Let’s Get Physical II
Rwxxx13 (rwxxx13@yahoo.com)

Rachael Ward, R.N. was just putting away eight-year-old Luna Sharpe’s file when she overheard a man at the check-in window say, “…forty minutes.”

“He’s being called back any minute, sir,” replied April, the receptionist. “Dr. Belloso is running just a couple of minutes behind.”

“Forty is not a couple,” the man said, clearly irritated.

Rachael leaned around the corner, seeing a good-looking ashen-haired man in his thirties. The man looked down at his watch.

“Look,” the man continued, “I have a meeting I can’t miss. I’ll be back in an hour, hour and a half, tops.”

“Sir, you can’t leave your son here unaccompanied.”

“So accompany him,” the man snapped. Then he visibly calmed himself. “Sorry, look, you’ve got no idea how important it is that I make this meeting. He’s twelve. He stays at home by himself all the time. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“We could just reschedule. Let me-” April began, but the man stopped her.

“No way,” he said. “My ex will kill me if Parker misses this appointment. Please.”

“Sir,” April began to protest.

Rachael stepped up behind April, put a hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay, April.” She looked up at the man. “Mister…?”

“Rhodes,” the man said. Parker Rhodes, twelve, in for a routine physical, Rachael knew. She’d looked at his chart a bit earlier. “Park, buddy,” the man said, gesturing, and he was quickly joined by a gorgeous blue-eyed blond boy. The man put his arm around the boy’s shoulders. “I swear he won’t be any trouble.”

“We can watch over Parker for a bit,” she said, directing her comment to April.

“But-” the receptionist began, but Rachael gave her shoulder a friendly squeeze.

“It’s okay,” she said. Then to the man, “I was just about to call Parker back. We’ll have him all set for you when you return.”

“You’re saving my ass,” the man said, sincerely. Then he turned and bent to face his son. “Parker, you listen to the nurse and doctor, okay? Do what they tell you to.”

“Okay, Dad,” the boy said solemnly.

“That’s my guy,” the man said. Then he stood and faced Rachael. “Thanks. I mean it.” A glance at his watch. “I’ll be back as soon as I can.” With that, the man left, leaving his son staring after him.

Rachael leaned down and softly spoke to the receptionist, saying, “I’ve got this.” Then she took the boy’s folder from her and walked through the door to the waiting room. “Parker?” she asked, and the boy turned to face her. “I’m Rachael. Do you want to come with me?”

“Okay,” he said.

As she held the door for the boy, she said, “So this is your first time with us, hmm?”

“Yeah, me and my mom just moved here from Pittsburgh. My dad’s moving here, too. He’s trying to get a job here.”

“Well, that’ll be nice, having both your parents around. So, will you be starting 6th grade or 7th?” It was August, and school would be starting back up in a month. They tended to get a lot of physicals during this time.

“7th,” the boy answered. “I’ll be thirteen in November.”

“Wow, thirteen,” she said, sounding impressed. “A real teenager.”

“Yeah,” he said, smiling sheepishly.

“Here we are,” she said, opening a door. “Exam room three.” She ushered the boy inside, thoughts already racing. She thought this just might be the opportunity they’d been waiting for so patiently.

Going to a cabinet, she pulled down a gown, sized medium, which she knew would be a bit small on this boy. “Okay, Parker,” she said to the boy, who was shyly looking around. “I’m going to need you to undress and put this on,” she said, lying the gown neatly across the examination table. “You can put your clothes on this chair here. I’ll go get the doctor and give you some privacy.”

As she began to walk by him, the boy spoke hesitantly. “Just… my shirt and pants?” he asked.

She stopped and gave him a warm smile. “Everything,” she said. “That’s why we have the gowns.”

The boy swallowed visibly. “Even my…?”

“Even those,” she assured him.

“My old doctor let me keep my underwear on.”

“Sorry, Parker. Dr. Belloso is a stickler.”

“O…okay,” he said nervously.

“That’s a good boy,” she said. “When you’re done, you can just hop up on the table there and have a seat, okay?”


Down the hall, Rachael knocked gently on her boss and friend’s door. Without waiting for an answer, she slipped inside, sliding it quickly shut behind her. Dr. Donna Bellaso looked up expectantly, sliding her reading glasses down to the end of her nose. She was a small, olive-skinned beauty, with rich brunette waves of curly hair. Such a contrast to Rachael’s blonde Wisconsin farmgirl looks. Some brightness in the nurse’s eyes made the doctor perk up and shoot her an inquiring look.

Rachael grinned, nodding. “Gorgeous,” she breathed.

“And?” the doctor asked expectantly.

“Dad left him here with us. Important meeting. I told April it was okay.”

For a moment Donna worried about the liability issue of having an unaccompanied minor in her offices, but the rest of the situation outweighed the risk. Three months prior, Donna and Rachael, who had known about each others attraction to pubescent boys, had lived their ultimate fantasy. They had shared a gorgeous twelve-year-old boy by the name of Richie Benton. Shared in the Biblical sense. The boy had fucked them both in Exam Room 3, plowing them with an enormously oversized cock for a boy his age and size. It had been the fulfillment of their illicit dreams, and they still relived the day together often while sharing their own bodies, whispering to each other of memories of that event.

The only thing about the encounter that left them less than satisfied had been the size of Richie’s cock. At only four-foot-eight, the twelve-year-old’s eight-inch cock had been massive for such a slight child. Neither of the women were size queens however. In fact, quite the opposite. Attracted to barely pubescent boys, it was the sight of boyishly small genitals that excited and inflamed them. Since that day, they had dreamed of an opportunity to seduce another boy. A boy who was boyish in all the right ways.

A slow smile spread across Donna’s face, quickly mirrored by Rachael. The doctor said, “I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.”

“Don’t be too long,” Rachael said with a grin. “Who knows what sort of mischief I might get into?”

Suppressing the wild grin on her face, Rachael headed back to Exam 3, stopping a moment to compose herself before knocking lightly on the door. Then she pushed it open and stuck her head in to find Parker sitting nervously on the exam table, gown securely wrapped around his legs, hands on his thighs. “All set?” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” he answered.

As she entered the room, closing the door behind her, she noticed something which she was surprised she hadn’t noticed at first glance. Parker was apparently unused to hospital gowns, having put it on backwards, with the snaps in front. She could see that the two visible snaps were connected, but hospital gowns weren’t really designed for full closure, especially from the front. He’d have been better wrapping it like a robe, one flap and then another, but then the snaps would have been too far apart, and that had apparently confounded him, so there were gaping sections down the front which left much of his chest visible.

“So, Parker, the doctor will be here soon. In the meantime we’re going to get your vitals. Do you know what that means?”

“Like, blood pressure and stuff?”

“Yeah, like blood pressure and stuff,” she smiled, wheeling over the vitals cart. She removed the thermometer, pushing on a new tip and said, “Under the tongue.” Once that was situated, she fixed him with the blood pressure cuff and slipped the pulse ox reader on his finger and hit the button. After entering the results on her electronic chart, she said, “Need to listen to your belly, okay?”


“Just need to undo this a bit,” she said gently, then leaned in and unsnapped the first snap, up near the boy’s chest. He drew back a bit, and just because she wanted to see, she undid the second snap across his stomach, then drew the gown apart, revealing most of upper body. Slender and fit, just like she liked them.

She breathed on the stethoscope. “Warming it up for you,” she smiled.

“They’re really cold sometimes,” he said.

“I think of everything,” she winked, eliciting a smile. Then she placed the end against his chest, allowing her hand to lay against as much skin as possible. She slid it over a bit after a pause, letting her fingers slide against his tiny brown nipple. She moved the tip of her finger very minutely back and forth, doing her best to disguise the movement as natural and accidental rather than the very purposeful move it was, and was rewarded soon with the stiffening of the tiny nub.

Parker squirmed a bit, so she left his stiff nipple and moved her hand downward, sliding it over his stomach. She couldn’t go much lower, as his hands were balled up and pressed against his groin, making the gown taut any lower. His belly was soft, but with a core of muscle underneath.

Finally, she pulled away and said to the boy, “Parker, can I tell you something?”


“Well, you’ve actually put your gown on backwards.”

“I did?” he asked, looking down, surprised.

“Yeah, the opening goes in the back.”


“Well…” she cocked her head. “that’s a good question. Mostly it makes things easier for doctors and nurses. Like, if your in a hospital bed and need to get a shot, it’s much easier for a nurse to get to your butt.”

Rachael poked the boy in the upper part of his ass cheek and he laughed. “Also, if you were to go in for an operation, they remove your gown once you get to the operating room, so if it connects in the back it comes off much easier.”

“You get operated on naked?” he asked, fascinated.

“Yup,” she said.

“That would suck.”

“Well, you’re unconscious when they take it off.”

“Yeah, but still…” he said, squirming a bit. “Everyone would be looking at you.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” she asked, leaning close to show she was sharing a confidence.

He nodded solemnly. “Yeah.”

“Doctors and nurses see so many people naked that we don’t even really look anymore.”

“Then how could you operate on them?”

“Well, we look, silly,” she said. “It’s just that we don’t really pay attention to the bits people normally cover up. To us they’re just another part of the body, like a knee or an elbow.”

He scrunched up his cute face a bit, processing the information. “I guess I can see what you mean.” His eyes lit up in understanding. “Like if you were a cop. A detective like on tv. An’ you saw dead bodies all the time. It’s like when you first start, you puke all over the place, but then if you do it long enough, it’s just like seein’ laundry or something.”

“A lot like that, yeah.”

He thought a bit and nodded. “Cool.”

“Yeah, pretty cool,” she said. “So… you wanna stand up so we can get your gown turned around the right way?”

He immediately blushed. “You mean…?”

“Yup!” she said, straightening. “Slide on down.”

He slid agilely off the table, hands still cupped over his crotch. The gown gaped open to his navel. “I…” he began, but she cut him off.

“Actually, let’s just go ahead and leave it here on the exam table for a minute. I need to get your height and weight.”

Rachael didn’t often try this ploy. More often than not, parents of tween boys, most often the mother, decided to stay in the room when their sons were examined. This despite the fact that it clearly made most boys uncomfortable to be in a situation where they would be uncovered for a part of the exam. The weight of the gown was of course negligible, but boys didn’t tend to know that. There were also boys she had no interest in seeing nude, whether they were too young, too old, or simply not attractive to her. For the cute ones though, this ploy was a great way to see a bit of skin and provide fuel for later fantasy.

“You mean…” he began nervously.

“Yup,” she said casually, walking around behind him. She reached over his shoulders and took hold of the gown, pulling it gently down over his shoulders.

Faced with her directness, the boy simply allowed the gown to be taken off him, as she knew he would. She saw that he had a delicious little ass, firm and softly rounded. The position of his arms told her that he was covering himself in front, but she’d expected that as well, and had her tricks.

“There we go,” she said lightly, lying the gown on the exam table. She put a hand on the back of the boy’s neck, feeling his longish hair tickling her fingers. “Over here, hon,” she said, guiding him to the scale. It was a larger hospital scale, with rails. After she’d zeroed the weight and had him step up, she said, “Both hands on the rails, please.”

“Both?” he asked, stricken.

Rachael came around the boy’s side so she could see him better. She gave him a tolerant smile. “Parker?”


“Remember what I just said about doctors and nurses?”

“Yeah, but…”

“Parker, I have seen literally thousands of boys naked, so unless you’re hiding some sort of purple alien tentacle down there, you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. Do you have a tentacle, Parker? With, like, suckers on it?”

The boy giggled. “No.”

She winked. “I didn’t think so. And you’ve had physicals before, right?”


“So you know we’re going to be looking down there eventually, right?”

“Yeah, but…”

“So what’s going to happen is that you’re going to be thinking about that through the entire physical, worried about it, dwelling on it, building it up in your mind. Right?”

“I guess so.”

“So what do you say we just go ahead and get it over with now? Just put your hands on the rails, you’ll realize you’re not going to melt into a puddle of goo or explode or something else terrible, and then you can relax. Sound like a plan?”

“I… yeah,” he sighed, defeated. Then, visibly screwing up his courage, steadfastly avoiding her gaze, he lifted his hands to the rails.

Rachael very carefully avoiding being seen looking, but of course she looked. Parker had a very typical twelve-year-old boy’s penis. Small, wrinkled, circumcised, hanging perhaps two to two-and-a-half inches over a set of hairless testicles. She saw perhaps five or six stray pubic hairs, straight and light brown in color. He was perfect. Carefully measuring his height she caught his eye and made a show of deliberately checking him out down below. Then she caught his eye again and said, deadpan, “I’d really been hoping for a tentacle.”

Rachael smiled, and the boy started giggling. She joined him and then the two were laughing, but Rachael’s eyes kept going to those perfect little pubescent genitals and she felt like anything but laughing.

Just then the door opened, and Dr. Donna Bellaso entered. She saw them and her eyes widened at the same moment that Parker quickly covered his little dick. As this wasn’t the first time Donna had walked in on a boy Rachael had talked into getting nude, she took it in stride, knowing better than to draw attention to it and she played along. This was helped by being privy to some of the nurse’s tactics.

“So,” she asked Rachael, “did he have a tentacle?”

“No tentacle,” the nurse answered sadly.

“Oh, well,” the doctor said with an exaggerated display of disappointment. “We’ll find one yet.”

The boy looked back and forth between doctor and nurse as if amazed, and then giggled. Donna smiled and went to the boy, holding out her hand. “Hello, Parker, I’m Dr. Belloso.”

By pure habit, the boy reached out his right hand to her, leaving him to struggle briefly to cup his small penis and scrotum in his left. Then Donna was shaking the boy’s small, warm hand. The same hand that had just moments earlier been cupping his youthful genitals. She felt a tingle race through her.

“I didn’t know I’d have a lady doctor,” the boy said, apparently struggling to think of something to say.

“Well, lady doctors still put their stethoscopes on one ear at a time,” she quipped. Then, “Okay, that’s not actually true. I usually do both ears at the same time.” Parker grinned, and she returned the boy’s smile before turning to Rachael and asking, “You all set?”

“Yup,” the nurse answered. “Vitals taken. Parker is a very healthy young man.”

“I can see that,” the doctor said with a smile. “Okay, healthy young man, how about you hop up on the table here and let’s check you out.”

“Can I put the robe thing back on?” he asked, looking with a bit of longing at the garment draped on the nearby exam table.

“Oh, you’ve gotten over the hard part,” Rachael said, picking up the gown and lying over the back of the chair holding his clothes. “We don’t really need it now, do we?”

“I… I guess not,” he replied uncertainly.

At 5’4”, the table hit Donna at her waist. At only 4’9”, there was no easy way for Parker to get up on the table without using his hands, and after a few moments hesitation, he came to the same conclusion. So, back to the table, he used both hands to boost himself, leaving himself completely exposed to the doctor’s hungry gaze. Situated, he quickly cupped his hands over his groin again.

Donna started off listening to the boy’s heart, then his lungs. As much as she would have liked to put him on his back and get her hands on his adorable little nuts, she was still a doctor and still had a physical to perform. Ears, eyes, nose, throat, neck all got examined.

Thinking, Time to get a better look at that little cock, she said, “Okay, Parker, can you hold your arms straight out like this please,” demonstrating. “Palms up.” He did so, reluctantly. “Now close your eyes.”

The boy’s flaccid penis lay limply between his thighs. She longed to reach out and take it between her fingers, to feel it grow steadily stiffer in her grip. Instead she moved on to checking his muscle tone, rotating his wrists, moving his forearm up and down. Then it was the strength tests, having Parker push or pull against resistance, all of which kept him from covering himself. After a bit he seemed to become less self-conscious about his nudity. By the time she finished texting his reflexes he seemed much more relaxed.

“Okay, let’s get you to lie down on your back, Parker,” she said, getting him to lift his legs and spin himself till he was lying down. His tension immediately returned and his hands began to go to his crotch again, but she said, “Hands at your sides, please,” and he reluctantly did so.

Donna glanced at the boy’s face, but he was pointedly staring at the ceiling, which was just fine with her. It allowed her to stare at his adorable little penis without concern as to what he might think. Continuing with the exam, she rolled his legs back and forth, not only checking for tone, but also watching his cute cock move back and forth. Hand under his right knee, she lifted his leg, checking mobility of the lower leg, then pushed it toward his chest, checking the upper. Now his little genitals were really flopping around. Left leg next, then she had him push and pull against her as she tested his knees and hips, her hands getting to slide quite high along his thighs in a totally unnecessary way, but he didn’t know that. The whole time, Rachael stood on the other side of the exam table where their eyes would meet from time to time and they’d share a secret smile.

Next was the abdominal exam, where she first inspected him visually, noticing all five of his silky pubic hairs, then listening to bowel sounds and finally palpating him. Then, with her hand resting lightly on his groin, just above his wrinkled little penis, she said, “Alright, Parker, we’re going to do the ‘turn your head and cough’ portion of the exam, okay?”

“Y-yes, doctor,” he said faintly, turning his head and coughing.

She laughed. “I love the enthusiasm, Parker, but I actually have to be holding your testicles first.”

“Oh,” he said in a small voice, blushing deeply.

Not bothering with exam gloves, wanting her skin directly on his, Dr. Bellaso reached up between twelve-year-old Parker Rhodes’ silky smooth, hairless thighs, and lovingly cupped his small scrotum in her hand. She dutifully examined each small orb, feeling for nodules or other abnormalities.

“Do your testicles ever feel sore, Parker?” she asked as she examined the smooth scrotum, finding half a dozen small, silky hairs.

“Just if I get hit there or something,” he said nervously.

“That’s good,” she said. “Go ahead and cough for me now,” she said, performing the hernia test. That finished, she just idly caressed his young balls, under the guise of examining him. With her left hand, she felt around the base of his penis, nudging it aside with her fingers, running her fingers across his sparse few hairs.

“I see you’re getting some pubic hair, Parker. That must be exciting for you.”

“I… I guess so.”

“Did you note that, Nurse Ward?” Donna asked. “The patient has…” she made a show of bending over, taking the opportunity to inhale the youthful smell of his crotch, “I count six pubic hairs, as well as a few on his scrotum.”

“I’ll put it in the report, doctor,” Rachael said, playing along.

“You count em?” Parker asked, curiosity overcoming shyness.

Donna explained. “When a young boy begins to go through puberty, we’ve found it useful to chart his progress. When you come in for your next physical, won’t you find it interesting to know how many pubic hairs you had before? Or to know how much your penis has grown?”

“My…?” he asked faintly.

“Yes, your penis,” she said, taking the little organ between her fingers, lifting it, making a show of examining it. “Circumcised,” she said as if Rachael were actually taking notes. She squeezed the little helmet-shaped crown. “Glans is a healthy color.” She gently stroked the boy’s frenulum with her thumb, watching him tense. Then she ran her index finger up and down the boy’s shaft as she made a show of examining it. “No unusual bumps or growths,” she said as she continued to turn and bend the little cock, her finger constantly stroking up and down its length, her thumb going again and again to the sensitive little bundle of nerves in the little V beneath the lobes of his small glans. It didn’t take long before the inevitable began to happen.

“Doctor…” the boy said, a note of rising urgency in his voice.

“Yes, Parker?” she asked, not looking up, not ceasing her subtle masturbation of the tween’s pubescent cock.

“My… my…” he stuttered, but he couldn’t say it. His stiffening cock spoke for him.

“I see,” she said, wrapping her hand around the hardening organ, looking up to catch bright blue eyes widened in alarm. “Well, Parker, that is a perfectly normal reaction,” she said, glancing down at his nearly fully erect penis. She gave it a light squeeze. “It just shows that you’re a healthy young man.”

“But…” he said, swallowing nervously.

“Perfectly normal,” she repeated, her eyes locked on his throbbing young erection. She made a show of examining it, moving it back and forth, pulling up and down on the bit of loose foreskin he had remaining, palpating the glans. “That is a very healthy looking penis you have, Parker,” she said. “Do you get erections often?”

“I… I guess?” he said.

“Good,” she said, idly musing. “A boy your age should be getting frequent erections. And they don’t cause you any pain or discomfort?” She gently stroked her hand upward along his shaft. He shuddered.

“N-no,” he gasped.

“Can you measure him, please, Nurse Ward?” she asked. “I’ll hold him.”

Concealing a smile, Rachael pulled out a small plastic tape measure. “Yes, doctor,” she said. Then she dutifully snugged the end of the tape against Parker’s barely-haired pubis, and gently slid it up along his stiff shaft. “That looks like three-and-three-quarter inches,” she said.

“And?” Donna asked expectantly.

“And a circumference…” Rachael said as she carefully wrapped the tape measure around Parker’s penis, “of three-and-five-eighths.”

“Well now,” Donna said, her hand still gently holding the boy’s penis. “That’s rather impressive for a boy of twelve, wouldn’t you say?”

“It certainly is,” Rachael agreed with a grin.

“Nurse Ward…” Donna began. “Can you feel this please? Does that feel irregular to you?”

The doctor released the boy’s cock, which bobbed stiffly, hovering over his groin. It was quickly replaced by the nurse’s hand, who lovingly stroked the small organ, her fingers lightly sliding up and down the slim shaft. Parker shuddered and his cock jerked in her hand. “Hmm,” the nurse said, hand gently stroking. She reached down and cupped the boy’s balls, gently squeezing. “It feels like it could be a blockage.”

“What… what’s that?” Parker asked, concern momentarily overriding his growing sexual excitement.

“Parker,” Dr. Belloso asked in a serious tone, “I know it’s embarrassing to talk about, but I need you to tell me the truth. Do you masturbate?”

“I…” he looked nervously from the doctor, to the nurse that was still gently stroking his pubescent erection, down to said erection. “You mean…?”

“Yes, when you play with your penis until you get a very good feeling. It’s important that we know.”

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

“Please just tell me, Parker,” she insisted.

“I… yeah. Am I okay?”

“And when you masturbate and you have your orgasm, does anything come out of your penis?”

“You mean… sperms?”

“Yes, do any sperms come out when you orgasm?”

“Just… I mean… sorta? It just… a tiny bit I think?” He was looking back and forth between them worriedly, and despite her stroking hand, his penis had lost a bit of stiffness.

“That explains it, doctor,” Rachael said.

“A blockage,” Donna agreed.

“Is it bad?” Parked asked, dick deflating even more.

“Well, it could be,” Donna said. “Do you know what the epididymis is?”

“The epy… what?”

“The epididymis,” she repeated. She reached out and took back her hold of the boy’s penis, now about half-erect. “It’s a tube that brings semen, or your ‘sperms’ from the testicles,” she caressed his balls, “up along your penis,” and she traced her finger along the shaft of his penis, as if illustrating. The boy wouldn’t know enough anatomy to contradict her, and epididymis sounded very scientific. “You seem to have a blockage in yours.”

“Can you fix it?” he asked, worried.

“Hmm, I believe so,” she said, seeming to ponder.

“Will it hurt?”

“Oh,” Rachael said. “Oh, no, Parker, it won’t hurt. You see, in order to clear the blockage, we’ll have to masturbate you.”

“Mas… you mean!?” he asked, alarmed.

“Let me see,” Donna said, leaning close. She closed her eyes as she put her nose right near the boy’s crotch. Then she made a show of closely examining his penis. It was still only about half hard. “I don’t think so,” she said. “Do you see, nurse? He’s mostly lost his erection.”

“I see,” Rachael said, not actually seeing, but playing along down a road she thought her friend might be going. “You mean…”

“Yes,” Donna said, as if agreeing. “I think it will require an oral extraction.”

Rachael hid a grin and said, “Doctor, perhaps a simultaneous prostate massage?”

“Good thinking, Nurse Ward,” Donna said, hiding a grin of her own. “Fetch the lubricant, please, while I begin.”

Heart hammering in anticipation, Donna met the boy’s worried eyes as Rachael stepped over to the supply cabinet. She met Parker’s worried eyes and said, “Now Parker, I just need you to try to relax. I know this might be a bit embarrassing, but I promise it won’t hurt a bit.”

“What’s a oral…” he began, but then stopped with a hiss as the doctor leaned down and sucked the head of his slim little prick into her mouth like an overlarge bit of spaghetti.

Donna just held him there for a few long moments, savoring him. This was what she wanted. What she’d needed. A young boy’s cock in her mouth, so small and delicate, the smell of his pubescent crotch in her nose, warmth of his spongy little glans between her lips. She suckled lightly at it, lapping at the little acorn with her tongue as it began to grow rapidly in her mouth. Donna felt the expending length of it as it stiffened, sliding toward her throat. She couldn’t help it, she moaned as she took the rest of it into her mouth, feeling it twitching at the entrance to her throat as her lips snuggled against the smooth base.

“Nurse!” Parker gasped as Donna became aware of Rachael passing behind her. The other woman placed a supportive hand briefly against her back.

“Just try to relax, Parker,” Rachael said.

Sensing movement, Donna cracked an eye open and saw Rachael getting Parker’s feet against the table and his knees up while she spread his legs. Then she watched as a lubricant-covered finger came into view.

The End

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