Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 7

Adam felt something press against his chest. Blinking away the sleep, he saw Amanda’s shadowy figure looming over him. As his thoughts coalesced into coherence, he realized her hand was on his chest. “Wha-?”

That’s when he realized the blanket he’d fallen asleep under had dropped onto the floor. That shouldn’t have been a problem, save for the fact he had gotten hot after laying down and had stripped down to his blue briefs.

Embarrassed when he realized Amanda’s eyes were roaming over his body, Adam’s hands involuntarily went to cover his crotch. Amanda had the decency to blush as she knelt over him, even as her hand remained on his bare chest.

“Sorry to wake you, sweetie. Did you sleep alright?”

Keenly aware of Amanda, Adam nodded, “Yeah. I got a little warm and took my pajamas off. I guess I shouldn’t have.”

Amanda’s eyes drifted down to where his hands covered his briefs. “You’re fine. I’m used to Isaiah sleeping like that. I think I can handle two cute boys sleeping in their underwear. I’m heading out. There’s cereal and milk for breakfast and leftovers for lunch. I should get home around six. You boys have fun with your movie day.”

A moment later, she was out the front door and gone. Adam grabbed the blanket and spread it over him, and tried to forget what had just happened. A glance at his watch showed it was still a few minutes before seven. He closed his eyes and tried to go back to sleep, but after a bit, his bladder betrayed him, and he swung his feet off the couch and hurried over to the bathroom across the hall from Isaiah’s room.

He felt relief as his piss hit the water in the toilet bowl. Even his morning wood was back to normal by the time his bladder was empty. When he opened the door, he nearly jumped in surprise. A sleepy boy in white underwear stood in front of the door. Isaiah’s eyes brightened, “Oh, hi. I guess we had the same idea.”

Thoughts of Isaiah in the shower at Schlitterbahn filling Adam’s mind as his eyes drank up the nearly nude nearly-twelve-year-old. His penis was outlined clearly against the white material as he sported his morning wood. Adam tore his eyes away from the boy’s package, “I guess so.”

Sliding past the boy, Adam felt Isaiah’s eyes on him. He added, “It’ all yours. Your mom said there’s cereal in the kitchen. I’m going to grab a bowl.”

Leaving the door open, the boy padded over to the toilet, oblivious to Adam standing at the doorway. Although all he could see was Isaiah’s backside, the young man could envision the boy pulling the front of his briefs down and taking his piss-hard erection in his hands and waiting until nature took its course.

A moment later, Adam was rewarded as a yellow stream arced into the bowl, visible between the boy’s legs. Feeling something stir between his legs, Adam turned away and headed toward the kitchen. By the time Isaiah joined him a few minutes later, he’d poured himself a bowl of cereal and was doing his best to ignore the fluttering in his belly.

Isaiah didn’t say anything until he was seated and shoveling Frosted Flakes into his mouth. In between bites, he said, “How was the couch?”

Stretching, Adam still felt some soreness in his back, “I’ve slept in worse places. It wasn’t bad.”

After another bite, “My bottom bunk is more comfortable. I’m gonna mention it to Mom again.”

Lost in the uncertainty of where to draw the line with Adam, the notion of sharing the boy’s bedroom stirred that familiar feeling between his legs. “You normally sleep in your underwear?”

Isaiah stared into his cereal bowl, a bit of heat turning his cheeks red. He nodded. “You?”

Feeling the same heat in his face, Adam said, “Yeah. But if your mom lets you have a roommate, I should probably wear pajamas.”

Isaiah looked up from his cereal. His cheeks were still scarlet, there was a glint in his eyes, “Why? We did see each other in the shower at Schlitterbahn. It’s not like we have anything to hide.”

Adam finished the last of his cereal, “No, I guess not. Although I’m not sure your mom would want us flashing our dicks to one another.”

Isaiah giggled, “Probably not. Can we watch the second Lord of the Rings movie this morning?”

“Sure,” Adam said before cleaning up the kitchen from breakfast.

Back in the living room, Adam picked up the blanket to fold it up. Isaiah interrupted him, “Can I use that? I wanna lay down on the couch with you. Like yesterday.”

“Sure,” Adam felt a connection to the boy and tried not to think of how wrong things could go if he gave himself over to what he wanted. Instead, he lay down on the couch as Isaiah settled in between him and the padded seatback.

While he fiddled with the storage device’s remote control, Isaiah spread the blanket over them. Despite the trepidation in his heart, Adam loved it. From the boy’s skinny leg pressing against his, to their naked torsos touching, the only thing between the two of them was their underwear.

Then the movie started. The majestic ice-capped mountains of middle earth fill the screen, followed by the faint echoes of the fight that took Gandalf away from the rest of the Fellowship. And both man and boy were hooked. Adam wrapped an arm around the boy’s shoulders, and Isaiah rested his head on the young man’s chest, turning a great movie experience into a magical one.

When the credits rolled, the boy murmured, “That was really good.”

“Yeah. But The Return of the King is even better. Do you want me to start it?”

The boy’s head shook against his chest, “Not yet.”

They lay in silence as the credits rolled on. After a bit, Isaiah’s arm squeezed against his chest in a half-hug, “Thanks for… everything Adam.”

“Everything? Um, okay.” Adam was in heaven with the boy tightly nestled against him. Even though so much needed to stay off-limits, in a moment of honesty with himself, Adam knew this relationship with Isaiah was right for him, despite the potential minefields. He added, “I’ve never had a friend I liked more than you.”

There was moisture in Isaiah’s eyes, “You really mean that? Even after I tried to kiss you last night?”

Adam felt a lump in his throat as he added his left arm around the boy. Taking Isaiah into a proper hug, he said, “You surprised me there. But your kiss was nice. But I do have one serious regret about it.”

A worried look crossed the boy’s features, “W-what”

The hug in which he held the boy left their faces a few inches apart. Heart beating uncontrollably against his chest, Adam leaned down until his lips met Isaiah’s. The boy’s lips were soft and moist. Although there was a moment of shock etched on Isaiah’s face, it passed, and he returned the kiss.

What Adam had intended as a quick kiss lingered. Time blurred until the kiss only ended when Isaiah pulled back, drinking in a gulp of air. His face was flushed as a loopy grin spread across his face. “Wow.”

Wow, indeed. Isaiah’s lips had been sweet to the touch, better than Becky’s indifferent kisses, or even the hurried, awkward kisses he’d stolen with Jacob. Better even than Clint’s. He swallowed against the lump in his throat, “I hope this kiss made up for my failure last night.”

The silly grin pasted across the boy’s face remained. “Yeah. Can you do that again?”

A heat in Adam’s heart kindled in the first kiss burned as he leaned into a second kiss. The trepidation was gone, leaving only desire. He parted his mouth, slipping his tongue against Isaiah’s lips. A current of electricity coursed through his mouth when the boy’s lips parted, letting Adam’s tongue invade his mouth. The boy tasted of Frosted Flakes and something else. As Adam’s tongue explored Isaiah’s tongue and teeth, he realized he tasted the boy’s essence.

This time when the kiss ended, Isaiah lay his head on Adam’s chest, “I love you so much.”

Adam ran his fingers through the boy’s brown hair. Some part of him knew he should fear the boy’s admission. It only kindled more the heat in his heart. This heat radiated out, flowing throughout his body. Years earlier, he thought he had loved Clint. After all, the older teenager had taught him about sex. But by the time Clint left for college, Adam knew what they had was fueled by hormones and lust. Jacob had been more of the same. And Becky had never been more than a friend masquerading as something more. Isaiah, though consumed Adam from the inside out. With newfound clarity, he replied, “I love you too.”

How the boy, already resting against Adam, managed it, the young man couldn’t say. But at those words, Isaiah melted even more against his body. After a few minutes, the young man felt pressure against his side. Before long, he realized it was Isaiah’s erection pressing against his hip.

The boy must have realized the same thing. He shifted his hips until the pressure was gone. “S-sorry,” he stammered, clearly embarrassed.

Still rubbing a hand in the boy’s hair, Adam thought back to the shower room at the waterpark. Then, it had been essential to keep a sense of propriety. After all, he had been Isaiah’s youth leader. That was in the past, and they were in uncharted territory now. “You remember in the shower at Schlitterbahn? Getting an erection is perfectly normal. They happened all the time for me. Sometimes it still does.”

Isaiah was still flushed, “I know. A lot of the time, it happens for no reason. But not now. It happened because of you. Please don’t be upset with me.”

A chuckle rose from Adam’s chest, “I’m not. Can I tell you a couple of secrets?”

When the boy nodded, he said, “I think your dick is cute when it’s hard. And, you’re making me hard right now.”

With that, Adam pulled back the blanket, revealing the thick outline in his dark-colored underwear. He’d been hard since the first kiss. After feeling the boy’s erection poking against him, he wasn’t embarrassed letting the boy see his hidden boner.

Isaiah gawked at his crotch until Adam pulled the blanket back to his chest. “Do you think I’m gay, Adam?”

Adam empathized with the boy. He knew exactly how Isaiah felt, only for him, he was wrestling with an attraction for a preteen boy. “It’s possible, Isaiah. But if you are, then I probably am too.”

The admission was like a lightbulb turning on over Isaiah’s head. The kisses, acknowledgment of love, and seeing Adam’s erection through his underwear, finally added up in the boy’s mind. “Oh, you are too. When did you know?”

“I really felt something for you when we were at Six Flags. But it wasn’t until I finished up working as the Summer Intern that I realized how special you are to me.”

Adam felt the boy’s stomach rumble, “I think we’re both hungry. Why don’t we grab some lunch, and we can talk some more about it.”

Still tasty after three minutes in the microwave, Adam enjoyed the leftover meatloaf. Isaiah tore into his plate like a man saved from famine. He was mostly done when he asked, “So, if I like you and you like me, does that mean we’re, like, boyfriends?”

Adam sucked in a deep breath, “I doubt your mom would approve. Are you okay with the two of us focusing on being best friends? I think your mom would be okay with that.”

A confused look on his face, Isaiah said, “Why do you think she would mind? We really like each other.”

Feeling the heat on his cheeks, Adam said, “When people my age have a boyfriend or a girlfriend there’s usually more than just kissing. You tell her we’re boyfriends, and she’ll think we’re playing with each other’s dicks and having sex.”

“Sex? Boys can have… Oh. The butt?” The confused expression gave way to one of incredulity.

The expression on the boy’s face was priceless. Isaiah was deeply attracted to Adam, but he was still terribly naïve about what boyfriends did together. Adam nodded, “Yeah. And if your mom thought I was doing something like that with you, she’d hate me. Probably call the cops on me and make my life very bad. That’s why we should be best friends instead of boyfriends.”

It was hard telling the boy they shouldn’t touch, even though every fiber in Adam’s body cried to hold the boy, to explore every inch of his naked body, show him what pleasures could be had between his legs. But he wouldn’t risk Amanda’s fury.

After a long, thoughtful silence, Isaiah nodded, “You’re right. But does that mean we can’t kiss anymore?”

Chuckling, Adam leaned in and answered the question with a kiss.


Isaiah was mesmerized as Frodo boarded the Elvish boat that would take him, Bilbo and Gandalf across the sea to the Undying Lands. Although it paled in comparison to his newly awakened love for Adam, he was definitely a convert to the beauty of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The day had been perfect. Lounging around in his underwear all day long with Adam was about as perfect a day as he could imagine.

He let his eyes close as he fell asleep to the swelling musical score that ended the best movie series he’d ever seen.

His eyes flew open when he heard the front door rattle, and a moment later, the door swung open, and his mom came inside. He’d grown so comfortable he forgot he was laying side by side with Adam in nothing more than his underwear. At some point after drifting off to sleep, the blanket had fallen onto the floor.

His mom closed the door as he felt Adam stirring awake. Amanda slowly shook her head as her lips curled at the corners, “You boys really do look cute lying there in your undies. Did you finish the Lord of the Rings movies?

It never dawned on Isaiah his mom would disapprove of him cuddling with Adam, watching movies in their underwear. Since his falling out with Josh, he’d become self-conscious about his body, going from running around naked after his baths to wearing underwear around the house most of the time. Apart from cuddling with Adam, chilling out in his underwear was normal.

Adam snatched the blanket from the floor and pulled it over his midsection, much to Amanda’s amusement. Chuckling, she said, “Don’t be modest on account of me. God knows, Isaiah’s not. Why last Christmas, he streaked through the house in nothing more than a Santa’s hat and a smile.”

Isaiah blushed at the memory. It had been Christmas Eve, and he had just finished taking a bath. “Mom, please. I haven’t done anything like that in ages!”

Amanda leaned over the young man and pinched the boy’s cheek, “Adam, he was the cutest boy, running around naked as the day he was born.”

Isaiah knew he should feel more shame at his mom trying to embarrass him. But the fact was, the idea of Adam seeing him naked excited the boy. The young man was probably right. They should just be best friends and not boyfriends. But that didn’t change how Isaiah felt about Adam, not one bit.

Adam’s voice sounded dry, “Um, I guess it’s a good thing Isaiah’s learned what underwear is for.”

The boy caught the quick wink Amanda gave Adam as she stood up, “I know. I’d hate for him to set a bad example for you, Adam.”

The young man’s eyes grew round as Isaiah realized the implication. A glance up at his mom was enough for him to know she was pulling Adam’s leg. Smiling impishly, Isaiah said, “It’s okay, Adam. I know where the Santa hat is. It’ll be ready for you after your shower.”

Laughing, Adam said, “I’ll keep that in mind. Amanda, you’ve got to be tired. Let me call in an order for Chinese tonight. And tomorrow, if you’ll let me and Isaiah know the plan, we can start work on dinner before you get home.”

Amanda had tried to get Isaiah to help in the kitchen in the past, but he had burned a couple of casseroles before she stopped asking. Maybe Adam could show him what he had done wrong. “Yeah, Mom. I can help Adam.”

Amanda raised her hands, “It’s alright. It won’t take me too long to cook something for dinner. And Adam, you don’t know what you’re asking. Isaiah could burn water. I’ve seen it happen.”

Adam shook his head as he pulled his wallet from his bag near the end of the sofa. “I want to help out, Amanda. You guys didn’t have to help me out of a tight spot. This way, I feel like I’m contributing something.”

When Amanda relented, Isaiah felt his heart soar. He knew Adam was actively trying to find another place closer to campus. But if his mom saw how helpful Adam was, the boy hoped she would let him stay for longer than a week or two.

By the time dinner had come and gone, Isaiah had helped clean up the Styrofoam boxes and voted on the movie. He’d lost – two to one. They were watching Two Weeks Notice. It wasn’t very good, he decided, but it was hard to complain as the boy stretched out, resting his head in Adam’s lap and his feet across his mom’s lap.

He awoke to the tickling sensation on his feet. “Hey, Sweetie. You missed the movie. It was so romantic. Hugh Grant was such a stud muffin.”

Isaiah yawned and stretched his arms, one of which brushed against Adam’s bare stomach. The boy grinned, thinking about how much fun it had been to spend the day in his underwear doing nothing but watching movies. Even if the last one sucked.

“Why don’t you go on and get a shower before bed, alright?” Amanda said as she pushed his feet off her legs.

It had been a couple of days since he’d showered, so there wasn’t much point in arguing with her. Mom seldom let him win those arguments. As he climbed to his feet, his mom took him by the hand and said, “How about that goodnight kiss?”

Isaiah’s eyes cut over to Adam. It wasn’t the movies that had made the day special, he realized. It was the kisses he had shared with the young man. It wasn’t fair of his mom to make his best friend, who he secretly wanted as his boyfriend, sleep on the couch. Not when his bottom bunk was perfect for Adam.

The boy sat on Amanda’s knees, “Sure, Mom. But don’t make Adam sleep on this old, uncomfortable couch. Not when there’s an open bed in my room. Please!”

His mom leaned forward and gave him a kiss, “We’ll see.”

That was a lot better than the no from the day before, Isaiah thought as he stood. Before he went to the shower, there was one other thing he needed. He stepped over to Adam and sat on his lap. Without asking permission, he wrapped his arms around the young man’s neck and leaned forward until his lips touched Adam’s. The young man’s lips pressed against his, welcoming the kiss. Before the boy could slip his tongue into Adam’s mouth, the young man broke the kiss and smiled at him.

“That’s what I meant by thanks, Isaiah.”

Flushing beet red, aware his mom’s eyes were on him, Isaiah hurried to his feet and ran toward the bathroom.


“I guess you took my advice and made that next kiss something he’d remember,” Amanda said as Adam heard the bathroom door close.

With heat burning his cheeks, Adam said, “I messed up last night. He deserved to know what a real kiss feels like.”

Amanda propped her feet up under her and leaned against the armrest on her end of the couch. With a half-smile, she said, “It looks like y’all have that down pat. I’m at a loss, Adam.”

Despite the half-smile on Amanda’s lips, he could sense a disquiet. “About what?”

“Part of me is worried about Isaiah. He returned that kiss like a lover. That part of me worries about what Isaiah is getting exposed to. I’m still wrapping my mind around the two of you spending all day lounging around in your underwear.”

Shaking her head, she finished softly, “If it had been any other man, I’d be angry as hell. But you…you’re different.”

Adam felt naked under Amanda’s gaze, and it had nothing to do with wearing just his underwear. It was as though she were reading his heart, mind, and soul. With no clue how to defuse a coming objection, he stammered, “I – I should have put some shorts on, Amanda. It’s just…”

She shook her head, “No, sweetie. I’m not upset about that. If you boys want to goof off and watch movies in your underwear, that’s fine by me. The look on Isaiah’s face is all I need to see to know you’re good for each other.”

Surprised by Amanda’s words, Adam said, “I want to be whatever Isaiah needs from me, Amanda. But when he asked me to be his boyfriend, I told him it would be best for us to be best friends.”

Amanda reached over and put her hand on his knee, “Adam, in this house, you don’t have to pretend to be straight.”

The young man flinched, “What?” Then he realized his feelings for the boy were probably too easy for Amanda to see. “I’m still working through that, Amanda. But that’s not why I told him we shouldn’t be boyfriends.”

Amanda, hand still resting on his knee, said, “Why’s that?”

Adam hadn’t meant to bear his soul to Amanda. He’d never acknowledged his feelings of homosexuality to anyone directly before. “I want to keep things between Isaiah and me where you’re comfortable. You don’t seem to mind him kissing me or us cuddling.”

Even though Amanda nodded, there was a hooded expression in her eyes, “That’s thoughtful of you. How would that change if you were Isaiah’s boyfriend?”

Adam didn’t want to go into the details of what he thought gay boyfriends did with one another. Although he certainly recalled Clint and Jacob and what he did with them. He said, “I don’t know. I know what some of the gays at college do. And I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want that for Isaiah.”

Amanda’s eyes flitted around the room, her brows knit in thought. With a loud sigh, she said, “I can’t fucking believe I’m thinking like this. But here’s the thing. I know my son is gay. I’ve lost too much sleep over the past year that I can’t fight that anymore. As long as Isaiah’s happy, that’s enough for me. I’ve got calluses on my knees, praying God would send someone who would protect my boy from the worst of that shit. I can’t stand the thought of him growing up, bouncing from one relationship to another, or worse, having no stable relationships at all. I’m not blind to the gay lifestyle any more than you are. And you know what, Adam. I think I just realized that God sent you into our lives.”

Adam was confused, “What are you saying?”

Shaking her head, Amanda’s voice was subdued, “I think God made this happen. Isaiah needs you, and it’s becoming evident to me that you need him. Also, you need a place to stay. I’ve got a place for you to stay. And God knows, I could use a little help right now, if you’re able.

Adam trembled at Amanda’s offer. While it seemed too good to be true, the earnestness in her face was unmistakable. He found himself nodding, “When you say he and I would be good for each other, how do you mean? As boyfriends?”

When Amanda nodded, Adam leaned back, stunned by her admission. When he finally found his voice, it shook, “Okay, Amanda. Please understand, in as much as you’d trust Isaiah with me, I’d be trusting you with my life. I don’t want to do anything with him that would anger you or cause you to lose faith in me. But if you let Isaiah and me date, I can’t promise it would only be kissing and holding hands. You know that’s not how dating works, gay or straight. Would you really be okay with that?”

Amanda bit at her lower lip, “What happens to him if he found some strange boy to date in school? Or worse, what if Isaiah gets drawn to some older teenager or man? What kind of stuff would they do with my son? Would they only hold hands and steal kisses?”

Adam winced at the mental images Amanda’s words created. “Probably not. What were you like when you were a teenager?”

The young woman chuckled, “I lost my virginity when I was thirteen. And you’ve made your point.”

She stood and paced around the couch, “What kind of fucked up world do we live in where the very best option for my gay twelve-year-old is his ‘I’m working through my gay-ness’ twenty-year-old former youth leader? Just thinking about it is enough to make my head spin.”

After another disbelieving shake of her head, Amanda came over and knelt and hugged him. She whispered, “Please, Adam, I’m trusting my baby to you.”

Adam found his arms around her back, “I promise I’ll keep him safe.”

Still wearing a befuddled expression, Amanda said, “I know you will. I’m heading to bed. When he’s done in the shower, have Isaiah show you your bed. I’ll see you in the morning.”

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