The Son Also Rises – Part seven
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Ryan finally got Lucas to go take a shower, but he’d only go if Ryan went as well. Ryan was perfectly fine with that, as his cock was swaying in front of him and he was pretty sure he’d get some relief for it there. After the carrot incident, Ryan was kicking himself for not fucking Lucas, but he still had the presence of mind not to cross that line. After Lucas had recovered, Ryan had taken a bite of the carrot that had been in his son’s ass, making the boy laugh and call him gross. He didn’t eat the rest of the carrot, having only taken the bite for the shock value and to see Lucas smile.

They went to Ryan’s bathroom, as the shower was bigger. Ryan laid out towels for the two of them and started the water.

“Dad, stand here,” Lucas said. Ryan turned and then went to the indicated spot.

Ryan had a large, floor to ceiling section of wall that was mirrored. This was opposite the mirror over the vanity, which was handy for checking out his flexing ass when he was amusing himself. Lucas wanted him to stand to the right of him, and they both stood facing the mirror. Ryan was a full foot taller than his son, who was already tall for his age. They were a study in contrasts. Lucas was slender, and lithe, with golden hair. Ryan was very well-muscled, with thick, rounded shoulders, chiseled pecs, a stomach that showed a defined six pack, and a distinct V cut that showed off the thick seven-inch cock that was currently at about forty-five degrees. He also had short hair, but his was light brown, with chocolate brown eyes. He was tan and had tattoos all up and down both arms, which also bulged with muscle and thick, distinct veins. Lucas, meanwhile, was slender and androgynous, though the four-inch cock rising from his groin very adequately revealed his gender. To Ryan, Lucas looked soft and tender and fragile, but he knew how well muscled he was. There was strength there.

Lucas looked up at him and smiled. “You look so sexy, Dad,” he said, looking into the reflection of Ryan’s eyes.

“So do you, sexy boy,” Ryan said. “You look delicious. You are delicious,” he grinned.

“Dad…” Lucas bit his lip, chewing it nervously. “I always wanted to do… you know, the sex stuff, with you. As long as I can remember. Well, I mean, I didn’t really know what I wanted for awhile, but I always liked looking at you and touching you. Then, when I started… you know, puberty and stuff, even before that really, I wanted to… to suck your… you know… cock. And have you suck mine. And fuck me. I’ve… I’ve been… you know, thinking about that when I…” and he mimed jacking his cock.

“I… didn’t know that,” Ryan said, stunned by the confession.

Lucas nodded his head several times. “I… I just didn’t ever think it could be real. I wanted it to be real, but I didn’t know how to… you know… make you want to do things with me. So, I just wanted to say that you shouldn’t worry about how we’re doing incest, like the bad kind, because I want it and I wanted it for a long time.” Then he turned to Ryan, looking up at him. “Are you mad?”

“Why would I be mad, honey?”

Lucas grinned. “I like it when you call me honey.”

“Honey,” Ryan smiled.

“I’d like it better if you called me a sexy little cocksucking faggot,” he said, reaching out to stroke his father’s cock.

“I’ve told you I don’t like that word,” Ryan said.

“We call each other faggots all the time,” Lucas said. “You know, gay kids I know online. It’s not mean. Well, I guess it can be mean if you want it to, but if you call me your little faggot cocksucker, then that’s just sexy.”

“Lucas,” Ryan said, “you are a weird little kid. I love you though.”

Lucas smiled. “I love you, too. Daddy,” he finished with a cheeky grin.

“Okay, water is warm by now,” Ryan said, turning to go to the shower.

“Wait, Dad,” Lucas said, grabbing his arm and pulling back. “I just wanna see something, okay?”

“Okay. What do you want to see?”

“Turn this way,” he instructed, turning Ryan to the side. Satisfied, he knelt on the ground before Ryan and looked up at him with a nervous smile. Then he reached out and leaned forward, stretching his lips around his father’s meaty glans.

“Lucas,” Ryan protested lightly. He wanted it, but the water was going. Then he realized that Lucas was just watching himself suck on his dad’s cock in the mirror.

With one hand around the thick base, Lucas worked his way down his dad’s thick prick, taking as much as he could while looking at his reflection out of the corner of his eye. With his left hand he pushed down on his own little erection and began to gently jack it. Ryan closed his eyes with the pleasure of being in his son’s mouth.

Then Lucas was drawing back. He looked down, grinned and planted a wide lipped kiss on Ryan’s pisshole then gave him a quick flick of his tongue before standing. “I look really sexy sucking your cock,” Lucas said proudly.

“You’ll look even sexier all wet in the shower,” Ryan said.

“We can wash each other!” Lucas said eagerly, now hurrying past his dad to get into the large shower. The shower was done in alternating gray and beige tiles made to look like stone with some marbling. There was eight feet of glass along the front, and a single wall to the right which separated the toilet. That wall was done in stacked slate, or at least that was the effect. There were two large, foot square rain shower heads, and a panel in the middle of the back wall which would spray horizontally. There was a tile bench against the left wall.

Ryan had turned on both shower heads, but both he and Lucas stepped under the one on the right. Ryan tilted his head back and closed his eyes as the water beat down on his face, wetting his hair. Lucas was doing the same, continually bumping into Ryan’s erection.

After about half a minute, Lucas turned to face his dad. He stepped close, reaching out to grip Ryan’s cock as he pressed his body close and looked up at him. “So do I look sexier?”

“So sexy,” Ryan smiled, leaning down and pressing his lips to his son’s. Lucas rose to his tiptoes and opened his mouth. Their tongues swirled as the kiss grew heated.

Ryan stepped back, his cock harder than ever and breathing a bit heavy. Kissing his son was so carnal. “I could just go on kissing you forever,” Ryan said.

Lucas smiled and stepped close again. “Then why don’t you?” he asked, licking the middle of Ryan’s chest.

“Because I would starve to death,” Ryan said. “A man can’t live on kisses alone.”

Lucas reached out and gripped his dad’s cock again. “How about on blowjobs alone?”

“I’d die even faster. Sucking out all the protein. Plus, we’re supposed to be showering.”

“I wanna wash your cock,” Lucas said.

“You can, but I have to shave first,” Ryan told him.

“You shave in the shower?”

“Yup. Less cleanup,” he answered.

He grabbed his razor and a can of shaving cream off a shelf, sprayed a dollop in his hand, and smeared it on his face. There was a small mirror mounted on the side wall, and he quickly shaved.

“I wish I could shave,” Lucas said, watching him.

“You won’t be saying that in ten years,” Ryan promised him.


“Because it’s a pain in the ass,” he said, turning. He ran a hand over his son’s smooth cheek. “Besides, I like you like this.”

Ryan then grabbed the can again and collected and even smaller amount of shaving cream which he spread in a line from the top of his bush to his navel, and another between his pecs.

“You shave there?” Lucas asked, surprised.

Ryan shrugged as he took care of the stubble on his treasure trail and the tiny amount on his chest.

“Why though?”

“I just think it looks better,” Ryan told him.

“I would never shave my pubes,” Lucas told him. Then he ran a finger through his father’s neat bush. “Did you ever shave yours?”

“No,” Ryan said. Then, curious, “Why? Would you like me to?”

“You’d do it?” Lucas was surprised.

“I guess I would if you wanted me to.”

Lucas smiled. “Well, I like your hairs, because they look cool, but I do get your hairs in my mouth sometimes, which is a bit icky.”

“So let’s shave ’em,” Ryan said, reaching for the can again.

“You’re really gonna do it?” Lucas asked, shocked.

“Yup,” Ryan said, surprised by his own enthusiasm. It was never a thing he’d ever even considered, but somehow the idea was alluring.

“Are you gonna shave your balls, too?” the boy asked, reaching out to cup the heavy orbs.

“I guess I’ll have to,” Ryan said. He grabbed the razor, then thought better of it. “Hold on a sec,” he said, then stepped out of the shower. He took the towel he’d laid out and walked to the vanity trailing water. Then he quickly dried his crotch and plugged in the beard trimmer he’d used back when he had a goatee.

Ryan switched on the trimmer, feeling it vibrate and listening to the hum, wondering if he was actually going to do this. Hoping it wasn’t a huge mistake, he removed the guard from the trimmer and carefully ran it through his bush, collecting clumps of hair that he dropped into the sink. A few passes sheared him, and then he carefully removed what he could from his balls. Luckily, there wasn’t a whole lot there. Ryan just wasn’t a very hairy guy. He didn’t even have hair around his asshole.

When he turned and walked back to the shower, Lucas started giggling. “You look like your dick has a crew cut!”

Ryan thought he looked a bit more like a plucked chicken. “No teasing,” Ryan said. “I’m doing this for you after all.”

They talked a bit about shaving as Ryan carefully, very carefully, ran his razor over the thin skin holding his nuts. It went pretty quickly after that. He’d been sitting on the bench for most of it, and now he stood and went under the water to rinse.

“What do you think?” he asked, turning.

Lucas grinned, and there was a sparkle in his eye. “You look like a little kid with a giant cock.”

Ryan laughed. “Just the look I was going for. Do you want to touch it?”

“Yeah!” Lucas said. He gently ran his hands over his dad’s bald groin, and explored the base of his cock and his balls. “It feels weird,” he admitted. “Weird but nice.”

“I’ll take that,” Ryan said.

“Wait a second,” Lucas said. “Sit on the bench.”

When Ryan did, Lucas knelt in front of him. He took his cock in his small hand and leaned down, sliding his tongue slickly over the naked base. Then he lifted his dad’s scrotum and bathed his balls in spit before licking a hot line up along the length of the shaft until he reach that fat mushroom head which he eagerly swallowed.

Ryan let out a moan as Lucas worked his mouth down around his cock. The boy went lower and lower, until he almost gagged and backed off. Then he began a slow up and down, breathing noisily through his nose and humming in satisfaction.

After six or seven slow head bobs, Ryan said, “I thought you were just going to check the hairless parts.”

Lucas pulled back and circled the wide flared ridge of his dad’s cockhead before pressing his lips against the tip and giving it a deep, wide-lipped kiss. Without looking up, he said, “This part is hairless, too.” Then he gobbled up his father’s prick again.

Ryan leaned his head back against the tiled wall, watching his son suck him. The boy was so intense, his eyes slits and full of lust. Each time he’d reach the top, he’d let the head escape with a wet plop and an eager little sound of hunger as he’d gulp him down again. Just as he began to moan in pleasure, Lucas changed it up by taking a play out of Ryan’s book. Concentrating just on the bloated head and the frenulum, Lucas began to rapidly bob his head, wet, eager sucking sounds competing with the rain of water.

Just as Ryan was beginning to wonder how many orgasms he might have in him today, Lucas stopped. Ryan’s eyes had closed and he opened them to find his son looking at him.

“Hey, Dad?”

“Yeah?” he asked, breathing a bit ragged.

“You know when you licked my butthole? Was that gross?”


“It didn’t taste like poop?”

“Well, I don’t know what poop tastes like, but no. It just tasted like Lucas. A bit sweaty, like when I licked your armpits, or those adorable little nuts.”

“Oh,” Lucas said, looking through his dad’s dick and chewing his lip.

“Could I see yours? Your butthole?”

“I… guess so. If you really want to see it,” Ryan said hesitantly.

“Yeah, show me,” Lucas grinned.

Shrugging, Ryan leaned down from the bench and went to all fours on the floor. “Enjoy the show,” Ryan said.

Lucas squatted down behind his dad, looking for a few seconds, and then he reached out and spread the muscular cheeks wider. More time passed. “It looks weird,” Lucas finally pronounced.

“You’ve never seen an asshole?”

“Well, sorta. I mean, you see them in porns, but I never really looked close. I just wanted to see cocks. And I looked at mine once with a mirror but that was when I was a little kid and I couldn’t really see it all that good.” Another pause. “It looks sorta like a pink bullet hole. Like when that guy shot your car window with a BB gun?”

Ryan snorted. “I think you mean when you shot my car window with a BB gun.”

“I told you. It was a guy. Some guy with a beard and he was running around with a BB gun.”

“Uh huh. You were eight, and you were hanging out with that Devon kid who just happened to be shooting cans with a BB gun an hour earlier.”

“The beardy guy musta stoled it,” Lucas said. And then he giggled. “Anyway, that’s sorta what it looks like.” Then he reached out and poked at it.

Ryan flinched and looked back over his shoulder. “Hey, don’t just go pokin’ around back there.”

“You put your finger in mine,” Lucas said reasonably.

“Okay, first, you asked me to put my finger in there as I recall. And second, you seem to like having things poked in there. I don’t.”

“What did you poke in there?”

“I… well, nothing. That’s just the way I like it.”

“But how do you know if you never did it?”

“Stop being reasonable,” Ryan complained.

“Did anyone ever lick it?”

“No. Why? Are you volunteering?”

“Maybe,” Lucas said. “Can you wash it first?”

“Why? Is it dirty?”

“No. Gross. I just mean… you know. To make extra, extra sure.”

Looking amused, Ryan rose to his feet and stepped under the water. He squirted some body wash into his palm from the dispenser on a shelf and proceeded to wash his asshole. He even slipped a finger up in there, though he felt a bit weird about it. Then he rinsed, inside and out, and asked, “Good?”

Lucas looked uncertain, easy to tell because of the lip chewing, but he said, “I guess so.”

So Ryan took his place once again on the tile floor. He just looked at the floor and waited, honestly unsure of what was coming. Was Lucas going to lick him? Finger him? Hell, was he going to fuck him? He contemplated what that might be like, and surprised himself that he wasn’t wholly against the idea. He wondered what four inches of slender boycock would feel like in one’s asshole.

Ryan flinched only slightly when he felt his son’s hands on his ass. They rubbed the firmly muscled globes, then he felt a bit of weight on them, and finally, hot breath on his flesh.

“Don’t fart!” Lucas said, and Ryan laughed.

Then Ryan felt the most tentative of touches against his pucker. That was followed up a few long moments later by another, slightly more assertive touch. It was Lucas’ tongue, and Ryan couldn’t help a small shiver. Then his son full on licked him. Then again.

“It’s weird,” came the verdict, “but I like it. It doesn’t taste like anything bad. It feels good though, don’t it?”

“It does,” Ryan decided.

The tongue returned, flattened now and taking long, slow sweeps. Then Lucas lifted his bald balls and licked them a few times before licking from just behind them to a couple of inches past his asshole. Then Lucas was concentrating his attention there. Again and again. Ryan’s cock was throbbing, and he felt pleasure radiating outward from his sensitive pucker. He’d never felt anything like it.

Then the tongue stiffened and began to poke. Ryan had heard or read that gay guys who wanted to get fucked, or women he supposed, those who enjoyed anal, relaxed their sphincter, and even pushed out a bit like they were attempting to move their bowels. Ryan was scared to do that to Lucas, not fully confident in the result, but he did try to relax back there, and after a few seconds Lucas’ tongue slid into him.

Ryan moaned. He couldn’t help it. Lucas’ tongue was hot and wet and slippery and it was twirling around all these surprisingly sensitive little folds of flesh back there. “Feels really good, Lucas,” he said.

“Tell me to do it, Dad,” Lucas said, reaching up between his legs to grab his cock. “Tell me.”

It took a moment for Ryan to get it. He still didn’t feel comfortable with this thing of his son’s, but he wanted to make him happy so… “Eat my ass, boy,” he said, cringing a bit.

Lucas slipped his tongue in again, thrust it three or four times. “More, Daddy,” Lucas panted, his hand moving a bit frantically on Ryan’s cock.

“Eat it,” Ryan said a bit more forcefully. “Tongue that asshole.” Lucas groaned and attacked his father’s asshole with more vigor. There was a phrase sitting in Ryan’s head, sort of spinning there darkly, making him feel very ill at ease, but he knew that Lucas would get something out of it. It felt so wrong, but… “Yeah… eat my ass, you little faggot.”

“Uhnn, Daddy. Fuck, Daddy,” Lucas cried, stricken, not with disgust, but with a sexual fervor. He quickly left Ryan’s backside, coming around to his front. In a wildly athletic move, he grabbed his father’s neck and shot his body between his arms so that he was laid out underneath his dad.

“Say it again, Daddy,” Lucas begged, pulling himself up to kiss his father hard on the mouth.

Ryan kissed him right back, shoving his tongue into his boy’s mouth. He lowered his body, only slightly supporting himself, enough for Lucas to feel the weight of him crushing him. He kissed him almost cruelly, then he leaned down and growled in his ear, “You’re my little faggot aren’t you?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Lucas gasped.

“My sexy little cocksucking faggot boy.”

“I am!” Lucas panted. “Your little faggot boy. Do it, Daddy. Fuck me now. Fuck my ass with your big cock, Daddy.”

“I told you I’d give it to later, faggot,” Ryan growled, but he just hated the sound of it and decided he wouldn’t use it anymore. There had to be something else that would turn his son on. “I’d tear your little asshole apart, boy.”

“I want it,” Lucas moaned.

“You want it?” Ryan asked. The pleas to fuck his son were seriously getting to him. He wasn’t going to do it. He’d have to build up to it somehow. He wanted to do some reading on the internet. Still, the begging, so fucking sexy from his sex-starved little gay boy, those were affecting him.


Ryan rose to his knees, cock swaying. “You want it?” he growled, bodily lifting his son and flipping him over. He pushed Lucas’ face against the tile while lifting his ass into the air. Lucas was panting and trembling.

Spying the tiny pink pucker between his son’s gorgeous asscheeks, he spit on his palm and rubbed it over his fat knob, smearing it together there with the dripping precum. Then, holding Lucas at his abdomen with one hand, he lined up his cock with the other. He felt the immediate resistance, and he pushed. Nothing. He pushed harder, and Lucas grunted. Straining a bit, he watched his son’s tiny asshole begin to spread to fit his fat cockhead. Wider and wider, until he was in maybe three-quarters of an inch. Lucas’ legs were trembling, and he was letting out a pained moan. Just a tiny bit more, feeling the growing resistance, and Lucas gave a pained cry and his asshole clamped down, forcing him out.

Ryan laid down on the floor and he pulled his son to him, cuddling him against his body, caressing his face. “That’s why, honey,” he said gently. “I want it, too, Lucas. I do. I dream about fucking that sweet little ass of yours, but not yet. We’ll work toward it, okay?”

“Okay, Dad,” he said softly. Then, “I love you, Dad.”

“I love you, too, baby. Now be a good boy and suck Daddy’s cock, because if I don’t cum soon I’m gonna be hurting.”

Lucas grinned up at him and said, “Okay, Daddy.”

“Oh, and, you know, if you want to try a finger back there, I guess I’d be okay with that.”

Lucas giggled and said, “My daddy is just so naughty.

End of part seven

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