October 28, 2008

Alex Hawk

I was in my bedroom reading a book when fourteen-year-old sister, Janelle, knocked on the open door.

Looking over the book I said, “Oh, hey. What’s up?”

“Kyle and me were thinking of going out on a picnic. You wanna come along? You can look for rocks and stuff.”

Kyle was my fifteen-year-old brother. I knew they probably didn’t want me along. Being that I was only twelve, there was enough of a gap in our ages to cause friction at times. Our parents had been bugging them to include me in more stuff, though. And I DID want to find some new rocks. I had a rock polisher and was trying to make up some nice jewelry and stuff.

“Uh… yeah, ok. When were you going to be leaving?”

“Probably about a half-hour from now.”

“Ok, I’ll be ready!”

I spent the next thirty or so minutes getting everything together. I changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, put on my favorite shoes and gathered up all my rock gear, which mostly consisted of a sack that I put rocks into.

When I was ready I went out into the living room. Kyle and Janelle were all ready to go.

“Ok, Seth. Ready?” asked Kyle.


The three of us left the house and went on a little hike out into the woods. We lived in Washington State, in a small town near Puget Sound. It was basically a bedroom community for Seattle. Despite being a fairly urban town, we were still near enough to the woods that all we had to do was walk into our backyard and keep going.

After about twenty minutes of walking, we came to a little clearing. Janelle spread out the blanket and I helped Kyle get all the food put out. There wasn’t much, just sandwiches, some leftover chicken and some Cokes. It was nice being out here, though, even though I knew my siblings weren’t all that interested in having me around.

Once we were done eating, I gathered up my rock gear and went nosing around in the wilderness. I happened on an old riverbed and was able to get some really nice flat rocks that would be really sweet looking once I had them polished up. So many rocks, in fact, that I had my sack filled in less than ten minutes. I figured I could dump them into the picnic basket and then go get some more. Pleased by this plan I made my way back to the clearing.

What I saw when I got there nearly made me drop my bag.

There was my sister down on all fours. Her skirt was pushed up and her panties were down around her knees. Our brother was behind her with his shorts and underwear down around his knees and he was moving his hips back and forth. I was looking at them from the side and could occasionally see Kyle’s penis disappearing into Janelle’s vagina. In my pants, my own penis hardened up instantly at this live porno show.

I was just floored. I had no idea this sort of thing was going on, though it did at least explain why they never wanted me around anymore. I didn’t know either of them was having sex with anyone yet, much less each other. I wanted to see more of this, and I took a couple quiet steps forward, hoping to get a better view.

Sadly, I stepped on a stick. It had been a very dry summer so far, and the stick snapped with a loud CRACK sound. Both my siblings snapped their heads around and saw me standing there.

“Seth! Shit!” Kyle quickly pulled back, his penis popping up into view. I could see what looked like some sort of moisture glistening on it. He quickly tried stuffing it back into his shorts while standing up at the same time. Didn’t work. He tripped and fell back, landing on his butt.

For Janelle’s part, she simply rolled over and very quickly hoisted up her panties, dropping down her skirt. I had a brief glimpse of the hair between her legs, but that was it.

Finally managing to get himself together, Kyle said, “Seth, what the fuck are you doing sneaking around like that?”

“What the fuck were YOU doing?” I retorted. I then reconsidered that sentence. “Ok, you were fucking.”

“Look, it’s not what you think,” said Janelle.

“I think he was fucking you.” I looked at Kyle. “Right?”

Kyle traded glances with Janelle and then said, “Look, Seth. Don’t tell Mom and Dad about this, ok? Don’t tell ANYONE about this, ok? We were just having some fun, that’s all.”

“You were having sex.”

“No, we weren’t!” Kyle protested.

I gave my brother a withering gaze. “I’m only twelve, but I’m not stupid. You had your dick in Janelle’s pussy. I could see it.”

Janelle sighed, “Ok, yes, we were having sex. But please don’t tell anyone, Seth! Mom and Dad would just kill us.”

Both my brother and sister looked so scared that I was finally forced to say, “Alright, alright. I won’t tell anyone.” They seemed unconvinced. “What, don’t you trust me?”

“Yeah, up until the first time you get mad at us for something stupid,” said Kyle.

“Hey!” I scowled at him.

Janelle’s face then got an expression I couldn’t quite make out. Leaning over to Kyle she whispered something into his ear.

“Oh, I don’t know,” I heard him say.

“Look, it’s the only way to know for sure. You know how he is,” she muttered.

“Yeah. Ok.”

Janelle looked at me. “So the best way to keep you from blabbing to anyone about this is for me to let you do it with me, too.”

That took a moment to sink in. “Wait, what? Me?” I squeaked.

“Yeah!” Kyle leaned over and put his arm around my shoulder. “You fuck Janelle, too, and then you won’t be able to tell on us. Plus you won’t be a virgin anymore, and that’s not a bad deal when you’re only twelve. I didn’t lose mine until I was fourteen.”

My head was spinning. All this was moving way too fast.

“Come on, Seth. Let’s just do it.” Janelle laid down on the blanket and pulled down her panties, spreading her legs wide and giving me a great view of her vagina. My still hard penis jumped inside my underwear.

Kyle moved over next to me and said, “Here, let me show you how to do it.” He pulled his shorts and underwear down. Up popped his penis. Taking it in his hand, he pressed it against Janelle’s vagina and I watched in amazement as it slowly sank down into her body.

“…” I said as I watched.

“See?” my brother said, a little out of breath. “It’s just that easy.” He started moving back and forth, and I could see his penis moving around inside our sister’s vagina. He looked over at me. “Come on, Seth. Get yours out. You gotta try it.”

Moving like I was in a dream, I reached down and undid my shorts, pulling them and my underwear down to my knees. My penis wasn’t nearly as big as my brother’s, and I didn’t have any hair on it yet. But I’d been jerking off for a few months now, and I knew how good my penis could make me feel.

“Ok,” I said, swallowing. “So how do I do it?”

Kyle gave a couple last thrusts and then pulled out of Janelle’s vagina. “Just get between her legs and stick it in.” He moved aside.

I got between Janelle’s legs and stared down at her vagina, still not entirely sure what to do. Thankfully, she reached out and took hold of my penis, pulling me close. “Just push it in when you’re ready, Seth,” she whispered.

I was scared and nervous and horny and still more than a little confused. Fifteen minutes ago if you’d asked me when I thought I’d get laid the first time I might have said, “Never”. But here I was, ready to fuck my older sister. Or at least somewhat ready. I couldn’t quite get up the nerve to push forward and into her.

Apparently Kyle was getting tired of how much time I was taking. I felt his hands on my bare butt and heard him say, “Come on, Seth. Just stick it in.” He pushed down on my ass and I suddenly felt my twelve-year-old virgin penis slide into an all encompassing new place. Very warm, very wet and very tight. I was officially inside my fourteen-year-old sister’s vagina.

“Oh, god,” I managed to whisper as my virginity left me forever.

“Yeah, pretty sweet, huh?” Kyle asked, grinning widely at me.

“Yeah…” I couldn’t believe I was actually getting laid!

Janelle reached up and put he hands on my shoulders. “Go ahead and start fucking, Seth,” she said to me.

Nodding I began trying my best to fuck for the first time. I pushed deep into her and tried not to pull out too far. I was scared I might slip out entirely. It felt amazing! The best thing I’d ever felt in my entire life! I couldn’t wait to do it again! I wanted this to never end.

But of course, like all good things, it had to end eventually. I soon felt the orgasm building in my penis and spreading out from my entire body as my young erection kicked around inside my sister’s vagina. I wasn’t making any sperm yet, but at least I got the good feelings of cumming.

No sooner had I finished cumming then Kyle nudged me aside and said, “Ok, Seth. Let me finish.”

“Alright.” Reluctantly I pulled out of Janelle’s vagina and smiled down at her. “Thanks, Janelle.”

“You’re… ah!!… welcome…” The pause had been from Kyle sliding back into her.

I looked down at my hairless penis. It was still hard. It didn’t really look any different even though I wasn’t a virgin anymore. Somehow I thought it might have changed. But it still looked like it had when I woke up this morning. The only thing that had really changed was my mind.

I watched while Kyle fucked Janelle. It only took him a little under a minute before he moaned and pushed hard against her, holding himself motionless, his butt twitching. He must’ve been cumming. It was interesting to see what it looked like when another guy did that.

We were all pretty quiet after that. We all got dressed and went back home. I spent the rest of my day in my bedroom, masturbating and sorting out my rock collection. It had been an interesting picnic, that was for sure.

Over the next year I kept wanting to fuck Janelle again, but I didn’t get the chance until right after my thirteenth birthday. She and Kyle and me were all at home and they were starting to get it on. They wound up fucking on the kitchen table and after I begged and pleaded, Janelle let me fuck her again. It was really different this time, feeling my sperm shooting into her body. I was scared later that I might have gotten her pregnant, but Kyle said that brother’s couldn’t get their sister pregnant, which was why he’d started fucking her.

He was, of course, dead wrong, which I didn’t learn until much later. When he was seventeen and Janelle was sixteen, they wound up running away from home. They resurfaced eventually, carrying with them their newborn baby girl. Our parents were pissed, but there wasn’t much they could do at that point.

There’s times I wish I hadn’t lost my virginity in the way that I had. It might have been nice to lose it to a girl I was in love with instead of my sister. But such was life. At least I wasn’t the one who got Janelle pregnant.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.