Here are the links to Alex’s favorites. He made a list of his favorite stories, and these made it to the list.

2-D – A story of brothers falling in love while on a vacation.

Blake and Ashley – A homeless brother and sister liven up a man’s life.

Brad and Jesse – The story of two boys who come to love each other much more than the girl they share!

Deflowering… – The famous series! And guess what? I’m finally working on Deflowering Memphis and Wade!

Life in La Fontaine – The adventures of Parr, a young boy living in Mississippi in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

A Matter of Survival – Siblings stranded in the mountains learn to survive and find new ways to entertain each other!

Nebraska is Boring – A boy and a girl fall in love in exotic Nebraska!

Ramble – A fourteen-year-old Southern boy’s first year living in Seattle.

A Thing as Pure as Love – Two siblings on the run in the 1970’s find safety, love and comfort in each other’s arms.

A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes – A twelve-year-old girl happens upon the concept of virginity and thinks it’s something that happens to other people.