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Helpless for the Summer – Chapter 7

Helpless for the Summer – Chapter 7

Day 5


Kelly’s soft snore woke me on the first Friday of our summer vacation. And oh, how different this summer was shaping up to any before it. I rolled onto my side to better see my little angel. Although that description hardly applied anymore. Even though his thirteenth birthday was still nearly two months away, he was three inches taller than me. By the time he finishes growing, he’s going to tower over me. I lost track of his dad more than thirteen years ago and have no idea how tall Brandon eventually grew. When I knew Kelly’s dad, he was about the same size as Kelly now.

Of course, Brandon was only thirteen years old when he got me pregnant when I was fifteen. I hadn’t told my mom who my son’s father was. I had told no one. Even now, the idea of tracking down the man with whom I’d had a brief fling when we were just kids, had no appeal. Kelly was mine, and disrupting his father’s life would serve no good. All Brandon and I had together was a means to explore our own sexuality. Just fuck buddies for a season of our childhood. He had seen me go from being flat as a pancake to modestly filling out an a-cup. I had watched him grow from three-and-a-half inches to five inches, from as smooth as a baby’s bottom to a few strands of pubic hair.

Brandon and I had never used protection. We started fucking before he could cum. Then, when he had started, it was clear and watery, just like Kelly now. He was closer to fourteen than thirteen when he got me pregnant. And by then, his semen, while still thin and watery, was cloudy.

Now, as I look upon my own son, I couldn’t help but wonder, did I have a type? After all, the only man I had ever been with in my twenty-eight years of life was a boy of twelve and thirteen. And here I was again, falling for his son at the same age.

I had never thought of myself like that. Since giving birth to Kelly, my life had simply been too chaotic to pursue another relationship. That had to be right.

I hadn’t taken a job as a teacher’s aide to be closer to kids. Just one kid in particular, and he was beside me in the bed. I closed my eyes, thinking about that. It must have been my imagination, surely I didn’t favor the boys in the classes with which I worked, more than the girls.

I shook my head. No, the two weren’t related. They couldn’t be. What I felt for Kelly was something unique. Just him. It had to be.

I sighed as I watched Kelly’s narrow chest rise and fall with each breath. I wanted to touch him, to caress his body. My eyes went to his innie belly button. His entire belly was flat. Maybe, when he gets older, he’ll develop some muscle tone, but for now, his body was slender and willowy. And I wanted to take hold of him and love every square inch of him.

Maybe I was a wicked woman for wanting him, but I couldn’t help myself. My love for my son was beyond just maternal instincts. I wanted his happiness the same way a lover wants her mate’s happiness. When he had asked me last night about continuing on after the wrist braces came off, I had been so excited. He wanted what I wanted.

And staring at him as light filtered through the curtain, I was helpless to stop myself. The very best I could hope for was to take things slowly, letting Kelly set our pace.

Kelly stretched, his arm reaching over his head. When his hand hit the headboard, he groaned and opened his eyes. He pulled his injured hand toward his chest, cradling it awkwardly, unable to hold it with his other equally injured hand. I felt so sorry for him, I patted him on his stomach, “That had to hurt, kiddo.”

Grimacing, he nodded, “Yeah. I can hardly wait for my wrists to heal. This sucks.”

I moved over to him, not stopping until our legs touched, “I know, baby. But I’m here for you.”

He looked over at me, his expression telling me he was acutely aware of our closeness. His eyes took in the pink tank-top I still wore from yesterday. Below, I wore my recently cleaned peach-colored panties. I liked them because they came closer than any other underwear to matching my skin tone.

He smiled, “Thanks.”

My hand lowered, sliding between the elastic waistband of his rubber pants and skin. I touched the cloth diaper and found it wet. “I guess we should change your diaper, kiddo.”

He sighed, “Maybe tonight, if my wrists don’t hurt too much, I can stop taking the pain pill.”

I slid off the bed and pulled out the changing equipment. Once I had him on the changing pad, I said, “Maybe. But the meds are there to help you manage the pain, Kel. The diaper is a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep.”

By the time I had the diaper off, his penis pointed upward. While I wasn’t strong enough to ignore the sight of that beautiful tube of flesh, I said, “How’d you enjoy yesterday without the diaper?”

His eyes lit up, “It was fun. Can I go without it again?”

There was nothing I enjoyed more than seeing Kelly in all his glorious naked beauty. “Yeah, baby. That’s fine.”

He bounded out of bed, hurrying to the bathroom. Funny, spoon-feeding my naked boy was more fun than feeding a partially clothed boy. Of course, it probably had more to do with his near constant erection.

When we settled onto the couch to watch a game show, he leaned against me and before long, I wrapped my arm around his shoulder, drawing him closer.

We were about halfway through The Price is Right when he glanced up at me, “Um, can I ask you something?”

Since we settled onto the couch, Kelly’s penis had gone from hard to soft and back to hard several times. I enjoyed the show. Right now, it was hard. I said, “Sure, Kel. Of course.”

He pursed together his lips as though in deep thought. Whatever was on his mind seemed to be difficult for him to say.

I squeezed his shoulder in a hug, “Kel, you can ask me anything.”

His eyes drifted across my body, “Um, why don’t you get undressed too?”

I found I had tensed up as he tried to figure out how to ask his question. Some part of me thought he was going to ask me why I touched him. Another part worried he would say he never wanted me to touch him again. I hadn’t seen this question coming.

I let out a sigh of relief. “Do you really want me to, Kel?”

His face turned scarlet even as he nodded, “Um, I mean, only if you want to. I just think you’re really pretty and all.”

Relief washed through me. I sat up and pulled my top off, giving Kelly something to ogle. His eyes went straight to my tits as he grinned, “Jeez, you’re so pretty.”

“Thanks, baby. Is this okay or do you want me to take my panties off?”

Kelly’s eyes went to the center of my underwear, “Ah. Do you want to?”

The longing in his eyes competed with the uncertainty they also conveyed. I wasn’t sure, but suspected he’d go along with either option. Still, I longed to hear his choice. I said, “Would you like to see me naked, baby?”

A few heartbeats later, he nodded, his words failing him as I felt him shiver. I shifted my hips, pulling them up from the seat, and pulled my panties down. My slit was like a long, thin gash between my legs. My inner labias hid deep inside that slit. My outer labias, the lips hinted at in what Kelly could see, were thin, almost like Kelly’s pursed lips from a moment before.

Even my clitoral hood was masked, hidden just under the top of my slit. It felt weird and exhilarating all at the same time. When we had showered last night, I could pretend that time was simply one of necessity, cleaning him up while not getting my underwear soaked. Now, there was no hiding the sexual tension. No man had seen me like this since Brandon thirteen years ago. Yet, this was exactly what I wanted.

I settled back in my seat, returned my arm around Kelly’s shoulder and pulled him against my body. Our sides were practically melded together, from his chest resting against the side of my boob, to our ribs touching, our hips touching, our knees, even our feet.

I tried to get back into the game show, but I could feel Kelly’s eyes roaming over my body. Of course, my eyes drifted to his erection until I couldn’t help myself. My hand took hold of him, eliciting a pleasurable sigh, “Ahh!”

As Kelly sat there, a smile on his face as I masturbated him, I wished his hands could massage my breasts. I wanted nothing more than for him to feel my body, to caress it, to make it his own. After jacking him for a minute or so, I slowed down my stroking until I pulled back. It wasn’t that I wanted to deny him the intense pleasure of his orgasm. I just wanted to draw it out. After all, what was the hurry?

He glanced at me. My hand moved up to his stomach, where I let it rest. There was a flash of confusion, “Um, did I do something wrong?”

I rubbed my hand from his chest down to his belly, “No, baby. I just want to take my time. You’ll like it even better when you cum if we draw it out.”

As though this were a revelation, his eyes grew round, “Really? Cool.”

He leaned his head against my right boob and after a few minutes, rested his hand on my thigh. The wrist brace was scratchy, but I would endure it just to feel his fingers on my skin. After a couple of minutes, Kelly said, “Your skin is really smooth, Mom. It’s nice. I wish I didn’t have this stupid brace on.”

That made two of us. He was allowed to take the wrist braces off before getting into the shower. What would be the harm in taking one off for a little while now? My mind latched onto that idea. We’d leave the brace off—just for a while.

As gently as possible, I took Kelly’s hand, “I think we can take the brace off for a bit. Just let me know if it hurts.”

I removed the velcro straps and slid the torture device from Kelly’s wrist before laying it back on my thigh, not even a hand span away from my slit. After a moment, I said, “How does your hand feel, Kel?”

He actually wiggled his fingers, “Not too bad.”

I reached down and grabbed his penis and gently and slowly stroked him, “I like your touch. It feels nice on my leg.”

Encouraged, Kelly moved his hand, shifting it toward my crotch. I shivered when his finger touched me where my razor blade had removed some hair. I don’t know if it was intentional, but as his finger crept closer to my slit, I spread my legs, causing my outer lips to open just enough to reveal my little clitoral hood.

Kelly gasped and his hand froze. “What?” I asked.

His eyes shifted between my face and my slit, “That’s your, um, sexy parts.”

His innocence was beautiful. I’m not blind to how boys in school talk dirty about girls or even how many of them happily experiment on one another. But I couldn’t help but laugh at his choice of words. “My sexy parts. Is that what you call it when you’re talking dirty with your friends at school?”

Kelly blushed, shaking his head.

I felt naughty, “What do you call it?”

Before this, I’d never have tolerated profanity from him. But now, I wanted to hear him talk dirty. Kelly’s voice was faint, “Pussy.”

I felt a tingle between my legs at hearing the word come from my son’s mouth. “Tell me what you want to do, baby.”

Blushing even more furiously, he said, “C-, can I touch your pussy?”

When my legs opened wider, this time it was intentional. Kelly’s fingers touched my outer lips, which opened, revealing more of my inner labia and fully exposing my clit. I felt a jolt akin to electricity when his finger touched my little nub of my clit. I groaned, “Ah, yeah. Touch me there, Kel. Again!”

Kelly’s finger was soon sopping with my juices as he played with my clit. There wasn’t any expertise in his touch. I could have done it far more expertly. But none of that would have given me the powerful tingle surging through my body at my son’s touch. Sooner than would have happened with my own fingers, my orgasm came on me like a tidal wave. One second, I stood on the beach, the next, it swept me away. My pussy grew even wetter as it quivered under Kelly’s light touch. And when the second wave crashed over me, my entire body shook with my orgasm. What I felt last night was nothing compared to now.

When I collapsed against the seat back, I wrapped an arm around Kelly’s neck and pulled him against me, as my lips sought his. I pressed my lips against his, and slid my tongue through his open and surprised lips. I didn’t, I couldn’t stop kissing him until I felt him wiggle under me. When I broke the kiss, he sucked in a deep breath of air.

When my pulse returned to normal, I gave him a peck on the tip of his nose, “Next time, love, breathe through your nose. Kisses last longer that way.”

He giggled as he nodded. “That was just like last night in the shower, wasn’t it?”

I shook my head, “No. Your hand on my clit was a thousand times better, Kel.”


We hadn’t covered my clitoris in our fevered conversation. And seventh grade boys are pretty ignorant about what hides within the folds of a girl’s labia major. I pointed toward the little button partially hidden beneath my clitoral hood. “You see that little button there?”

Kelly leaned in, his free hand reaching forward. “You mean where I was touching you?”

I nodded, “Yep. That’s my clit. Well, clitoris, officially. But we call it a clit, for short. For a girl, it serves almost the same purpose as your dick. Speaking of which…”

I reached over and took him in my hand. He was just as hard as before. As I masturbated him, Kelly leaned back, resting his free hand on my thigh again. Little moans slipped from his lip as I gently slid my hand up and down. A few minutes after resuming, I felt him tense under me. My fingers flew up and down his shaft. He moaned, “Ahh!”

Seeing the clear, thin thread of his cum shoot into the air, I couldn’t help but wonder if his ejaculations would always be as powerful. By the time his four blasts of watery cum had shot out of his penis, it covered his chest.

I massaged another bead of his essence from his penis and licked my finger. Then I leaned over and licked his nipple, slurping a bit of Kelly’s sweet semen. I licked and kissed his chest until I had captured every drop that had shot from his erection. For his part, Kelly leaned his head back and closed his eyes, an expression of pure bliss on his features.

By the time we realized the time, we were hungry. I was nearly an hour late getting lunch on the table.



I swallowed the pain pill at lunch. My wrist, now encased in its brace, hurt from my earlier effort. Ask me if I care. I don’t. I had no idea Mom’s pussy felt so soft and warm and fun. I was still trying to wrap my mind around the fact Mom was spoon-feeding me SpaghettiOs, wearing nothing at all.

No matter how I thought about what we have done over the past couple of days, one thing was inescapable. Our lives would never be the same. I could see the looks she gave me. She wanted to touch me as much as I wanted to touch her. How could we possibly go back to the way things were once the wrist braces come off?

I want her to give me every shower between now and forever. And if I never have to jack off again because she takes care of that for me, well, just sign me up! And once my wrists are healed, if she wants, I’ll rub her clit anytime she wants. Sitting at the table, eating lunch, it was hard for me to forget the way her body shook when she cummed.

In between bites, I said, “Thanks for making things better, Mom. I thought I ruined my summer when I broke my wrists. But this is a lot of fun.”

She grinned, “Yeah. It’s been better than I expected too.”

I swallowed another bite, “Um, do you think I can go naked for the rest of the summer?”

“Even after the wrist braces come off?”

I nodded, “Sure. It’d be our secret.”

She set the spoon down and ran her finger along my cheek, “You really like being naked around the house?”

I nodded, “Yeah. I mean, since you’ve been bathing me and making me wear a diaper at night and all, I don’t mind you seeing me naked anymore.”

Mom gave me another bite and said, “I suppose, baby. If you don’t mind me staring at your body.”

I gave her a sly grin, “You could too, you know.”

She laughed as she scraped the bottom of the bowl. “I see what you’re angling for. You get me naked for a couple of hours and now you want me naked all the time.”

My face was hot from blushing. She had nailed it. But she was laughing, so I knew I hadn’t upset her. I grinned back at her, “Well, you are super hot.”

After she gave me the last bite, Mom’s face grew somber, “You really think I’m beautiful, Kel?”

“Yeah! If I had a girlfriend, I’d want her to be as pretty as you.”

Mom tousled my hair before cleaning the table, “If I had a boyfriend, I’d want him to be just like you, Kel.”

I followed her back into the living room, “Just older?”

Mom sat down and patted the spot next to her, “Nope, just like you.”

As I settled in beside her, my mind seemed to play tricks on me. Was Mom saying she wanted me to be her boyfriend? The idea was crazy. Sure, boys in my class at school enjoyed looking at older girls and women, but for my mom to actually be my girlfriend?

Of course, when she kissed me, it felt nothing like when I was younger. And the way she touched me, even just to give me a bath, was way beyond anything before. And letting me touch her on her pussy, maybe she wanted… No, that’s crazy. Why would a hot woman like my mom want a scrawny almost-thirteen-year-old for a boyfriend?

As Mom channel surfed, I caught her glancing at me out of the corner of her eye. She wasn’t looking at my penis, which thankfully was still soft after what we’d done earlier. No, I think she was waiting for me to say something. Even though it was preposterous, maybe she did like me more than just mom and son.

I turned to face her, “Just like me? What about me?”

Mom’s lips curled at the edges and she placed a hand on my shoulder, “Kelly, are you asking me to be your girlfriend?”

I wasn’t sure how much Mom was playing with me. Even if she wasn’t being serious and this was all just a game, I figured it would be fun to play.

I flashed her my best smile, “Yeah. If you want.”

She leaned over and kissed me on my lips. I could taste the Campbell’s soup she had eaten, especially when she slid her tongue into my mouth. As our tongues twisted, I felt a thrill surge through my body and before the kiss ended, I had a stiffy again.

“How’s that for an answer?” she said.

I leaned against her arm until she moved it around me, letting me snuggle against her bare chest, “Cool.”

I didn’t know how long Mom would want to be my girlfriend or if this was only a game to help me cope with being cooped up inside with my hands and wrists messed up, but I went with it. “Um, Karen?”

Mom’s eyebrows arched, “Yes, Kelly?”

Cool. I had never called her by her given name. But I figured if we were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend, I couldn’t call her Mom. That would be super weird. And she hadn’t called me on it, which was even better.

“So, if I’m your boyfriend and you’re my girlfriend, what do we do?”

Mom squeezed my shoulder affectionately, “What do you want it to mean?”

I’d never had a girlfriend before. All I had to go on was what I saw on TV and with some kids at school who had girlfriends. Even though I had never seen Mom go on a date, I assumed she had boyfriends before I came along. “What’d you do when you had a boyfriend?”

Mom’s cheeks turned red. Her eyes went to my stiffy. “That was a long time ago, Kel. Why don’t we figure it out together?”

I liked the idea of learning how to date. When I nodded, Mom said, “What’s one thing that couples do?”

My eyes grew wide, “We’re a couple?”

I’d always thought of couples as like husbands and wives. Not boyfriends and girlfriends.

Mom chuckled, “People date, like a boyfriend and girlfriend, are couples. It means that they’re taken, not available for someone else to date.”

It was like a light turning on inside my head, “Oh. So, we’re a couple. Cool. Well, couples hold hands.”

She nodded, “True. And once your wrist braces come off, we can hold hands. What’s something else?”

I thought about her tongue in my mouth, “They kiss.”

Mom grinned, “True. So, do you want to kiss your girlfriend now?”

My stiffy twitched at the suggestion and I turned my head toward Mom and pressed my lips to hers. I wanted to show her I was learning, and I slid my tongue through our lips and felt a thrill run through my body when my tongue found Mom’s. Did she feel the same thing when she kissed me?

When we broke the kiss, I was breathing fast. Mom ran a hand along my arm, “That’s pretty good for a beginner. Something you should know as my boyfriend; I really love being kissed.”

Given that I had really enjoyed that kiss, I leaned in again and repeated the lesson. When our lips parted, she was the one breathing fast as she put a hand on her chest, “Wow, Kel. That was pretty good.”

I chuckled, “I have a really good teacher.”

Mom gave me a hug, “Thanks, Kel.”

We settled into watching one of our afternoon shows. The medication I had taken at lunch made me a little groggy and I dozed off for a bit. I woke up to Mom nudging my shoulder, “Kelly, sweetie, wake up.”

My eyes fluttered open and Mom leaned over me. “Wha?”

She said, “We need to get you to the bathroom. You started peeing while you slept.”

I looked down and damned if I wasn’t still. A little dribble of pee flowed from my penis, pooling in the space between my legs. Now awake, I tried contracting my muscles, but I kept dribbling. I grabbed my now soft penis and clenched it closed just below my helmet-shaped head, closing off the flow.

I felt humiliated. I hated that fucking medicine and how it affected me in my sleep. I blinked hard as tears threatened to pool in the corners of my eyes. I needed to get up, but if I did, then the puddle trapped between my legs would get on the couch.

Mom stood, “Stay there a sec, Kel. We’ll get this cleaned up, baby.”

She returned a moment later with a hand towel and a wash-towel and knelt in front of me. She used the hand towel to absorb the pee between my legs and then the wash towel to dab at some splatter on my legs. Once I was in the bathroom, I sat and finished. It was all I could do to hold back the tears. I had gone from being Mom’s boyfriend to being the boy who pisses in his sleep.

Mom came back into the bathroom, “You okay, Kel?”

Still working to keep my emotions from running away, I nodded, “Yeah. S-, sorry.”

Mom knelt before me, still naked, “Don’t be, Kel. I should have said something to you when you dozed off. If you think you’re going to nap, we should probably put a diaper on you.”

That did it. A tear, scalding hot on my cheek, spilled over. “Mom!”

She rested a hand on my knee, “It’s okay. This little bladder issue will go away once you’re off the pain meds. Don’t beat yourself up over it.”

I knew she was right, but dammit, we shared an awesome kiss before I fell asleep, and I didn’t want Mom thinking I wasn’t boyfriend material. After I finished, I took a pass on a diaper. I wouldn’t have a choice tonight, but I would do my best to not need it until then.

“I know. It’s just I feel so helpless when it happens. Do you really want a boyfriend who can’t hold his bladder?”

Mom slid her hand up my thigh until she grazed my flaccid tube. I don’t know if she intended to touch me there, but almost instantly I grew hard, even though her hand moved up to my chest and said, “Yeah. The diapers and bladder stuff, that stuff will pass. But you’ll still be my boyfriend.”

She stood, “I hate that you broke your wrist, Kel. But think about the silver lining, babe.”

The silver lining? Then it came to me. None of what we shared would have happened had I not broken my wrists. “I’m glad you’re my girlfriend.”

Her eyes looked at my penis as Mom said, “Me too. Now, it’s about time for me to start on supper. What do you say I find something on TV for you to watch while I cook?”

After dinner, Mom wanted to watch one of her shows and so I read while she watched it. Afterwards, she rolled onto her side and pulled my book down from in front of my face, “Hey, Kel, if you want a shower, I can run it. Although, we haven’t really done anything worth getting cleaned up over.”

Even though we were already naked, taking another shower with Mom sounded like fun. “Like last night?”

Already on her side, Mom shifted over until she was right next to me, “What was so fun about last night?”

I giggled as I thought about how she touched me. “Um, well, you got me really clean. And, ah, maybe when we shower tonight, we can do some more boyfriend-girlfriend stuff.”

Mom put her hand on my chest, “That sounds fun, Kelly.”

My heart thundered in my chest, “Great, um, Karen. Can you help me with my braces?”

After Mom took off my braces, we went into the bathroom. While she got the shower going, I actually stood over the toilet and held my penis while I peed. That felt like a genuine victory for the first time in nearly a week.

We had nothing to strip off tonight. Mom took my arm and helped me into the tub. Once under the water, we turned to face each other. Mom asked, “How do your wrists and hands feel?”

I held up my hands and wiggled my fingers; they felt fine. My wrists felt sore and when I touched one or the other, they still felt tender. But they didn’t hurt as much as yesterday. “Better.”

She stepped closer, her toes touching mine. “Can you put your arms around my waist, baby?”

I carefully put my hands on her waist as Mom snaked her arms around my neck. Then she stepped in, tilted her head slightly and kissed me. As her tongue pushed into my mouth, my hands slid along her hips until my hands touched behind her. My stiffy tingled as it lay pressed between our bodies. Mom’s tits pushed against my chest.

When Mom’s tongue retreated, I pushed my way into her mouth, enjoying the very new sensations that came from French kissing. I knew I had to be careful of my wrists, but I enjoyed holding her against my body. When the kiss ended, Mom turned me around and said, “Let’s clean your back first.”

She worked her hands over my shoulders, kneading her soapy fingers into my shoulders and along my spine. She worked her way down my back until she reached my butt. Then I felt something against my back when her arms stretched around my waist. She was hugging me, holding her body tight against my back. My stiffy twitched; mom’s boobs mashed against my back! Then, her hands went lower, below my belly until she grabbed my stiffy. Her hands were slick with soap and she jerked me off a few strokes. Then she turned me back around, “If it doesn’t hurt to do it, Kel, try washing my back too.”

As soon as I grinned and nodded, Mom spun around, giving me her back. Her hair reached just below her shoulders and I pushed it out of the way before lathering my hands and touching the muscles connecting her neck to her back. Then I washed the back of her shoulders. I grimaced from the twinges of pain in my wrists, but damned if I was going to stop. I worked my way down to her butt. It was clear Mom had wanted to hug me and grab my stiffy; that’s why she didn’t mess with my butt, I think. But that didn’t stop me. My soapy hands kneaded her butt cheeks. Then I moved forward until my front touched her back and I slid my hands around her front. Where Mom had gone low, I went high.

My hands cupped her boobs. That wasn’t the best of it. My stiffy touched her backside, just below her tailbone. In fact, it had slid up into the small of her lower back when I hugged her from behind. As I played with her chest, Mom moaned, “That’s right, Kel. That feels good, baby.”

When I stopped, she turned around and pulled us under the shower where the water sluiced suds from our bodies. Then she took my head in her hands and pulled it downward until my mouth was inches away from her right tit, “If you want, Kel, it’s yours.”

I closed the distance. My tongue licked at her rubbery, hard nipple. I knew I was doing something right by the mews coming from her. I opened my mouth as wide as possible and took in about half of her fleshy breast tissue and sucked it like a baby. After a bit, I moved over to her left tit and loved on it with my tongue and then tried to take as much of it in my mouth as possible, sucking on it as hard as possible until Mom moaned, “Ah, baby!”

When I pulled my mouth off her, Mom kissed my neck and then kissed my tiny nipples. I thought she was going to kiss her way down my belly, but she stopped and pulled me down to the bottom of the tub, “Lay back, Kel. This’ll be more comfortable than standing.”

Uncertain what she intended, but trusting her completely, I slid back until my back rested against the back of the tub. The tub was both wider and longer than a standard tub, so Mom had no problem kneeling between my knees. She leaned forward until her lips kissed my belly button. Then she kissed her way down my smooth pubic area until her lips kissed the top of my little head.

The touch of her lips on my stiffy sent a wave of tingles all along my shaft. There was something in Mom’s touch that reminded me of her jacking me off, but also something both foreign and exciting. She knelt on her hands and knees as she slid her lips down past my circumcision ring. I gasped at how fast the tingling increased.

Mom slowly bobbed down until she had taken most of me in her mouth. Then she pulled up until only my little head was trapped behind her lips. Then she sank down, torturing my shaft with her tongue as she went. She found a rhythm and bobbed up and down as the pressure built in my stiffy. I had been wrong earlier. There was one thing better than having her jack me off. And that was her sucking me off.

As the tingling exploded in my balls and they pulled tight against me, I moaned, “Ah, shit!”

Then my stiffy jerked in Mom’s mouth as I felt the most powerful spasm yet. Four powerful blasts sent my watery cum into her mouth until I relaxed against the bottom of the tub. “God, that felt great!”

Mom sat on her haunch, licking her lips, “Yeah. What a delightful treat, Kel.”

Even while the buzzing in my head faded, Mom pulled me back away from the back of the tub. She sat between my legs, and ran her legs around my hips. It was like last night, only this time, her legs were on top of mine.

From there, she pulled the two of us together, our butts sliding on the tub’s bottom. Last night, my stiffy poked Mom in the belly button. Now, with my legs under Mom’s, my stiffy actually touched her slit before sliding beneath it. We both gasped when our pubic bones touched. Mom reached around my neck and pulled me close, kissing my lips and giving me a taste of the slight sweetness of my semen when she pushed her tongue into my mouth.

I liked the way my stiffy straining against her slit. At the angle at which we sat, it would not go up her, although I really wanted to know what that felt like, eventually. After the kiss, Mom caressed my back and eventually winded her way around to my chest. I was happy to return the favor, carefully, despite the pain in my wrists, massaging her boobs.

Looking down between us, her slit was barely visible. It’s not that I grew tired of playing with her tits, but that indention called to me like a siren’s call. Soon, my finger slid between our pubic bones and I felt it slide into Mom’s slit where I touched her little clit. She moaned at my touch, even as my wrist protested at the angle of my hand.

I scooted away. My stiffy sliding against her slit gave me a tingling almost as good as when Mom had sucked me. But after everything she had done, I wanted to give her something too. I swiveled around until I was on my belly and then I slid between her legs, letting my hand lead me back to her slit. Her outer lips were swollen and now that our bodies weren’t pressed against each other, her inner lips were visible as well as her clit. My fingers found that small button and when I pushed on it, Mom moaned and let her head fall back. Encircling her little clit was fun. My finger grew wet with her juices. Once, when running my finger across her nub of flesh, I slipped and my finger slid between her inner lips.

“Oh, Kel!” Mom groaned, “Put your finger in me!”

I was confused; I was inside her. Then I realized she wanted my finger in her pussy hole. I kept my finger moving toward her backside. Maybe an inch or so later, my finger slipped into something and the look on Mom’s face confirmed I had reached my goal. I pushed it in. The first thing I noticed was how wet she was. Then how warm. Her walls gripped me and I felt as though Mom’s body was trying to pull me in deeper.

With my finger in her pussy, my face was a hand span away from Mom’s slit. Feeling my slick finger, I couldn’t help but wonder what she tasted like. Drawn by the idea, I withdrew my finger and sniffed it. It had a faint odor, not in a bad way, just different. I stuck out my tongue and tasted a bit of saltiness. It wasn’t like anything else I had tasted before, but I was definitely interested in tasting more of her.

I scooted forward until my face was nearly in Mom’s slit and stuck my tongue out. I touched her outer lips first and got a taste of skin, just a hint of salt. Then I touched her little flap that mostly covered her clit. I felt that mildly salt-like taste of her juice. Mom moaned as my tongue lapped at her clit, “Oh, Kel, don’t stop, that… ahh!”

The same way I had been using my finger on her clit was just about the same way I licked her. Egged on by Mom’s encouragement, my tongue darted across the pulsing clit. The salty taste filled my mouth as she grew wetter where my tongue attacked her pleasure spot.

After a bit, Mom’s hands gripped my hair as she began shaking, “Ahh, fuck! I’m cumming!”

More of her salty juice seeped from her pussy and I kept on lapping it up as she kept shaking. I had never seen a girl cum before, and seeing Mom so close, cumming and cumming was a revelation. When she finally stopped shaking, she let go my hair, and I slid back.

That’s when I noticed the water coming from the overhead shower had gone cold. I giggled, realizing I had been totally focused on giving Mom the same pleasure she had given me. Mom gave me a kiss after climbing to her feet and turning the water off. “That was incredible, Kel. I can’t remember the last time I came that hard.”

Even as I got goosebumps on my arms from the cold water, I smiled at her. All I had wanted was to make her feel the same as me. Knowing I had filled me with elation.

Once both of us were dried, Mom put my wrist braces on. I winced at the pain lacing up my arm as she velcroed the first one in place. “You okay, Kel?”

I didn’t want to mention the pain. I had hoped to go without taking my pain meds tonight. The thought of peeing in my sleep was a powerful incentive to not taking those pills. But the pain overcame my desire, “My wrists hurt a bit.”

Mom wore a concerned look, “Maybe we shouldn’t have played as much. Well, at least with your hands. I’m sorry, baby.”

I shook my head, “Don’t be. I really liked doing the stuff we did.”

Mom tousled my wet hair, “I bet, baby. Let’s get you some meds and get a diaper on you.”

I groaned but followed her into the bedroom.

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    AWESOME his first taste of pussy and it is his mom. such an AWESOME experience

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