Minding the Children – Chapter 5
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Dave slept in the next day. There was no point in getting up early, as there was no reason to go back to work. He’d had a brief fantasy lying in bed the night before about going to work and telling folks just what he thought of them, but in the end he realized he just didn’t care enough. He didn’t even care about the few personal belongings in his cubicle. The world was his oyster.

After lying there for a bit, staring at the ceiling and daydreaming, he rolled out of bed. He was naked, as he always was in the morning, and as usual he had an erection. He made his way to the bathroom, taking care of that detail, but his dick remained as hard as ever, and he knew it was the thought of all the boys out there just waiting for him that was keeping him hard.

He grabbed his phone off his dresser, taking a moment to stare at himself in the mirror. He sucked in his belly as far as he could, not as far as a year before certainly, and gave his dick an affectionate squeeze. Then he sat on the edge of his bed and watched through the videos he’d made. Even the tiny versions of Cody and Jason were enough to get his heart beating madly and his cock leaking. He couldn’t wait to get them onto his pc, where he could watch them in 1080p. He vowed to get an even bigger monitor than the one he owned.

After a small meal of cold cereal, and a shower, Dave felt himself at a loss. He wanted to get with Cody again, to plow the hot little boy’s ass, but he knew Cody was at school. It was also unlikely he’d stumble upon another boy like Jason by trolling the malls or wherever it was that kids hung out these days. Almost all kids would be in school.

Dave sighed with disappointment at the thought, looking at the time and calculating how long it would be until Cody got home. Then his eyes widened. That was the answer! Where were the kids? In school!

Grinning like a madman, mind already racing, Dave dressed casually and did a quick internet search. He rushed out to his car and pulled out of the lot. His mind was awhirl with possibilities as he drove, weaving impatiently through late morning traffic. Finally he reached his destination, Park Grove Middle School.

Dave wasn’t sure which school Cody attended, but Park Grove was the closest middle school to his house. Even if Cody didn’t go to school there, there were bound to be other cute boys. He parked in the visitor lot and walked toward the front doors, aware of video cameras and preparing himself to meet any security inside.

The office was right across from the entrance. Apparently they were aware of his presence, either because of the cameras or a general watchfulness. He was greeted almost immediately by a middle aged woman going for friendly but mostly displaying wariness. A strange adult must be a cause for some mild caution in a place like that.

“Hello, can I help you?” the woman asked.

“You sure can,” Dave assured her with a smile. He spoke low, on the off chance there were any cameras filming him that picked up sound. He very much doubted it, but better safe than sorry. “My name is Dave,” he told her. “You’d really like to trust me implicitly and believe that nothing I ask would sound unusual to you.”

“Of course I like you, Dave,” she said with a smile.

“Could you please show me to the gym?”

“Of course, it’s right this way,” she said, leading him down the hall to the right.

“Are you wanting to see Mr. Miller?” she asked. Dave assumed that was the coach or gym teacher or whatever he was called.

“That’s right,” Dave said. “What time does the next class start?”

The woman glanced down at a wristwatch and said, “Well, first period ends at 10:20, which is in about seven minutes. Then second period begins couple of minutes later.” She stopped and pointed to a set of double doors. “That’s the gymnasium right there. You’ll find Mr. Miller inside.”

“And where are the locker rooms?” Dave asked.

The woman took the question in stride. She pointed further down the hall. “The locker rooms are down the next hall, or there are two doors through the gym. Boys first down the hall, on the right, and the girls further down.”

“You’ve been very helpful,” Dave said. “You can go back to the office now. If anyone asks you can simply make up something believable and you can believe it as well, okay?”

“Okay, bye now,” she said, and then she turned and went back down the hall.

Dave glanced at the time on his phone and waited. Finally, at 10:19 according to his phone, a bell rang, and Dave opened up one of the doors leading into the gym. To his surprise, it was empty. Then he realized that of course the class would have actually ended a few minutes prior to allow the kids to shower and change. Did kids still shower in middle school? He thought he remembered reading something about that, about how it didn’t happen in this age of political correctness and fear-mongering. Well, he vowed, they’d be showering today.

Deciding to continue through the gym, Dave was brought back to his youth. The smell of young boy sweat and rubber mats and floor polish. It was like he was back in school. There were two doors on the opposite side of the gymnasium, as the woman had said. He took the right most and went through. Almost directly across was a sign informing him that he’d found the boys locker room.

He leaned up against the wall. Already boys were streaming out of the door, laughing and joking or just going about their business absently or with purpose. Down the hall was an equally excitable stream of girls, which was merging with the boys. He caught a number of curious glances, but nobody gave him more than a hesitant nod. He was the enemy after all, an adult. As the boys streamed by Dave found himself wishing he’d arrived earlier. There were at least four extremely attractive boys, and probably another ten he wouldn’t have minded seeing naked.

Finally the stream became a trickle and Dave fought down the usual surge of fear and opened the door. He met no other boys and was glad. There was a section of lockers and benches in front of him, and then past a half wall he spotted a small office to the right. The occupant spotted him just as quickly.

“Can I help you?” the man asked, rising quickly to his feet. His question was friendly enough, but his demeanor was anything but. Dave couldn’t blame him. He doubted a strange man showing up in the boys locker room could be anything but suspicious to this guy.

Dave instinctively came to a halt. The guy was intimidating. He was a bit taller than Dave, and much wider, with broad shoulders, a thick chest, and biceps that seemed larger than most men’s thighs. He also had a thick brown beard which just emphasized the bear-like appearance of the man.

Dave put on his best disarming smile and took a quick glance around, making sure he wouldn’t be overheard. He saw no one but the man. “My name is Dave,” he said. “You’d like to trust me implicitly. My being here isn’t at all weird. In fact, you were expecting me. You’re glad I’m here.”

A brief cloud of confusion and then the man, Mr. Miller he assumed, smiled and walked out of his office. “I didn’t think you were going to make it,” he said, sticking out his hand.

Dave shook the man’s hand, once again amazed at the workings of the necklace. Apparently it just caused people to make up stories in their heads to fill in the blanks. “You’ll want to answer all my questions honestly,” Dave said. “Nothing I say or do will seem unusual to you. You want to be helpful in any way you can. You are perfectly relaxed with me.”

“Of course,” Mr. Miller said.

“Do boys shower after class anymore?”

“They can,” the man said, “but they never do. Afraid to show their dicks, and parents afraid their dicks will be seen. Stupid really.”

On a hunch, Dave asked, “Do you wish they still showered?”

“Of course,” the man said. “Teaches boys about their bodies. All this modesty is unhealthy if you ask me.”

“I meant, do you like seeing boys naked?”

“Of course,” the man said matter-of-factly. “There are a few kids this year I’d give my left nut to see in the buff.”

“I assume they at least change into gym clothes,” Dave said.

“Yeah, undies is better than nothing,” he said, “but I have to be really careful not to be seen looking. I’d catch a world of shit.”

“I’m going to wait in your office,” Dave said, already excited. “When all the kids are present, I’d like you to introduce me as your assistant for the day, okay?”

“Sure thing, Dave,” the man said.

Then Dave sat at the man’s desk. Maybe a minute passed before he heard the first high-pitched voices as boys began to enter. To Miller, who was standing in the doorway of his office, Dave asked, “What grade is this coming in?”

“Seventh,” he said. Then he came into his office and spoke low to Dave. “I’ll pretend to talk to you. I usually have to pretend to be doing paperwork so they don’t think I’m checkin’ em out while they change.”

Dave waited as the locker room filled. His presence was quickly noticed and he could see the hesitation among many of the boys as they were unsure whether they could or should change in front of him. Some of the boys simply didn’t seem to care, so he got a few shots of half naked boys.

Finally Mr. Miller walked out and cleared his throat, drawing a stop to the boys who were changing or a hurried completion. The boys who were milling about uncertainly stopped their whispered conversations. Miller held up a clipboard.

“Adams?” he asked.

“Here,” came a voice.

Then another boy spoke up, asking, “Mr. Miller, are we doing roll in here instead of in the gym?”

“Yeah, Conner, obviously we are,” the man said. Then he quickly ran down the list. There were apparently two boys absent, but an inquiry among the boys assured him that the boys were out sick. “Okay then,” he said, and he motioned to Dave. “This is Dave. He’ll be my assistant today.”

Dave walked out of the office to quiet murmurs. He could see the confusion in their eyes. “Hi, boys,” he began.

He got a round of ‘hi, Dave’s’ and ‘hellos’ and the like. “You boys all know that I belong here and that you need to listen to me,” he said. “You guys all trust me completely and you always want to be honest with me. You don’t feel any embarrassment around me, no matter what I say or ask or do or ask you to say or do. Does everyone understand so far?”

Dave received a chorus of assent and nods. He turned to Mr. Miller. “What’s going to happen if you and the boys stay in the locker room?”

“Well, Mary is probably going to get really curious,” he said.

“Mary is the girl’s gym teacher?”


“Okay, wait here a moment, boys,” Dave said. “Why don’t you all go ahead and strip down to your underwear.” He turned to the teacher, and lead him a little bit away. “I’m going to go talk to Mary,” Dave said. “Do me a favor and split the boys into two groups. In one group put all the boys you’d like to see naked, and in the other… well, all the others.”

“Okay, Dave,” he said.

Dave looked around, watching nineteen boys undressing. His cock was already aching. He left the locker room and walked down the hall. He was going to go into the girls locker room, but imagined a bunch of screaming before he could even start talking. Luckily, he heard voices coming through the gym door. Realizing his dick was pressing against his trousers, he took off his sports jacket and held it in front to hide it.

Entering through the door, Dave found about twenty girls and a plain woman in her thirties dressed much as Mr. Miller had been, in blue shorts and a white polo shirt. The girls looked up in curiosity and the woman turned, cocking an eyebrow.

“Hi everyone,” Dave said. “I just wanted to let you know that Mr. Miller and the boys will be spending the period in their locker room. None of you thinks there’s anything unusual about that. You also won’t remember that you ever saw me, okay?”

He once again received nods of understanding, and he exited the gym, satisfied he’d covered his bases.

Returning to the boys locker room, he found nineteen boys, most with their hands over their crotches, looking around nervously. Dave took a moment to figure it out, then realized he’d told them not to be embarrassed around him, but had said nothing about each other.

“Okay, boys,” he said. “There’s no reason to be embarrassed by anything that happens in this room. You’re all very relaxed and happy to be together with me and Mr. Miller.”

The boys immediately relaxed. Dave then examined the two groups Miller had made. He realized he’d have made very similar choices. The losing group, as he couldn’t help think of them, included several overweight kids he wouldn’t want to see naked, as well as a couple of seriously ugly ones and some much older looking boys. Dave would have been shocked to find they were in the seventh grade, but he knew kids matured at different rates. There were three older looking kids who looked mature enough to be fifteen or more in the winning group as well, but at least they were fairly good looking. Still, Dave had no desire to see them naked, and he sent them to the other group. He was left with ten boys, three of which were gorgeous and another three who were still very good looking. Dave knew they were all about thirteen or so. One looked a bit older, but not as mature as the three others he’d sent away and he was still attractive to him, while two of the boys looked to still be prepubescent.

Just to be sure of the three older kids he’d sent to the other group, he went up to them and said, “Could you three guys please let me see your dicks?”

The guys all pushed down the front of their underwear, revealing larger, hairy cocks. It was pretty much as he’d imagined, and turned off by all the pubic hair, and if he were being honest, the fact they all had bigger dicks than he did, he let them cover up again.

“Okay,” Dave said, speaking to the off group. “You guys can grab your phones or whatever you use to amuse yourselves, or do homework or whatever. You’ll all want to ignore anything you hear from the rest of us unless I instruct otherwise, okay?”

The boys nodded and went to grab their bags. “Oh, and you can all get dressed again,” he said. Then another thought, “Also, no texting or pics or videos.”

“Okay, the rest of you with me, please,” Dave said. Then he lead them into the shower. It might not get any use, but it was spacious and well-suited to his needs. “Everyone line up, please,” he instructed, and the boys did so. Dave had to put a restraining hand on Miller’s arm to keep him from joining.

Then Dave walked up to the first boy. He was what Dave was thinking of as second rung. The ten boys were either the gorgeous on the first rung, the really good looking on the second, or the cute boys Dave still wanted to see naked on the third. The boy in question looked to be about twelve. He was Asian with short black hair. He was wearing white briefs with a random pattern in black, almost like a Rorschach test.

“Who’s this?” he asked the teacher.

“David Kim,” the man answered.

“Again, boys,” Dave said, in case he hadn’t made himself clear in some way, “we’re going to do some things and you are very happy to be doing them. You won’t be embarrassed by anything that we ask you to do, but you’ll want to do anything I tell you to do, okay?”

When he saw he had their attention and approval, he said, “Miller… uh, what’s your first name?”

“Brett,” he answered.

“Okay, Brett,” Dave said. “Why don’t you kneel down in front of David and take off his underwear for him?”

“Okay!” the man said enthusiastically.

In moments, the boy’s little briefs were down around his ankles. Dave wasn’t surprised to see that the boy was uncircumcised, but he was a little surprised by the small fan of dark hairs at the base of the boy’s little penis, which looked to be about two inches long in its soft state. He had very little balls in a tight sac that didn’t seem to have fully dropped.

“Have you wanted to see him naked, Brett?” he asked.

“Oh yeah,” the man answered, enamored of the small penis before him.

“You can touch it,” Dave said. “You won’t get in any trouble for anything that happens here. Let’s see how big it gets.”

Dave thought the man would fondle the little Asian’s cocklet, but Brett surprised him by leaning forward and taking it into his mouth, balls and all. Little David gasped and his hands went to the man’s head. The boy stared down in wonder as the man worked on his little dick.

“Does that feel good?” Dave asked.

The boy nodded while the man moaned his affirmative. Dave chuckled, having directed the question at the kid, not the man. Then he watched as Brett’s mouth continued to work. Finally Brett pulled back. David’s little cock was revealed, the skin peeled back off a purple glans, quivering with hardness and a bit less than three inches in length.

“David, do you know what masturbation is?” Dave asked. The boy nodded. “Do all you boys know what it is?” All but one of the boys nodded. Dave was interested and excited to note that there were already several young boners pressing against restraining cotton.

“Do you all masturbate?” Dave asked next. He got nods from all but the one boy who’d said he didn’t know what it was and from David. The boy who didn’t know what it was was one of the two very young looking boys. Interesting that the other did it.

“Why don’t you masturbate, David?” he asked.

“My mom says I shouldn’t,” the boy answered.

“Can I tell you a secret?” The boy nodded. Dave said, “Your mom is wrong. You should. Just don’t let her find out or catch you, okay?” David nodded earnestly, fingers already reaching down to squeeze his little boner.

Dave was about to continue down the line to the next boy. He was one of the top rung boys, an auburn-haired beauty with incredible blue eyes. His skin was smooth and creamy and there was a gorgeous young erection straining in his blue boxer-briefs. A glance down the line at the mix of straining briefs and soft little packages stopped him however. He just couldn’t stand the suspense any longer.

“You boys can all go ahead and take off your underwear,” he said. Seconds later, nine pairs of boy undies hit the floor. Brett gasped, and Dave was right there with him. He was stunned by the sight, overwhelmed by boy beauty.

Dave got to watch as the boys who hadn’t been erect before quickly grew, so that he had nine quivering young boners facing him. The youngest looking boy, an adorable looking little blond with a tiny bald dick was the only one that remained soft. Dave had placed this boy on the third rung, not because he wasn’t gorgeous, because he was, but just because he seemed so young.

“What’s your name?” he asked the boy, stepping up before him.

“Simon,” the boy answered in a sweet treble voice.

“Would you please stand over here by me, Simon?” Dave asked. The child joined him and Dave turned him to face his classmates, in the meantime checking out the boy’s perfect little ass. It was like a peach, a beautifully rounded little bubble butt. “Do you like seeing all of your friends naked, Simon?”

The boy nodded. “They look neat,” he said.

Dave knelt down, dealing with the hardness of the floor against his knee in order to reach out and take the boy’s wrinkled one inch penis between his thumb and finger. He gently fondled the boy, noting the tiny, pink, circumcised crown as well as the small, tight scrotum. He’d never seen such a small penis close up, and while Dave didn’t think of himself as someone who was attracted to prepubescent boys, he couldn’t deny the boy’s appeal. He also smelled wonderful.

Eventually, Simon’s little dick began to grow between Dave’s fingers, stretching out to an adorable two-inch erection. He noticed that the boy’s breathing had begun to quicken, and a look around showed him that most of the boys were watching while lightly stroking or at least teasing their own young boners.

“Does that feel good, Simon?” he asked the boy.

“Really good,” the little blond boy breathed.

Dave stood, staring down at the angelic little boy, his curly blond hair like spun gold and his naughty little dick quivering between his silky smooth legs. He quickly undressed, in a rush to be naked, and watched as the boys all stared at his achingly hard cock. He wasn’t sure what to make of the look Brett gave him, but to be the center of all that horny teen lust was intoxicating. Once he was naked except for his socks, he went to a nearby bench and seated himself, spreading his legs wide.

“Come here, Simon, please,” he said, gesturing. The boy came to him without hesitation, still hard. He noticed that Simon was also staring at his cock.

“Do you like my penis, Simon?” he asked.

“It’s really big,” the boy said. His hand had dropped down and he was squeezing the head of his own little dick.

“Please kneel down here,” Dave said, voice cracking with excitement, indicating the space between his knees. The boy knelt down obediently before him. Dave looked into that sweet little face and took hold of his cock, holding himself around the base and pushing downward, so that his dick was pointing into the boy’s face. “Please imagine my penis is a popsicle and you want to lick it all over, Simon.”

The boy immediately leaned in and poked out his little pink tongue. In moments he was lapping repeatedly up and down the length of Dave’s cock. Dave couldn’t believe it. There was something so damned sexy about such a little boy licking at his prick. “All around the tip, Simon,” Dave said, gasping. “Mmmm, now please be careful of your teeth and suck on the end, just like a big lollipop.

Uhhh, that’s it, baby,” Dave breathed, feeling the boy’s tongue working against him as his little mouth sucked. The boy’s eyes were so blue, so innocent. Dave ran a hand through his golden curls. He wanted to drive his cock deep into the child’s mouth, but… and then he remembered the trick he’d done with Cody.

“Simon, I’m going to fuck your mouth. That means I’m going to slide my cock all the way down your throat. You may think you’re going to choke, but you’ll immediately ignore that feeling as soon as you get it and you’ll love having my cock in your mouth, okay?”

Dave got a nod. Licking his lips with excitement, he turned to Brett, who was watching avidly. He could see a huge bulge in the man’s shorts. “Are you watching this?” he asked.

Brett nodded, eyes wide with excitement and Dave put a hand on the back of Simon’s head and pulled him close, sliding his cock deeper into the child’s mouth. The boy seemed to take him easily, and within moments Dave’s crotch was pressing against the boy’s soft, pink lips. He shook with ecstasy. Then he gripped the boy’s head with both hands and began to work it back and forth, causing the boy to fuck him with his own mouth.

A quick look around showed that many of the boys were actively jacking themselves. He imagined spurting boycum all over and thought about what a waste that would be. Breathing heavily, he pushed Simon back off of his cock.

“That was great, baby,” Dave said, caressing his soft cheek. Simon gave him a smile.

“Brett, why don’t you strip, let the boys see what you’ve got.”

Mr. Miller acted as if he’d been waiting for the command. In moments he was down to white athletic socks. Dave felt himself staring, and he wasn’t the only one. Pointing just a bit above horizontal was a very thick eight inch cock, above two plum-sized testicles. Dave rose from his bench, leaving Simon kneeling on the floor.

Walking up to Brett, Dave couldn’t help his curiosity. He wasn’t sure why he did it, but he reached out and wrapped his right hand around the man’s thick cock. It had to be at least two inches thick and it felt heavy in Dave’s hand. He weighed it a bit, even stroked it, wondering what it would feel like to have a piece of meat like that.

“Brett,” Dave said, “why don’t you go sit where I was. Simon, would you like to lick Mr. Miller’s penis like you did mine?”

The little boy shook his head, so Dave grinned and said, “Simon, you’d love to lick his big cock all over, up and down and even lick his big, hairy balls.”

Then Dave went over and watched as the man seated himself and Simon put his little hands around that big tool and lifted it so that he could begin to explore it with his little mouth. Then he turned back to the other boys.

“I don’t want any of you boys to cum yet,” he instructed.

“I already did,” one of the third rung boys said, still eagerly jacking his five-inch cock. He was a brown haired boy with a really nice body. He had a smallish bush of darker brown pubes. A quick scan of the floor showed Dave a few pearly drops of jizz on the floor.

“Are you close to going again?” Dave asked and got a hurried nod in return. The boy had released his cock, apparently afraid of squirting again. Dave quickly knelt before him and took his cock into his mouth.

It was a thin cock, although the head was fatter. He smelled like active boy though, and when Dave’s nose pressed into those baby pubes he inhaled deeply, feeling the teen cock flex in his mouth. He began to quickly bob his head and put all his cocksucking knowledge to work.

“Sir!” the boy gasped, his hands suddenly pressing against Dave’s head. “If you keep doin’ that I won’t be able to help it!”

Dave realized he’d told the boys not to cum, and he backed off long enough to say, “You can shoot it in my mouth,” before swallowing the boy’s slender length again. Given his reigns, the boy pumped his skinny hips a few times before gasping and pressing himself forward. Dave felt a hot blast on his tongue and he clamped his lips down around him, sucking hard, drinking the teen spunk eagerly.

After a few long moments, Dave rose, wiping his mouth. “What’s your name?” he asked the boy.

“Jamie Conner,” he answered.

“Okay, Jamie,” he said. “You can go sit with Simon and Mr. Miller and do whatever he asks. Brett, use Jamie how you like, but don’t fuck him with that big thing.”

“Okay, Dave,” Brett answered in a strained voice. Dave turned to see that young Simon’s eyes and cheeks were bulging as he worked on the man’s huge cock. He had at least half of it in his mouth.

Cock dripping, Dave walked to the left of the line of remaining boys. There was the auburn-haired cutie from before; one of his top rung boys. His hair was glorious, like spun copper, a cascading wave that mostly hid his right eye. His skin was pale, his nipples pink on the very tips, but he didn’t have any freckles at all. Down below, straining upward as if to say hello was a beautiful four-inch boner. The boy’s sac was hanging loosely, not a single hair to be seen, but the cutest mole just above the left testicle. At the base of the slender little cock was a fan of coppery hair, maybe twenty of them, all straight and silky still.

“What’s your name?” Dave asked, stopping in front of him and reaching out to play with the boy’s grape-sized balls.

In a shuddering voice, voice husky with puberty and excitement, the boy said, “Richie.”

Dave slid his hand upward, gently stroking the slender little cock. “You have a beautiful cock, Richie,” he said.

“Th-thank you,” the boy said, looking up at him with adoring eyes.

“You can touch me too, if you like,” he said.

Dave smiled as he felt the boy’s hand immediately wrap around his cock, then the tentative exploration.

“Have you ever touched another cock?” he asked. The boy shook his head. “Has anyone ever touched yours like this?” Another shake of the head. “Would you like it if I sucked you?”

“Oh, yes,” the boy sighed.

Dave lead the boy to the bench and sat, pulling him between his legs. Simon was still working on Brett’s big cock, which was now at least six inches down the kid’s throat. Brett was shaking.

“It’s coming!” the man gasped. “Simon, pull back!”

The boy pulled back, looking a bit confused, and Brett took hold of his big cock and began to jack it furiously, still holding the back of Simon’s head. With a grunt, Brett shook and let loose a thick blast of cum which spurted against the boy’s startled face. Two more followed, one getting in the boy’s eye, which squinted closed, and one going across his forehead and into his hair. Another two blasts splattered across the boy’s baby-smooth chest, dripping down over his tiny pink nipples.

“Jamie,” Dave said, “why don’t you help out Simon and lick up all that cum for him.” Then he watched as the brown-haired boy sank to his knees and began to lap up all of Brett’s hot cream off the little blond boy’s face.

Then Dave turned his attention to the quivering cock before him. He didn’t bother with preliminaries, just leaned forward and took the beautiful young cock into his mouth. Dave couldn’t understand how a young boycock could feel so perfect in his mouth. It was like a missing puzzle piece. He could close his mouth around it, pressing his lips and tongue close and feel the wild, youthful throbbing, while the equally wild scent of pubescent boy filled his nose from the little bush of hairs, inflaming his senses.

While his head began to bob and his mouth began to suction, Dave reached up with his left hand and began to tease the thirteen-year-old’s little balls, while his right reached behind, at first caressing the smooth globes of a firm young ass, and then working his fingers deeper, seeking out the tiny rosebud, circling and teasing the rubbery little sphincter. Richie’s high pitched gasps and moans of pleasure were music in Dave’s ears.

“He’s always been one of my favorites,” Brett said. Dave released the shining young boner to see the man staring at the action with excitement. Seeing it, Brett said, “I knew his cock would be perfect.”

For some reason Dave couldn’t explain, Dave felt a surge of jealousy. This was his cock. To Brett he said, “Have you ever sucked a cock?”

Miller shook his head. “Always wanted to, but you know… prison.”

“You’re not into adult men?” Dave asked. “Or women?”

Brett actually shuddered. “No way, man. Gross, fat, hairy guys with their hairy cocks? Smelly pussies? Rather just have my fantasies.”

Being a fat, hairy guy with a hairy cock, Dave took offense. “Brett,” he said, a bit vindictively, “you’d really like to kneel down here and suck my cock.”

Without even an eyeblink, Brett slid to the floor and situated himself between Dave’s legs, displacing Richie who moved to the side, idly squeezing his young boner. Dave watched as Brett hooked a finger around the base of his cock, pulling it downward, and then the man’s mouth was sinking down around him. Brett actually moaned as he took him in, lips locking tight and beginning to slide up and down Dave’s five-and-a-half inch length.

Dave wasn’t sure what he was doing. Sure, a mouth was a mouth, and having the big, bearded guy suck him felt good, but there were beautiful boys everywhere. Still… “You love that cock, don’t you, Brett? Makes you so hot to have my cock in your mouth.”

“I love your cock,” the man gasped, releasing him for a moment.

“That’s enough,” he said, then he rose. “Come with me, please,” he instructed, and Brett obediently rose and followed.

He led Brett to the other group of boys. There were some surprised looks as the two men walked in, completely naked and erect. “This is all perfectly normal, boys,” Dave assured them. “Nobody is embarrassed by anything we do. You’re all happy to participate and you’ll enjoy yourselves. Brett, these guys would all enjoy it if you sucked them all off and drank their cum. It’ll make you so happy to do it. Boys, Mr. Miller is going to suck your cocks. You want him to suck you, but you’re going to call him horrible and humiliating names while he does it and Brett, each degrading thing they say to you is going to make you that much hungrier for boycock.”

There, Dave thought. Let him deal with them.

Then he returned to the other group to find young Simon on his back with his knees spread and Jamie crouched between them, eagerly sucking the little two-and-a-half inch cocklet. Winking between Jamie’s gaping asscheeks was a tiny pink pucker.

Grinning, Dave went up to Richie, who was still standing there gently stroking his cock. He said, “Richie, if you get your cock really wet with spit, you’ll be able to put it inside Jamie’s asshole and fuck him. You’d like that a lot, and so would you, Jaime. Do you see it?”

“Yeah,” Richie said, already working up spit, which dribbled into his hand. He knelt down behind the other boy and once he had enough saliva he spread it all over his cock. Then he lined up the rosy little head of his cock against that tiny sphincter and began to push.

“Richie’s cock feels wonderful to you, Jamie,” he said. “It’s going to make your cock so hard when he starts fucking you and the more he fucks you the better it will feel.”

Dave watched long enough to see the slender little erection ease its way inside, to the appreciative moans of Jamie, and then he went back to the line of boys. He had two more first rung boys in the line, a somewhat younger looking blond boy, with what Dave thought of as a bowl cut, except it was a bit longer in the back, nearly touching his shoulders. The other boy was maybe an inch taller, perhaps five-foot-one, and he had stunning raven black hair that curtained well past his shoulders.

However, before he could approach either of them, he was distracted by another of his third rung boys. The boy was actually attractive, at least enough for second rung, but Dave had mentally placed him lower because he was the tallest boy remaining in the ‘in’ group. At five-foot-seven, he was one of those gangly kids, who still looked quite young in their face, but who’s body seemed to have surprised them by shooting up overnight. The reason the boy caught his eye was the way he was masturbating himself. All the other boys were using the typical jacking motion, whether they were large enough to wrap a hand around their little members, or had to use a thumb and finger technique. This awkward brown-haired boy had his hand cupped over his penis directly from the front. He was making little jerking motions, but his penis was completely covered, and the head of it must be directly against the boy’s palm. It looked odd.

Dave stepped up to the boy, who eyed him expectantly. “What’s your name?” he asked, trying to see what the boy had in his hand, but the angle made it impossible. He did catch sight of a neat little bush of brown pubes.

“Aaron Bishop,” the boy replied, in a voice husky with adolescence.

On a hunch, Dave asked, “Are you embarrassed about the size of your penis, Aaron?”

The boy hesitated for just a fraction of a second, and Dave saw that haze pass briefly across his brown eyes that let him know he was under Dave’s compulsion. “No, sir.”

Dave tried again. “Aaron, if I hadn’t said earlier that you wouldn’t feel any embarrassment around me, would you be ashamed of your size?”

“Yes, sir,” the boy answered.

“You’d like to show me your penis, Aaron,” he said, and the boy immediately dropped his hand. Revealed was a squat, three-inch circumcised erection. It twitched with excitement, a third of its meager length lost in the little bush of brown curlies. Dave empathized with the boy, imagining that he must have been around the same size when he was this boy’s age. Although he did notice that the boy had a surprisingly large scrotum. He thought it was probably even bigger than his own, with golf ball sized nuts in a tight sac the size of a tennis ball. Unfortunately, it had the effect of making his young penis seem even smaller.

He felt sorry for the boy, thinking of the issues he’d have to deal with as he grew older. Or perhaps he wouldn’t. Boys were strange, and puberty was even stranger. It was entirely possible that the kid could be sporting seven inches by the time he was fifteen. Okay, maybe not entirely possible, or even probable, but the possibility existed, Dave supposed. Still, he felt for the kid.

Reaching down, Dave took hold of the cute little boner. It responded eagerly to his touch, like a little lost puppy, eager for love. It was every bit as thick as his own, just a couple of inches shorter. He stroked it a few times, watching Aaron’s eyelids flutter. Then he asked, “Aaron, if you could have anybody in this room suck your penis, who would it be?”

The boy didn’t even hesitate. “Simon, sir!” he said eagerly.

Dave looked back to see Simon still lying on the floor, with Jamie’s head lying on his left thigh. Jamie’s ass was in the air, and Richie was eagerly pumping his slender little cock in and out of the boy’s asshole. Jamie’s eyes were closed, obviously enjoying his assfucking and taking occasional languid licks at Simon’s tiny penis, which lay soft and shining with spit on his hairless groin.

“You like Simon?” Dave asked.

Aaron nodded eagerly, his dick flexing in Dave’s hand. “He’s so pretty.” Then, as if he needed to explain further, he said, “He lives on my street.”

“He is very pretty,” Dave allowed. “Are you friends?”

The boy shook his head.

“Why not?” Dave asked.

“I…” the boy began, and then that brief haze across the eyes. “I’m usually too shy, sir. He’s just so beautiful. Why would he want to be friends with me?”

“Well, you’re a very good looking boy yourself, Aaron,” Dave assured the boy. “I think Simon would enjoy being friends with you.” He looked down at the little erection in his hand, then back to the adorable little cherubic blond lying on the floor. “Aaron, you’ve thought about Simon before, haven’t you? About doing things with him?”

“I think about him a lot,” Aaron admitted.

“And you jack this little thing when you think about him?” Dave asked, stroking the tiny cock.

“All the time,” Aaron said, shivering.

“Do you ever think about fucking little Simon with your cock?” Dave asked.

The boy nodded eagerly. “Yes, sir!”

“Simon,” Dave called, and watched the little blond head turn languidly in his direction. “Could you come here, please?”

Simon carefully pulled himself out from under Jamie, who propped his forearms on the ground, his body rocking as Richie continued to plow his ass. Simon stepped up to them with a smile, his eager eyes going first to Dave’s erect penis, then to Aaron’s. Back and forth. His own tiny penis was soft at the moment.

“Simon, Aaron wants to touch you very badly. Don’t you Aaron?” The boy nodded eagerly, his eyes drinking in the angelic little blond boy’s naked body.

“Why?” Simon asked.

“Because he thinks you’re very pretty,” Dave told him.

“Oh,” Simon said a bit surprised, then he looked up at Aaron and beamed a smile at him. His eyes dropped to Aaron’s straining erection, and he said, “I think he’s pretty, too.”

“There you are, Aaron. Didn’t I tell you?”

“Yes, sir,” he said.

Dave looked between the boys and a plan began to form. He said, “Simon, Aaron tells me that you boys both live on the same street.”

Simon nodded and said, “He lives nine houses away. I counted them.”

“Do you think you’d like to be friends with Aaron, Simon?”

“Oh yes!” Simon said. “My momma always says I need more friends, but I don’t really have any. Just my cousin Ashley, but she’s a girl, and she always tries to kiss me.”

That was intriguing, Dave felt, but a story for another day. “Do you boys ride the same bus?”

They did, but it turned out they never sat next to each other, because Aaron was too shy, and genuinely worried that he’d get an erection and Simon would see it and hate him. Boys. Dave shook his head, bemused.

“Okay, boys,” he told them, “I want you to listen closely. A bit later on I’m going to be telling everyone to forget everything that happened here today, but I don’t want either of you to forget what I’m about to tell you, okay?”

Dave got compliant nods from both kids. “Okay, today after school, you’re going to sit next to each other on the bus, so whoever gets on the bus first will save the seat, and the second boy will join them. Okay so far?” Nods. “You’re going to talk to one another. Aaron, you’re going to be confident and friendly, and if you get an erection, you won’t even try to hide it. Simon, if you see Aaron get an erection, you’re going to try not to stare at it, but you’ll be very excited and interested and… in fact, Aaron, you will get an erection while you boys are talking. You’ll be very obvious about adjusting it in your pants and apologize very quietly in Simon’s ear for it, but Simon, you’ll whisper back that it happens to you sometimes, too, and you’ll both smile at each other, okay?”

This time the nods were eager ones. “After you get off the bus, you’ll want to spend time together. You can find out what each of you likes to do and have fun together. Tomorrow morning you’ll sit together again, and Aaron you’ll suggest that Simon come spend the night at your house Friday night. Is that something your parents would allow?”

Aaron nodded. “They keep wanting me to make friends with some boys at school, but I’m shy.”

“And Simon, do you think your mom and dad would let you spend Friday night at Aaron’s house?”

“I think they will,” the boy allowed, already excited by the prospect. Dave noticed with interest that the little boy was pinching his tiny penis, which was stretched to its full two inch length.

“Okay, so on Friday night, when it’s nearly bedtime, Simon, you’re going to say that you have to take a shower, okay?”

“I take showers in the morning,” Simon said.

“That’s okay,” Dave assured him. “On Friday you’ll get to take two showers. While you’re in the shower, I want you to wash your bottom really good, okay? You’ll give your butthole a good scrub, and you’ll even clean up inside as far as you comfortably can, okay?”

“Okay, but I clean my butthole already,” and he giggled.

“Well,” Dave smiled, “you’ll give it an extra good wash, because later on, Aaron is going to be sticking his tongue in there, and then his cute little penis, okay?”

“He will?” Simon asked, surprised and intrigued.

“He sure will. Aaron, do you have any baby oil in the house?”

“I think there’s some under the sink in the hall bathroom, from when my little sister was a baby.”

“Okay, well, Friday morning, I want you to take that bottle and hide it in your room where nobody can find it. On Friday night, after Simon has his shower, you boys will get ready for bed. You’ll both decide to sleep in your underwear. Now if that’s unusual, Simon, and you think your mom or dad will say something, then you’ll wait until your parents say goodnight and you know you won’t be disturbed, and then you’ll both strip to your underwear, okay?”

“Okay,” the boys chorused.

“After that,” Dave continued, playing with his own erection as he mapped out the exciting scenario in his mind, “you’ll start talking about sex. You’ll both talk about boners, and how funny they are, and Simon, you’ll admit that you liked seeing Aaron’s stiff penis in his pants. And you’ll both decide to show your boners to each other. Aaron will ask Simon if he jacks off yet, and Simon, you’ll explain that you just learned how, okay?” Nods. “Oh, Simon, when you’re in your bed tonight, your penis is going to get stiff, and you’ll begin touching it. Do you sleep in your own bed in your own room?”

Simon assured them he did. “Okay,” Dave continued, thrilled with this whole process. He heard a boyish grunt and realized that Richie was apparently climaxing, shooting his cum deep into Jamie’s bowels. He wished he’d been there for that, but this was just as exciting.

“Anyway, Simon, you’ll start touching your stiff penis, and then you’ll push down your underpants or pajamas or whatever you wear to bed and you’ll begin masturbating. And don’t worry, I’ll show you how. Then you’ll have an orgasm, and I’ll show you that, too. So when Aaron asks about it Friday night you’ll be able to tell him about it, and be eager to do it with him.

Are you boys with me so far?” Dave asked, and received nods. He found his eyes working back and forth between the two tiny erections. His own cock was aching, and dripping with precum. In fact, there was bubbling precum from several of the boys, and aching little cocks everywhere. He realized he was being unfair to them as well as himself. He could still feel Simon’s sweet little mouth around his cock, but he hadn’t yet been able to get any release.

He addressed the boys in the line. “Boys…” he did a quick count. There were still six boys in the line, including little David Kim. “David, raise your hand please.” The boy did so. “Okay, now skip one boy, and every other boy raise your hand.” There was a moment of confusion, and then they worked it out. “Okay, if you have your hand raised, go down on your knees in front of the boy to your left and suck his dick until he squirts in your mouth. Can all the boys without your hands raised squirt a little something?” All but one, the other prepubescent boy, who had about three inches and no pubes, but admitted to masturbating said they did. His name was Duncan. The boy who would be sucking him was Ethan, the boy with the long, flowing curtain of raven hair.

“Okay, all you boys with raised hands will want to suck the boy you’re assigned to until they squirt into your mouth. You’ll love the taste and eagerly swallow it. Ethan, you’ll suck Duncan until he tells you he’s had an orgasm. After you’ve made your boy cum, then the boy who just got sucked will want to suck the boy that just sucked him. Does everyone understand?” They all did. “Okay, boys, you can start, but please be careful when you’re the one sucking. Be very careful of your teeth. Also, I realize that you probably don’t know how to suck a dick, but you’ve probably seen videos, or thought about it enough that you can figure it out. So… get sucking.”

So three boys knelt and began to eagerly suck the little boycock in front of them. Dave then led Simon and Aaron over until he could sit down on one of the benches. “Now, where was I?”

“You said you’d teach me how to masturbate so when Aaron asks me about it I can tell him all about how I learned how to do it,” Simon said helpfully.

“Right,” Dave said. “I’ll show you, but you won’t remember that. You’ll just remember discovering it all on your own tonight in bed, right?” He got a nod. “Okay, so you boys will talk about that, and then Aaron will suggest that you boys both jack off, and Simon, you’ll be eager to do just that. So you boys will take off your underpants, and you’ll begin to jack your little dicks. After a minute though, Simon, you’re going to suggest that it might be more fun if you each jacked the other boy’s dick, okay?” More enthusiastic nods. “Okay, so you’ll each play with the other’s dick for awhile, and you’ll think that’s great fun. But, Aaron, you’re going to want more, aren’t you? You’ll desperately want to suck little Simon’s penis, won’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” the boy answered.

“So you’re going to tell Simon that you’ve always wanted to try something, and ask if you can, and Simon, you’ll of course say yes. So Aaron, you’ll start sucking Simon’s cute little dick, being very careful not to hurt him. But again, that’s not going to be enough, and after a couple of minutes you’ll say there’s another thing, a very special thing, that you want to try. You’ll roll Simon onto his stomach, and you’ll be between his legs, and you’ll spread those gorgeous little butt cheeks and you’ll start licking Simon’s tiny butthole, and you’ll think it’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted. You’ll want to get your tongue up inside as far as you can, and you’ll ask Simon to get up on his knees to make it easier. Simon, you’ll love feeling Aaron lick your asshole. It will be the most amazing thing ever. Even better than getting your cock sucked. You’ll have a very intense orgasm. Then, Aaron, you’re going to say there’s one last, most special of all thing you want to try, and Simon, you’ll agree to try, because he just made you feel so good. So Aaron, you’ll get that bottle of baby oil, and you’ll get your little cock nice and slick, and you’ll get some on your finger and spread it all around Simon’s little asshole, and even stick your finger inside about an inch, so you get him nice and slippery. Then you’ll get up behind him and slide your little cock right into his asshole. Simon, you’ll think it’s the most wonderful thing you’ve ever felt. Your whole body will be pulsing with pleasure, and every time he fucks into you you’ll feel the pleasure radiating out from your butthole. You won’t feel an ounce of pain or discomfort. Finally, you’ll both have to remember to be very quiet doing this so you don’t wake anyone. Aaron, when you’re finally ready to shoot your sweet cum into Simon’s ass, you’ll let him know you’re cumming, and Simon, as soon as that happens you’ll have the most powerful orgasm you’ve had yet. Do you boys both understand all that?”

Dave got a chorus of yeses. He was so excited by the thought of what was going to happen. He thought of something. “Aaron, can you squirt any sperm?”

“A whole bunch,” he said proudly.

“Great,” Dave smiled. Then, “Okay, one other thing I want you boys to remember. As you grow up, I want you to always remember to be proud of your penises. It doesn’t matter how big they eventually get, you’ll always be proud of them, and always want to learn how to please your sexual partners. Got that?”

More nods. “Okay, then,” Dave said. “Now come here, Simon, so I can show you how to masturbate.”

So Dave spent the next ten minutes coaching young Simon to a self-induced orgasm, thrilling when he saw the little boy’s eyes flutter and his tiny penis jerk with his first dry cum. Then he turned to Aaron, and sucked that sturdy little cock until he got a huge mouthful of watery cum. He had the boys get dressed at that point, noticing the time on his watch. The six boys left in the line all seemed to have sucked each other off, and he vowed he’d get to them another day, seeing the untouched beauty there. He asked them to dress as well.

There was only one problem to Dave’s mind. He gripped his dripping cock. He still hadn’t cum yet himself. The only two boys who remained undressed were Jamie and Richie, who had been sitting watching while Dave instructed Simon and sucked off Aaron.

“Jamie, go ahead and get dressed as well, okay?”

“Okay, Dave,” the boy said.

Then, “Richie, come here,” and the little auburn-haired beauty eagerly rose to his feet and came to him. That adorable four-incher was standing up stiffly before him. Dave jacked it a bit, then said, “Richie, you want my cock in your ass so bad.”

“I want it bad,” the boy said, staring down at his cock.

“Please spit into your hand and spread your saliva all over and up inside your asshole,” Dave said, then watched the boy do so. He figured his cock was leaking enough to provide enough lubrication, but he wanted to be sure. He vowed that next time he’d bring some lube with him.

“Okay, Richie,” he said, “crawl onto my lap, put your knees on the bench.” He helped the boy adjust himself over him, then said, “Richie, in just a moment you’re going to want to lower yourself onto my cock. It’s going to go inside your asshole, but it’s not going to hurt. It’s going to feel wonderful. You won’t be able to believe how good it feels, and you’re going to want to bounce up and down on it, to feel it fucking in and out of you, and when I tell you to, you’re going to squirt your little boy cum all over, do you understand?”

“Yes,” the boy said, eyes wide with excitement.

Dave helped the boy adjust himself until he was able to swipe his dripping cockhead over his tiny pucker. Then he had Richie press down, straining more and more until he felt the head of his cock slide in past the boy’s incredibly tight little pucker. Richie’s eyes flew wide with excitement.

“It feels so good inside me,” he said, awed.

“Keep going,” Dave said, voice tight. “It’s going to feel better the more you take.”

Dave shuddered as the boy continued to lower himself, his cock sliding further and further into the intense heat of the boy. Fuck, he was tight. It was like having his cock in a burning vise. When the boy finally bottomed out on him, Dave wrapped his hand around Richie’s slender body and pulled him close, mashing his mouth against those soft, pink lips, sliding his tongue into the surprised kid’s mouth.

Richie had obviously done a bit of kissing somewhere, and after his initial surprise he eagerly slid his tongue around Dave’s, moaning as they kissed each other passionately. Then Dave put his hands on the boy’s skinny hips and urged him upward. Richie quickly caught the message and rose. Too far, and the boy frantically reached between his legs, capturing Dave’s erection and situating it back against his tiny pucker. Then Dave was in him again, and the boy began to fuck him, slowly at first, learning, but gaining confidence and speed.

Richie dropped his face to Dave’s shoulder, breathing heavily, using his youthful thighs to raise and lower himself, impaling his ass again and again on Dave’s straining cock. Dave ran his hands over the boy’s lightly muscled back, down to cup his beautiful little ass. Just holding the boy was magical, the softness of his skin, his boyish gasps of pleasure, the smell of his pubescent sweat. He could still taste the boy’s mouth, and pulled his head to the side, attacking it once again, attempting to devour the boy.

Richie was fucking frantically now, his hands on Dave’s shoulders, his head thrown back, that curtain of auburn hair bouncing as he moved up and down. Dave reached down and wrapped his hand around the boy’s small erection, feeling the heat of it, the dripping precum, the intense hardness. He began to jack the boy quickly as he awkwardly licked the sweat off the boy’s chest.

“Are you ready to cum, Richie?” he asked, panting, feeling himself getting close.

“Uh-huh,” the boy whined desperately. “I been holding it so hard.”

“Let it out now, baby,” he growled as he took hold of the boy’s hips, pulling him down hard on each downstroke, feeling his body shake and his cock swell. “Squirt for me, Richie!”

The boy apparently needed no further urging, and he gave a quavering yelp as his little cock jerked and sent out multiple streams of watery boycum which splashed them both equally. The sight of it, the feeling of that hot jizz spattering against him was too much for Dave, and he gripped the boy’s thin hips desperately as he felt himself going, felt his own thick spunk filling the boy’s ass. He convulsed there, feeling jet after jet of hot cream filling the boy, draining him.

Finally he fell still, holding the boy, the little body exhausted and sated. He placed a tender kiss on the boy’s mouth, seeing his lips twist into a satisfied smile. Then he patted Richie on the back and said, “Okay, honey. On your knees, please.”

The boy slid off him, his cock sliding from his asshole, still half-hard. “Now clean me up please, Richie. With your tongue.”

The boy didn’t hesitate, taking his cock in his hand, eagerly lapping at it, cleaning his shaft, his balls, even licking through his pubes, getting every trace of cum and sweat until Dave was standing rigidly erect once again. Then he cleaned his own sweet jizz off Dave’s chest and stomach. The man shuddered and sighed, knowing there was no more time. He stood.

“Richie, get dressed please,” he said. Then to the room, “Boys, will you please gather around?” He pointed to Ethan, and said, “Ethan, please go tell coach and the other boys to join us, okay?” The dark haired boy nodded and disappeared around the corner.

Dave was pulling on his clothes, which little Simon had gathered for him at his request, when Brett Miller and the other boys joined him. Dave cleared his throat and said, “Everyone would like to please give me your attention.”

All the boys and the man turned to him attentively. “Okay,” Dave began. He glanced at his watch. “In just a minute the bell will ring and you’ll leave here. You won’t remember anything that happened here today. Instead you’ll remember that Mr. Miller gave a long talk about personal hygiene and the importance of physical activity and you don’t really remember anything he said because it was so boring. You mostly remember that exercise is good for you, you should wash your crotch and underarms and that deodorant is important.”

Dave thought a moment and continued. “I also want you all to remember to be better boys. Don’t be dicks. Be nice to other people, family and friends and strangers alike. Don’t make fun of people, don’t think bad things about people. Be helpful and kind. Remember the Golden Rule. Does everyone know the Golden Rule?”

He got a chorus of nods. “Okay, just remember that, and live by it. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you’. That means, don’t do something to someone, or think something about someone, that you wouldn’t want someone to think about you, or do to you. Also, if you’re fat, start eating better, and exercise more. If your parents make you junk, tell them you want to eat better. If they won’t, then learn to cook and make healthy food for yourselves. Uh… you guys all love vegetables now. Any veggie. You think they are delicious. You don’t like the taste of soda.”

Dave figured he should stop there. He could go further, fill them with details and rules, but he figured these boys had to live their own lives. He just wanted to help them along a bit, to send a bit of goodness out into the world. “Okay, that’s it. You’ll forget you ever met me after you leave here, but you won’t forget your lessons, even though you won’t remember why they are in your head. You can all leave now.”

The boys began to file out of the locker room, and Miller was apparently determined to go with them. Dave grabbed his shoulder. “Brett, you need to go about the rest of your day. You’ll also forget you ever met me, and today you decided to just give a speech to the boys about personal hygiene and the importance of exercise.” Dave thought for a moment, wondering if he was doing a good or a bad thing and said, “Brett, you no longer feel any sexual attraction toward boys. You’re a normal heterosexual guy who likes women and enjoys teaching boys, but you don’t feel at all attracted to them, beyond an appreciation for their youth and beauty. You’ll try to meet a nice woman and when you do you’ll love her and want to start a family. You’ll always be good to them.”

Brett nodded, and Dave decided it was time to take his leave. His balls felt drained and he thought he could use a nap. He followed the last of the boys streaming from the locker room. Down the hall, he could see girls beginning to file from their locker room, mixing in with the boys. His mind started to race, and plans began to come to him as he exited the school and got into his car headed for home.

The End

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