Midnight and the Kiddy is Sleeping – Part 2
Rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

Sharon Martin woke up the next morning and felt her nose wrinkle. Cigar. She could smell it on Stan, but just barely. She knew from experience that if he’d been with his cronies playing poker all night that he’d be reeking of cigar and cigarette smoke. This was just a hint, with soap underneath. Another nail in his coffin as far as she was concerned as she imagined it could only be a result of his having showered earlier in the night and then perhaps smoking a cigar on the way home to cover up his night with his illicit lover. She wondered for a moment who it might be, if she knew the woman, but then realized that she simply didn’t care.

When her husband had stumbled into the dark room last night she’d felt her heart flutter, thinking for just a moment that it was Tyler coming to visit her in the night. In the cold light of morning, fully sober, she felt a pang of guilt over what had happened. She’d jacked off her twelve-year-old son. Who did that? Still, lying there listening to the soft snores of her estranged husband, she could admit that the entire experience had given her more sexual excitement than she’d felt in years.

She lay there for a few minutes remembering it. The sight of her son’s perfect little cock, his angelic face and body, his adorable little moans and grunts of excitement. She imagined what it would be like to hold his slim little body in her arms, the warmth of him as he slid his young cock into her eager pussy. She was used to being engulfed by her husband during lovemaking. At six feet tall, Stan was eight inches taller than she was. Conversely, at five foot four, Sharon was six inches taller than Tyler’s four foot ten. What would it be like to have a lover smaller than she was?

Giving up on the idea of sleep, she rolled out of bed, careful not to wake her husband. Turning to look down at him, she saw that he was spread out as always, taking up two thirds of the bed. He was dressed in a pair of loose boxers and his hairy stomach rose like a small hillock before curving down to man boobs that were a good bit bigger than they’d been the year before. Between his legs, two inches of cock peeked out of the left leg of his boxers, the circumcised head thick and meaty. Sharon didn’t feel the slightest bit of excitement looking at it. In fact, she actually felt a bit repulsed.

Into the master bath, she peed and washed her hands then pulled a brush through her hair. She wasn’t planning on going anywhere or being seen, but it took little effort to spruce up a bit. Thinking of Tyler, she went and added a dab of perfume between her breasts. She was bra-less under her t-shirt, and pausing briefly she pulled on the same shorts she’d been wearing the night before over the panties in which she’d slept.

Thoughts on Tyler, she quietly opened and closed her bedroom door, leaving behind Stan and his soft snores. In the back of her mind, she’d been wondering what the day would bring. She was nervous and a tiny bit fearful about the repercussions of the previous night. How would Tyler react to her? Would they travel further down the rabbit’s hole, or course-correct back to a more normal mother son relationship? What did she want to happen?

Sharon found herself in front of her son’s door. She listened closely, but didn’t hear anything from within. She hesitated, part of her wanting to open the door and look in on him, part of her afraid to do anything which might take her down this strangely alluring path.

In the end, her recent years of frustration and loneliness won out and she gently opened the door.

Tyler’s bed was just to the left of the door, with his head at the wall and his feet towards the window opposite. Her son was fast asleep, his mouth open just slightly, soft breath sliding in and out as his chest rose and fell. His hair was a bit tousled, mostly covering his eyes. His head was facing to the left and his left hand was curled up under his cheek. His right hand lay against the mattress near his hip. The sheet which covered him, white and covered with little blue sharks; hammerheads, great whites, bull sharks, was across his waist, just below his navel. She could tell that his right leg was stretched out straight, while his left was bent at the knee, which was pointing towards the wall.

Opening the door, she was hit again by the slightly funky odour of her son’s room, but this time, rather than mildly repelling her, she found herself strangely drawn by the musky smell. With a glance back at her own bedroom door, she took a step into the room and stood looking down at her son. Biting her lower lip nervously, she carefully reached down and ever so gently pulled back his sheet.

Sharon straightened, staring down at Tyler, her breathing already quicker in her chest, feeling her nipples stiffening. Her son wasn’t even hard, but the sight of his little penis was enough to send a thrill through her. Between his legs his small dick squatted upon his pale groin, nothing visible but the pinkish little head and a tiny wrinkled stalk. The tiny blond hairs she knew were there were invisible in the shadow the sheet cast upon him. His small balls hung below, cradled in the crepe-paper skin of his little hairless sac.

She longed to reach out to him, to take that soft little thing between her fingers and feel it stiffen as it had the night before. Sanity reigned however, and with a tremendous struggle, she backed out of his room, gently closing the door behind her.

Feeling as if she’d just escaped something, she hurried down the stairs. The morning sunlight was shining through the windows, illuminating dust floating in the beams of light. She figured she may as well get some cleaning done. Breakfast first though, she decided.

On the way to the kitchen, she spotted something near the couch. She knew what it was immediately. Tyler’s underwear. Apparently he’d just left them where they lay last night. She bent and picked them up, then stood looking at them, turning them over in her hands. Curious, she brought them to her nose, catching the same funky smell she’d encountered in his room. She quickly discovered the crusty little bits of dried semen where he’d shot into them. Feeling an illicit thrill, she touched her tongue to the spot, feeling the cloth grow damp as the slightly glazed stain melted against her tongue, giving her the faint taste of his immature seed. She felt another thrill race through her.

Sharon deposited the boxer-briefs into the laundry and then went about making some breakfast.

The smell of bacon roused Tyler. With a low, satisfied growl, he stretched, feeling his muscles unkink. Then, sensing a bit more coolness than he was used to, he glanced down to see his naked penis staring up at him, throbbing with morning wood as seemed to happen pretty much every day now. He reached down and squeezed himself contentedly before freezing as he remembered what had happened the night before.

He lay there for a few long moments, young dick continuing to throb in his fist as he relived the scene between him and his mother. He remembered the embarrassment of his nocturnal emission, of seeing his mom hovering over him while his cock continued to spurt his thin boycum into his underwear. Then his mother pulling off his cummy shorts and cleaning him, like a baby, the shame of it. Then the bizarre switch from shame to excitement as his twelve-year-old dick grew in his mother’s hand, stiffening until he was fully erect, and then the most insane part of it all, where she actually jacked him off, stroking his pubescent dick until he spurted his watery essence everywhere.

Tyler shuddered with the memory and the current sensation in his cock. He realized he was gently jacking himself, and while part of him wanted to take the time to bring himself to what he imagined would be an epic cum, a more urgent part was telling him that he might not make it over that line before another bodily function superseded the proceedings. In other words, he had to pee. Bad.

So, little dick bouncing stiffly, Tyler jumped out of bed and raced across the hall to the bathroom, so worried about making it before his bladder burst that he forgot to even bother getting dressed. In the bathroom, he found his cock was so hard that he couldn’t press it downward enough to get a proper angle into the toilet bowl, so he put his right arm out to brace himself, then leaned far over so that the thumb hooked against the base of his boner would allow him to pee without making a mess of everything. It took a moment for his brain to convince his bladder that it was okay, and then, with a great sigh, he was able to let go with a strong stream.

As the pain in his bladder faded, Tyler let go another sigh and tapped his dick, which was still as stiff as ever, knocking off the last couple of golden droplets. That’s when he sensed he wasn’t alone. Startled, he looked up to find his dad standing in the doorway.

Standing there in his boxers, half hard himself as evidenced by the bulge poking the front, his father scratched his hairy belly. “Where the hell’s your underwear?” his father asked, glancing nervously away from his son’s erection. “What if your mother caught sight of you and your stiff little pecker? Get to your room and put on some damned clothes.” Then his father continued down the hall.

Tyler rushed back to his room, closing the door behind him and leaning against it. He could feel his cheeks burning. First his mom had seen him, and now his dad. And his dad had said he had a little pecker, and while he knew that, hearing it just made him feel worse. He’d really wanted to say something to his old man about how his mom had already seen his ‘stiff little pecker’ and she seemed to have liked it well enough to jack it off, but the thought of that, not just saying it, but remembering it had happened, was so embarrassing he shuddered at the thought even now.

Smell of bacon still floating in the air, Tyler looked around for his PJ’s and then remembered he hadn’t worn them, but instead had worn just his underwear. Then he remembered that said underwear had been left downstairs by the couch, messy with his sperms and he’d come upstairs naked after what had happened with his mom. He hoped that his mom had gotten to them before his dad saw them.

He felt weird about putting on fresh underwear since he hadn’t just taken a shower, so he grabbed the shorts he’d been wearing yesterday off the floor. As he was about to pull them on he caught sight of himself on the full length mirror hung on the back of his bedroom door. Baby blue shorts hanging in his hand, he stepped forward to examine himself, something which seemed to occupy more and more of his time these days.

Tyler didn’t play any sports, mostly because he couldn’t work up enough enthusiasm in either of his parents to take him to practices and games, but he was still an active kid and in good condition. Puberty was being kind to him; his skin was still perfect and, while he hadn’t gained as much height as some of his classmates, neither was he suffering from any of their gangliness.

His chest was beginning to gain some definition he thought, and his stomach was flat as a board, even showing little ridges along the muscles there, especially those that dipped into his groin, that coveted V-cut. There was a clear line across his groin where the skin which was exposed to the sun was dark with a tan, and the bits down below that no one ever saw were pale. In amidst all that paleness, his cock, which he told himself was a full four inches now (it was, if he pressed the end of the ruler into the silky-haired base of his dick a bit uncomfortably) rose straight and proud, his young balls hanging loosely below, the left just a little lower than the right.

For a moment he stood there fingering his young erection, torn between the need for bacon and another, slightly more primal one. He knew his dad would be expecting him downstairs any second, and he also knew how his dad could eat bacon. He weighed the choices in his mind for just a moment, and then began to determinedly jack his cock.

This was no leisurely jack-off session like he often had in bed at night, or in the tub. This was like those times at school when his young dick was so hard he thought it would break off and he scuttled through the halls with his backpack held awkwardly in front of his crotch, sure that everyone knew he had a hardon. Then he’d race to the bathroom and find an empty stall and push his pants and underwear down over his skinny hips and madly jerk himself off, trying desperately to silence his gasping breaths and the rapid skin on skin sound as he stroked himself to orgasm.

This is what he did now, his body hunching over a bit as his muscles contracted, hand racing over his throbbing boner, the sound of his hand hitting his crotch a rapid tattoo. With his left hand he scratched and squeezed his hanging balls, feeling them contract more and more as he rushed towards his climax. Then, with an explosive sigh he pushed his hips forward and threw his head back, his cock throbbing wildly in his fist as he peppered his mirror with watery droplets of boy jizz.

Breathing heavily, he turned and sat on his bed, cock still in hand, feeling hot cum slide down over his fingers. Not for the first time, he licked the sweetish substance from his knuckles, savouring the exotic, oily taste of it. Reaching back between his legs, he squeezed his dick again, then his little balls, making sure he got all the cum out, which he wiped onto his sheets. Then, heart beginning to return to a normal rhythm, he slipped on his shorts and a t-shirt, ready for that bacon.

Just before he exited the room, he grabbed a pair of underwear out of his hamper and used them to wipe off the mirror as best he could. Mostly he just smeared the stuff around. Then he headed downstairs, nervous to confront his mother. Would she say something? Well, probably not in front of his dad. Man, this was going to be weird.

Sharon accepted a kiss on the cheek and a half-hearted squeeze of her breast as Stan came up behind her, pressing his half-hard cock against her ass. She might have wondered if this was some sign of interest if he didn’t have his phone in his hand. The phone made her suspicious. With a mumbled ‘good morning’ Stan sat at the kitchen table and immediately started eating from the plate she sat in front of him. The phone was close to hand.

As Sharon finished making up the next plate, Tyler came into the kitchen. She couldn’t help looking at her son differently now, and she knew her eyes must be sparkling as she took in his youthful beauty and vibrancy. “Hey, kiddo,” she said with a smile, stepping up to set his plate on the table while giving the boy a squeeze around his shoulder.

“Hi, mom,” the boy said softly. He was looking at her, gauging her. She couldn’t imagine the thoughts going through his head.

Taking her own plate, Sharon sat at the table and began to eat breakfast with her son and husband. About two minutes later, Stan’s phone rang and he grabbed at it eagerly.

“Hello?” He looked at his wife. “Oh, hi Paul. Yeah?” A look of consternation, a bit forced Sharon felt. “But that’s my whole weekend. Can’t Gary do it?” Sharon was sure she could hear a faint voice on the other end of the line, and she was pretty sure it was a female voice. “Okay, Paul. I understand. Yeah, sure. Okay, I’ll see you on Monday then.”

Stan shut off the phone and sat it back on the table. “Well, shoot,” he said. “That was Paul.” Paul was his boss. “I’m sorry, hon, but it looks like I have to fly to Kansas City. Bob was supposed to do a presentation for a potential client, but his kid had to go to the hospital last night and Paul wants me to take it over.”

Sharon knew it was bullshit. Who did presentations on machinery sales on the weekend? Her husband was obviously off to spend the weekend with his new floozy. She glanced over at Tyler and thought that she had her own secret and realized that she didn’t care what Stan did.

“Well, that’s just horrible, Stan,” she said, commiserating. “I hope they realize how dedicated you are to your job.”

“Might just get a raise out of this,” he said, shovelling the last of his eggs and bacon into his mouth. Then he was pushing his chair away from the table and with quick apologies he raced up the stairs to shower and dress.

Tyler, also finished with his meal, grabbed his plate and his father’s and walked the dishes over to the sink. He was about to walk past his mom when she hooked an arm around his waist. “Thank you for cleaning up, honey,” she said.

“S’okay,” he mumbled. It felt weird, this new intimacy with his mom. He wasn’t used to her touching him.

“Maybe,” Sharon began, “after your father leaves, we can…” and her hand slipped from his waist, down over his hip, and then down over his left asscheek, “talk.”

Tyler swallowed nervously. His mom’s hand on his ass felt weird, but it also felt good. Great even. She was gently caressing and squeezing him and he began to blush as he felt a familiar tightening in his groin.

From less than a foot away, Sharon saw the lump begin to form in the front of Tyler’s shorts. The shimmery polyester began to push out more and more, until Sharon realized that her son must be going commando. Within moments the bulge in his shorts was pushing straight out and then the place where his little cockhead was pressing grew even higher as he became fully erect.

This time it was Sharon who swallowed nervously. It was right there. There was no doubt that Tyler was fully erect, his young cock poking obscenely against the thin material of his shorts. She realized her hand had grown still on his ass, and she squeezed him lightly, watching as his cock lurched. How easy, she thought, it would be to simply pull down the front of his shorts and take his cock into her mouth. It was mere inches away. She imagined she could feel the heat of it against her cheek.

Tyler was suffering from a mixture of emotions. On the one hand, he was burning with embarrassment. Without his underwear, it was obvious that he had a boner. It was also obvious that his mom was fully aware of it, as she seemed to be staring right at it. On the other hand, his mom was staring right at his boner, and caressing his ass, and while that carried with it a level of strangeness, it was also exciting as heck.

“Would you like that, honey?” Sharon asked. Her hand left her son’s ass then and moved to the inside of his right thigh. She caressed the silky smooth skin there, slowly drifting higher, until her hand was up inside the loose leg of his shorts. She felt the growing heat of him as her hand rose higher and higher, and could feel his tenseness against her and heard his increased breathing. “Would you like to talk after your father leaves?”

“M-mom,” Tyler said breathily. His mom’s hand was sliding ever upward on his thigh. “D-Danny is coming.”

“Hmm?” Sharon responded, only half aware of what he was saying. Her hand was high up between her son’s legs now, and the boy’s hidden erection was lurching in his shorts. He jerked as her index finger finally came into contact with the feverish flesh of his ball sac. She had just scratched a fingernail lightly over that hairless skin when what Tyler had said broke through the intensity of her focus. “What did you say?”

“Danny,” Tyler practically whispered. His mom’s finger was touching his nuts. Just very lightly brushing back and forth over the sensitive skin there. He felt his dick throbbing crazily. “Remember? Danny is spending the night.”

Danny, Sharon thought. Tyler’s little friend. She remembered then that it was their week for the boy to spend the night. The two boys were inseparable and had been trading Saturday sleepovers for years. A quick glance at the clock over the stove showed that the boy would likely be arriving within the hour. Fuck. She felt the way her pussy was throbbing between her legs, the way her nipples were poking against her shirt. She looked at the throbbing bulge in her son’s shorts and felt the heat of his sexy little nut sac against her fingers. Fuck.

Concentrating, Sharon could hear the water in the pipes which told her that the shower in her bedroom was still going. Heart suddenly hammering in her chest, she suddenly spun to the left, while simultaneously pulling Tyler around so that he was facing her head on. Then, without warning, she yanked his shorts down to his knees. Tyler gasped in surprised. Sharon’s eyes locked on her son’s gorgeous little erection. Like a snake after prey, she shot forward and took Tyler’s cock into her mouth.

“Mom!” Tyler gave a strangled cry as his cock was suddenly engulfed in the heat of his mother’s mouth. His whole body tensed and contracted as he felt the suctioning pressure of her lips around him, the teasing of her tongue against his acorn-sized glans, the eager squeezing of his ass as she pulled him tight against her.

Sharon found herself humming tunelessly as she worked her mouth up and down on her son’s four inch erection. He was so hard in her mouth, like a steel rod covered in silky hot flesh. His firm ass flexed and tensed in her hands. She struggled to concentrate on the sound of the water in the pipes but her son’s eager groans of pleasure, so high-pitched and sweet, such a shocking disparity, fought for her attention. She worked her mouth on him eagerly, sucking at him, bobbing her mouth up and down on his short length, the faint scent of his barely pubescent crotch in her nose. Then she dropped her left hand between her legs, squeezed her thighs around it, pushing and pressing, feeling the rising pleasure.

After some time Sharon became aware that Tyler’s hands were on either side of her head and that he was awkwardly pumping his skinny hips, driving his small cock into her mouth. There was no rhythm there, just an instinctive movement made clumsy from the intense pleasure which was coursing through him. With a gasp he stiffened and pushed his crotch against her face, his whole body tensing as the taste of his watery jizz flooded her mouth. As the small load filled her mouth, Sharon felt her own orgasm rush over her, her pussy spasming against her hand.

Tyler stood there, his cock buried deep in his mother’s mouth. He could feel it twitching as he shot his boyish load. His mind was awhirl with shock. He couldn’t believe his mom had just done that. Put his thing in her mouth! Was even now sucking his hot sperms into her throat. His mom! It felt so wrong, but so fantastic at the same time. As she continued to suck lightly at his cock he was about to say something, because the sensation was suddenly too overwhelming and he was shifting uncomfortably. That’s when he heard heavy footsteps on the stairs.

At the same time Tyler stiffened in shock, Sharon also became aware of the sound of Stan’s approach. Thinking quickly, she quickly pulled her mouth off Tyler’s cock and then whipped out her left hand and pulled him against the table. She felt him struggle against her for a moment and she stiffened her grip.

Stan appeared in the archway to the kitchen holding a suitcase and finding his wife still sitting and Tyler standing at her side. He wasn’t aware that his twelve-year-old son was naked from the waist down, his shorts pooled around his ankles. He was too caught up in his own thoughts to notice anything off in their stance or demeanour. “Okay, you guys,” he said, “I’ll see you on Monday after work. Sorry about this. Have a good weekend.”

Tyler let out a breath and looked down. His shorts were still around his ankles, but his shirt was just long enough to cover up any hint of skin below, especially pressed up against the table. Of course, his dick was still half hard, so it was pressed rather painfully against part of the underside of the table.

Sharon heard the front door close and saw Tyler take a step back, revealing a half-hard cock, shiny with her saliva and red from her sucking. She could still taste him in her mouth. She reached out and took him gently in her hand, caressing him as he rose quickly into another full erection. Then she looked up and caught his eye.

“Did you like that, honey?” she asked.

Tyler, unable to think of what he could possibly say to that, simply nodded.

Sharon grinned. “It’s too bad Danny is coming over,” she said. With a last squeeze, she released his dick, which snapped against his belly. “Maybe we can talk more tomorrow,” she said as she rose from the table and headed up the stairs.

Tyler looked down at himself as his mother exited the kitchen. His dick had shrunk to half it’s size, and it poked out beneath his t-shirt, a dwindling little nub. His heart was still a bit fast, both from the blowjob and the fear of being caught by his dad. The thudding of the man’s footsteps on the stairs had not only frozen him in place, but brought home to him just how wrong this thing was with his mom.

She’d given him a blowjob. A blowjob! He had no idea how to feel about that. Of course it was wrong, but it was a blowjob, and he instantly decided that was the best thing that had ever happened to him. Besides, it wasn’t like he and his mom had a typical sort of mother son relationship. She wasn’t the type to hug him and call him sweetheart and bake him cookies and tuck him in at night. Mostly she complained to him about the messes he would make and he tried to keep out of her way. He had no idea what had changed, but wasn’t a hot blowjob better than a cold shoulder?

He didn’t know if this whole thing would somehow come back to bite him in the ass, but in the meantime he figured he might as well roll with it and see what happened. Maybe she’d do it again. He felt himself start to stiffen again at the thought and so he reached down and pulled up his shorts, squeezing himself through the thin cloth.

He was just wondering what to do with himself when the doorbell rang. It was then he remembered Danny and he rushed to greet his friend. Danny grinned when the door was opened.

“Dude,” Danny smiled.

“Dude,” Tyler replied, and they bumped fists. Tyler stepped aside to let Danny enter. The other boy had his backpack over one shoulder. He was dressed in orange cargo shorts and a blue tank top that left him bare from armpit to halfway down his ribs.

“What do you wanna do first?” Danny asked.

Go upstairs and get a blowjob, Tyler thought. What he said was, “Mario Kart?”

With that the boys headed upstairs. Danny was a frequent flyer in Tyler’s home. The boys usually traded off weekends, staying at Tyler’s home one weekend and Danny’s the next. Danny had bunk beds, which Tyler thought was pretty cool. When they stayed at his house they shared his full sized bed. They’d been doing it for years, but just recently it had begun to get a bit… awkward.

Puberty was knocking on their doors, and with it came a certain amount of shyness. For years they’d shared Tyler’s bed, sleeping in their underwear or skimpy pyjamas. They’d taken showers together on numerous occasions, and even compared boners. That was before though. Over the past year or so, there had been no showers together. When each boy returned to the bedroom after taking his individual shower, their backs were carefully turned as they pulled on their underwear. There were no boner comparisons. In fact, a couple of weeks ago they’d been watching porn together with the sound down well after Tyler’s parents had gone to bed, and there came a moment when they each became aware that the other boy was sporting a Hardin and they awkwardly shut down the PC and went to bed, careful not to touch or even look at each other as they got into bed.

Now, as they gathered around Tyler’s Nintendo Switch, Tyler couldn’t help wondering if Danny had ever had a blowjob. Is that something he could talk about with his friend? What would Danny say if he knew Tyler’s mother had given him one? Then, distracted, he began to wonder what Danny’s dick looked like. He hadn’t seen it in awhile. He knew his had grown at least a little bit since then. Had Danny’s? Did the other boy jack off like he did? He knew he probably did. He remembered that time they were watching porn and they had both gotten boners. He wondered what would have happened that night if he’d just whipped off the sheet and started pounding his pud?

Before he knew it, Tyler had another hardon. He hunched over, and pulled out the bottom of his shirt, attempting to hide it. He thought he saw Danny looking away guiltily.

Down the hall, Sharon took a last shaky breath and turned off the shower. She leaned against the wall for another few seconds, getting control of her breathing while the aftershocks of her latest orgasm shuddered through her. She’d just meant to shower, but the memory of Tyler’s small cock in her mouth had overwhelmed her and she ended up bringing herself to not one or two, but three powerful orgasms as she stood and finally sat in the shower, knees too weak to hold her.

Using a squeegee, she cleaned the water off the glass partitions of the shower, then grabbed a towel and quickly dried herself. Even now, the fluffy towel felt wonderful between her legs and over her breasts. Mostly dry, she stepped to the mirror over the vanity.

At thirty-one, Sharon didn’t look a whole lot different than she had at twenty-one. She was five-foot-four and slender. Her breasts were on the smaller side, but looked proportional to her more petite frame. She told herself that they were just as firm as they’d been when she was eighteen, and she wasn’t far from wrong. Stan had offered to have them ‘upgraded’ as he said, but she’d declined. Maybe someday if they did start to sag, but she liked them as they were. She had small, boyish areolas barely bigger than her nipples.

Her hair was damp, but when dry was usually in a pixie cut with short sides and long bangs, all in golden blonde. Her features were fine and a bit elfin, set off by brilliant blue eyes. Her hips were narrow, her ass small and athletic, and the hair between her legs a little two inch rectangular strip of dirty blonde curls. She got regular waxes to keep her asshole and the sides of her pussy bald. Not that Stan cared anymore.

After drying her hair and putting on a minimum amount of makeup, Sharon went to her closet and tried to think about how to dress. As soon as Stan had received his phone call she’d imagined wearing something skimpy for Tyler. Something to turn her son on and get him excited about her body. Did the boy ever think about her that way, she’d wondered. However, now Danny was here. She kicked herself for forgetting the other boy would be there. She couldn’t dress sexy now. Could she?

The more she thought about it, the more the idea began to excite her. She didn’t pay all that much attention to Danny. The boy had been hanging around Tyler since the kids were in the second grade, and he was just a part of the background, much as Stan and Tyler had become. Still, she was a woman, and she was aware when a male was appreciating her. She’d gotten that vibe from Danny more and more over the last year or so. The thought had amused her a bit, but nothing more. Now she wondered.

She had to admit that Danny was very cute. Pretty even. Although younger by a couple of months, he was a bit taller than Tyler, and had about fifteen pounds on him. He wasn’t fat at all. Far from it, but where Tyler had her slight, feathery build, Danny was a bit more solid and… sensual. Was that the right word? There was a softness about Danny. His stomach was flat, although without some of the definition that Tyler had there. Thinking about it, Sharon finally decided it had to be the boy’s ass. Now she was surprised to realized that she’d actually noticed it. Yeah, it was definitely his ass. While Tyler had a firm, muscular little ass, Danny’s was a bit fleshy and round. A gorgeous bubble-butt.

Danny was blond like Tyler, but more platinum than gold, with startlingly lovely hazel eyes. Those she had definitely noticed. He kept his hair short, but spiky in the front. The more she thought about him, the more excited she became. Maybe she could seduce both boys at the same time. Maybe she could have one of their cocks in her mouth while the other worked inside her pussy. Sharon suddenly shook her head, wondering where these images were coming from all of a sudden. Was she really doing this? This was crazy.

Sharon found, with equal amounts of frustration and amusement, that she had no idea how to go about seducing two twelve-year-old boys. After her shower, she’d put on a pair of grey yoga pants without any underwear. Her ass looked amazing in them, and you could not only see her mound and the divot made by her outer lips, but you could even see the little airstrip of fuzz if you looked close enough. Up top, she left off a bra and wore a form fitting spaghetti strap shirt which lovingly hugged her smallish breasts while clearly showing her nipples.

The problem was getting the boys to notice her. Thinking about it later, she realized that Tyler had so trained himself to stay out of her way, that the boys were used to spending hours up in his room or outside. They didn’t spend much time in the ‘public’ areas of the house. The one exception to that was the kitchen, and Sharon was happy to whip up soup and sandwiches for the little guys, which she announced while standing framed artfully in Tyler’s bedroom door.

She smiled inwardly as she caught the boys’ lingering looks as she told them about lunch and then led them to the kitchen. Rather than leave them to their meal, she lingered in the kitchen, ostensibly cleaning up, but mostly just wiping down clean counters and putting dishes in cupboards. She could feel their eyes on her. However, she had no idea how to go from giving them a show to getting into their pants, or getting them into hers. Just stripping seemed not only crass, but likely to spook one or both of them. Her inability to close the deal was frustrating her.

Danny laughed and Tyler looked down, focusing on the screen for a moment. The boys were watching Guardians of the Galaxy, Tyler’s favourite movie. He’d seen it about a hundred times, but he was finding it hard to concentrate. What was going on with his mom? he wondered. First, she was dressed like… well, not like a mom. She looked hot, even he had to admit. He’d also seen Danny’s eyes lingering on her, although Danny’s appreciation for his mother’s charms was no surprise. At least the other boy no longer talked about it. It was embarrassing.

She’d also made lunch for them. She never made lunch anymore. Tyler couldn’t help but think that it was somehow related to the whole new weird sex thing. Was she saying she wanted to do sex stuff again? He wasn’t against the idea, but Danny was here. That was actually the confusing part. He’d expected that she would act the same way she always did since his friend was over, but she was being nice and dressed like… a woman or something. Did that mean she wanted to do something with Danny, too?

He sat there, unfocused, barely aware of the movie that was playing as he wondered what it all meant and how he felt about it. He tried to imagine what it would be like to see Danny doing stuff with his mom. Would she suck his dick, too? What did Danny’s dick even look like now? He hadn’t seen it in like a year. Did he have any hair yet?

Tyler shifted uncomfortably, realizing he was getting a boner as he sat and thought his best friend’s stiff cock being sucked by his mom. The boys were sitting on the floor with their backs against Tyler’s bed. There was nothing he could pull into his lap without being completely obvious about it, so he just pulled his knees up and casually dropped his hands into his lap, where he could feel his boner throbbing against his fingers. A few moments later, Danny pulled his knees up as well, but it never occurred to Tyler that he’d done it for a similar reason.

Dinner was sloppy joes and tater tots. That at least wasn’t weird. Tyler’s mom still made dinner every night. The weird part was that she usually ate in the living room, but this time she joined them and made small talk with them. Tyler got the distinct impression that she was showing off her boobs and he kept looking away when he saw how stiff her nipples were. Danny couldn’t take his eyes off them, causing him equal parts anger, embarrassment, and excitement.

After dinner the boys headed up to his room. As long as Tyler could remember, the rule was that after dinner he had to take a shower, and then he was allowed to watch TV or whatever until his bedtime, which was nine during the week, but eleven on weekends. When they got to his room, Danny eagerly volunteered to go first, which was fine with Tyler.

As he watched his friend leave his room, he thought back to when they would shower together. That had always been fun, but they had stopped awhile ago, worried that it seemed ‘gay’. Every boy’s biggest fear at school seemed to be that someone would think they were gay. Still, he missed the showers.

Familiar with the routine after years, Danny grabbed a towel out of the linen closet inside the hallway bathroom, the one Tyler had to himself. He envied Tyler that, as he had to share his bathroom with a little brother and a little sister.

Danny envied Tyler in a lot of ways. His house for one. Tyler’s dad had a lot of money and so the house was much nicer than Danny’s. The bathroom alone was great, with marble counters and slate floors and a huge glass shower with a console thing which lit up with a cool blue light and did all sorts of other things.

Danny pulled off his shirt and carefully folded it before setting it on the counter. He also envied Tyler his mom. He knew it embarrassed his friend, but she really was hot. The first time he figured out what the term MILF meant, he knew it applied to Tyler’s mom. He couldn’t count the number of times he’d jacked his cock thinking about her. And tonight was… wow. He’d never seen her dressed like that before. In fact, as the thought came to mind, his dick immediately began to stiffen. He squeezed himself through his shorts.

Danny wasn’t only hot for Tyler’s mom, though. In the past few months, he’d probably spent an equal amount of time masturbating to thoughts of Tyler. He didn’t know why. He’d never used to think of his best friend like that. He’d always been a bit intrigued when they bathed or showered together, or compared their tiny boy boners, but now that he could no longer do either, the desire to do so had grown until it occupied his thoughts regularly.

In fact, the thought of seeing Tyler’s dick had so overpowered his thoughts lately, that during the last three overnight stays with his friend, he’d felt up the other boy. The first time had been both nerve-wracking and frustrating. Tyler still wore the same shorty PJ shorts he’d been wearing for the last year or so, but he always wore underwear under them. So while he could easily get a hand into the little opening by unsnapping a button or two, it was almost impossible to get any further. He’d satisfied himself that first time just caressing Tyler’s dick through his underwear, bringing it to at least half an erection, until he’d shifted in his sleep and Danny had snatched his hand back, pretending to sleep, his heart pounding furiously.

Danny unsnapped his shorts and pushed them down over his hips. He folded them and placed them on top of the shirt. He was left wearing a pair of pale blue briefs with white trim. His young boner was straining madly at the material, creating what he thought was an impressive bulge. He wondered what Tyler’s mom would think if she could see it.

The second time Danny had felt up Tyler he’d waited until he was sure the other boy was fast asleep. Tyler didn’t snore, but his breathing changed when he was fully asleep and Tyler waited for that while he lay thinking about what he was going to do. He’d worried he might fall asleep, but his heart was beating too fast to allow that.

When he was sure Tyler was asleep, Danny had called his name softly. His friend had always been a pretty heavy sleeper, but he couldn’t afford to take any chances. He didn’t know why he’d felt compelled to do it, but he was sure it wouldn’t be a good thing if it somehow got around what he’d done. Not that he really thought Tyler would tell anyone, but again, he couldn’t afford to take the chance. If Tyler no longer liked him… well, he couldn’t bear the thought of that.

Sure that Tyler was asleep, Danny had scooted closer and placed his hand on his friend’s naked chest. That close, he’d been able to smell the shower-fresh scent of the other boy. His skin was like silk under his hand. He’d longed to be able to hug Tyler, and to feel him hug him back. He’d imaged them lying naked in each other’s arms and felt his cock immediately stiffen between his legs.

Sliding his hand down over Tyler’s stomach, he’d eventually reached the waistband of his PJ’s’s. With a deft and careful twist of his fingers, he’d unsnapped the three little snaps and spread the sides open. Then he’d laid his hand upon Tyler’s dick. He’d felt the warmth of the boy’s crotch under his hand and he’d lightly caressed him with his palm before feeling around with his fingers, trying to sort out what he was touching. He’d soon identified the soft little worm shape of his shaft, the rounded little acorn of his glans, and down below the cloth-covered lump of his small testicles.

Eventually, his caressing hand and fingers had elicited a response, and he’d felt Tyler’s cock stiffening under his ministrations. Soon it was fully erect and Danny was worried his friend would somehow hear his heartbeat and awaken. He was touching Tyler’s hardon. He’d tried to imagine what it would look like, how long it was, and how thick. He was pretty sure at the time that his own dick was bigger, and he’d wanted to press himself close enough to slide his own stiff cock right up against Tyler’s, so he could truly compare them, but he was afraid to move more than he was already.

When Tyler had made a noise, a little moan which might have sounded adorable at any other time, Danny had immediately pretended to be asleep. After two or three minutes, which seemed like an eternity, he’d risen once again to his elbow and reached out to carefully reconnect each of the three little snaps, thrilling at the sensation of Tyler’s boner twitching against the blade of his hand.

That had been two weeks ago. Last weekend they’d stayed at his house, each in their own bunk-bed. A couple of years before they’d have shared the top bunk, but they’d gotten too big, so when Tyler stayed over his, little brother would lose his bed for the night and have to sleep in his sister’s room. Nine-year-old Jesse didn’t mind though, because he worshipped Tyler.

Danny slipped off his briefs. He had to use the mirror on the back of the bathroom door to examine himself, as he was too short for the vanity mirror to reflect anything below his waist. Danny was perhaps half an inch from five feet. His hair was always a wild mop, no matter how he tried to tame it. It was a brilliant mop however, as he was a platinum blond so bright that it was nearly white. His eyes were listed as hazel on medical forms, but that didn’t do them proper justice. Around the outside they were turquoise, with a star burst of orange in the centre, which itself was outlined in a thin band of light green.

Danny was a slender boy, but not at all skinny. There was a slight definition to his chest, but it wasn’t necessarily muscle. His stomach was flat, but rounded, and his ass was high and fleshy while still being very toned. His face was more round than Tyler’s but again, not chubby in any way. His nipples were a bit large for a boy, about the size of a quarter, and puffy, but the tiny pointed centre was just as tiny as any other boy’s.

The tween was completely hairless from head to foot, other than the usual little blond vellus hairs which glowed golden in the right light. His legs were smooth, his thighs like silk. Between his legs he sported his only obvious sign of pubescence. Fully erect, Danny’s cock was pointing straight at the ceiling, quivering. If Danny was just under five feet, then his young cock was just under five inches. It was not only long for a boy his age, but thick at one and a quarter inches wide. He was also a shower, so even soft he had an impressively large dick for a twelve-year-old. He was circumcised, but there was a surprising amount of foreskin remaining, enough to cover about a quarter inch of his fleshy glans. He pulled that down now, exposing the sharp ridge of his mushroom shaped cockhead.

Squeezing himself, Danny leaned into the shower and twisted the knob which would start the rain shower head. The little nozzles which peppered the large head lit up in neon blue. There were other knobs, all of which Danny had explored in the past. There was the waterfall, which let out a wide sheet of water, which felt great on his neck. There were the two nozzles which sprayed straight out, which was cool because one would hit his chest while the other sprayed directly on his dick. Then there was his favourite, which was the wand. Attached to a hose on the side was a seven inch metal wand which released a small, directed spray of water. You could turn it up high to clean your butt, or turn it down low and play it lightly over your balls and dick, which felt pretty amazing. Danny had come many times doing that, imaging it was Tyler or Tyler’s mom touching him.

Tyler. Danny sighed as he got into the shower, feeling the warm water cascading over his naked flesh. He imagined what would happen after Tyler fell asleep. He knew he’d try feeling him up again. He was determined to get his hands around Tyler’s naked cock. He wished the other boy didn’t wear underwear under his shorty PJ’s. He’d tried to subliminally plant the idea in his friend’s brain by doing just that the last two times he’d stayed over. He actually thought it might be working, because he was almost positive Tyler had started to get a boner earlier and it didn’t look like he’d had any underwear on to contain it. Of course, his own dick had responded, so both boys had ended up with their knees on their chins, trying to pretend everything was normal.

The last two times he’d stayed over, he’d showered after Tyler, and after returning to the room to dress, he’d put on just his own pair of shorty PJ’s and no underwear. The boys had no problems showing each other their butts, but neither turned around, as much as Danny wanted to do so. He wanted to see Tyler, but he also wanted Tyler to see him. He had a plan tonight though. He had a speech all planned about how it was bad to wear constricting clothing to bed, so Tyler should just wear his PJ’s without his underwear. He’d even looked it up on the internet and found to his surprise that it was pretty much true.

He’d been sleeping in the nude since then, and found that he really liked it. Of course, about a week after he’d started that habit, his mom had come in to wake him up for school, and when he hadn’t gotten up right away she’d whipped his sheet off him. They’d sorta been stuck there for a minute, wide eyed, because Danny had a huge morning boner. She’d finally said, ‘Looks like the puberty fairy has struck’, and then told him to get dressed for school. He still slept in the nude, but his mom no longer tore his sheets off. She did have a few awkward conversations with him though, about things like condoms and masturbation and sex in general.

Danny was thinking about that moment with the sheet, although in his head it was Tyler’s mom yanking his sheet back instead, when the bathroom door opened. The door had never locked, but he’d long gotten over the fear that anyone would intrude. In all the years he’d been coming to Tyler’s house, nobody had ever busted in, until now.

Danny gasped and tried desperately to cover himself when he saw that it was Tyler’s mom, but his cock was still stiff and it wasn’t easily covered by small hands.

“Oops,” the woman said, although she didn’t seem all that surprised to find him in the shower. She did raise an eyebrow as she stared at his crotch though, and Danny tried harder to cover himself, feeling his boner sliding slickly against his wrists while he clutched his large, hanging ballsac.

Tyler’s mom had an armload of towels, which she turned and put into the closet, although she never took her eyes off him. She shut the closet door.

His boner chose that moment to slide wetly to the side, escaping between his wrists. He looked down at it, seeing the thick head and half his shaft plainly exposed before he was able to manoeuvre it back behind his concealing hands.

“I think you need another hand to help control that thing,” she said with a sly smile. She held up a hand, as if to say she had a hand he could use and he blushed bright red. Then she turned and left the bathroom with a tinkle of laughter.

Twenty minutes after he’d left, Danny returned to Tyler’s bedroom wrapped in a towel and clutching his dirty clothes to his chest. Tyler was sitting on his bed with his back against the headboard, playing a game on his iPad. “Hey,” Tyler greeted his friend. He found his eyes drifting to the front of Danny’s towel. Was that lump there his friend’s dick? He hurriedly looked away.

“Hey,” Danny responded. Tyler didn’t notice his reddened face.

Tyler watched as his best friend bent to stuff his dirty clothes into a plastic grocery bag in his backpack. Tyler wondered what would happen if he ‘jokingly’ got up and snatched Danny’s towel away from him. It was only a fleeting thought though, and he was too chicken to try it.

Danny straightened, clutching his thin blue shorty PJ shorts. He turned his back to Tyler and took off his towel, which he tossed over the back of the chair in front of his desk. Despite himself, Tyler found himself staring. It was easy to see that Danny spent a lot of time outdoors without a shirt. His lightly muscled back flexed, all tan flesh leading down in a gentle curve to the pale flesh below, which started at the abrupt swelling of Danny’s ass. There was something compelling about his friend’s ass, he’d always felt. He’d heard girl’s talk about it in school, always giggling afterwards, but Tyler didn’t think it was because they thought there was anything funny about it.

Danny’s ass was full and rounded, but it flexed as he lifted one leg and then the other and stuffed them into the legs of his PJ’s. Tyler found himself wishing his friend would turn just a little bit so he could see his dick. He shook his head at the weirdness of the thought.

“I was reading this thing online,” Danny said as he grabbed his towel off the back of the chair and turned. “It was really interesting.”

“What was it?” Tyler asked. He was wondering if he would be able to see the outline of Danny’s dick in his PJ’s, if he lowered that stupid towel. He noticed he hadn’t put on underwear. He also noticed idly that there were tiny pinpricks of stiffness in the middle of Danny’s large nipples.

“They were saying that wearing too many clothes to bed is bad for you,” Danny said. Tyler thought he heard an odd inflection in Danny’s voice. “I guess it cuts off your circulation or something and that can cause problems as you get older.”

“I only wear PJ’s,” Tyler replied, shrugging.

“And underwear,” Danny was quick to point out. Then he gave an overly casual shrug while continuing to fold his damp towel. “I sleep naked when I’m at home.”

“Naked?” Tyler asked, his mind exploring the possibility. As the towel grew smaller in Danny’s hands, his eyes went to his friend’s crotch. Was that a fold in the fabric, or the tube of Danny’s dick? The shorty PJ’s were about the same as his, ending about mid-thigh with an elastic waistband and three little snaps to hold them together.

“Well, not here obviously,” Danny said, spreading his arms to indicate his shorts. Tyler swore he could make out part of Danny’s dick, but was confused because what looked to be the dickhead was so low that it would make Danny’s dick much bigger than he could imagine it being. “Still, you should think about sleeping naked. You know, when I’m not here. And not wearing underwear with your pyjamas.”

Tyler shrugged, tearing his eyes away before Danny caught him staring. “I guess,” he said noncommittally. Then he scooted to the end of his bed and stood. “Gimme your towel,” he said, tossing his iPad onto his bed. He’d hang it up in the bathroom until it was dry enough for the hamper.

With his friend’s towel in hand, he headed to the bathroom. Would his mom notice if he wasn’t wearing underwear beneath his PJ’s? Would she care? Maybe he could see her tonight, after Danny was asleep.

Danny waited anxiously in Tyler’s room as his friend showered. He’d taken Tyler’s place on the boy’s bed and had his own iPad out, but he wasn’t paying much attention to it. Would Tyler put on his PJ’s without his underwear? If he did, then Danny knew he’d be able to easily access his best friend’s dick after he was asleep. He imagined himself caressing it and feeling it stiffen in his hand. Before he knew it, his cock was rock hard. He looked down at himself, saw how his dick was straining against the thin cloth of his PJ’s. He could see the head clearly outlined, even the peehole was discernible.

Manoeuvring a little bit, Danny opened the middle snap and fed his cock into the opening. He loved the way his dick looked straining up to him, naked yet clothed. He gently ran a finger up the underside of his penis, feeling the tingly sensations race through his groin. He’d been too shocked by Mrs. Martin’s visit into the bathroom to jack off, which he liked to do pretty much every time he took a shower these days.

He couldn’t believe Mrs. Martin had seen him naked. And not just naked, he knew. She’d seen everything. Hard. And much like his mom, she’d just stared for an uncomfortable amount of time. He wrapped his fist around his cock as he thought about it, the way her eyes had locked on his pubescent dick.

She’d smiled, Danny remembered as his fist began to move lightly up and down on his straining boner. She’d smiled and said something about lending him a hand, like she wanted to touch his dick. Danny slid further down on the bed, his legs straightening before him as he continued to work his fist up and down on his cock. The door was open, so he’d be able to hear if the bathroom door opened, but Tyler had barely started his shower so he should have enough time for a quick wank.

After a minute he unsnapped the other two buttons so he could open up his shorts and get his hand inside so he could squeeze his big balls. He wished for a moment that he was home so he could get some lube, although his hand on his cock felt pretty great already. He tried to imagine it was Mrs. Martin’s hand, the hand she’d seemed to offer earlier. She was stroking his cock and whispering in his ear. What would she say? Something about how big his dick was and how much she wanted to suck it.

Danny shuddered. That was it. She’d want to suck his dick. In his mind he was imagining her bent over his lap, her lips locked around his cock, her mouth moving up and down. Then it was suddenly Tyler sucking his dick, his best friend’s eyes staring into his eyes as his lips worked up and down on his boner.

Eyes squeezed tightly shut, Danny felt the tingles racing through his small body intensifying. He began to tremble and he felt that pulsing sensation deep inside him, somewhere under his balls he thought, and he was whimpering, and then his slender hips were lifting up off the bed as his cock lurched again and again in his fist, the pleasure so intense he could barely stand it.

Finally, his hips settled and he gave a shuddering sigh, his cock still throbbing madly. After a moment he stiffened. Had he heard a noise? Stuffing his big dick back into his PJ’s, he hurriedly snapped the buttons and swung himself out of the bed. He stepped to the door and looked both ways, but there was nothing there. Shrugging, he went back to his iPad, his cock slowly softening.

Sharon stood in her bedroom, her back against the wall, hidden to the left of her open door, her heart pounding wildly. Her thoughts were full of the scene she’d just witnessed.

The plan to bust into the bathroom had completely backfired. Well, not completely. She knew the boys would be showering right after dinner, so after they’d gone up to Tyler’s room, she’d followed, going to her bedroom. She’d waited until she heard the water running and then gave it another minute or so. Then, grabbing a stack of towels, she’d snuck down the hallway to the bathroom. The lock had been disabled years ago, in case Tyler were to slip in the shower or something.

With a smile, she’d slipped into the bathroom, expecting to see Tyler naked in the shower. That had been the plan. She’d been sure that Tyler always showered first. She’d thought to get a look at her sexy son, maybe even get in a little bit of ‘play’ before he went back to his friend. She’d been shocked to find Danny instead.

The second surprise had been Danny himself. She’d known he was a gorgeous kid. Wet and glistening in the light of the bathroom, small muscles shifting, he was a thing of beauty. As beautiful as Tyler certainly, his hair a golden halo around his head, even wet.

Then there was the boy’s cock. That was the biggest shock of all. Tyler’s cock had been about what she’d expected of a twelve-year-old boy, and having seen it, that was her new standard for what boys his age should look like. Danny’s cock broke that mold. She’d been amazed to see an adult-sized cock on such a small boy. It wasn’t Stan’s eight incher of course, but it was still shockingly large for a young boy.

She’d put away the towels, mesmerized by that big preteen cock, and then said something to him that she couldn’t remember even now. Then she’d fled downstairs. She’d stood in the kitchen for awhile, thinking about Danny and Tyler and her body ached for both of them.

She still didn’t know what the hell to do about it though. Danny had looked scared as hell when she’d walked in on him. She was worried he would say something to his mother. Danny’s mom was a police dispatcher, and while not a cop herself, she knew a lot of them. She had to be really careful about how she dealt with Danny, and as much as she might want to get her hands on that dick of his, she told herself she would have to keep her attentions solely on Tyler. At least for now.

With that thought, she thought she’d give her earlier plan another try. The shower had just started up again a few seconds ago. Walking quietly up the stairs, wanting to avoid a meeting with Danny, she was caught as she came to Tyler’s bedroom.

She nearly gasped, giving herself away. Instead, she pressed herself to the left side of the hall, as far from Tyler’s door as she could. On Tyler’s bed, fully exposed to the hallway, lay Danny, his cock in his fist. The boy’s five inch cock was sticking up from the fly of his pyjamas, thick and throbbing. The spongy cockhead was wide and flared, glowing bright pink. Danny’s hand was stroking himself smoothly, his hand making easy movements up and down the silky stalk.

Sharon could see the boy’s flat stomach tensing as he jacked himself. The rest of his body was obscured by the angle. She felt herself trembling as she stared, telling herself to move before she got caught, but locked in place by the erotic display. She’d seen Stan jack himself a few times when they were younger, but it had never had this kind of effect on her.

After a short time, which seemed much longer, Danny used his left hand to unsnap his shorts and stuffed his hand down inside to play with his balls. She couldn’t seen the boy’s nuts, but the pure expanse of naked flesh from his navel to the base of his cock shocked her and she realized it was the complete lack of pubic hair which made the sight so alien, so exotic, and erotic.

Soon the little boy was arching and lifting up off the mattress. She waited, longing to see the spurting arc of boyish cum, but after a few moments of watching his cock jerking in his fist, she realized it was a dry come. Then she realized how precarious her position was and with every bit of hurried stealth she could muster, she crept down the hall to her room, where she ducked behind the door just as she was sure she heard something in the hallway.

After that, she experienced one of the longest evenings of her life. She had to do something, but couldn’t do a thing. Every time she thought of just walking into Tyler’s room buck naked and asking for a fuck, she’d realize how stupid an idea it was. Seduction was too slow, and anything else was practically rape and likely not to succeed or if it did, for word to get around. Whatever courage she’d had earlier which had allowed her to whip down Tyler’s shorts and suck his precious little cock was no longer in her.

The best she was able to manage was changing into a pale rose baby doll nightie. The lacy design on the cups just barely hid her nipples, and the sheer bottom showed off the equally lacy red panties she was wearing underneath.

Gathering her courage, she’d gone down the hall towards the sound of gunfire and explosions. The boys were watching TV and they were a sight. Each boy was sprawled on the floor with their back to Tyler’s bed. They were shirtless, and each wore a nearly matching pair of shorty pyjamas; Danny in baby blue, and Tyler in pale yellow.

The boys looked up as she framed herself in the doorway, asking what they were watching. She was pleased to see their eyes widen as they took in what she was wearing. They stammered out a response and Sharon smiled at them and then gave a fake yawn and stretched, which caused the bottom of the sheer nightie to lift and expose her lacy red panties, themselves sheer enough to show that she didn’t have a full triangle of pubic hair. What she did have was lost behind the lace. However, Sharon wouldn’t know if the boys would even know enough about women to realize this fact.

Hands reaching into their laps while their knees rose was plenty of indication to Sharon that she was having the desired effect, however she felt herself at a loss as to how to proceed. Should she join them on the bed? Should she step in front of the television and offer to strip? Should she mention the obvious erections they were trying to hide? Every idea she had seemed to be worse than the last. In the end, frustrated, she retreated back to the safety of her bedroom, burning with frustrated sexual desire.

She finally decided that she would wait until after the boys were asleep. If she could wake only Tyler and bring her son back to her room, then she could get some satisfaction. It wouldn’t be both boys together, but she wanted desperately to be with her son anyway, so it’s not like she was losing anything. She turned on her own TV, too distracted to pay much attention, while her mind built fantasies about what she’d do with Tyler once she got him alone.

The End

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