Kim’s Game – Chapter 5

“Hey, share some of those fries, Mister!” Andrea said as she jabbed a plastic fork in Kim’s direction. He had a small mountain of French fries in the Styrofoam box in front of him.

Kim grabbed a couple and shoved him in his mouth, “Nopth goith to hathphen” he said around a mouthful of food.

Arya giggled, “Doofus.”

Kim swallowed and laughed at Andrea. Then he pushed his box toward her and let her skewer a few fries. Staying with the Tylers was the most fun he’d ever had.

Before his dad had gone back on the road Sunday afternoon, he’d confirmed what Andrea had told Kim the previous day. Kim could stay with the Tylers as much as he’d like. Kim knew that Andrea’s job as a waitress meant that she’d work four or five days a week, anywhere from four to eight hours at a time. And that he was expected to ride herd on the girl during those times. Today had been an eight hour day, but she’d come home with boxed dinners from the restaurant, and Kim really enjoyed the bacon cheeseburger.

Andrea finished a bite and said, “What’d you guys do all day? You make it over to the pool?”

Before Kim could say a word, Arya lept up, almost overturning her drink cup, and said, “I kicked Kim’s butt at Team Sonic. Girls rule and boys…”

“Hey now,” Kim almost shouted, “There’s a boy at the table if you hadn’t noticed.”

Arya stuck her tongue out, “Drool. Doofus.”

Kim couldn’t be mad at the girl. It’s not that he minded getting beat by a girl, but being around Arya almost made losing bearable.

He knew it was immature, but he stuck his tongue out, too. “You’ve been playing it longer.”

Arya shrugged, “Like I said, Mom. Drools. After I beat Kim like a rented mule, he gave up and started reading a book.”

Andrea laughed. “A rented mule? Where’d you come up with that one.”

Kim pointed toward the sleeper sofa. There was a book turned face down. “It was in the book I was reading. I guess without a punching bag to take out her aggression, Arya asked if I’d read to her. That’s the longest I’ve ever seen her stay still. Except when she’s asleep. Nope, not even then.”

Andrea arched her eyebrows, “Really? That was sweet of you, Kim.”

He’d enjoyed it. And Arya had been a more active listener than he had admitted to Andrea. They spent nearly as much time discussing each chapter as Kim did reading. It was, he had to admit, better than getting his ass handed to him by his best friend.

He shrugged, “I had fun.”

Andrea collected the empty boxes and threw them away, “I could get used to cleanups this easy. You kids want to go over to the pool before it gets too late?”

While the quiet familiarity of spending an afternoon with his head in a book had been nice, especially with Arya hanging on his every word, the idea of going swimming with her was even better.

The girl hopped up and raced into the bathroom, “Yeah! Swimming sounds fun.”

Andrea gave a tired smile at Kim, “You keeping up with her?”

He smiled back, “It’s easy.”

The young woman headed toward her bedroom, “I’ll be back in a moment.”

When Andrea’s door closed, Arya came back from the bathroom with Kim’s swimsuit in one hand and hers in the other. Without batting an eye at the boy, she pulled her shirt off and then slipped out of her shorts and panties. She slid her eyes over to Kim, who was just staring, slack-jawed at the girl’s easy familiarity with him.

As she slid her bottoms on, her voice was low, “Well, it’s not like you haven’t seen me before, right?”

Kim flushed and nodded as he pulled his shirt off. Even his shorts were easy enough. But when he saw Arya eying him in just his underwear, he spun around and slid them down before stepping into his swimsuit and pulling them up. Arya had seen him once, but with Andrea in the bedroom, it was just too risky that she might see him waving his dick in front of her daughter.

Arya grumbled, “Fine. Can you at least help me with my top?”

Kim nodded and came around behind the girl. As he was tying the string into a nice secure bow around Arya’s neck, Andrea’s door opened, and she came out. She was wearing the same swimsuit Kim had seen before. She looked sexy, Kim thought as his fingers fumbled with the strings he needed to tie together around Arya’s back. Kim started counting backward from one hundred to himself, willing the stirring between his legs to go away.

The weak lights over the swimming area were already trying to illuminate things by the time Kim and the Tyler girls arrived. And as was usual, there was nobody around. Kim had barely hit the water when Arya landed right behind him and jumped onto his back.

And that started their game of tag. Despite Arya’s earlier acceptance of Kim’s reticence when they were changing, she was aggressive, reaching for his swimsuit almost every time she managed to dunk or pull Kim under.

At the shallow end, there were concrete steps, and Andrea sat on the lowest one, laughing and enjoying their antics. And that’s why Kim, when he pulled Arya under the water, didn’t try to grab at her bikini. He didn’t think she would approve, especially since she told him she trusted Kim with her daughter.

Kim had just surfaced after dragging the girl by her foot when Arya landed on his shoulders, driving him below the water. Kim twisted and wiggled, trying to get free. The girl was doing everything in her power to wrap her hands around Kim’s chest, but by the time she’d managed it, the boy was turned around, and Arya’s face pushed against his chest.

She grinned at him, showing him her teeth, and then she dropped down and in one swoop, pulled his shorts down to his knees. Kim could see her face below the water. Arya’s eyes focused on what Kim had between his legs. He knew he should be faster, but he paused before he grabbed the hem of his swimsuit and pulled it back up.

When Arya surfaced, her voice didn’t carry, “Nice.”

From the other end of the pool, Andrea called out, “One of these days, you’re going to do that to him, and he’s going to get you back even better. And you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself, Arya. You guys finished grab-assing?”

They were drying off when Arya leaned over, “You’re not mad, are you?”

Part of Kim had enjoyed Arya finally getting his swimsuit down. But he didn’t want to let Andrea down. Certainly not where she could see him.

“No, just your mom,” he whispered as they followed behind Andrea a few paces.

Andrea unlocked the door and led the way into the apartment. Kim paused as Arya adjusted her sandal. When she finished, she let him go ahead.

Kim hadn’t taken two steps into the apartment when he heard Arya close the door and then felt her fingers grab his waistband and yank. Before the boy could react, his swimsuit was around his ankles, and then Arya pushed him, knocking him onto the bed. No sooner had his feet left the ground than his swimsuit was off his legs.

The gales of laugher from Arya he was getting used to. But when Kim saw Andrea staring at his nakedness, he turned beat red as he shouted, “What the heck, Arya?”

Still looking at him, Andrea said, “Oh my.” She blinked a couple of times, “Don’t let her get away with that, Kim. If Arya’s so intent on taking your swimsuit, then steal hers.”

Kim couldn’t tell how he felt that Andrea had seen him. But as he rolled off the bed and lunged for Kim, he decided that if the young woman wasn’t going to say a word if he pulled Arya’s bikini off, then that was exactly what he would do.

Arya dropped his swimsuit by the door and raced around the end of the sleeper sofa. Kim barely managed to grab the girl around the waist and threw her onto the bed. Arya’s squeals were mixed with peals of laughter. The girl landed face down, and Kim landed on top of her as he tugged at the bows that held the top on.

The girl squirmed, trying to get away from Kim. But fueled with Andrea’s explicit permission, he held on, working one hand down her body until he grabbed the fabric on her narrow hips. He’d been kicked in the shins and knees and had barely avoided Arya’s foot in his crotch, but after a long struggle, punctuated with plenty of giggles and laughter, Kim kicked Arya’s bikini bottom to the floor.

When the girl eventually stopped struggling, she lay flat on the bed, her chest rising and falling as she caught her breath. The way she smiled up at Kim told him all he needed to know that she had loved the game they’d played.

Kim was resting, his legs straddling Arya’s, his butt was on her abdomen. He drew in a deep breath, just as worn by their wrestling as the girl. At that moment, it was only Kim and Arya. Nothing more. Sometimes she exasperated him, but he loved her rambunctiousness and vibrance.

Arya giggled, her eyes focused between the two of them. Kim’s eyes followed hers. His eyes widened as he realized his dick wasn’t the small two inches. All the roughhousing with Arya, their bodies rubbing against each other in his attempt to pay her back, had turned it into four inches, pointed toward the girl’s face.

Kim drew in a breath. Arya had already seen him like this, nothing to worry about. Then he heard a sharp breath and looked up. He’d forgotten about Andrea. The girl’s mom stood near the foot of the bed, her eyes transfixing his erection.

With a speed that surprised even himself, Kim rolled off Arya and grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed, thrusting it over himself as he sat cross-legged, his face a deep scarlet hue. He felt Andrea’s eyes, still staring at him.

He stammered, “I, uh, mm, I’m s-sorry.”

He couldn’t stand that he’d failed Andrea. She’d told Kim she trusted him. And he’d messed up bigtime. He blinked back a tear, hating himself at that moment for ruining things between him and Arya.

In a soft voice, he said, “I’ll get my stuff and head back to my place. I’m sorry for messing up.”

Arya jolted up, her face etched with shock. Andrea sat on the bed, only a few inches between her and Kim, “Hold up, Kim. Why do you think you messed up?”

When he blinked this time, Kim felt a scalding tear slide down his face. “You told me you trusted me. And I screwed up.”

Andrea took his hands that were pressing on the pillow and pulled. “Come here, Kim.”

She kept tugging at him until he let her pull him onto her lap. Sitting there, his legs in front of him, with the pillow still strategically placed, the boy felt confused. Andrea was wearing just her swimsuit, and he could feel the fabric under his bottom and against his back.

Andrea put her arms around him and said, “You didn’t screw up. And I’m not upset with you. Goodness, In some ways, Kim, you remind me of my first boyfriend. He was twelve, and many of my memories are of him trying to hide his stiffy in his shorts. Well, when he wasn’t showing it to me, anyway.

Kim didn’t know what to say or even how to feel. When he first realized Arya had seen his dick, the feeling had been one of delight. But that had turned into his personal hell when he realized Andrea saw it, too.

He didn’t understand how to behave or what to do. “I don’t know what to do. You told me you trusted Arya with me, and I thought that meant you wanted me to be good around her and make sure she’s safe with me. And that meant not doing things that could, um, make this happen. You know, because of, um, stuff.” he nodded toward his pillow covered erection.

“Ah,” Andrea sighed, “I see. I guess my chickens are coming home to roost.”

She beckoned her daughter to her, and Arya snuggled up to her right side as she grew silent.

The silence was loud in Kim’s ears. What chickens roosting had to do with his hard-on was a mystery. He was about to say something, anything to break the awkward silence when Andrea said, “I still trust you, Kim. Just as much as I trust Arya. But I don’t know if I can explain exactly what that trust looks like. And I’m probably the wrong person to ask, anyway. Because when I was your age, Kim, I had already been with Arya’s father.”

Kim craned his neck until he could see the young woman’s face. She wore a far-off expression. Arya said, “You never talk about him, Mom.”

Andrea shook her head, “No, I haven’t. I guess the reason is that he and I had sex for the first time when I was twelve, and he got me pregnant when I was fourteen, and he was…” her voice faded.

Kim realized he was older now than Andrea was when she had first had sex. The idea rocked his perception.

Then Andrea finished, “Twelve.”

Arya was the first to speak, “That means you and my father did, uh, sex stuff when he was ten?”

Andrea nodded, “And I was twelve.” She squeezed Kim’s chest in a hug, “So, I know what you guys are feeling because I’ve been there before.”

Kim had always liked Arya’s mom. And at that moment, as she bared a past she preferred to keep private, he felt incredibly close to Andrea. And understood her a little better, too. But it didn’t help him understand how to handle the trust she placed in him. He loved being with Arya and everything about the younger girl. From the intimacy of bathing her to the thrill and excitement of wrestling, and everything in between.

However, feeling the young woman’s arms wrapped around him, Kim felt a love from Andrea that made him want to be worthy of the trust she put in him regarding Arya.

Andrea added, “Kim, I can tell that you want to know what my trust means. Because of my own experiences, it’s hard to explain. But you deserve an answer. I trust you to be Arya’s friend. I trust you to look after her. I trust you to be there for her. And because I trust you with Arya, I want the two of you to discover how you feel about each other. I’m not going to be shocked if I walk in on the two of you kissing. That’s part of discovering each other.”

Kim felt a weight lifting off his chest. There was still a lot of gray in understanding what Andrea meant by discovering more about how Arya made him feel, but she hadn’t been upset with him wrestling Arya’s swimsuit off.

Arya asked, “You’ve never talked about my daddy. Why?”

Andrea bit her lower lip as she glanced away. “I kind of wish you’d have waited to ask that one, Arya.”

The young girl kept looking up at her mom until Andrea said, “I was eleven when his mom asked me to babysit him and his younger sister. They were neighbors, and their mom and my mom were good friends. Anyway, his mom never though he was responsible enough to stay home and babysit his little sister, so I kept babysitting them even while he and I were having sex. I had just learned I was pregnant when his dad got a job out of state, and they moved. When I finally told your grandma that I was pregnant, I never did tell her who your father was.”

Arya’s face was as serious as Kim had ever seen. “Oh. What did you like about him? Did make you laugh?”

“Sometimes, Cory was sweet. He was thoughtful toward me and made me feel special. He was also good in school, and even though he was a couple of grades behind me, he even helped me with some of the math problems I was struggling with.”

Kim felt a kinship with Andrea’s first boyfriend. He saw himself in some of what she described and wondered if some of what Arya felt for him was similar to Andrea’s feelings for her first boyfriend. He asked, “How did it start between you?”

Andrea chuckled and shook her head, “We had been wrestling, and I let him climb on top of me. Then he kissed me and well, then stuff happened. But enough for now.”

There was a hitch in her sigh before she said, “It’s getting late. Arya, why don’t you go first. I’ll be in shortly to help. Then Kim can get his bath or shower after you.”

Arya slid over to the end of the bed and said, “Is it okay if Kim gives me a bath?”

A ghost of a smile graced Andrea’s lips as she nodded, “If he wants to, that’s fine. I don’t mind a break.”

Kim’s erection had subsided until the girl stood up. The top of her slit was visible, and his body responded with a twinge as it pushed against the pillow.

Arya was halfway toward the bathroom when she stopped and turned around, “If Kim wants, can we take our bath at the same time?”

The boy felt another twinge against the pillow. With everything Andrea had shared, he knew if she allowed it, he would agree.

Andrea glanced between the girl and Kim a few times before she said, “Let me talk to Kim for a couple of minutes. Why don’t you go ahead and run the water?”

Once the door was closed, Andrea chuckled, “God, she’s persistent. Don’t let her pressure you, Kim.”

Kim couldn’t sort all of his emotions, but he found the younger girl’s aggressiveness endearing. Still, he felt something between him and the twenty-four-year-old in whose lap he sat, and he desperately wanted her approval for what he felt for Arya. “I really like how Arya makes me feel, Andrea. I wouldn’t mind taking a bath with her. But I like you and think the world of you and don’t want to do anything that would make you not trust me.”

Andrea pulled him into a hug and kissed the back of his neck, “You don’t realize just how special you are, Kim. You’re even more sensitive than Cory was. Arya is blessed to have you. I guess I am, too.”

She sighed, “If things were different…”

Her voice drifted off, leaving Kim to wonder about how Andrea felt about him.

Before he could dwell more about her last comment, Andrea added wistfully, “I’m fine with the two of you bathing and showering together. I really do trust you, Kim.”

Kim leaned back against Andrea, feeling a kinship for the young woman. It wasn’t the same as he felt for Arya, but it was close. And there was a glimmer of understanding about the nature of her trust. Feeling the warmth of her covered chest against his back, Kim said, “Even though I’ll probably have a lot of these?”

He lifted the pillow just enough to hint at his meaning.

Andrea dropped a hand to the pillow and pulled it away from his erection. Kim’s dick twitched, exposed to her view. Part of him was terrified he had been wrong and that Andrea would be upset. But she held up the pillow for a while, just looking down at him. Finally, she lowered it back into place and said, “If Arya doesn’t mind, then neither do I.”

Hearing something in Andrea’s voice, Kim, his heart racing at the implications of what the young woman had implied, stammered, “If it w-was just y-you?”

Andrea squeezed his chest before letting go, “Go on, Arya’s waiting for you.”


Kim opened the door and saw Arya sitting on the toilet. She looked up at him pensively. “She said it was okay, right?”

The boy glanced back into the living room. Andrea grinned back at him and waved for him to close the door. He felt weird about what had just happened, but as he closed the door and nodded, that mostly went away as he realized he was alone with Arya, and they were both naked.

The girl got up and said, “Does your dinky ever go down?”

Kim chuckled, “It was soft before we started wrestling.”

Arya climbed into the tub and slid to the back, giving him plenty of room to join her. “You got excited because of me?”

It wasn’t a question as much as a statement. He nodded. “Yeah. I hope it’s okay. I can’t really stop it from happening.”

She gestured for him to sit in the tub. As he settled into the nearly-hot water, Arya said, “I think it’s cute. Last time, you washed me, so now it’s my turn.”

Arya grabbed the loofah and motioned for Kim to turn around. He swiveled his butt around until he faced the front of the tub. The girl said, “Can you slide back? You’re up too far.”

He slid back until he felt Arya’s legs sliding outside of his. Her toes brushed against his knee when he stopped. He felt the soft sponginess of the loofah as the girl scrubbed his shoulder blades. After a minute, he heard the loofah land in the water as Arya’s fingers touched his back. “you used your fingers,” she said. “I liked how it felt. What do you think?”

The girl’s fingers were like tiny electrodes on his skin. Kim just nodded, “Um-hmm.” Nothing else was necessary.

Arya’s fingers went all the way to his pale butt cheeks, where they met the bottom of the tub. Then she slid forward and ran her hands around Kim’s torso until he felt her smooth chest on his back. Now, Arya’s hands, still slick with bodywash, rubbed across his chest. When she’d turned it into a field of white suds, her fingers drifted down, working on his belly.

The girl paused when her finger had barely brushed the base of Kim’s dick. In the most hesitant voice he had yet to hear from Arya, she said, “You, um, you washed my kitty. Can I wash your dinky?”

Kim’s body quivered with excitement. His dick twitched as it bobbed about in the air. Nodding, he said, “Okay.”

Arya’s fingers moved slowly downward, running down his smooth pubic area until she gently wrapped her fist around his erection. His dick felt alive as it tingled everywhere the girl’s fingers touched.

After a moment, Arya whispered, “I’ve never touched a boy’s dinky before. Am I doing it okay?”

Kim wanted her to move her hand up and down, and jack him off. He was close, so close to that special feeling he got every time he played with himself. But he didn’t want to push Arya into doing anything else. Despite how new their friendship was, something told him that she would be the aggressor soon enough.

Of course, Arya’s was the first hand to touch his dick that wasn’t his own, and when he replied, his voice quivered, “Y-yeah. Super good. Do you think your mom will let us keep taking baths together?”

Arya squeezed his shaft a little, “Yeah. I think so. Do you want to wash me now?”

In a flurry of splashes and shifting around, Kim’s legs now lay alongside Arya’s as her back was to him. He ignored the loofah and drizzled bodywash over the girl’s back. Her skin beneath his touch was smooth and perfect. And when he got to her butt, he ran his soapy fingers around her orbs, going so far as to slide a finger between the bottom of the tub and her butt cheek.

Once the girl’s back was soapy, Kim mimicked Arya and slid his arms around her chest. He pulled her to him, closing a gap between their bodies. Now, her back pressed against his chest. More than that, though, Kim’s dick lay flat against Arya’s lower back and his pubic bone.

He felt a moment of pure delight when the girl gave a loud, happy sigh. And then he drizzled more of the bodywash on her chest. He couldn’t help himself as he washed her. He played with and tweaked Arya’s nipples, wondering how long it would be before her nipples, now no larger than his own, would eventually grow. One year? Two? He didn’t know but fervently hoped he would get to see it happen.

The tingling Kim felt led him to rush past Arya’s taut belly muscles. He didn’t pause until the tip of his index finger touched the top of the girl’s slit. When he heard her sharp intake, he felt horny. Even though he knew he should stop, he asked, “Can I play with your kitty?”

Arya giggled as she spread her legs a bit, “Please!”

Kim’s finger slipped between the girl’s immature puffy outer lips. Under his touch, he felt a little indention and rubbed his finger there.

Arya went rigged and gasped. Worried about going too far, Kim pulled back, “Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

The girl released a long, slow breath of air. “Uh, whatever you did, it felt really good. Can you do it again?”

Kim’s finger slipped between Arya’s lips and found that little indention. Even though Arya gasped, she nodded for him to continue. His finger circled and pressed against it until Arya shuddered. Still worried, Kim pulled back, “Let’s finish up. Okay?”

Arya’s voice sounded sad as she agreed. Then as she stood up, her voice was earnest, “I do want to try that again next time, though.”

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