Sibling Rivalry
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Chapter 2

Back at the townhouse, Megan headed to the kitchen while Shane took the stairs. Jack followed her and when she opened the fridge he spoke, asking, “Aren’t you gonna put on clothes?”

Megan turned to find the boy standing there watching her, still erect, his fingers sliding a loose bit of foreskin up and down over his acorn-shaped glans. “Do you think I should?” she asked.

He shrugged his thin shoulders. “No, but it’s just kinda weird, since you never got naked before.”

“Well, I decided to try it, and I guess I like it,” she said with a smile.

Jack nodded absently, still slowly stroking the head of his cock and said, “You got nice boobs, so you should keep your clothes off.”

“Well… thanks,” she said.

“Hey!” he suddenly said, releasing his cock, which sprang upward to slap against his groin. “You wanna see my hairs now?”

Megan desperately wanted to get a closer look at the boy’s young cock, but the thought sent a shiver of fear through her as well. Jack was looking at her so earnestly though, that she relented. “Sure,” she said.

“Sit in that chair,” he said pointing to a chair in the middle of the table. He switched on the kitchen light, which shone almost directly on that spot.

When she sat, he came over and presented himself to her. With a mixture of excitement and trepidation, Megan leaned close.

Jack rubbed his fingers over his groin, peering down, then pinched a single, silky strand, nearly invisible, and pulled on it gently to display it. “See?” he said.

“I do see,” she said, her eyes drinking in the sight. Nearly four inches long, straight as an arrow, with a small, pinkish glans. There was a tracery of blue veins along the length of it, and down below she saw at least half a dozen silky hairs on his little testicles. Unable to stop herself, she reached up and ran a finger over his scrotum, watching it contract. “You have hair here, too,” she breathed.

“Uh-huh,” Jack said in a faint voice, and Megan knew that if she looked up she’d see those intense blue eyes staring down at her, sparkling with desire.

She stared at her nephew’s cock, her mouth watering. She’d never wanted to suck a cock so badly. She swallowed the excess saliva in her mouth, imagining running her tongue along the prominent ridge along the underside of Jack’s eleven-year-old penis. Then she pulled her hand back, holding her breath, pushing down her desire.

“I…” she swallowed again. “I have to go to my room. To the bathroom,” she clarified. “I’ll be back in a couple of minutes, okay, Jack?” Then, without waiting for an answer, she hurried up the stairs. She needed to cum so badly. Her vibrator was in a drawer in her room, and she couldn’t wait to feel the familiar buzz stimulating her insides.

However, her plan to find some release from the buildup of sexual tension was abruptly ruined as she hurried down the hallway toward the guest room. She’d became aware of the sound as she topped the stairs, but was so focused on her need to masturbate, she hadn’t applied any significance to it. As she reached the doorway to the boys’ bedroom, the sound met picture and coalesced into a scene which stopped her in her tracks.

The sound had been a sort of squelching accompanying a slapping sound. As she stopped outside the bedroom door, she saw Shane lying on his bed. His bed was to the left of Jack’s, situated with the head opposite her, so that the curling toes on his feet were toward her. The slapping sound was the rapid movement of the boy’s hand sliding up and down on his cock. The squelching was no doubt the result of the body lotion bottle lying on the bed.

Megan nearly sank to the ground as her knees went weak. It was so much more intense than any fantasy she’d ever had. Shane’s cock was angry and powerful, nearly five thick inches of straining boy meat, the widely flared head swollen and red. Between his legs, his large balls jerked with his motions, and his little gasps of pleasured effort sent stabs of electricity through her pussy. Without conscious thought, her hand was between her legs, and she gave a shuddering sigh as her fingers slid past her pink folds into her molten core. She gasped, and hunched over, pleasure rocking her as her plunging fingers pistoned in and out, her eyes locked on the shining length of her nephew’s straining young cock.

As she was inundated with a shuddering orgasm, she heard an almost pained whine from Shane, and her eyes flew wide as she saw a sudden, arcing spray of watery semen jet upward. Two, three, four streams of liquid splashed up and out and, mind numb from the display, but overcome with sudden fear, Megan forced her legs to move and she hurried down the hall imagining those squirts of jizz landing on the boy’s smooth skin, imagined leaning over him and sliding her tongue among those savory puddles, sucking up his essence.

Twenty minutes later, Megan stood in her room, staring at her naked body in the mirror over the dresser. Her hair was still a bit damp from a shower, where she’d cleaned all evidence of her lust from her body after standing dully under the hot spray for at least half of that time. She wished she could clean her conscious just as easily. Not only had she watched her thirteen-year-old nephew masturbate himself to orgasm, but she’d touched her eleven-year-old nephew’s genitals, not once, but twice.

Now she stood there, trying to decide if she should put on some clothes or not before going downstairs to her young nephews. It seemed one hell of a surreal dilemma. The whole nudity thing was very new, and she knew that part of the courage she’d found to do it in the first place was really an underlying sexual excitement about showing herself to the boys. There was a lot of danger in that though, as evidenced by the three times she’d already crossed a line. Four, if she counted telling Shane he had a nice dick. Yeah, definitely four.

In the end, she thought that dressing now would seem like a defeat, and might somehow signal to the boys that something had happened, or that what had happened was somehow wrong. Certainly an admission of guilt. So, still nude, she left her room and headed downstairs.

Just in time for another surprise. Perhaps. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, silent on her bare feet, she caught sight of the back of Shane’s head leaned back against a sofa cushion in the living room. She was struck for a moment about the oddness of the boy sitting there in silence, as the television wasn’t on. She must have made some sort of noise, because all of a sudden, Jack’s blond head poked up, an alarmed look on his face, while Shane twisted around, staring at her wide-eyed.

“Hey,” Megan said, a bit confused. Part of her brain was trying to tell her something, but she wasn’t sure what. Jack jumped to his feet, and she noticed that he was hard again. Or perhaps still. He looked down at his brother, desperate, while Shane twisted himself around and hid his body behind the sofa cushions.

“Hey,” Shane said, a bit strained and overly casual. “We were just… talking,” he said. “About… lunch! Uh… are you gonna make something?”

“Suuuure,” she said suspiciously. “Why don’t you come help?”

“Me?” Shane asked, swallowing nervously.

“Both of you,” she said.

“I… can’t,” Shane said.

“Why not?” she asked, walking forward. Shane hunched tighter behind the sofa. “What are you guys up to?” she asked, although she had a sneaking suspicion which was once again tightening things down below.

“I…” Shane said, but then trailed off uncertainly.

“He’s got a boner!” Jack exclaimed, and Shane turned and glared at his brother.

Jack glared back, his eyes full of meaning and said, “He’s just got a boner, and that’s why he’s embarrassed.”

Shane gave an appreciative look and said, “Yeah, it’s just kind of embarrassing.”

Megan didn’t buy it for a moment. Especially after the walk back from the pool, where the thirteen-year-old had proudly displayed his large erection after her talk with him. Besides, she worked with kids their age every day and could spot a lie a mile off. She had a strong suspicion what they’d been doing, but she decided to unpack that particular thought later on. Alone. Armed with her vibrator. Instead, trying to ignore the sudden tightness between her legs which was announcing it wanted to unpack the thought now, and not just unpack, but spread out and examine in intimate, sweaty, boycum-dripping detail, she said, “Well, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It happens to boys all the time, and I’m going to be here a month, so we might as well both get used to it.” There, she thought, that sounded reasonable. Bullshit, but reasonable.

“I… yeah,” Shane finished lamely. Then, after a moment of indecision, Shane levered himself back and off the sofa, revealing that he did indeed have a throbbing erection, but what the thirteen-year-old apparently hadn’t considered was the very clear evidence of saliva on his cock, which made it shine in the overhead lights.

Megan’s eyes locked on it and once again she found herself outside his room, watching his hand stroke that gorgeous young cock to orgasm. She felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy contract, and embarrassed now herself, she turned and moved toward the kitchen, saying back over her shoulder, “Well, let’s get something to eat.”

She could hear the boys behind her, shuffling footsteps and hushed whispering. Ignoring them, she went to the fridge. Then she opened the freezer. “How about a pizza?” she asked, seeing a frozen pepperoni pizza there.

“Pizza!” Jack exclaimed.

Figuring that was good enough endorsement for her, she pulled it out of the freezer, took a look at the directions, and after a few seconds of staring, figured out how to preheat the oven. Then she turned, wondering what they were supposed to do for the next thirty minutes while the oven preheated and the pizza cooked.

Shane, standing a few feet behind her, looked guiltily away as she turned. His still quite full erection gave some indication of what he’d been thinking. Or maybe he was just a thirteen-year-old with a boner. When he turned back and caught her staring, he blushed and moved to cover it, but then stopped.

She must have given some sort of look, because he said, “You said not to be embarrassed.”

“I… you’re right,” she said, going to sit at the table. “You shouldn’t be.”

Shane stood where he was for a few long moments, then he stepped closer to her, his erection bouncing with his steps. He stopped about three feet away from her. “Are you?” he asked.

“Embarrassed?” she asked, looking away from his swaying boner guiltily.

“Yeah,” Shane said. Jack sat down next to Megan, watching the conversation.

“I was a little bit at first,” she admitted, deliberately misunderstanding. “I guess going nude isn’t as bad as I always imagined.”

“Not about that,” Shane said quietly. He stepped forward until his knees were nearly touching hers. “I mean about this.”

There was no question what this was. As she watched, Shane’s cock jerked, and she wasn’t sure if it had just happened or if he’d done it on purpose. This was the closest she’d been to it, and she couldn’t help staring. She guessed it was maybe an inch-and-a-half thick, his balls seeming large and pendulous for such a slight body. Interestingly, she saw no hairs on his scrotum at all, but that little fan of dark hairs around the base of his meaty cock made her itch to rub her fingers across them. As she watched, his cock lurched again, and this time a little bubble of precum oozed out of the tip of his cock and slid down the spongy head.

Megan wasn’t sure what she’d have said, or done, in the next moment, but she was spared the consequences of whatever it might have been by the sound of the door opening and her sister’s voice calling out, “Anyone home?”

“Mom!” Jack cried, jumping up and rushing out of the room.

Shane gave her a mysteriously meaningful look, then he went after his brother, although at a more sedate pace. Megan slumped in the chair, her heart racing, feeling she’d just dodged a bullet.

“Oof! Let me put my bags down, Monkey,” Nicole said, obviously in response to an enthusiastic greeting from Jack.

“Did you guys have fun?” Megan heard.

“Yeah!” came Jack’s voice. “We went swimming and now Aunt Megan’s making us pizza.”

“Pizza, huh?” Then a pause and Megan heard, “Well, someone’s certainly happy to see me,” which she thought was likely in response to her oldest son’s erection. She felt another stab of jealousy that her sister was able to see such things every day and apparently remain unaffected by it. Megan couldn’t imagine it.

Then a full minute went by without any sound at all. It was unnaturally quiet, and Megan was sure it meant that the boys were having a whispered conversation with their mother. Megan began to panic. What had she been thinking? How had she imagined she could ever hide what she was from her sister? She began to rehearse excuses. The boys had imagined it. They were misinterpreting what had happened. How quickly could she pack?

Then she heard her sister’s heels clicking on the wooden floors coming toward her and there was no more time for planning. She rose to her feet nervously, and Nicole stopped short when she saw her. Then her sister was grinning at her. “The boys said you’d finally taken the plunge, but I had to see it for myself.” She walked forward then and hugged her, then held her at arm’s length, staring her up and down. “Welcome to the club,” she smiled.

“I was at the pool, and it just seemed silly to be the only one wearing clothes,” Megan said, trying for a casual tone, amazed that it seemed that would be that.

“That gets most people,” Nicole said. “Preheated,” she said, going to the oven and sliding in the frozen pizza, the gear change confusing Megan for a moment. Nicole closed the oven and turned back with a sly smile. “I bet Shane went nuts. He’s got a major crush on you, you know.”

Megan blushed, and Nicole laughed, delighted. “How long did it take him to get hard? Was it instant or did he have the sense to try to hide it?”

“I…” Megan began, flummoxed.

Nicole laughed again. “Your face,” she said. She shook her head, amused. “He was stiff enough to cut glass when I just saw him, so you must have had to deal with it for awhile.” When Megan still couldn’t speak, Nicole grinned and said, “I’m sorry, Megs. I should have warned you.”

“I… well, he was embarrassed, but I told him not to be.”

“Kid walks around this complex sporting wood on a daily basis, but with you he gets embarrassed,” her sister chuckled again. Then another sly look. “He’s a bit of a surprise, isn’t he?”

“I… what do you mean?” Megan asked.

Nicole gave her a knowing look and held up her pinky, giving it a suggestive wiggle. “From this, to this,” she said, illustrating with a clenched fist, her other hand gripping her elbow. “Jacky is out there. What you see is what you get, but Shane is like one of those toys Mom used to buy you when you were little. Put em in water and…” and she moved her cupped hands further and further apart. She laughed again.

Nicole glanced at her watch. Then she looked to the kitchen counter and said, “Alexa, set timer for fifteen minutes.”

Okay, fifteen minutes and counting, the device responded.

“That’ll be lunch,” Nicole said. Then, “I’m going to go get changed.”


That evening, they came back from dinner around nine. They’d gotten dressed, which already seemed a bit weird to Megan, and like the rest of the family, she’d happily stripped once they arrived back at the house. Then they all gathered in the living room for popcorn and a movie.

Shane was stretched out on the floor in front of the large television. He was on his stomach, with his feet in the air, waving idly around, which did interesting things to his balls, which were clearly visible between his legs. Nicole sat curled on the right side of the sofa, while Megan sat on the left. Jack was on his back on a loveseat off to the right, and Megan couldn’t take her eyes off him.

The movie was in no way sexual, so Megan wasn’t sure what was setting the boy off, but his boyish erection left no doubt that he was aroused by something. He was lying there watching the movie while his fingers once again worked at the bit of foreskin he had remaining after his circumcision, moving it up and down over his small cockhead. Sometimes, he’d release his grip on his glans to slide his fingers down along the shaft to his balls, which he’d squeeze a bit before taking his little helmet between his fingers again.

Even from a distance, Megan thought she could see a tiny spot of moisture at the tip of the boy’s penis, and she wondered if he were capable of anything like the display Shane had put on earlier. The longer she watched the eleven-year-old, the more she became convinced that she would soon find out one way or the other.

As if thinking it had predicted it, Jack apparently had reached a point where his idly stroking fingers were no longer sufficient. As she felt the warmth growing between her legs, Megan watched as Jack wrapped his fist around his little boner and began to stroke it up and down in earnest. She did her best not to stare and make it obvious she was watching. Jack spread his coltish legs and his left hand slid downward, taking his small testicles in a loose grip while his stroking hand picked up speed. Up and down, faster and faster, while his skinny hips began to make little thrusting movements, and then he let out a little puppy whine of need.

Nicole turned her head, then turned to Megan, who quickly flicked her eyes back to the television. “Jacky,” the boy’s mother said softly, but the boy either didn’t hear her, or ignored her as his hand stroked his four-inch erection faster and faster. Now Shane turned, and seeing what his brother was doing, he snorted a quiet laugh.

“Jacky,” Nicole repeated, more loudly this time. When her sister threw her a look, Megan didn’t bother to look away, instead giving her a quirked eyebrow, which earned her an eye roll in return. Still the boy continued to jack himself off, his face scrunched in concentration.

“Jacky!” Nicole finally said, loudly, and Jack’s hand stopped while he turned to look, guilt on his face, panting heavily. He still clutched his stiff cock. Seeing she finally had her son’s attention, she said, “What did we talk about?”

Jack mumbled something, looking at Megan guiltily. He released his stiff penis, but it continued to pulse and jerk visibly.

“What?” Nicole prompted.

“Don’t do it in front of company,” Jack said miserably.

“That’s right,” Nicole said. “Your Aunt Megan doesn’t need to see that.”

“But, Mom,” Jack whined, once again taking his cock in his fist. “I gotta.”

“It’s okay,” Megan heard herself say. She shrugged. “I don’t mind.”

“See?” Jack said, already stroking his cock again.

“Not in front of company,” Nicole repeated. “If you have to do that, then go to your room.”

“But I’ll miss the movie,” Jack whined.

“Room,” Nicole ordered.

Giving a grunt of annoyance, Jack jumped off the couch, erection bouncing wildly, and hurried up the steps. Shane watched his brother go, then glanced back at his mom and Megan, then rose to his feet. He was hard as well, and Megan watched his flexing ass as he hurried after his brother.

“Seems it’s contagious,” Megan joked.

Nicole shook her head in wonder. “Those boys,” she said. “They go at each other like rabbits.”

“At… each other?” Megan said, feeling she must have misunderstood. Although the image of coming down the stairs earlier suddenly came back to her. The image of Jack jumping up looking guilty, and Megan’s thought that the blond boy’s head must have been right in the vicinity of his big brother’s lap.

Nicole shrugged. “I figure that as long as they’re doing each other, they aren’t out knocking up any little girls.”

“They…?” Megan began, unsure.

“Fuck each other,” Nicole finished for her.

Megan just stared, and Nicole chuckled and shook her head. “Your face,” she said. “Apparently that’s boys for you,” she said. “The moment they figure out those little things between their legs are used for something other than peeing, there’s just no stopping them.”

“But… isn’t Shane…”

“Straight?” Nicole said. “Oh yeah. Constantly sniffing around after all the young pussy around here.”

Megan blushed, a bit shocked at her sister’s language, not to mention the casual attitude she seemingly had towards her sons having sex with one another. “I meant…” and her voice dropped in volume, “…large,” she finished.

“Oh!” Nicole laughed. “He’s a big boy, alright, but Jacky doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, I nearly caught him with another boy recently. Not positive, but I’m pretty sure they were going at it, and you should see that kid. Thirteen and hung like a damned pony,” she said.

“Richie?” Megan said, remembering.

Nicole laughed again. “So you’ve seen him? That thing looks enormous on that skinny little body, doesn’t it?” She gave her sister a conspiratorial smile and said softly, “Been tempted myself.”

“Nic!” Megan said, giving a shocked laugh.

“Your face,” Nicole said with a smile.

The rest of the evening passed quietly. The women drank white wine and talked quietly. The boys eventually returned, Jack looking satisfied and Shane looking a bit sheepish. Megan didn’t pay much attention to the movie, her thoughts a confused jumble. Her eyes kept drifting to the boys, imagining what they’d been doing when they’d disappeared upstairs. When she first became truly aware of her attraction to boys, Megan’s fantasies had centered around thoughts of smooth-limbed youngsters pumping away between her legs, or her taking a boy’s slim cock into her mouth. That was until she’d discovered shota.

Shota, or shotacon, was the artistic depiction of young boys in a sexual manner. Scared to search out real boy pornography, she quickly latched onto shota, from the traditional Japanese anime style, to its Western counterpart and eventually to 3D renderings of young boys engaged in sex. A common theme seemed to be young boys with each other, and since discovering it, the idea of two boys together had grown to be a much larger feature in her fantasies. She was amazed that it had never occurred to her to imagine Shane and Jack together, but as she sat there, gazing through the television, it was the only thought in her head.

Nicole sent the boys up to bed at about 11:30, and the sisters sat up talking for another hour. Thankfully, the subject of sex, or boys, or sex with boys or between boys, didn’t come up again. Finally, the women decided to call it a night. With a glass of wine too many, Megan decided to visit the downstairs bathroom before heading up the stairs. When she went up a couple of minutes later, she caught Nicole as she was leaving the boys’ room. Their room, and the guest room where Megan was staying were off to the left of the top of the stairs, while Nicole’s master suite was to the right.

Nicole shook her head as she came up to her sister, rolled her eyes and said, “Boys,” then kissed Megan goodnight and went into her room, shutting the door. Megan looked after her sister a moment, wondering what she’d meant, then she headed down the hall, feeling a bit unsteady from the wine.

Megan couldn’t help looking as she came to the boys’ room. They never seemed to shut the door. The lights were out, but the hallway light was leaking in, as well as a nightlight between the two beds. In that light she could clearly see Shane lying on his back, looking at his little brother, who was lying on his right side, his left leg draped over Shane’s right and his left hand wrapped securely around his brother’s big cock, jacking it steadily up and down.

Shane looked up, alarmed, and whispered something, causing Jack to turn and see her. The eleven-year-old just grinned, his hand still working his brother’s cock.

“We’re in our room, so it doesn’t count,” Jack said. Megan swallowed around a lump in her throat, her heart suddenly racing. Shane whispered something else and Jack said, “So? She already saw.” Still, his hand continued to stroke his brother’s erection.

“I… I should go to bed,” Megan said weakly, and she turned to go.

“Wait!” Jack said, and Megan paused. He finally released Shane’s cock, which bounced stiffly, hovering over his groin. “Can I have a goodnight kiss?” he asked.

Megan hesitated, and then felt bad about her reluctance. He was just a boy after all. “Sure,” she said, and stepped into the dim room. Jack scrambled happily to his feet, his own, smaller erection bouncing crazily. Megan stepped up to the edge of the bed and he wrapped his skinny arms around her. She felt his penis poking against her stomach as he hugged her.

Megan returned the hug while Jack put his mouth against her left ear and whispered, “You can touch Shane’s dick if you want. He wants you to.”

“Well, goodnight,” Megan said, a bit shocked, and she stepped back and released the boy, still feeling the spot of heat where his little cockhead had been pressed.

“You have to kiss Shane, too,” Jack said.

“It’s okay,” Shane said, still lying there, but now covering his erection with his hands.

“You have to,” Jack said to his brother insistently.

“Fine,” Shane mumbled, and he slid across the bed and came to his feet.

Megan instinctively opened her arms and Shane pressed against her, wrapping his arm around her, his cheek against her breast, and after a moment she felt the slick heat of his cock slide against her thigh. She tensed and Shane shifted minutely, which sent the head of cock angling inward and brushing against the wetness of her pussylips.

Megan gasped and stepped back, and Shane looked at her guiltily, his cock bobbing with his pulse. “Sorry,” he murmured.

“I… it…” she took a breath. “It’s okay, Shane. I’m… going to bed. Goodnight, boys,” she said before fleeing to her room. And to her vibrator.


Megan was awakened the next morning by a soft voice calling her name. In her dream, she was standing in the doorway of her bedroom back home in Pittsburgh, and on the bed Jack was staring at her with eyes filled with lust as his brother knelt behind him, slowly sliding his cock in and out of the younger boy’s ass. ‘Megs‘, he whispered. ‘Megs‘.

“Megs,” she heard again. She cracked her eyes open, expecting to see Jack’s sweet face, only to find Nicole leaning over her with a smile, wearing a nice white pantsuit. “Hey, sleepyhead,” she said.

“What’s up?” Megan asked, sitting up and rubbing her eyes, trying to adjust to the new reality and feeling a wash of guilt. “What time is it?”

“Just after eight,” the older woman said with a sigh. “As you can tell,” she said, stepping back and indicating her dressed state, “life is conspiring against me. I hate to do this to you, but I’ve got a minor emergency at work. I’ll try very hard to get back in time to take you and the boys to the Rainforest Cafe. It’s their favorite place. Well, Jack’s favorite. It used to be Shane’s as well, before he got a couple hairs between his legs and became cool,” she finished in air quotes.

“It’s okay,” Megan said, sliding out of bed to stand naked beside her sister. That was certainly a role reversal, she thought. She wasn’t sure about being alone with the boys again, but she was going to be there for a month and figured she might as well find some way to deal with it.

“Thanks, Megs, you’re saving me,” Nicole said, and with a final peck on the cheek, she was gone.

Megan turned and blushed, seeing her vibrator lying on her mattress in plain sight. Well, it wasn’t as if her sister didn’t have one, she figured. She had no idea who Nicole might be dating, or even if she was dating. She and Steve had divorced five years ago, so she must be getting her needs met somewhere. She made a mental note to grill her sister about her love life. Nicole could easily put her off the subject on the phone, but she was here now in person.

In the meantime, she had a couple of horny boys to wrangle and entertain until lunch. First, though, she felt a shower was in order. Fifteen minutes later, she felt ready to face the world. Leaving her room, she felt her heart speed as she neared the boys’ room. She stopped and glanced inside.

The boys were both still together in Shane’s bed. The older boy was on his back, lying in a shaft of early morning sunlight beaming through his bedroom window. His body was bent awkwardly, with his right hip thrust to an extreme and the rest of his body curling around the other direction, forming almost a half moon. His cock was hard, but not hovering because Jack’s left forearm was lying across it. Jack’s head was on his brother’s chest and he was lying mostly on his right side, but leaning toward his stomach. In the shadow beneath his body she could make out his stiff little penis poking into the mattress.

For a moment, Megan imagined crawling into the bed with them, smelling all that rich, musky boy perfume, caressing their smooth limbs, feeling their hot, greedy mouths on her body. She shuddered, and couldn’t help sliding a hand between her legs, surprised she was already wet. Wiping her fingers on her thigh, she retreated down the stairs.

In the kitchen, she grabbed a box of frozen waffles she’d spotted the day before. Once those were in the toaster, which she didn’t start right away, she grabbed a pan and started some bacon cooking. She smiled about five minutes later when she heard movement above her, and went ahead and depressed the lever on the toaster. A toilet flushed upstairs, and by the time the boys staggered into the kitchen, hair awry and thankfully not erect, she was finishing up the bacon and had a plate stacked with an entire box of waffles.

“I don’t know where the syrup is,” she said.

“I’ll get it!” Jack said, going to the pantry.

“You made bacon,” Shane said, yawning and stretching behind her. “I love bacon.”

“Me, too,” she said with a grin.

Shane went to grab a seat at the table, then paused and came back to her. “Morning,” he yawned, and gave her a hug, his face against her boob, his hot breath tickling her nipple, which stiffened instantly.

She hugged him awkwardly, then disengaged and said cheerily, “Get it while it’s hot.”

Shane moved to his chair, but not before Megan noticed that his soft two-inch penis was now a not so soft three-and-a-half inch penis, and not pointing downward, but nearly straight out. Jack returned with the syrup and took a chair, and Megan turned to grab the plate of bacon, the grease soaking into a paper towel. She put the plate on the table, and the three helped themselves to a nice breakfast while talking about not much of anything, which was just fine with Megan.

Megan cleaned up after breakfast while the boys went upstairs to shower. She was in the living room, curled up on the sofa with her Kindle, back to murder and mayhem, when the boys came down the stairs looking clean and smelling wonderful.

Jack immediately sat next to her, leaning his body against hers and asked, “Whatcha readin’?”

“Neon Prey,” she said. “It’s about a US Marshal on the trail of a cannibal serial killer.”

“Neat,” Jack said.

Shane came around the couch, standing there awkwardly. “You can sit with me, too,” Megan said, patting the spot on her opposite side. Shane quickly slid in beside her and she relished their warmth.

After a minute of silence, Megan chuckled and said, “Well, you two are going to die of boredom if we keep this up. Do you want to do something?”

“Can I turn on cartoons?” Jack asked hopefully.

“Sure,” Megan said, and Jack eagerly grabbed up the remote. “Cool,” Jack breathed, eyes on the television where a bare-chested boy was doing martial arts. Megan was familiar with Avatar, but she’d never watched it. She thought he was cute, for a cartoon. Looking to either side of her, she knew Aang didn’t compare to the two naked cuties pressed up against her.

Without her Kindle, Megan’s arms went naturally around her nephews, who snuggled closer. She watched the cartoon while her hands moved idly, her fingers caressing skin, not really paying any attention, but just absently touching.

After a few minutes, Shane shifted a bit, and Megan’s mouth went dry as she realized that her lightly teasing fingers had mostly been caressing the thirteen-year-old’s hip, but in this new position, they were dangerously close to his groin. Heart pounding, she continued to lightly circle and caress, fearing that stopping would draw attention to what she was doing; that it would somehow give it purpose and intent. By not stopping, by her twisted logic, she could claim ignorance of where here fingers actually were at the moment. So it was, that against her fondling fingers, she felt the feathery brush of her nephew’s sparse, silky pubic hairs.

Megan swallowed nervously, and shifted her head slowly, slowly to the side so that she could look down around the lustrous cascade of Shane’s chestnut hair. She saw exactly what she feared and hoped she’d see; the throbbing stalk of the boy’s cock. Even as she saw it, her finger inadvertently slid against the base of it, and she saw it lurch. Her fingers twirled among the little dark hairs on her nephew’s groin, and she watched them as if she were a bystander, with no control over what would happen. So she was surprised when she saw the idly circling index finger once again brush against the root of the boy’s cock.

At that moment the show they were supposedly watching went to a commercial and Jack sat up and said, “I’m gonna get something to drink.”

Shane jumped up as well, sliding out of her embrace, then stood there with a quivering cock. He gave her an odd look and then hurried after his brother. Megan watched the boys disappear, then rose herself. Her legs were a bit shaky and there was a warm pulsing at her core. She stood there for a moment, sliding a hand across her stiffened nipples, then dipping a finger between her legs. She nearly collapsed as a bolt of pleasure rippled through her. Gasping, she once again wiped her wetness against her thigh then headed to the kitchen. Maybe a drink was just what she needed.

As she neared the kitchen, she heard a whispered voice, and she slowed. Feeling guilty already, she crept forward.

“Just like that,” she heard Shane whisper as her head peeked carefully around the corner.

Shane was sitting on a chair, which was turned around and facing away from the table. He was leaned back, with his hips forward, his ass barely on the edge of the chair. On his knees before him was his little brother, who had one hand on Shane’s thigh, and the other wrapped around the base of the older boy’s cock. His blond head was slowly bobbing up and down on the thick teen cock in his mouth. The boys were in profile to her, and both had their eyes shut, but Megan knew she would likely be spotted if either looked her way. Still, she was unable to move.

“Uhhh, faster,” Shane whispered, putting a hand on Jack’s head, his fingers sliding through the short blond hair. Jack responded by speeding the movement of his bobbing head, the sound of the big teen cock sliding in and out of his mouth echoing obscenely through the kitchen.

Megan’s fingers slid of their own accord down to the damp heat between her legs. Her palm pressed against her crinkly pubic hair as her fingers parted her swollen lips and dipped into the tight, sucking center. Her mouth dropped open, imagining it was her taking that nice cock, sucking up the flowing precum, circling the fat, spongy head. She bit her lip as pleasure rocked through her body and she gripped the corner of the wall to keep herself from falling.

She saw that Jack was pausing every few head bobs to more slowly take more of his older brother’s cock, his lips nearly reaching the peach-fuzz at the base. Bob, bob, bob, bob, bob, on the first couple of inches, then a sloooow dip to the bottom. The rhythm seemed to really do it for Shane, who would arc his hips and tremble on each slow swallow.

“Almost, almost,” Shane gasped in a soft, strained voice.

Jack apparently knew just what to do, and he stopped the slow swallows and just concentrated on bobbing his head as fast as he could while his fist quickly jerked up and down. Down below, Megan noticed that the eleven-year-old had dropped his hand to his own straining erection, and he was jacking himself with short, quick movements.

Shane gasped more loudly. “Gonna… uhhhh, gonna cum!” he moaned.

The words sent a bolt of panic through Megan, who realized she was likely seconds from being discovered. On shaky legs, she made her way back to the living room. It was only there that she realized her fingers were still moving inside her dripping cunt. Shuddering, she removed them. Imagining that Shane had had time to finish, his cum blasting into his little brother’s mouth, and fearing that the boys would continue their sex play, she called out, saying, “Shane? Jack? Could you see if there’s any coffee left?” After a short pause, she continued. “Never mind, I’ll take a look myself.”

Then she made her way back to the kitchen, gaining confidence and steadiness with each step. She heard the rapid rearrangement of a chair, and then Shane came around the corner, barely glancing at her and giving her a quick, ‘hey’. His cock, she’d noticed, was still pointing mostly upward, and was still shiny with spit and boy slime.

As she entered the kitchen, Jack smiled, a bit nervously she thought, and said, “There was only a tiny bit of coffee left. I can make more though. I know how Mom likes it.”

“That’s okay,” she said. “I’ll just grab some juice.”

“K. I’m gonna go play Playstation with Shane.”

“Okay,” she said, but then she stopped the boy as he was about to walk by her. She immediately realized she shouldn’t have, but it was too late. “You’ve got something on your face,” she said, wondering why she was speaking at all, then she reached out and brushed her finger over his downy cheek, where a tiny streak of watery cum was slowly dripping.

Jack’s face widened in alarm, surely suspecting what she’d find, but then his eyes narrowed and he inhaled. Megan instantly saw her mistake. As a knowing look and a tiny smile spread across her nephew’s face, she realized that the hand she’d used was the one that had just been inside her. The look on the boy’s face told her he was familiar with the smell that must be drifting strongly off her fingers.

Megan froze in panic, her hand, finger extended, inches from Jack’s knowing gaze. Then, in a move that shocked her, the boy leaned forward and took her finger into his mouth. She felt his tongue sliding around the digit while he sucked lightly, taking in his brother’s boycum as well as her own essence.

Then, shocking her even further, Jack released her finger with a grin and said in a low voice, “We could go play instead.”

She looked down at his twitching erection and felt a pulse of need between her legs. Jack, seeing her gaze, reached down and squeezed his cock. He opened his mouth to speak again, but fearing what he might say, and how she might react, she blurted, “I need to… check something… in my room,” she finished lamely, and then she fled up the stairs.

Megan didn’t even glance into the boys’ room as she passed, fearing what she might see. She hurried into her room, closing the door and leaning back against it, heart racing. How was it that an eleven-year-old boy was so knowing? So confident? She’d come to terms last night with the, admittedly exciting, idea that the boys were apparently having sex with one another, and possibly with other boys as well, but Nicole had implied that she was allowing that to keep them from screwing around with the girls around the community. If Jack was that familiar with the odor of an excited female, and confident enough to shamelessly proposition her, she thought maybe Nicole’s efforts to keep her boys away from all the available young pussy weren’t as successful as she thought.

Of course, the thought of Jack plunging that adorable little cock into some bit of hairless pussy did nothing at all to combat the pulsing between her legs. Seeing her unmade bed, and her discarded vibrator, she didn’t even hesitate. She practically threw herself onto her bed, grabbed up the vibrator and twisted the bottom to get it humming. Her pussy was so wet that the vibrator easily slid into her. Her head fell back, her eyes fluttered closed as the vibrator worked its magic.

Breathing quickly now, she pushed her left palm into her mound, rubbing in small circles just above her swollen clitoris, the nearness of it nearly overpowering. With her right hand, she guided the vibrator slowly in and out, imagining it was Shane’s young cock fucking her. Soon after her realization that she was attracted to boys, Megan had put away her old seven inch vibrator in exchange for newer, smaller ones. She had a slim, five-inch one, a tiny three-inch on a ring that slipped on her finger, and her favorite, a four inch, realistic little dong with small testicles and only three-quarters-of-an-inch thick. She hadn’t brought that one, worried that it might be seen and questions asked. The five-inch vibe wasn’t as thick as Shane’s cock, but it was enough to fuel her imagination.

Minutes later, she turned her face into her pillow, smothering a cry of pleasure as a huge orgasm ripped through her body. Her limbs were shaking as if they were being pumped with electricity, but finally the quake passed and she fell like a rag doll to the mattress. She had the presence of mind to shove the vibe under her pillow, and then she fell into an exhausted sleep.

In her dream, the boys were back in her bed in Pittsburgh. She stood in the doorway, watching them, and their eyes were on her as Shane slowly fucked his cock in and out of Jack’s trim little ass. She watched that shining shaft disappear into the boy’s ass again and again until she realized that it wasn’t Jack that Shane was fucking, but her. She looked and saw herself standing in the doorway, fingering her pussy and then turned to see Shane above her. She could feel his cock, but it wasn’t inside her. The boy was sliding his cock teasingly back and forth against her pussy, his shaft sliding between her lips and bumping over her aching clit. She wanted to tell him to stop teasing her and to put it inside her. She wanted to be fucked so bad, and the teasing was driving her crazy. No matter how much she begged though, he just continued to slide his cock against her.

Megan blinked rapidly, realizing something was wrong. The sensations from her dream were still so strong. She could still feel Shane’s cock sliding against her and she realized that she was climaxing, the pleasure that had been building between her legs cresting like a wave, about to wash over her. But she was awake, her mind insisted, and then she lifted her head as the wave crested and saw a blond head between her legs.

“Nooo,” she moaned, and Jack’s eyes snapped up to meet hers, a smile tugging the corners of his lips as he continued to work his mouth against her pussy, his face wet with her juices. Helpless, she threw her head back, her body rocking with the climax, her thoughts white noise, a chaotic storm of guilt and triumph, fear and lust. Her whole body trembled and without conscious thought her hands went between her legs, pulling the boy’s face against her, lifting her hips as she trembled and moaned out her lecherous hunger.

Finally, she felt the climax beginning to fade when Jack suddenly clamped his lips around her clit and began sucking lightly at it, and then she was going again, helplessly, sobbing from the joy of it and the shame of what she was doing. When she felt the boy spear her pussy with two fingers, she jerked, but was finally able to muster enough will to push him away.

“Stop,” she moaned weakly, pushing ineffectually against his head while trying to squirm away from him. She shuddered as his fingers were close to bringing her again, and said with more force, “Stop, Jack. Stop.”

Finally the boy lifted her face, leaving her clit singing, and his fingers slid from inside her. He bit his lower lip nervously, the effect somewhat ruined by her wetness shining on his cheeks and mouth and chin. “Didn’t you like it?” he asked.

Megan slid back from the boy, sitting up and hugging her legs. “You shouldn’t have done that,” she said weakly.

“I thought you wanted me to,” he said, looking worried now. He moved up to a sitting position, his young boner bouncing, drawing her eyes, and causing a contraction between her legs as she imagined the potential of it. “You watched me suckin’ Shane and you didn’t say anything, and I could smell your fingers, so I… I just thought you wanted me to.”

He knew? she thought, stricken. Of course he did, she realized. Simple enough to put two and two together. “I…” she started, but she had no idea what to say. Of course she wanted him to, but a desire for something didn’t mean true want. How to explain that to an eleven-year-old though? For that matter, where the hell did the kid learn to eat pussy like that? She’d been with women who weren’t even that good at it. “I didn’t mean to spy,” she said, figuring that was a safe place to start.

“I know we’re only supposed to do it in our room while you’re here,” he said, and she thought, just while I’m here? “But Shane was super horny.” He gave her a look. “He said you touched his dick.”

“I…” she began, feeling sheepish. “That was an accident.”

Jack gave her a dubious look and continued. “Anyway, you were watching, and you didn’t say anything and I could smell… well, you know. You were… touching it,” and he gave a pointed look between her legs, as if there might be some doubt as to what it was. “So I thought… you know… that you’d want me to. Didn’t I do it good?”

“You… did it very good,” she had to admit, and he smiled, pleased. “But, Jack, you’re my nephew. We can’t do things like that with one another.”

“But…” and the boy’s face screwed up, confused, “…I suck Shane’s dick all the time, and we’re brothers. Plus,” and he lowered his voice, “he puts it in my butt.”

“That’s between you and Shane,” she said. “And your mother,” and Jack’s eyes widened in alarm. Before she could explore that, however, the boy rose to his knees, his little erection waving back and forth.

“You can touch it,” he said.

“I…” she paused, realizing she was staring. She met his eyes guiltily. “I’m your aunt, Jack.”

“You did it before,” he pointed out softly.

“I… shouldn’t have done that,” she said.

“Just a little bit?” he asked. “It kinda hurts.”

“It hurts?” she asked, suddenly concerned before realizing he was obviously lying.

The boy nodded. “Here,” he said, lightly cupping his balls.

“I…” she bit her lip, torn between desire and doing the right thing. She knew the kid was trying to play her, but she really wanted in that moment to let herself be played.

“Just a little?” he asked in a small voice, inching a bit closer on his knees. “It really hurts.”

“Just…” she lifted her hand. “It hurts?” she asked, knowing it was bullshit, but willing to believe as she gently cupped his small testicles.

“It already feels a little better,” he breathed.

Megan cupped the eleven-year-old’s balls fully then, letting them fill her palm, allowing her fingers to gently stroke the wrinkled skin, to feel the tiny golden hairs. Jack’s dick twitched, and she saw a tiny glint of moisture in his small pee hole. She could see his stomach expanding and contracting more rapidly as he breathed. “That’s better?” she asked.

“A little higher,” he breathed.

“You mean here?” she asked, letting her fingers slide up to the hairless root of his penis. Mostly hairless anyway, given that she could see two small, silky hairs.

“Higher,” he croaked.

Kicking herself mentally, Megan slowly slid her fingers upward, delighting in the satiny warmth of Jack’s penis. She was doing it, she thought. She was touching an actual boy’s penis. However, despite the throbbing warmth between her legs, the guilt of what she was doing was overwhelming her. He was her nephew. Her sister’s son. Nicole’s baby. This was wrong. So wrong.

Seeing that she’d stopped, Jack begged softly, “Just a little bit higher. Please. It’ll stop hurting.”

The abject need in the boy’s voice is what spurred her. Suffused with guilt, she still allowed her hand to slide around Jack’s penis, gripping it tightly enough to feel it pulsing against her fingers. Only the little pink glans remained outside of her fist, and she gently rubbed her thumb across it, surprised by the slimy little trail that smeared from a droplet of precum. She lightly squeezed the little acorn, and another droplet bubbled up. Unable to stop herself, she raised her thumb to her mouth, and lapped her tongue across the sweet substance. Then, realizing what she’d done, she raised her guilty gaze upward, to find Jack staring at her with glittering eyes.

“You can suck it,” he breathed. “I don’t mind.”

“I… you need to go, Jack,” she said, scuttling back away from the boy.

“Please?” he asked, hand dropping to squeeze his erection.

She swallowed nervously. “Just… I’m sorry,” she said. “I can’t do that.”

“You can just jack it then,” he said desperately, moving forward on his knees. “I’m almost ready to cum.” His hand was moving on his own cock then, stroking his four-inch boner.

“I can’t,” she said in a tiny voice.

“Almost ready,” he said in a strained tone, and his hand was moving faster.

“Jack,” she said, but before she could say more, the boy gave a strangled gasp and his little cock spit a few tiny droplets. Another gasp and a tiny stream, no longer than a couple of inches, jetted forth and struck her left breast, followed by another spitting expulsion of droplets.

Megan froze, shocked, feeling the heat of his emission searing her tit. “I’m sorry!” he gasped, and then he was off her bed and running out the door. Megan’s hand immediately went to her breast, her finger capturing the clear, dripping liquid, and she brought it to her mouth, her pussy convulsing as the taste of her nephew’s cum filled her mouth.

End of chapter two.

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