Dear Diary – Chapter 4

Whoever said being in the eighth grade was going to kick ass should have gotten her own ass handed to her. Going to a junior high with a thousand other kids sucks unless you’re a cheerleader or a football jock. I guess I was lucky though; I was mostly anonymous. Not popular enough to be in the in-crowd, or dorky or nerdy enough to have a target on my back.

The only benefit that gave me was that when kids would pick on Bran, they might not even see me before I struck from behind. Bran was gorgeous, at least to me. But he was the odd kid out, ten years old and in the seventh grade. Sure, he took the gifted classes, and those kids weren’t the kind to pick on him. But going to and from classes could be torture. The worst of it was getting from his locker to the school bus without getting bullied.

My locker was further away from the bus parking lot than Bran’s, so he had to wait for me almost every day. One day, when the weather was still trying to figure out if it was summer or fall, I reached the school bus, but didn’t see Bran. I scanned the school’s seventh grade exit for him. Then I saw him. He was in the grass; somebody knocked him off the sidewalk. And said somebody was standing over him laughing.

Fatty, as I thought of the boy towering over Bran, went down in a tangle of assholes and elbows when I hit him from behind. And when he crawled back to his feet with a sneer across his face, he paused when he saw me. Bullies rarely respect anything but strength, and I was maybe all of five feet tall. But God bless Texas. If he’d come back against me, his social life would have been over. Guys who hit girls don’t fare well in Pflugerville.

He spat on the ground near Bran, “Yeah, you’re a pussy, Bell; you need a girl to fight your battles.”

But he turned and left us alone and I knelt by Bran, “Shit, are you okay?”

Bran had given up on the shaggy look. He wore his hair the same way I wore mine, short with a spiked middle, although he forewent the purple dye. He climbed to his feet and brushed the grass from his knees, “I guess so. I don’t get why Markus likes picking on me. I mean, he’s like five and a half feet, maybe more. And I’m what? Maybe a foot shorter.”

I threw a friendly arm around his shoulder, “Don’t worry about the fuckwad. If he picks on you again, I’ll see if I can get some of my friends in the eighth grade to shove him in a locker or flush his head in the toilet.”

He tilted his head and smiled. For a moment, it was that smile he gave me just before we started kissing. But it shifted to something more… suitable for the bus parking lot. None of the kids on our bus gave us any crap, even though several of them lived in public housing and had a reputation for being badasses around school.

When we finally walked through the door of our duplex, Bran fell on the sofa, “Sometimes I wish I was like the rest of them, Brook. Just stupid and clueless. Then they wouldn’t pick on me.”

I came over and sat beside him, resting my hand on his back, “You’re the most important guy in my world, and I like how smart you are.”

That smile I had seen after rescuing him returned. I felt a tingle in my stomach as I lowered my face to his. The thing about love is that when you’re truly in love, every kiss feels just as good as the first. Sometimes even better. And as Bran slid his tongue into my mouth, I melted against his smaller frame.

His hands, smaller than mine, tugged at my t-shirt until he pulled it over my head and let it fall to the floor. A huge, toothy grin spread across his face as the plain white cotton training bra came into view. They weren’t much to look at, but I was proud of the way Bran looked at them. He’d been as excited as me when my nipples got puffy a couple of months before.

Now, he simply unclasped the front of the fabric and watched me shrug them off my shoulders. The skin directly under my nipple was swollen a bit, forming a small cone of my areola with my tits’ small points at the end. Bran’s palm cupped one. His hands weren’t big, but compared to them, my buds were still small. But he didn’t care. His other hand cupped my second tit as he squeezed my nascent buds.

As if I needed any more sense of Bran’s desires, he leaned in, his tongue darting across a budding tit. That wet touch sent a shiver down my spine as I worked his shirt off and then his pants. I was so eager to get him out of his pants, his underwear came with them. His stiffy was flying proudly. I had gotten used to his three delightful inches that I stopped wondering a while back when he’d get bigger.

His tongue licked my tit, and my fingers grasped his erection. When he finally let go of my tit, he left it coated in his saliva. Gently, he pushed me against the sofa’s seatback before pulling at my underwear. My body ached to feel him inside me, even though he’d been inside less than twenty-four hours before. Bran was my drug, and I was addicted to him. I opened my legs wide, giving him full view of my slit. Unlike my little buds, puberty had yet to kiss me down below and as Bran ran his fingers across my smooth mons and outer lips, I used my legs to pull him toward me.

It wasn’t the first time we’d done it in the living room, but definitely not on a school day when Mom would not be working as late as usual. But that only added to the thrill. Bran let my legs pull him against me, as his nail slid neatly into me. Practice makes perfect, and God knows, we’d practiced a lot over the past year.

Bran slid into me. Once, he told me my pussy felt like a glove, perfectly fitting his erection. Feeling him within me, it felt similar, something filling me and making me complete. Bran’s eyes didn’t close as his hips moved back and forth, sliding his stiffy in and out of me. Instead, he smiled down at me. It was close enough to that first look of wonderment when I first touched him, that’s how I saw him, full of wonderment as he worked me toward my orgasm.

My head fell back against the seatback as the wellbeing between my legs spread. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the wave of bliss that crashed over me as Bran shoved himself in and out of me with faster and faster speed as he approached his own cum. His body stiffened as his pelvis hit my pubic bone. There’s nothing that feels better than the spasming of your boyfriend inside you, dry cumming.

When he finished, he collapsed on the couch and we enjoyed the post-sex bliss, sharing our love for each other. At least until we heard the key in the door. Faster than you can imagine, we gathered our stuff and had barely closed the door to our bedroom when Mom came home. We both leaned against the door, grinning like we’d just gotten away with something as Mom called out a greeting from the kitchen.


When Bran came out of the Biology Lab, I came up to him and gave him a casual hug, “How’s your morning?”

He always lit up when he saw me at school, and now that we were in the high school together, we saw each other more than we had in junior high. He slid his backpack to his other shoulder as he grabbed my hand, “Pretty good. You know, with summer around the corner, I think I can get enough credits to be in the eleventh-grade next year.”

“That would be awesome. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could graduate at the same time?”

We walked out of the science wing. We both had lunch now. Lots of our fellow students streamed by, heading for the cafeteria. We had packed our lunches and even though late April could be warm, if we sat outside, we’d hardly be alone. Still holding Bran’s hand, I pulled him along to the gym. It was empty at the moment and the bleachers, which were normally shoved neatly against the tall walls, were deployed for the basketball game that evening. It wouldn’t have been the first time for us to sit on the bleachers and eat.

But I wanted more than that. I pulled Bran under the bleachers and bent down and kissed him. For the first time, I realized I hadn’t had to bend my neck as much as before. Our tongues explored each other and before long, I felt wet between my legs. Of course, Bran was pushed against me and part of the reason I felt wet was because I could feel his erection through his pants.

Still, we had little time if we wanted to eat our sandwiches. When our lips parted, I grabbed his hand, and we threaded our way through the bleachers’ framework, toward the far side. We reached the end of the bleachers when another couple came into the gym. I peeked over the ledge and saw two students sit on the other end of the stands. I guess Bran and I could have just taken a couple of seats at this end. But on a whim, I pointed toward the door to the girls’ locker room and hurried into it with Bran on my heels. As soon as the door closed behind us, I slid the bolt into place, hoping nobody would come by. The next gym class was still more than an hour away.

Bran dropped my hand and pivoted around, pinning me against the locked door, “You know we could get caught.”

I put my hands on his face and kissed him, “Yeah. I guess we should hurry.”


I grabbed his belt and unbuckled it, and worked his jeans loose. He was silent as I pushed his pants and underwear down. When his erection popped into view, I realized he had grown a bit. His nail was thicker and slightly longer. Honestly, I hadn’t really noticed it. It still felt as good, like he was completing me. And I needed that right now.

I pushed him into the changing area and had him lie down on one of the benches. I wasted no time and was soon naked from the waist down. When I straddled him, his hand found my pussy and rubbed the handful of stray pubic hairs spreading out from my outer labia. Maybe if I were more introspective, I’d wonder about a young woman of fourteen who loved fucking her eleven-year-old boyfriend. But I wasn’t that kind of girl. I let him line us up and then I slid down until he pierced me.

The bench was hard on Bran’s back, otherwise he would have done more to penetrate me, but I didn’t mind doing all the work. My hips and knees didn’t mind either and as I moved up and down on him, Bran’s hands slid up my shirt and pushed my training bra aside and played with my tits. The past year had helped them fill out a little, but they were still just small mounds topped with puffy nipples, not even a respectable a-cup. But as Bran played with them, the one person in the world who mattered to me didn’t seem to care about my cup size.

I was so horny that my juices were making squishy noises as I kept rising and falling on Bran’s groin. The position was a bit awkward. His butt eventually bucked against the bench as he neared his climax. When his erection started bucking and spasming, that was enough to tip me over the edge and I sighed with pleasure as I sank onto Bran’s groin, both of us enjoying the rapturous feeling of our orgasms.

Bran, lying under me, eventually said, “Brook, we’re almost out of time. The lunch bell’s gonna ring soon.”

I sighed and leaned forward, giving him a long, lazy kiss. “I know. But, God, I needed this.”

I stood up, and felt him slide out of me as he said, “Me too.”

He gasped, “Oh shit!”

I turned and swore; his erection was bloody. What the hell had just happened?


I had put my bloody panties in the hamper and wondered why I bothered with a clean pair as I joined Bran on my bed. He leaned against the wall, lying sideways, watching TV. His frequent glances at me told me he was as worried as me.

“You gonna tell Aunt Chloe?”

I shrugged, “I guess. I mean, she’s probably gonna get all excited about me finally getting my period. I mean, shit, I’m almost fifteen and only now getting it. If we were Jewish, like your mom’s parents, we’d probably sacrifice a goat or something.”

Bran chuckled, “I don’t think that’s how it’s done. I hope she doesn’t freak out.”

As we watched Disney Plus, I thought about how things at home had remained unchanged. Bran and I had been having sex for almost three years. The looks we shared left no doubt in my mind that he loved me as deeply as I loved him. Yet we’d both done a lot to make sure my mom could ignore the signs. Even though we’d never changed our underwear-only dress code, over the past year, I’d taken to wearing a top at breakfast or dinner. It kept Mom from making a big deal out of things. And we never showered when mom was home, but only when she was at work. She worked five or six evenings every week, so maybe it wasn’t much of a sacrifice.

I knew there really wasn’t a way to avoid telling Mom about my period. My mind needed a distraction, and the TV wasn’t doing it. So, I glanced at Bran. He was relaxed, watching the TV. We were so comfortable with each other these days that he was completely soft in his underwear at the moment. Thinking about that, I reached out and rubbed his stomach as I leaned onto my side.

That also let me kiss his tiny boyish nipple. He murmured, “Hmm, do you want to? It will be messy.”

My response was to pull his underwear down below his still immature balls. One joy I didn’t get enough of was watching him go from his little inch and a half noodle to his full erection. And watching it then only made me hornier. But instead of straddling him, I lowered my head and put him in my mouth. At first there was a bit of soapy taste from cleaning him off at lunch, and also a hint of preadolescent boy sweat. Then, as I slid his penis through my lips, I tasted the part of him with which I’d grown familiar.

I wasn’t in a hurry. Bran was right; I didn’t want to get blood on his penis or on the bed or on my clothes. But I could suck on him for a while and that’s exactly what I wanted to do. Eventually, his fingers looped through my hair. Styles change, and I was letting my hair grow out. I had grown tired of the short, spiky doo and had let it get almost down to my shoulders again. And that meant I had to keep pushing my hair out of my face as I slurped on Bran. When I felt him tensing, I eased off, leaving him in my mouth, but letting him ease off his edge. After a bit of that, I resumed sucking him in earnest. It wasn’t long before his body went rigid and I let him spasm and kick his dry orgasm in my mouth.

I pulled off his erection a fraction of a second before we heard the front door open. I glanced at the clock; it was later than I had thought. It was almost eleven. Before Bran could move his post orgasmic ass off my bed, there was a knock, “Kids? You up? It’s a school night.”

Mom opened the door and took in the two of us sitting on my bed in just our underwear, “Really, Brooklyn? I’m sure Bran doesn’t want to see your boobs on display.”

We really should have been in bed already. But a girl finally getting her period is a big fucking deal. I should have asked about that. But Mom had poked a bear. I actually liked Bran looking at my tits. But that would have started a fight. Instead, I said, “When we got out of the shower, I didn’t think it mattered, Mom. Does it?”

Like I said, we’d been careful to not be public about it with Mom, but we weren’t secretive about the showers, just about the sex. “I don’t get it, Brook. Most girls would kill to have some privacy, especially when they have to share a bedroom with a younger boy.”

She turned to Bran and wagged her finger, “And you. You’ll be twelve this summer. All most boys want is lots of privacy when they’re your age. Instead, I think the two of you enjoy showering together.”

Bran just gave Mom a bland smile while I groused, “Maybe we do it just to piss you off.

Mom had enough. She reached for the light-switch by the door, “It’s a school night. Y’all need to get to sleep.”

Before she hit the switch, I realized I shouldn’t have let her get to me. “Mom, hold on.”

She glared at me, still smarting from my retort. I continued, “Um, at school today, I had an accident.”

Angry Chloe disappeared in the blink of an eye, replaced by concerned Chloe, “Oh, no. What happened?”

I screwed my face into an awkward smile, “I got my period.”

Mom’s face morphed from annoyed to surprised. “Oh my God! That’s great news,” she exclaimed as she came over and sat on the edge of the bed, “my little girl is becoming a woman.”

She glanced at my underwear, I suppose to see if there were stains, then over at the hamper, “It happened at school?”

I sighed unhappily and nodded. Mom certainly didn’t need to know the details. Gee, Mom, I was riding Bran, and we both came like motherfuckers and then I got up and there was blood all over my boyfriend’s dick, and we really freaked out. No, definitely not.

“Oh, sweetie, I’m sorry. I’ve got some pads and tampons in my bathroom. I’ll bring you some to wear tonight. Tomorrow, we’ll go to the store and get some that fit you better.”

It was a school night. By the time the bus drops us off, she’s always gone, unless it’s her day off, and the next day was a Friday. “What about school?”

Mom patted me on the leg, “A girl only gets her first period once. You haven’t missed any school this year, so I think you can afford a day off.”

With that, she hurried to her bathroom to fetch some of her supplies. I glanced over at Bran. He raised an eyebrow, “Enjoy your day with Aunt Chloe tomorrow.”

I dug a finger into his ribs, drawing laugher from him, “Don’t even think of it, Mr. Bell. You’re coming with us. If I gotta go spend the morning looking at pads and tampons, so do you.”

The look of horror on my cousin’s face was real and priceless. When Mom came back in with a few pads and a couple of tampons, I had put Bran’s head in a lock, between my elbow and chest, and had said, “Nope, little man, you’re coming with us.”

“Ahem!” Mom theatrically cleared her throat. I wasn’t sure if the look she gave me was because of what I had said or because the back of Bran’s head pushed against my right boob. Whichever it was, I let go of him and gave Mom an innocent smile.

“Here you are, Brooklyn,” she handed me the supplies and paused. I could tell something had bothered her. A touch of blush hit her cheeks before she finally continued, “Now that you’ve started your period, maybe I can schedule an appointment with a gynecologist. Get you a checkup. And…”

Her voice faded as the redness in her face grew, “Uh, if you need birth control pills, she can prescribe them.”

Try as I might, I couldn’t help but to glance at Bran as he looked back at me. The truth was, we hadn’t worried about me getting pregnant. Not only for the obvious reason of not having my period yet, but the more obvious fact he was only eleven and could only dry cum. That’s not to say we hadn’t talked about it. Bran was conscientious about everything. We had discussed that until he actually created semen, we were safe from getting pregnant.

But by the look on Mom’s face, I wasn’t about to share that with her. I just shook my head, “If you think I should go see the doctor, that’s cool. But I don’t need to be on the pill.”

Mom swept her eyes between the two of us and I grumbled, “Jeez, Mom. We’re not doing anything that’s gonna get me pregnant. Okay?”

I’m not sure she believed me, but she said, “Okay, sweetie. I believe you. Just promise me you’ll be careful when you do.”

Was that a tacit admission she knew Bran and I were going to be together? An acknowledgement that we were already together, but hiding it, or just a slip of the tongue? There was no way I’d ask. Instead, I let her drag me into the bathroom where she showed me how to use the new accessories that came with womanhood.

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