October 13, 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire
Alex Hawk

Today is my birthday! As of 4:03am today, September 23, 1961, I am officially thirteen!

Currently I’m standing in front of the full-length mirror in my bedroom in our family’s apartment in Paris. I’m naked and eyeing my adolescent body with a critical eye. I’m fairly thin, with a vaguely androgynous face. My skin is pale, my hair is brown, my eyes are blue. Between my legs stands a very erect, almost hairless four inch penis. Still virgin, but that’s going to change later tonight, which is why I’m looking at myself now. I want to make sure I’m presentable.

There’s a knock at the door. “Antoine?”

“Come in, Jean,” I say.

My fifteen-year-old brother walks… well, swaggers… into the room. Like me, he is naked. Like me, his penis is hard. Unlike me, he isn’t still a virgin.

A cigarette dangles from his mouth. He takes a look at me in the mirror, and reaches a hand down, encircling it around my young penis. He’s the only person other than me who has ever touched it.

Stroking my penis slowly, my brother says, “Are you ready to put this thing to good use tonight?”


He turns me around and hugs me close, then kisses me on the mouth. I hug and kiss him back. I love my brother so much. I could never deny him anything, even my body.

I move one of my hands down to wrap around his penis as he keeps stroking mine. “After tonight… can we still do… this?” I ask, a little nervously.

“Mais oui,” he says. “I will never give you up, Antoine.” Then he drops down to his knees and slips his mouth around my penis, moving his head back and forth. I moan faintly and place my hands on the back of his head, losing myself in the pleasure.

As my brother sucks on me, I feel one of his hands, which had been cupping my butt, move slowly down and to the center. I spread my legs a little as Jean begins to work a finger gently up into me.

“Turn around,” he says, after a couple more moments, standing up as he does.

Knowing what’s next, and eagerly anticipating it, I turn around and take hold of the foot of my bed, bending over slightly. My brother moves around behind me, and I hear him opening the jar of Vaseline. A few seconds later, I feel him pressing up against me, and I start to moan again as his penis slides slowly, deeply into my ass.

“Always so tight in you, little brother,” whispers Jean as he leans forward and kisses me on the back of the neck. Then he straightens up and starts to move in and out of me in an anxious rhythm.

I moan again and start to masturbate as my brother fucks me. For the last six months we’ve been having sex with each other, ever since he first taught me how to play with myself. It’s a wonderful experience and part of why I love him so much.

Only about three minutes later, my brother grunts and pushes deep inside me. He holds himself steady as I feel his penis start to pulse inside me, shooting his sperm up into my ass. At about the same time, I start to cum, a small amount of my sperm spattering onto the floor, as the incredible bliss of orgasm washing through my young body.

“You came, right?” my brother ask as he slides his penis out from inside me.

“Yeah,” I say. I stand up, a little shaky, feeling my brother’s sperm sliding down my leg.

“Bien.” He kisses me. “Go get cleaned up. We have to leave for school soon.”


I duck into the shower and got cleaned. Moments later I am sitting at the table, eating some breakfast with my mother, father and Jean. He trades a knowing smile with me as my father thumbs through today’s issue of “Le Monde”.

“Joyeux anniversaire, mon fis,” my mother says, kissing me on the head.

“Merci, maman” I say with a smile.

“Oh, is that today? I knew something important was happening today, but I thought it was just the day the gas man was supposed to read our meter,” my father says, looking at me over his glasses, a playful look in his eyes.

“Oui, papa,” Jean says. “I would think you would hardly forget the day this accursed creature came into our lives.”

“It is overshadowed by the horror of your birth,” my father informs him. Jean sticks his tongue out in response.

The light banter continues for a little while as we eat. Once we are done, my brother and I grab our satchels and head to the school. It’s only a short ten minute walk. Along the way, my friend Marcel Malle joins us He is a few months older than me, and like I plan to, he lost his virginity on his thirteenth birthday.

“Happy birthday,” he says to me, handing me a small parcel.

“Oh, thank you.” I pause to unwrap it. Inside is a book, “The Stranger”, by Albert Camus. “Oh, thank you indeed! I haven’t read this before.”

“Good, then you’ll get a couple new experiences today,” he says with a grin. Looking at Jean he says, “You’re still taking him to Marie tonight, oui?”

“But of course. I can’t have my little brother be teenage virgin for more than twenty-four hours.”


I take a moment to hug my friend and we walk the rest of the way to school, where I know I’m going to spend the next several hours distracted, horny and annoyed that I was still stuck at school when I’d rather be-

“Monsieur Truffaut!”

I look up guiltily. It’s the middle of day now, and my teacher is glaring at me.

“Yes, sir?”

“Perhaps you would care to stop looking out the window and instead explain to me why Charlemagne’s empire could not be sustained?”

A pained look on my face, I stand and try to stammer my way through an answer, but from the sour look on my teacher’s face, I know I’m doomed.

“Your answer is not acceptable. You will write a paper on the subject and hand it to me by next week.”

“Yes, sir.”

Marcel gives me a knowing look from across the classroom. He’s aware that I certainly won’t be getting around to working on this project for another night or two. I grin back and do my best to pay attention through the rest of my classes.

After school, Jean leaves to go be with some of his friends and Marcel and I walk together to a nearby café. We sit there for a while talking, drinking coffee, smoking and looking at some of the girls walking past.

“So you looking forward to tonight?” Marcel asks, taking a drag from his cigarette.

“Of course. Anything special I should know?”

He shrugs. “You’ll probably cum really quick. Marie will probably let you have a second time. Maybe a third, if she likes you. Those times will be better.”

“Did she like you enough?” I ask with a smile.

He grins. “We did it three times, yeah.”


“Yes, it was.”

We chat a little longer before we walk to my family’s flat. Jean is already there. My mother kisses me and Jean, Marcel and myself retire to my bedroom. I’m horny and distracted the entire time. Eventually we have a nice dinner before Jean announces he’s taking me to the cinema to see a special screening of “Les enfants terrible”, as a birthday present.

We do actually go to the cinema, and I enjoy the film, though not as much as I thought I might. After that, as the hour gets late, we head towards the small flat rented by Marie, the woman who would make me a man.

Jean knocks on the door and after a moment a woman answers. She has brown hair, a friendly smile and very little clothing.

“Bonjour, Jean,” she says, giving him a little kiss. “Bonjour, Marcel.” She gives him a kiss, too, then smiles at me. “And you must be Antoine.” She leans down and gives me a kiss, too. “Entrez-vous, s’il vous plait.”

The three of us walk into her small flat. It’s a little two-story flat with the parlor and kitchen on the ground floor and the bedroom and WC on the top floor. It has an odd smell that I can’t quite place, but I like the flat despite myself.

She ushers us into her kitchen and sits us down at the table where she serves us each a small glass of wine. I drink mine quickly, feeling nervous and embarrassed for reasons I can’t quite pin down. I’m only barely aware of Jean handing Marie a thousand francs; the price of my innocence.

“Well, now,” Marie says, making the money disappear. She smiles at me. “Are you ready to become a man, mon ami?”

Silently I nod.

She smiles again and says, “Let us go. You boys behave.”

“We will,” chorus my brother and Marcel.

Marie takes me by the hand and leads me upstairs, Jean and Marcel both clapping and cheering me on. I smile a little smile at them and follow her up the staircase into a narrow hallway and then into a small bedroom.

“It’s nice of your brother to do this for you,” Marie says as she ducks behind a small screen.

“Yes, he’s a good person,” I say, feeling extremely nervous.

After a few seconds, Marie comes out from behind the screen. She’s naked. My heart leaps into my throat as my already hard penis throbs. I’ve never seen a woman nude in real life before. My eyes are drawn to the dark delta of hair between her legs. She’s beautiful.

Walking towards me, she places her hands on my shoulders and kisses me on the forehead. “Just relax and enjoy yourself, oui?”


She begins to unbutton my shirt and then pulls it off my body. She runs her hands down my bare chest for a few seconds, and then down to my pants. She unbuttons those and reaches inside them, then inside my underwear, and runs a finger along the length of my hard, young penis. Then slowly, she lowers my pants and underwear down, leaving me naked and trembling.

“You look very nice, Antoine. A lovely little man.”

“Thank you,” I say, feeling myself blush.

Stroking my penis gently, she says, “Come to the bed.”


I follow her to the bed and lay down next to her. Marie smiles as she lays down, spreads her legs a little and says, “It will go in easier if you are on top of me.”

“Oh. Right.” Swallowing hard and having visions of my brother and Marcel coming in and yanking me off of her, I get on top of Marie, holding my body above hers, my heart racing in anticipation.

Marie reaches between our nude bodies and takes hold of me. Her other hand moves onto my butt and I feel her push me down. With a suddenness that surprises me, I feel my barely thirteen-year-old virgin penis glide smoothly and easily into Marie’s thirty-six-year-old vagina. Before I even know what’s happening, I’m all the way inside her. My virginity is gone forever, lost at the cost of a thousand francs.

Marie brushes a little hair out of my face as I settle down on top of her. “There. Now you’re a man.”

“Yeah!” I gasp and give about two thrusts of my hips before I close my eyes and grunt, the pleasure overwhelming me as my penis begins to spurt inside Marie, sending my adolescent sperm into her vagina. I feel exhilaration, but a bit of shame; I’d lasted even less my first time than Marcel had on his first time.
Gasping and shuddering, I laid on top of Marie, trying to get my brain to work again. I am aware of her whispering, “Good, you did good,” into my ear.

Finally my brain is working again, and I manage to say, “I’m sorry I didn’t last long…”

I feel Marie’s body moving under me as she laughs. It’s a nice feeling. “You did fine for your first time. You’ll do better your second time.” She hugs me tight, and I feel her breasts pressing against my chest. My penis, which had never really softened while still inside her vagina, gives a little jump.

Smiling, Marie says, “It feels like you’re ready to go again. This is why I like boys your age.”

I grin in silent response.

“Start moving it in and out,” she instructs. “Don’t go too fast, or you might slip out.”


I begin thrusting slowly, awkwardly, moving my hips back and forth and sliding my young penis in and out of Marie’s vagina. For the first time in my life I am fucking, instead of getting fucked. I like it!

“Yes, yes, Antoine,” Marie whispers. “Oh, that feels nice. You’re doing very well.”

I bury my head in her shoulder and keep fucking with short, rabbit-thrusts, losing myself in the bliss of intercourse. God, it isn’t like anything I’ve ever experienced! I can see now why everyone is so obsessed with sex.

This second time I manage to last about three minutes before I finally start cumming inside her a second time. The orgasm is, if anything, even better than the first one, and I’d thought that was the height of my existence!

Once I’m done cumming, my penis slides out of Marie and I flip over, laying next to her and breathing hard.

“You did very well, Antoine,” she says, and kisses me.

“Thank you…” I gasp, still breathing hard.

Marie lights a cigarette and hands it to me before lighting up one of her own. I take a couple drags and hear a knock at the door.

“You done in there?” comes Jean’s voice.

“Oui, come on in and meet your new and improved little brother,” Marie says.

Jean and Marcel both walk in. Jean comes over to me and shakes my hand.

“Well done, little brother. Good to see you carry on the family tradition.”

“For another thousand francs, I’ll let you each have a turn,” Marie says, smiling at Jean and Marcel.

My brother and friend look at each other and huddle in the corner. After a moment they walk over. Jean places some money on the nightstand and says, “Here you go.”

Marie counts the money and then nods. “D’acord. Get undressed.”

Jean and Marcel get naked. I’ve seen Jean any number of times, but this is the first time I’ve seen Marcel nude and erect. He looks nice, but not as nice as Jean.
Marie lays back and spreads her legs as Jean gets on top. He presses his penis against her vagina and slides in slowly. I watch in fascination as they begin to fuck. It’s something I’ve never known I wanted to see before now.

Marcel comes over and steals a drag from my cigarette. As he smokes, I find myself staring at his hard penis. After a moment, unable to resist, I reach out and wrap my hand around it, giving it a couple slow strokes.

Marcel stares down at me in mild surprise. I look up at him and say, “Can I suck it?”

“Uhm. If you want to.”

I lean forward and lower my mouth around my friend’s penis, sucking it gently as I move my lips back and forth along the shaft. I’ve never done this with Marcel, though I have often wanted to.

My brother looks over from where he’s fucking Marie and says, “Oh, god, that’s incredible. Uh!” He closes his eyes and starts to twitch as he adds his sperm to mine inside Marie’s vagina.

As soon as he’s done cumming, he rolls off Marie and Marcel moves towards her, his penis withdrawing from my mouth and sliding into place inside her vagina. I wanted him to cum in my mouth, but he apparently had other desires.

Once Marcel is done fucking Marie I get on top and take one last turn inside her, knowing that from here on out I’d do just about anything to feel the sensation of a warm, tight vagina around my adolescent penis. When I’m done I lay there on Marie’s bed, naked and smoking with her, my brother and my best friend, having had the happiest birthday any boy could ever hope for.


Copyright 2008 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.

Here you go kids, my latest story! Apologies for any errors with the French dialogue. I took the language in high school for three years and now remember… parts.