October 16, 2008

Deflowering James – Part One
Alex Hawk

It had been a wonderfully warm, sunny day, and was now turning into a pleasantly cool moonlit night. I was out on the prowl, looking for some action. Not for myself, mind, but for my little twelve-year-old daughter, Haley. It had been more than two weeks since she’d last had sex, and she needed a boy inside her like nobody’s business.

As I walked, I found that I was wandering towards the local Gameworks. It was a pretty impressive place, and I loved to go here looking for boys. I’d never picked up any here, but it was still fun just looking around seeing the cute young virgins.

Wandering around through Gameworks, my eye fell on a boy playing the latest Mortal Kombat game. He was probably fourteen or fifteen. He had brown hair done up in a little mohawk, a light complexion, a very cute face that was currently screwed up in concentration and was currently wearing a blue t-shirt with the words “Porn Star” printed on it. That fired my imagination!

During one of brief pauses in the game, the boy took a sip of his drink and peered at my reflection in the screen. He looked at me out of the corner of his eye and nodded.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey. You’re pretty good.”

“Thanks.” He turned his attention back to the game, shifting his body around. I had a great view of his young ass through his very tight jeans.

I watched the boy play a little longer. At one point during another pause he took another drink and shifted his body around again, saying in a soft voice “You like what you see?”

“Yeah,” I said, only partly paying attention. “You’re good at that game.”

“I wasn’t talking about the game,” he said, looking me square in the eye before turning his attention back to the screen.

My pulse quickened. What the hell? Was this boy gay? Holy hell…

Leaning in a little closer, I said quietly, “Yeah. I like it.”

“Good. Are you a cop?”

“A cop?” I was confused. “No.”

He played a little longer and then said, “Twenty for you to suck me, twenty-five for me to suck you. Thirty-five for me to fuck you, fifty for you to fuck me. Sixty gets you everything.”

I blinked. Not only was he gay, but he was a prostitute?! Stranger and stranger.


“Yeah.” His character died in a horrible way. “Fuck.” The boy took a drink and looked at me. “So, you interested or what?”

“What’s your name?” I asked.


“Sixty for everything?”

“Yeah. You got a place?”

“I have one in mind,” I said. “I’d have to make a phone call first. Make sure everything is clear.”

“Seventy-five gets me over night.”

“Damn. What would one hundred get me?”

James smiled. “What would you want?”

“Photos? Plus everything else.”

He shrugged. “Ok. No S&M or any sick shit like that.”

“No, nothing like that.”

“Alright. Fifty now, the rest later, ok?”

“Ok.” I reached into my wallet and pulled out three twenties. “I’ll give you forty later on.”

“Alright.” He pocketed the cash. “Shall we?”


We went out to the street and walked to where my car was parked. I couldn’t believe this. I was about to basically bring home a prostitute for me to have sex with. I suppose in theory I could have him fuck Haley, too, but he probably wasn’t a virgin, so I wouldn’t bother.

“How old are you, James?” I asked as we got into the car.


“You been doing this long?”

He shrugged. “A couple months. Good way to make some bucks, you know?”

“Yeah.” I hadn’t thought it would be too long. I’d hired a couple boys in the past, many years ago. Both of them had been a little more paranoid than this kid. I checked him out out of the corner of my eye. Looked like he hadn’t really eaten much lately. “You hungry?”


I drove towards a McDonald’s and got the kid a Big Mac Value Meal. As he ate, I drove us towards my house.

“So are you gay?”

“I have sex with guys for money,” he said around a mouthful of food. “What do you think?”

“I think some people do anything for money. What do you do in your free time?”

“Ok, ok. I’m gay.”

“Really gay? Like you’ve never done anything with a girl?”

“Nope. Only guys,” he said, drinking from the Coke I’d bought.

My pulse quickened again. He was still a virgin! Now THIS could become VERY interesting for me and Haley both!

“Would you fuck a girl if I paid you a little extra?”

He made a face. “How much extra?”

“How much would you want?”

“To fuck a girl?”


“Extra hundred,” he said instantly, obviously thinking I wouldn’t pony up the bucks.

“Ok. But I get to film while you do it.”

James blinked. “Seriously? You’d pay an extra hundred bucks to have me fuck a girl while you tape it?”

“Yeah. You’re still a virgin, right?”

“Uh… YES? I’ve been saying that!”

“Yeah, well, I like watching and taping guys losing their virginity. What can I say?”

James shrugged. “That’s cool, I guess. So I’d be fucking your girlfriend or something?”

“No, my daughter.”

“Your daughter?! Fuck! How old is she?”


His eyes went wide. “TWELVE?! Dude! You seen her get fucked before?”

“Lots of times. I haven’t ever fucked her myself, mind you.”

“Jesus, I’d hope not.” We rode in silence for a bit, and then James said, “Ok, I’ll do it, but I want all the money before we even walk into your house.”


After another moment or two of quiet, James said, “You still gonna let me suck your dick and stuff, right?”

“Probably. You want to?”

He shrugged. “I wouldn’t mind. I really like older guys. How old are you, anyhow?”


“Cool.” Having finished his food, James set his bag aside and casually unzipped his pants, reaching inside to pull out his very erect penis. I nearly drove off the road trying to have a look.

“Careful,” he said with a giggle.

“Damn,” I said, pleased at the boy’s preciousness. Keeping one hand on the wheel I took his teenage penis in the other and gave it a couple slow stokes. “You got a good dick.”


“You really never had this in a girl?”

He shook his head. “Just never interested me.”

“Damn.” I looked at his cute face again. “You must’ve had lots of offers.”

“A few. But like I said, I’m gay.”

“Right.” I tried to keep driving with one hand while fondling James’ penis with the other, but it was proving to be really challenging, so I finally let go of him, figuring that was better than letting go of the wheel. I did make sure, however, to take the fastest route home.

When we got to the house, I made James zip up. We walked indoors and I called out, “Haley! I’m home! And I brought a friend for you! Come say hi!”

“Ok, Daddy!” I heard Haley call out. Seconds later she walked out of her bedroom, stark naked. She smiled at James. “Hello.”

“Hi…” James said, sounding a little stunned.

I smiled and let my eyes roam over my daughter’s naked body, appreciating her beauty. She was really developing nicely. She was only a month from thirteen and now was wearing a real bra instead of just a training bra. She also had a few strands of pubic hair just above her vagina. She was really looking quite lovely.

“James,” I said. “This is my daughter, Haley. Haley, this is James.”

“Hi!” Haley said. She walked over to James and gave him a good, strong, full-body hug.

James stood there looking like he’d been poleaxed. I made eye contact with him and made little butt-cupping motions with my hands. James got the hint and reached down to rest his hands on Haley’s bare ass.

“Ok, Haley,” I said. “Go away now. I’ll have him warmed up and ready for you a little later on.”

“Alright, Daddy!” She let go of James, gave him a kiss on the cheek and flounced off.

As James stood, watching her go, I reached down and took hold of his teenage penis through his pants. He was very hard.

“Gay, huh?”

“Well…” James blushed. “Sorry, I’m just not used to having naked girls come up and hug me like that.”

“I understand.” I took him by the hand. “Come with me.”


When James and I got to my bedroom I said, “Get undressed.”

“Alright.” He quickly shed the pseudo-skater gear he was dressed in and soon was standing there before me, gloriously naked. I let my eyes roam all over his teenage body.

“Sweet,” I whispered. I moved forward and placed a hand on his chest, letting it drift slowly down to his hard young penis, then drifting around to cup his firm young ass. “Very sweet.”


I leaned forward and pressed my lips against James’, happy when he opened his mouth to admit my tongue. As we stood there kissing, he reached down to open up my jeans, reaching inside to extract my incredibly hard penis.

We kissed for a little longer, James stroking my erection, and then he got down on his knees. He gave my penis a couple licks and then slipped his mouth down around it. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a blowjob from anyone, much less an underage boy, and James was really good at what he did, that was for certain.

As James blew me, I got out of my clothes and when I was nude I pulled him up, kissing him some more. “Let’s get onto the bed,” I said.


I got onto the bed as James crawled up and lay half on top of me and half beside me. We continued to kiss and touch each other. After a couple minutes of hardcore making out, I reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube.

“Are you a good top?” I asked him.

“Oh, yes.”

“Good.” I squirted some of the lube out and applied it to myself, then passed the bottle to James. As he rubbed the lube all over his young penis, I said, “Go slow, alright? I haven’t been fucked for a long time.”

“No problem.” He finished rubbing the lube onto himself. His penis shined with wetness. “You want Missionary, or what?”

“That’ll work.” I set the bottle aside and raised my legs up. “Go slow, remember.”

James moved his teenage body between my legs. He lined himself up and pushed forward, very, very slowly working his fifteen-year-old penis into my body. It took him the better part of a minute, but he managed to get all the way into me.

“Ah… nice…” I whispered as I reached up with one hand to run my fingers down his bare teenage chest. The other hand began working on my penis.

James grinned at me and slowly began pistoning his hips, working his young erection back and forth and in and out of me. It felt very good. The boy certainly knew how to fuck! If nothing else, at least it meant that Haley would be in good hands. Or whatever.

“Damn, you’re a good top,” I whispered to him.

“Thanks…” he replied, a little out of breath. “I don’t get to fuck too much… mostly guys just wanna fuck me…”

“I can understand that,” I said, reaching back with my free hand to squeeze his tight young ass as he kept fucking me.

“Damn, dude, you got a nice, tight ass…” James whispered after a few moments as he kept fucking me. “I’m gonna shoot soon…”

“Go ahead,” I replied, jerking myself faster and faster as this boy fucked me.

“Oh… oh… here I go… oh… aaaah… AAAH!” James closed his eyes and pushed deep into me. I could feel his penis pulsing inside my ass as he came. Seconds later, my own orgasm hit, my sperm splattering all over my chest.

When we finished cumming, James leaned down and gave me a kiss as he withdrew his slowly softening penis from inside my ass. He then flopped down onto the bed, breathing hard with a happy look on his face.

“That was nice,” he said after a bit. “I don’t get to do that enough.”

“I’m glad you did it tonight.”

From the doorway I heard the sound of clapping. I looked up to see Haley, still nude, standing there, grinning as she applauded.

I laughed and tossed a pillow at her as James yelped and tried to cover up. I smacked my daughter gently on the butt as she came close.

“You be good,” I admonished her. “Don’t be spying on your dad while he’s getting laid.”

Haley stuck her tongue out at me and winked at James. “You’re cute when you’re naked.”

“Uh.. yeah… thanks,” James said weakly.

“Shoo,” I said to Haley, standing up and pushing her towards the door. “You can have him later. Right now he needs to recover.”

“Alright!” Haley flounced out of the room.

“Lovely girl,” James said. “Either I’m starting to like her or I’m going to kill her.”

“You’ll probably just fuck her,” I said.

“Yeah.” He stood up and stretched his nude body. Wow, he was hot. “Can I take a shower?”

“Sure, right that way,” I said, pointing to my bathroom.

“Cool. Be out soon.”

As James walked to the shower, I took a moment to clean myself up, thinking how wonderful it was going to be watching him get bit of my daughter! Wonderful!


Copyright 2005 by Pope Alexander Hawk II. Ab hoc videre posum domum tuum.