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The Best of Friends – Chapter 5

The Best of Friends – Chapter 5

The problem with Texas weather is you just didn’t know what you’d get. Wendy’s legs cramped as sweat streaked her face. She picked up the pace, keeping even with Aiden, as they rounded the last road leading back toward their starting point. Less than a week remained until the last month of the year and the temperature was close to eighty.

She wondered where the boy found the energy. After all, it had only been two days since the bullies had hit and kicked him. Before putting on his running shirt, the boy’s bruises stood out on his stomach. He had to hurt, but the pace Aiden kept made Wendy wonder about it.

When they were perhaps a hundred paces from Wendy’s place, Aiden yelled, “Race you!”

And with that, he put on a last burst of energy and pulled ahead. Despite telling herself it wasn’t a contest, Wendy’s legs pumped faster as she raced to catch up. Being four inches taller than the eleven-year-old boy, Wendy only missed winning their impromptu race by a couple of paces.

When the boy reached the concrete parking lot between the first quadplex and the Wendy’s small apartment, Aiden spun around and raised his fists as he gasped, “And that’s how I’m going to win the race!”

Sucking in air, Wendy stuck her tongue out, “I’ll get you tomorrow. I’m still laden with turkey.”

Aiden stuck his tongue out too, “Yeah. Wanna bet?”

They were back in the apartment when Wendy said, “I’ll take that bet. Winner picks the movie tomorrow afternoon.”

“Deal!” Aiden exclaimed as he fell onto the sofa, on top of the blanket still rumpled from where the boy slept.

Enjoying the moment, Wendy collapsed onto Aiden with an explosive “Oof!”

As gently as she could, she tickled his ribs, keeping her hands away from the bruising on his stomach. Aiden giggled, trying to inch away from Wendy as her fingers seemed to find the right spots to make him laugh. By the time they reached the end of the sofa, Aiden’s shirt was on the floor and Wendy’s fingers had touched every rib beneath his skin.

Then Aden surprised her. His hands slid under her t-shirt and dug into her belly. Wendy burst out laughing, partly from surprise, but mostly because she was ticklish and the boy found one of her many spots.

As Aiden went on the attack, Wendy inched back the way she came, along the sofa cushions. She was back to where they had started and the boy’s fingers moved to her ribs, pushing the hem of the t-shirt, exposing her midriff. Wendy couldn’t recall the last time she’d had more fun, just wrestling with a friend. Aiden’s hand grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled upward. At that moment, the young woman remembered she had gone jogging braless. Her small breasts didn’t do justice to the modest, padded a-cups she wore to her classes. It’s not like they jiggled around when she ran.

She grabbed the hem, stopping Aiden just as the bottom part of her swells came into view, “Um, I’m not wearing a bra, A.”

Aiden jerked his hands back like he was burned. His face turned to scarlet, “Oh, shit! I’m sorry, Wen. I thought you had a bra on.”

Seeing Aiden’s panicked response, Wendy took his hands in hers, “It’s okay, Aiden. That’s what I figured.”

The boy’s eyes were still fixed to her chest, even while his hands were close to his stomach, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

Wendy loved the boy’s expression and the deep scarlet on Aiden’s cheeks. She knew she ought not to feel this way, but part of her enjoyed the idea of the boy seeing her chest. Given that she had seen him naked already, what would it hurt for him to get a look at her, if he really wanted to?

“It’s okay, A. What’s the worst that would have happened?”

The shade of his cheeks didn’t change as he replied, “Um, I’d have seen your, ah, boobs.”

Wendy leaned forward, tracing her fingers along the boy’s ribs, “You’re my best friend, A. There’s nothing wrong with you seeing my chest. I mean, how much of you have I seen?”

Aiden giggled, “All of me.”

Wendy’s fingers tickled the boy’s ribs, eliciting more giggles until Aiden’s hands returned to her stomach and ribs. Then, as the boy’s fingers seemed to stop about half-way up her ribcage, she said, “You can take it off, if you want. I really don’t mind, if you want to see.”

Aiden grabbed the hem of the shirt and pulled it over her head. The boy sucked in a loud and deep breath as he stared at Wendy’s chest. The nineteen-year-old didn’t fully understand what the boy saw in her chest. Her areolas, a dark brown against her pale skin, were barely larger than an inch in diameter and her nipples were smaller than the eraser on the end of a pencil. Add to that, there wasn’t much swelling of her breast tissue.

Wendy’s chest never received even a second look from the guys in any of her classes. They gave their attention to women with bigger tits. But the look Aiden gave her chest was enough to let her know the one person who mattered liked what he saw.

“What do you think?” Wendy whispered.

Aiden dropped the shirt on the floor, “Wow. Shit. Wow.”

Wendy chuckled, “You’ve got a bigger vocabulary than that, A.”

The boy’s eyes never left her chest, “Yeah, I know. But Wendy, they’re beautiful. I’ve never…”

The enraptured look in Aiden’s eyes said everything Wendy needed to know. Still, he was her best friend, and she enjoyed teasing him, “You’ve never seen boobs so small?”

Aiden tore his eyes away from her chest and looked her in the eyes, “No. I’ve never seen a girl’s boobs at all.”

“None of the girls in school?”

The boy shook his head.


Aiden’s eye flicked to her chest, “It’s not the same, Wen. That stuff’s fake. You’re real.”

The silence that fell between them grew awkward after a few heartbeats. Wanting to fill the empty space, Wendy reached out and tickled Aiden’s ribs, and leaned forward, causing the boy to scoot back, slowly retreating in a fit of giggles.

When the boy reached the end, his hands reached out and found her ribs. Instead of retreating again, Wendy redoubled her attack on his ribcage even as Aiden’s fingers slipped between her ribs. Wendy laughed as his fingers found a particularly sensitive spot a few inches below the swell of her right breast.

As Aiden dug in, the tickling intensified and Wendy redoubled her laughter until her bladder leaked. There was only a slight wetness at her front, but it caused her to fall back to the middle of the sofa. Aiden bounded across the open space and reached out. He found another ticklish spot on her ribs, now just below the soft tissue of her breast’s gentle swell.

Through her laughter, Wendy gasped, “A-, ha ha ha! Sto-“

Another rolling fit of giggles beset her and her bladder slipped again. She brushed at Aiden’s hand, pushing it away. Unaware of Wendy’s dilemma, the boy’s fingers reached in and brushed against the upswell of her right breast. The jolt of the touch caused Aiden to pull back, “Oh, shit. I’m so sorry!”

Wendy didn’t know what to do or say. The tingle in her breast competed with the wetness of slightly peeing herself. Deep inside her heart, she enjoyed Aiden’s touch on her breast. But now wasn’t the time to explore those feelings. Not when she could see a small wet patch darkening the front of her shorts. Gasping for breath, she wheezed, “Jeez, A, you made me laugh so hard, I peed my shorts!”

A look of horror crossed Aiden’s face, “I’m so, so sorry, Wen. I didn’t mean to do that either.”

Even as a younger girl, Wendy had never played with other kids like she had with Aiden. The day had been one of discovery when it came to how ticklish she was. And she had never laughed hard enough to lose control of her bladder before. “It’s not your fault, A. Nobody’s ever made me laugh so hard before.”

Even as she spoke, Wendy felt a sense of relief, sharing so intimate a secret with the boy next to her. The intimacy of their play, coupled with the adorable expression on his face, she felt lucky beyond belief to finally have a friend as close as he. Perhaps that’s why she pulled the front of her shorts down, exposing her panties. Pressing her hand against the wet cotton made her realize she was even wetter than she originally thought.

Aiden’s eyes went from her bare breasts to staring at the white cotton panties. Wendy finally felt embarrassed when she saw the yellow stain on the front, knowing the boy could see the same thing. “Um, I guess I need to change.”

Having already seen Aiden completely naked, she wanted to share with him the same thing, even if part of her mind was telling her it was a bad idea. Wendy lifted her hips and grabbed hold of both shorts and panties and slid them down, exposing herself as completely as she had already seen Aiden.

The stunned look on the boy’s face made her second guess her choice, even as the boy stared at the silky strands of her pubic hair tracing away from her slit. Pursing her lips as she mentally beat herself up, she stood and hurried toward the bathroom, “Um, sorry, A. I’m going to get a shower, get cleaned up.”

Wendy stood in the shower, letting the hot water cleanse her embarrassment. What was she thinking exposing herself to him like that? Things were happening too fast. It was bad enough thinking he wanted to see her tits. God, why would anyone want to see those bee-stings?  And then to let him see her slit? Had she lost her mind?

No matter what her mind threw at her, the fluttering in her stomach was unrelenting. It wasn’t right, she knew, but she had enjoyed letting Aiden take her shirt off. And her body wanted to feel his fingers touching her breast’s soft tissue again, even though her mind told her it was wrong.

She tilted her head and let the water fall onto her face as she wetted her short hair. Rubbing shampoo into her hair, she thought about how much Aiden meant to her. College had been a bust when it came to meeting other students. The idea of pledging a sorority felt alien to her. All the girls in the sororities on campus felt fake, rather like Aiden’s view of online boobs. She didn’t want fake friends. Aiden was the only person she had met since her parents died, other than her father’s attorney, Mr. Benton, who felt genuine. Why couldn’t the boy be older?

In her mind’s eye, she knew his nana wouldn’t raise a stink about them dating if he were sixteen. After all, that’s a small enough age difference. Aiden’s nana would probably not be bothered if he were only fifteen. Even if other people might not feel the same way, Wendy was sure a fifteen-year-old Aiden standing next to her, would be a lot taller than her and people might even think he was older, given how young she appeared.

But what would the boy’s nana think if he were fourteen? Would that five-year gap be too much? Wendy sighed unhappily as she grabbed her loofah and washed her torso. Even if the boy’s nana would be okay with a five-year gap, she couldn’t imagine her accepting an eight-year gap until Aiden grew up some more. The sorry truth was, Wendy loved the boy and she couldn’t shake the feeling, even though she knew she couldn’t be anything more than friends with him, at least until he was in high school. And maybe not even then.

Her soapy fingers slid through the silky thread of her pubic hair. It was as if mother nature hated her. Was it bad enough she had tiny breasts, that instead of a full bush of pubic hair, she only had a thin ribbon of silky hair? Instead of radiating out from her vulva, like a vast bush, it was an inch at its widest, tapering to nothing after a couple of inches from her slit.

A soapy finger on her clit made her bite back a moan. Even though she needed the release, the last thing she wanted was for Aiden to hear her moaning while masturbating. Just thinking of Aiden brought the eleven-year-old into her mind. Despite trying to blink away the image, she saw him as he had appeared, naked and soft. Her finger sank deeper into her folds, pushing past her inner labia until she found her vagina. She sank a finger inside and shuddered at the feeling, as she realized Aiden’s penis would likely only be slightly larger.

The thought of the boy inside her was enough for the rising tide of her orgasm to crash over her. She shuddered, leaning against the glass as her knees buckled. Another wave crashed into her and her eyes flickered from the intensity of the orgasm. Again and again, as her finger pushed into her virgin cave, until she ended up on the floor of the shower, still shaking from the series of orgasms.

Even though Wendy had discovered the pleasure of her own body when she was a bit older than Aiden, she had never cum like that before. Of course, the closest she had come to losing her virginity before was when she and another girl had licked each other during a sleepover her freshman year in high school. The experience hadn’t been very satisfying, and she hadn’t thought she was missing much. Until now.

Just thinking about Aiden had given her the most powerful orgasm in her nineteen years. But as she climbed to her feet, she again felt shame. Not because she fantasized about the boy, but because there was nothing she could do about her feelings for Aiden. For the foreseeable future, all they could be is friends.


Although he was slow to respond to Wendy’s reveal, Aiden followed her into the bedroom a few seconds after the girl closed the bathroom door behind her. His heart raced as the image of the young woman’s parts replayed in his mind. The few images he had seen online didn’t come close to stirring in him what he felt seeing the slit between Wendy’s legs and the fine trail of hair going north a short way toward her flat belly.

He sat at the end of Wendy’s bed, and moved his stiffy around in his underwear, trying to make it comfortable as it strained against the fabric. He wanted to pull his shorts down and jack off until he got the tingles. But there was no way he would do that in Wendy’s bedroom. If she saw him doing something like that, she might freak out and not want to be his friend anymore. One thing the past couple of day taught him was, he wanted Wendy to be his friend more than anything else in the entire world.

When the shower turned on, Aiden figured he had a few minutes until Wendy returned and against his better judgement, he pulled his shorts off and his underwear down to his knees, freeing the not quite three-and-a-half inches from its cloth prison. He sighed as he wrapped his fingers around the shaft and thought about Wendy’s body. Perhaps they were small, as she said, but to his eyes, unfamiliar with the real thing, they looked breathtaking.

Then, as his fist jacked his shaft, Aiden imagined the delicate slit scarcely hidden behind soft, straight black hair. Just thinking about Wendy as he jacked off, made the feeling even stronger. And before more than a few dozen heartbeats passed, the tingling exploded and his stiffy spasmed and kicked in his hand. He closed his eyes against the powerful, dry orgasm. He pulled his hand away and let the overhead fan cool him off.

The problem was, even after a few minutes, he was still hard and images of Wendy refused to leave him alone. The only relief he could find was wrapping his hand around his shaft and closing his eyes as he started in again, eager to feel that dry orgasm once again.

He was jacking off, enjoying the gentle tingles that came early in each session when there was a sound at the door to the bathroom and he realized the shower was no longer running. He jerked his hand back as the door swung open and Wendy stood in the doorway with a towel wrapped around her torso. When she spied him, naked from the knees up, his stiffy pointing toward the ceiling, the young woman’s eyebrows shot up.

Silence descended on the room for a long, uncomfortable moment. Then Aiden came to his senses, and he tugged at the underwear bunched at his knees. “Ah, shoot! Um, sorry!”

He was still sitting on the end of the bed, Aiden’s underwear reached the bottom of his backside, but he would need to stand up to slide it up to his waist.

Wendy just stared at him; her mouth wide open in shock. When she closed it, she swallowed, her eyes still fixed on his little stiffy, “Ah, I, um. Maybe I should knock next time.”

The terror Aiden felt at the discovery lessened a tiny bit. His best friend seemed more bemused than angry. He shifted his butt so he could slide the underwear over his backside and then let it snap against his waist. Of course, his erection poked against the fabric and Wendy would have needed to be blind to miss the tent in his briefs. He stammered, “I-, I’m, ah, jeez, I’m really sorry. I dunno what I was thinking.”

Wendy came into the room and said, “Wow, I didn’t realize you were…”

The young woman’s eyes were still fixed on Aiden’s crotch when her voice gave way to more silence. Uncertain what words would salve the predicament he was in, Aiden looked down, crimson faced.

Wendy sat beside him and put an arm around his shoulders, “There’s nothing wrong with doing that, Aiden. Why didn’t you wait for your turn at the shower?”

Aiden blinked back tears, telling himself that Wendy didn’t sound too upset. With the young woman’s eyes on his crotch, it made no sense to ignore the bulge, “I’m really sorry, Wen. It’s just, after playing in the living room, I got, um, ah, hard.”

Wendy’s cheeks reddened, “Weren’t you afraid I’d catch you?”

Aiden doubted the young woman needed or wanted to know how horny he was. How jacking off once hadn’t been enough to get his stiffy to go away. He shrugged, “I kind of lost track of time and, um, the sound of the shower.”

A smile played across Wendy’s face, “Was it because you saw my boobs?”

Aiden breathed easier. If Wendy was really upset, she was hiding it well. He glanced at the towel covering her chest. The towel mostly hid her bumps. Then his eyes darted to the space between her legs, also covered by the towel. “Um, yeah, and down there, too.”

Wendy squeezed his shoulders in a half-hug, “I guess that’s my fault for getting undressed in the living room. Sorry, A, I shouldn’t have done that.”

Aiden knew that was exactly what led him to jacking off, but he didn’t want Wendy blaming herself, “It’s okay. I didn’t mind.”

Wendy’s lips curled even more, “You didn’t mind? More likely, you liked it.”

Caught like a deer in the headlights, Aiden nodded, “Maybe so. Being friends and all, does it bother you I think you’re the prettiest girl I know?”

Wendy leaned her shoulder against Aiden’s neck, “Bother me? No. I think it’s pretty cool, you think I’m pretty. Can I tell you a secret?”

Curious, Aiden nodded, “Sure.”

“I think you’re the most handsome boy I know. I like your blond hair, like the way you smile at me and how much you enjoy being my friend. You make being your friend easy. I know we talked earlier about how I would want to be your girlfriend when you’re closer to my age. But my real secret is I can hardly wait to be your girlfriend and when you get into high school, even if we can’t tell anyone.”

Aiden’s heart fluttered. Wendy liked him the same way he liked her. But two-and-a-half years is a lifetime away when a boy is eleven. Still, he couldn’t help but smiling, “I’ll be almost as tall and almost as old when I’m thirteen. Would you be my girlfriend when I turn thirteen?”

Wendy kissed his cheek, “I don’t know, A. The older you are, the less likely people would be to ask troublesome questions. Including your nana.”

The fluttering feeling in his heart sank. If he were fourteen dating her at nineteen and they had to keep it a secret, how was that different from him being eleven and Wendy being nineteen? It made little sense to him. Still, he reminded himself, Wendy hadn’t freaked out when she caught sight of his stiffy. Maybe she would change her mind.

“I guess I need to get cleaned up,” Aiden said, kicking the shorts from his ankle.

Wendy didn’t let go yet, “You’re not upset with me, are you, Aiden?”

He enjoyed the warmth of the hug, “No, Wen. We’re cool.” Even though he was supposed to get up, Aiden didn’t want the hug to end. Despite everything Wendy said, the hug felt like it was more special than something shared between friends, maybe even between best friends. Despite a tremor of nervousness, Aiden wanted to know if perhaps there was some wiggle room in their friendship for something more. He didn’t want to have to wait nearly three years to see all of Wendy again.

“Um, is it okay for me to get undressed in here, Wen?”

Wendy’s arm remained around his shoulders, “I guess, if you want, A. Whatever you’re comfortable with.”

The fluttering in Aiden’s heart returned as he lifted his hips again, this time sliding his underwear down. He pushed them until below his knees. Gravity took care of the rest. He resisted the nearly overwhelming urge to cover himself, especially given his stiffy still pointed to the ceiling. The embarrassment of being naked warred with the thrill of being horny and a growing realization Wendy enjoyed seeing him like this. Probably as much as he enjoyed seeing her.

Wendy’s voice was dry, “You going to get a shower?”

Aiden rested his head against her shoulder, “Yeah. But I don’t want to get up while you’re hugging me.”

Wendy said, “Aww, you’re the sweetest, A.” Then her free arm slid across his chest and she gave him a full hug. Aiden’s body responded; his stiffy twitched, as though happy to be out and about and just inches away from Wendy’s hands.

When the hug ended, Aiden felt a moment’s loss. He rose and glanced over at Wendy before stealing a glance at his own stiffy, “I guess I should get that shower now.”

He felt Wendy’s gaze on him as he headed toward the bathroom. Even though his feelings were tumultuous, Aiden wanted to be whatever it was Wendy needed him to be. Before the door closed, he saw her lay back, her feet nearly touching the floor. For the briefest of moments, her legs were open and he could see between her legs. Then the door closed, and it was time for his shower.

As Aiden washed his hair, he thought about grabbing his small pole and finishing what he had started before Wendy had interrupted him. But the desire to finish showering the smell of the morning run from him was greater, just to see if Wendy would still be wrapped in just her towel.

After a quick soaping and rinsing, Aden dried off. He stopped himself when the towel was halfway around his waist. He flushed as his stiffy bounced in the cool air. Wendy had already seen him several times. There was something exhilarating, letting his best friend see him without even a towel to hide his body.

He opened the door. Wendy was where he left her, still lying on the bed in just her towel. Smiling at the sight, Aiden said, “I’m finished, Wen.”

Wendy didn’t respond. Aiden went over to the bed and saw the young woman sleeping. He crawled next to her, “Wendy.”

The young woman’s eyes fluttered open, “Did I fall asleep?”

“Yeah. But you weren’t asleep for long. I was fast,” Aiden said as he sat cross-legged beside her.

She smirked at him, “You just wanted to see if I was still wearing just a towel.”

Aiden feigned innocence, “What? Me? Why would you think that?”

Wendy, still lying back, turned her head toward him. No doubt she could see the tip of his stiffy over his crossed legs, “I dunno. Could it be because you seem so happy to see me?”

Happy to see her? Of course, Aiden was happy to see… Oh, happy to see her—his stiffy poked over his crossed legs. It felt weird to hear Wendy talking about his penis, but he like the way his stomach fluttered. Uncertain how to respond to her comment about his penis, Aiden said, “I’m always happy to see you, Wen. I’m jelly to your peanut butter.”

Wendy propped herself on her elbow, “How’s that, A? Can’t have one without the other?”

Aiden blushed at the question. The idea of not being without her made his heart pound. He shook his head, “No. It’s just that they’re better together.”

Wendy’s eyebrows rose as a smile played at the corner of her lips, “I like that, A. You think we’re a better together?”

Nodding, Aiden said, “You ever eat a plain peanut butter sandwich?”

Wendy chuckled. Then she sat up and leaned toward him. When her face was nearly touching his, she whispered, “Do you want to know another secret?”

Aiden’s heart raced and his stiffy twitched, “What’s that?”

The young woman closed the last couple of inches, gently touching her lips to his. The kiss was but a heartbeat long, but had there remained a shred of doubt about how Wendy felt about him, that brief kiss blew it away. Breathing fast, Wendy said, “I know we have to wait ‘til your older, but I really like you, you’re my kind of jelly, A. Fourteen is so far away.”

Aiden’s lips tingled. Even his stiffy twinged at the kiss. He knew what love was. After all, he loved his nana. In that moment, when Wendy looked at him, following the kiss, what he felt for her was more real, more solid, and tangible than what he felt for anyone else. It wasn’t right that they had to wait. At school the teachers and principals were great at scaring kids about horror stories of adults hurting kids. He supposed people like that existed. But Wendy was the exact opposite of that. She was loving and kind and she wanted only the best for him; just like a best friend. Maybe now wasn’t the time, after all, his emotions were a riot of confusion and even Wendy seemed like her emotions were adrift too.

Aiden sighed as he reached around Wendy’s neck and hugged her, “I know you think we need to wait. Maybe we do. But I don’t want to. I think we’d make the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I can hardly wait for you to taste my jelly.”

Wendy’s eyes grew round as she giggled, “Oh my God!”

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