September 20, 2018

Holiday Cabin – Onanism With A Partner

The events of last night for both siblings (completely unaware of the other’s activities and thoughts) didn’t intrude much during the day. They went to the beach again – rubbing more lotion on each other and getting a secret thrill each – then swam about. Their parents joined them later, Gareth briefly getting a hard-on as he watched his mother’s big boobs jiggled about whilst she swam. But mostly it was an innocent day – a big lunch at a fast-food joint in the nearby seaside town, a trip to the beach again in the afternoon, dinner at Jack and Jessica’s cabin then the evening at a funfair down the road. At nine o’clock, feeling tired (or at least claiming to be), Wanda and Gareth said goodnight to their parents and wandered off to their cabin.

“Was it okay last night, sleeping with me?” Wanda asked her brother. They were dressed for bed and sitting on the sofa munching chips and watching TV. Wanda wore a white T-shirt, this one a little smaller than the one last night, the hem only reaching her waist and showing off her cotton panties, which were pink and had a smiling teddy bear on the crotch. Gareth wore the same pair of black shorts and a baggy Nirvana T-shirt he’d had handed down to him from an older cousin.

“How do you mean?” Gareth asked his sister.

“I dunno,” shrugged Wanda, sipping her milk,

“I didn’t…you know, snore or anything did I? I didn’t steal the covers or move about?” What she really meant of course was ‘you didn’t hear me frigging myself next to you did you, or detect me pulling down your shorts to look at your willy?’

“No, it was fine,” shrugged Gareth,

“You didn’t snore. You didn’t nudge me under the covers or nuthin’.” Of course, his sister hand nudged him with her leg briefly, but that had actually excited Gareth. Any physical contact did. He was having difficulty that evening keeping his eyes from Wanda’s panties that were on display thanks to her T-shirt not being as long as the one she wore last night.

“Nice T-shirt by the way,” he commented, hoping it would encourage Wanda to wear it again. He had a semi-boner at the moment, despite masturbating in the shower a little while ago.

“Thanks,” Wanda smiled, even though it was just a plain white T-shirt she’d had for ages. She decided that she’d wear it again tomorrow! It was no coincidence she was wearing it now. She knew it’d show off her panties. She’d noticed Gareth glancing down at her panties a couple of times that evening and she liked to think it was more than just the natural urge of any twelve year old boy to look at any girl’s underwear. She liked the idea that Gareth had a crush on her. She wanted to fall asleep that night imagining Gareth confessing his love for her, shy but confident, Wanda responding wordlessly by just kissing him and stroking his…

“Want to watch anything else?” Gareth asked, dragging his sister out of her thoughts.

“Huh? Er…not really. I’m tired. Fancy going to bed?”

“Okay.” They turned everything off and, after taking turns brushing their teeth, were both sitting up in bed. Wanda bought a magazine with her to bed this time and Gareth had a book (a science-fiction novel) and both once again thought to themselves how much they seemed to be like a married couple, sitting up in bed, reading next to each other in silence, comfortable in each other’s presence. Gareth wondered if that’s what their parents were doing next door, sitting up in bed reading (which wasn’t the case – next door, Jack was roughly cunt-fucking Jessica hard, his wife urging him on with obscenities, Jack finishing off by whipping his cock out of his wife’s twat and masturbating his hot semen all over her beautiful face, knowing how much she loved a good facial). Things in the kid’s bedroom in this cabin were, naturally, a little more innocent. The siblings read for a little while before Wanda yawned and put her magazine aside. Gareth put his book aside and they agreed to settle down. The lamps were turned off. It was cloudy outside so the moonlight was in short supply, the room pretty much pitch-black. Brother and sister lay in the darkness, the silence interrupted by their breathing, the occasional tired sigh or gentle cough. Neither of them fell asleep as they were both trying to remain awake. Gareth wanted his sister to fall asleep so he could hold his cock (or maybe, if he dared, rub it until he came) whilst laying next to his slumbering sister. Wanda wanted her brother to fall asleep so that she might play with herself, maybe even flicking on a lamp and seeing if she could slip down his shorts and see if he had another hard-on. Ten-minutes later, both were awake and waiting for the other to fall asleep.

“Wanda?” said Gareth, softly.

“Yeah?” replied his sister.

“Are you awake?” There was a pause.

“No, I’m fast asleep so stop talking to me,” whispered Wanda, then burst out giggling, as did her brother.

“Can’t you sleep?” asked Gareth, still sniggering at his silly sister’s humor, although he had to admit it was a dumb question he’d asked.

“Not really,” Wanda replied,

“What about you?”

“Nah, I don’t feel that tired.”

“You wanna read some more? Turn on the lamp. I don’t mind.”

“No, I’m okay.” There was a bit more silence. Gareth’s cock was fully erect. He hadn’t been thinking about sex, but he’d just sprung a hard-on anyway laying there next to his sister in the darkness, once again the warmth of their bodies, particularly from their bare legs, circulating under the duvet and reminding each other of the other’s presence. Wanda felt a real urge to masturbate, desperate to play with her clitty, to rub herself to another orgasm that would surely have been as fantastic as the one she’d had that morning. She was sure it was due to the presence of her brother, being so close to him, having just seen his hard cock, that had made her cum so hard. She shifted her legs a bit, feeling slightly restless despite her tiredness. Gareth’s cock was so hard it ached. He also fidgeted.

“Gareth?” Wanda began after a moment..

“Yeah?” her brother replied. There was a pause.

“What?” asked Gareth.

“I got a question.”

“Fire away sis.”

“Do you…do you think…er…”


“Oh it’s nothing,” Wanda said, wondering why she’d been so bold as to even think about asking the question she was about to ask.

“What?” demanded Gareth, wide awake now, his curiosity awakened, and feeling excited because – though he had no idea what his sister was about to ask him – he sensed it was something really serious and personnel.

“Nothing,” Wanda said, feeling another urge to ask the question – not because of the answer she sought but because of the subject it would raise – but once again put off by a part of her mind that says she was going to get laughed at or worse!

“You have to tell me,” Gareth insisted,

“I’m all curious now. If you don’t ask me what you were about to ask, I’ll die of curiosity in my sleep. How will you explain that to mum and dad eh? Me lying here dead in bed, having passed away in my sleep through a fatal attack of unsatisfied curiosity. You’ll be in big trouble. Grounded for months!” Wanda giggled, the tension diffused.

“It’s…” began Wanda,

“er…you promise you won’t laugh. Or freak out.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

“Well,” the girl began, feeling a little braver because of the darkness this conversation was held in,

“Do you think…it’s weird…er, for girls to…play with themselves?” Some silence.

“Gareth?” Wanda asked the darkness towards where her brother lay. Like her he was laying on his back, looking upwards. Their shoulders were just about touching as they lay side-by-side.

“Hmm? Yeah, I’m here,” Gareth replied,

“I just…didn’t expect that question. Why do you ask?”

“That doesn’t matter. Do you think it’s weird though?”

“You mean, do I think it’s weird that girl’s play with themselves? You mean masturbate and stuff?”


“No. No, it’s not weird.”

“Oh. Cool. It’s just, I dunno, I heard boys did it but girls didn’t, not normal ones anyway. Probably nonsense.”

“Yeah, everyone does it, boys and girls, at least to my knowledge.”

“Do you do it? Masturbate I mean.” Gareth was about to say ‘no’ instinctively, because no right-minded teenage boy would admit to it. However, his sister had clearly (by implication) admitted to doing it herself. The least he owed her was honesty. Also, like Wanda, Gareth found honesty was much easier in the darkness.

“Sure, I do it,” he admitted,

“Do you?”

“Yeah,” Wanda admitted, happily, feeling so liberated to admit to this. She felt braver.

“Have you er…done it since we came here?” Gareth sniggered.

“What?” asked Wanda, giggling.

“It was your pun there,” her brother explained,

“Since we ‘came’ here.” He sniggered some more.

“Don’t divert the conversation,” Wanda said, petulantly, burning with curiosity about her brother and what he’d admit to. She decided he’d be more open if she was.

“I have,” she said,

“I’ve…you know, masturbated since we arrived her in this cabin.”

“Me too,” confessed Gareth, his cock throbbing even harder in his shorts now.

“How many times?” asked Wanda, trying to sound light and humorous despite the intense arousal she was feeling. Her cunt was tingling and felt wet, her legs instinctively parting a little. Her arms were by her side and she fought the urge to stuff her hands down her panties and frig herself furiously.

“I’ve done it twice,” Gareth confessed.

“When? Come on, tell all.”

“How many times have you done it?”

“Once. Now come on Gareth, tell me when you’ve done it. When you’ve…spanked your monkey!” She giggled.

“Well,” began Gareth,

“I er…did it in the bathroom that first night, when I went for a shower. Then again when I went for a shower yesterday. No, wait, I’ve done it three times actually, I jerked off yesterday morning when I went to take a pee before breakfast.”

“I hope you washed your hands!” giggled Wanda.

“Now what about you, when did you masturbate here?” Gareth asked.

“This morning,” Wanda replied, wondering how much to admit to her brother,

“Early this morning.”

“Where? In the bathroom.”

“In here.”

“The bedroom?”

“In bed.”

“Was I…next to you?” Wanda nodded. Then she remembered they were laying here in the darkness and her brother couldn’t see her nod!

“Yes,” she admitted. You were asleep.”

“I’d imagine so,” giggled Gareth,

“If I were awake with my little sister jerking off next to me, it might stick in my memory.” Wanda giggled too. There was a pause, Wanda feeling so pleased that she was talking about this with her brother. Having discussed such intimate things with his sister, Gareth’s cock was pulsating with stiffness, desperate for manipulation, but he was now a little unsure where this conversation was going. Was Wanda just having a laugh? Were they to fall asleep now? Surely not.

“You still awake?” Gareth asked after a moment.

“Sure,” Wanda replied. She was thinking about anything but falling asleep!

“When er… when is the next scheduled masturbation for you then Wanda? I’m beating you, three-nil.” They both laughed.

“Why? Why do you want to know when I’m going to frig myself?”

“I dunno. Just curious. Er…listen Wanda, this conversation is between you and me right?”

“Yeah sure, sure. Don’t worry. You think I want it broadcast to the world?”

“Just checking. Er…listen, Wanda. Something else. Er…I really need to jack off. My dick’s gonna drop off it’s so hard it’s just…I dunno, all this talk of jerking-off.”

He didn’t mentioned that his cock had been rock-hard pretty much since getting into bed with Wanda.

“You don’t need to ask my permission,” laughed Wanda,

“Beat yourself off! Knock yourself out. Go for it. Just try not to get too much stuff on the duvet!”

“Yeah but…here? I can’t do it here.”

“Why not? I did it next to you this morning. I really need to do it too, I need to jerk off. Seriously! I don’t know what the girlie equivilent of a hard-on is, but I’ve got one! I feel really…horny. Let’s do it together.”

“Hmmm,” pondered Gareth,

“I guess. No wait, that’s…weird.”

“What’s weird,” asked Wanda.

“Jerking off next to you. With you awake and stuff.”

“Hey, you agreed earlier it’s not weird for girls to masturbate. And it’s not weird for boys to masturbate.”

“I guess.”

“So there’s not much weird about…you know, doing it together. Next to each other. You can go the bathroom and do it if you want, but you’ll be all cold standing there in the nude on the tiled floor!”

“Okay,” Gareth said, brimming with excitement,

“Let’s do it in here then.”

“Righto,” Wanda said, also excited.

“We should push the duvet down.”

“Okay.” They both sat up, pushing the duvet far down the bed until it was bunched up at the foot of the mattress.

“You gonna strip?” asked Gareth.

“I’ll take my panties off, yeah. What the heck, and my T-shirt! If you do too.”

“Okay.” The removed their underwear and T-shirts, no need for modesty as it was too dark to make out much of each other but dark, fuzzy shapes in the small amount of moonlight that got through the clouds and the drapes. They lay side-by-side, on their backs. Gareth reached down and felt such relief when he encircled his hard penis with his hands. He began to stroke it.

“Have you started?” he asked Wanda.

“Yeah,” his sister replied, softly. She’d placed the tips of her right forefinger and index-finger to her little clit whilst the respective digits on her left hand were lightly stroking her cunt-lips, which were wetter and warmer than they’d ever been. She began stroking and rubbing herself, breathing softly. She could here the soft ‘thwap thwap’ as Gareth pumped his cock. She wished it was light enough to see, to be able to watch her brother stroking that proud and beautiful hard cock he had. She could turn on the lamp of course, she felt no real shame in herself being on display, but she thought it might be pushing her luck, that her brother might have an attack of nerves. It was nice enough, she thought, just to be jerking off alongside her brother in the darkness whilst he did the same. They masturbated in silence, breathing together, delighting in each other’s presence. Wanda thought she might outlast her brother as she’d heard that teenage boys often shot their load quickly. However, after just a few minutes she felt her climax rising. Her breathing grew heavier and faster. Her fingers were working fast between her crotch and she began to lift her little arse off the bed and grind her cunt into her fingers.

“Oooh, oh, oh,” she gasped,


“Are you cumming?” asked Gareth, pumping his cock in his fist, his own orgasm not far off.

“Yeah,” replied Wanda,

“Oh yeah…it normally takes…longer…oooooh!” It was a powerful climax, Wanda could tell! It burst upon her, her whole groin burning with electric pleasure that ran from her manipulated clit and lips and up into her young body. She jerked her hips, rubbing hard, moaning softly and without inhibition, her thoughts fixed on her brother jerking off next to her.

“I think I’m about to cum too,” Gareth explained, matter-of-factly, breathing harder as he began to reach the apogee of pleasure.

“Yeah…here it is…uuuuuh!” His cock exploded in his fist, his wrist aching as he jerked of hard. His cock spat out a wad of sperm that arced through the air with such force that it splattered onto his chest. Groaning, Gareth whacked off throughout his climax, more sperm pumping out and splashing onto his stomach. He began to slow down, breathing deeply, his remaining sperm oozing out his piss-hole and running down his hands. Eventually he stopped his wrist action and lay there, his cock wilting in his hand.

“You finished?” Wanda asked, casually.

“Yeah,” Gareth replied, then took a deep breath,

“That was nice. It was nice doing it next to you. Did you cum then?”

“Yeah, I came! Really hard too. A good one.” She was still idly stroking her cunt, which felt wet, her fingers now very sticky.

“I’m er…a bit messy. I’m off to get some toilet tissue.” He began to get up.

“Get me some too,” Wanda called in the darkness.

“Why? You don’t…squirt any stuff when you cum. Do you?”

“Not really, but there is…stuff. Juices. Just get me some tissue anyway.”

“Okay.” Gareth left the room and went into the bathroom. He stood naked in front of the mirror, cum splattered over his young torso and dripping from his fingers. Ee couldn’t believe what he’d just done! It had been fantastic, masturbating with his sister. It had been the most erotic experience of his life. Admittedly he hadn’t had any others really, and nothing anywhere near sex apart from a game of you-show-me-yours, I’ll-show-you-mine with a girl of seven when he himself had only been nine. Tonight had been great! Wanda had clearly enjoyed it too, she’d been the one to bring up the subject and who’d insisted that they masturbate together! Gareth grinned at his reflection, narcissistic in the warm after-glow of his orgasm. Then he remembered the reason for being here. He took some tissue and wiped himself down and washed his hands. Then he took some more tissue and turned out the bathroom light before going back to the bedroom. The duvet was still at the foot of the bed when Gareth returned to the darkened bedroom, getting onto the bed and holding out the tissue.

“Here you are,” he said.

“Thanks,” said Wanda, fumbling about and finding the clump of tissue her brother held out. She wiped her crotch and fingers then put the crumpled tissue on the bedside cabinet.

“I might not put my clothes on,” Gareth said,

“I’m hot,” he lied,

“You don’t mind do you?”

“No. Of course not. I’ll sleep nude too.” More excited shivers ran up each child’s spines. Gareth tugged the duvet up over his and Wanda’s nude bodies and they lay back. After a moment Gareth edged up to his sister so their shoulders touched. Fatigue crept up quickly on them and, despite the thoughts running through their minds, they were fast asleep in moments.

The thoughts of last night were running through Gareth’s head when he woke up at seven in the morning. He was laying on his back, nude, his morning-wood erecting a tent under the duvet. Wanda lay beside him, facing away, snoring quietly. Gareth needed a piss so he slid out of the bed and crept out the room. In the bathroom he had to force his erection downwards to pee. That done, he went to the bedroom and got back into bed. For a while he just lay there, staring at the ceiling and stroking his hard cock under the duvet. Wanda shifted a little in her sleep, mumbling something unidentifiable. She shifted back a bit, still on her side facing away from Gareth, and the boy got such a thrill when his sister’s bare bottom pushed against the side of his thigh. He let out a soft sigh, stroking his cock, thinking back to the noises Wanda had made when she’d climaxed next to him whilst they were masturbating together. Thoughts of his mother’s body when she’d been on the beach in her bikini – those big boobs, that fine arse, the long toned legs – intruded on his mind a little but mostly it was Wanda he thought of. Gareth was wondering whether to masturbate to completion when he noticed his sister beginning to stir. He took his hands from his cock instinctively, one of his hands brushing against Wanda’s arse. The girl shifted away, turned onto her back and opened her eyes. She yawned, stretching her legs and flexing her toes.

“Morning Gareth,” she smiled.

“Morning sis,” he replied,

“You okay?”

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Dunno. Just thinking back to…last night.”

“Oh yeah. That was kinda cool. You don’t regret it do you?”

“No! No, not at all. I was worried you might have regretted it.”

“I was the one who suggested it, remember,” Wanda grinned.

“It was nice. I liked it. Shall we do it again?”

“Now?” asked Gareth.

“Why not? We won’t have a chance until tonight otherwise. How often do you prefer to jack-off?” Gareth was about to clam up but he had to remind himself of how open he and his sister had been about onanistic activities last night.

“Well, about four or five times a day if possible,” Gareth said.

“Whoa, you horny little rascal,” giggled Wanda.

“How about you?”

“Well…only about once. Or twice. In the morning and then the evening. But I guess girls are different. We take a bit longer to cum, usually anyway. It takes a bit of time. You boys just spring stiffies, beat off, shoot your load then go and grab a pizza or something!”

“Yeah” Gareth grinned.

“You got morning wood under there?” asked Wanda.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. A nice morning boner!” They both giggled. :

“Let’s jerk-off again then,” Wanda said,

“I feel the urge.” Gareth nodded and was about to push the covers down, like they’d done last night, but he remembered that it had been dark last night. The room was fully lit now, the day outside cloudless and bright. He realized he and his sister would see each other completely.

“You wanna push the covers down?” he asked Wanda.

“Sure,” his sister replied,

“If you want to, that is.”

“We’ll see each other nude.”

“Does that bother you?”

“No. Not at all. Just…whatever. Doesn’t matter. Okay, here goes.” Gareth shoved the duvet down, Wanda helping him, both sniggering childishly when the duvet slid off the bottom of the bed. Both glanced briefly at each other’s nudity then lay back, staring up at the ceiling. Gareth gripped his hard cock and began stroking it. Wanda stroked her slit with one hand but was unable to concentrate. She glanced over at Gareth’s cock, sticking up straight in his pumping fist, the boy breathing softly. Gareth glanced at his sister’s groin, then looked away. Then he looked back, watching his sister’s fingers work between her legs. He looked up at Wanda’s face and they made eye-contact.

“What?” he queried, noticing his sister’s intense gaze at him, noting how pretty and adorable her charming face was.

“Nothin'” shrugged Wanda,

“Just…lookin’. You don’t me looking at your willie do you?”

“So long as I can look at yours.”

“I don’t have a willie,” giggled Wanda.

“I’m glad to hear! You know what I mean. You don’t mind me looking at your…cunt.”

“Go for it,” grinned Wanda,

“What do you think about when jerking off?”

“The usual,” Gareth replied, him and his sister playing with themselves whilst looking into each other’s eyes,

“Naked women. And girls. Pussies. Boobs. What about you?”

“Big cocks,” Wanda laughed,

“Seriously! Nice hard tools, randy young boys…and men, I mean…doing ‘it’ to women and girls. I was thinking,” she continued,

“if you think about naked girls and pussies and that, why bother just imagining them when you’ve got a naked girl with a cunt in front of you? Namely me? You can look at me whilst beating off, and I can look at your dick whilst playing with myself. Does that sound okay?”

“It sounds fine sis. I can’t get a good look here, shall we kneel up or something?”

“Okay.” They both sat up and adjusted their positions, so that they knelt in the center of the bed, facing each other, knees touching. They made eye-contact and grinned before Wanda looked down, admiring her brother’s young, slim body and more specifically his hairless groin, his hard tool which he was pumping slowly in his fist. Deciding that if his sister was going to eye him up without any shame, Gareth appraised his sister. Even though she didn’t have any tits, he still felt fascinated by her chest, her little stiff nipples mainly. Then he looked down, past her flat belly to her cunt. Wanda’s thighs were parted and she had her right hand over her slit and working two fingers into it, whilst her left hand rubbed her clit.

“I can’t see properly,” complained Brett,

“Your hands are in the way of your cunt.”

“That better?” asked Wanda, taking her hands away, revealing her bald slit in all it’s glory.

“How do you…do it?” asked Gareth, slowing down his fist as he gazed down at his sister’s groin,

“Do you just finger it?”

“Not quite,” Wanda explained,

“I rub the lips mainly, these things.” She pointed with a finger to her bald lips which were pink and glistening with moistness.

“Then there’s this thing, the clitoris, or clit,” she added, pointing to the budding little bean above her lips.

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard of that,” nodded Gareth,

“It’s like, an erogenous zone or something.”

“Yeah, it feels nice rubbing it. I rub it with one hands and run my fingers over the lips. I push a finger or two in, but that’s not the main activity. How do you do yours? Do you just grip it and rub up and down?”

“Pretty much,” Gareth confirmed, taking his hands from his erection, his sister looking down at it, examining the proud five-inch tool that pointed heavenward,

“It shoots stuff when the blood pumps fast enough. Thinking of naked girls makes enough blood pump around the willie so it gets hard, then friction – with your fist or er, putting it in a girl’s thingie – makes the cum eventually rise up. And it shoots out the hole here, in the glans, the same hole I pee out of.” Wanda nodded, fascinated.

“We touched on that in sex-ed,” she explained,

“But we had just diagrams! No practical demonstration. I want to er…see you cum this time. Does it all spurt out, the cum?”


“How far? Does it shoot out, like…across the room or summat?”

“No,” laughed Gareth,

“Not quite. It can shoot out a foot or two sometimes, up to my chest if I’m laying back. Other times it just oozes out. So, you wanna see it?”

“Sure! Whack off to completion, it’d be cool to watch.”

“As long as I can watch you cum.”

“It’s not that spectacular, nothing spurts out like with you boys. But you can watch anyway. Let’s do it together, facing each other.”

“Okay, sounds good.” Gareth gripped his erection in his fist and began stroking, looking down at Wanda’s crotch as she bought her two hands into play, stroking her slit and rubbing her budding clitoris. Wanda meanwhile gazed at her brother’s cock as he pumped it, the siblings occasionally making eye-contact and smirking at each other before looking back to each other’s groins.

“Are you near to climax?” Gareth asked after a couple of minutes.

“Not really,” Wanda replied, her fingers working quicker,

“Not yet. I don’t always cum when I masturbate, us girls are different like I said. Sometimes I just play with myself for a while and though I don’t climax I’m still quite satisfied.”

“I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t jerk-off without cumming, not without feeling frustrated.” They carried on jerking themselves off in front of each other for a while, Gareth finally realizing that if he shot his load in this position he’d spurt over his sister! Kneeling opposite, Wanda’s crotch and belly were about two-feet from him and he was aware that he was probably more than capable of hitting her! The idea of splashing his semen on his sister turned him on a great deal but he thought Wanda might freak out. His climax was beginning to approach, the semen in his little nuts beginning to rise.

“Wanda?” he said, jerking off quicker,

“I’m about to…you know… shoot.”

“Oh. Right. And?”

“What do you mean ‘and?’ I’ll end up squirting over you!” Wanda sniggered. This didn’t bother her unduly.

“Here, I’ll lay down,” Gareth said, laying on his back as he did last night. He pumped his cock with his fist, Wanda remaining kneeling up next to her brother as she frigged her cunt, looking down at her brother jerking-off.

“I can’t wait to watch you shoot your load,” she giggled,

“It’ll be cool! I’ve never seen a guy shoot his load.”

“I’m glad to hear it at your age!” laughed Gareth. His orgasm was rising quickly now and he closed his eyes, pumping his fist. Wanda was buzzing with pleasure she slid two fingers up to the second knuckle in her cunt whilst rubbing her clit, eager to see her brother fire his sperm. She didn’t have to wait long. Gareth let out a long gasp as he jerked his cock hard, a sticky wad of semen firing out his cock-head and splattering across his torso. He grunted as he fisted his prick, firing a second spurt, then a third and a fourth.

“Whoa, shit,” the boy gasped,

“It’s…quite a lot!” He continued beating his prick, as a couple more squirts of sperm arced up into the air and landed on his belly. Wanda just looked in awe, fingering her cunt slowly but giving most of her attention to her brother’s cock as it fired out his lovely fresh cum. It was white and creamy looking, landing over his youthful skin. The flow ended finally, Gareth himself in awe at the amount of semen he’d shot out.

“Wow, there was a lot,” Wanda said.

“Yeah! It’s not normally that much! Like I said last night it’s…er, a bit messy.”

“I’m not quite as messy.”

“You haven’t cum though have you?”

“No, but I’m not that fussed. I don’t climax every time. I liked watching you cum though, that was great. Can I er…watch again sometime?”

“Sure. Tonight?”

“Absolutely, we can do it before bed.”

“I want to watch you cum though, you’ll have to masturbate to climax so I can watch you.”

“I’m a bit sticky anyway,” Wanda commented, taking her hands from her crotch and examining them. The digits were slightly slick with juices, but there was no doubt that Gareth was messier, sperm on his sticky fingers and lots of slashes and dots of cum over his belly and chest.

“I’ll get some tissue,” said Gareth.

“No, I’ll get it,” Wanda said, hopping off the bed,

“You got it last night.” The nude girl scampered out the room, buzzing with excitement at what she’d just seen. It had been so exciting seeing Gareth firing his load and seeing him nude. She went into the bathroom and washed her hands. She dried them on a towel and grabbed a load of tissue before returning to the bedroom.

“Cheers,” said Gareth, taking the offered tissue and wiping all the cum off his torso, Wanda kneeling next to him and blatantly watching her brother with delight. All cleaned up, Gareth put the tissue onto his bedside cabinet. Wanda turned and noticed that the tissue she’d used to wipe her cunt and fingers last night was still on her cabinet.

“We’d better throw these tissues away,” she sniggered,

“Mum and dad might come in here sometime and wonder why we’ve got sticky tissues by the bed!”

“Yeah,” Gareth laughed,

“Although if they came in now they might be more concerned as to why we’re here nude together, all sweaty!” After grabbing the duvet from the floor and pulling it back over the bed, Wanda lay down next to her brother, shifting up so their shoulders touched. They lay together, a little tired from their activities. Gareth half-dozed for a while and Wanda just lay with her eyes closed, re-running the sight of her brother’s orgasm through her mind. She felt horny again and reached between her legs, idly stroking her cunt under the duvet. At seven-thirty there was a knock at the front door of the cabin.

“Shit, it’s mum and dad,” Gareth said, sitting up.

“Oh,” Wanda commented, not sure what the fuss was before remembering her and her brother were naked! She leapt up out of bed and joined her brother in dressing. Wanda soon had on her panties and T-shirt whilst Gareth pulled on his shorts and T-shirt.

“I’ll get rid of these,” Gareth said, grabbing the crumpled tissue by his bed and then leaning over to grab the one on Wanda’s bedside cabinet.

“I’ll get the door,” Wanda said, there being another couple of knocks. Gareth went to the bathroom and flushed the tissues away whilst Wanda padded through the living area to the door. She opened it.

“Hiya sweetheart,” Jack said, the father standing in jeans and a black shirt,

“Didn’t wake you did I?”

“Not really,” Wanda smiled,

“Come on in, into my little home,” she giggled. She stood aside and Jack strolled in. Wanda shut the door and noted her father glancing down at her quizzically, probably wondering why she was so scantily clad, her T-shirt tight round her slim torso, her panties on display with the material running up her bum-crack a little owing to them having been hauled on in a hurry. Though she loved her brother and harbored a major crush on him, Wanda also liked her father. He was six-foot-one and had such a handsome, sculpted face with the same huge dark eyes as Gareth.

“Sleep okay?” asked Jack.

“Yeah fine, the bed’s nice and comfy.”

“Gareth doesn’t keep you awake does he, pinching the duvet?”

“No, no, not at all.”

“Good, because I do that, your mum is always complaining when I drag the duvet over to my side and uncovering her!” Wanda giggled, liking the comparison between her parents sleeping together and her and Gareth doing so.

“Hi dad,” Gareth said, strolling out of the bathroom,

“Where’s mum?”

“Making breakfast. I thought you kids might like to join us.”

“Okay,” Gareth said,

“I’ll chuck some jeans on.”

“Me too. We’ll be over there in a sec dad,” Wanda said. She and her brother went to the bedroom whilst Jack left the cabin and went back to his own. Jack strolled through the front door to his cabin. It was like the children’s, in that the door opened into a big living area, with a sofa, TV and fireplace in the main area with a fitted kitchen, breakfast-table and chairs in the corner. The far wall held a door leading into the bathroom and another door leading to the bedroom.

“Are they okay over there?” asked Jessica, standing in her dressing gown as she fried up some eggs.

“Fine honey,” Jack replied, walking over to his wife and placing his hands on her shoulders,

“They’re fine! Never seen them so happy.” He nuzzled the back of his wife’s neck.

“Good,” Jessica smiled, feeling horny.

Dressed is in jeans and T-shirts, Wanda and Gareth came over to their parents cabin ten-minutes later. Jessica hugged Gareth and gave him a welcoming kiss, a display of affection that surprised – but did not alarm – the boy. Then they sat down and had a big breakfast. Soon, the kids popped over to get changed into their swimming costumes and they joined their parents in trekking off down to the beach.