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Boys For Hire – The Escort

December 23, 2008

Boys for Hire – The Escort
Alex Hawk

I paced nervously through my hotel room, waiting for the knock on the door. I was expecting company. Company of a very specific sort. Company of a type I’d never really had before.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine had stumbled onto an escort service that specializes in providing male escorts for female clients. I’d never used such a service before and had zero interest in using one now, but then my friend had explained to me the “special” escorts this particular company provides.
See, it wasn’t a legal company. Well, part of it was, but they also had an illegal side, specializing in providing boys as young as twelve for women. Even after my friend told me about that aspect of the company, I still wasn’t really interested.

Then she started to tell me about how great and wonderful the sex was, and how it was much better than any sex she’d ever had before. She went on about the beauty of the boys and how wonderful it was to “get together” with one. She made it sound so fantastic that almost before I knew it, I was on the phone to the company, giving the special code words and making an appointment. One cashier’s check for five-hundred dollars taken to a drop-spot later and I was set to go.

I paced a little faster now, stopping every once in a while to adjust my clothes or hair. I was beginning to think this was a very bad idea. I mean, I was about to commit two crimes (statutory rape and solicitation of a prostitute). Given my job (I worked with homeless youths), there was no way this was a good idea.

I kept reaching for the phone, trying to make myself call and cancel, but I always stopped before I finished dialing. I knew this was a very bad idea, but I kept thinking about what my friend had told me about the wonderful sex she’d had with the boys she’d hired. That kept me from cancelling.

I don’t want it to sound like I’m some sad, lonely woman. I’m not. I was thirty-one, but I was reasonably good looking and never hurting for male company when I wanted it. Most of the sex I’d had, though, had been pretty dull, and so perhaps doing it with a young boy, and a well-trained young boy at that, would be what I would need.

I looked at the clock. Five more minutes, I thought. Five more minutes and then I’d call and cancel and-

There was a knock at the door.

Swallowing hard, I walked nervously to the door. Peering through the peephole I saw a boy. I couldn’t tell much about his looks due to the distortion caused by the peephole lens, but he looked like he was probably cute. I took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Hi,” he said with a grin. He was young, probably only thirteen or fourteen. Certainly the youngest boy I’d ever planned to fuck.

I never appreciated before just how young a boy that age could look. The fact that he was a prostitute at that age filled me with sympathy, but was also a major turn on. I felt very guilty that I was going to use this young boy for sex, but also, well, really horny.

Looks-wise he was very cute. He had curly brown hair, blue eyes, smooth skin and a thin body. I pictured him naked and nearly came without even touching myself.

“Hi,” I managed to reply.

“Can I come in?” he asked after a moment.

“Oh, yes, sure, come on in.” I stood aside as the boy walked into the room. He had an adorable ass.

“I’m Jeremy,” he said once the door was closed.

“Hi,” I said again. “I’m Julia.”

“That’s a nice name,” he said with a smile. He set down the small backpack he was carrying.


“You’re really hot, too,” Jeremy said, smiling again.

“No, I’m not,” I said, blushing in spite of myself.

“Sure you are,” he said. “See what you do to me?” He reached down and took hold of his obviously stiff penis, showing the outline through his tight jeans.

“I see,” I said with a nervous smile of my own.

Jeremy took a step towards me. “Is this your first time with a boy my age?”


“Cool.” Standing close now, he kissed me gently on the cheek. “I’ll give you your money’s worth, don’t worry.”

I smiled again. “Ok.”

Jeremy took a couple steps back. Keeping his eyes locked with mine he started to undress. He began by pulling off his t-shirt, showing a smooth, hairless chest. Then he unbuttoned, slowly lowered his jeans and stepped out of them. Now clad only in a small silver necklace and a pair of white boxer briefs, under which I could clearly see the outline of his stiff penis, he moved towards me again.

“You like me?” he asked, placing one of my hands on his bare chest.

“I like you,” I said. Then, “How old are you?”

With a sly grin, he said, “How old do you want me to be?”

I laughed a little. “Your actual age.”

“I just turned fourteen last month.”

“Ah,” I said, a little thrill going through me.

“Yeah.” Jeremy moved my hand off his chest and down to the front of his boxers where he placed it directly over his penis. It felt like there was a hot, steel bar under the fabric. In a somewhat husky voice he said, “You’re gonna get fucked by a fourteen-year-old. You like that idea?”


“Good.” Taking both of my hands in his, he moved them back onto his ass. “You’d better get naked, then.”

“Ok.” Feeling embarrassed and shy, I started undressing. I didn’t try to make it anything special. I just took off all my clothes until I stood naked before the boy.

“Oh, really hot!” Jeremy said.

“I am not,” I said, feeling myself blush.

“Yeah, you are! I’d fuck you even if I wasn’t getting paid.”

Feeling flattered despite myself, I said, “You’d better get naked, then.”

Jeremy laughed. “Yeah, I guess I should.” He hooked his fingers in the waistband of his underwear and slowly lowered them down. Now he stood naked before me. His pubic hair was the same light brown color as the hair on his head, but trimmed considerably. His beautiful adolescent penis was only about five inches, but it was very hard and I knew it was going to feel great inside me.

“So you have me for two hours,” Jeremy said, moving close to me. “I can probably cum three times in two hours. Maybe four.”

“Cool,” I whispered.

“Yeah,” he said, reaching down to rub a finger along my clitoris. “I’ll see if I can make you cum that many times, too.”


“Why don’t you lay down?” he suggested, gesturing to the bed. “I’ll make you feel good.”

“Alright.” I walked over to the bed and lay down, spreading my legs a little. “How many women have you been with?” I asked.

Shrugging, Jeremy said, “A lot. Like probably over two-hundred since I was eleven.”


I wanted to ask Jeremy a lot more questions and learn more about him. Part of me wanted to see if I could get him out of being a prostitute. Then any questions I might’ve had were pushed to the back of my mind as Jeremy dropped down into a crouch between my legs.

“You’ll like this,” he said to me, and then started using his tongue on me. He began by licking my clitoris and then down onto and into my vagina and then I completely lost track of what he was doing and just laid there on the bed, my mind almost paralyzed with pleasure.

Jeremy worked his tongue on me for about five minutes. It felt great! He was better at it than most men twice his age, and would’ve gotten me off fairly quickly no matter what. But what made me cum was two things: the fact that he was only fourteen and the view I had when I looked down between my legs and saw his young face down there, working away on me. Those two things pushed me over into one of the best orgasms I’d ever had.

By the time I came back to myself, I saw Jeremy standing between my legs, smiling down at me.

“Good, huh?”

“Yeah!” I gasped. “Worth every penny.”

He laughed. “Just wait until you see what’s next.”


Jeremy walked over to his backpack, giving me a great view of his firm, round ass. He pulled out a small foil square. Opening it up, he pulled out a condom. Keeping his eyes on me, he slowly rolled the condom down the length of his young penis.

“You ready to get fucked by a fourteen-year-old boy?” he asked with a smile.

“Oh, yes.”


Jeremy stood between my legs again. This time he took hold of them, lifting them up and putting them on his shoulders. Then he took one hand and lined himself up. Grinning at me he gave a push with his hips and enthusiastically sank his condom-covered fourteen-year-old penis into my thirty-one-year-old vagina.

“Oh, god,” I moaned as the boy penetrated me.

“Oh… yeah, you’re nice and tight…” Jeremy said with a smile as he started moving inside me.

Normally I kept my eyes closed during intercourse and just concentrated on how good it felt. This time, though, I kept them open and watched Jeremy’s lean, sexy body as he stood between my legs fucking me. God, he was incredible! No wonder my friend decided she liked boys better than men. I could see myself moving that way.

“You like?” he asked as he kept fucking me.

“Oh, yeah…”

“Me, too…” He looked over my naked body. “In fact… you’re so hot… I’m gonna cum soon…”

“Oh, god,” I whispered. The very idea of this boy having an orgasm was enough to push me into my second one, this time with my vagina clenching around his young penis as he laid me.

“Oh… oh, fuck, yeah…” Jeremy moaned. Then he closed his eyes, pushed deep inside me, and started cumming. Watching him do so was every bit as beautiful as I’d imagined it would be.

When he was done cumming, Jeremy stood between my legs, trying to get his breath back. He grinned at me again.


“Oh, fuck, yeah,” I said with a relaxed smile of my own.

“Cool.” He pulled back, his penis slipping out of me. He unrolled the filled condom and tied it into a knot before dropping it into the trash. That done, he got a can of Red Bull out of his backpack, opened it up, took a swig and then laid down on the bed next to me.

A couple minutes of us laying next to each other went by before curiosity finally got the better of me and I said, “Jeremy?”


“Not that I’m complaining, cause that was some very good sex, but don’t you think you’re a little… well, young for this?”

He shrugged. “You know, when I was eleven I was homeless and slept in shelters or a box. Then one day I met a recruiter for my company. A week later I’d fucked my first woman- she paid extra for me cause I was a virgin- and I was living indoors, getting regular meals and going to school.”


“I’m not too young to be selling my body. I am too young to be dying out on the streets.”

“Oh,” I said again. “Well, it’s a beautiful body.”

Jeremy laughed. “Glad you like it. You gonna hire me again sometime?”


“Good.” He kissed me on the cheek. “I like you. Some of the women I work with can be pretty unpleasant, but you’re nice.”

“Thanks,” I said, even though I knew he was probably just saying things like that in hope of a good tip. Which he was earning.

“You ever want to try something really different, you should see some of the other things the company offers.”


“Yeah. Like there’s the Reynolds twins. They’re both thirteen. They do each other and do the woman who hires them.”


“Yeah. There’s some women who like seeing boys do each other. I’ve gone out on a few calls like that myself.”

“Oh, so you’ve been with other boys?” I asked, picturing such a thing and getting a little hornier as I did so.

He nodded. “Yeah. It’s not as much fun as it is with a woman, but still cool.”


“Then there’s some the other services,” he continued, sounding like a pitchman, which I supposed he was.

“Like what?”

“Well, there’s this one woman who every month drops ten thousand dollars to have fifteen of us over for the night at her place. All she ever wants to do is lay on her back and have each of us fuck her, one after the other.”


“Then there’s the stud service,” he said.

I blinked. “Stud service?”

“Yeah. Some women love the idea of a young boy getting them pregnant.”


“Yeah. It’s a thousand dollars per session, but some are willing to pay for that. Oh, and if it takes more than ten sessions, it’s free after that.”

“Oh.” I thought for a moment. “Have you ever done that?”

Jeremy nodded. “Yeah, I’ve got fifteen different women pregnant since I was twelve. Never once more than eight sessions,” he added with pride.

“Wow,” I said, absorbing that.

“Yeah, that’s what I always have to wear condoms when I fuck. The company doesn’t want anyone getting a discount kid out of it.”

I laughed.

“Are you on the Pill?” Jeremy asked me.


With a shrug he said, “Well, since you’re on the Pill, I’ll do you bareback if you want. Cum inside you and everything. Just an extra hundred dollars.”

“Sounds like you’re just trying to get some extra cash,” I said with a laugh.

Jeremy laughed, too, and said, “Yeah, well, that plus I’d love to cum in you. You’re real hot, like I said, and even if I can’t get you pregnant, the idea of doing what I’d do to get a woman pregnant, and doing it with you, is really cool.”

I looked down at Jeremy’s stiff, young and currently bare, penis and said, “I guess an extra hundred would be doable.”

“Cool.” He took his underage erection in his hand and wiggled it. “Wanna go for a ride?”

I laughed. “That sounds like a good idea.”

I straddled Jeremy’s waist and took hold of his teenage penis. Lining it up, I slowly lowered my vagina down around it until he was all the way inside me. I knew barebacking with him was not smart, given that he was a prostitute, after all, but it felt better for me and I was sure it felt better for him, too.

“Aw, fuck,” Jeremy said with a giggle. “Wow, that’s nice. You’re so tight.”

“Glad you like it,” I said, riding him slowly. Well, at first slowly. But before long I was moving with real passion, enjoying the sight of the naked boy underneath me. God, he was so damn sexy!

“You keep that up and I’ll probably shoot soon…” Jeremy whispered after a couple minutes.

“Cool… cum in me…”

“Ah… oh… ok, if you… insist… ah!” Jeremy put his hands on my hips and thrust hard up into me. I felt his penis twitching as his sperm released into my vagina. My own orgasm came a few moments later.

Now spent and somewhat tired, I dismounted and fell onto the bed next to my naked boy lover. He gave me a hug.

“That was great!” he said with a grin. “You’re really good at that.”


Jeremy continued, “You ever think of going pro? I mean, I know the company could use someone like you. You’re hot and you’re good in bed.”

I felt myself blushing. “Well, even if that were the case, which I don’t think it is, I wouldn’t want to go off with older men. I think I like boys now.” I smiled and ran a hand down Jeremy’s bare chest.

He giggled. “Well, we do have like six women who do nothing but boys.”


He nodded. “Yeah. Sometimes they go out on calls to teenage boys, but mostly what they do is train boys like me. Our virginities get sold, but after that we get sent to one of the women to get trained on how to be really good in bed.”

“Ah.” I thought about that. “Well, whoever trained you did a good job.”

Jeremy giggled again. “Thanks!”

We hugged some more and started touching. Moments later I was laying on my back as Jeremy fucked me again, my hands resting on the firm globes of his teenage ass. After he came that time, we relaxed a little more, then did doggie-style. Finally we fucked one last time while taking a shower together. He went a couple minutes over his two hour limit, but neither of us seemed bothered by that.

When Jeremy finally put on his clothes (after I took a couple nude photos of him with my cell phone), I gave him two hundred dollars. The first hundred was to cover the fee for the barebacking and the second was as a tip, though I felt pretty certain both would remain his.

I also felt very certain I’d hire some more boys as soon as I could afford to.


Copyright 2008 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.

There may be a sequel to this. I’m not sure yet. Meantime, enjoy!

Bargain Pricing

October 15, 2008

Bargain Pricing
Alex Hawk

I was lounging naked in the living room that rainy winter day, I remember that much quite well. Being naked at our house wasn’t a big deal. My mom, my dad, my sister, we all wandered around naked. We even took vacations at nudist resorts (thankfully last year we were able to talk Dad out of his insane idea to take a nude skiing vacation and we went to the Bahamas instead).

I had the TV on and was paying only a little attention to it as I read the latest Harry Potter book. After a bit I started to become aware of a presence in the room, and I looked up to see Karlie, my fifteen-year-old sister, looking down at me, as naked as I was.

“What?” I asked after a moment.

She sort of shook her head, as if to clear it and then shrugged. “Nothing, Landon. I was just thinking… well…”

“Thinking what?”

“Well… I was thinking how cute you looked. Sitting there naked and reading.” I saw a blush start at her face and go down her chest.
I blushed myself, and was aware of my thirteen-year-old penis hardening. I’d had hardons in front of my sister and other people before. It was just a fact of life when you’re a nudist.

She looked at my stiffening penis. “Me saying that was enough to cause it to do that?”

I shrugged and figured out a diplomatic reply. “Anytime a beautiful girl says something like that to me that happens.”

Karlie laughed. “You’re so full of it, Landon!”

“I know.”

Actually, it was at least partly true. She WAS beautiful. Her breasts weren’t very big, but they were nice, and she didn’t have a lot of hair between her legs. Presumably she trimmed it. I wondered why I’d never noticed before how attractive she was.

After about five minutes of us sitting there, Karlie said, “Do you mind if I put on a DVD?”

I looked up from my book. “Go ahead.”


She got up and went over to the entertainment center, bending over to open the doors to the cupboard where the DVDs were kept. I found myself staring at her from behind as she did so, and my penis, which hadn’t softened much, got really hard again. Knowing that she couldn’t see, I gave myself a couple tugs as I looked. No harm in it, I guessed.

Finally she picked out a DVD and stood up, putting it into the machine. It turned out to be “Napoleon Dynamite”, which wasn’t my favorite movie, but it was ok, I guessed. Karlie wandered back to the couch and looked down at my penis.

“I didn’t say anything this time,” she said with a grin.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Just after the opening of the film, the disc started to skip and then froze up and crashed completely. Cursing under her breath, Karlie stood up and walked over to the machine, bending over and giving me another great view as she fiddled with it. I gave my penis a couple more strokes and then tried to force myself to return to reading.

Karlie looked back at me and said, “Landon? Can you come over here for a second? I think it’s jammed.”


I stood up from the couch and walked over to Karlie, standing somewhat behind her as I looked at the DVD player. As I looked at it, she looked up at me, her eyes focusing on my penis.

“Get that thing away,” she said with a grin as she gave it a playful swat.

“Hey!” I squeaked.

“Just teasing,” she smiled. “See if you can fix it.”

As I crouched down, I reflected that her swatting my penis had been the first time anyone but me had ever touched it. Not the way I’d had in mind, but interesting nonetheless, that was certain.

After much fiddling and tampering, I finally managed to get the DVD to eject. I looked at it. It was all scratched up on the back. I showed it to my sister.

“Oh. I wonder how that happened?”

“I dunno.” I handed it to her.

She frowned. “Oh, well. I’ll have to pick another movie, then.”

I moved back onto the couch as my sister dug around in the DVDs again. She finally came up with “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and popped that in. I found myself looking at her nude body as she walked back to the couch. She really did look nice.

My sister looked down at my penis again. “Does that thing plan to stay hard all day long?”

I grinned and went for diplomacy again. “It doesn’t know how else to behave when near a pretty girl.”

“Yeah, right,” she said with a grin. “Bullshit!”

“Ok.” I shrugged. “It’s just an involuntary response that I can’t control. Don’t you girls have something like that?”

“Yeah, it’s just not as visible.”

“Oh?” I asked in curiosity.

“Yeah. Our vaginas get wet when we see boys that are cute.”

“Oh… and is yours wet?” I asked with a grin.

She stuck her tongue out. “Maybe.”

“Oh, come on! You gotta tell me!”


“Because… because if you don’t, I’ll have to find out myself!” I struck a noble pose.

My sister laughed. “And how would you do that?”

“Uh… hell, I don’t know.”

Karlie and I both started laughing. Then she said, “Alright, Landon, you win. It’s wet, yes.”

“Aw…” I made a face and stuck out my tongue. “You were supposed to let me find out for myself!”

My sister laughed. “Alright, Landon. Here,” she said, laying back and spreading her legs. She reached down with her fingers and spread her vagina open. “Look close.”

My pulse raced as I leaned in and looked at my sister’s vagina. Yes, there was indeed a little wetness that I could see. And a really interesting smell. My penis gave a little jump as I took this all in.

“Wow, that’s cool.”

“Yeah.” She sat up and I did, too. Looking at my penis again, my sister said, “Looks like you’re getting wet, too.”

I looked down at the bit of precum at the tip of my penis. “Yeah. I think that’s supposed to make it easier to stick into a girl.”

“Yes, I know. That’s the same reason my vagina gets wet, too.”

“To make it easier to stick into a girl?” I asked with a grin.

Karlie threw a pillow at me. “No! Easier for a boy to get into me!”

“Oooooooh… ok. Have you ever had a boy in you?”

She nodded. “Yeah, once.”

I blinked in surprise. “Really?”



“You remember that boy Scooter we met at the camp back during the summer?”

“Yeah.” I remembered a vaguely geeky boy about my sister’s age.


“Oh… wow.” This took a moment to digest. I was a total virgin and my fifteen-year-old sister wasn’t. Sure, she was two years older than me, but still. “He actually put his penis into your vagina?”


“What was that like?”

She grinned. “It was pretty sweet!”

“I bet.”

“Are you still a virgin?”

“Yeah,” I admitted.

“So was Scooter.” Karlie smiled widely. “He’s not anymore!”

“Ha… I’m jealous.”

“Oh? Did you want to stick yours in me?”

I froze completely. Time seemed to slow down. “Uh… why? Are you going to let me?”

Karlie batted her eyes a little and lay back, spreading her legs wide again. “Of course, big brother. Just get on top of me and slip that penis of yours into my vagina and fuck your virginity away.”

I sat up and half moved towards her. “Really?”

“You wish,” she said, closing her legs and sticking her tongue out at me.

I blinked. “Oh, I hate you.”

“Well, if you hate me, I’m REALLY not going to let you.”

“Uh… I mean, I love you!” I blew a kiss at her.

She laughed. “You really wanna fuck your own sister?”

“Well… you know… I mean… I just wanna see what it feels like, that’s all,” I mumbled.

“Yeah, I think I understand.”

We sat there for a bit and idea hit me. “So… look… uhm… if I gave you, say, twenty dollars, would you let me stick it in you, just for a few seconds, so that I know what it’s like?” Yes, I was your standard thirteen-year-old virgin boy.

Karlie looked at me and laughed. I felt myself starting to blush. “You want to pay me twenty bucks to let you fuck me?”

“Well, maybe not fuck you,” I said. “I just want to stick it in and see what it feels like, that’s all.”

“And if I let you stick it in me, you’ll pay me twenty dollars?”


“There’s a word for that, you know,” she said, somewhat severely.

“A bargain?” I suggested.

Karlie laughed. “Yeah, it’d be a bargain, alright.” She thought for a second. “Alright. Get your money.”

I perked up. “Really?”

“Yes, but hurry, before I change my mind.”

I sprinted from the living room, almost tripping as I ran towards my bedroom. I quickly rifled through my wallet and pulled out a twenty dollar bill, part of the fifty dollar allowance I’d gotten yesterday, and ran back to the living room, all the while thinking, “I’m not going to be a virgin anymore!”

Once I got back to my sister, I handed her the twenty. She made a great show of holding it up to the light to examine it. “Maybe I should get my counterfeit detector pen…”

“!” I said, looking frustrated.

Karlie laughed. “Oh, I’m just teasing, Landon.” She set the money aside. “Ok. Are you ready?”

“Oh, yes.”

Karlie laid back and spread her legs again. She said, “Get on top of me.”


Shaking a little, I got between my sister’s legs and laid down with my body over hers. She reached down and took my penis in her hands. I felt the tip pushing against something very wet.

“Alright, Landon. Just push and you’ll slide right in.”

Taking a deep breath to steady my nerves, I did as I was told, and pushed forward, feeling the exquisite sensation of my thirteen-year-old virgin penis slipping into my sister’s fifteen-year-old vagina. I let out a gasp as I sank all the way into her, knowing that my virginity was gone forever, and totally blown away by how good it felt.

“Mmmm…” my sister said, with a smile like I’d never seen before. She moved her hands onto my butt. “You like that?”

“Oh, yeah…”

“You can move it in and out a little, if you want, just don’t cum in me.”


I flexed my hips, moving back and forth slightly. It was a truly wonderful feeling! I’d never experienced anything like it! God, it was so incredible, I hoped it would never-

“Ok, Landon… time to stop…”

“Wha… what?” I froze and looked down at Karlie, my face showing my disappointment.

“Time to stop. Pull out.” She pushed at my chest a little.

“Wait!” I said. “Wait… I still have the other thirty from my allowance… if I give you that, can I keep going?”

“Fifty all together, huh? Ok. You can even cum in me, if you want.”

“Oh, thank god.”

I closed my eyes and started fucking my sister again, savoring the pleasure of my first lay. Sure it was expensive, but what did I care? I was getting laid for the first time! That was worth fifty bucks. It was worth a hundred!

It didn’t last much longer, though. After less than a minute of fucking, I let out a series of gasps and pushed deep into my sister’s body as my sperm began to fire into her. The orgasm seemed to go on forever! I know I never wanted it to end.

“Mmmm… that was nice,” Karlie said, giving me a little hug. “Now go get the rest of the money.”

I nodded, pulled out of her and sort of staggered back to my bedroom, returning with the rest of my worldly wealth.

I ended up fucking my sister a lot more after that first time. We worked out a deal where I gave her my allowance every week and I was able to fuck her five times that week. She got plenty of money from me over the next couple years, and I got almost all the sex my young body wanted. A good deal all around!


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk. Veni, vidi, vici.

A short story but not, I feel, a bad one. Yet another Alex Hawk incest story, but with at least a slight twist. Considering this is my 86th story, I feel I’ve acquitted myself well.

Thanks for reading!

Cherry Plucker

October 17, 2008

Cherry Plucker
Alex Hawk

I paused at the front door, trying to calm myself. Behind that door was a boy named Darius. He was fourteen, two years older than me, and very cute. I’d seen him around a lot. He had blond hair and blue eyes and a very nice body, and I was about to lose my virginity to him.

I wasn’t dating Darius. I’d only ever spoken to him a couple times. But around our school he was known as THE boy to have your first time with. All the girls I knew who’d been fucked by him said that it had been a wonderful experience. Hardly any pain, if any at all, and mostly just a lot of pleasure.

I’d let my best friend, Michelle, talk me into this. She’d been fucked by Darius about seventeen times since he took her virginity last month. She’d said each time was better than the previous one and I would just LOVE having sex with him. She talked about it so much that I finally agreed to let her set me up with him.

So here I was, hand at the ready to knock. Just a month past my twelfth birthday and I’d be getting fucked by a boy who was apparently the best of the best. It was weird to think that I was going to lost my virginity to a boy I didn’t even know, but everyone kept saying it was a good idea. So here I was. Slowly I knocked on the door.

After a couple moments Darius opened it. He was wearing a pair of blue jeans and no shirt. I could just barely see his light blond pubic hair under above the jeans. He was very sexy looking.

“You must be Courtney,” he said with a little smile.


“Well, come on in,” he said, standing aside to let me through.

“Thanks.” I walked inside, stepping into Darius’ family’s living room. It was nice, but I was too nervous to really pay attention to everything.

Darius shut the door and walked towards me. “So you’re here to get fucked, huh?”

I was a little surprised at how blunt he was. I could only nod.

“How old are you again?” he asked, looking me over.

“Thirteen,” I lied. I knew he didn’t fuck girls younger than thirteen. All the girls who had been fucked by him had told me that.

He looked me over again and raised an eyebrow. Made him look even sexier, actually. “Right. You’re thirteen.”

“I am, really! I just had my birthday last month.”

“You look younger than thirteen.”

I wasn’t sure what to do. If he kept challenging me I’d collapse in time. Thankfully it ended up not being much of an issue.

“You’re friends with Michelle, right?”


Darius shrugged. “Well, if you’re her friend you must be ok, even if you’re not thirteen yet.”

“I am thirteen,” I muttered.

“Right. Ok, whatever. Do you have the money?”

I reached into my purse. This was one of the odd things about Darius. He charged girls one hundred dollars to take their virginity. Apparently he’d been doing this for about a year and a half. What was amazing is that girls paid. I was certainly willing to pay. His reputation made it worthwhile from what I’d heard. I pulled out the money and passed it to him.

Darius counted the five twenty dollar bills. “Thank you,” he said, putting them into the pocket of his blue jeans. “Now. You need to hear the rules.”

“Michelle told me about them,” I said.

“Yeah, well, I’m going to make sure you know about them by telling you myself.”


“Rule One: The first time I fuck you, it’s without a condom and I get to cum inside you. Since it’s your first time you might as well experience everything.”

“Ok.” I felt a little nervous about that, but it was part of the routine. I’d heard he’d gotten a girl pregnant last year, but no one confirmed it.

“Rule Two: If you get pregnant, it’s your problem. I’ll pay half of the money for an abortion, but you pay the rest. If you decide to have the baby, you raise it, not me.”

“Ok,” I said, feeling a little more nervous.

Darius smiled. “Don’t worry. I haven’t gotten any girls pregnant yet.”

“Ok,” I said again, feeling slightly better.

“Rule Three: You do what I say without arguing with me about it.”

“Alright,” I said, just to say something other than “ok”.

“Rule Four: You have to promise to tell at least three other virgin girls about me and my little service,” Darius said with a cute smile.

I smiled back, unable to resist. He really was very sexy. “Sure.”

“Good.” He smiled again. “That’s all the rules.”


Darius walked over and put a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t be nervous, ok, Courtney? It’s going to be really good. You’ll have a fun time, I promise. Or you get your money back.”


“Really. I haven’t had to do a refund yet,” he said with another cute smile.

“How many…” I couldn’t finish the sentence.

“How many girls have I fucked?”



I blinked. “Really?”



“Those are the ones I’ve been paid to devirginize, anyhow. I’ve fucked four other besides that.” Darius gave a little chuckle. “Had to start somewhere, you know.”


“So… come with me,” he said, taking me by the hand. I let him lead me upstairs to a very nice bedroom, which I guessed was his. He had a really big bed. My eyes landed on it and stayed there. I was going to get fucked on that bed.

“You got a nice bedroom,” I said, my heart beating fast.

“Thank you.”

As Darius walked over and turned on some music, I sat down on his bed. It was comfortable. Very nice blankets.

“Stand back up,” Darius said, coming over to me. I stood. He put his hands on my shoulders and ran them down my arms. A little shiver went through my body.
“You’re very cute.”

“Thanks,” I whispered.

He reached down and started pulling my shirt up. I raised my arms to make it easier and was soon standing there in my training bra.

“Very cute,” he said, again.

I smiled, unable to think of what to say other than “thanks” but that would have sounded really dumb.

Darius reached behind me and unclasped my bra. He slowly pulled it off my body, exposing my small, still developing breasts.

“So you’re REALLY thirteen?” he said with a little smile.

Feeling awkward I said, “Well…”


“Yeah,” I sighed.

“When did you turn twelve?”

“Last month.”

“Huh…” Darius looked me over again. “You know why I only fuck teenage girls?”


“Back when I was just starting this I fucked a girl who turned out to be only eleven. She was really tight and hard to get into and she didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d have liked. I only did her as a favor to a friend of mine. It wasn’t as good as it should’ve been. She was just too young.”


Darius shrugged. “But what the hell. You seem ok. And you’re older than she was.” Another shrug as he said, “Oh, well. You’ve paid the money so let’s keep going.”

“Ok.” I was really running out of things to say.

He smiled that cute smile once more. “So… where were we? Oh, yeah,” he said as he leaned down and gently licked, then sucked and then lightly bit each of my nipples. My knees went weak with the pleasure I was feeling.

“Have you had any experiences with boys yet?”

I shook my head. “I kissed a boy a few months ago, but that’s all I’ve done so far.”

“That’s good. I like it when girls are totally virgin.”

“Why?” I asked suddenly.

Darius looked at me. “Why?”


He thought about this. “You know, no girl has ever asked me that before.”

I grinned, the ice breaking a little bit. “Well, it’s a good question, you know.”

“Yeah.” He considered again for a bit. “I don’t know. I like knowing that I’m their first. That no matter what they’re always going to remember me and what I’ve done. Doesn’t matter how many other guys they have sex with, I’m still the first.” He grinned again. “Plus sex is fun.”

“Yeah? Ok, but why do you charge money for it?”

Darius laughed. “Hey, a boy has to make a living somehow.”

I laughed in response, feeling a lot more relaxed than I had been. “Ok, that’s a good answer.”

Darius grinned. “Good. Now back to the fun.” So saying, he reached down to unbutton my shorts and let them fall to the ground. Then with no preamble he hooked his fingers into my panties and slowly pulled them down, exposing my still hairless vagina and leaving me completely naked.

“Very nice,” he said looking me over. “You shave it, or just don’t have hair yet?”

“I just don’t have hair yet.”

“I like it,” he said, placing a finger between my breasts and trailing it slowly down to the place between my legs. A little shiver of delight went through my body as his fingertip brushed my clitoris.

“That feels really good,” I whispered.

“I know.” Darius leaned forward and kissed me on the neck, slowly moving up to my cheek and then to my mouth, giving me a soft kiss on the lips.

Darius slowly pushed me back until I found myself being laid out on his bed. He laid next to me and kept kissing me as he put his hand back between my legs. I felt his fingers brushing against my clitoris once again, then working downward a little, the tip of his finger teasing at the entrance to my vagina. As the pleasure surged through me, I began to understand why all the girls wanted to get fucked by him.

Darius then sat up. Looking down into my eyes he unbuttoned his jeans and then unzipped them. He opened the fly and lowered them down past his hips. His penis popped up into view. It couldn’t have been more than about five inches long, but to me it looked huge. This was the part of him that was going to make me a woman.

“Touch it,” he said softly. “Like this.” He took my hand in his and guided it to his penis. It was very warm to the touch and had a curious hardness/softness to it. He warped my hand around it and moved it back and forth a little. When he let go I kept the motion going. Michelle had told me about doing this to him.

“Ah… yeah… that feels very nice…” Darius said with a little grin.


Darius moved his hand back down and started rubbing at my clitoris once again. He let a finger trail down along my labia and then pressed it against the entrance to my vagina. Very slowly I felt it start sliding up into me. I was being penetrated by a boy for the first time!

“Good…” he whispered once he had his finger all the way in me. “No hymen.”

“Michelle said I should break it before I came here… I did it last week…”

“Good job, Courtney… I like you more and more…” He began working his finger back and forth.

I stifled a couple gasps at this new pleasure. I tightened my grip on Darius’ penis, stroking it a little more. I’d heard from Michelle that boys liked it when you did that. From the way Darius was reacting, I figured that I must’ve heard correct.

“Oh, you’re good… I’m really liking you a lot… I’m almost tempted to give you your money back,” Darius said with a smile.




Then Darius grinned again and moved his face down between my legs. I felt his tongue dart out and brush against my clitoris. I sucked in a sharp breath as the sensation coursed through my body, followed moments later by several more beautiful bursts of delight as his tongue went all over my vaginal area, his finger continuing to move inside me.

I reached out my hand to get hold of Darius’ penis again, but he brushed me lightly aside, pulling his head up from between my legs long enough to say, “Don’t worry. It’s time for me to make you feel good. You’ll make me feel good later.”

“Alright.” It hadn’t been really about making him feel good. Mostly it had just been about me wanting to get more used to this thing that was going to be inside me soon.

But soon I lost interest in worrying. Darius now had his tongue inside me, moving around within my vagina. It felt amazing! Even better than Michelle had made it sound when she’d told me about him doing it to her. If the rest of it lived up to what she’d said, then it would be one hundred dollars well spent!

Darius began kissing a trail up my body. When he reached my mouth he kissed me again. As he did so, I felt his penis brushing against my vagina for the first time. I trembled with excitement at the thought that I was going to be fucked soon.

But not, apparently, yet. Darius lifted his body up and took his penis in his hand. He began rubbing the shaft against my clitoris, causing me to make the strangest little mewling noises as he did so. I didn’t know what these noises were supposed to be, but that’s what I was doing.

“Wow, you’re wet…” Darius said with a little grin, a lock of his blond hair falling over one of his eyes. “I like that. I hate having to use lube.”

“That’s… uh… nice…” I managed to say. His penis was really driving me wild. Now he was rubbing the tip right into my slit. Not sticking it in me yet, but I knew that was coming soon. I couldn’t wait to see what it would be like to have him inside me! All my earlier fears and nervousness and doubts were long since gone. Now I just wanted to get fucked.

Then the nerves returned briefly as I felt Darius push the tip of his penis into my vagina. There wasn’t any teasing or fooling around. Just one moment he was stroking it against me and the next moment I felt the tip sliding inside me.

“Oh, god…” I whispered.

“I’m going to put myself in you now, Courtney,” Darius said in a gentle voice. “It might hurt just a little, but I’ll make it as nice for you as I can.”

“Alright,” I said, gritting my teeth a little.

Darius saw me do that and smiled. He leaned down and kissed me. “Just relax, ok?”

“Alright,” I said again, trying hard to relax.

Darius lifted his body up and we both looked down as he slowly started pushing into me. I held my breath, and then remembered that I was supposed to be relaxing, and exhaled slowly as I saw and felt some of the shaft of his erection going into me. He paused when he was about halfway in, smiled at me, and then pushed forward the rest of the way, his very hard fourteen-year-old penis sliding all the way into my tight, twelve-year-old virgin vagina. When he stopped I could see only his pubic hair and a hint of the shaft going into my body. That was all.

As Darius settled himself on top of me, I could feel his penis embedded within my vagina. There was a slight twinge of pain, but not much. It didn’t really matter anyhow. I wasn’t a virgin anymore. That part of me was gone forever, lost to a boy I barely knew.

Laying on top of me, his bare chest pressed against my small breasts, Darius gave a couple thrusts with his hips, his wonderfully hard teenage penis sliding in and out of my preteen vagina. “How’s it feel?” he asked.

“Very… different,” I said, managing to find the right word. “Really nice, though…”

“Cool,” he said, kissing me again.

It was really weird feeling Darius inside me like this. I liked it, but it was so strange to think that I actually had a boy’s penis in my vagina. I could tell it was going to take some getting used to. I liked it, though. I let my hands drift down onto his firm butt, feeling the muscles move under his skin as he started to fuck me.

Darius really knew how to use his penis, too, I soon found out. He had several techniques that he used. Sometimes he’d just keep it all the way inside my vagina, barely moving it at all. Other times he pulled out almost all the way, and then slid completely back inside me. And at other points he’d swivel his hips while he moved, literally screwing me.

I lost track of how long he fucked me. It must’ve been at least ten minutes or so before I felt my orgasm start up, moving from between my legs and spreading out through the rest of my body as I let out a moan of pure bliss, grabbing hard at Darius’ ass and holding him tight as my vagina contracted hard around his still thrusting penis.

Darius could tell I came. As soon as I was done climaxing, he smiled at me and said, “See, I told you you’d like it.”

Unable to really speak, I just let out a ragged giggle.

Darius said, “Now my turn,” and started fucking me some more. This time he was moving hard and fast, screwing me in earnest. After about only a minute of his, I felt his penis start convulsing inside me. He held it deep in me as his sperm blasted into my vagina. The entire time he was cumming he was looking directly into my eyes. His face looked really wonderful as he came.

Once Darius was done cumming, he pulled out and laid down next to me, giving me a couple kisses. We embraced and laid there together, relaxing in the pleasant afterglow of my first time having sex.

About fifteen minutes later, Darius put on a condom and we fucked again. We had sex a total of four times that first day, in every position I’d ever thought of and some I hadn’t! My favorite was with me on top. It was sweet looking down at Darius’ beautiful body and face as I rode him to orgasm.

For a solid week and a half I had Darius to myself. It was one of the best times in my young life. After that he took some other girl’s virginity and spent his time fucking her. I didn’t feel jealous. I simply went out and seduced a virgin boy and had him to play around with. I’d learned a lot from Darius and was eager to pass it on.

Life is sweet when you’re twelve and great in the sack!


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. All rights reserved, except in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, where I’ll let you have fun with it.


Deflowering James – Part One

October 16, 2008

Deflowering James – Part One
Alex Hawk

It had been a wonderfully warm, sunny day, and was now turning into a pleasantly cool moonlit night. I was out on the prowl, looking for some action. Not for myself, mind, but for my little twelve-year-old daughter, Haley. It had been more than two weeks since she’d last had sex, and she needed a boy inside her like nobody’s business.

As I walked, I found that I was wandering towards the local Gameworks. It was a pretty impressive place, and I loved to go here looking for boys. I’d never picked up any here, but it was still fun just looking around seeing the cute young virgins.

Wandering around through Gameworks, my eye fell on a boy playing the latest Mortal Kombat game. He was probably fourteen or fifteen. He had brown hair done up in a little mohawk, a light complexion, a very cute face that was currently screwed up in concentration and was currently wearing a blue t-shirt with the words “Porn Star” printed on it. That fired my imagination!

During one of brief pauses in the game, the boy took a sip of his drink and peered at my reflection in the screen. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and nodded.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey. You’re pretty good.”

“Thanks.” He turned his attention back to the game, shifting his body around. I had a great view of his young ass through his very tight jeans.

I watched the boy play a little longer. At one point during another pause he took another drink and shifted his body around again, saying in a soft voice “You like what you see?”

“Yeah,” I said, only partly paying attention. “You’re good at that game.”

“I wasn’t talking about the game,” he said, looking me square in the eye before turning his attention back to the screen.

My pulse quickened. What the hell? Was this boy gay? Holy hell…

Leaning in a little closer, I said quietly, “Yeah. I like it.”

“Good. Are you a cop?”

“A cop?” I was confused. “No.”

He played a little longer and then said, “Twenty for you to suck me, twenty-five for me to suck you. Thirty-five for me to fuck you, fifty for you to fuck me. Sixty gets you everything.”

I blinked. Not only was he gay, but he was a prostitute?! Stranger and stranger.


“Yeah.” His character died in a horrible way. “Fuck.” The boy took a drink and looked at me. “So, you interested or what?”

“What’s your name?” I asked.


“Sixty for everything?”

“Yeah. You got a place?”

“I have one in mind,” I said. “I’d have to make a phone call first. Make sure everything is clear.”

“Seventy-five gets me over night.”

“Damn. What would one hundred get me?”

James smiled. “What would you want?”

“Photos? Plus everything else.”

He shrugged. “Ok. No S&M or any sick shit like that.”

“No, nothing like that.”

“Alright. Fifty now, the rest later, ok?”

“Ok.” I reached into my wallet and pulled out three twenties. “I’ll give you forty later on.”

“Alright.” He pocketed the cash. “Shall we?”


We went out to the street and walked to where my car was parked. I couldn’t believe this. I was about to basically bring home a prostitute for me to have sex with. I suppose in theory I could have him fuck Haley, too, but he probably wasn’t a virgin, so I wouldn’t bother.

“How old are you, James?” I asked as we got into the car.


“You been doing this long?”

He shrugged. “A couple months. Good way to make some bucks, you know?”

“Yeah.” I hadn’t thought it would be too long. I’d hired a couple boys in the past, many years ago. Both of them had been a little more paranoid than this kid. I checked him out out of the corner of my eye. Looked like he hadn’t really eaten much lately. “You hungry?”


I drove towards a McDonald’s and got the kid a Big Mac Value Meal. As he ate, I drove us towards my house.

“So are you gay?”

“I have sex with guys for money,” he said around a mouthful of food. “What do you think?”

“I think some people do anything for money. What do you do in your free time?”

“Ok, ok. I’m gay.”

“Really gay? Like you’ve never done anything with a girl?”

“Nope. Only guys,” he said, drinking from the Coke I’d bought.

My pulse quickened again. He was still a virgin! Now THIS could become VERY interesting for me and Haley both!

“Would you fuck a girl if I paid you a little extra?”

He made a face. “How much extra?”

“How much would you want?”

“To fuck a girl?”


“Extra hundred,” he said instantly, obviously thinking I wouldn’t pony up the bucks.

“Ok. But I get to film while you do it.”

James blinked. “Seriously? You’d pay an extra hundred bucks to have me fuck a girl while you tape it?”

“Yeah. You’re still a virgin, right?”

“Uh… YES? I’ve been saying that!”

“Yeah, well, I like watching and taping guys losing their virginity. What can I say?”

James shrugged. “That’s cool, I guess. So I’d be fucking your girlfriend or something?”

“No, my daughter.”

“Your daughter?! Fuck! How old is she?”


His eyes went wide. “TWELVE?! Dude! You seen her get fucked before?”

“Lots of times. I haven’t ever fucked her myself, mind you.”

“Jesus, I’d hope not.” We rode in silence for a bit, and then James said, “Ok, I’ll do it, but I want all the money before we even walk into your house.”


After another moment or two of quiet, James said, “You still gonna let me suck your dick and stuff, right?”

“Probably. You want to?”

He shrugged. “I wouldn’t mind. I really like older guys. How old are you, anyhow?”


“Cool.” Having finished his food, James set his bag aside and casually unzipped his pants, reaching inside to pull out his very erect penis. I nearly drove off the road trying to have a look.

“Careful,” he said with a giggle.

“Damn,” I said, pleased at the boy’s preciousness. Keeping one hand on the wheel I took his teenage penis in the other and gave it a couple slow stokes. “You got a good dick.”


“You really never had this in a girl?”

He shook his head. “Just never interested me.”

“Damn.” I looked at his cute face again. “You must’ve had lots of offers.”

“A few. But like I said, I’m gay.”

“Right.” I tried to keep driving with one hand while fondling James’ penis with the other, but it was proving to be really challenging, so I finally let go of him, figuring that was better than letting go of the wheel. I did make sure, however, to take the fastest route home.

When we got to the house, I made James zip up. We walked indoors and I called out, “Haley! I’m home! And I brought a friend for you! Come say hi!”

“Ok, Daddy!” I heard Haley call out. Seconds later she walked out of her bedroom, stark naked. She smiled at James. “Hello.”

“Hi…” James said, sounding a little stunned.

I smiled and let my eyes roam over my daughter’s naked body, appreciating her beauty. She was really developing nicely. She was only a month from thirteen and now was wearing a real bra instead of just a training bra. She also had a few strands of pubic hair just above her vagina. She was really looking quite lovely.

“James,” I said. “This is my daughter, Haley. Haley, this is James.”

“Hi!” Haley said. She walked over to James and gave him a good, strong, full-body hug.

James stood there looking like he’d been poleaxed. I made eye contact with him and made little butt-cupping motions with my hands. James got the hint and reached down to rest his hands on Haley’s bare ass.

“Ok, Haley,” I said. “Go away now. I’ll have him warmed up and ready for you a little later on.”

“Alright, Daddy!” She let go of James, gave him a kiss on the cheek and flounced off.

As James stood, watching her go, I reached down and took hold of his teenage penis through his pants. He was very hard.

“Gay, huh?”

“Well…” James blushed. “Sorry, I’m just not used to having naked girls come up and hug me like that.”

“I understand.” I took him by the hand. “Come with me.”


When James and I got to my bedroom I said, “Get undressed.”

“Alright.” He quickly shed the pseudo-skater gear he was dressed in and soon was standing there before me, gloriously naked. I let my eyes roam all over his teenage body.

“Sweet,” I whispered. I moved forward and placed a hand on his chest, letting it drift slowly down to his hard young penis, then drifting around to cup his firm young ass. “Very sweet.”


I leaned forward and pressed my lips against James’, happy when he opened his mouth to admit my tongue. As we stood there kissing, he reached down to open up my jeans, reaching inside to extract my incredibly hard penis.

We kissed for a little longer, James stroking my erection, and then he got down on his knees. He gave my penis a couple licks and then slipped his mouth down around it. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a blowjob from anyone, much less an underage boy, and James was really good at what he did, that was for certain.

As James blew me, I got out of my clothes and when I was nude I pulled him up, kissing him some more. “Let’s get onto the bed,” I said.


I got onto the bed as James crawled up and lay half on top of me and half beside me. We continued to kiss and touch each other. After a couple minutes of hardcore making out, I reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube.

“Are you a good top?” I asked him.

“Oh, yes.”

“Good.” I squirted some of the lube out and applied it to myself, then passed the bottle to James. As he rubbed the lube all over his young penis, I said, “Go slow, alright? I haven’t been fucked for a long time.”

“No problem.” He finished rubbing the lube onto himself. His penis shined with wetness. “You want Missionary, or what?”

“That’ll work.” I set the bottle aside and raised my legs up. “Go slow, remember.”

James moved his teenage body between my legs. He lined himself up and pushed forward, very, very slowly working his fifteen-year-old penis into my body. It took him the better part of a minute, but he managed to get all the way into me.

“Ah… nice…” I whispered as I reached up with one hand to run my fingers down his bare teenage chest. The other hand began working on my penis.

James grinned at me and slowly began pistoning his hips, working his young erection back and forth and in and out of me. It felt very good. The boy certainly knew how to fuck! If nothing else, at least it meant that Haley would be in good hands. Or whatever.

“Damn, you’re a good top,” I whispered to him.

“Thanks…” he replied, a little out of breath. “I don’t get to fuck too much… mostly guys just wanna fuck me…”

“I can understand that,” I said, reaching back with my free hand to squeeze his tight young ass as he kept fucking me.

“Damn, dude, you got a nice, tight ass…” James whispered after a few moments as he kept fucking me. “I’m gonna shoot soon…”

“Go ahead,” I replied, jerking myself faster and faster as this boy fucked me.

“Oh… oh… here I go… oh… aaaah… AAAH!” James closed his eyes and pushed deep into me. I could feel his penis pulsing inside my ass as he came. Seconds later, my own orgasm hit, my sperm splattering all over my chest.

When we finished cumming, James leaned down and gave me a kiss as he withdrew his slowly softening penis from inside my ass. He then flopped down onto the bed, breathing hard with a happy look on his face.

“That was nice,” he said after a bit. “I don’t get to do that enough.”

“I’m glad you did it tonight.”

From the doorway I heard the sound of clapping. I looked up to see Haley, still nude, standing there, grinning as she applauded.

I laughed and tossed a pillow at her as James yelped and tried to cover up. I smacked my daughter gently on the butt as she came close.

“You be good,” I admonished her. “Don’t be spying on your dad while he’s getting laid.”

Haley stuck her tongue out at me and winked at James. “You’re cute when you’re naked.”

“Uh.. yeah… thanks,” James said weakly.

“Shoo,” I said to Haley, standing up and pushing her towards the door. “You can have him later. Right now he needs to recover.”

“Alright!” Haley flounced out of the room.

“Lovely girl,” James said. “Either I’m starting to like her or I’m going to kill her.”

“You’ll probably just fuck her,” I said.

“Yeah.” He stood up and stretched his nude body. Wow, he was hot. “Can I take a shower?”

“Sure, right that way,” I said, pointing to my bathroom.

“Cool. Be out soon.”

As James walked to the shower, I took a moment to clean myself up, thinking how wonderful it was going to be watching him get bit of my daughter! Wonderful!


Copyright 2005 by Pope Alexander Hawk II. Ab hoc videre posum domum tuum.

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