Kim’s Game – Chapter 8

The asphalt under his feet was still warm as Kim hurried across the parking lot, following Arya’s shapely bikini-clad backside. When he reached the grass near the entrance to the pool, he turned. Andrea was slowly making her way across the parking lot.

As he reached Arya, he said, “She’s been like that all week. Am I wrong to feel so good about stuff when your mom is unhappy?”

Arya’s fingers intertwined with his. “I know. Every night you’ve made me feel really good and happy. Maybe tonight, when we finish playing, we can go over to her. Maybe you can, uh, you know…”

Kim shrugged. Having sex with Arya made everything between them more comfortable. Except for her mom. Trying to make Andrea feel better with a kiss seemed likely to create as many problems as it fixed, and Kim disliked problems. Even one that let him kiss Andrea with her daughter’s blessing.

He hurried over to the gate to the pool area and keyed in the passcode. Almost nine in the evening, and they were alone, as was nearly always the case this late in the evening. Kim waited for Arya to drop her towel onto a lounge chair and dropped his next to hers.

The girl giggled as she looked into his eyes. Kim thought she might take his hand. Instead, she touched his chest and said, “You’re it,” before running to the edge of the pool and folding herself into a cannonball on her way into the water.

Her touch on his chest, though meant in jest, made Kim tingle below, and he wasted no time following her into the water. He did a shallow dive and swam underwater until he saw Arya’s legs. Kicking his legs through the water, Kim grabbed Arya and pulled her under.

When the girl surfaced, she spat some water out of her mouth and said, “My turn now!”

Arya was on him like a lioness, climbing up his torso as Kim backpedaled. The girl’s weight soon pushed him beneath the surface. But even as Kim let his weight take him toward the bottom of the pool, the girl hadn’t let go. Now, though, her arms were around his neck as her face was inches away from his own. She pressed her lips against his as his butt touched the concrete bottom.

Kim’s arms reached around the girl, and he returned the kiss. It was over too soon, as his lungs protested the lack of oxygen.

He surfaced just after Arya’s head bobbed above the water. She grinned, “I like this game even more now.”

Sucking in air, Kim dipped his head in agreement. Just as he was about to lunge at his girlfriend, he glanced behind her; Andrea sat on the bottom step at the end of the shallow section. His eyes must have faltered, because Arya turned her head and then waved.

Then she said, “Hey, doofus, you’re it.”

Kim didn’t like the feeling that looking at Andrea caused inside him. It conflicted with what he felt for Arya. Yet, seeing the young woman in just a small bikini, he couldn’t ignore his feelings even though he knew he should.

Arya finally splashed him and grabbed him around the neck. She giggled and said, “About Mom, I’ve got an idea, but right now, you’re going down.”

Kim let her pull him under, trying not to feel guilty for eying Andrea. Over the past few weeks, Arya had become a much better swimmer. When he first introduced her to the swimming pool, the girl hadn’t liked diving down near the bottom, but now, she was the one pulling him down until the surface was four feet above.

Arya let go of his neck and reached for his swimsuit. Kim could have moved away when her hands darted toward him, but feeling guilty, he let her pull them down and off. No sooner had Arya liberated his swimsuit than she pushed off the bottom. When she broke the surface, she held them aloft, “I won!”

Then she tossed them over by the lounge chair, laughing. Kim sputtered, “What the heck! Why’d you throw them?”

Andrea called out, “Arya, you’re asking for trouble.”

The girl waved at her mom and said, “It’s just part of tag.”

Shaking her head, Andrea said, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

With Arya standing between the boy and Andrea, the young woman couldn’t see the girl’s hand grab Kim’s dick and pull on it until he was hard. Kim lost interest in the game as a wave of pleasure washed over him.

It was interrupted when Arya said, “You’re still it. I’ll let you figure out how to end the game.”

With that, she swam away, splashing him as she went. Distracted by his erection, he let the girl get most of the way across the pool before he figured out what she meant. Then he kicked off and swam after her. He caught her halfway toward the deep end. The water was over both of their heads here, and when he managed to overtake her and pull her down by her waist, the girl went under.

And that made it easier for Kim’s fingers to find the bows on the back of her bikini top and untie them. Arya twisted away, spinning around and flashing him a grin before swimming for the surface. The girl pointed toward his crumpled swimsuit and, in a low voice, said, “This is fun. Throw those over there.”

Kim glanced toward Andrea, who was watching them with what looked like amusement. Then he tossed the girl’s top over by his swimsuit, and then he turned and sprang for Arya. Between Arya’s aggression and Andrea’s amused expression, Kim realized that as long as they remained alone, there really was nothing to stop them from their fun.

He caught up with Arya and grabbed at her ankle. She contorted herself around until her head was near Kim’s. Flashing her white teeth, she whispered, “My kitty needs to come out and play. What’re you gonna do about it?”

How one sentence could sound at once so innocent and perverse was beyond Kim’s understanding, but it didn’t keep him from pulling on her bikini bottoms until she wiggled free. Instead of swimming away, the girl pushed herself into him and pressed her lips against his before drifting to the surface.

Kim surfaced behind the girl and wrapped one arm around her while using the other to toss her bottoms into the small piled the two of them created. Arya’s backside pushed back against him, and he felt himself slip between her legs as she waved at her mom. Andrea was shaking her head. Her hand was in front of her mouth, as though she was trying to stifle a laugh.

Leaning against him, Arya said, “Pull me into the deep end.”

Kim leaned backward and used the backstroke to take them toward the deeper end. The young girl rested against his chest, letting him pull her along. He stopped once he was even with the nine-feet marker on the side of the pool. Arya treaded water, too, as she turned around and put her arms around his neck.

She glanced at her mom, “Here’s what I was thinking. In a few minutes, we’ll swim back over to Mom and see if we can get her into the water. If we can, then we’ll wrestle with her, and then when you get a chance, kiss her.”

Kicking his legs to stay afloat, Kim was skeptical, “Are you sure about this? I, uh, well, I love you.”

Arya leaned in and kissed him, “Doofus, I love you, too. You’re not doing anything I’m not asking you to do.”

Kim sighed, worried Arya would be wrong.

The girl reached between them and grabbed his dick, “But before we do that, my kitty wants to play with your dinky.”

Kim’s legs protested at the idea of trying to keep his head above the water while trying to put his dick in the girl’s pussy, even while she wrapped her legs around his waist.

If kissing Andrea filled him with uncertainty, then the idea of feeling the inside of Arya should have filled him with delight. Even though it was late and the pool was supposed to be closing soon, someone could always come upon them. Worse, Andrea was sitting less than fifteen yards away, aware of their every move.

Arya kissed him again and said, “I bet I can hold my breath for at least ninety seconds. Can you?”

Seeing the glint in the girl’s eyes, Kim took a big gulp of air, stopped kicking his legs, and let himself sink. Once his head dipped below the water, the boy grabbed his dick and pushed it into Arya’s pussy. Looking into her eyes, he saw them widen as he entered her without the usual hesitancy. They were drifting above the bottom of the pool, Kim rocking his hips back and forth. His lungs protested about the same time as the tingling started at the base of his dick. He moved faster, sensing the urgency of the moment. Could he finish before his air ran out?

Kim was vaguely aware he was fucking Arya like a rabbit, shoving his pelvis back and forth as fast as possible as the pain in his chest grew. The tingling also grew, and he shut his eyes as his hips shuddered against Arya. His dick spasmed, once, twice, and a third time before he had no choice but to put his feet under him and push toward the surface, still holding Arya. As if there was any other choice; the girl’s legs still entrapped his waist in their vicelike grip.

Kim’s dick still trembled, trapped within Arya’s tight walls, as he broke the surface of the water, sucking in a deep breath. Arya’s gasp for air was even louder, although the boy wondered if she might have experienced her own orgasm on the way to the surface, given her rapturous expression.

They parted, only because Kim was too tired to keep both of them afloat. He swam to the edge and grabbed onto the concrete ribbon that ran around the pool and then reached out and pulled Arya to him.

She grabbed his neck, “Oh, man. That was … awesome!”

Kim could only bob his head. If anything, the pain in his lungs when he’d cum had only intensified his orgasm.

After a moment, Arya said, “Let’s go over to Mom. I really do want to make her feel better.”

Kim glanced over to Andrea. The look on the young woman’s face was opaque. Between the darkness of the evening, the low lighting on the deep end of the pool, and the fact that he and Arya had fucked at the bottom of the pool, he wasn’t sure if she could’ve seen what the two of them had been up to.

Even if she had, he reasoned, he was pretty sure she knew that he and Arya were having sex. After all, they had been sleeping naked on the sleeper sofa all week. Still, what the girl was proposing felt like she was giving him permission to cheat. And that bothered him, especially when he thought about how Andrea made him feel.

Without waiting to see if Kim was following, Arya swam toward her mother.


When Kim and Arya’s heads reappeared on the surface of the water, Andrea breathed a small sigh of relief. The lighting on that end was pretty shitty, she decided. The kids had been down at the bottom of the deep end for what felt like an eternity, although she reasoned it was probably closer to ninety seconds than two minutes.

She knew she should have told them to stop taking each other’s clothes off when playing tag. Even though she’d never seen any of the other residents in the pool area after sunset, the risk was always present. But the truth was, she enjoyed the sight of Kim without clothes on. Since seeing him lying next to Arya at the beginning of the week after the two had clearly had sex, Andrea hadn’t been able to keep herself from going into the living room each morning before they were awake and watching his sleeping form. Always naked, always erect. Sure, thirteen-year-old boys are often hard, but Kim seemed to be perpetually stiff when he was asleep.

Andrea hated herself for the way she felt. In the decade that had passed since Cory’s family had moved away, she’d never stopped thinking about him. Intellectually, she knew he was twenty-two. But to her, he was forever twelve. Until Kim, she hadn’t thought anything of it when she’d fantasized about the boy who had given her Arya. Even when she had tried dating and hadn’t found anyone who made her feel like that boy had, she had always chalked it up to a hundred other reasons.

The sigh that escaped her lips was more of a groan than anything else. What was wrong with her that made her fixate on a prepubescent boy?

As if thinking of him would conjure him, Kim was swimming toward her, following behind Arya. She put a smile on her face, plastering it in place as if doing so would make the agony of what she felt go away. As Arya swam up, Andrea felt a pang of jealousy. However, fleeting it may be, she hated herself for feeling that way about the girl she loved more than oxygen.

If she were a good mother, she would have nipped the sex between the two kids when she found out about it. But she wasn’t. Instead, she told herself she should be happy for Arya. Happy her daughter had found such a boy as Kim.

The water was three feet deep in the shallow end of the pool, and came up to Kim and Arya’s belly buttons. But the lighting was better here, and Andrea could see the boy’s penis pointing upward below the surface. Yes, Andrea thought, I really should have told them to keep their clothes on.

Arya broke the silence as she said, “Come on, Mom, play with us.”

Although she felt a tug in her heart as she looked at Kim, Andrea shook her head, “I’m good. Why don’t you kids play some more tag?”

Arya came up and grabbed one of her hands, “Please. Kim and I want you to play with us!” the girl’s plaintive note didn’t have the same effect on her mother as she seemed to have on the boy next to her. But hearing that Kim wanted her to join them stirred something inside Andrea. Still, she shook her head, afraid that she’d do or say something that would ruin things between her and Kim, or worse, with Arya.

The kids traded looks, and Kim took her other hand, and Andrea felt herself standing up, powerless against the touch of the small thirteen-year-old. Pulled away from the steps, the young woman soon found herself in water that reached just below her breasts. Arya, neck-deep in the four feet of water, splashed at her and said, “You’ve gotta stay on your feet, Mom. Our job is to knock you over.”

Andrea’s eyes were glued on Kim as he circled one way while Arya went the other. The boy feigned a couple of times, and then she felt her daughter land on her back. The young woman reached around, trying to find the girl, her fingers grabbing at air. That’s when Kim struck, going under the water until his arms wrapped around her legs, and he pulled her under.

Andrea spat a stream of water when she surfaced. Arya had joined the boy as they laughed, “See, Mom, I told you this was fun!”

It did feel good to be in the water, even if the object of her obsession was only a few feet away. So close, yet equally out of reach. That didn’t mean she couldn’t have some fun, though. Keeping a wary eye on the boy, Andrea turned her focus back on Arya. Two could play at this game.

She sprang at Arya, who wasn’t quite quick enough to dodge out of her way, and she wrapped her arms around her daughter’s chest as she pulled her under. As Arya struggled to break free, Andrea felt the girl’s immature chest against her arm. Could it be Kim was obsessed with the girl’s flat figure?

Andrea let go and watched the girl swim away like a fish. She should have been paying more attention. A heavy weight pressed against her back, and before she could react, Kim dunked her from behind, the boy’s body pressing against her back. Just after Andrea went under, she thought she felt something brush against her lower back. Was that his penis?

Twisting around under the water, she watched the boy smiling back at her as he pushed backward. Her eyes should have stayed on his face, but she couldn’t avoid looking at him if she tried. Her eyes zeroed in between his legs, and sure enough, his penis poked upwards. She tore her eyes away from him and pushed back to the surface.

And Arya was waiting. As soon as the twenty-four-year-old broke the surface, her daughter was on her back, laughing. “You’re going down, Mom.”

Andrea planted her feet and tried to get a hold on the girl, but she was elusive, staying on her back but moving from side to side to avoid her hands. Something around Andrea’s neck felt loose, and when she managed to grab Arya’s arm and pull her away, the young woman realized, too late, that her daughter was holding the straps to her bikini top.

The next thing Andrea was aware of was Kim surfacing the water a couple of feet in front of her. The look of surprise on his face must have matched the stark terror on hers. For a long moment, she simply stood there, as the boy stared back. Then she came to her senses and crossed her arms over her chest.

Kim, for his part, cried, “Arya, give her back the top!”

Her daughter swam over to the boy and said, “I thought we were playing tag. Isn’t this part of the game?”

Andrea was unable to take her eyes from Kim, although she knew she should. She didn’t say anything as the boy took the top from Arya and waded through the water until he was inside arm’s reach. His eyes were on her chest as he said, “You’ve kinda seemed bummed lately. We just wanted you to have some fun with us, Andrea.”

She couldn’t take her eyes off his face. His brows were wrinkled in concern, and his lips pouted, worried about how she felt. He really did care for her. When she finally found her voice, Andrea said, “Thanks for including me. I’m not sure you kids would want to see me naked. Old woman at twenty…”

Kim, bouncing on the balls of his feet, closed the distance until his face was just a few inches from hers. Before she could finish, he leaned forward and kissed her.

His lips were soft and warm, tasting of chlorine. He had closed his eyes when his lips touched hers. Stop it, a voice in Andrea’s mind shouted. This is wrong. He’s eleven years younger. What’ll people think? What’ll Arya think?

Against all of that, her lips responded and pushed against his. Every feeling she had repressed since she had taught him to kiss came rushing back. She wanted this kiss more than anything else. Seconds passed by until her daughter said, “Okay, are we still playing or what?”

Kim pulled back, and Andrea felt her longing grow. She wanted what Arya had, and that was just wrong on so many levels. A glance at her daughter showed the girl’s impatience. Andrea had expected a furious scowl or righteous anger. Instead, she was impatient, ready to continue playing.

Kim handed over the top and rejoined Arya. His eyes were conflicted as he glanced between the Tyler women. Andrea felt his conflict. It seemed to match her own. One thing that confused the young woman was Arya’s reaction. There wasn’t any surprise on the girl’s face, nor any disgust. Just impatience to move on. The confusion on Kim’s face, the impatience on Arya’s. It all made sense. And now that Andrea thought about it, she could see her daughter’s fingerprints all over this.

Holding her top in her hand, Andrea wasn’t sure what to do with that revelation or, really, about any of this. The smart thing would be to put her top back on and get the kids heading back to the apartment. But, and it pained her to admit it, even in the depth of her heart, she wanted more of Kim. To know some of what Arya experienced.

Even though a part of her mind told her this was a bad, horrible idea, she said, “Let’s play. I wasn’t ready before, Arya. You won’t get the rest of my bikini as easily.”

With that, her top sailed across the water, landing on top of the kids’ clothes.

Arya laughed and threw herself across the water, meeting only space. Andrea had easily sidestepped the girl and then put her hand on her head and pushed the girl under. Even as Andrea ducked, weaved, and dodged, always keeping one step ahead of her daughter, she noticed Kim hanging back.

Andrea sidestepped Arya, letting the girl go into deeper water as she lunged past her. She found herself within arm’s length of Kim and decided to dunk him as well. She reached for his head, but the boy slithered to the side, and all she grabbed was his shoulder, which she clamped down on to keep him from getting away. As fast as possible, she used her other arm, brought it around his shoulder, and pulled at him, trying to dunk him.

The boy’s head was locked in her arm, and when she pulled him down, his face pressed against her right breast. The boy’s effort to resist died, and she pulled him under. After he’d been down for a few seconds, Kim came back to life, the surprise of her boob in his face apparently fading as she refused to let him go. Kim wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled backward, knocking Andrea back with him, and breaking her hold.

As they both surfaced, Andrea saw that Arya was slowly making her way back over. The young woman grabbed at Kim’s head and said, “Don’t feel bad about the kiss. It was nice.”

When Arya finally came back over, she launched herself into another flurry of attacks designed to grab Andrea’s bottoms. The girl was tiring, and Andrea thought she’d won when she bumped into Kim, who had come up behind her. In one quick move, the boy sank under the water and pulled her bikini bottoms off.

Arya, sucking in gulps of air, saw the baby blue bottoms in Kim’s hand and said, “We win!”

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