September 20, 2018

Study BG3-17 – Part Three
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The kids lay there lazily for some time until Mason, who’s constant glancing between the girls and the message on the screen about how to get a new movie had him hard again and a bit frustrated finally said, “You guys wanna watch another movie?”

“No!” the girls said in unison. They laughed, and then, seeing Mason’s hard dick, they laughed again.

So they ended up showering again, teasing Mason about his perpetual boner, which they each helped clean. They even showed the boy how to help clean between their legs, but Mason drew the line at anyone touching his butt again.

Soon after they’d dried themselves dinner arrived, which occupied them for some time. Then they sat around the computer, deciphering the new goals and how much of each activity would be required for them to end the experiment. They were all happy to see they were racking up some points, and they spent a few to watch tv while gathered in the living space, each in their own beanbag.

After a couple of hours of tv, during which Mason’s erection rarely subsided, much to the girls’ amusement, the kids decided to call it a day. They took turns in the toilet and at the sink, brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed. As they all climbed into bed together, the lights dimmed and they shared gentle kisses goodnight, then lay down together for the night.

Many long minutes later Mason lay in the dark clutching his stiff dick in his fist. It was aching it was so hard. All through the shower and dinner and watching tv he’d been hard and wanting to jack off. Even now he desperately wanted to jack off, but he was afraid he’d wake the girls. He didn’t understand why he was so worried about getting caught. Especially after all that had happened. He guessed it was because that up until now jacking his dick had always been such a secretive endeavor. The girls probably wouldn’t mind. Heck, they might even help him, but he just couldn’t get over the feeling they’d laugh at him again, or worse.

Still, he reasoned, he couldn’t just lay here with his dick aching this much. He’d go crazy. Plus, by now he could tell by the sound of the girls’ breathing that they were asleep and he was afraid of disturbing them.

The boy had an idea in his head of something he wanted to do, but it would involve getting up out of the bed, and he was worried that the light would come back on and wake the girls. So he spent another few minutes in painful indecision, his dick starting to drip because he couldn’t help but give it the occasional small tug.

Finally, unable to take it anymore, Mason slowly sat up and began to scoot ninja-like to the end of the bed. If the girls woke, he’d just say he had to go to the bathroom. Finally, almost as if he were a couple of years younger and playing the game where the floor was supposed to be lava, he slid first one and then the other leg off the bed to the floor. As carefully as he could, he rose until he was standing. To his profound relief the light didn’t come back up. With a bit of reflection, Mason thought it made sense. It was actually nighttime now, and they really might have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and it wouldn’t be fair to wake the others.

Stiff cock leading the way, Mason stealthily made his way to the opposite side of the room in the dim light. He sat down at the computer and went to the rewards page. One of the rewards he’d noticed was porn movies. These were much cheaper than regular movies, all costing only half a credit. He’d glanced at them briefly earlier and had seen something he’d stored away in his mind. Unlike the randomness of the big tv and the porns there, these each came with a description and you could specify what you wanted to watch.

Mason spent several minutes reading synopses of many movies. They seemed to have everything. Men and women, men and boys, women and boys, girls and boys, girls and girls, boys and boys, and everything in between. Mason finally saw something that caught his attention. It was obviously a take on a show that he’d used to watch and enjoy. It was called, ‘The Sweet Life of Jack and Colby’ and the description said, ‘A story about a mother and her twin twelve-year-old boys’.

Intrigued, and excited, Mason expended the half credit and went quickly to the tv. He made sure the volume was very low and then sank back into the beanbag chair to watch. The show started very similar to the show he remembered, with the same sort of upbeat music and a view of a hotel, but this was a different hotel. They also used the same basic design to show the name, ‘The Sweet Life of Jack and Colby’ on a gold plaque.

It started with a boy sitting at a breakfast table eating cereal. Mason thought he bore only the vaguest resemblance to the actual stars of the show. He was young, about Mason’s age, and blond, although not as blond as Mason. He was also very cute, maybe as cute as Mason, but Mason wasn’t sure exactly how cute he was, so he wasn’t sure. He was at least as cute as the boys in the regular show, if not cuter.

The shot went across the room to show a boy coming out of a room wrapped only in a green towel who said, “Did you bring in the newspaper?” This boy was identical to the boy at the table, which was another difference between this and the actual show, as the boy at the table should have been much stockier. Mason remembered the episode immediately.

“What do you need the newspaper for?” the seated boy asked.

“Remember our current events homework?” towel twin asked.

“The teacher was serious about that?” breakfast boy asked. There was an actual laugh track.

“Yes,” towel twin answered. “And you find current events in the newspaper. Ergo, we need the newspaper,” and so saying, he walked to the front door.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait,” the other boy said, turning, “did you just say, ‘ergo’?”

“Yes!” the other twin turned and answered, excited. “It’s my word of the day, and I got to use it before breakfast.” He turned to the door again.

His twin got up to follow him, and said, “My word of the day is pathetic. Guess when I’m going to use it?”

Turning to face his brother, towel twin folded his arms across his slim chest and replied with a grin, “When you get your essay back and see your grade?” The ‘audience’ was appreciative of his wit.

“No,” the other twin said. “Now.” So saying, he pushed his brother out into the hall and locked the door. Then he turned and said, “Ergo, pathetic.”

After more laughter from the ‘studio audience’ the picture faded. Then it came back a few moments later to a woman’s voice saying, “You locked him the hallway with no clothes.”

“But two weeks without tv is cruel and unusual punishment,” the older twin replied.

“Don’t push it,” the mother, an attractive spikey-haired blonde answered, “and if you do it again, I’ll ground you so long they’ll write country music songs about it.”

Again, the mother wasn’t the same as the one on the real show, but Mason thought she was very attractive. He could see her nice firm boobs under her sweater and couldn’t wait to see them outside of it.

“Now, I have to go out. Are you two capable of staying out of trouble for two hours, or do I have to get you a babysitter?”

“Mooom, we’re too old for a babysitter,” they both whined.

“And I’m too young to be raising terrorists, so keep it in check till I get back or I’m shipping you off to military school in Siberia.”

“I’m not sure a Siberian military school would accept us since we don’t speak Russian,” the younger twin said, but hurriedly shut it down after a glare from his mother.

The mother grabbed a purse and with a final warning, was out the door.

The camera followed the older twin for a few moments, obviously wandering around the room, unsure how to occupy himself. Finally he made his way to the bathroom to find his brother, with his arm over his head, examining himself in the mirror.

“What are you doing?” Jack asked.

“I got a hair,” Colby, the younger twin, answered.

“No way,” Jack said, leaning closer. “Where?”

“Right there,” Colby insisted, pointing to his hairless armpit.

Jack squinted, then reached out. He plucked a hair and held it between his fingers. “I think it’s a pube.”

“Ewww!” Colby responded.

Jack let it drop into the sink. “Probably one of mine,” he said.

“You don’t have any pubes,” Colby insisted.

“How would you know?”

“Cuz we’re twins, dummy, and if I don’t have any, you don’t have any.”

“I’m older’n you.”

“By twelve minutes.”

“So? I could still have pubes.”

“So prove it, then,” Colby insisted.

“You prove it,” Jack said.

“I already said I don’t have any.”

“So prove that,” Jack replied.

“That doesn’t make any sense.” Then the younger boy looked at his twin. “Are you just wanting to see my dick?”

“No,” Jack scoffed, reddening.

“You are!” Colby accused. Then, confused, “But you see it practically every day. It’s just the same as yours.”

“Yeah,” Jack allowed, “but not close up.”

“You want to see it close up? Why?”

Jack shrugged. “I don’t know. I just do I guess.”

Colby wavered for a second and then shrugged. “So go ahead and look.”

So saying, he dropped his towel, leaving him standing naked.

Mason looked on in interest as the boy exposed himself and the camera zoomed in on his crotch. He was completely hairless, and though soft penises could be deceptive, he was pretty sure the boy was smaller than him. He was circumcised, and the head was small and pink. The shaft showed several wrinkles, hinting at a greater size erect. For the moment it was just a bit over an inch long. His balls were smaller than Mason’s, about the size of olives and his wrinkly little sac didn’t seem to hang as low as his own.

Jack knelt down before his brother and stared at his twin’s dick for a few long moments. Then, reaching out, he took it between two fingers and began bending it back and forth.

Colby jerked and said, “You never said you were gonna touch it!”

Jack looked up, still holding it. “What’s the big deal?”

Colby seemed brought up short, hesitated, and said, “I don’t know. Isn’t I guess.”

Jack pushed the remnants of his brother’s foreskin back, making the head stand out more. He leaned closer. “I didn’t think it’d look so weird close up.”

“Weird how?” Colby said defensively. “It’s not weirder than yours.”

Jack shrugged and pulled gently on his brother’s small penis, stretching it out. “I guess cause it’s like seeing mine, only from an angle I’ve never seen it. Just weird. Plus, they are kinda weird anyway.” He released it and the began to poke gently at Colby’s balls. Mason noticed that the boy’s dick wasn’t as small as it was before, poking out straight nearly two inches long now.

Colby squirmed uncomfortably and said, “Are you done yet?”

“What’s wrong with you?” Jack asked, looking up. He had Colby’s balls in the palm of his hand, lightly squeezing them.

“I’m gonna… you know,” Colby said helplessly.

Jack looked back down and saw that his brother’s penis was growing larger. He grinned and took it back between his fingers, which he began to move back and forth.

“Stop it!” Colby said, trying to squirm away while pushing his brother’s hands away. Jack didn’t relent however, wrapping his left arm back behind Colby to keep him from moving while his right hand continued to manipulate his brother’s dick.

“You’ve got a boner,” Jack said with a grin, finally dropping his right hand to appreciate his handiwork.

“It’s your fault,” Colby said, trying to cover himself. Jack wouldn’t let him, grabbing his wrists and holding them apart.

Mason found his hand was moving on his own erection. He was only slightly surprised at how much he was enjoying watching the twins. Colby’s dick wasn’t as big as his, being only a bit over three inches and a good bit thinner. It was much closer in size to his ten year old cousin Jack’s dick. He grinned, thinking that the boy on the screen was named Jack and so was his cousin.

“Stop moving,” Jack said. “I wanna see.” The younger twin stopped squirming and after staring for a moment, Jack asked, “Do you get boners a lot, Cole?” using his brother’s nickname.

“I guess,” Colby answered uneasily.

“I get em all the time now,” Jack admitted, reaching down to press a hand against his groin. “I never seen it up close though.” Then he leaned in close again, staring at his brother’s erection. The camera zoomed in as well, showing the small hardon in extreme detail. From the very slightly flared little head, down along the thin shaft with its tracery of red veins, down to the little balls in their hairless sac.

Jack once again reached out to touch, tracing a finger up along the shaft. “Cole?”

“What?” Colby asked, a bit breathlessly.

“Do you… you know… play with yours?” Jack again wrapped two fingers around his brother’s shaft and began slowly jacking it up and down.

“Do you?” Colby asked carefully. In answer, Jack leaned forward and took the head of his little brother’s stiff cock in his mouth. Colby exclaimed, “What the heck!?!”

What the heck, indeed, Mason thought. He’d played around with his little cousin a number of times now, but he’d never considered sucking the younger boy’s cock. Did boys even do that to each other? Well, of course they did, he reasoned. There were gay boys and that must be how they had sex.

“Mmmm,” Jack replied, taking another inch and sucking a bit. Then he pulled back and said, “I always wondered what it would taste like.”

“You put it in your mouth!” Colby was shocked.

“Haven’t you ever heard of blowjobs?” He jacked his brother’s cock again, half of which was glistening with his spit in the bright light of the bathroom. “Want me to do it again?” Then, without waiting for an answer, he took it back into his mouth.

“Jack,” Colby said weakly, staring down at his brother as he lowered his mouth until his lips were pressed against the smooth, hairless base. “How do you even know about this?”

Jack bobbed his head a couple of times, then backed off again with a slurping sound. Colby’s three-inch erection slapped upward to poke out at a forty-five degree angle. “Noah showed me on his computer. His big brother has access to a porn site.”

“But Noah’s my friend, too. Why would he show you and not me?”

“Cause you’re a snitch,” Jack said, but he sucked the tip of Colby’s dick again to take some of the sting out of his words.

“Am not,” Colby sulked.

Jack backed off with another long slurp. “Are too, and you know it, but you better not snitch about this.” He stood up then and removed his shirt and started to unbutton his pants. “You do it to me now.”

“No way,” Colby protested. “I’m not putting your dirty thing in my mouth.”

“It’s not dirty,” Jack said, now the one to protest. “I took a shower like two days ago.”

“Exactly,” Colby said.

Jack kicked off his pants. He was wearing tight boxer-briefs and despite them being black, his erection could clearly be seen poking out. He pushed them down to reveal an identical erection. “You do me now.”

“No way,” Colby said, arms crossing against his thin chest.

“Yes way,” Jack said. “Suck it, or I’ll get up in the middle of the night and pee all over your bed and mom will think you’re peeing the bed again and send you back to that shrink.”

“That’s no fair,” Colby pouted.

“If you do it to me, then you can’t snitch because you did it, too. Plus, if you do it to me, I’ll do it to you again until you do it.”

“Do what?”

“You know… cum.”

“What’s that?”

“Boy, you really are dense. Just suck it.” Then he forced his younger brother down onto his knees before him.

Colby took Jack’s slim cock fastidiously between two fingers, sniffing at his older brother’s crotch warily. “You stink.”

“Shut up and open your mouth,” Jack said, and with a hand on his brother’s head, he pushed his hips forward.

Colby made to protest for a moment until Jack began to rub his cock across his lips, and then he reluctantly opened up and accepted his brother’s cock. Jack pushed forward a bit and jerked saying, “Geez, cover up your teeth, bro.”

After a moment he continued, until his young cock was fully inside his baby brother’s mouth. “Man, I didn’t know it would feel so good,” Jack said. With both hands holding Colby’s head, Jack began to pump his dick in and out of Colby’s mouth.

Mason’s cock was dripping by now. He could feel it running over his fingers, down over his balls, to drip down onto the beanbag and into the crack of his ass. He was barely touching himself however, not wanting to squirt too soon. He just gently, slowly, stroked his cock, while his left hand fondled his balls.

On the screen, Jack continued to pump his skinny hips for a few moments. Colby just took it, allowing his big brother to fuck his mouth. Jack’s head was back and within a fairly short amount of time he was shuddering and with a final thrust he pressed himself against his brother’s face while his tiny body shook.
Finally, with a visible shiver, he backed off, pulling his shiny cock from Colby’s mouth. His younger brother, with a look of mild distaste, wiped the back of his hand across his mouth. He stood. His penis was only at half mast now, just below horizontal.

Jack opened his eyes to stare at his brother. “That was amazing!” he said.

“What was?” Colby asked suspiciously.

Without explaining, Jack said, “Sit down!” Then he herded Colby over to the toilet and had him sit on the lid. He immediately dropped to his knees and took the half-hard little penis back into his mouth. He seemed to be working it with his mouth for a few moments, and then he was bobbing his head. Colby was looking at him uncertainty for a bit, but then he started to squirm.

“It feels weird,” the younger boy protested.

Jack ignored him, continuing to suck, his head bobbing and loud slurping noises issuing forth. Colby ran his hands nervously along his thin thighs. His feet were flexing against the tile floor. Finally, he said, “Something is happening,” in an anxious voice. He put his hands to the back of Jack’s head and his body began to stiffen, his slender ass rising up off the toilet seat. In a strained voice he said, “I think I’m gonna pee!”

Again, Jack continued to ignore his brother, just sucking harder and faster. Then Colby’s body became board-like, a straight line from head to back to feet. He thrummed there like an electric current was shooting through him for about ten seconds, and then he dropped limply back to the seat.
Jack looked up with a grin. “You did it, didn’t you?”

“What happened?” Colby asked in a daze.

“You had a cum. Told you,” Jack said proudly. “It’s great, isn’t it?”

“You learned all that from a video?” Colby asked.

“Yup,” Jack grinned. “Let’s go to our room and I’ll show you what else I learned.”

‘What else’ turned out to be fucking. Now Mason really was shocked. The older twin wasted no time. They went through a door covered with various stickers and signs, much like the original show had on that set of twins’ bedroom door. Both boys were still hard. Jack had Colby get on all fours on one of their beds, and then Jack carefully spread the younger boys firm asscheeks, to that boy’s protests.

Mason stared as Colby’s tiny, pink asshole was exposed. He’d never seen an asshole before. He’d thought it would be dirtier somehow, but this boy’s sphincter was nicely pink and swirly and very clean. Jack pulled a bottle of Vaseline from somewhere and wet his finger with it and then began to spread it all over, ignoring his brother’s protests. Then he got on his knees behind his brother and began spreading a bit of the stuff over his rigid little cock.

“I don’t wanna,” Colby protested.

“Geez, just shut up, Cole. It’ll be fun.” Then, without further warning, he pressed forward.

Mason watched as the boy’s swollen little glans disappeared into that spreading ring of pink. Colby didn’t say a word as his brother’s cock speared him, sinking all the way to the hairless base in one smooth motion.

“Oh man,” Jack panted. “Oh, bro. Damn, this feels so good. You’re so hot and tight in there.”

“It feels really weird,” Colby said.

“Does it hurt?”

“No, it’s just weird.”

“I’m gonna start fucking,” Jack said and, hands on his brother’s hips, he drew back until just the tip of his little cock was still inside, and then he slid forward again. Within moments he was working up a nice rhythm and the slap of flesh on flesh became louder and louder.

Mason’s hand was working faster on his own throbbing cock now. The swollen head was shining in the light of the television. The slick wetness dripping from his cock allowed his fist to ride smoothly up and down the shaft. Mason could feel the sweat on his back and ass adhering him to the beanbag, which pulled at him as he unconsciously moved his slim hips.

He was trying hard not to cum, but it was difficult watching the twins fucking. He found himself wondering what it would it would be like to sink his cock into his cousin Jack’s tiny asshole. He imagined how it would feel to have the smaller boy’s sweaty body underneath him while he worked his dick in and out of him, hearing his tiny, high-pitched boy moans.

It took all his willpower to take his hand off his dick as he released a moan of his own. His cock burped a large dollop of precum and he felt the orgasm which had almost overcome him backing off bit by bit. On the screen, the older twin had fucked his brother until finally pulling out and spraying a couple of drops of cum across the golden hairs at the small of his little brother’s slim back. Now it was the younger brother who was fucking, sliding his little dick in and out of his brother’s asshole as he hovered above him, the two boys face to face and Jack holding his legs up and out with his hands behind his knees, urging Colby to fuck him harder.

Hand still light caressing his balls, Mason watched as the younger twin finally pulled back and sprayed his own thin droplets of seed against his brother’s crotch. Jack used the slick liquid to lubricate his own cock and seemed to have another orgasm, although Mason couldn’t see any cum this time.
Then Mason found himself in the position of having backed off from coming, but being at what he figured was the end of the movie. However, it didn’t end, and he finally took his cock back into his fist as the boys got up from the bed and talked about taking a shower. Mason was looking forward to the shower scene, and was disappointed when they just skipped it. One moment they were walking naked towards the bathroom and the next the screen went dark for a moment and they were walking out of the bathroom wrapped in towels.

The boys were continuing an argument that apparently had started in the bathroom. Jack was saying, “You didn’t know anything about anything thirty minutes ago and now you think you’re the expert?”

Colby replied, “Well, I know enough to know Vaseline was a horrible choice. It took me forever to get that stuff out of my butt. Baby oil would be a much better choice. Also, have you even started your current events homework?”

“Fine, I’ll grab the paper,” Jack sighed. So saying, he went to the door. Opening it, he exclaimed, “Hey, check out it! There’s some loser in the hallway in a towel!”

“No way!” Colby replied, rushing forward to see. “Who is it?”

Jack waited until his younger brother was in the doorway and said, “You!” and with a shove in the back Colby was in the hallway. Jack closed and locked the door behind him.

The scene immediately switched to the hallway to show Colby knocking on the door. He knocked at first with just his right fist, but after a moment went after it with both. Unlike the original episode this seemed to be loosely based off that Mason had seen, the camera in this scene was framing the young boy from the knees up, so that when his towel fell off, he was shown fully naked. The boy didn’t seem to notice, continuing to pound on the door, but at that moment the mom came around the corner and she certainly did notice. She rushed forward, picked up the towel and handed it to Colby, but she was shown to be clearly checking out his body.

As Colby was wrapping the towel back around his slim hips, mom said, “I can’t believe you fell for it again.”

Colby replied, “He did it differently this time.”

“Well, he’s never going to do it again,” mom said as she used her keys to unlock the door.

“Right!” Colby agreed, as he marched in behind her.

“What is it with you?” mom berated as she entered the room. “I tell you not to do something, you promise not to do it, and then you go right ahead and you do it anyway.”

“Life,” Jack replied, standing in his towel. “It’s a learning experience.”

“And you’ve learned nothing,” Colby said snarkily. To his mom he said, “I’d go with no allowance.”

Mom seemed to consider it for a moment, looking speculatively from son to son, then she shook her head. “I don’t think that covers it,” she eventually said. “Your brother was outside in that hallway stark naked. What if someone else had come by?”

“He was naked?” Jack snorted a laugh. “What happened to his towel?”

“It fell off when he was knocking,” mom replied.

“How is that my fault?” Jack complained.

“It’s your fault he was out there in the first place,” mom said. “So I think it’s only fair you get a taste of your own medicine.”

“What do you mean?” Jack asked nervously.

Mom held out her hand. “Give me your towel.”

“What?!?” Jack said, clutching his towel. “You’re going to make me stand in the hallway naked?”

“No, not that,” the mom said, “but you can spend the rest of the afternoon naked in the suite. Maybe you’ll learned your lesson then.”

“You want me to be naked? In front of everybody?” Jack squeaked. Colby smiled and crossed his arms smugly.

“Now, mister,” mother warned, and held out her hand again. Blushing furiously, Jack stripped off his towel and handed it to his mom, his left hand covering his crotch. “No hands,” she warned.

Stricken, Jack moved his hand. “Mooom!”

“Don’t mom me, young man,” she warned. The camera let you know beyond doubt that she was staring at her son’s naked body.

“Do you have to stare?” Jack asked.

“Forgive a mother for being curious about her own son,” mom said. “I haven’t seen you boys naked in a couple of years now.”

“Do you think we’re more grown up now?” Colby asked.

Mom and Jack turned to look at Colby but their eyes were drawn downward. Despite the thickness of the towel, it was pretty obvious that something was poking at the cloth right over his crotch.

“Well, something has grown anyway,” Jack said snidely.

It took Colby a moment, but he eventually caught on and slapped his hands over his crotch to hide his erection. Jack laughed.

“Don’t laugh at your brother,” mom scolded. “It’s a natural reaction.”

“Yeah, it’s a natural reaction, Jack,” Colby said teasingly and pointed. Mom looked over and Jack looked down and both found themselves staring for a few long moments at Jack’s stiff penis before the boy realized what had happened and slapped his own covering hands downward.

“You boys really are growing up, aren’t you?” Mom asked. “Why don’t you both come over here and let me have a look?”

“Mooom!” the twins complained in unison.

“Oh, don’t whine,” she said. “I’m your mother. Besides, Jack, you’re still being punished.”

“Then why do I have to show?” Colby complained.

“Solidarity,” mom said. Then she motioned both boys to stand in front of her. When they were right in front of her, she said, “Hands and towel.”

Reluctantly, the boys obeyed. In moments the boys were standing stark naked in front of their mother. Jack’s cock was still almost completely stiff, while Colby’s had drooped a bit, pointing straight at her. Mom stared at the boys appreciatively.

“You boys used to get like this all the time when you were younger,” she said fondly. “Always so stiff. You both still have just the cutest little penises.”

“Moooom,” Jack complained.

“Oh, right,” mom said with a smile. “Such cute, big boy penises.” Reaching out, she took a small cock in each hand. Each of the boy’s gasped, and Colby’s dick immediately stretched to full hardness. “Always so stiff and warm,” she said fondly.

“Jack sucked my penis!” Colby suddenly blurted. Jack snapped his head to stare at his brother, eyes wide and shocked. Screwing his face up in worry, Colby said, “I sucked his, too.”

“Bro…” Jack said, breathless and stunned.

Still holding their little dicks in her hands, mom looked from one son to the other and finally said, “You boys really did that?”
Reluctantly, each boy nodded.

“Show me,” mom said, her own voice a bit breathless. The boys just stood there for a moment until their mom said, “Colby, show me.”

Uncertainly, Colby sank to his knees before his brother. His mom let go of the older boy’s cock, and Colby hesitantly took it in his. He looked to his mom one last time, and she nodded at him. So he leaned forward and took Jack’s cock into his mouth.

Colby seemed to lose himself in the act. Within just a few moments his eyes were closed and he was eagerly engaged in blowing his brother. For mom’s part, she seemed equal parts shocked and aroused. She was wearing a thin sweater and her nipples could clearly be seen poking against the material.

After watching for about a minute, mom finally said, “You’re doing it wrong.”

It took another ten seconds for his mother’s words to get through, but eventually Colby released his twin’s slick cock from his mouth and said, “What?”

“I said you’re doing it wrong,” she replied. “Well, not wrong, but you could be doing it better.” Then she moved forward on her knees and said, “Let me show you.” Colby barely scooted out of the way before his mother was kneeling before Jack and taking his small cock into her mouth.

“Mooom,” Jack said again, but this time it was a moan rather than a whine.

Their mother eagerly sucked and licked at Jack’s throbbing little dick, expertly attacking it. After a couple of minutes she pulled back and said, “Colby, you stand here, too.”

Colby quickly stood beside his twin and then gasped as his mother devoured his preteen cock. Their mother was moaning, her mouth working eagerly on each of her son’s pubescent cocks while she squeezed her breasts through her sweater.

On the beanbag, Mason was eagerly working his fist up and down on his slick shaft. It was so crazy to him to see a beautiful grownup lady sucking the cocks of such young boys. He wondered how many of the women he saw every day would want to suck his dick. He’d never even considered the possibility before. What about Mrs. Leary, the Assistant Principal at his school? She was really pretty. He imagined her sucking his dick, even remembering the time he got called to her office for being tardy. What if she’d locked the door and told him to strip? Did this sort of stuff really happen in real life?

Or what about Dr. Kumar, his pediatrician? She was dark and exotic and he had had to force himself not to stare at her breasts under her sweater the last time he’d seen her. He remembered how terrified he’d been of getting a boner when she’d slipped his underwear down to check him out down there. How he’d almost lost the battle when he felt her warm fingers holding his balls. What if he had gotten hard? What if he’d gotten hard and she got turned on and sucked him right there?

Mason felt his cock lurch in his fist and returned his attention to the screen, knowing he wouldn’t last much longer. He felt like he was sitting in a pond of precum and sweat.

Mason had gotten lost in his head and lost the thread of the movie. On the screen now, the mother was lying on the living room rug, moaning while she held the blond head of one of her sons between her legs. The boy was obviously eating her pussy. His brother, older or younger, Mason wasn’t sure, although he thought it was Jack, was kneeling behind his brother, fucking him in his upraised ass, hands gripping his twin’s slender hips.

“Does that feel good, baby?” mom asked. “Does Jack’s hot little cock feel good in your ass?” Colby, mouth pressed against his mother’s pussy, could only give a muffled grunt of assent.

“Come here, baby,” she said, and pulled gently on Colby’s neck. “Come up here. I’ve got to have you, honey. I’ve got to have you in my pussy.”

Jack was left with a glistening dick as Colby moved away from him. Their mom eagerly helped the younger twin to crawl upward until he was propped over her body, his legs between hers. She reached down an eager hand to his little cock and then guided it along, helping him adjust until she was able to pull it inside her.

Mom hissed as Colby’s cock entered her. “That’s it, baby,” she said eagerly, her hands each cupping a slender little asscheek. “Mmmmm, you feel so good inside me. Do it, Colby. Fuck mommy with your hot little cock.”

Those muscled little cheeks began to flex as Colby started to work himself in and out of his mother’s pussy. The little dick fell out a time or two, but he was able to slide it back in with just a subtle adjustment of his slim hips.

After a couple of minutes of noisy humping, both the groans as well as the slap of flesh on flesh, Jack apparently decided he wanted in on the action. He moved in and began to push and rearrange the humping mother and son until they were on their sides. Colby looked nearly swallowed by his mother’s larger frame. Finally satisfied, Jack slid down until he was pressed against his mother’s back. The camera zoomed in to show him sliding his stiff prick downward, spearing his mother’s asshole.

“Oh, fuck!” mother exclaimed. “Oh, Jack! Oh, baby! That’s it. Uhhhhhh, fuck momma’s ass!” Another long moan, then, “My baby’s are in each of my holes. I can feel your cocks in me.”

The sweaty, incestuous pile looked like some sort of strange sea creature, writhing and moaning with two parasitic lumps pulsing on it front and back, flexing little asscheeks flashing as they drove their eager twelve-year-old cocks again and again into their mother’s clutching orifices. Jack and Colby’s slim, hairless legs were wrapped around each other.

Mom came first. She cried out, “Oh fuck, I’m coming! Oh, babies, I can feel your little cocks rubbing together inside me! You’re melting me!” She seemed to come again, moaning with pleasure, until Colby, and then Jack just behind him, stiffened and quaked, their cocks pumping their meager loads into their mother.
Mason was right there with them. He saw Colby stiffening and knew what was happening, that the boy was coming, having that wonderful feeling while his cock exploded. This time there were no doctors, no teachers, no mothers in his mind. As he watched the twins and their mother writhing in a sweaty lump on the floor, his mind was several feet behind him, imagining him and Paige and Jenna, also writhing and sweaty while he pumped his load into one of their young pussies. It was that image that was fixed in his mind as he felt himself erupt, his hot boycum splattering across his stomach.