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Lockdown – Chapter 5

Lockdown – Chapter 5


It was like holding Chase all over again. Instead of the errant strands of pubic hair at the base of a thickening young teenage penis, my fingers played with Jax’s four smooth and hard inches. The base of his penis was smooth, with no sign of pubic hair. His balls were smooth, like his father’s, but smaller than the grape sized balls I remembered.

All thoughts of tickling my son’s belly or ribs were gone. Jax was solely focused on touching my exposed breasts. After I became pregnant with my son, I waited impatiently for my breasts to swell, as was common. But for whatever reason, they remained small throughout my pregnancy. Even after Jax was born, my breasts stayed the same size they were at fifteen. I suppose I could have packed on another seventy pounds, just to see if the little lime-shaped boobs would get bigger, but I wasn’t that desperate for jugs, just so men would look a second time at my chest.

And Jax evidently had no problem with my small chest. Each hand cupped a breast that seemed tailor-made to fit within the contours of his palm.

When I looked at Jax, massaging my breasts, I saw in his eyes the heady realization we were doing things few mothers do with their sons. Although, I suspect the number of women who seduce or are seduced by their sons is far higher than people are willing to admit. He sighed as he pulled his hands off my tits, saying, “Slave, we can play the tickling game some more later. Let’s go watch TV.”

I think I understood him. Had we continued, we were heading toward deeper water in uncharted territory. Just like Chase at fourteen, Jax at twelve was uncertain of himself. I crammed my own uncertainties and doubts into a deep recess of my mind. I couldn’t handle any thoughts except that I was my son’s slave, for him to have his way with me. Anything else would interfere. So, I waited, and he ordered me to put my shirt back on and join him in the living room, watching the show we started last night.

After lunch, which I happily prepared after coaxing another command from him, I settled back on the couch and snuggled against his bare chest as we watched more of the series. We really did make a day of it, although I made sure Jax knew the game was still going and he was still my master. We even ordered Chinese takeout. While every restaurant on the island was closed, at least for dine-in, delivery drivers, with their surgical masks covering their faces, made a killing delivering food to everyone who was shut in.

When the doorbell rang, I said, “Master, the food is here. What is your command?”

Jax, still in just his boxers, said, “Slave, would you please get it?”

Just like Chase before him, Jax frequently fell back into asking instead of ordering. It was that part of him that knew this was just a game and that his mom still had feelings that mattered. I never entirely broke Chase of that endearing charm, even though I wanted him to dominate me in every way. I suspected Jax would be very much like his father.

The look on the Hispanic guy at our door, when I opened it in nothing more than my cut-off top and very short yoga shorts was priceless. Even though my breasts were small, that didn’t stop his eyes from roving over every inch of exposed skin. I suspect if not for the blue mask covering his face, I would have seen him leering at me. I paid for the food, took it, and closed the door without a word. Something else from that time with Chase came back to me. What I had, such as it was, wasn’t for anyone else but my son. I took my mask off and took the bag into the living room, where we ate dinner while binging the show.

After cleaning off the boxes and putting the leftovers in the fridge, I came back and settled next to Jax, putting my arm around his shoulder and resting my head against the side of his chest. Wordlessly, he responded by sliding an arm behind my back and letting me snuggle against him. When the episode ended, he said, “Um, mom, when you were playing with Chase, Dad, how long did your game last?”

I put a hand on his chest, “It depended on how much time we had. That first time, our game lasted well into the night. Other times, we managed a few hours. You’re not tiring of it, are you?”

Jax shook his head, “What? Tired of it? No. It’s just really different. I mean, you’d do whatever I order you to do. It’s really weird.”

I rubbed his chest, “Yeah. That’s why it’s a game. We’re turning everything up on its end. Normally, as your mom, I’m the one telling you what to do. But in the game, you’re in charge. It helped Chase to be more assertive, and it taught me how I much I loved having him dominate me.”

“What do you mean be dominate?”

My fingers stopped rubbing his chest, and I held them there. To explain that to Jax would be a big deal. It was to bare my innermost desires from my time with his father. “I wanted him to own me, sweetie.”

I could see the surprise in his face, “Own, like a slave?”

I smiled, “It’s in the name of the game. Right?”

“Oh, yeah. Master and slave. But to own you, that would mean he could have done anything he wanted.”

My fingers massaged Jax’s chest, finding a tiny, flat nipple and encircling it. “Yeah. Anything.”

Jax was processing a lot, despite the distraction on his chest, “Anything. Wow. Did that mean he ordered you to do a lot of um-, ah-, you know, sex stuff?”

I chuckled, letting my fingers track down to his smooth stomach, “Oh, yeah. That was half the fun of the game. Because he preferred boys to girls, sometimes the game was as much about getting him to do stuff so that he was the one giving the orders. Of course, toward the end, he enjoyed being in charge and he became good at making me feel dominated.”

Jax shifted and tried to be inconspicuous as he adjusted himself. That’s when I noticed the tent in his boxers. He said, “And when we’re playing the game, you really are okay with me, um, dominating you?”

I lifted my head from his shoulder and turned his head toward me and kissed his lips again. The tingly current running through my body right then made everything seem right with the world, even though the world was being wracked by a virus from China and everyone was huddling at home, trying to be safe. When I pulled my lips away from my son’s, I said, “Yes, my love.”

I kissed him again and let my free hand return to his belly, rubbing it and working my way down to the band of his boxers, sending as clear a message as possible about how I wanted him to dominate me.

When the kiss ended this time, l looked into my son’s eyes, “Master.”

His lips curled into a smile as he murmured, “Slave.”

I wanted to touch his penis again. To feel its heat against my hand. But I needed Jax in control. This was like the frustration I sometimes felt with Chase, whose natural passive tendency created a lot of the tension in our games. Finally, I said, “Master, you seem trapped in the confines of your boxers. Do you want me to help?”

If he said yes, then it was his command. There would be time to train him to assert himself. After a long moment, Jax nodded, “Um, yeah. S-, slave, please.”

My fingers moved to the fly and snaked through the cloth flaps until I felt the warmth of Jax’s thin erection. Spreading the fly apart, I pulled on him until his four inches were no longer trapped. He was perfect. His small, flared glans rested perfectly above the slightly darker skin of his circumcision, which perfectly balanced the glans from the rest of his cylindrical shaft.

As my fingers traced around his glans, I enjoyed playing with the edge of his helmeted head while another finger pressed against the small opening of his urethra. When I pulled my finger away, I saw a bit of moisture on the tip of my index finger. Rubbing it against another finger revealed a slickness that could only be Jax’s pre-cum. Perhaps he was more like Chase than his smooth skin promised.

Using my thumb and forefinger, I tenderly took hold of his shaft. The heat radiating from him warmed my hand and sent tingling tendrils through my body. Slowly, I slid my fingers up and down his shaft, lightly tugging at his skin.

Jax moaned wordlessly and leaned his head back against my arm. He showed his pleasure as his hips pushed against my hand, trying to hump my fingers as I kept lightly stroking him. I knew the pleasure building wouldn’t last long. Especially not the first time. I discarded the idea of stopping. I wanted to feel Jax’s orgasm, to see if he could make the same elixir I loved to take from Chase’s erupting cock.

After a minute or two, a strangled note came from Jax, “Arggh!”

And his penis spasmed in my hand as his body shook. I kept working my fingers over his erection, watching it jolt around my active fingers, still stroking, still teasing his cock.

After the eighth or was it the tenth spasm, a tiny clear drop oozed from Jax’s slit. And, still, his little rod kicked about while his body kept shuddering from his orgasm. With my index finger, I let loose of his shaft long enough to swipe it over the tip of his glans, taking the clear pearl and using its small amount as lube.

His moan was loud enough, I worried about disturbing our neighbors, “AHH!”

Jax threw his hands behind his head, where he interlaced his fingers, all the while his body shook from the constant spasms. He squeezed his eyes shut against the painful pleasure continually wracking his body until I finally relented, having lost track of the number of times his cock had dry ejaculated. I’d never seen anything like that. Not even with Chase. When the fourteen-year-old came, a few shots of his milky elixir would blast out, followed by a few more spasms, and that would be it.

Jax though barely seemed conscious as his penis finally stopped twitching several seconds after I stopped masturbating him. I touched his cheek, “Sweetie, Jax, you okay?”

His eyes fluttered open. He was breathless, “Oh, yeah. Wow.”

My son’s penis mesmerized me. He had kept on orgasming for as long as I stimulated him. I’d never heard of a man, let alone a boy, doing that.

“Is it always that intense, Jax, um, Master?” I asked.

He shook his head, “Your touch is better than mine. Oh, God, that felt…wow.”

“When you do it yourself, sweetie, do you keep on cumming until you stop jacking off?”

He nodded, “Yeah. Pretty cool. When Jason showed me how to do it, he was super jealous.”

“I bet so. So, what now, Master?”

His eyes shot open, realizing the game continued. “Oh? You’re still my slave?”

I kissed his cheek, “Of course, Master.”



My body was still on fire even after Mom brought me to the most incredible cum ever. My dick was still poking into the air. Of course, that wasn’t uncommon. Some days, I’ve been so horny that I could jack off several times in a row. This was, I figured, one of those times.

Mom still wanted to play, and I was still the master. She had shown me by bringing me to an incredible orgasm that nothing was off limits. Still, it was a bit crazy. “Um, Mom, you’d really let me do anything I want with you?”

She nodded, “Sweetie, I trust you. I know you won’t order me to do something dangerous, so yeah. I’m yours to do with as you please… Master.”

Curious about how far we could take this game, I said, “Tomorrow?”

She nodded, “Yeah. If you want.”

“What about next week?”

Still nodding, Mom said, “Well, we should probably agree to keep it to after school and work, don’t you think?”

The endless possibilities this presented sent a tingling sensation down my spine, “You know, if you want to be the master, I can be the slave.”

She offered me a grin, “I figured you wouldn’t mind trading roles. But for now, Master, I am your loving slave.”

Marveling at this, I wondered if I even needed the commands. Testing this, I stood and took her by the hand and pulled her toward the hallway. She followed, a curious smile on her features. When we passed by my room, her smile widened.

I opened her bedroom door and came over to her bed. I have always been jealous of her big king-sized bed. I sat on the edge and patted the spot next to me. Mom dutifully sat. I put my arm around her waist and leaned my face toward hers. She turned, offering her lips. I leaned forward the rest of the way until I felt her warm, moist lips on mine. The mechanics of the kiss weren’t any different from those she had given me when I was a lot younger. But it still felt different. Then I realized. It was because I kissed her instead of her kissing me. I was the Master.

When I ended this kiss, I didn’t move back. Instead, I put my hand on her stomach and moved it upward, sliding it under her shirt until I found her breasts. I felt the power of the moment and I cupped one of her boobs, gently squeezing it until a gasp of pleasure escaped Mom’s lips.

I stood up long enough to come around to stand in front of Mom and I reached over and grabbed the ragged hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing for a second time her small, gorgeous breasts.

The look she gave me told me the game didn’t always require commands. She really was mine to do with as I pleased. As gently as possible, I pushed her down on the bed. She stopped me only long enough for her to lie lengthways along the bed.

Then I straddled her waist and put my hands on her breasts again, massaging and playing with them. Mom loved it, moaning as I pinched one nipple or the other. She reached down and placed her hand on my exposed dick. So focused on her, I had forgotten to put it away after she made me dry cum earlier.

While I couldn’t ignore her hand on me, I wanted to give her pleasure, so I leaned forward until my face was over her breasts and then I took one of them in my mouth, sucking on the small, erect nipple. My tongue went to work on it, racing around the eraser-sized protrusion. She moaned, “Oh, baby, yeah.”

I lavished attention on both of her boobs until my mouth was a bit chapped. Mom even grabbed my head at one point and pulled me deeper onto her tit as I put as much of it as I could manage into my mouth.

Mom stopped touching my dick long enough to tuck me back inside my boxers before pushing the flannel cloth down to my thighs. She tugged her shorts down a couple of inches, just enough for my dick to touch her lower abdomen, skin-to-skin.

Her arms wrapped around my back as I kept licking and suckling on Mom’s boobs. When I finally sat upright, she looked up at me, a pleased look on her face. She murmured, “Master is pleased?”

“Very, slave.”

The fantasies I used just a day earlier to jack off to, had nothing on what I now experienced. Even though I was still coming to terms with what Mom had meant when she told me she was entirely and completely mine, I suspected by the time we both fell asleep, we would never be able to go back.

I inched back until my butt rested on Mom’s thighs, leaving her short, black yoga shorts exposed. Even though she had pulled it down an inch or two in front, it still kept her secret parts covered. I put my hands on her stomach and looked into her eyes. The look she gave me left no doubt her secrets were mine to explore.

My hands found the hem of Mom’s shorts and ever so slowly tugged at them. The first inch revealed smooth skin. Living on Staten Island, just like me, her skin was pale, no tan-line between the soft skin of her stomach and her lower abdomen. I tugged, exposing another inch. My hands were on her pubic mound. She was smooth where I expected to see the beginning of pubic hair. Running my fingertips over the skin, I felt fine bumps where stubble would come in after a few more days. It stunned me at the revelation she had shaved her pubic hair. And left me very aroused.

I tugged another inch. There were a few spots where I could feel the tiniest hint of stubble. The thrumming in my belly at touching so intimate a spot on my mom only added to my arousal. I pulled on the shorts another inch. At the very bottom of that revealed spot, a slight indention appeared. There were tiny bumps across the area, evidence of Mom’s freshly shaven pubes. I tugged just a little bit. The indention became a small slit. Another tug and the slit became a gash as Mom’s labia came into view.

I gasped aloud. I was staring at my mom’s pussy lips. Even though I had nothing against which to compare them, they looked exquisite to my twelve-year-old eyes. With the way I was sitting on her thighs, my dick was just a few inches away. It twitched involuntarily, so close to what nature created it for.

I wanted to ask permission to touch her. But that’s not how the game was played. I slipped a finger between the lips of her labia, enjoying Mom’s pleasured gasp. I couldn’t help but look up at her as I felt a raised bump under the hood of skin at the slit’s opening.

She gave me a look of unbridled lust. She wanted me. Oh, my God. Mom WANTED me! That look told me exactly what she wanted and where she wanted it.

I had never touched a girl, let alone a woman. Every sensation was new to me, and even though I knew Mom wanted me to dominate her, I was flying blind, going only with what I have seen in porn videos Jason and I had watched online. I shifted my legs, spreading them wider, as I pointed my dick at the slash between Mom’s legs. When it touched the outer lips of her labia, something within those lips made the tip of my dick slick. As I pushed forward, the outer lips spread open and my head disappeared into the slit before nudging against her inner labia, which was even wetter. I grabbed my shaft and moved it toward Mom’s backside, only stopping when she gasped. By some fate or miracle, I had stumbled upon her vagina.

In that moment, groaned, “Put it in me, baby. Fuck your slave.”

I’ve heard mom swear before, but there was something incredibly naughty hearing her tell me to fuck her. It took my arousal to a new high, and I shifted my body forward until I felt my head push through a tight opening, becoming entrapped within the walls of her pussy.

She moaned wordlessly, and I got the implied message. The heat of her body, the fluids coating my erection, were enough and when I pushed, I sank all four inches into her without intending to be so quick.

“Oh, fuck!” Mom moaned when my pelvis pushed against hers. My mind was on fire. This morning, Mom had jacked me off to an incredibly powerful and long orgasm. The sensation on my dick made this morning pale in comparison. Then, as I recalled the porn videos I’d watched with Jason, I pulled back, almost sliding out of her cavern before pushing all the way back in, mingling my groan with Mom’s.

The tingling from with the base of my dick confirmed I was doing something right as I rocked my hips back and forth, sliding in and out of Mom’s pussy. The moans escaping her lips told me I wasn’t the only one enjoying things. It wasn’t too tricky for me to find a rhythm in my thrusts that let the tingling gradually grow, becoming a bit more pronounced with each passing moment. Perhaps three, maybe four minutes passed since penetrating her hole when that orgasmic wave hit me and my dick shuddered insider her. Another spasm wracked my dick and spread out across my body. Another spasm and the orgasm shook my entire body. With each successive spasm, my dick twitched, trying to send my semen deep within Mom’s womb. If only I had any.

My dick didn’t stop shuddering, ejaculating empty shots. After thirty or more spasms, Mom’s legs gripped my back as she arched her back, “Ahhh, Fuck!”

As new to this as I was, I still recognized her orgasm for what it was and despite my body’s continual cumming, I felt more aroused as her pussy shook around my dick.

Mom leaned forward, throwing her arms around my neck, her own body shuddering even more than I shook. “Oh baby, I’m cumming! D-, don’t stop!”

My next spasm hit me hard, and my vision dimmed as even bigger fireworks inside my brain exploded. Again, I slid deep inside her, my balls slapping against Mom’s ass. My dick kept jerking, dry firing for the umpteenth time.

In and out, an intense spasm as my body dry ejaculated again. My vision became dimmer as the fireworks inside my head threatened to overwhelm me.

I pushed in again and my mom’s arms slid from around my back and her knees unlocked. Her head fell back as her eyes rolled backward. I pushed in again and spasmed once more. The explosion in my head was the last thing I remembered.



There was something heavy laying across my body when I felt light dancing across my face. When I opened my eyes, I saw gray light poking through the tiny gaps in my blinds. My alarm clock confirmed it was early; barely six-thirty.

The heavy weight on me brought back last night’s memories. The heavy weight was Jax. And he was as nude as me. I had lost consciousness from the most intense orgasm in my twenty -eight years and took my son’s virginity in the process.

As I became more awake, I realized I had raped my son. My twelve-year-old son. What kind of woman fucks her own son?

I wanted to slide away, not wake him. I needed time to think. What had I been thinking?

I sucked in a deep breath, counted to ten. Then Chase came unbidden into my thoughts. Jax looked so much like Chase had all those years before. What Chase and I found had been special. Why couldn’t this be just as special?

After all, it wasn’t any different that what I had shared with Jax’s dad. Was it? Then, as I replayed the events, I rationalized, I hadn’t initiated sex with Jax. No, it was his choice. He had taken me. My son had chosen to have sex with me. Part of me rebelled against this line of thought. But after a brief struggle, I locked the voice away. It wasn’t a voice I cared to listen to, and it certainly wouldn’t help me get through the day.

Jax had done it. He had dominated me last night. He had taken me and in doing so, had given me an orgasm unlike anything I had ever imagined possible. How many women actually go unconscious from the power of their orgasms? And it had happened to me! To me! It was both scary and exhilarating to think of Jax dominating me again.

And what about my son’s orgasms? God in heaven, I did not know it was even possible for a man or boy to keep orgasming beyond the normal half-dozen or so ejaculations until I saw it with my own eyes when I masturbated him.

Now that I had calmed down and put aside thoughts of the police breaking down my door, I could think more clearly about yesterday. Jax was more responsive to my suggestions than Chase had been at first. And he had dominated me last night, taking what he wanted. And I loved every bit of it. I hoped today would be more of the same, because I longed to feel his boyish penis inside me. The next time would be even better as Jax took everything he learned from our first time and applied it.

I must have moved as I thought things through. There was pressure between my legs, where Jax’s penis rested. A bit more pressure confirmed my son’s penis wasn’t exactly resting anymore. His morning wood had arrived, and I shifted my body enough to close my legs, trapping his erection between my legs.

There was a stirring on my chest as Jax mumbled, “I was afraid it had all been a dream.”

I wrapped my arms around my son’s back, “No dream, my love. Last night really happened.”

Jax pushed himself up a bit until he looked down at my face, “Wow. We really, um, had sex?”

His penis between my legs, only a couple of inches away from my vagina, I was already growing wet “Yes, Master. You were very good. Now, about today, what is your command?”

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  1. Avatar for David Smith
    David Smith

    Very hot story, loved the buildup, and the mild dom/sub angle. I hope you continue the story.

  2. Avatar for X smoothgrl X
    X smoothgrl X

    A wonderful, erotic, sexy story.
    I loved the build up, the background story, actual characters that had ‘real world’ thoughts, worries, desires.
    After complaining to a friend online that there are not really good erotic stories for girls to enjoy, he gave me
    the link to this story. Am so glad he did, I totally enjoyed it, HAD to read it through in one sitting.
    Thanks for taking the time and sharing your talent.

    • Avatar for greg

      “for girls to enjoy?” these are the stories i (guy) LOVE i cannot get enough and theres few and far in between.. we (people who like these) should really make a telegram chatroom or something.

    • Avatar for BJ M
      BJ M

      I have written a couple storie that may interest you?

      Bisexual/ incest genre. Let me know and I can provide the links.


      • Avatar for Jason Crow
        Jason Crow

        I’m always interested in reading other author’s stories! It’s just a little difficult to find the time to do it. So please send the links to me (jasoncrowwriter@hotmail.com or jasoncrowwriter@protonmail.com) and I’ll do my best to read them.

  3. Avatar for Caliboy

    Hi Smoothgrl,
    Glad you enjoyed my story. I want my characters to be relatable to both girls and guys. A lot of my stories deal with boys and older girls or boys and their moms. Dunno why… just a kink I have. I hope you enjoy more of mine, Jason’s and Alex’s stuff.

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