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And the winner is…

Okay. The results are in. It’s exactly two months ago that I posted the survey and asked for your opinion. Some results surprise me, other not so much. Especially considering the nature of this site and what you guys come looking for 🙂

A total of 30 people filled it in. If I’m completely honest, I hoped for a bit more. But it is what it is. I posted all the relevant results in this post. But I’ll post the highlights here.

A few things got my attention.

  1. As long as it’s a brother / sister, it’s okay with you. The top three of ideal combination, all include brother sister.
  2. Chasing Colt is really close to Madison Semmes. I expected Madison to win almost all categories, but she didn’t. She’s still one of the favorites though.
  3. The best liked stories are story / character driven, instead of just great sex. The sex is an important part, but not the most important. I’m glad that this is how you guys think about it. Because I like to write stories containing more than just “oh yeah!” and “Put it in me! I’m cumming!”. So, thanks for that 🙂

If I read between the lines of the results, I guess the overall top three of stories is (in random order):

  • A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes
  • Bullied to Buff
  • The Triton Adventure

But that’s my personal interpretation. I’m curious if you read something different in the complete results.

So… Without further ado, here are the most significant results.

The most interesting age range for my stories

Tanner Stage# Votes
Stage 10
Stage 27
Stage 314
Stage 49
Stage 50

The favorite combination top five

Combination# Votes
Brother / sister no age preference19
Older brother / younger sister11
Younger brother / older sister10
Boy / girl no age preference10
Boy / boy / girl9

Alex Hawk Single-part story top three

Story# Votes
The Triton Adventure10
A Matter of Survival7
Taming Trevor6

Alex Hawk Multi-part stories

Story Series# Votes
A Year in the Life of Madison Semmes15
Chasing Colt11
A Thing as Pure as Love6

Jason Crow Story

Story# Votes
Bullied to Buff – Part Four13
The Magnificent Zafar – part Two10
Bullied to Buff – Part Three8

Best story ever. Anything goes!

Story# Votes
Bullied to Buff4
The Triton Adventure3
Hannah and Her Brothers3

I’m curious

After all the positive feedback I got on “Bullied to Buff”, I started thinking. I’ve put a lot of effort (and a bit of money) in this site. It started out as an Alex Hawk tribute, but with me picking up writing myself I wondered what you, the reader, like. So I made a little survey and I hope you’re willing to fill it in. They’re just a few basic questions, so I get a little bit of insight about what your reason is to visit here.

To make things a bit more interesting, I’ve also added a few questions about your main go-to story setup. And last, but not least, what is your favorite Alex Hawk story, your favorite Jason Crow Story, your favorite story series and of course the all-over, all-time favorite story. I’ll make sure there’s enough time to fill this out. After (I guess) a few months, I’ll post the result of this poll.

Thanks for taking the survey and helping me out this way!

Help me out with this survey please

A Branch of May – Part two

II: The Star Of The County Down

Well, it’s not the end till I say it is, right? Me, that’s Kieran again, ’cause I just need to tell you (well, my notebook, to be exact; I couldn’t think of publishing this, like, ever, right?) about what happened two months after that hot night with Holly, Jessica and Harry. I already told you, it was kinda awkward between us at first – between the two couples, I mean -, but the awkwardness soon subsided and we shared the occasional giggle and knowing glance at school. Of course, us being young teenagers and all, having sex became a regular thing, and we were kinda fueled by that crazy experience, if you know what I mean. Not as a foursome, though, but Harry and me, we told each other everything, and we jerked off together, and sometimes just the thought of being in the same room as the two girls we shared and fucked so hard that night was enough to get me hard so I had to rub myself even during a lesson, lol. They looked so much and behaved like the good girl from next door in school, it was amazing to know how they behaved in bed. I don’t know how to put it, really. Hormons, crazy stuff, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, as I said, after a few weeks everything kinda got to normal again. There were different things to occupy our minds, like exams, but also school gossip in the most exciting way (well, for some of our fellow pupils, anyway): Roman and Finley, two boys from our class, came out as a couple! Of course Holly and Jessica thought it was the cutest thing ever; Harry and me, well, we couldn’t be bothered, really, we had done enough gay stuff ourselves, so it wasn’t a big thing for us. But girls, you know how they are, right? Always trying to become bff with each other and some gays. Well, bad luck for them, ’cause the boys already had a best friend: Erin, a cute Irish girl with freckles and black hair (and yummy tits and ass for a girl who wasn’t even thirteen years old, uhm, sorry, but I’m pretty sexed-up, as you can imagine!) was at their side almost all the time, so Holly and me had to befriend all of them. It was like a question of honor: we always had gotten along quite well, but now there were some haters in our class, so we felt the need to step up for them and tighten our friendship.

And tighten it, we did!

Finley was on the smaller side, a “cutie”, Holly said; he had blonde hair with a fringe, always combed neatly, like your average boychoir dreamboy (he played the flute, though), and seemed to be smiling all the time; puberty hadn’t knocked on his door for a long time, I guess, but now, with him coming out and stuff, I guess it had happened. His boyfriend, Roman, was a bit more mature, with a slightly deeper voice already, but not as muscular as Harry. He had curly brown hair, and Jessica thought of him as “really handsome” and “wow, look at that butt”, and I had to agree with that, to be honest. It was funny imagining them kissing and stuff, but why not? After all they were teens now, like us (just not as long as us, that is). And Harry and me, we had done it, too, in the heat of the moment… yeah, all their lips looked rather kissable, I have to admit.

…Okay, why do I think of boys’ lips now? Let’s forget about that, shall we? At least for a second. The reason will dawn on you eventually, I guess… Because I wanted to write about that evening at Harry’s, yes, in the basement again, this time the seven of us, having fun on a friday night. Tame fun, that is! Appropriate fun! After all, Harry’s mother was around. I don’t know if she suspected anything about what we’d done (I think we got rid of the condoms and cleaned everything up well after our little “get together”!), but there hadn’t been another opportunity for us to fool around as a foursome since that night late April (well, we actually tried it in the woods recently, but didn’t dare going all the way). Jessica had been to the doctor’s to get the pill, though, so I guess they knew that something happened between her and Harry. I had gotten “the talk” and some condoms. That was nice, I guess, but also awkward as fuck, to be honest.

So, we could understand that our get togethers as a foursome were supervised – but why supervise a party of seven middle schoolers, two of them gay, one without a significant other? It was just absurd, and we weren’t happy about that, but Harry had this great home cinema, and so we met in his basement anyway, with soft drinks and games and a movie. It was “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”, and of course we’d already seen it, and after a while it turned out we just talked about random stuff like school and the bullies and animes and pop stars. At one point, Jessica said: “Oh my gosh, let’s just stop this school talk, will ya. Let’s play truth or dare or something!”

Erin giggled. “Yeah, that could be fun.” Roman and Finley just looked at each other and grinned a shy grin, and Jessica just started. “So, Finley, truth or dare?”

“Uhm… why me??”, the boy laughed.

“Because I say so!”

“Oh… okay!”, he giggled, brushing his hair out of his eyes. “Uhm… truth!”

“When did you first fall in love with him?”

“Oh… oh, uhm, like, a couple of months ago, I guess. I was still twelve. I always knew I liked boys… but he was the cutest!” He smiled, a loving smile towards his boyfriend, and he smiled back. The girls looked at them with such a romantic glimmer in their eyes, and Erin said: “You’re so sweet…”… annoying, but, well, I guess it was kinda cute, yeah. Anyway, Finley cleared his throat and said: “So, now you, truth or dare, Jessica?”

Jessy’s eyes twinkled. “Dare!”

Erin whispered something into his ear, and the boy grinned. “Yeah. I dare you to kiss Holly. On the mouth!”

“No big deal!”, Jessica grinned and did as told – without tongue, of course. The boys and Erin gasped, but Harry and me, we just smiled at each other, knowingly. Jessica wiped her mouth, then she looked at Erin. “Truth or dare, Erin?”

“Uhm… truth.”

“Have you ever made out with a boy?”

Erin blushed, and for a second she squinted at Roman. Then she cleared her throat. “Sure!”

“Cool. Do we know him?”, Jessica asked.

“Hey, only one question allowed!”, Erin said and looked at me. “Kieran, truth or dare?”


Erin looked around, and stopped at Harry. Then she took a deep breath and asked, inquisitively: “Have you ever made out… with Harry?”

Everyone laughed, but I just held my poker face, shrugged and said: “Sure. No big deal.”

Erin’s mouth fell open. “Woah, nice… uhm, I mean, cool. You’re cool for being that nice, uhm, friendly, uhm… oh, just forget about it”, she stammered and tried to hide behind the hair that fell into her cute freckled face.

Nervous giggles all around, and then I asked Harry. He chose dare. “Show us your sixpack! Like a stripper!”, I said, and Jessica cheered. The others laughed and looked at him expectantly. Harry stood up, looked at the door, put on some music and got to business. He really was a hot boy, I thought, and apparently everyone else in the room thought the same, ’cause we all stared at him doing those sexy moves, moving his hot butt around and finally lifting his shirt up… and pulling it over his head!

Finley applauded and cheered, and Roman and Erin followed. Then Holly piped up, looking worried. “Harry! Your mom is upstairs!”

“Ooops, you’re right”, my friend giggled and put his shirt back on.

“Boooh!”, Roman made, and Erin chimed in: “Yeah, boooh!”

“Hey, he’s MY boyfriend!”, Jessica frowned, playfully, and Erin blushed and said, giggling: “Sorry…”

“He’s hot, though”, Finley said with a slight grin.

“I know. That’s why we’re together!”, Jessica said, pulled Harry towards her and kissed him on the lips, with a wet smack. Everyone laughed.

Then Jessica got on her knees and bent over slightly and smiled at us. It was summer, and everyone wore clothes fit for the hot weather: Jessica’s top showed a little cleavage, and she wore hot pants – together with her hair done in a bouncy ponytail she looked really hot. Holly had chosen a short skirt and a cute summer blouse, and Erin wore some nerdy manga shirt and tight purple leggins, like you wear for yoga or something, under a jeans skirt decorated with colorful buttons. She looked really yummy today, I thought, with some little braids woven into her shoulder-length hair on one side – the other side tended to fall into her face all the time, but if you wanna look cute, you have to endure that, I guess. I noticed Harry and, funnily enough, Roman staring at Jessica’s tits at that moment. I looked at Holly, and she looked at me, and then she kissed me on the cheek and took my hand and pressed it tightly. She looked so nice – her hair was partly woven to a cute frontal braid, the rest of it was open, so she looked like a princess or something to me, if it weren’t for her big glasses. I loved that look, and I love Holly. She smiled at me, and I felt very warm inside.

Oh yeah, the boys were clothed as well, of course. We wore typical boys’ summer wear, I guess: shorts and t-shirts or soccer shirts (Harry). He looked around and searched for his next “victim”. He went for Roman. The boy chose Truth, and Harry said: “Mhmmm… let’s see… yeah. How often do you, like, masturbate a day?”

Erin gasped, but Roman stayed cool. “I could tell any number, and you’d have to believe it”, he said. “But, well, I’ll be honest. I guess I do it, like, three times a day on averade…”

“Woah, that’s a lot”, Erin laughed.

Roman shrugged. “It’s pretty normal!”

Their bff looked at him and grinned. “Okay…?”

“So, Kieran, truth or dare”, Roman said.

I chose “truth” as well, and he asked: “Uhm… have you ever, like, fantasized about having sex with a boy? Like, for real?”

“Woah, that escalated quickly”, I said, and the others chuckled. Then I responded: “Well, not exclusively, no. But I like, uhm… this stays with us, yeah?”

“Sure!”, Roman said, looking at me eagerly.

“Okay. I, uhm, sometimes I fantasize about threesomes and group stuff with girls and other boys in it. Yeah, that’s really hot, I think…”

“Woah!”, Erin giggled and looked at Holly. “Did you know about this?”

“I was pretty sure”, Holly smiled. “I think I know what he likes…”

“Woah, that’s so cool, I mean, that you’re like, such an open couple, that you talk about everything and stuff.”

“You’ll find the perfect boy… or girl… soon, I’m sure!”, Holly said and sent her a reassuring smile.

“Thanks…”, Erin smiled and brushed her hair back behind her ear. Then I asked her: “Truth or Dare?”, and she bit her lip and chose “dare”!

“Okay… uhm… yeah! I dare you to remove your skirt and wiggle your butt for us!”

“Kieran!!”, Holly exclaimed. “You’re a naughty boy!”

“Yeah, really naughty!”, Erin said and waved a finger at me, looking slightly mad. I hoped I hadn’t gone too far, but I just wanted to see that cute ass of hers. “Alright… I will get back at you for that!”, she said, and then she stood up, did a few brave dance moves for us, opened the button of her skirt and pulled it down slowly. Her very tight leggins really showed the outline of her butt nicely, and when she turned around and bent down a little and wiggled with it, her butt-cheeks moved.

“That’s it, girl!”, Jessica laughed. “Twerk for us!”

We laughed and looked at the cute girl doing such erotic moves, but we wer interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the stairs. “Shit!”, Erin hissed, quickly hid her skirt under a blanket and sat down behind Roman. We started giggling uncontrollably, and then there was a knock on the door, and it opened.

“Sorry, guys, to interrupt you. Oh my, you really should let some air into this pigsty”, Harry’s mom said.

“Sorry, mom”, Harry said, stood up and opened a window. He had difficutly to remain serious. “What’s up?”, he asked.

“It’s an emergency, honey. Oh, please, try to be a little more adult, will you? Stop giggling. Your dad’s car broke down, and he’s somewhere in the wilderness. I have to fetch him. Will you kids be alright for the next two or three hours or so on your own?”

I felt a rush of nervous arousal in my groins when I heard those words, and I swear, Jessica’s eyes brightened up like flares. Harry just remained calm, of course, and said: “Yeah, sure. We’re not little kids anymore, are we?”

“Yeah… right… okay, come here!”, his mom said, looking around the room and frowning. When Harry was beside her, she shrugged, kissed her son on the cheek and said: “I’m sure you know how to behave. No drinking, alright?!”

“Mooom!!”, Harry whined and wiped his cheek. “Yuck! Uhm, alcohol is yuck, I mean!”

His mom grinned. “Alright, then. Have fun.” And with that, she was gone.

“Nice!”, Jessica cheered, when we’d heard the car running. She got up and closed the window again and turned to us and said: “So, anyone up for a game of Suck und Blow?”

“What?!”, Finley laughed.

“I’ve seen it in that movie, 21 and over. It’s a funny party game. You have to pass a card around with your mouth, and when it falls, you have to drink.”

“Mom said no drinking, and I meant that, I don’t like drinking”, Harry said.

“Yeah, me neither”, Erin stated.

“Well, then we’ll just have to find another punishment… what about… yeah, what about having to kiss! Your mom said we should behave more like adults, so…”

We giggled, imagining that, and there were blushed cheeks all over. “Sure, why not!”, Finley then said and shrugged like it was no big deal. He squinted at Harry, his cheeks glowing.

“We should swap places after one round, though”, Harry said. “So it doesn’t get too boring, you know.”

“Sounds cool to me”, Holly said softly, squeezing my hand again. I squeezed back and caressed her palm.

“So, everyone okay with this? Like, kissing another person’s boyfriend or girlfriend?”, I asked.

We all looked at each other, and one after another there was a nod and a slight grin. Nice!

Harry fetched the card-game. He chose the queen of hearts and dedicated it to his girlfriend, earning a sarcastic laugh by Jessica. Then he began, sucking the card to his mouth and passing it to her. She sucked it easily and passed it on to Holly, but Holly failed to get it and it fell down. She seemed a little embarrassed, but not for long.”Okay, girl”, Jessica said and kissed Holly on the lips, again, but this time longer, using a little tongue. I looked at Erin, her mouth open in awe. She actually couldn’t believe it! But she also seemed to actually like the sight, she looked intrigued.

Holly wiped her lips with a crooked grin, sucked the card back to her mouth and passed it to me. I passed it on to Erin. It worked. She passed it on to Roman, and Roman tried to pass it to Finley, but he failed. We laughed, and then Finley just kissed his boyfriend on the lips with a wet smack. “This is fun”, he chuckled. Then he took the card again and passed it on to Harry, successfully.

“So, how do we do this now?”, Harry asked.

“Let’s just swap with the kid on our right”, Erin said.

“But we are seven people”, Roman said.

Erin rolled her eyes. “Then number seven just doesn’t swap, stupid.”

Roman chuckled. “Oh, yeah…”

Harry did so; everyone else did so, too, and now it was his turn to pass the card on to me. I giggled, which made me fail the task. Harry just kissed me on the lips right in an instant, and I blushed when I heard nervous laughter all around. Now the butterflies in my stomach really went mad and I passed the card to Holly, but let it fall deliberately. More laughter, also from Holly, but I didn’t care, I grabbed my girlfriend’s pretty face and kissed her on the mouth, with tongue. We frenched for like ten seconds now… and my dick stiffened a bit. When we were done, I cleared my throat and said: “Sorry. Just needed that now.”

“We understand”, Jessica said sarcastically.

“No need to be sorry, silly”, Holly said and smiled. Then she sucked the card to her mouth and passed it on to Roman. They succeeded, but Roman seemed to need a good snog, too, now, so he and Finley failed the task, obviously on purpose, and just made out for a couple of seconds after that, swapping tongues and all, tentatively, but sincere. It looked surprisingly hot seeing Roman’s lips clashed to Finley’s cute mouth, so I didn’t bother, but Jessica had a different opinion.

“Okay guys, no more cheating from now on, okay?!”, she said after they were done. “This is a serious game!”

Laughing all around, but we nodded and uttered our approval to what our head mistress told us.

“That looked really hot”, Holly whispered into my ear, and I nodded. I looked at her, then at Jessica, who was licking her lips now. I turned my mouth to Holly’s ear and whispered: “What do you think will happen…”

“I don’t know…”, she whispered back. “But I like it… you, too?”

“Hey, it’s rude to whisper!”, Jessica exclaimed, becoming really bossy now, so I didn’t answer. But I looked at my girlfriend lovingly and smiled and nodded. She bit her lip and giggled.

Finley took the card, with blushed cheeks galore, and sucked it onto his lips. He passed it to Jessica, and the passing failed, maybe because he was too nervous? Anyway, Jessica just smiled at him and kissed the small boy, a little longer than neccessary.

“I think he liked that”, she giggled afterwards.

“Well, we never said we were gay, have we?”, Roman said.

“You’re not?!”, Holly asked, a little too fast.

Finley shrugged. “I just don’t know. I know I’m in love with Roman, though!”, he said, smiling brightly, such a cute smile, and cuddling with his boyfriend.

“Yeah, we could all turn out pan or bi or something”, Erin said. “I’m… not sure either. After all, we’re really young still, right?”

“I guess so”, Jessica said.

“And you said you made out with each other…?”, Erin asked softly, looking at Harry and me, showing a shy smile.

“We did, yeah. But it was in the heat of the moment, kinda”, I said.

“In the what?”, the girl said, looking at me curiously.

“Uhm… nevermind…”, I mumbled, ’cause I didn’t know if I’d said too much. I looked at Holly, but she just shrugged.

Erin looked curiously from her to me to Harry and to Jessica and gulped. “Alright then. Shall we play on?”

“I think this time Jessy has to stay, and the others swap places, right?”, Holly asked.

“Yeah, so we have new couples. Good idea!”, Erin said.

We did as told, and now Jessy sat right next to me and passed me the card. I was really nervous by now, nervous and horny, and so I shivered when I felt that hot girl so close to me, and I failed to suck the card to my mouth.

“Oh stop it, you did that on purpose!”, Harry complained.

“No, I didn’t. I swear!”, I swore, and Jessica just grinned and kissed me. Hard. I felt her tongue rather aggressevely parting my lips, and fought back with mine, I just couldn’t help it. The kiss was wet and hot and made my penis throb and grow, so I did my best to hide it by putting up my right leg. I felt her hand caressing my neck, though, and I just had to caress her, too, so I put my hand on her back and pulled her towards me.

We made out heavily, now. And I reveled in her heavy breathing, but I also heard the nervous sounds the others made, and some excited whispering. I didn’t care, Jessy tasted to good, and she smelled like raw girl. I loved Holly, yes, but I loved Jessica’s body.

But every great snog must come to an end, so after about 45 seconds we parted lips. She smiled at me with a dreamy look in her eyes and handed me the card. “Sorry, guys”, she said, looking bashfully down. “I don’t know what came over me, really… but I’m pretty sure, he didn’t do it on purpose!”

“No need to be sorry, it felt great”, I croaked, and Jessica smiled at me and winked. Then I cleared my throat, looked around for a second – everybody was staring at me, oh no, did they see my growing penis? -, quickly sucked the card to my mouth and faced Harry. My best friend just sucked it to his mouth and turned to Roman. He did so, too, and next to him was Holly. My girlfriend approached his face and sucked, but Roman blew it, and the card fell down. Holly made a giggly noise for a second and then kissed his mouth oh so tenderly. The boy returned the kiss, clumsily, without tongue, but eagerly, and for another twenty seconds or so everyone watched another hot kissing session. Finley and Erin looked very intrigued, but also a little insecure, not really knowing what all of this might lead to, I guess. Jessica and Harry looked less intimidated, but also insecure. And me? I couldn’t think or feel anything else than “Holly, I love you” right now.

Then my girl bit her lip, whispered “thank you” very softly, took the card and turned to Finley. The blond cutie gulped and failed to suck the card, too, and Holly lost no time, she planted a wet kiss directly onto his rosy lips. This time she seemed to need tongue, and Finley gave in. We saw them swapping spit now, and the boy pulled her towards him, just like he had seen me doing it to Jessica. Their chests touched, and Holly hugged him, hard, and grabbed his hair, making it all rough. Suddenly they became quite aggressive: He dug his hand into her hair, too, they hugged even harder, and I heard her moan one time.

I looked around to see how Roman would take it, and I saw that he was staring at them with half-open mouth, from time to time licking his lips and breathing heavily. I think he liked it! Erin, too: I caught her caressing the insides of her thighs tenderly, but then our eyes met, and she stopped and cleared her throat and just stared at the kissing couple again. Jessica wasn’t that ashamed, though: her right hand was between her legs and her left one gently caressing her breasts. She let out hot breath, very, very slowly, and squinted at me, at my crotch. I gulped, my hard-on throbbed. I had one hand there, stroking it gently through the cloth. It felt good. Very good…!

When Finley and Holly finally broke the kiss, the boy catched his breath. “Woah…”

“She’s a really good kisser, huh?”, I croaked nervously.

Finley just nodded.

“Almost as good as, uhm, as Roman?”, Erin asked in a trembling voice, biting her lip, stroking her hair back nervously.

“It’s better with a boy, but… yeah…”, Finley mumbled, out of breath.

“Hey, that’s unfair, such questions about comparing and stuff”, Roman said. “It’s just a game, right…?”

“Yeah”, Erin breathed and looked at him, into his eyes, then at his crotch, which was tented out a little by now. Quickly he put a hand there. Then she looked into his eyes, sharply. “Yeah, just a game. Sorry. My turn now!”

Finley took the card and approached his bff. Erin sucked it easily on her mouth and turned to Jessica. With her, it didn’t seem to be that easy, and it fell to the ground. “Oh…”, the girl made and kissed Jessy.

Oh, she was eager now. It was a heavy, hot, open-mouthed french kiss between the two girls, and after only five seconds of tongue-battling, Jessica took Erin’s hand and planted it directly on her chest. The girl grunted and squeezed there, and Jessica returned the favor at her new friend’s titties. It was the most amazing sight, and I looked at Holly, who was looking at them dreamily, and then at Harry. His hand was in his crotch, squeezing it hard. I sighed, and then my arousal heightened even more, ’cause Harry tipped on my shoulder and pointed at Roman: The boy had gotten closer to Holly, their bodies touched, and his hand lay on her thigh, approaching her crotch!

“Shit…”, I breathed, but noone reacted, we all looked at the girls making out. Their breasts touched already! But then Jessica broke the kiss, swallowed, took the card and just continued the round. I wanted to protest at first, but I also wanted the game to continue as quickly as possible, so I turned to her and collected the card with my mouth. I turned to Harry and presented him the card. He sucked it and turned to Roman, but things got too fast for the boy, it fell down. I could hear someone exclaim “yes!” – probably Erin -, and soon the boys were tongue-battling each other. They did so rather aggressively, really male, I think, if you wanna put it like that. Anyway, it looked hot! The girls stared at them, and when it was over after only 20 seconds, they let out their hot breaths audibly.

Noone spoke. The circle went on: Roman passed Holly the card and Holly gave it to Finley. Finley turned to Erin, but he was too excited, and Erin failed to collect the card. She smiled sheepishly at her best friend, brushed back her hair and kissed him softly on the lips. The boy returned the kiss tenderly, but with tongue, and it looked so sweet seeing those two kissing like that! After 10 seconds or so their mouths opened a little more, and we could see their tongues duel harder. I squinted at Roman and saw his hand in his lap, squeezing his hard-on through the cloth rhythmically, watching his boyfriend making out with their mutual bff. He was breathing heavily, even moaning a little! Erin’s and Finley’s breaths became heavier, too, and they started to touch each others arms and finally went into a tight embrace in which their mouths really squished together. Shit, they looked like they wanted to eat each other now! Then, after another twenty seconds of heavy snogging, they disbanded and looked at us through glassy eyes, smiling shyly.

“That was so nice…”, Holly said quietly, her hand in her lap.

“Fuck yeah”, Roman breathed. Then he gulped and cleared his throat. “Uhm, I mean… yeah… sorry…”

“It’s alright…”, Harry said and touched his shoulder in a reassuring manner. “We’re all friends…”

Roman twitched and smiled at him and calmed down a little. I just stared at them all and swallowed, hard. The bulge my hard-on made was throbbing. I needed to close my eyes for a second and sighed deeply.

“Kieran?”, Finley asked, looking at me, squinting at my crotch, where my hand hid my arousal. “Are you alright?”

I opened my eyes, cleared my throat and said: “Yeah. I’m okay. Very much okay, in fact. You, too? I mean, it looked like you liked it…”

“I’m fine, yeah… really fine… but I still think I’m better at kissing boys…”, the small, innocent looking boy said, kind of a wild twinkle in his eyes, his mouth half open. I couldn’t see if he had a hard-on, because he hugged his knees, but he licked his lips, his sweet, rosy lips. Fuck, I thought, he has the hots for me. Serious hots!

“You were really good, though!”, Erin said to Finley, her voice a little hoarse, and the boy looked at her and smiled his brightest smile.

“Everyone else feeling fine still?”, Holly asked with a little concern in her voice.

Everyone nodded, and we exchanged conspirative looks.

“So… what about some talk… about what we’ve already done?”, Holly asked softly.

“What do you mean?”, Erin asked. I could see her nipples through her shirt. She looked flushed, and there was a strange and nice odour coming from her… the odour of pussy…

“Well… this has become kinda hot… and… you know… are you used to… doing hot stuff?”

Erin looked at Roman, then at Finley. The boys nodded, she licked her lips, and she said: “Kind of. We made out one time. Like, heavy petting, you know… the three of us, last week…”

“It just happened”, Roman explained, hugging his knees, too, now. “Fin and me, we were kissing, and she joked it was unfair, so we joked back that we could try kissing all together.”

“It was kinda nice”, Finley giggled.

“Yeah, too nice to stop there”, Erin stated and looked at Roman’s crotch. He was hiding his bulge, but sometimes you could see it. Erin knew it was there.

“That’s so hot, you guys”, Jessica breathed. “How far did you go?”

“Uhm, I’m not sure I really wanna talk about it”, Erin said softly.

“Why not? It’s just us, right. We’re good friends”, I said.

“Are you okay with it?”, she asked the boys.

The boys nodded.

“Yeah, okay, uhm, we all got naked and… well, you can imagine. Not all the way, though. But let’s just say afterwards we were all pretty satisfied, I guess…”, she giggled, and the boys did so, too.

“Amazing!”, I exclaimed, and smiled at her. “You’re so cool.”

“Thanks…”, the girl smiled at me. Then she bit her lip and looked me in the eye. There was a wild twinkle there…

“So you’re, like, the star of the County Down, huh?”, Holly giggled. “Aren’t your parents from, like, around Belfast or something?”

“Yeah”, Erin said. “You mean in, like, the song?”

“From Bantry Bay down to Derry Quay / From Galway to Dublin town / No maid I’ve seen like the fair cailín / That I met in the County Down”, Holly sang. “That’s you! You drive all the boys mad!”

Erin laughed. “I don’t know. These two, yeah. But…”

“You’re beautiful”, Harry said.

Erin looked at him, at that hot, muscular, almost fourteen year old boy. Her smile vanished. “Thanks…”, she said, blushing. “You, too…”

“There are so many beautiful people in the world”, Jessica said. “We understand.”

“We fooled around, too, you know”, Holly said softly. “As a group, I mean.”

“You did?!”, Roman asked, eyes wide.

“Kinda hardcore”, Jessy said with an impish look.

“Are you serious…?”, Erin asked with wide open eyes and looked at Roman, mouthing “unbelievable”. The boy muttered “I know” to her and grinned.

“Yeah, just like in that porn flick”, I giggled.

“Oh, stop it, you knob”, Harry laughed and slapped me playfully.

“What porn flick?”, Finley asked with a crooked smile and brushed his hair out of his eyes, nervously.

“Oh, just, we were here and wanted to watch a movie, and I’d forgotten to, you know, close the browser after I’d had a little fun with, uhm, with myself, so… so we were all here, and there it was, on the wall!”, Harry explained.

“A foursome… teens…”, I added, biting my lip.

Erin laughed, and everyone else chimed in. “That’s so wild!!”, she uttered. It broke the tension, a little, I got calmer. After the laughing subsided, though, everyone got quiet again, and we looked at each other. There were some cheeky smiles to be seen, especially from Jessica and Harry and… Erin? Yeah, the cute girl had a wild look in her eyes now. I liked that look.

Finley cleared his throat, looking at Harry. “Can we play another round now…?”

“Sure!”, Harry said. “Uhm, let’s see… Kieran stays. Everyone else, swap!”

We did, and while we did, we could see that every boy’s crotch was tented out to quite some extent now. Erin looked at us eagerly, and she giggled nervously and brushed her hair behind her ears all the time. Then she took the card and passed it on to me. I pressed my mouth on to it and wanted to suck, but suddenly I felt her hand at my thigh and then at the tip of my cock, and I twitched, and the card fell down.

“You’re rather clumsy…”, Erin mumbled and pressed her lips on mine. Her hand stayed where it was, and as I pulled her towards me it fell fully on my thing. Her mouth opened, and she licked my lips, and I licked back. I felt her hard nipples poking my chest and dug my fingers into her hair. It was hot and wonderful, her wet tongue lashing against mine aggressively now, and when she finally got the nerve to do something with her hand – she grabbed my cock through the cloth of my trousers and squeezed it! -, I felt a heavy flush of arousal in my groins, moaned into her mouth and embraced her even harder and touched the end of her back and the start of her juicy butt.

When it was over and I looked into her beautiful wild dark eyes, my arousal from before was back with a veangeance, and I didn’t bother anymore if anyone could see the tent my stiff penis made in my crotch. I just took the card, turned around and faced Roman. The boy’s cheeks were bright red, his hot mouth partly open, and anyone could see his arousal through his trousers, too, as he sat cross-legged now. He had a big one. I wanted him, he wanted me, and yeah, the card fell down. We embraced, hard, and kissed, swapping spit wildly. My hand found his cock, and I squeezed it, hard. He moaned into my mouth and returned the favor.

From afar I heard rustling, breathing, outbursts of arousal and excitement like “fuck that’s hot…” and “oh my gosh…”. When we finally stopped – the game needed to go on! -, I looked beside me and saw Finley and Harry making out already! It was such a hot sight – the girls thought so, too, apparently, for all three of them were watching us in awe and touching themselves tentatively -, but we were playing still, and so I cleared my throat, touched Fin’s shoulder and said: “Hey, guys… you’re a little early…”

Harry looked at me. “Nevermind”, he grunted, a needy look in his eyes, squeezing his dick.

“No, he’s right”, Jessica said and cleare her throat. “We need to play on!”

“Booooooh”, Finley made, quietly, giggling, his hand working on the bulge his stiffy made, too.

Harry let out a hot sigh. “Okay… I just… shit, I never knew I was that gay… now stop that, you perv…” He took Finley’s hand from his crotch and laughed.

“Well, we’re all just… too handsome, I guess”, I shrugged, and everyone laughed a little. The girls had stopped rubbing themselves, too, and looked quite sheepishly at us… quite sheepishly and horny, that is!

Anyway, Roman took the card and passed it on to Harry. It worked fine, and Harry, having had his fun with Finley already, passed it on easily to him. Now Finley faced Holly, and he was successful with her. Holly lost it to Jessica, though, and the girls giggled. “Always a pleasure, my bestie…”, Jessica mumbled and kissed my girlfriend, so hard that they actually sank to the ground. Now Jessica lay on top of Holly, her juicy ass in her tight hotpants on display for all of us to see, and she grabbed Holly’s chest and squeezed her tits. My girlfriend let out a hot moan and put a hand on Jessy’s ass.

We all stared at them now, and Harry’s hand returned to his crotch, sueezing his bulge. Finley saw that, through glassy eyes, let out a long hot breath and resumed rubbing himself, too.

Erin looked from them to the girls who were still going at it, intensifying their session from second to second, entangled with each other lying on the mattress: They were teasing each other while kissing, lashing out at each other with their tongues, their breasts smashed together. Jessica had a hand between Holly’s legs and rubbed her there, hard. Beside me Harry grabbed Finley again and stuck his tongue inside his mouth. Erin took the card from the floor and threw it away.

Then she looked at me and opened her legs, slowly. She chewed on her lip and played with her hair. Absently her other hand went back to her pussy, and through the cloth of her tight leggins she started rubbing it, her legs shamelessly splayed apart now. When she caught me looking at her (kinda wantonly, I suppose), she returned my wild look, let out a hot sigh, and her hand vanished inside her leggins where she eagerly went to work, rubbing her clit now…! I stared at that and let out a hot moan and opened my legs to show that hottie what I got. She swallowed, opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue a little and wiggled with it sensously while still fingering her pussy. Shit. I moaned and grabbed my junk and squeezed it, hard.

Roman sat beside her, watching her now, too, his penis throbbing through his trousers, and he couldn’t help it anymore, I guess, he let out a sharp breath and touched Erin’s tits. The girl just sighed and pushed her chest into his hands. I could hear squishy sounds from her pussy now, and there were also sounds of moaning and sighing and snogging from the other girls. Jessy and Holly gave no reason to believe that they would be stopping their sex play soon. and with Erin now openly masturbating herself, I thought what the heck, pulled down my trousers, freed my cock and pumped it a little. A sharp moan emerged from Erin’s mouth. She watched my throbbing member for a few seconds, then looked at me through glassy eyes and mouthed: “Nice cock…”

“Yeah…?”, I breathed. “Show me your pussy…!”

The girl swallowed, thought about it for a second and then she shook her head! “No”, she breathed. “I wanna see it first.”

“What…?” My cock was already there!

“The porn you watched. Before you fucked.”

I let out a sharp moan. Harry was deeply involved in another make-out-session with little Finley, but I just grabbed him and said: “Show it to her, alright…? Fuck, she’s so horny…”

“Yeah…shit that’s hot…”, Harry mumbled in a hoarse voice and crawled towards his laptop, showing us his hot bubble butt and the obscene bulge his hard-on made and leaving Finley sitting there unkissed. Oh, how beautiful this boy was, I thought, and how good he smelled! He sighed and touched my thigh, and I just grabbed him, and pulled him on my legs into a tight embrace, and I just stuck my tongue inside his mouth. My cock was pressed between us, and we made out instantly, like hungry people, swapping spit like mad, our ears filled with the sounds of lust coming from our friends now. Soon they were joined by the sounds of lust coming from Harry’s speaker system, for the screen now showed four teenagers heavily engaged with each other orally, moaning.

Roman had both hands on Erin’s tits, now, and Jessica and Holly were still reveling in their lesbian lust. Holly just put her glasses aside, and Jessica opened her wavy hair which was now flowing freely and looked so amazing. Holly got down to business, pushed Jessy’s top and bra up and sucked on her nipples. Roman looked at them and then to the screen where a boy sucked a girl’s tits, and then back to Erin and her nipples through her cloth. He swallowed. Erin looked at him. “It looks so hot, huh…?”


“Wanna do it?”


Erin looked into his eyes, wildly. “Suck my nipples”, she hissed. “Suck my tits, Roman!”

The boy just grunted and went for it, pushing up her shirt and bra, and Erin grabbed his cock.

I was still busy with Finley. My hands soon were below his shirt, and I pulled it roughly over his head. He did the same with mine, and then he started to kiss my chest. I looked at what happened behind my little snog buddy and saw that Roman was kissing her tits now greedily, lashing his tongue around her nipples. She stared at us through glassy eyes, but then she looked at the screen and saw what we had seen back then: Two teenage couples getting serious with each other, to fuck each other hard in the same room, doggy style. “Oh yeah”, Erin moaned, rubbing her clit, and then, almost inaudibly: “Yeah, fuck each other…!”

Harry was with Jessica and Holly, undressing them – and himself. He was already shirtless and opened the button of his trousers. A huge bulge appeared under his Calvin Klein pants, and Jessica groaned and pulled them down, grabbing his dick. He grunted and went to work at her hot pants, then at her her shirt. Her tits looked so full! Then Holly was on top, and I could see beneath her skirt – her panties were already gone! Fuck. Greedily Harry pushed the skirt up and put his hand there, pushing two fingers inside her glistening pussy. “Oh my gosh oh my gooosh yes”, Holly moaned, rose on her knees and pulled her blouse over her head. “She’s so fuckin’ wet….!”, Harry grunted and let out a hot sigh. When Erin saw him, naked, fingering Holly’s wet hole eagerly, making sloshy sounds, she let out a needy moan and inserted another finger into hers.

I was clumsily trying to free Finley from his trousers, but it didn’t work, so the boy got up and pulled them down, together with his pants. His beautiful stiff penis hit my face, and it was more a reflex than anything else, I opened my mouth and let it in. “Oh yeah”, Finley moaned and started to fuck my face. I grabbed his bubble butt, caressed his tight cheeks and sucked him eagerly.

The couples on the screen were fucking each other hard now, moaning loudly. Their sounds and words of dirty talk and cheering each other on filled the room. Finley pulled his cock out of my mouth and knelt down, kissing his way down on my body to my cock, and I saw Jessy throwing away her bra, squeezing her tits hard with one hand and pushing Holly between her legs with the other. And she sucked Harry’s member with a vengeance, lashing her tongue wildly around his knobhead while he was kneading her breasts.

Roman was shirtless, too, by now, and Erin was urgently trying to open his trousers. He helped her and pulled them down, revealing a huge bulge in his shorts with a wet spot where his cockhead was. Erin practically jumped him, pushing her crotch against his cock and clashing her lips onto his. I saw his hands grasp her tight butt and squeeze it, hard.

Finley had reached his goal and kissed my cock, then opened his mouth and let it in. Greedily he engulfed it with his sweet rosy lips and started bobbing up and down, alternating between sucking it hard and licking it like icecream. In front of me I saw Erin, now shirtless, doing the same to Roman; she was on her knees in front of him, presenting her juicy butt to me, still in those tight leggins. She pushed her hair behind her ear hastily, took his thick boycock out of his pants, and with a greedy moan she stuck it into her mouth. Jessica, on the other hand, let Harry’s hard-on plop out of her mouth, leaving a trail of saliva, looked at him wildly and hissed: “Fuck her!”

On the screen the boys now approached their climaxes, and in front of me Harry approached Holly’s ass-cheeks, aiming for her pussy with his erect cock. Her face was buried between Jessica’s legs, slurping and licking away at her cunt. Her bff saw her boyfriend behind her and moaned: “He’s gonna fuck you, Holly! He’s gonna give it to you so hard…!” But Harry didn’t, he just slapped her lips, her hole with his cock and teased her with it. Holly moaned loudly, in a whining tone, and she turned her head, and with blushed cheeks and a wild glance in her eyes she breathed, urgently: “Come on, Harry. Put it in… please!!”, and Harry did it, provoking a long hot moan of relief from my girl.

“Ooooooohhhh fuck yeah”, Erin whined, hearing that. “Fuck that pussy!”, she hissed while having Roman’s cock on her tongue and slobbering away at his shaft and down to his balls, all the time wanking him like crazy. He had a nice one, really thick and full, and with wide open eyes he tried to watch his boyfriend on his knees sucking me and hot stud Harry fucking my girlfriend doggystyle simultanously. It was just too much for him, I guess, because soon after Harry had slapped Holly’s ass for the first time, he got wild: “Oh my gosh it’s cummin’!!”, he exclaimed and started to whine and roar and pushed up into Erin’s sucking mouth. His eyes rolled back, he roared out his lust and squirted streams of hot boycum into Erin’s face.

“Uhhhhhrrr yeah”, Finley moaned ruttily, let go of me and turned around. He grabbed his friend and started to lick her face clean from his boyfriend’s juice. They made out while doing that, of course, and it was such a raunchy and sweet sight at the same time, it was unbelievable!

My cock pulsated in the steamy air, and it desperately needed someone to take care of it now. Erin was in front of me. I grabbed her leg, and literally in the same second she jumped on her knees and showed me her butt. her juicy girly butt waving from side to side in that tight thin yoga trousers there. She was wet, I could smell it, wet and ready, and so I just grunted and grabbed her and pulled down every piece of cloth still in the way. “Oh fuuuuck yes… yes, yes, yes!”, she moaned when she felt that and stuck her butt out as far as possible. I grunted, grabbed her cheeks and pulled them apart. There it was, her pussy, wide open, and it was steaming. “Oooohhhh… come ooooonnn…”, she whined into the pillows and stuck out her ass even further. I didn’t bother if she was on the pill or not, I couldn’t bother, I just needed to fuck that girl hard now.

And I did. It went easily to the hilt with one thrust, and it was tight and hot and slippery as fuck. “yeeeeeooooooAAAAAHHHHHSSS…”, she whined when I pulled out a little and thrust hard, again. A squishy sound could be heard, then another and another and another, ’cause I fucked her wildly now, making her moan and squeal with each thrust, making her tits wiggle and her pussy drip.

Roman had gone to the bathroom, but soon he came back, sporting a semi. He had a condom with him. “Incredible…”, he uttered when he saw me fucking his bff hard and Harry humping Holly doggy style. Her bra fell down, and Harry grabbed her tits from behind. I could see his balls slapping her ass! She had her eyes closed and moaned like a real slut now. “Fuck me!”, Holly uttered. “Pull my hair!!”, and when Harry did that, pulling her cute girly hair, my girlfriend let out an animalistic grunt. Harry sped up fucking her like a slut, and she got even wilder and more vocal: “Oh YES! YES so good! AAAHHHRR YES!!”

“Come here!”, Finley cried, and Roman jumped over to his boyfriend and fell into his arms.

“You’re gonna fuck him?!”, I breathed.

Finley nodded. “Get on your knees, Roman!”

The boy did, and Finley put the condom on his boycock and mounted Roman. “Oh shit! Yes! YES that feels so good…”, the boy moaned when he felt the thrusts of his boyfriend, and soon there were three couples going at it like animals in Harry’s basement. That was too much for me. “Gonna cum!”, I exclaimed.

Erin grunted. “Cum inside me! Cum inside my tight little pussy!!”, she uttered, mimicking the foursome on the screen.

“Fuck! FUCK! YES! YES!! YEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHRRRRRR…”, I roared and pumped my sperm deeply into her hot vagina.

I fell on my back and looked at the ceiling, still hearing all the moans of pleasure and lust all around me. Holly was going wild by now: “SHIT I’m CUMMING! YES! MORE! YES HARRY fuck me! Harder!!!” He did it, I heard it smacking fast, and I needed to open my eyes now, just in time to see how he pulled out and squirted his cum all over Holly’s back and butt.

Suddenly I felt hot breath and a wet tongue on my penis: It was Erin, shit, this girl was insatiable! She slurped my fleshy thing into her mouth, and it stiffened again. Then it got even hotter, ’cause Holly joined her, licking my balls. Now Erin’s head was bobbing up and down on my cockhead, and Holly was sucking and licking my shaft, and woah, the girls started kissing each other with my dick in between! “Fuck you’re so hot”, I moaned.

As if this wasn’t enough to bring me back to life, there was Jessy, behind Holly, cleaning her body from Harry’s cum with her tongue. Her hot breasts hanging down, her glistening unfucked cunt somewhere below. I was hard in no time again, and when she was done licking the sperm from Holly’s ass, I got up, approached Jessica, pushed her down, spread her legs and just put it in.

“Fuck yes!”, the girl uttered. “Fuck me, Kieran! FUCK!”

I did, making her moan with every thrust. She was all horned up already, ready to cum, and I felt it. Her huge tits wiggled and wobbled around, and I grabbed them and then stuck a finger inside her mouth. She licked it and groaned and moanend and sighed and slapped my pumping ass. It was a serious fuck fest by now, and we loved it!

The sight of Jessy’s flushed and lustful face and her tits was heavenly, but I wanted to see what was going on around me: Holly lay in front of Roman, and the boy sucked her cunt and clit while still getting fucked from behind by cute little Finley. And Erin pushed Harry down, and bent over him to suck his cock and make it hard again. It worked, and soon she could straddle him and rode him towards another heavy climax. Now I was sure she was on the pill she wouldn’t do that if she wasn’t, would she…?

Anyway, I had another task to finish. “Make me cum!”, Jessy spat into my face and rubbed her clit wildly now. “Fuck me with your cock and make me fuckin’ CUM!!”

“Yeah you slut”, I uttered, not knowing where that came from. “I’m fucking you. I’m fucking you hard!”

“Uhuh! Uhhhhrrrr yes! YES! OH! YES! OH MY GOSH I’m gonna…. oh… YYYYEEEEEEEEEAAAAASSSS FUUUUUUUUuuuuuck…!!!”

Her pussy twitched when she came, it felt so amazing! I hadn’t cum, though, so I pulled out and jumped over to Holly, feeding her my cock. My sweet girl welcomed it with wide open mouth and her tongue stuck out. I slapped it, and she grunted and groaned and started to lick and suck it like there was no tomorrow. Her mouth was so wet. Just then Finley came, crying out his lust in his high-pitched boyish voice and filling his condom with his boyjuice. Roman grunted and got up, his cock throbbing, and he looked at us and croaked: “I’m gonna fuck you now.”

“Yes! Oh my gosh yes! YES!”, Holly uttered, pulled her legs towards her, splayed them apart and held her pussy wide open for him. The boy grunted and stuck it in, deeply, to the hilt, and let his primal instincts take over.

“Put her legs on her shoulder!”, I said. Roman looked at me, grunted and did as told. This way I could kiss him, and I did, sticking my tongue deeply into his hot mouth, licking it out.

Soon we broke the kiss and just moaned in each others faces. His pumping bubble butt looked so hot that I needed to slap him, and he groaned out. “OOOOhhhh YES OH UH Uhuhuhuh AH YES! YES!!”, my girlfriend moaned in sync with his urgent thrusts, but then she couldn’t anymore, ’cause I stuffed her mouth with my cock and bulged out her cheek from inside. “Take my cock, slut!”, I grunted. “Suck it while he’s FUCKIN’ you!”

Her eyes widened, but she groaned out even louder now and started to wank my cock like mad. I felt his hot breath in my face and Holly’s hot breath and hand at my dick. I felt up his butt, hard, and his balls that slapped against Holly rhythmically. He did the best he could to make her cum again. Eventually he succeeded, and she threw back her head and screamed, only seconds before his own second climax came over him, coaxing the insides of her cunt with his boycum, roaring out his lust. He fell back, into the arms of his boyfriend, totally spent and satisfied.

Beside us, Erin was still riding Harry, his hard-on appearing and disappearing between her wiggling cheeks rhythmically. Jessica sat on his face, rocking back and forth on his tongue. The girls made out like mad, squeezing each others tits and asses. Holly saw me looking at them and breathed: “Give it to her…” I grunted and took Holly’s hand but turned towards Erin, towards her ass. Harry had his fingers dug into her cheeks, and the girl’s cries of lust intensified as she held on to Jessy’s full figure and lashed her tongue around her nipples. I aimed for her ass and brushed it with my throbbing cock, her juicy cheeks, then her hole, trying to fuck it, but then I felt it cumming, too, I just couldn’t hold it, I grabbed it and wanked furiously and squirted my hot cum all over Erin’s butt.

The others followed suit, like a wave or a chain reaction we triggered each others final orgasms and roared out our lust into Harry’s basement, into our crazy steamy sex den: Jessy was first, then Erin, shaking, holding on to her body desperately, drooling on her tits. And below them Harry groaned, and I could see his cock throb inside the Irish cutie, pumping his juice into her.

Then we collapsed, totally spent and exhausted and satisfied, cathing our breaths. I hugged Holly, and we snuggled in the afterglow of our orgasms, and so did Finley and Roman, Jessica and Harry.

Erin joined Finley and Roman, and she looked at us through half-open eyes and sighed: “Woah… that was… crazy…”

“Yeah… there’s something about this room, huh, Holly?”, I mumbled.

Holly looked at me with a dreamy look. “Hmmm…? Oh, yeah…”

I pulled her closer to me. “Sorry I called you slut… I love you so much…”

She breathed hot breath into my ear, kissed my earlobe and whispered: “It was so fucking hot… I love you, too.”

“I never knew you could get, like, THIS horny”, Erin chuckled into Finley’s chest.

“Me neither”, the boy smiled, looking at me dreamily.

“Yeah”, I breathed. “You’re great, guys. Thank you so much…”

Roman smiled. “Thanks. You, too… all of you… thank you so much…”

“Yeah, thank you”, Erin sighed. “I came, like, three times…”

“Yeah, me, too”, Holly mumbled. “When Jessy and Kieran made out so hard at one point, I knew this could be epic…”.

“Yeah, that turned the heat really up for me, I guess”, Erin giggled. “I thought we’d just, like, masturbate together and stuff, though, by then…”

“Why do that when you can have everything?”, Harry said from the side. “Fuck, it looked so hot seeing you snog Finley. I knew I had to fuck you.”

“That’s exactly what I thought after a while, too…”, Erin said, looking at him.

“So… was this your first time, uhm, times, I mean?”, Harry asked.


“Woah. You were so great.”

“Thanks…! You felt so nice, it was easy…”

“…I’d loosened you up a bit before, eh?”, I pointed out.

Erin looked at me. “That was so fuckin’ hot…”, she breathed.

Finley grinned at us. “You were shouting so many perverted things…”

Erin laughed. “Yeah, I don’t know… the porn, I guess!!”

“Yeah, it feels good to do it if you feel encouraged to… to let it all out!”, Holly smiled. “I love it.”

“We heard that”, Harry giggled. “Anyway, anyone up for a shower now?”

Erin jumped up. “Yeah, me!”

“We all should. It should be another hour ’til mom comes back. Let’s go!”

Well, said and done, I guess. We pretty much ended the party after that and returned home, but I’m sure we’ll see each other again, soon. And woah, how much I’m looking forward to showing Holly this story. Last time, when I did, she got so horny I had to make her cum two times before she let me fuck her.

THE END (again)

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