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Dear Diary – Chapter 5

Dear Diary – Chapter 5

One of Bran’s favorite series was a show from a few years ago called Cobra Kai. That led us to a movie older than my mom, called the Karate Kid. I guess Bran’s an old soul, but he loved watching that movie and at the start of our senior year in high school, a couple of months after his thirteenth birthday, we decided to dress up as skeletons, sort of like the boys in the Cobra Kai dojo. Only we wore black and white skull-caps.

I was sixteen and had just got my driver’s license. Mom had even bought me a car right after I turned sixteen, although she told me that Bran and I would have to share it once he was old enough to drive in a few years. At first, I thought it was her way of acknowledging that Bran and I were a couple and that we would be together. Later, I realized she had gotten the money from Bran’s trust. It wasn’t much of a car, just a fifteen-year-old Toyota Corolla that cost a few thousand dollars. But the wheels weren’t bald, and the oil didn’t leak, so it was good enough for us.

That’s how I found myself in Bran’s arms in the middle of the basketball court, dancing to some tech-pop song with a bass beat that made the wooden floor vibrate beneath our feet. Despite the music being anything but a slow dance, we were in the middle of a group of students who were slow dancing. We were young, hormonal and if the rest of the slow dancers were anything like me and Bran, there was going to be lots of sex following the party.

Neither of us were good dancers, but that’s what made slow dances perfect. All we had to do was move around the court together. His hands were around my back and mine rested on his shoulders. The funny thing was, we had kept growing at similar rates and even now at sixteen, I was still about half a head taller than Bran, even though I was only a few inches past five feet. So, I looked down a bit to look into his eyes.

By ten that evening, we discovered dancing requires an entirely different set of muscles than the ones we usually used. As we headed toward the doors, we were hardly the only kids heading out. Some kids moved their parties to some kid’s home, others, like me and Bran, wanted to take their party down to a party of just two.

Mom was still at work when we got home. She had been seeing a guy she met online, so there was a good chance we might not see her for a day or two. Don’t think ill of her for wanting her own life. Hell, I was sixteen and would graduate and go to college next year, the same as Bran. We didn’t need any supervision anymore.

Bran leaned against me as he looked into the bathroom mirror, “Damn, we look good.”

I would have leaned in for a kiss, but the makeup made that not much fun. Instead, I said, “Yeah. Dancing with you was fun. If people had realized it was you and me inside these costumes, they’d have shit bricks. Kissing cousins and all that.”

He grinned as he pulled the cap from his short hair, “Yeah. Well, good thing they’re not gonna be here for the encore.”

He reached up and pulled the skull cap from my hair, letting it fall to my shoulders. Then he turned me around and pulled at the zipper on my back. Then back around. His hands went to the black Lycra fabric at my shoulders and pulled on it, dragging the sheer fabric down past my breasts until it bunched at my hips. The costume had padding in the chest, so I’d opted to forego my bra. It wasn’t like my tits needed support. They were barely larger than half-lemons, not that Bran complained as he cupped one and caressed the soft sponginess. My nipple didn’t stay soft or sponge-like for long, soon it protruded into his palm, like a rubbery eraser.

I reached behind him and worked the zipper on his costume down. As his chest came into view, there was the hint of definition in his pecs and his shoulders had finally grown wider than his narrow hips, if just barely.

I pushed the bottom half of the costume and his underwear down in one push. Bran was already hard, his penis pointing up at me. Even though he was still a little boy where it mattered, his erection had grown over the past year. His girth was an inch now, and he was longer too, about halfway between four and five inches. Funny how things change, yet they stay the same.

Yes, he was bigger, but he was still perfect in my eyes. I ran my hand over his smooth pubic area and cupped his balls. Despite his dry cums, his scrotum was no longer snug against the base of his penis. It hung down a bit, giving his ball, which felt slightly larger, more room. Yet, they were still as smooth as the rest of his body.

As I drew in a breath, admiring his body, he helped me out of my one-piece outfit, including my panties. The look on his face was enough for me to know he liked what he saw. I was closer to the end of puberty than the start, and at some point, while shaving my legs, I decided to shave my pubic hair. I liked the symmetry it gave when Bran and I fucked, his naturally smooth pubic bone pushing against my shaved pussy.

We stepped into the shower and washed the sweat and grime of the evening, and also the facial makeup. He had cleaned the white and black streaks from my face and now he was massaging my tits, “We’ve been bathing together for ten years now.”

I hadn’t thought of it. That was a long time, yet it didn’t seem like it. He continued, “That’s more than two thousand showers and baths.”

I reached between us and squeezed his shaft, “Imagine all the water we’ve saved.”

He giggled, moving to my other tit, and massaging it too. “Since you started getting these, we’ve showered almost every day.”

A shiver ran through my body, “I haven’t heard you complain.”

Another giggle, “Nope. Not gonna happen. I was just thinking that since we started doing stuff–”

I squeezed his shaft, “You mean, having sex?”

He grinned, “Yeah, that was like over three years ago. We’ve taken more than a thousand showers together.”

I finished his thought, “And had sex more than a thousand times. Yet it never gets old.”

He shook his head, “No, it doesn’t. You know we’re gonna graduate from school at the end of the year. Have you thought about college?”

I shrugged and let go his boner. “A little. Are you still going to apply to the University of Texas?”

He nodded as he grabbed the bottle of body wash and put some of the stuff in his hand. As he lathered up my chest and stomach, He said, “Yeah. I think I’ll get a full scholarship. Your grades are really good, you should be eligible for a scholarship too. Why not go there together?”

I put my hands behind my head, letting him lather up my tits, as I enjoyed the tingling that washed over me, “I thought about that. Are you sure? You’re going to ace college. Would I be a distraction?”

His slick hands wrapped around my waist, pulling me to him. He tilted his head and found my lips, kissing me with more passion than normal, “As soon as I’m eighteen, I’m going to ask you to marry me. I never want to be apart from you.”

I wasn’t sure we could get married. Like Bran, I found I liked to research things. “But we’re cousins. I mean, we have the same last name. The law…”

My voice failed me as he put a soapy finger against my lips between my legs, “Fuck the law. If you’re worried, we can go to Las Vegas. It’s really easy to get married there. And if I have to lie about us being related, so we can get married, I will.”

I kissed him; my worries about our future together evaporating within the kiss. We hurried to finish washing each other, and within a few minutes, Bran pushed me down on my bed and stepped between my legs. Usually, I was the aggressor, mounting him. But as he had grown, staying inside me had become easier. He leaned over me, his erection sliding against my building wetness until he slipped into my vagina.

My body tremored as he slid into me. Sometimes, I had little cums rolling over me as they led to a giant orgasm. Other times, my insides were warm and tingly, gradually building toward my big O. This felt like the latter, as my pussy contracted on his shaft as my first little cum hit. Bran moaned, “Ah, wow, squeeze it like that again. Wow.”

My body reacted, another cum washing against me again. He moaned again as my pussy undulated around his shaft. Bran couldn’t last long against my cumming pussy and less than a minute later, he pushed in as far as possible as he shuddered and his stiffy spasmed and kicked inside.

As Bran came, his body wracked with his orgasm, an unfamiliar warmth radiated from within, and that feeling sent me over the edge, and my entire body shook with one of my most powerful orgasms yet. When our bodies finally stopped shaking from our orgasms, Bran pulled out, a look of awe etched on his features, “Holy shit, Brook. I came. I mean, I shot inside you!”

That explained the warmth. I stared in shock at him. I had never felt like something was missing from our sex until that moment. All the other times Bran had dry cummed, I had felt complete. Until now. In that moment, every previous time now felt like it had been missing something. And now things were complete.

It was confusing, I admit, but now that I’d felt him truly cumming inside me, I wanted that same feeling again and again. Bran, for his part, snuggled against me, lying by my side, “I didn’t have any idea that was going to happen. Y-, you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant. Not yet.”

A giggle burst out of my mouth, “Holy fuck, Bran, I don’t care about that. You just gave me the most incredible cum in my life. I want to feel you cumming inside of me again and again. It felt so good.”

A grin crept onto his face, erasing the worry, “It felt really good to me, feeling that bit of squirt for the first time. Yeah. It was really intense.”

As we rested, letting our bodies enjoy the bliss of our orgasms, I finally reached over and played with his still erect penis, “How long do you think we have until we have to worry about me getting pregnant?”

“Mmm, that feels nice,” he murmured, “Maybe as little as a few weeks. Maybe as long as a year. Boys start to cum when their prostates mature, and that happens a while before the testicles mature enough to make semen.”

I sat up and leaned over him, the smell of our sex heavy on his erection, “Okay. I’ll figure out how to tell Mom I need to be on the pill, but for now, I just want to enjoy this.”

I slid his glans into my mouth. My juices were strong, a tangy tartness flooding my mouth as I sucked him deeper into my mouth, but within a few seconds, the familiar taste of Bran’s skin replaced it and I pushed my head deeper, taking him all the way in until my lips pushed against his bald pubic area. He was long enough that when he was at his deepest, the tip barely grazed my throat. Fortunately, it didn’t hit my gag reflex.

My tongue attacked and darted around Bran’s shaft, bringing moans from the young teenager. With each bob of my head and each flick of my tongue, his cum grew nearer. Still, it hadn’t been that long since his last one, and that rising sense of bliss slowly rose with each passing minute.

Finally, when my jaw began to ache, Bran’s hips pushed against my face as I felt him get harder and bigger. When he spasmed, something sweet hit my tastebuds. I’d heard from other girls in school what happened when they blew their boyfriends; I had expected something salty and bitter. The sweetness was a pleasant surprise.

It was a good thing Halloween fell on a Friday night. It was almost dawn before we fell asleep after having sex three more times that night. We were nearly done when, as dawn approached, I sucked him one last time before exhaustion overtook us. And then, barely awake, when he came, it was a dry cum. I had completely drained him.


The TV was loud in our bedroom, but I tuned it out as I read the instructions on the test kit. I swore to myself, What the fuck was I thinking, letting so much time pass? I knew I should have told Mom to get me those damned birth control pills.

I put the plastic stick under me and peed, following the instructions. I closed my eyes, counting the seconds until I could look and see if there were one or two bars.

It wasn’t Bran’s fault. He asked me a couple of times since that first time if I had talked to Mom about getting on birth control. But I’d deflected. I don’t know why. My thinking had been incredibly stupid, that anything that got between me and the mind-numbing orgasms Bran gave me was to be avoided. I’m sixteen years old, and while I might not be genius level like Bran, I was smarter than most of the kids in my class. Yet, here I was, seven weeks after my last period, desperately waiting to find out if I had really fucked up our lives.

When the time was up, I looked at the single pink bar on the plastic stick and breathed a sigh of relief. Just for my sanity, I ran the test again and when I saw that single bar a second time, I felt giddy with relief. Girls sometimes skip a period and I guess that’s what happened to me.

I opened the bathroom door. Bran lay against the head of my bed, in just his underwear. Even though it was the dead of winter outside, the duplex was warm, almost toasty. I crossed over and collapsed beside him, “Nothing to worry about. Just a missed period.”

His hand found mine, “You need to tell Aunt Chloe, Brook. She may be in denial about us sleeping together, but deep down, she knows. Telling her you need to birth control pills won’t shock her.”

I bit my lip, dreading that conversation, “But what if it does?”

He squeezed my hand, “Then it won’t shock her as much as becoming a grandma at thirty -five.”

I giggled through my nerves. Bran had hit the nail on the head. The only reason Mom didn’t know we were having regular sex was because she didn’t want to see the truth in front of her eyes. I mean, a sixteen-year-old girl and a thirteen-year-old boy don’t take showers everyday together or walk around in their underwear together if they’re not fucking.

After that scare, we didn’t have sex before falling asleep, but just like we had for the past half-year, we fell asleep in my bed. When we woke the next morning, Mom was moving around in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure when she got home, but she was certainly happy. I didn’t much care for her new boyfriend, but he stayed clear of me and Bran and we were happy to return the favor. If he made Mom happy, I wouldn’t be the one to rock the boat.

When I got up, I found an undershirt and slipped it over my chest. My tits still weren’t very big, but the shirt kept mom from bitching about flashing my tits at Bran. I swear the woman was blind as a bat. Mom had a plate of eggs and bacon in front of her, as well as her ubiquitous cup of coffee. Her eyes flitted between me and Bran, who had come from behind, “Morning kids, you getting ready for school?”

I sat down in the chair opposite from her, “Yeah. In a sec. Don’t have to leave near as early when we can drive instead of taking the bus. Uh, Mom, I wanted to see if you’d schedule a visit with that gynecologist, maybe see about getting me on birth control pills.”

Mom’s eyes flitted back to Bran. He was still in just his underwear. Aside from a more angular face and another inch in height, he was still a slight boy, with nothing that would scream, I’m a teenaged boy, lock up your daughters or I’ll get them pregnant.

When Mom finally talked, all she said was, “Oh.”

She wasn’t going to help me out, “I’m sixteen, Mom. I could have asked for it back when I first got my period, but, well, it really wasn’t necessary back then. I couldn’t get pregnant.”

Mom ran her finger around the lip of her coffee, “Something’s changed?”

I wanted to scream at her. Was she playing with me? Did she already know? I mean, it’s not like it was impossible to figure out. Bran stepped up and took my hand, “How long have you known?”

Mom shook her head, “Oh, so you two have been going at it? I wondered.”

Bran squeezed my hand, “For a while, Aunt Chloe. But now, um, Brook could get pregnant if she’s not on the pill.”

Mom worked over Bran’s words, “Just how long have the two of you been going at it?”

Bran shrugged, “What’s it matter? For the past few years, you just pretended you didn’t see. Can you take Brook to see the doctor?”

Mom blanched, her face turning pallid, “Fine. I’ll make the appointment. But God, you’ve been doing things for years?”

I let go of Bran’s arm so I could put it around his shoulder and give him a half-hug, “We’re best friends, better than best friends. Sharing this, it’s made us even closer.”

Mom threw her hands up, “I can’t! I’ll call the gynecologist and schedule the appointment, but I don’t. I can’t.”

A moment later, she disappeared into her bedroom. Bran glanced over at me, “I see why you waited. That could have gone better.”


“There’s not much to see, Ms. Bell, so the tour won’t take long,” the property manager said as she opened the second-floor apartment.

There was a couch against one wall and a flat-screen TV fixed on the wall by the door. She said, “Our furnished apartments usually get picked up by foreign exchange students. But you’ve had this reserved since the beginning of the year.”

I followed her into the apartment. Bran followed behind me with a couple of suitcases, which he dropped on the floor before returning to the Toyota to fetch another load.

As she opened the fridge in the small galley-style kitchen, she said, “If we had known your brother was going to be living with you, we could have gotten you a two-bedroom back in January. But now they’re all gone. Is he going to be enrolled at Austin High?”

I ran my hand along the composite countertop, it had a cheap sort of elegance, “No. He’s super smart and is going to UT on scholarship. He skipped a couple of grades.”

Her eyebrows rose, “Well, good for him. The couch folds into a bed, so hopefully you won’t be too crowded.”

In between the small kitchen and the bedroom was a dining nook with a small table with two chairs. Apparently, the apartment complex didn’t expect people to have friends over. Bran was back with some bagsful of clothes. He set them in front of the TV and joined us as we stepped into the bedroom. The queen-size bed took up much of the space, although there was a smaller TV fixed to a wall opposite the bed and a chest of drawers, and a small desk against another wall. He slipped past me and opened a door next to the desk. It was a small closet.

There was no way we’d fit all our clothes in there. Still, it was home.

On the way out, the property manager handed me the keys, “Welcome to Austin. The number to our maintenance department is on the fridge. Rent’s due on the first.”

Once she left, I closed the door and found Bran. He leaned in and kissed me. The past year had been good to him, I thought. I barely had to lean down for our lips to touch. I’d come to terms with the fact that I would never reach the average height for women of five foot four inches. But Bran was still growing. He’d broken the five-foot mark right after graduating at the beginning of the summer.

When the kiss ended, Bran went over to the sliding glass door that led to a small balcony. From there, we could see part of UT’s campus. “Can you believe it, Brook? We made it.”

I came over behind him and wrapped my arms around his chest and rested my head on his shoulders. The view wasn’t bad, not for what we were paying for this one-bedroom furnished apartment. “I wish Mom had been able to take off work to help us move in.”

Things had been awkward between us and my mom since the blinders had been torn off and she’d been forced to acknowledge what had been an open secret under her nose. But it was a lot to take in that her seventeen-year-old daughter and fourteen-year-old nephew had been fucking each other for five years. Still, she hadn’t kicked us out or even told us to stop having sex. She helped me to get the birth control pills and kept looking the other way. Only now, she couldn’t even to pretend not to know.

In the end, Bran and I had both been awarded full rides to UT, with enough unrestricted scholarship money that we didn’t even need the money from his trust or his survivor benefits to pay for the place. But having the money, even though it wasn’t a lot, would still come in handy in an expensive city like Austin.

Bran slid his arms around me and pulled me into the middle of the living room and even though there wasn’t much room between the battered coffee table and the TV, we slow danced to a tune in his head. We danced in a little circle. When he spoke, his voice cracked. “I’m glad Aunt Chloe let us come, Brook. She could really have made a mess of things if she had wanted.”

And we were keen to avoid a mess because we were still minors. And in the eye of the law, were supposed to be living with my mom. But that opened our eyes to a new truth. People see what they want to see. Despite her misgivings, mom had helped us fill out the scholarship applications. And basically, got out of our way.

It was true. We were both minors. I was still eight months away from turning eighteen. Bran had only just turned fourteen. But we were discovering a new truth, people see what they want to see. It had certainly been the case with my mom.

To the property manager, we were siblings going to college. To UT, we were gifted students living off campus, presumably with family. Although we couldn’t guarantee people’s reactions, we were in control of what they saw. With any luck, our fellow students would see two gifted young people who coincidentally had the same last name. And in a few years, some Elvis Impersonator who conducts weddings in Los Vegas will see two young adults madly in love with each other–who just happen to randomly share the same last name.

He stopped dancing with me when we staggered from getting dizzy. The rest of the afternoon, we spent unloading the car and getting things put away. And after dinner at a nearby restaurant, we returned home to our bed. Not my bed. But ours.

Bran closed the door to our bedroom and came over to where I sat on the edge of our bed and pulled off his shirt. He was still very boyish, his little nipples barely different from the rest of his pale chest. His shoulders were noticeably wider than his hips. And when he unfastened his jeans, they fell to the floor. He really had slender hips.

I did the rest of the work and pulled his underwear down, freeing his penis. His five inches were hard to my touch. I ran my fingers along the base of his penis and felt the beginning of stubble. I’d grown so used to his hard smoothness that when he started growing a few strands of pubic hair over the summer, I talked him into letting me shave them. I really enjoyed the feel of his smoothness.

I let him pull my t-shirt off. I hear that getting pregnant can really make a girl’s tits grow. I wouldn’t know. My tits fit comfortably within the a-cup bra that Bran reached around me and unclasped. And as he pulled the bra off my arms, my tits remained firmly in place, jiggling only a little.

With a few more tugs of my clothes, he had me as naked as I had him. And before he could spread my legs, I stood, and grabbed onto his waist, turned him around and pushed him against the bed. The first time we made love five years before, I had ridden him to our first orgasm.

He looked up at me with a quizzical look. I straddled him and leaned into a kiss. When we surfaced for air, I said, “When you were nine and I was twelve, that first time we made love, I rode you like this. This is our first time in this place. It’s a new start and I want to make love to you the same way.”

A smile spread across his face as Bran put his hands behind his head, “Okay.”

I sighed with blissful pleasure when I sank down on his five inches. I know I told you he felt perfectly inside me when he was just a little kid with a skinny three-inch nail. I was both right and wrong. Now, with more than an inch’s girth, he filled me up so much more than before. And it was just as perfect now as it had been five years before.

Warmth spread through my pussy as I adjusted my hips and knees. When I rose, even though I was wet and horny, his penis dragged along the narrow cavern of my vagina, sending tendrils of tingles through me. When I lowered myself, those same tingles grew and every nerve ending in my walls that touched his penis signaled my brain that my body was on fire for Bran.

He put his hands on my hips, steadying me as I rose and fell, pushing and pulling his penis in and out of my vagina. His hips rocked up and back on the soft mattress, in tandem with me. With little effort, our bodies synchronized with each other. And I knew Bran was getting close by the way his fingers gripped my waist, pulling me down with more force the closer he came.

Then it happened. Bran slammed his head against the bed as I felt him get even harder and thicker inside me. His penis shook and spasmed, and warmth flooded my insides as, with each blast, his thickening semen coated the inside of my vagina. It was enough to send me over the edge. My pussy constricted, rippling along Bran’s five steely inches, seemingly drawing him deeper within me, milking out the last of his semen.

Overwhelmed by the strength of my orgasm, I collapsed against Bran. It felt like our hearts beat as one as we held each other. This was the first day of the rest of our lives and we were living it on our terms.

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