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  1. Avatar for Damon

    Would love to read some stories about bodybuilding or kids competing in a bodybuilding contest

  2. Avatar for E.

    There’s also very few stories on pregnancy progression too. Would be nice to see a story that goes through that.

  3. Avatar for Joe

    I’ve always wanted to read a story about middle school kids receiving sex education in the classroom. Boys and girls together in the same room. The teacher does the usual stuff with boring films, but then says she needs volunteers for live demonstrations. The popular girls volunteer as do the popular boys—the jocks. But since they’re only in middle school, these 7th graders only have whispies for pubes and they get a lesson from the female teacher (who is a young babe) on staying clean and smooth and shows the class how boys and girls can shave their pubes to stay nice and smooth. All of this creates lots of hard-ons for the boys and lots of wet vaginas for the girls. The teacher then demos hands-on on how to pleasure a boy and gives a 7th grader head, and it continues on from there. Girls make boys ejaculate and before you know it, everybody is doing everybody. A kid even sits on a bench outside the classroom totally naked and gets warmed by the sun. A naked 13-year-old girl, freshly shaved smooth, goes down on him right there for anyone to see. A fantasy that would be so awesome if it ever happened. And in the 8th-grade class, they learn advanced sex ed, and the school teaches girls how to blow a boy and take all of his cum in her mouth, then get up and give the boy a totally sloppy cum kiss where they swap his cum back and forth as they kiss. I love the thought of reading a story like this! And thank you for everything you do. These stories are awesome!

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      Hi Joe,
      Thank you for your ideas! I’ll definitely take them in consideration. But, to be completely honest, I’m not an orgy-writing type of guy. I think it’s too unbelievable with kids that age. But if the situation is right, it probably isn’t. They’re all self-conscious, but when de dam breaks…
      But, I DO want to try it once, though. So maybe your premise will put me on the right track.
      Thanks for sharing!! I really appreciate it.

  4. Avatar for Phil

    I would like a story about a special private club for high school wrestlers, ages 13-16, in which they wrestle nude. A pin is done in a very different way. Before the contest begins, the boys lube their cocks and asses. A pin is counted when one of the boys manages to fully impale the other one. When that happens, the winner then gets to fuck him to completion. I am a swimmer but have always admired younger wrestlers.

    • Avatar for Jason Crow
      Jason Crow

      I see how this can be interesting. But I personally have two problems with this one:
      1. It’s not very ‘real’. I like to focus my characters and stories around events that can more or less happen in real life. This idea is right there on the edge. And to me, just a tiny bit over it.
      2. I can’t write a story that didn’t brew in my head for a while. I once tried writing a story for someone else, but I failed miserably. Call me stupid, but I need to ‘feel’ a story before I can write it and this never has happened with other people’s ideas.

      But this idea will definitely start brewing. And some parts of it, might land in a new story. I never know where the inspiration for my next story comes from. I.e.: the other day, I saw a 12-13 y/o brother and sister in a community pool where I was also swimming. They were both in the bubble bath part of it, and when they came out of the tub, I noticed the boy had a boner. Probably due to the bubbles blowing at his junk, but this triggered something and might turn into a story. Or not.

      So… not a bad idea at all! Thanks for sharing, and feel free to write it yourself. I’d be happy to read it and comment on it and give you some pointers if you want.

      • Avatar for Zeke

        Saw something very similar to this on my last cruise. Had my eyes on a cutie who was tailing his mom around. She was pretty busty, and the two of them went to sit in one of the nearby hottubs together. I doubt it was because of mom per say, but when they went to leave, the kid had a boner pressing through some rather floppy swim shorts. Couldnt have been more than 11-12, and with his general naivete about the boner jutting out, I doubt he had much idea what to do with it

        • Avatar for Jason Crow
          Jason Crow

          Thanks for sharing! I know it (most likely) isn’t sexual at all. But it’s funny (and a bit sexy, I admit) to see a boy walking around with an obvious boner, while he’s looking for a way to get rid of it. Heck! I know I had one or two of these events when I was 11-12! If I’d known then what I know now…
          Hmmm… Maybe there’s a story in there somehow?

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