Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 13

Adam spied the boy hurrying from the front entrance of the junior high school. Usually, Isaiah strolled out to the car, chatting with one or two other students. Now, though, his gait was long and hurried. He practically threw himself in the passenger’s seat and burst into tears.

“Hey, what’s wrong?”

The boy shook his head, “Just get me the fuck out of here, please, Adam.”

A car horn behind him reminded Adam others were waiting in line. After pulling out of the school’s long drive, he said, “Hey, now, we’re out of there. What’s wrong?”

Tears streamed down Isaiah’s face, his eyes red-rimmed, “Ja’Quille called me a faggot.”

Adam had no idea who Ja’Quille was, but he could feel a dagger poised at his heart and felt for his young boyfriend. “Why’d he do that?”

Isaiah wiped his eyes with his shirtsleeve, “He saw me hugging you at the game, said only queers hug like that.”

Adam felt anger boiling up from within. Part of his anger was at this unknown seventh-grader named Ja’Quille. Part of it was because seventh graders could be intolerably cruel. And part of it was at a society that required his relationship with his young boyfriend remain hidden.

He put a hand on Isaiah’s leg, “Did you tell him whether you’re gay or not is none of his business?”

Isaiah’s normally cheerful countenance was stormy, “I’ve told a couple of my friends I’m gay. But not that asshole. It didn’t stop him from telling me I’m going to Hell because God doesn’t like faggots!”

Adam pulled under the carport, “That’s bullshit, Isaiah.”

“Is it? I mean, Mom wanted me to go to church so that I’d stop feeling bad about trying to hug Josh.”

Thinking back over the past months, Adam chuckled, “How’d that work out for you?”

Isaiah let a giggle out between sobs, “Well, I found you there. Maybe not too bad.”

As they headed into the house, he added, “When we’re together, I feel more alive and more excited about stuff than any other time. I’m not really going to Hell for that, am I?”

Once inside the house, Adam closed the door and turned and enveloped Isaiah into a fierce hug, “Hell, no. I don’t want you thinking like that. God doesn’t hate you or me, just because we love each other.”

Isaiah collapsed on the couch, “Forget that stupid Ja’Quille, but even at Wakefield doing gay stuff, they’d say is wrong. Right?”

Adam sat down next to the boy, “I’m not sure how to think about it, except for feeling just like you. I love you more than anyone else, Isaiah. The only reason I don’t shout it from the highest mountain is that a lot of people wouldn’t understand or approve of my love; they’d say you’re too young for me. When you’re old enough that people won’t crucify me, I’ll tell anyone and everyone that we love each other.”

Isaiah shifted and climbed into his lap, “I guess youth group leaders don’t know much either.”

Adam wrapped his arms around the boy’s waist, “Not this one.”

“You’re still studying to go into the ministry, though,” Isaiah said, “I don’t want to go to Hell, but I don’t want to not be with you even more.”

Adam pulled Isaiah into a short kiss. “I’m still studying for it because that’s what my scholarship is for. I don’t think I’m cut out to be a preacher or even a youth pastor, though. But I hope I can still figure out a way to help people.”

Isaiah wore a lopsided smile, “Is there anyone I could talk to that could help me understand?”

Adam thought about Pastor Rich. He wasn’t sure if he would have any answers to help Isaiah’s conflict. After all, Adam felt the same tear in his spirit. After talking with Rich, there were two things he’d known for certain. First, he’d never be a pastor. The second was his relationship with Isaiah didn’t change God’s love for him.

“Maybe. Let me make a phone call tomorrow.”

Then Adam leaned forward and explored the inside of Isaiah’s mouth with his tongue. The boy moaned and inched forward on his lap until their chests touched. One thing led to another, and a bit later, Adam had traded places with Isaiah, who now sat on the couch with his shirt and pants on the floor.

When Adam pulled the boy’s red briefs down, he was pretty sure the boy was nearly three and a half inches. But as he ran his hands across Isaiah’s pubic area, it was still silky smooth. He envied the boy a smoothness that took no effort to maintain. It was silly to think that, but Adam didn’t much care as he bent down and took Isaiah in his mouth.

Adam took his time licking and sucking the boy. He took the small orbs in the boy’s scrotum in his mouth and then licked Isaiah’s shaft, breathing in the boy’s prepubescent sweaty scent as he became aroused. Then he alternated between bobbing and sucking. Yes, he thought, Isaiah was definitely a bit larger than when they had started a few months before. The thought of watching his young lover grow, get bigger and leave childhood behind was intoxicating.

The twelve-year-old squirmed on the couch. Adam could tell he was getting close. When Isaiah threw his head back and loudly moaned, his whole body shook. Adam felt the little nail grow even harder, and then a few jets of watery cum splattered the back of his throat.

Isaiah groaned, “Fuck, yeah. Suck it!”

The front door opened, and Amanda walked in. Adam froze. He knelt between the boy’s legs. Isaiah’s penis was still in his mouth. So was the boy’s semen.

Amanda did a one-eighty, “Oh, shit! What the hell, boys? Couldn’t you take this to your room?”

Adam swallowed the boy’s sweet and salty nectar and let Isaiah’s appendage slip out. He pivoted around and sat next to the boy. “Um, sorry,” he managed.

Isaiah grinned up at his mom. “What? You don’t mind, do you?”

Despite the boy’s erection pointing heavenward, Amanda turned back to face them, “Not minding isn’t the same thing as seeing the two of you. I’d at least like to pretend my little boy and his boyfriend are innocently playing video games.”

Adam had gotten to know Amanda well over the past few months, and he could tell her voice was mostly exasperation. There was no heat behind it. Still, she didn’t want to see what they were doing.

He said, “Come on, Isaiah, let’s go back to our bedroom.”

Isaiah was almost to the door when Amanda stopped him. “Everything okay?”

Adam wanted to tell her everything was fine. But it wasn’t. He explained about Isaiah’s run-in with the other seventh-grader.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake,” she groaned. “That’s the last thing Isaiah needs to worry about.”

“I’m at the same place, Amanda. I know what he’s going through. If it’s okay with you, I’m going to schedule a time for him to visit Pastor Rich. He helped me when I realized I was gay. I’d like to think he can do the same for Isaiah.”

Amanda pursed her lips, “Maybe. But Wakefield doesn’t seem very supportive to me, Adam. Pastor Rich included it in one of his sermons recently as a sin. Are you sure?”

Ignoring the boner he’d gotten while blowing his young boyfriend, Adam nodded, “Yeah. I think it’ll help.”

Amanda finally nodded, “Okay. Now get out of here.”

Adam headed toward the bedroom. It was his turn now.


“Hey, Isaiah, thanks for coming by,” Pastor Rich said as he stretched out his hand.

Isaiah shot a worried glance at Adam before taking the pastor’s hand. “H-hi Pastor Rich.”

Everyone at Wakefield called him Pastor Rich, not Pastor Miller. A few even just called him Rich. The informality helped put Isaiah at ease as he came into the pastor’s study.

Adam stayed at the door, offering a smile of encouragement.

Pastor Rich had a battered desk against one wall. Behind it were big bay windows. But the pastor guided him to a pair of comfortable chairs against another wall. When the boy sat, the pastor said, “Adam will be waiting for you.”

Isaiah bit his lip, “Um, I’d rather he stay. Is that okay?”

Pastor Rich waved his boyfriend into the office, “Sure. Adam, have a seat while me and Isaiah have a chat.”

A moment later, the pastor sat opposite Isaiah, “So, Adam says you’re having a rough time. A kid at school bullying you?”

Isaiah nodded, “Yeah. I mean, yes, sir.”

A smile creased the pastor’s face, making him look years younger than his nearly fifty years. “Pastor Rich or just Rich is fine. Why do you think he was bullying you?”

Isaiah couldn’t help himself. He glanced at Adam for strength. Once the young man nodded, Isaiah said in a voice barely above a whisper, “I, uh, am gay.”

The minister nodded slightly, unperturbed by his hesitant declaration. “When did you realize this?”

The boy counted the months. March through December. “Almost a year ago.”

Pastor Rich leaned back, “Before you and your mom joined our little congregation. Perhaps what you’re feeling is a passing phase, Isaiah. Boys your age experiment with other boys a lot. Keep that in mind. But for now, I’m going to take you at your word. Okay?”

For some reason, Pastor Rich’s non-threatening demeanor made him relax a bit.

The pastor continued, “Look, I’m not going to try to tell you you’re not gay. That’s between you and God. Instead, ask me what’s on your mind.”

Isaiah breathed a silent breath of relief. Since Adam had told him he’d schedule some time with Pastor Rich, the boy had been brimming with questions. He said, “Am I going to Hell? A boy at school said that I was.”

Pastor Rich’s lips thinned, “You want the simple answer or the complicated one?”

Why do people have to be so complicated? Isaiah’s sigh filled the room, causing both the men to chuckle lightly. Frowning slightly at Adam, the boy said, “Whichever one is the right one.”

Pastor Rich laughed, “Oh, you’ve got a smart kid here, Adam.”

He grew serious, “Stop me at any point if you don’t understand me. The short answer is that we believe salvation is through Jesus alone. Nothing else matters. If you accepted Jesus as your savior, then that’s it.”

Isaiah had been baptized at the last church he and his mom had attended before moving here. What Pastor Rich said matched up with what the pastor at that other church said. But it couldn’t be that easy. “Why’d that kid say I was going to hell? I’ve seen stuff online that says the same thing. That a gay person is going to go to hell.”

The pastor leaned forward, “Are you familiar with binary code? Ones and zeroes?”

Isaiah wasn’t terribly interested in computers, but he’d read about ones and zeroes as a computer language. He nodded.

The pastor said, “Well, some people think things are easy. You’re a Christian, you’re not a Christian. You’re gay, you’re straight. You’re fat, you’re thin. Of course, there are lots more examples. But they think if you’re a Christian, then you can’t be gay.”

The way Pastor Rich spoke, Isaiah got the impression he wasn’t impressed with that line of reasoning. “But that’s not how I feel.”

“Exactly. There’s only one person who can judge your relationship with God. That person is you.”

Isaiah nodded. That made sense. Still, he had more questions. “So, it’s not a sin?”

Pastor Rich smiled and shook his head, “A person’s relationship with God is sacred, Isaiah. But it doesn’t mean they’re without sin. The Bible lists many sins, things that if we do them, we’re going against God’s plan for our lives. The boy who cheats on his test, the girl who bullies other students, the boy who lies to his parents, someone who steals from others. Those are just a few examples, but all of them are wrong. I believe homosexual acts are part of those things that are wrong.”

“Oh,” Isaiah said, his head resting on his chest and his eyes looking at the carpet.

“Isaiah,” Pastor Rich said, “I don’t think God puts homosexual behavior any higher on his list of things we should abstain from than any of those other sins. Do you think someone who lies can’t get into Heaven?”

“Of course not,” Isaiah said. “Well, I guess it depends on the lie.”

Pastor Rich smiled, “I’m not sure about that. Other Christian groups think differently, but I hold to the idea once you become a Christian, you’re always saved. Oh, I know, there are plenty of people who are looking to fill that full of holes, but that’s what I believe.”

Isaiah lifted his head, “So, because I’m a Christian, I’m going to heaven even though I’m gay?”

Pastor Rich gave him a slight smile. “I don’t think your sexual preference has anything to do with your salvation, Isaiah.” He paused, his eyes getting a faraway stare. After a moment, he refocused on the boy, “If you end up in a homosexual relationship, you may find yourself living with a bit of a disconnect between your faith as a Christian and your lifestyle. If that happens, my door is always open to you.”

Then his eyes drifted over to Adam, who had been quietly listening the entire time, “You’re not alone in what you’re feeling, Isaiah. I know one other young man who is wrestling with the same challenges. Just like I told him, the doors of Wakefield are always open to you. I’m not going to tell you that if you live a homosexual lifestyle that we’ll approve of that choice. But, the doors will always be open to you.”

Isaiah cut a quick glance at Adam and flashed his lover a quick smile. “So, if I’m gay, I can still come to church? You’re not going to kick me out if I, um, have a gay, uh boyfriend?”

The pastor’s cheeks turned a shade of scarlet before he chuckled, “Isaiah, we’re a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints. There are a lot of people sitting in those pews on Sunday whose lives are messed up. Of course, you and your, um, boyfriend would be welcome.”

While Isaiah felt somewhat better, he didn’t fully understand. It was very evident Pastor Rich viewed homosexual acts as sins. And Isaiah would rather die than give up what he had with Adam. But Pastor Rich wanted him to keep coming to church. That wasn’t what he’d expected. “That’s cool,” he managed as his mind worked over the conversation.

Pastor Rich reached out and put a hand on Isaiah’s shoulder, “If you want to visit some more, tell Adam or call my office. I’m here to help. Before my next appointment gets here, do you boys mind if I say a quick prayer?”

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