Levi Holland is one of those authors who knows that our stories don’t need to be a fap-a-thon (his words 🙂 ). It’s always plot over porn (also his words). And it shows in his stories! I’m a huge fan of his work, so when he agreed to publish his work here instead of just on Nifty, I was thrilled!

Levi has that much-needed ‘realness’ in his work that I think is essential in our work. So… enjoy his work and let him (or me) know what you think of it. You can reach him at leviholland@protonmail.com. All comments. Both good and bad are greatly appreciated! Or you can always comment here, send me a message, you know… the works. I’ll make sure to notify him!

Links to his work:

Story Page

eBook / PDF Download page

Audiobook download page