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Adoring Anthony

October 12, 2008

Adoring Anthony
Alex Hawk

Anthony was one of the most attractive guys I’d ever met.

We lived in the same apartment complex. He was 23, and about 5’8, 130lbs. He had dark hair, a smooth body and a sweet, ready smile. He was also very friendly and very nice. We liked lots of the same things, too. Video games, books and politics were all places where our interest meshed. I had a desperate crush on him.

Sadly, I wasn’t his type. I was 32, rather overweight and kind of hard to deal with sometimes. I tended to have a piss-poor attitude and no patience for the stupidity in the world. Basically, guys like me were destined to desire guys like him, but never actually get what we want. Despite that, Anthony and I were at least friends, even if he didn’t have any sexual interest in me.

I worked the late shift at a convenience store. It was hardly the best job in the world, but I liked it for the most part (thought god knows why). It was the place where I’d met Anthony, and I often saw him there, since it was right across the street from a bar he frequented.

One night around midnight, Anthony came in looking a little downcast. I smiled at him as he came up to the counter to buy his smokes.

“I’ve seen that face looking happier,” I said.

He shrugged and spoke with his light Oklahoma accent. “Yeah, it’s not been a good night. Pack of Marlboros.”

I handed him the pack and took his money. “Strike out at the bar?”

“Yeah, and I could’ve really used someone laying next to me tonight.”

Shrugging, I said, “I’m off at 2:30am, you know. If you’d like, I’d be happy to come over and get into bed with you.” Anthony did, I knew, actually have problems sleeping if he didn’t have someone next to him.

He laughed. “Yeah, I bet you would, darlin’.” He was well aware of my interest in him and seemed to find it more amusing than anything else.

“Gotta keep the dream alive.”

Laughing again, he said, “Well, you know what? If you wanna come over and just lay down next to me for a while, I wouldn’t mind. I could use the company.”

I perked up right away at that. “Sure, I’d be happy to lend a hand.” I wiggled my eyebrows.

Anthony laughed some more. “You’ll keep your hands to yourself, darlin’.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, sticking my tongue out.

“Keep that to yourself, too.” He grinned at me. “Alright, well, I’ll see you in a few hours, then.”


I watched his ass as he walked away and then, with a sigh of anticipation, turned my attention back to the idiots in my store waiting to ring up their purchases.
The rest of my shift drifted by slowly. I frankly just wanted to finish up and get the hell out of here and into Anthony’s bed. But, of course, it turned out to be one of those really annoying shifts where just about every customer did something to really piss me off.

Finally, though, 2:30 arrived and I practically ran out of the store and down towards the apartment complex I shared with Anthony (well, and a few dozen other people, but they didn’t count). I dropped off my things, changed into clean clothes and went over to Anthony’s place.

I knocked, waited a bit, and then knocked again. I was just starting to wonder if I should go home, when I finally heard movement within the apartment, and Anthony opened it. I saw only his face; the rest was blocked by the door.

“Oh, hey, darlin’,” he said with a smile. “Come on in.”

“Sure.” I walked inside, and he closed the door behind me. He began walking towards the bedroom. I got a pleasant surprise as that happened, cause in the wan light coming in from the windows I could see he was naked. I’d seen nude photos of him before, but I’d never seen him nude in real life. God, his ass was gorgeous. He was just about as close to physically perfect as I’d ever seen.

I followed Anthony into his bedroom where he got into bed and patted the space next to him. Still fully-dressed, I got into bed with him.

“Put your arms around me,” he said.

“Ok.” I turned onto my side and wrapped my arms around his wonderful naked body.

We laid there, side-by-side in the dark, for several minutes. We didn’t talk or anything. I wasn’t sleepy, but I figured he was, and would probably be asleep fairly soon. Then I’d have to decide if I wanted to lay here in bed for a few hours until I fell asleep or he woke up, or I’d have to sneak out and back to my apartment.

After about ten minutes, Anthony began squirming.

“Your jeans are chafing me a little,” he said.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Go ahead and take them off,” he suggested. “In fact, you might as well take off everything else, too. I’m used to the person I’m sleeping with being naked.”

“Well, if you insist,” I said grandly. I got out of his bed and stripped down, then got back next to him, wrapping my arm around his nude body again, letting my erect penis nestle down against his ass. Oh, it was much nicer like this!

“Wow,” Anthony said after a moment, reaching his hand back to take hold of my penis. “Damn, you weren’t kidding about how big this is.”

“Eight-point-two-five inches of happy goodness,” I replied, more than a little excited at the fact that he was holding it.

“Yeah, I guess so!” He began stroking it a little.

I had honestly planned to just keep my hands to myself while laying next to Anthony. Well, maybe I’d play around with his penis a little once he was sleeping. I was only human, after all. But he seemed to have opened a door, so I reached down a little until I encountered his erection, and then wrapped my hand around it. It was smaller than mine, but still pretty nice.

The two of us laid there, quietly masturbating each other for a few more minutes before Anthony sat up abruptly.



He got up and walked over to turn on a low-level light, showing me what he looked like fully nude and fully hard. “No matter what happens, I don’t want this to change our friendship, ok?”


“Good.” He leaned down and pressed his lips to mine.

I suppressed a sigh of contentment and placed my hand on the back of his head as we kissed for the first time. Our tongues entwined around each other, and I learned that he was actually a pretty good kisser.

Of themselves, our hands moved down to each other’s penises, and I wondered to myself why he was doing this with me, given that he’d always made it clear before he had no interest in me sexually. I wasn’t about to ask, but I was curious.

Anthony began kissing his way down my body and then slowly wrapped his mouth around my penis, applying a very gentle suction as he moved his head up and down. Oh, it felt good. Not the best blowjob I’d ever had, but the fact it was coming from someone I’d desired for so long more than made up for that.
I moved around a little to get his penis near my mouth, and once I was settled down, wrapped my lips around his erection. He fit nicely inside me. Not too big, not too small. I was able to deep-throat him pretty easily, which was always a plus.

We blew each other for a good five minutes or so. Neither of us was getting close to orgasm but we were both having a good time with it. Plus it meant that I got to have my hands on his firm little ass, which made me a happy camper!

I got even happier when Anthony pulled his mouth off my penis and said, “Hey, Chris. You wanna fuck me?”

“Well, if you insist,” I said with a faint smile.

Laughing, Anthony said, “Do you like to be on top or do you like to get ridden?”

“Whichever you prefer.”

Reaching for a bottle of lube by his bedside, Anthony said, “I like being on my back.”


Anthony squirted some lube onto his hand and began to apply it to himself. He passed me the bottle and I started to lube up my penis, getting it good and slick. I didn’t know how tight he was going to be, and given that I was a little bigger than normal, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t going to hurt him.

Once we were both lubed up, he got onto his back and spread his legs high and wide. I moved between them, lined up, and began to push, slowly sliding my penis into the ass I’d wanted to fuck for months now.

As soon as I was all the way inside, I lowered my head down and started to kiss Anthony again while I began to slowly move my penis back and forth inside his body. God, it felt good inside him! It was everything I’d imagined and then some.

“You doing ok?” I asked, breaking our kiss.

“Yeah… oh, yeah… don’t stop, ok?”

“I won’t,” I promised. “Can I cum in you?”

“Oh, yes.”


I fucked him slowly for a few minutes, savoring the pleasure of being inside his ass. We kept kissing from time to time as we screwed, and he spent lots of time masturbating, obviously trying not to cum too soon.

Eventually I said, “You wanna be on top for a bit?”


We wrapped our nude bodies together and turned over, my penis staying inside him the entire time. Once he was on top, he settled down, getting me deeper into him, then started slowly moving up and down.

As Anthony rode me, I wrapped my hand around his hard penis. I didn’t really stroke it or anything; I just held it steady while he moved up and down, sliding his penis back and forth in my grip.

It was really hot watching him riding on me, and much more quickly than I’d expected, I found myself getting close to cumming. I was about to ask him to slow down when he suddenly started to moan a little and then nearly howled in delight as his penis began to kick and buck, blasting his sperm out all over my body.

Any chance I’d had of not cumming ended at that moment. I started fucking up into him, holding tight onto his hips. Then with a cry of pleasure, I pushed into his ass as deep as I could go and held myself there as my penis released inside him.

We kissed again for a few moments, me still buried to the hilt inside him. Then, wincing a little, Anthony got off me, my penis withdrawing from his magnificent body.

“I gotta get cleaned up,” he said, handing me a towel as he walked into the shower.


He got cleaned and I got dressed. Once clothed, I made my goodbyes to him (he was still in the shower), and headed back to my apartment.

Anthony and I never hooked up again after that one time. We came close, once, when he crashed at my place to get away from boyfriend troubles. It was almost the same as before; we were both naked and spooning, my penis pressed up against his ass. All I’d have had to do was lube up and I’d probably slide right inside.

However, once we’d gotten into bed, he’d basically passed out very quickly, and while I didn’t have too many morals, I did at least have some, and raping someone in their sleep wasn’t allowed.

Our friendship did continue, though. Even though we now live a thousand miles apart, we’re still in contact with each other. I miss him, and hope I can see him again someday.

And hopefully do a lot more than just see…


Copyright 2008 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.

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    This story shows the importance of Intense Male Bonding in bringing two males together. It is an ancient form of coupling that has been going on for thousands of years.

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