Kim’s Game – Chapter 3

Kim sat back down in the booth, sliding in next to Arya, with his plate piled high with pizza slices. Seeing the incredulous looks from the Tyler women made him grin.

“I’m a growing boy,” Kim said as he adjusted the ridiculous birthday hat and took a huge bite of pizza.

Andrea shook her head, “Good thing we came to a buffet.”

Arya took a slice of pizza from Kim’s plate and shoved it into her mouth.

With a slightly scandalized look, Kim said, “That was mine!”

The girl grinned at him with a mouthful of pizza. After swallowing, she said, “Birthday girl’s rules. You have’ta pay the pizza tax.”

Kim grinned at the girl and moved his plate between the two of them. Over the past couple of weeks, he’d spent more time over at the Tyler’s than he had at his own. There was something about Arya’s infectious spirit that made the boy feel better when he was around her.

He had even fallen asleep over there once. Smiling at Arya, his mind thought back to the previous night.

Kim had been destroying Arya at Mortal Kombat when the girl had finally thrown up her hands and said, “You win.”

Kim had chuckled, feeling good there was at least one game the girl owned at which he was better. The girl bounced off the sleeper sofa and said, “Come on, let’s go swimming.”

In her enthusiasm, Arya hadn’t entirely closed the bathroom door, and when Kim glanced in that direction, he could see the girl’s back as she pulled her clothes off. He felt a fluttering in his belly as he watched the girl pull her too-small yellow swimsuit over her thin frame. By the time Arya was changed, Kim had turned around and was sorting through the console games, unable to shake the image in his mind or get rid of the bulge in his pants.

Lately, his fantasies had focused on Andrea. Even though she didn’t have big tits, actually knowing Arya’s mom made the fantasies more personal and better, he thought. Kim blinked, trying to get the image of the girl out of his mind. Masturbating to an adult was one thing. Arya would be something altogether different.

With the girl on his heels, Kim went next door. When he got to his room and flicked on the light, he felt the girl’s presence behind him. She said, “Just curious about your room.”

Kim led her in and said, “Not much to it…”

There was a big bookshelf against one wall. It was loaded down with all sorts of books. Most of which he’d read. Next to the bookshelf was his desk. A laptop his parents had given him a couple of years earlier rested on the desk. Over the desk was a picture of the Einstein bobbleheads from one of the Night at the Museum moviesAgainst another wall was a chest of drawers with a vanity mirror over it. A couple of posters covered part of that wall, too. Opposite the dresser was his bed. Unlike Arya’s large sleeper sofa bed that took up most of the one-bedroom apartment’s living room, Kim slept in a twin bed. The bedspread was a stylized image of the Milky Way.

He grabbed his swimsuit off the floor and glanced at Arya. She was looking at the disorganized mess of books on the bookshelf. Kim couldn’t quite repress a smile as he pulled his shirt off.

That got the girl’s attention, and she flushed, “Oh, I guess you want me to step out.”

Kim held his trunks up, “Unless you want to see me naked again.”

Kim didn’t think Arya could turn any redder, but she did. She mumbled, “I don’t think I really saw anything.”

She’d moved closer to the door, when she stopped, “Would you let …”

The words didn’t leave her lips, but Kim could see a look of curiosity in Arya’s eyes. After seeing her bare butt only a few minutes earlier, the boy would have felt like a complete hypocrite to have said no. Instead, he turned away from her and said, “Maybe my butt.”

With that, he pulled his shorts and underwear down before stepping into his trunks. Once the elastic slapped his waist, he turned and said, “Now we’re even.”

He was out the bedroom door when Arya squawked, “Even, what does that mean?”

With his hand on the front door, Kim flashed the girl a grin, “You didn’t close the bathroom door all the way.”

After they changed, they had played in the pool for a bit, and Arya was even more aggressive than usual, but Kim tried to give as good as he got. At one point, after swimming hard after the girl, Kim had stopped to rest against the side of the pool. His arms rested on the concrete ribbon when he felt a tug.

Before he could react, Arya had pulled his swimsuit down to his ankles. Kim had fallen back into the water and grabbed at the girl when she removed his swimsuit off his feet and twisted away. He pushed off the side of the pool, thrusting through the water after Arya. She was most of the way across the pool when Kim managed to grab her ankle. He pulled at her until he wrapped his arms around her waist and tried to grab the trunks she held in the air, just out of reach.

Feeling the girl’s body pressed against his made the fluttering in his belly return. Worse, he knew, he felt something twitch between his legs and knew if he didn’t get his swimsuit back soon, he’d really embarrass himself.

It was when he brushed against Arya’s backside that Kim finally let go. The feeling in his dick at touching, even accidentally, Arya’s exposed butt was too much, and he swam away. When the girl turned back around, Kim’s hands were strategically placed as he said, “Please, Arya. I need my shorts. Now.”

Kim knew Arya loved the chase. Loved being the aggressor in their friendship. But the plaintive tone must have touched her because she looked down and tossed him the swimwear.

After the boy had put them back on, Arya swam over and said, “Sorry again.”

Kim didn’t know what to think or say. Over the past couple of weeks, the girl had become his very best friend, despite their four years’ difference in age. The more he got to know her, the more he wanted to be around her. And somewhere in the thirteen-year-old boy’s mind, he realized, at least some small part of him liked the girl’s attention.

Still, he didn’t want anyone else complaining to Andrea or his dad. He came over to the girl and said, “You’ll get us kicked out of the pool if anyone complains.”

Arya glanced around, “Who’s going to complain? If someone else had been here, I wouldn’t have done it, I promise.”

Kim fumed. She wasn’t understanding. “Why do you keep pantsing me? Are you trying to see me naked?”

Arya stared into the water before she said, “I dunno. Maybe. I’ve never seen a boy before.”

Flustered, Kim swam over to the ladder and climbed out, “Your mom would be pissed if I let you see me. And I like both of you way too much to do something that would get her mad. Okay?”

The rest of the evening had been uneventful, just watching a couple of episodes of Stranger Things on Netflix. He hadn’t even realized he’d fallen asleep on the sleeper sofa until the next morning when Andrea woke him up.

Kim blinked at the memory, then grabbed another slice of pizza from the rapidly diminishing pile he shared with Arya.

Andrea tossed her napkin on her plate, “I can’t eat another bite.” She brought a few colorful gift bags from the seat next to hers. “Ready to open presents?”

Arya dropped a half-eaten slice of pizza on her plate and pushed it away, “Yeah!”

Andrea slid one of the bags across the table, and Arya reached in and pulled out a nail and makeup set. Arya’s eyes grew round as her mom said, “I know I said you had to be ten before I was going to let you put makeup on, but I’m allowed to change my mind.”

Arya held it up and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you. Will you show me how to put it on?”

Andrea nodded as she slid another bag across the table. Arya pulled a collection of books from the bag. Across the back of the collection were the words, “Nancy Drew Mysteries.”

Arya wore a confused look. Andrea said, “I see Kim sometimes reading when he’s over at our place, and I thought you mind enjoy reading some good old fashion girl-power books.”

Arya nodded, “Okay, thanks.”

Kim couldn’t help smiling. He’d be surprised if the girl ever cracked a single book. It was way too slow-paced for her, he thought.

Kim could see Andrea running her finger over the bow on the last bag. She had a hesitant look as she slowly pushed it across the table. Wondering what was in the bag, Kim leaned over Arya’s shoulder. He wasn’t sure what to expect. From the look on Andrea’s face, he’d almost expected a switchblade. Instead, Arya gasped, “Finally!”

In her hand, she held a baby-blue swimsuit. She separated the top and bottom and said, “Thanks! The other one was too tight.”

Kim’s eyes were glued to the two-piece suit. The top was a strip of material about five inches wide, designed to give a pre-teen girl ample room to be modest. It had one set of ties around the back and another set around the neck. The bottoms were securely tied at the hips with knots that Gordian couldn’t untangle.

Kim felt Andrea’s eyes on him, and he cut his eyes away from the swimsuit. When he glanced back at Arya’s mom, she gave him a little half-smile before telling the girl, “I know you’ve wanted this one for a while now. Not sure I’d have gotten it if the pool was crowded with a bunch of testosterone-fueled teenage boys. I don’t want a bunch of boys gawking at you.”

Arya held the two pieces in front of Kim, “Whatcha think? You gonna gawk?”

Kim’s face turned beet red as he stammered, “Uh, it’s really pretty, Arya. I think you’ll look nice in it.”

Flashing a grin at her mother, Arya said, “Well, is it okay if one boy gawks?”

Kim stared at his friend, stunned she had the guts to say something like that.

Andrea only made the situation worse, in Kim’s opinion. “Anyone in particular?”

Arya leaned against Kim, patting him playfully on the back. “Just this doofus.”

Kim just closed his eyes and shook his head. He knew Arya was having fun with him, and some small part of him was enjoying it. But the rest of him was too embarrassed even to speak.

Andrea cocked her head, “If he’s a doofus, then you can let him gawk all you want.”

Then she reached across the table and took Kim’s hand. He opened his eyes and saw Arya’s mom wink at him as she asked, “You know we’re just playing with you, right.”

Kim couldn’t do anything about his red cheeks. “Yeah, I’m an easy target.”

Andrea closed her hands over Kim’s. “No, doofus, it’s because we like you.”

Arya’s hand was still on Kim’s back as she leaned in closer, “Yeah. I’ve never had a friend as close as you, Kim. Sure, teasing you is fun, but it’s only because…”

The girl grew quiet, her fingers playing with the material on the swimsuit. Her normally rosy cheeks grew flushed.

Kim felt flustered. He wasn’t happy that the Tyler girls were making jokes about him staring at Arya. Some of what he felt was because he had stared at her in the bathroom the day before. He felt guilty for liking it, too. When they talked about him gawking, he felt the vast gulf that separated thirteen from nine. And thirteen-year-old boys aren’t supposed to stare at nine-year-old girls. Even ones that are their best friends.

He glanced again at Arya, who was furiously examining the swimsuit and the table. Anything but looking him in the eye. He sighed; he didn’t like making the girl uncomfortable. “Why is it so fun teasing me?”

When Arya looked up, Kim could see her eyes were misty, “I was teasing you because I like you… And you’re a doofus.”

She giggled, and that led to Kim laughing, too. “Fine,” he replied, “I’m a doofus. I just wish this doofus had brought you a gift.”

Andrea said, “It wasn’t necessary, Kim. Just having you here is gift enough, right, Arya.”

The girl nodded, “You bet. It wouldn’t be much of a party if it were just Mom and me. Who’d go and fetch the pizza?”

Kim gave the girl a lopsided smile, “Happy birthday, Arya.”

She smiled, “Thanks.”

They collected the gifts and headed toward the parking lot. They had just reached the car when Arya jumped up in the air, “Oh, if you really wanted to give me a birthday present, I know what I want!”

Kim patted his pockets. He didn’t have any money on him.

The girl shook her head, “Nope, don’t need any money.”

“What is it?” Kim asked.

Andrea had already slid into the driver’s seat as she said, “It’s getting late, Arya, what are you getting at?”

Still grinning at Kim, Arya said, “You could give me a birthday kiss.”

Kim’s mouth fell open, and Andrea said, “Arya Tyler! What are you thinking?”

Arya set her gifts in the back seat, “I don’t see why not? Kim’s my best friend. It’s not like it’s wrong or anything.”

Andrea shook her head and said, “See what I have to put up with, Kim? Feel free to ignore Arya. I think she’s lost her mind.”

Arya fumed as she got in the car. Kim was silent, still absorbing the girl’s latest bombshell. Then things fell into place for Kim. The playful attempts to pull his swimsuit down, wanting to watch him change, and playfully telling him that she wanted him to gawk at her. Arya really liked him a lot. And the truth was, he liked her, too. Even enough to try something he’d never done before. Kiss a girl.

He stammered, “A-Andrea, I d-don’t mind. After all, it’s Arya’s birthday.”

Arya would have bounced around the car had she not been buckled in. But Kim could see Andrea looking at him through the rear-view mirror. “That’s sweet of you, Kim. But you don’t need to do this.”

Having decided that he wanted to give Arya her birthday gift, Kim said, “I know, but I’d like to. Are you okay with it?”

Andrea stared ahead for a long moment before her eyes came back to the rear-view mirror. “We’ll see when we get home.”

The rest of the drive was in silence. Arya kept smiling at Kim. It was the same winsome smile she’d given him two weeks before. Andrea kept looking in the rearview mirror.

When they finally got home, Arya grabbed all her presents and started toward their apartment. Andrea said, “Kim and I are going to talk for a few, Arya. Go on in, and we’ll be in shortly.”

She sat on the edge of the sidewalk that bordered the parking lot and patted the spot beside her. When Kim sat, he wasn’t sure what to expect from Andrea. The silence of the drive home had been unnerving for the boy.

He nearly jumped when Andrea put an arm around him. She said, “Arya can be really pushy, Kim. Birthday or not, I don’t want you to feel like she pressured you into something like a kiss. You tell her no, and she’ll bounce back.”

The warmth of the hug was so different from the drive home. “I know, Andrea. And if you don’t want me to kiss Arya, then I won’t. But I’d like to if you’ll let me.”

Andrea leaned in and chuckled, “Putting this on me? Thanks, Kim.”

Kim shook his head. It was weird talking to Andrea about kissing her daughter. He felt so close, almost a kinship with the twenty-four-year-old woman. And it wasn’t just that her arm was around his shoulders or that their shorts were touching. There was a familiarity to her that he figured came from the fact that she was Arya’s mom. He decided right then that Andrea was his second favorite person, even ahead of his dad. He felt close enough to put his arm around her back.

After a long moment, the young woman added, “You know, she’s got a huge crush on you.”

Kim glanced up at Andrea. He knew that Arya liked him, maybe even a lot. But a crush? “Really?”

Andrea’s one-arm hug tightened, “Yeah. How do you feel about that?”

Kim let his head rest against the young woman’s shoulder. When he thought about the age difference, it made him feel uneasy. “Are you asking because I’m thirteen and Arya’s nine?”

Andrea shook her head, “Don’t be a doofus. Maybe we’ve only known you for a couple of weeks, but in that short time, I’ve come to like you as much as Arya does, and I trust the two of you together. No, your age difference doesn’t matter to me, and I hope it doesn’t matter to you. I’m asking because I want to know how you feel.”

Kim stared across the poorly lit parking lot. Hearing Andrea tell him that she liked him too pleased him to no end. That was nice, but he turned his thoughts to Arya. Her easygoing nature had changed who he was when he was with her. She made him laugh at her antics and keen sense of humor. And, when they had played tag in the pool, he enjoyed it when they touched. Enough so, thinking back to that moment the day before when he saw her naked backside, he enjoyed it because it was Arya.

Kim sighed as though something squeezed at his heart. He had no experience with it, but at thirteen, he knew enough to suspect what love felt like. He glanced up at Andrea, “I really like her, too. I want to kiss her if it won’t make you mad.”

Andrea climbed to her feet and offered Kim her hand. When she pulled him to his feet, she pulled him into a full embrace, his face against her chest. “No, Kim. Maybe a little envious. After all, you’re a pretty cute guy.”

Kim looked up into Andrea’s face, her beautiful eyes twinkling under a broad smile. She gave him a wink before she said, “Ready to give Arya your birthday gift?”

Kim was about to nod when something he’d worried about from the moment Arya had asked for the kiss came back to him. “Uh, Andrea. I’ve never kissed a girl before. What am I supposed to do?”

Andrea shook her head, “And this is one reason I think you’re so cute.”

She added, “Well, you’ll want to hold her, sort of like I’m holding you.”

Kim focused on how the young woman’s arms wrapped around his back.

“Then, you’ll just lean in and kiss her.”

The realization he would be soon kiss Arya made Kim’s hands clammy and he said, “But how do I do it?”

Andrea let go of his back with one hand and used it to tilt his head up to face hers, and then she leaned in and kissed him.

For a moment, Kim was stunned as the young woman’s warm lips pushed against his. Then he adjusted his lips and felt a spark touch his mouth, warming it. It even made his tummy flutter and something twitch between his legs.

Then it was over and Andrea blushed, “Maybe shouldn’t have done that, Kim. But that’s how it’s done.”

She took his hand and headed back to the apartment. Kim let himself be led, as his mind reeled from the feel of Andrea’s lips against his own.

When they came through the door, Arya called from the bathroom, “Took you long enough.”

Andrea said, “Well, it’s not every day a girl gets a birthday kiss.”

Arya called back, “Awesome.” Then a moment later, she said, “Uh, how am I supposed to put my swimsuit top on? I don’t have hands on my back.”

“Come on out and we’ll get you squared away,” Andrea said.

The girl’s head poked out from the bathroom. When she saw Kim sitting on the end of the sleeper sofa, her cheeks flared, and she said, “Um, Mom, are you okay with Kim seeing me without my top. You’ve always said…”

Kim thought he saw Andrea blush as she interjected, “Yes, sweetie. It’s easier for someone else to tie the strings to the top. And if Kim knows how to do that, then he can help.”

Arya stepped out of the bathroom. She held the swimsuit top over her chest as she came over to Andrea. Even though she was clearly embarrassed about the problem she was having with the swimsuit top, she grinned at Kim and said, “What do you think of my new suit?”

The baby-blue fabric clung to her narrow hips. The new suit showed so much more of the girl, Kim felt another twinge in his pants. He took a deep breath, trying to steady his nerves. The last thing he needed to do when he kissed Arya was get a boner. That would be mortifying.

He nodded, “You look really pretty in it.”

Andrea guided Arya over to Kim, “Turn away and I’ll show him how to tie the strings.”

With that, Andrea pulled the strings back, securing the broad swath of material across Arya’s chest and said, “Take the two ends and tie a knot, just like you’re tying your shoes.”

Kim’s fingers shook as he took hold of the two ends that he needed to tie around Arya’s back. It took him three tries, but he eventually managed a respectable bow. Then, he managed the tie around the girls’ neck in one attempt.

Andrea patted him on the back and said, “You’ll be an expert in no time.”

Arya turned around and still flushed, said, “Thanks, Kim. Now, what about my birthday kiss?”

Kim thought about the kiss he’d shared with Andrea a few minutes earlier, and he stepped up to the nine-year-old and put his arms around her back and pulled her against his chest. Unlike with Andrea, though, he and Arya were almost even with each other, and all he needed to do was lean forward and kiss.

Arya’s lips took a few seconds to respond, but when she did, she returned the kiss and put her arms around Kim’s neck. The longer the kiss lingered, the more out of breath Kim became. Finally, he pulled his lips back as he sucked in a big breath of air.

Andrea leaned in and drew both Kim and Arya into a hug. “Next time, Kim, remember to breathe through your nose.”

Kim smiled at the advice, but his eyes still focused on Arya. As the girl drew in a deep breath, the boy said, “How was it?”

With very rosy cheeks, Arya nodded, “It was nice. Better than I expected.”

The magic of the moment ended, and she added, “So, go get your swimsuit on, and let’s go swimming.”

Kim smiled at her and how quickly she was ready to move on to the next activity. “Okay. I’ll be right back.”

On his way out the door, he heard Andrea say, “I think I’ll join you kids this evening.”

Once changed, Kim made sure that nothing poked out from his swimsuit. Between the kisses and seeing Arya in her new swimsuit, he hoped he’d not get a boner. As he came over to the Tyler apartment, the door opened, and Arya and her mother came out. Andrea’s suit was the same baby-blue color, but her top was different than Arya’s. Instead of a wide band of material running around her chest, Andrea’s top consisted of a couple of triangles covering her breasts, and strings to keep everything in place.

Kim was startled at Arya’s voice as he was staring at Andrea’s top. “Mom said that she’d let me get one like that once I get older.”

Arya seemed oblivious to the fact that Kim had been gawking at her mother. Andrea, on the other hand, smiled at Kim, knowingly.

The sun was already down by the time they got to the pool. A couple of lights on opposite corners of the pool area cast a weak light over fenced-in pool. Before he could run and jump in first, Kim felt Arya’s hand grab his, “Come on, let’s both do cannonballs, I bet we can get Mom wet!”

Before Kim could respond, he was jerked toward the side of the pool, and the only thing he could do is curl into a ball and hit right next to where Arya had just landed. And then they were off. Arya started by lunging at Kim, dunking him before splashing away.

Andrea sat on the lowest step at the shallow end of the pool, just soaking and enjoying the warm night air. Arya, on the other hand, was getting more daring. When she lunged at Kim, her fingers grazed his shorts, and he could feel her fingers trying to grasp it.

Kim pivoted and managed just to get his arm around her neck. And before he dunked her, he whispered, “Your mom’s watching!”

It was a few dunks later when Kim let his defense down for a bare moment. Arya swam below him and pulled his feet out from under him, and in the process, also tugged on the bottom of his swimsuit, pulling it down past his knees.

She was halfway across the pool when Kim surfaced, tugging his swimsuit back into place. He glanced over at Andrea, and she didn’t seem to have seen the incident. Growling, Kim threw himself after Arya and caught her. He grabbed her around the waist. As he pulled her under, he couldn’t help feeling how different it felt than the old one-piece suit she’d worn as recently as the day before. Her skin was smooth to the touch.

Kim was so focused on Arya’s smooth skin that he was caught flat-footed when she wriggled out from his grasp long enough to sink down in front of him and then pull his swimsuit down. He jerked to the right, trying to get away from Arya. But when he grabbed for his trunks, all he got was his skin. And before he could react, the girl was swimming away with his swimsuit in one hand.

The commotion had drawn Andrea’s attention. She stood and said, “Is that what I think it is?”

Arya was near her mother when she laughed and said, “Yeah. Kim let his guard down, and I won!”

Kim swam until the water was about three feet deep and covered his penis as he said, “That’s not fair. Like I told you last time you tried this, I can’t do that to you.”

Arya wiggled her body at the boy and said, “Maybe that was true with my old swimsuit. But now, you’re just too slow.”

Andrea shook her head and said, “Well, seems to me that turn-about is fair play.”

With what sounded like permission to him, Kim lunged forward. It wasn’t easy, staying low enough and covering himself with at least one hand, but as he showed he was willing to come into the shallow water, Arya was forced into the deeper water, where Kim didn’t feel as self-conscious about his nakedness.

Kim cornered the girl in the deep end, and as she dived into swimming around him, Kim managed to grab her around the chest. As he pulled her down, he saw that Arya looked at him with a grin. When he realized where her eyes were focused, he moved his own hands down and grabbed her bikini bottoms. In his fastest move of the night, Kim fled with the baby-blue bottoms in his hands, first to the bottom and then toward the shallow end. He came up well short of Andrea and said, “You did say turn-about’s fair play, right?”

When Arya’s mother nodded, Kim tossed her the girl’s bottoms. By now, Arya swam up to him and cried, “No fair. The water was too deep!”

Before Kim could find a suitable comeback, Andrea said, “Alright. You kids get your suits back on. Now that I know what you guys do when y’all come over here, I can see I’m going to have to come over a supervise.”

Kim studied Andrea as Arya threw his swimsuit at him. She was laughing as she’d said it. Plus, she didn’t bat an eye when both kids pantsed each other.

When they got back to the apartment, Andrea said, “Kim, you spend more time over here than you do at your own place. Why don’t you keep your swimsuit over here? We can hang it to dry next to mine and Arya’s.

Kim’s hand rested on the front door, “Where would I change?”

Andrea pointed toward the bathroom, “If you want a little privacy, you can change in the bathroom or my room.”

Kim nodded. It was getting old running back and forth between the two apartments every time he and Arya went swimming.

Andrea pointed to the bathroom and said, “Alright, Ms. Birthday girl, head on into the bathroom. It’s bath time.”

Arya arched her eyebrows, “Tonight?”

Kim’s ears perked up. Kim liked baths and showers the way mafia dons like the IRS, which meant he took one once or twice a week. Before now, he hadn’t heard Andrea tell the girl to get a bath, so he’d figured Arya felt similarly.

Before Andrea could reply, there was a knock on the door, and Kim, who was closest, opened it. His dad was standing there. “Hey, kiddo.”

There was a slight smell of cigarette smoke on his dad’s clothes. He’d just come from the bar. But there was no smell of alcohol. Kim was familiar enough with his dad’s weekend routine to know his dad enjoyed grabbing a bite to eat, watching whatever game was on the big-screen, and drinking a couple of beers.

“Hi,” Kim said.

Andrea came over and opened the door wider. “OH, hey John, how are you this evening? Coming to pick up Kim?”

Kim’s dad shook his head, “No, uh, actually, I want to tell you how grateful I am that you let him stay over with you gals as much as you do.”

The young woman put an arm around Kim’s chest, “It’s no problem at all,” she said, “He’s a joy to have around.”

John reached out and tousled Kim’s wet hair. “He’s a good kid. Anyway, um, I was just about to head back out, and I wanted to see if you wanted to join me. I thought I could buy you a late dinner as a small thanks.”

Andrea’s eyes grew round, “Oh, that’s nice of you.”

She glanced back into the living room and pursed her lips. After a short moment, she gave a nearly imperceptible nod and turned around to John and said, “Thank you. I’d like that. Let me get changed, and I’ll be right out.”

She left Kim at the door as she hurried back to her bedroom. The boy looked up at his dad, trying to figure out what was going on. Since his mom’s passing, John O’Hara hadn’t, to the best of his knowledge, gone out with anybody. He’d taken his wife’s death even harder than Kim had.

The boy felt conflicted about his dad asking Andrea out. Kim felt like he wanted to protect the young woman, who stirred inside him feelings he didn’t understand, and at the same time that his dad should still be faithful to his mom’s memory. He cocked his head, the confusion plane to see, “What’s going on?”

“Nothing, Kim. I meant what I said. I appreciate her help.” He pulled his shirt to his nose and wrinkled it. “God, this smells of cigarettes. I need to change. Come on home later if you want.”

Kim closed the door, perplexed. The last thing he’d expected of his dad was to ask Andrea out.

The young woman poked her head from the bedroom and said, “What was that about?”

Her shoulders were bare as Kim tried not to stare, “No idea.”

Her head disappeared for a second, then her voice called out, “Come on back. I’m not naked now.”

Kim and Arya came over to Andrea’s doorway. The young woman was rifling through her closet, wearing a pink pair of underwear and a matching bra. Kim couldn’t help staring. It was no more revealing than her swimsuit, but still, Kim felt something flutter in his stomach as he watched her. It somehow felt more intimate.

“You don’t think your dad likes me, do you?” Andrea said as she pulled a pair of blue jeans off a hanger.

The boy shook his head, “He’s never said anything.”

Andrea said, “I like him well enough, but…”

Arya finished, “You’re not interested in him?”

“I don’t know,” Andrea said. Once she pulled on a nice blouse, she turned to the kids, “What do you think?”

Kim nodded, “You look nice.”

Arya said, “You going to put makeup on?”

Andrea glanced into her vanity mirror and shook her head, “No. It’s not a date.” Then she pointed toward the bathroom and added, “Arya, bath!”

Arya folded her arms, “But you always give me my baths.”

Andrea moved her arms like she was parting the Red Sea, and Kim and the young girl moved out of her way as she went into the bathroom and combed her hair. She sighed as she used the brush to work out a knot. “See what you’re getting yourself into, Kim. Arya can be very pig-headed.”

Kim laughed as the girl sputtered, “I’m not pig headed, Mom.”

Arya’s eyes slid over to Kim, and she flushed as she added, “You know why I don’t like being alone in the tub.”

Andrea’s shoulders slumped, “I didn’t realize you haven’t gotten over that, sweetie. I’m sorry.”

Confused, Kim looked back and forth. “I don’t understand.”

Andrea’s head drooped, embarrassed. The flush in Arya’s face spread down her neck when she said, “I nearly drowned in the tub when I was little. I haven’t…”

Andrea said, “It was my fault. I was only eighteen. And I got distracted while Arya was in the bathtub. When I realized that she wasn’t still splashing, I found her face down in the tub. It took the paramedics to revive her.”

Arya lowered her head, and in the quietest voice Kim had heard yet, she finished, “That’s why I don’t want to be alone.”

Kim’s heart twisted at the agony in Arya’s voice. He’d never once guessed that the boisterous young girl with whom he loved playing video games, swimming, and simply being around, had been traumatized by something as terrible as a near-drowning.

When he heard the girl sniffling, Kim realized he cared too much to stand by and let Arya feel this way alone. He stepped over and hugged her. He didn’t know what to say. His mind and emotions were too jumbled for that.

Arya threw her arms around his neck as another sob escaped her lips.

Kim felt another arm slide around him as Andrea stepped over and pulled both him and Arya into her embrace. She said, “Oh, sweetie, I’m so, so sorry.”

Arya, her tear-streaked face pressed against Kim’s neck, said, “You’ve always bathed me or let me join you in the shower, so I didn’t want to bother you with how I still felt.”

Andrea heaved a sigh, “I’m sorry, I should have asked about it. I’ll tell John that I’ll need to take a raincheck.”

As his thoughts twisted around in the maelstrom of his mind, the one thing Kim knew was he wanted to be there for Arya and her mom. “I can sit right outside the bathroom door, Andrea, you don’t have to stay. I won’t let anything happen to Arya, I promise.”

Arya shook her head against Kim’s tear-soaked neck and added, “No, Mom. You hardly ever get to go out and have fun. You should go.”

Andrea let go and said, “You guys sure? I can cancel.”

Kim nodded. Arya pulled her head up and gave him a watery smile as she said, “Can Kim stay in the bathroom instead of outside it?

Andrea had picked up her purse from the dining table and said, “Sweetie, are you sure? I mean, he’d see you without any clothes on. I know you two have become best friends, but that might make both of you uncomfortable.”

Arya shook her head, “I don’t mind. Kim did pull my bikini bottom off earlier.”

Kim was still trying to wrap his mind around Arya’s suggestion. Still, he couldn’t help but defend himself, “That was after you stole my shorts.”

Andrea set the purse down and came back over to Kim. She put a hand on his shoulder and said, “It’s up to you, Kim. If you’re okay being in the bathroom with Arya, then I trust you completely. If you don’t, then we’ll deal with the bath tomorrow.”

She glanced at her daughter, “How does that sound?”

The girl nodded, “That’s good. Now go and have fun.”

A moment later, Andrea was gone, the front door closing behind her. That’s when Kim realized he was still hugging his best friend. He let go when he felt a twinge inside his swimsuit. He prayed the girl hadn’t noticed anything and stammered, “Uh, so, are you going to wait until tomorrow, or…”

The girl’s flush was still present as she bit her lower lip. “Um, I don’t know. Can I ask…” her voice trailed off.

Kim nodded, “What?”

“Would it bother you to see me…” Arya paused, turning even a deeper red, “Um, naked?”

Kim thought back to when he’d caught up with Arya in the swimming pool. When he’d returned the favor and pulled her bikini bottom off, he hadn’t glimpsed what the bikini had been covering. Still, he had seen the girl’s backside earlier, and he really liked the way seeing her had made him feel.

The thought about their differences in age flicked across his mind, but that didn’t bother him anymore. What he felt for the girl left him agreeing with Andrea’s earlier comment that their ages didn’t matter. And the truth was, if Arya was okay with it, he wanted to see her, too.

Kim’s mouth was dry when he said, “N-no. If you’re okay with it, then I am too.”

Arya turned around. She whispered, “Please untie me.”

With hands trembling even more than when he’d tied the strings earlier, Kim fumbled until he untied them. Unlike before, when the girl had used her arms to hold the top in pace against her chest, now the material fluttered to the floor.

Then Arya took him by the hand and led him into the bathroom. The mirror over the sink was big, covering the wall from the countertop to the ceiling. They stopped and looked. Kim thought he and Arya looked a lot alike, despite different hair color. Arya’s pageboy haircut was only slightly longer than his. She had also lost some of the paleness she had at the start of the summer. And the inch difference in height was scarcely noticeable, standing side by side. Even their chests were almost identical. Kim’s nipples were nearly the same shade as his tan, while Arya’s were slightly darker than the rest of her skin. To his untrained eye, though, their nipples looked to be the same size, shape, and color.

Like her chest, Arya’s body didn’t have any of the subtle curves Kim had noticed with Andrea. The girl’s hips looked like his own, although she showed more skin in her bikini bottom than he did in his swimsuit.

He pointed to their reflection, “we look a lot alike, don’t you think?”

Arya’s eyes looked lower on the mirror, “I don’t know. I saw your, um, dinky when I pulled your swimsuit off.”

She giggled as she added, “It didn’t look anything like mine.”

Kim wanted to be embarrassed that the girl had caught a glimpse, but he couldn’t help giggling, too. “A dinky? What do you call, um, yours?”

Still giggling, Arya said, “My kitty.”

Kim shook his head, chuckling, “A dinky and a kitty. Oh, man.”

Arya stuck her tongue out, “I know they have other names, but they sound, um, kinda dirty and stupid.”

Kim felt himself twitch, and he faced away from the mirror and turned on the water, filling the tub up. As the water level rose, he said, “Is it okay for me to stand by the sink?”

The girl shrugged, “If you want to. But, um, Mom washes me.”

Kim felt another twinge between his legs and felt it push against his swimsuit. He sat down on the edge of the tub and drew his legs together. The idea of touching Arya sent a thrill up his spine as his tummy fluttered. But it scared him, too. Before Arya’s birthday, he’d never kissed a girl and certainly hadn’t seen one naked. And now, she wanted him to give her a bath!

“Are you sure? That would mean touching you.”

Arya pointed to the tub, “That’s high enough. When Mom washes me, she washes me all over. But, you wouldn’t have to wash my, um, kitty if you didn’t want to.”

Kim turned the water off as Arya came around him. She pulled her bikini bottom down and tossed them into the sink, on top of Andrea’s swimsuit. She bit her lower lip as the red returned to her cheeks. Still facing the tub, she whispered, “Kim?”

Kim’s eyes were studying the wallpaper on the other wall. Knowing his best friend was naked next to him made him twitch again. The strain on his shorts would have been only too noticeable if his legs weren’t closed. “Yeah?”

Flushed, Arya turned and faced him. She stammered, “D-do y-you think I’m p-pretty?”

Unable to ignore the plaintive tone in the girl’s voice, he turned his head and looked at the girl. Her feet were shoulder-width apart. Sitting on the ledge of the tub, his eyes were just above Arya’s belly button, and he could see more than an inch of her puffy slit between her legs. The girl didn’t look much like the pictures of naked women Kim had looked at online. Some had hair, and others were smooth, but all of them looked older, more mature.

Kim’s heart pounded in his chest as he nodded. He’d never felt this way about any other girl, and no girl had ever looked at him like Arya did. “Yeah. Very.”

He tried to ignore the pressure in his swimsuit. Even so, Kim felt a kindred spirit in Arya. Though he trembled at the thought of touching her, he would happily do so if it meant making her happy.

Arya stepped into the tub and sank into the water with a contented sigh. After a moment, she said, “Will you wash me, please?”

Kim found he liked the plaintive note in the girl’s voice. It felt like she was saying she needed him. He picked up a pink loofah floating atop the water and poured some body wash onto it.

Arya hunched over, and Kim scrubbed her back until it was covered with suds. Then he soaked the sponge and squeezed it, sending water cascading down her back. He did that a couple of more times until the girl’s back glistened under the overhead light.

The girl’s back felt soft under the loofah. Kim dropped it in the water and put his hands on her back. They tingled at the touch as he ran them along her upper back.

Arya trembled and said, “That’s your hand.”

“Uh-huh. Is it okay?”

She sighed, “Yeah. Feels nice. Do you mind washing the rest of me with your hands?”

Kim felt another twinge in his swimsuit. He was glad the way he sat kept the girl from seeing how excited she’d made him. “Sure. How do you want me to get your front?”

Arya slid her butt toward the front of the tub and lay her head in the water. She had a frightened look when she stopped moving, and her hand reached out and took his. In response to Kim’s alarmed expression, she exhaled and said, “I’m okay. Just don’t like it when the water sloshes around.”

Kim slid off the side of the tub and leaned over until he could reach Arya’s shoulders, careful to keep his swimsuit below the tub’s ledge. He poured several dollops of bodywash across Arya’s torso and then put his hands on the girl’s shoulders. She gave him a quick nod, and he worked the wash into a lather, spreading it across her chest. His fingers ran over the bumps that were Arya’s nipples a few times until his touch hardened the tiny nubs.

The girl’s eyes were closed, and her lips were turned up into a smile. Kim worked the lather down her chest, to her belly. He worked his fingers down to her abdomen before moving to her feet. He repeated the process, dropping a few dollops of bodywash on her legs before working the lather into her skin. When he reached her upper thighs, he stopped.

“How was that?”

Arya opened her eyes, “Only one thing would make it better.”

“What’s that?” Kim asked.

The girl’s face turned red, and she bit her lower lip, as she seemed to struggle with finishing her thought.

Finally, her voice took that plaintive tone that was music to Kim’s ears. “Will you wash my kitty?”

Kim had managed to keep his eyes roaming over the girl’s body, but at that, his eyes went to the girl’s vagina. His fingers longed to finish what they had started, but before he could say anything, he recalled Andrea saying that she trusted him. He had figured she wouldn’t have let him stay with Arya in the bathroom if she had a problem with him helping with the girl’s bath. But to touch the girl down there, he didn’t see how Andrea had intended that.

“I’m not sure, Arya. I don’t think your mom would want me to touch your…kitty.”

The girl nearly whined, “Please. Mom always washes me down there, and she won’t mind. I promise.”

Kim wanted to believe Arya, so he grabbed the bottle of bodywash and poured a dab on her smooth pubic mound. When he touched her there, the tingle in his fingers ran straight to his dick, which twitched and pushed against his swimsuit. As he worked the bodywash around, turning it into suds, his fingers worked closer and closer to Arya’s slit. The closer he came, the more she spread her legs. He shifted his angle, and he could see all of the girl’s puffy lips beneath her.

When he touched the top of her slit, Arya shuddered and said, “Oh, that feels better than when mom touches me. Lots.”

Encouraged by Arya’s voice, Kim ran his soapy fingers up and down the outside of the girl’s slit. “Is this what your mom does?”

She shrugged even as she smiled up at him, “For the most part. She runs one of her fingers in my kitty to make sure I’m clean.”

Kim’s finger tremored as he pushed it through Arya’s immature labia. He felt the warmth of her inner lips and moved down until he felt a hole.

Arya giggled, “That’s my inner kitty. Mom won’t clean in there.”

Kim pulled back, tracing his finger back the way it came.

Arya reached down and grabbed his hand. Still smiling, she said, “But one day, I’ll let you. If you want.”

The girl let go, and Kim leaned back. His voice shook, “I, uh, guess we’re done. All clean.”

Arya sat up and said, “I’m really glad you stayed with me.”

Kim wanted to hold the girl so much, his heart nearly ached. Even though his emotions were a wreck, he knew his feelings for Arya were way beyond best friends. He managed, “Me, too.”

Arya’s eyes roamed over Kim’s face and torso, and she bit her lip before she rushed to say, “You don’t have to, or anything, and I know we’re best friends, and if that’s all we ever are, then that would be awesome, but I really, really like you. And I think you like me, too. And I know I’m not making any sense, but would you kiss me again?”

The words poured out of the girl in a rapid stream. And Kim was trying to understand. Until she got to the last part. The boy’s voice squeaked. “Kiss you again?”

Kim wondered how she had managed to put her heart out there like that when his was such a mess. Still, she had summed up what he wanted, even if it was all jumbled. Finally, he nodded. He started to lean forward when Arya stood up, water sluicing off her in small torrents.

She said, “Can you hold me like before?”

Kim was still crouched on the floor, next to the tub. He wanted to stand up and hug and kiss Arya almost more than anything else. Except she would see him poking out against his swimsuit.

Arya’s tone was plaintive, “Stand up and kiss me, please!”

As much as Kim wanted to shield himself from the girl’s eyes, he felt powerless against her plea. Still, when he stood, he remained hunched over.

Arya said, “Oh, no. You’re not hurt or anything, are you?”

Feeling his face turn scarlet, Kim shook his head, “No. It’s nothing. Just can’t stand up all the way.”

Kim, naked in all her glory, crouched down and giggled, “Oh. Now I understand.”

She stood up and said, “Is your dinky stiff?”

As much as Kim hated the word ‘dinky,’ it sounded incredibly cute in Arya’s mouth. He nodded, “Yeah.”

Arya squatted next to him, “Why did it get stiff?”

Kim rested his knees on the floor, his hands covering his lap. “Has Andrea told you about boys and girls and, uh, stuff?”

Arya nodded, “Some. I know that boys have dinkies, and girls have kittens.”

Kim couldn’t resist, “Really?”

She stuck her tongue out, “Penises and vaginas. I think those names sound gross.”

Kim chuckled. “Fine. So, I’ve got a dinky, and you’ve got a kitty. What else?”

Arya flushed before saying, “Um, well, I’ve seen videos of, uh, stuff. If your dinky gets really stiff, then you can put it in my kitty. We’d move around a lot. And if we were older, we’d make a baby.

Kim’s face was warm. He’d expected a somewhat less detailed and inaccurate explanation. He said, “Yeah. I guess that pretty much sums it up.”

Still flushed, Arya pointed to his swimsuit, “Why are you stiff? You don’t want to put it in my kitty, do you?”

Kim’s jaw dropped; he was stunned. “What? In your… Um, that’s not why it gets stiff, Arya.”

He really liked Arya. More than he could have imagined even a few days before. But sex was the province of his fantasies, and even when he’d touched her kitty, no, dammit, her pussy, the thought of sticking his penis into her hadn’t really crossed his mind at that moment.

Arya frowned a bit, “Then why’d you get a stiffy?”

Kim moved from his knees and sat Indian-style on the floor, with his hands still resting in his lap, “I’m thirteen. I get erections all the time. Sometimes they just happen.”

“Oh,” Arya said, “I thought maybe your dinky was stiff because of…”

Her eyes were still on his swimsuit, but her tongue seemed to be tied.

Kim felt himself twitch as his dick pushed against the fabric of his swimsuit. He was happy to sit and just gaze at Arya’s naked body. Squatting down, he could see her puffy lips spread open, exposing a small hood just below the top of her slit. Even as red as he knew his face was, he still smiled at the girl, “You didn’t let me finish. I also get stiff when I get excited. And bathing you was exciting.”

Arya pointed to his shorts, “What’s your dinky look like? Can I see it?”

Kim’s eyes cut to the door even though his mind told him Andrea and his dad would be gone for a couple of hours. Arya’s mom had told him she trusted him. And it was hard to think that showing the girl his boyhood would square with him being trustworthy. But as he saw the expression on Arya’s face, he didn’t want to tell her no. What to do?

Arya said, “Me and Mom see each other naked all the time. And I did see your dinky in the pool earlier.”

He pushed thoughts of what Andrea might think aside. After all, she had gone on a date with his dad. He climbed to his feet and said, “Alright.”

Without waiting for Arya to climb to her feet, Kim yanked his swimsuit to his knees. His painful erection popped out and slapped against his abdomen.

Arya leaned forward until her face with less than a foot from his erection. “Oh, wow. I’ve never seen a real one before. It looks really nice, Kim.”

As if he needed another reason to fall for the girl, the fact she thought his thin almost-four inches was nice was just icing on the cake. For the past year, Kim had dreaded even trying to ask a girl out, knowing that if she ever saw his small hairless package, he would have died of humiliation. And Arya thought it was ‘really nice!’

After a moment, he pulled his swimsuit back up and said, “Are you ready to dry off now?”

Arya shook her head, “No, I still want that kiss.”

Kim smiled, not worried about the tent in his swimsuit. He stepped forward and put his arms around her naked waist and pulled their bodies together. He leaned forward and kissed her for the second time. This time, he remembered to breathe through his nose.

Later, he patted his shorts. They were dry when he climbed onto the queen-sized sofa bed in the living room where Arya already stretched out, wearing just a pair of panties. She was streaming something from Netflix. He settled in next to her, and they watched the show until one after the other, they fell asleep.

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