either side, releasing the boy. He pulled his neck back a bit to see her lying there with her eyes closed, still gently kissing Paige, who was idly squeezing one of Jenna’s tits, her thumb lazily teasing the nipple.

Mason rose to his elbows. Jenna’s tiny, hairless cunt was spread open before him. He felt he was seeing it in a whole new light, and he grinned a wet-cheeked grin. With all the grace and satisfaction of a hunting cat, Mason crawled up to lie beside Paige, turning onto his back and stretching. He noticed with interest that the boy on the screen was now screwing his mother. He was holding her legs under her knees while he pumped, strongly driving his cock in and out of her hairy pussy.

“Mason, that was…” Jenna started to speak and Mason turned to see her on her left elbow, peeking around Paige who was lying on her back, also looking at him. Then Jenna paused and her face gave a look like she’d just seen a wounded puppy, all wide-eyed at the cuteness but lips pursed with sympathy. Then she said, “Awww, look at your poor thing.”

Poor thing? Mason wondered. Then he looked down. His four inch cock was about as hard as it had ever been in his life. It was hovering rigidly above his mostly hairless groin, which itself was wet with a large puddle of steadily dripping pre-cum. His dick was an angry red, the head itself almost purple. Mason figured it was because he’d been lying on it so long, pressing it against the chair while he was between Jenna’s thighs.

Jenna then leaned down and whispered into Paige’s ear. The smaller girl’s eyes widened and she turned to Jenna with an incredulously whispered, “What?”
Of course, the girls were two feet away, so despite the whispers, Mason caught most of the conversation.

“…want to do it..”

“…you do…”

“…your boyfriend…”

“…not my…”

“…both do it…”

An agreement of some sort seemed to have been made, because Paige abruptly rose and climbed over Mason to lie down on his left side. Jenna meanwhile scooted closer. Mason looked at them suspiciously. “What’s goin’ on?” he asked.

“Well,” Jenna drawled with a grin, “we figure since you were so nice, that we’d do something nice for you.” With that she reached out and ran a teasing finger up along the length of his rigid little prick, which lurched and bubbled out another large, clear, drop of pre-cum.

“Like what?” Mason asked, his mind swirling with possibilities. On the screen, the mom was panting and moaning along with the slapping sound of flesh on flesh as she was fucked by her young son.

Jenna just grinned and leaned in for a kiss. She thrilled again at the softness of the boy’s full lips. She had to admit they were softer than any girl she’d ever kissed. She felt the corners of her mouth tug up into a grin when Mason’s talented little tongue slipped between her lips. She imagined she could taste herself on him, and she was sure that his kissing skills had increased since the last time. Seemed eating pussy had other benefits.

Mason was lost in the kiss, but he felt Jenna’s hand as it began to gently play across his chest. Then Paige was pressing against his left side and he felt the wetness of her lips against his neck. He positioned his arm so that he could stroke her naked back. Then he did the same to Jenna, realizing that he had two naked girls in his arms and they were both doing things to him. It wasn’t a fantasy he’d ever had, but he knew it would be in the future.

Paige licked at Mason’s throat while her hand went to his flat stomach and began to work teasingly downward. This was all Jenna’s idea, and while she wasn’t opposed to it, she was a bit nervous thinking about what was to come next. Her body didn’t seem to care, however, and she squeezed her thighs together, surprised to feel the tingles already starting again. She wondered how many times a girl could come.

Jenna moved her hand downward and found Paige’s moving in the same direction. The girls each looked up and grinned at each other. Jenna mouthed the word ‘watch’ and then leaned down and swiped a tongue over Mason’s right nipple.

“Tickles,” Mason said in a breathy whisper.

Paige was surprised. She’d never thought of boys’ nipples as being like a girl’s. Still, hers were barely any bigger than Mason’s, and she knew it felt good to pinch and rub her own. So she, too, leaned down and began to tease the other tiny brown nipple with her tongue and lips. Then, hands still brushing and bumping together, she and Jenna moved them downwards.

Mason tensed in anticipation as he felt the girls’ hands moving down toward his dick. He hoped they touched it soon. In fact, he hoped they’d do more than just touch it. He wasn’t sure, but he thought maybe his plan was working, to get one of the girls to give him a blowjob by going down on them first. He’d never imagined he’d enjoy the first part of it so much. Now he was experiencing other things he’d never imagined, like two girls licking at his suddenly sensitive nipples. He could feel them turning pebbly and stiff. He noticed how much more teasing and sexy the girls were being, with all this licking and touching, and he told himself he’d be more like this the next time he was in their position.

Jenna felt Mason’s tiny nipple turning hard beneath her tongue and she bit at it gently. Beneath her questing fingers, she suddenly discovered slick wetness. A downward glance showed her the growing puddle of slickness on his groin. She slid her fingers through that exciting wetness while the backs of her fingers rubbed teasingly against the shaft of Mason’s cock. Another glance showed her that Paige had abandoned Mason’s swollen little nipple and was working her way downward, her lips and tongue leaving little trails of wetness as she went. Not wanting to be left out, she began to work her way down as well, having to slide down on the couch.

They were really going to do it, Mason thought, staring down his body at the two blonde heads slowly working their way downward. He was shuddering with the sensations of having two sets of lips and snaking tongues working their way down his naked flesh. He felt a hand, he thought it was Jenna’s, slide down between his legs and gently cup his balls. He felt his cock lurch for a moment before what had to be Paige’s hand took it in a gentle grip.

The girl’s were working their way down across Mason’s flat stomach, which was tensing and trembling beneath their working mouths. Paige was feeling incredibly sexy. It was a new feeling for her. She felt alluring and seductive. It was like the kids were in their own porn movie. She could feel Mason’s cock in her hand, all stiff and hot and slick. She squeezed lightly and felt it throbbing against her fingers.

She’d had to slide down on the chair a bit to reach her current position, and now she knew she was getting very close to Mason’s dick. Pulling back a bit she could see it in her fist, the swollen cockhead dark and glistening, poking out above her fingers. The twelve-year-old’s pre-cum was now dripping down over her fingers, but there was a sizable puddle still on his groin, just now sliding among the few silky blond hairs there and dripping down between his thighs.

Mason’s balls were a warm little package in Jenna’s hand. She was gingerly rolling them in her palm, being overly careful, as she wasn’t sure how easy it might be to hurt the boy. She had the impression it was pretty easy to injure the delicate eggs. She could see the swollen acorn peeking above Paige’s fist, drooling with pre-cum. That pubescent liquid had formed a small puddle on his pale groin, and as she watched Paige leaned forward and ran a tongue through it. She watched the smaller girl taking a moment to savor it on her tongue and she was intrigued.

Paige saw Jenna swooping in for her own taste of Mason’s preteen boyjuice. She grinned, getting her own tongue back into it, and playfully flicked her’s against Jenna’s. Jenna smiled and they kissed deeply for a few moments, each tasting the boy in each others mouths. Jenna finally pulled back and gave Paige a pointed look at the boy’s dick. Getting the hint, Paige tensed for a moment, then carefully reached out her tongue and swiped it over Mason’s flaring cockhead.

Mason gasped. From his angle, he could see perfectly as Paige rasped her tongue against the tip of his dick. Holy shit! He felt like he’d been dreaming of this moment forever, and it was finally here. He felt himself tensing as Paige opened her fist, exposing the length of his cock. She kept her hand pressed against the one side to hold it in place, but the side facing her was now totally open and she teasingly worked her tongue along it, from base to tip.

“Let me try,” Jenna said, and Paige moved so that only her thumb was hooked under the base of the shaft to keep it upright. Then the older girl mirrored Paige’s movements on the other side, sliding her slick, pink tongue up the length of Mason’s throbbing young dick.

Mason noticed in a strange moment of clarity that the movie on the tv had ended. There was a message saying, ‘One person leave seat to restart. All leave seat for random new selection’. While that message made sense to one part of his brain, it wasn’t a part of his brain he was really using at the moment. No, at the moment he was much more interested in what was happening to his dick.

With a few whispers, the girls fell into sync with a new movement. Each had their mouths pressed to each side of Mason’s cock and they were slowly moving them back and forth, from base to tip. Their wet lips were spread wide, so that all that softness was caressing the boy’s prick, slicking it, sucking at it. Meanwhile, their tongues were also poking out between their lips, just adding to the sensations. Mason let out a moan of pure bliss.
Seeming to take that as a cue, Paige pulled back, followed a moment later by Jenna. They exchanged a look, and then, still holding Mason’s dick upright, Paige leaned forward and gently placed her lips against the boy’s swollen cockhead. It was so hot against her lips.

Mason shuddered as he saw and felt Paige’s lips slowly sinking down around the tip of his cock. The heat was incredible. Within moments his entire swollen head was inside the little girl’s mouth and he shivered as he felt her tongue flick against the pisshole. Then her tongue was pressed against the shaft as she continued to slide downward, taking more and more of his preteen cock into her mouth.

Paige felt the heat of the boy’s throbbing young dick in her mouth. It was so strange in her mouth, so hard and yet so soft. She peeked out of the corner of her eye to see Mason’s eyes practically rolling back in his head and she felt her mouth stretching around his dick in a grin. She then worked to slide down even further, wondering how much of it she could get in her mouth.

Jenna heard the tiny gag Paige gave when her lips were very close to the silky-haired base of Mason’s cock. The little girl gave it another try, but she wasn’t able to get the last bit. Having established her limits, Paige moved on to technique. Jenna had whispered a few instructions; the tiny bit of knowledge she’d gained from a few movies as well as some things she’d heard from other girls. She watched as Paige began to employ what she’d told her.

Unable to get that last bit of Mason’s cock into her mouth, Paige decided to concentrate on the parts she could reach, especially the top bit, which she’d already discovered was more sensitive than the shaft. As she drew her lips back upward she applied soft suction. Jenna had assured her it would drive Mason crazy, and the other girl had been right. Mason let loose the cutest little whining sound. Tightening her lips, and being very, very careful that her teeth were covered, Paige began to bob her head up and down, taking a moment at the top of each cycle to swirl her tongue around the boy’s cockhead and making sure she sucked as she was going up and down.

Paige was hardly aware at first that Jenna was moving, so entranced was she with Mason’s cock in her mouth and the thoughts of giving him pleasure. Hardly aware that was until she realized that Jenna had moved down to the end of the seat and was spreading her legs. She didn’t even have time to ask the girl what she was doing before Jenna had swooped in and she felt the rasp of her tongue against the lips of her pussy.

Paige gave an explosive gasp around Mason’s cock as Jenna finally buried her face into that sweet little girl cunny she’d been daydreaming about. The smell was sweet, tangy, and oh so familiar. The taste like ambrosia on her tongue. The silky heat was everything she’d dreamed it would be. Jenna felt her face growing wet with the girl’s juices as she attacked the little cunt, her tongue working sensuously.

Paige grunted and jerked her slim hips when she felt Jenna wrap her lips around that most sensitive little button and gently suck. She’d never felt anything like it and wanted it to go on forever. The thought that she was being eaten out, and by a girl no less, was barely even registering as she was lost in the pleasure of the moment.

Mason, who’s eyes had drifted shut as he concentrated on the pleasure of his cock, opened them to see why Paige had stopped moving. It took him a moment, but he finally realized that Jenna had flipped herself around so that her head was near the bottom of the chair and her feet were near his face and she’d pushed her face down between the tiny blonde’s legs.

Mason stared for a few moments, listening as Jenna noisily lapped at Paige’s pussy. Paige was sucking gently at his cock, which was still embedded a couple of inches into her mouth, but she was no longer bobbing or doing any of the other wonderful things she’d been doing before. He didn’t want to be selfish, but his whole body was practically thrumming with the need to cum, and being in Paige’s mouth with no movement was like some sort of torture. So, feeling a bit uncomfortable, he moved his hand down to softly stroke Paige’s hair.

Mason’s hand on the back of her head brought Paige up out of her dazed state. The things Jenna was doing to her tiny pussy were amazing, but she realized that she was ignoring the boy, who’s poor little cock was still throbbing eagerly in her mouth. Twisting a bit and spreading her legs to give Jenna better access, she once again began to tease and suck at Mason’s cock.

Jenna slid a hand between her thighs as she continued to suck and lick at Paige’s preteen pussy. The little girl’s cunt was so sweet and silky hot. She took a moment from licking the tiny pink gash to tease at the soft hairs on her vulva. Then she was back to the center, sliding the flat of her tongue against Paige’s tiny clit. She grinned when she felt her shudder against her and moan around Mason’s cock. Then she brought a finger to bear.

Paige pulled back with a gasp as she felt Jenna slide a finger into her virgin pussy. Mason’s cock, throbbing and wet with spit and pre-cum, slapped against his groin before bouncing back up to hover stiffly in the air. “Jenna!” she gasped, as that invading digit began to slide in and out of her gripping pussy. Then the one finger was joined by another and she felt herself convulse with pleasure.

With a hungry determination, Paige pulled Mason’s cock back into her mouth. As Jenna’s fingers drove in and out of her twitching cunt she sucked strongly at the boy’s dick, bobbing her head up and down in a near frenzy.

“Oh shit,” Mason gasped weakly. His whole body was trembling with his approaching orgasm and he could feel his balls tightening between his legs. Without conscious thought, he began to work his slim hips, thrusting upward, driving his four inch cock into Paige’s sucking mouth.

Paige gagged once but then caught the boy’s rhythm and adjusted herself so that he could just fuck her mouth while she held her head still. She continued to suck at him though, and she thought she could feel his slender prick thickening in her mouth.

Jenna’s hands were working overtime. The fingers of her left hand pumped in and out of Paige’s little vagina while her right hand worked between her own legs, rubbing madly at her clit while she continued to lick and suck at Paige’s swollen clit. She could feel her orgasm approaching, rising and rising like a towering wave. Then it was crashing over her and she was lost in the thundering noise and sensation, her body twitching.

Mason couldn’t take it anymore. His skinny hips were practically a blur as he worked himself up and down, thrusting his young dick into Paige’s hungry mouth. Then everything exploded. His hands clenched into fists and his toes curled and with a last, desperate thrust, he drove himself upward, pressing, hovering, as his small balls emptied their watery load into Paige’s eagerly sucking mouth.

Paige was only reacting at this point. There was very little conscious thought in her actions. She was a ball of glowing need and urgency. Her little pussy was spasming between her legs, building quickly, making her whole body shudder. In her mouth, Mason’s twelve-year-old cock was thrusting erratically. Then the boy thrust one last time and Paige felt a new heat, as a blast of sizzling liquid shot against the back of her throat, nearly making her gag. It was followed by another, and then another, until her mouth was practically overflowing. She hurriedly swallowed as she felt Jenna moaning and gasping into her pussy. Then she, too, was coming, her tiny body shaking with pleasure as if she were plugged into a sparking electric wire at both ends.

The kids lay there for some unknown amount of time. At some point Mason’s small cock softened and Paige let it slide like a wet little worm from her mouth. She lay there with her head on his groin, just feeling, letting the sensations pass over her. With a sigh, Jenna twisted around and lay back beside Mason. Giving the boy’s cute, soft penis an affectionate little kiss, she did the same. Nobody seemed to feel any need to speak, and that was fine with Paige. What could you say after something like that after all? She smiled happily.


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    That is so good, awesome describing. Makes you wanter see the picture though!

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      Jason Crow

      I totally agree! I wish I had these skills to describe it this way…

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