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October 15, 2008

Alex Hawk

“Now fuck me, little boy,” Alesta said. She was lying naked on her bed with her legs spread.

Between those legs was a naked twelve-year-old boy named Lucas. He’d never had sex before, but now he was about to lose his virginity to this wonderfully nice twenty-one-year old woman! He felt so lucky! Just wait until his friends heard about this!

Very carefully, very uncertainly, and nervous as hell, Lucas gave a little push with his hips and watched as his twelve-year-old virgin penis disappeared into Alesta’s vagina. As he sank his young, almost hairless erection into her, he let out a little moan of pure pleasure and slowly started fucking, knowing that he’d probably cum soon, but not really caring.

“That’s right,” Alesta whispered, putting her hands under the pillow behind her head. “Fuck me good, little boy.”

Lucas did as he was told, keeping his eyes closed and savoring the delightful feeling of having his penis in a woman’s vagina for the very first time! His body began to tense as his orgasm approached. It’d be the best orgasm of his life!

It was also his last. Just as Lucas started to cum, Alesta’s hands flew from under the pillows, a sharp knife in each one. Each knife slid into Lucas’ naked, preteen body, right between his ribs. Both lungs were punctured, and one of the blades severed the boy’s heart.

Lucas’ eyes flew open. What had been a world of happiness and bliss was suddenly a world of pain and fear. He opened his mouth to scream, but nothing but a faint gurgle and a lot of blood issued forth. He tried to pull away from Alesta, but she’d locked her legs around his hips, trapping him against her. Lucas looked into Alesta’s eyes, trying to understand what was happening, but he couldn’t make sense of anything. Slowly his vision faded and everything went dark. The light would never shine again for him.

Alesta’s vagina began contracting around Lucas’ penis as he finally died, his smooth body moving no longer. She gave the dead boy a little kiss and then rolled out from under him, looking at the body of the dead child. Very cute! And he’d never turn into an adult. He’d never be a man. That was what made her happiest.
Whistling a jolly little tune, Alesta went and cleaned up. Later on she’d dispose of the dead boy. He was the twenty-third boy she’d killed since she started at the age of fifteen. She’d gotten good at the murdering. And the body disposal.

Now she just had to plan the next one…

* * *

A full two weeks went by before Alesta felt the need to kill again. She went out to a local beach where lots of boys hung out. She’d find the perfect one, lure him to her car, take him to her house and then… well, he’d eventually wind up joining poor little Lucas.

Down at the beach, Alesta stripped down to her bikini and looked around, checking out all the cute boys. She considered and rejected several before finally picking one. He was wearing a pair of board shorts, looked to be about fifteen, had curly blond hair and a very nice body. He’d be perfect.

She approached the boy and started talking with him about incidentals. He was indeed fifteen, she found out, and named Daniel. After another fifteen minutes or so of talking, she got him to go with her back to the van she drove. To just hang out, she said. As soon as the boy agreed, it was also she could do not to cheer. Within an hour this lovely teenage boy would be dead.

When they got to the van, they sat in the back. The windows were heavily tinted. No one would see inside. Alesta looked Daniel over. The boy was still wearing only his board shorts.

“You have a really nice body,” she said to him.

“Thanks.” He felt happy that an older woman was noticing him!

“I bet you work out a lot.”


Alesta placed a hand on Daniel’s chest and ran it down to his stomach. “Very nice.”

“Thanks,” he said, now sounding a little nervous.

“You must get laid a lot,” she said with a sweet smile.

“Uh… well, actually…” Daniel blushed. “I’m still a virgin,” he mumbled.

“That’s ok, Daniel. Everyone’s a virgin to start with.”

Daniel didn’t say anything, but he was now acutely aware of how hard his penis was.

Alesta seemed to notice. She reached down and caressed his shaft through his shorts, and then slowly buttoned and unzipped them, reaching into his underwear to pull out his erect teenage penis.

“So you’ve never had a girl lucky enough to have this inside her?” Alesta purred, stroking the boy’s penis slowly.

“N… no…” Daniel said, closing his eyes, unable to guess where this was headed, but happy to make the journey.

“I bet you’d love to fuck me,” Alesta said, leaning close and whispering into the boy’s ear.


“Good…” Alsesta pulled off the bikini bottoms, exposing her vagina to the young virgin. “Why don’t we go back to my place and get you laid?”

“Alright,” Daniel said through a haze of sexual energy.

“Take those shorts off,” Alesta suggested. “And stay back there. I don’t want to lose any time when we get to my house.”

Daniel did as he was told and sat in the back of the van, naked, hard, horny and a little overwhelmed by everything. For lack of anything better to do during the drive, he found himself nervously masturbating. Not planning to have an orgasm, just trying to calm down.

When they got to her house, Alesta pressed the button on the garage door opener and pulled the van inside. Once the door was closed, she got back into the back seat with Daniel.

“Well… here we are… ready to fuck?”

“Are you… are you really going to let me?” he whispered.

“Oh, yes.” Alesta sat up and pulled off her bikini top. Now nude, she got out of the van and said, “Follow me.”

Daniel followed Alesta as she led him back to her bedroom. He couldn’t believe that was actually going to get laid! As Lucas before him, he felt like he must be the luckiest boy in the world.

Alesta took hold of Daniel’s penis and gave it a couple slow strokes as she pulled him close and kissed him lightly on the lips. The boy really was beautiful, she though. One of the best looking kids she’d ever planned to kill. At least he wouldn’t grow up to be some horribly hairy, ugly man. She’d spare him the ravages of time.

Alesta ran her hands down the boy’s bare muscular chest and said to him, “Lay down. I’ll do all the work.”

“Alright,” Daniel whispered, lying down on the bed.

Once Daniel was lying down, Alesta got on top of him, straddling his waist. She took hold of his penis, rubbing it against her vagina. “You ready?”

“Yeah,” Daniel managed to whisper. He’d been ready for this ever since puberty started!

Little did he know that it would be one of the last things ever to happen to him. Alesta rubbed against him some more and then slowly lowered her twenty-one-year-old vagina down around Daniel’s lovely fifteen-year-old virgin penis. She let out a little whisper of pleasure as he entered her. Now his fate was sealed. He would die. He had to die.

“Now fuck me, little boy,” Alesta whispered.

Daniel moaned slightly and pushed up, feeling his penis being wrapped in the exquisite warmth of his first vagina. Now he knew for a fact that he was the luckiest boy in the universe! So wrapped up in what he was feeling as he began to fuck, he didn’t notice Alesta’s hands coming to rest on either side of his naked young body, didn’t notice one of the hands reaching under the pillow to pull out a sharp knife.

Alesta rode the naked young boy expertly. She’d been trained well over the years. Each time she got fucked by a boy, she knew it was going to be his last experience ever, so she always wanted to make it as good for him as she could.

Underneath Alesta’s body, Daniel was lost in a world of total bliss. He’d never felt anything so good as this! He felt his orgasm approaching and tried to hold off, wanting for Alesta to enjoy this as much as he was. But it was to no anvil. Gritting his teeth and screwing his eyes shut, Daniel felt his penis start kicking as his sperm fired off.

As soon as Alesta felt Daniel’s sperm splashing into her vagina, she made her move, slicing downward with her arm. It was easy for her to find the target, since Daniel’s head was thrown back into the pillow. All she had to do was draw her knife across his exposed throat, slicing through flesh, blood and cartilage.

Daniel’s eyes slammed open and a faint hissing, gurgling sound issued from the gaping wound in his throat. He reached up to Alesta and tried to get the knife from her, but she held it far away from him, holding his naked body down with hers as his blood sprayed out all over the bed. Alesta wasn’t concerned. She knew how to take care of evidence.

The boy’s movements began to slow as the flow of blood went from spurts to a mere trickle. Finally he stopped moving, stopped breathing, stopped doing anything, his dead eyes wide open and showing pain, confusion and betrayal.

Alesta climaxed as the teenage boy under her died, just as she always did. When she was done with her own pleasure, she got off Daniel’s motionless body. Leaning down she gave him a tender kiss on his dead lips, smiling to herself and feeling the usual surge of victory and power.

Alesta ducked into the shower, getting herself nice and clean. Later today she’d trek Daniel’s body out to the usual place and dump him with Lucas and the others. She wished she could give them a better funeral than what they ended up with, but c’est la morte.

She’d just finished the shower and put on a bathrobe when she heard a knock on the front door. Curious, she went over and peered at the front porch through the thick curtains over her windows.

There was a boy at her door.

She regarded him for a few seconds. Probably thirteen or so. Tasseled brown hair, nice enough looking clothes. Very cute face. Nice body. She briefly pictured him naked and thrusting on top of her as his virginity fled his young body, then slashing him open and watching his life flee as well.

Alesta hadn’t ever done two boys in one day, except for back a couple years ago when she had twin eleven-year-old boys at her mercy. Killing one boy after another had been quite fun. Now she had the chance to do it again. There was a slight risk because she hadn’t dealt with Daniel’s body yet, but she figured she could just do this one in the living room.

Loosening her robe belt just slightly, she went to the front door and opened it.

“Yes?” she asked politely.

The boy stared at her briefly, eyes focused mostly on her partially exposed breasts. “Uh… hi!” he managed to say after a bit. “My name is Taylor. I’m a student at Garfield Junior High and I’m selling candy to raise money for my school.” He shook a little box of candy bars.

Alesta smiled her sweetest, most disarming smile. “Well. I’m Alesta. Why don’t you come inside for a little bit and we’ll see what you have.”

“Ok,” Taylor said, very pleased. He’d not been able to move more than two bars of candy after spending a full hour walking around. Now there was at least a chance he’d get a sale!

“So your name is Taylor, you said?” Alesta asked as she shut the door behind the boy, quietly, but firmly, locking it.


“Kind of like Taylor Hanson, huh?” she said with a sweet smile. THERE was a boy she’d wanted bad. But now he’d started to age and was married and had a child. Alesta sighed softly. She could have spared him the ravages of time.

“Yeah, I guess. I was never really into Hanson.”

“So what sort of candy do you have? Here, sit next to me,” she said, plopping herself onto the couch and patting a space next to her.

Taylor sat down and opened up his candy box. He ran through the various choices and then when he was done, Alesta said, “I’ll take them all!”

Taylor blinked and smiled in happy surprise. “Really? Wow! Cool! You’re the best!”

Alesta laughed, a throaty laugh, full of danger, though Taylor didn’t recognize the sound. “I’m glad you’re happy.” She stood, her robe falling open a little, just enough to expose one of her breasts. Taylor drew in a sharp breath. Alesta looked down at him.

“Something wrong?”

“Uh… no!” With great effort he tore his eyes away.

Alesta laughed again. “You were taking a peek, weren’t you?”

“No, no!” Taylor lied hurriedly.

“It’s alright,” she said with a sweet smile. “I don’t mind.” She let her robe fall open a little more, exposing both breasts fully. “Haven’t you ever seen a woman naked before?”

Taylor could only shake his head. He was confused as hell, but was willing to go with it. It wasn’t every day that a beautiful woman let him see her like this!

“Do you want to see more?” she purred, pleased that his inexperience likely meant he was still a virgin.

“Uh… sure, I guess! I mean, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind. Why should I mind? I’ll tell you what… if you take off your shirt, I’ll let you see me totally naked.”

“You will?” Taylor squeaked, unable to believe this was really happening.

“Of course.” She lowered the robe just a little more, enough to really tease the child.

Taylor knew he shouldn’t be here and shouldn’t be doing this, but he really couldn’t resist. The chance to see a real life naked woman! Wow! His already very hard young penis twitched with total excitement and anticipation.

“Ok,” he replied. Nervously he sat up and pulled his shirt off, exposing his hairless, teenage chest.

Alesta moved close and ran a finger down the boy’s body. “Oh, very nice…”

“Thank you,” he said with a little gasp.

“You can touch me if you want to,” Alesta suggested, knowing that few boys indeed would ever turn down the chance to touch her. They certainly hadn’t turned down the chance when she’d been six.

Moving uncertainly, Taylor reached out a hand and gently ran it along one of Alesta’s breasts. His penis kicked with pure glee at the thought of what he was doing.

“Ready to see the rest?” Alesta asked.

“Oh, yes…” the young boy whispered, not aware that at this point his death was pretty much assured.

Alesta very slowly lowered the rest of her bathrobe until she stood naked in front of this pretty young child. She smiled at him and then sat down on his lap, straddling his waist and gently kissing his surprised looking face.

“You like me, don’t you?” she asked.


She wiggled against the boy’s crotch, feeling the hardness of his penis inside his jeans. “I can tell, you know,” she said with a little grin.

Taylor was too overwhelmed to do much more than simply grin back in shy embarrassment.

Alesta ran her hands down Taylor’s chest to his jeans. Once there she unbuttoned them and then unzipped them, reaching inside his boxers to let his young penis pop up into view. She had a brief flashback to earlier in the day with Daniel, then a few other flashbacks that she did her best to crush as she began stroking Taylor’s teenage erection.

“You have a nice one,” she whispered to Taylor as she leaned down and kissed his ear.

“Thank you,” he whispered back.

“You ever done anything like this?”


Alesta smiled to herself. The boy was a virgin! Perfect. Now he was doomed. Cute and lovely little thirteen-year-old Taylor would be dead within five minutes, ten at the outside. She’d bury him and Daniel together. Two naked young boys, together and beautiful for all eternity.

Alesta moved slowly, laying herself down on the couch and spreading her legs as one of her hands went under a pillow to find the knife she always kept there.

“You wanna try something really nice?” she asked Taylor, wiggling her hips suggestively.

“You mean…” Taylor swallowed, unable to finish the thought, much less saying what he wanted to say.

“Yes… do you wanna fuck me?”

Taylor’s mouth opened and closed a couple times and then he somehow was able to say, “Yes… oh, yes… can I really?”

“Of course. Just take off those clothes.”

Taylor pulled his pants and boxers off while eyeballing the first vagina he’d ever seen in his life. His penis was going to be in there soon! He’d actually get to fuck a girl less than two months after he’d turned thirteen! None of his friends had managed that yet!

Taylor then rather awkwardly got onto the couch, kneeling between Alesta’s legs. He knew vaguely what he was supposed to do, but wasn’t totally certain. He looked at the older woman’s face, hoping she’d help him without making him ask.

Alesta had seen that look on many a young virgin. She reached down and took Taylor’s penis in her hand and lined it up with her vagina. “Just push it into me,” she whispered.

Taylor nodded and thrust with his hips, feeling the incredible sensation of his nearly hairless thirteen-year-old virgin penis slide deep into Alesta’s twenty-one year old vagina. It was a magnificent place of warmth, wetness and tightness like nothing he’d ever experienced before. It was mind boggling!

“Now fuck me, little boy,” Alesta whispered, sealing the boy’s fate.

Taylor, unlike Lucas and Daniel, kept his eyes mostly open as he fucked for the first time. Alesta didn’t think this was any big deal, and it certainly didn’t worry her. It made it even easier for her to tell when he was going to cum. She locked eyes with him, determined to murder the boy as soon as his orgasm began.

Taylor’s naked, thrusting body kept moving on top of Alesta, the young boy fucking her as best as he could, considering it was his first time. As he kept fucking, faster and faster, he could tell that he was going to cum soon and was determined to enjoy his orgasm as much as he’d enjoyed the fucking.

Alesta felt the boy’s body tense and she tightened her grip on the knife. Any second now…

Taylor suddenly let out a loud gasp of pleasure as his penis fired off his first sperm into Alesta’s vagina. He’d kept his eyes locked on hers and must’ve sensed something was awry because he abruptly pulled back just slightly. It wasn’t much, but it was enough to make sure that the knife that had been headed for this throat instead cut a nice slice across his upper left arm.

“Shit!” he screamed in pain and confusion and quickly leapt from the couch, sperm still blasting from his teenage penis.

“You little FUCK!” Alesta screamed back at him, totally outraged. Only one other boy had ever managed to dodge her first knife thrust. She’d got him eventually. She’d kept him alive for six days after that. It hadn’t been easy.

Taylor was quick on his feet. Ignoring the pain in his arm he sprinted for the door and tried to open it, but it was locked. He dodged an awkward slash from Alesta and picked up a lamp to toss at her. He missed, but her dodge was enough for him to run past her into the rest of the house.

Running into the bedroom he screamed again as he saw another boy, naked and dead, laying on Alesta’s bed, his lifeless eyes staring up at the ceiling, a huge red gash across his throat and blood all over the bedroom.

That could have been me, Taylor thought, scared out of his mind. The sound of Alesta charging into the room was enough to break the spell. He spun around and caught her arm, the two of them falling and landing on the bed. They rolled around on the blood-soaked sheets, at one point even rolling over the body of the poor dead boy.

Finally they rolled off the bed, Taylor on top. He struggled away from Alesta and ran out of the room, vaguely aware of the fact that he was still naked and that his arm was still bleeding, and now his whole body was covered in the blood of some poor dead kid.

Taylor stopped running when he got to the kitchen. He saw a couple carving knives in a knife block and pulled out one. What he saw that really got his attention was a cordless phone. He grabbed it and dialed 911.

“911 emergency, how can I help you?”

“Help! I’m stuck in some crazy lady’s house and she’s trying to kill me!”

“What is your address, please?”

“I don’t know! I-”

“You little FUCK! You’re DEAD!” Alesta screamed as she charged into the room.

Thinking fast, Taylor threw the phone as hard as he could. He was in Little League and knew what he was doing when tossing something with speed and accuracy. The phone arced out of his hand and bonked Alesta right between the eyes. She blinked, glared and then leapt at him, knife in hand.

Alesta either hadn’t seen the knife Taylor was holding or didn’t worry about it. They rolled onto the ground, and Taylor ended up on top. Faster than either he or Alesta would have ever believed, he took the knife in his hand and stabbed it downward, directly at Alesta’s face.

In the years to come Taylor would never forget the sensation of the knife breaking through Alesta’s left-eye. It pierced through the eyeball, down into her brain and embedded itself in the back of her skull. It was one of the most horrible things Taylor had ever felt in his life, and he’d remember it in his nightmares forever.

Underneath his naked body, Alesta twitched once, twice and then let out a slow exhale and stopped moving. Taylor felt her heart flutter and then it, too, stopped. The woman who had murdered twenty-four boys was now herself dead, killed by one of the boy’s she’d tried to do in.

Taylor laid there, half on top of Alesta, breathing hard and trying to make his mind work as he ran over everything that had happened in the last hour. He’d fucked a woman! And she’d tried to kill him. She’d killed another boy. And she’d tried to kill him. He’d killed her. But she’d tried to kill him.

The more Taylor thought about how Alesta had tried to kill him, the more angry he got. He became aware that his penis was hard, and as he looked down at Alesta’s body a thought entered his mind.

“Try to kill me, huh, bitch? Try to stab me! Here, take this!” He lined up his young penis and slid down into her vagina, feeling the still-warm sensation of the woman’s dead body around him as he started fucking her hard and fast. He knew he was going to cum soon, but that didn’t really matter much. All that mattered was making her pay for what she’d done to him and done to the boy in the bedroom and done to god only knew how many other boys.

Taylor finally felt the pleasure of orgasm wash through his body as he heard the sound of sirens in the distance. As soon as he was done cumming, he pulled out of her, and looked down at the woman he’d killed. He wanted to hate her, but right now he was too exhausted. He staggered to his feet and walked into the bedroom where he looked at the boy lying dead on the bed. He wasn’t much older than Taylor. Taylor wondered who he was.

“I’m sorry she got you, dude,” he whispered, going over and brushing a lock of blood-coated hair from the dead boy’s face. “I got her for both of us.”

Taylor then collapsed onto the ground, crying and shaking as the police finally arrived.

Over the course of the next couple weeks the police slowly put together everything that had happened at Alesta’s home. Inside her basement, down in a freezer, they found the severed penises of twenty-three boys, the youngest of which was prepubescent. They figured, correctly, that Daniel and Taylor’s penises would have joined the others had not Taylor stopped Alesta successfully. As for the fact that there’d obviously been post-mortem intercourse between the young boy and his would-be killer, that was left out of every official record. Taylor had been through enough.

Taylor himself spent many, many years in therapy as a result of what he’d been through. He eventually was able to make peace with that horrible day and eventually even fell in love with another man. He never had sex with a woman again and never wanted to. As he once observed, “When your first time is that eventful, you don’t want there to be a second.”


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. C’est la morte.

So there you have it. I’ve written a snuff and necro story. Did it get me off? Yeah, a little. I’m comfortable admitting that. It’s not like I wanna go out and kill people now, though looking at photos of dead teenage boys might be… well, nevermind.

Needless to say, I do NOT condone the behaviors depicted in here. PLEASE don’t go around seducing young boys and killing them. That’s what you might call “wrong”.

Emissary to the Gods

October 20, 2008

Emissary to the Gods
Alex Hawk

The Golden Ball of Usan Maragek, Creator of the Infinite and Supreme God of the Land Between the Rivers, was settling slowly into the western sky. Soon Ensa Hagek, the night goddess, would shine her brilliant white eye, almost fully open at this time of the month, down onto the world.

For me it was a wonderful time. I was the thirteenth son, out of seventeen total children, of the great and mighty King Garurek-Shesh, master of the mortal realm that lay between the rivers Tarsee and Eraskee. I could look forward to a life of privilege. I would fight along side the men of the kingdom against our enemies. I would marry a comely girl. I would have many children and a palace of my own.

The gods, however, had other ideas.

My father had ordered me into his presence just as the sun began to set. I seldom was in the same room as him, and was pleased that I’d be able to see him again. I wondered what was going on, and why he wanted to see me. I was still young. Only thirteen years of age. I hadn’t done anything important yet. Why would he want to see me?

When I got to the Throne Room a eunuch went in to announce my arrival. As the doors opened, I dropped down and crawled into the room, throwing myself completely flat onto the ground when I reached the throne itself.

“Great King Garurek-Shesh. Mighty ruler Garurek-Shesh. Great master of the land Garurek-Shesh. I, your humble, worthless son, am here as you bid.”

“Arise, Kolisharu, and gaze unto the face of your father,” came the great rumbling voice.

I stood and looked upon my father. He was a strong, powerful man of some fifty years. His hair was going to grey and he had a bit of a squint, but I still knew he was stronger than any other man in the kingdom. How could it be otherwise, when the gods placed him on the throne?

Standing near my father was Tolakhos, the aged high priest. He’d served my father loyally for years. It wasn’t totally unusual to see them together, but I did wonder why he was here.

“My son,” my father began. “You are aware of the drought.”

“Yes, great king,” I replied. For the last two years the annual inundations of the rivers hadn’t been what they normally were. To make matters worse, the rains that usually soaked our land had been less than a third of their normal volume. Crops were failing and we were having to spend more and more of our wealth to bring food in from other kingdoms.

“This is not a satisfactory situation,” my father continued. “I have instructed Tolakhos to work night and day in an attempt to intercede with the gods on our behalf. After working, talking, praying and sacrificing he has not yet produced the water we so desperately need.”

“My failure does not reflect on the wisdom of the king,” Tolakhos put in quickly. “But rather on myself for my lack of piety.”

“Indeed,” Garurek-Shesh said with a nod. There could be no other reason, after all. “At any rate, Tolakhos has suggested one final idea. One last way for us to contact the gods and beg them for what we need. A way that involves you.”

My chest swelling with pride, I said, “I live only to serve you and the kingdom, sire. Please tell me what I might do to help in this dark time.”

“Tolakhos has determined that it is necessary to send an emissary to the gods. Someone of the royal blood. I have decided that you will be my agent in this. You will, the dawn after the next, go to the top of the Great Ziggarut and be sent into the next world that you might speak with Ensa Husapeki, appealing to her as the goddess of agriculture to help us in our time of need.”

I dropped to my knees, overwhelmed by the honor my father was suggesting. “You… my lord… my king… my father… you would do me the honor of sending me to the gods?”

“I will.”

I darted forward and kissed my father’s toes. “Oh, Great King! Oh, Wise King! I am a mere insect under your sandal and not deserving of such a great honor as this!”

My father rose and put his hand under my chin, lifting my face up to look at him. He smiled down at me. “You are, my son. You have not yet killed a man. You have not yet fought in any battles. You have not yet made your First Tribute to Usa Haragri. You have not yet done anything worthy of a great poem. But you shall. You shall in this turn your name into one that shall live forever.” He slammed his staff onto the floor. “So I, King Garurek-Shesh command!”

“Thank you, father. Thank you,” I whispered, feeling tears pour from my eyes. “I will not let you down. I WILL NOT. I will speak with the gods. I will get us the water we need.”

“Thank you, my son.” He put his hand on the top of my head. “You shall take with you into the next life your sister, Parathaea. She has much of her mother in her and will be of great assistance to you in the land of the gods.”

“Thank you, my father. My king. My lord.”

“Now go with Tolakhos, that he might inform you of everything you need to know before your journey to see the gods.”

“Yes, father. Thank you, father.” Tolakhos helped me to my feet and we made our way out of the Throne Room and into the hall.

“You are greatly honored, Kolisharu,” Tolakhos said.

“I know this. My father… I cannot believe he will allow me to the be the one!”

Tolakhos smiled. “He has great faith in you.”

As we walked through the palace, Tolakhos explained to me what would happen in the next couple days.

“First,” he began. “You and your sister Parathaea will be married tomorrow at dawn. After the ceremony you shall go to the Marriage Room, lay her down on the Blessed Sheet of the fertility goddess, Ensa Ilahumek, and make your First Tribute to our fertility god, Usa Haragir. Your sister in turn shall make her First Tribute to Ensa Ilahumek.”

“Alright,” I said with a nod.

“When your Soldier has breached her Gate for the first time,” he continued, “there shall be blood. That blood shall stain the sheet. After you are finished with your First Tribute, you shall bring the sheet out to the balcony, that it may be shown to all so that they may seen that the Tributes are done.”

I said nothing, but merely nodded again. I wondered what the First Tribute would be like. Everyone said making Tributes to the god and goddess was a wonderful, amazing thing. I couldn’t wait to experience it!

Tolakhos and I turned a corner and kept walking. “After that is done, you two shall remain sequestered in the Marriage Room for the remainder of the day. You will probably spend most of this time in Tribute to the Dieties. Then when the Eye of Ensa Hagek has reached its highest point in the sky, you shall use a knife to send your sister-wife into the next world.”

I nodded again, uncertain what to say to that.

“I know it sounds difficult, but it really isn’t,” Tolakhos said. “All you do is take the knife and plunge it hard into her chest. Right in the middle.” He placed his hand on my own bare chest. Like most every boy in the Kingdom, I was nude more often than not. “Right here. Drive it in as hard as you can and you can send her into the next world with little pain.”

“Is that how you’ll be sending me?” I asked.

Tolakhos shook his head. “We do it differently in your case. We shall place you on the altar on the top of the Great Ziggurat. Then I remove your heart and your essence goes to the gods.”

“I can’t wait,” I said with a smile.

Tolakhos smiled in return. “To be a emissary to the gods is a great honor.” He continued to walk and talk. “After you have sent your sister ahead, you must inform me. I shall be waiting outside the door. Then some time later, I shall have you make one last Tribute with her. Your essence being left in her body at that point shall make sure that, rather than simply going to the next life, she accompanies you on your mission to the gods.”


“Now!” Tolakhos said, clapping his hands together. “Let’s go to the Temple and get you ready for tomorrow.”

* * *

The marriage ceremony was long and dull. Frankly, it threatened to put me to sleep. If it weren’t for the fact that I knew I’d be among the gods soon, it would have. I sneaked a quick glance towards my soon-to-be bride.

Parathaea, was glad in a small white kilt that exposed her breasts, such as they were. The blessings of Ensa Ilahumek had not yet began to firmly take hold. Her chest was just slightly puffed out, but not fully grown yet.

Likewise, I stood wearing a similar kilt that showed what little body development I’d gone through. I’d started to get the blessings of Usa Haragir, so I’d developed a small ammount of hair where there’d been none before and at night, when I pleasured myself, the essence of Usa Haragir, that which would join with the essence of Ensa Ilahumek in order to make a child, had began to flow.

We stood there while Tolakhos performed the ceremony. There weren’t many people around. Only our parents, some of the dignitaries of the government and the priests. Always there were priests.

The ceremony went on for more than an hour. Mostly it consisted of Tolakhos asking each individual god to give his or her blessings upon our union. I thought it was pretty boring, but given that in about a day I’d be with these gods, I guessed it was probably acceptable.

“Finally,” Tolakhos droned, “I call upon Rash-Hataar, the Fire God left to us by the Kammerians, to give his blessing upon this union and make it good in the eyes of our lords.”

As a group we all turned towards the fire that was burning on the altar. We’d fought a great war with the Kammerians a century ago. As part of the peace, we’d given them our fire god, Usa Garaguk, and received their fire god, Rash-Hataar. No one knew what the gods thought of this, but since we were all still alive, they probably approved.

The fire, which had been burning low, flared up into life, and it seemed that a face appeared in the flames. A great mouth opened, and in our heads the words echoed forth.


And the fire died completely.

Tolakhos bowed with great respect towards the last wisps of smoke, and then turned towards my father.

“With the final blessing of the King, I shall confirm this union.”

King Garurek-Shesh slammed his spear upon the ground and said, “My will be done!”

“Then I hereby pronounce you husband and wife, brother and sister, children of the King and emissaries to the gods. May it be good.”

“May it be good!” echoed the crowd.

My sister and I turned towards each other. We hadn’t seen much of each other during the last year or so. Normally when the fertility deities start to grant their blessings, boys and girls are seperated. She smiled shyly at me, and I leaned forward to kiss her as I was meant to. A great cheer went up from the assembled mass.

I took my sister’s hand and guided her towards the marriage suite, where she would spend the rest of her mortal life and I would spend most of the rest of mine. The guests of the wedding followed after us, cheering, laughing and shouting advice to us. Once we were inside the room, I drew back the heavy curtain, closing us off from everyone outside, and then stood there, looking around.

It was a lavishly furnished room. There were two comfortable looking benches with furs covering them, a large firepit, a selection of food on a table, and a very large bed. According to tradition it would be stuffed with straw from the most recent harvest. Much more comfortable than a stone slab with a blanket covering it.

And on the bed, laying there for Parathaea and myself to see, was a big, pure white, sheet.

I looked at she who was my sister and was now also my wife. “Well…” I swallowed a little, feeling nervous about making my first Tribute. “Let’s get started.”

“Alright,” Parathaea said as she removed her kilt and climbed up onto the bed. “Have you made Tribute before, Kolisharu?”


“Nor have I. I hear it’s pretty easy, though.”

“It should be,” I said as I tossed my kilt aside. “Tolakhos gave me some advice on how best to do it.”

Following said advice, I got between my sister’s legs and looked at what was splayed out before me. I’d never seen the Gates of Ensa Ilahumek up close before. She still had no hair down there, which I knew girls got once the goddess had blessed them. Still, it was enough to make my warrior stand at attention. There was a small jar of oil next to the bed. I dipped my fingers into it and rubbed it all over my Soldier of Usa Haragir. Then I took some more and rubbed it into my sister’s Gate. The feeling of her skin around my finger as I did so was wonderful! I couldn’t wait to be inside her.

I wiped my fingers on the edge of the sheet and positioned myself over my sister, touching my Soldier to her Gate. I looked into her eyes.

“Are you ready?”

She closed her eyes and nodded.

I pressed the helmet of my warrior up to the entrance to Parathaea’s gate. When I was certain that I was in the right place, I gave a little push and was rewarded with a wonderful sensation as the first part of me entered her.

Then I hit the Gate itself, the blockage that I knew to expect. Like any good commander I knew that the only way to take down a locked gate was with a good battering ram, so I pulled back, took a deep breath, and pushed forward with all my might. Parathaea let out a quiet scream as I broke into her passage.

I gave a couple more pushes to make sure that I was completely embedded within her. As I felt my body contact her I knew that my thirteen-year-old penis was buried inside my sister’s twelve-year-old vagina. I was inside her. We were united. There was no turning back now.

Ignoring the little whimpers of discomfort that were coming from my sister, I started thrusting, sliding my Soldier around inside her Gate like I was meant to. I had never known such pleasure, such bliss! It was no wonder that making Tribute was supposed to be one of the best things in the world! A true gift from the gods. I’d have to make sure to thank them when I met them tomorrow.

As I continued to make Tribute with my sister, her moans of pain began to turn more into sounds of pleasure. This was good. After all, a gift like this from the gods was meant to be enjoyed by men and women both.

Finally my thrusting reached it’s crescendo. I pushed harder and faster into my little sister’s body, feeling the best sensations of my life. Then I started to grunt and moan as deep within her my Soldier completed his duty, spurting out my Essence of Usa Haragir. When I was emptied, I laid on top of her, breathing hard.
I’d entered my sister’s body as a boy. But now as I pulled out of her, I was a man.

Looking down I could see some blood between her legs. I smiled. My Soldier, like any good warrior, had been bloodied in combat. Thankfully some of it got onto the white sheet. I got to my feet, my sister along with me, and took it to the balcony. I pulled the curtain aside and my sister and I stood there, gloriously nude, blood still dripping down her leg. I unfurled the sheet and the crowd bellow let out a loud cheer. We’d done our jobs well.

From the other side of the curtain, I heard the sound of Tolakhos calling me. I walked over to there, bringing the sheet with me.

“You have done well, Kolisharu,” the old priest said.

“Thank you.” I passed him the bloodied sheet. He handed me a new one and a very sharp knife.

“Use the knife when the Eye of Ensa Hagek shines through the portal above.”

“I will. Thank you.”

“Enjoy the rest of your night with your sister-wife.”

I closed the curtain there and the one at the balcony and walked to where Parathaea was sitting. She was down on the floor, an old bit of cloth held between her legs.

“Has the blood stopped?”

“Yes, Kolisharu.”

I crouched down next to her. “I’m sorry it had to hurt.”

She shrugged. “It’s what Ensa Ilahumek, in her wisdom, has decreed.” A little fire flashed in my sister’s eyes. “Remind me to ask her about that when we see her.”
I laughed. “I shall. Now bring me something to drink and something to eat.”

“Yes, my husband.”

Parathaea brought me some beer and some bread. I ate and drank and then shared some of it with her. Then she began to place the new sheet onto the bed. While she did, I looked her nude body over and noticed how beautiful she was. This made my Soldier stand at attention.

“I want to make Tribute again,” I announced.

“Alright.” Parathaea laid down on the bed and spread her legs once more.

I got on top of my sister and entered her body once more, savoring the warm sensation of her Gate welcoming my Soldier. As I began to thrust, I kissed her on the mouth and on the breasts, both of which she seemed to enjoy. She put her hands onto my hips and then moved them onto my buttocks as I kept moving within her. I was happy I was making her feel good again.

Parathaea and I made Tribute with each other eight times during the next several hours. She showed me what it was like with her on top and with her down on all knees with me entering her from behind. I was happy and content and in no hurry at all to change this happy state of affairs.

But then, late that night, we were both looking up at the hole in the top of the room as the Eye of Ensa Hagek started to shine into the room. I looked at Parathaea.

“It is time, my sister. It is time, my wife.”

“Very well.” She moved over and laid down on the bed, straw crumpling under her wonderful naked body. “I shall see you in the next world, my brother. I cannot wait to be with you again, my husband.”

I moved over towards my sister and stood by the bed. I brushed some hair back from her face and gave her a little kiss. Then I placed the knife between her breasts. I pulled the knife back, whispered a prayer, and with all my strength I stabbed the knife down into Parathaea’s body, feeling the skin, the blood, the bones, the muscles, everything moving aside to accomodate my thrusting bit of metal.

I kept my hand on the knife and looked into my sister’s eyes. She opened her mouth, turned her head towards me, tired to say something, and then went into the next word. I kept the knife inside her body as I counted to ninety-nine, the sacred number. Then I pulled the blade out, happy to see no real blood flow. That done, I walked over to the curtain and pulled it aside, not surprised to see Tolakhos standing there.

“It is done,” I said, handing him the knife.

He came into the room and examined my sister’s body. I felt a vague surge of jealous as he probed around, looking for any signs of life. When he saw none, he stood up with a satisfied grunt.

“You will make Tribute with her one last time, just before dawn. Then you shall be taken from here and you will be sent to join her.”
I smiled. “I look forward to the honor.”

Tolakhos smiled in turn. “Spend the rest of your time in prayer, Kolisharu. I shall fetch you at dawn.”

“Yes, Tolakhos.”

The priest left and I moved to the center of the room. I ate some of the food,drank some of the beer and then sat down to pray to the gods that I would soon be standing along side of. I wondered if my sister had felt any pain when I’d plunged the knife into her. I wondered if I’d feel any pain when Tolakhos cut out my heart. I shrugged. It didn’t matter. The pain was temporary. The honor of saving my people would echo for eternity.

Shortly before dawn, I rose and moved towards the bed where I mounted my sister’s lifeless body. She felt cold as I entered her. It wasn’t a bad sensation, just a little odd. I thrust into her with growing pleasure, certain that I was ensuring her place next to me with the gods. Then, at last, with a gasp of happiness, I released my essence into her.

When I was finished, I walked to the curtain and pulled it aside one last time. Tolakhos was waiting, flanked by three other priests.

“I am ready,” I said.

Tolakhos nodded and took me gently by the arm. He led me from the room, out into the rest of the palace and down to the streets. A chariot was waiting with my father inside. I joined him in the chariot and we rode past cheering crowds towards the Great Ziggarut.

When we got there, I joined a great procession to the top. It took quite a while. Once we’d climbed all the stairs my father, Tolakhos and myself stood and waved to the cheering masses. They knew my mission and approved.

That done, I went and laid down on the altar, ready to experience the bliss of being with the gods. I stared up at the Golden Ball of Usan Maragek, eager to be in his presence. I thought about the Tributes I’d made with my sister and was happy to know that I’d be able to do more of that soon.

Tolakhos stood over me, knife in hand, the same knife I’d used with my sister, and intoned a series of sacred oaths and prayers. He lifted the knife high and then plunged it down into my body. There was pain. Intense pain. But it didn’t seem to matter. I could feel the knife moving within my body, cutting, slicing. Then Tolakhos reached down and pulled out something. He held it on high. My heart.

My vision began to fade. I knew I was passing into the next world, into the realm of the gods. But before my vision went completely dark, I saw clouds, great, powerful clouds, appear in the sky. They swirled and flowed over the Great Ziggarut. Then I felt little spatters of water dropping onto my face and my cut-open body.


From down bellow I heard the cheers of crowds growing fainter and fainter in my ears. My vision faded completely and I closed my eyes, knowing that soon I’d reopen them and stand before my gods, my sister, and my ancestors, having done my bit to help my people.


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