Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 12

“Are you sure I look okay?” Isaiah said with another glance at his blue jeans and button-down yellow shirt. Although the only person who mattered was sitting in the driver’s seat, the boy still wanted to look his best.

“Yeah, super-hot,” Adam said as he put the car into park. “If we weren’t in the middle of the high school parking lot, I’d show you just how hot you are.”

Isaiah loved how his boyfriend could make his cheeks turn red, but not quite as much as he made other parts of the boy respond. “I liked the kiss you gave me before we left the pizza parlor parking lot.”

It has been daring, too. The parking lot had been crowded. Isaiah and Adam hadn’t been the only people who had gone there before the big game, although the boy hadn’t recognized anyone. They had all been high schoolers with their dates. But, after Adam had held the passenger side door open for him and then came around to the driver’s side, the young man had reached over the console and pulled Isaiah close enough to steal a kiss. The only thing Isaiah would have found more erotic is if there had been anyone nearby in the parking lot.

Adam reached over the console and lightly tousled Isaiah’s hair, “Yeah. I could tell. What a shame we have to cool our jets for a few hours. Think we can pretend to be just friends until the game’s over?”

Isaiah flashed a grin, “We’ll see. Let’s go before all the good seats are gone.”

The boy was out of the car and waiting for Adam to grab a jacket and come around to his side. It was hard not to hold his hand as they walked toward the gate. Sure, Adam was his boyfriend, but they hardly ever went out, so the notion of masking their relationship was hard on Isaiah. After all, his mom had come to accept Adam as something between a son and younger brother. At least that’s how it seemed to Isaiah.

Once they handed over their tickets, they made their way into the stands and found a spot fairly high up, close to the fifty-yard-line. Even though he wasn’t supposed to show any affection, Isaiah leaned his head against Adam’s shoulder, but when the young man didn’t complain or correct him, the boy settled in and waited for the kick-off.

Once the game started, leaning against Adam became a thing of the past. The fans in the bleachers were on their feet, cheering for their team most of the time. Isaiah and Adam were right there with the rest of the crowd, cheering them on.

The visiting team was the only other team in their district also undefeated. By the last half of the fourth quarter, the home team was ahead by a field goal when the visitors intercepted the ball and ran it most of the way back, only missing a touchdown by ten yards. On their first down, they ran the ball down the middle but lost a yard when the running back was tackled before he could get across the line of scrimmage.

On the second down, the visiting team’s quarterback tried the same tactic. This time, the running back managed to claw his way forward, not going down until he was inside the seven-yard-line. On the third down, the visiting team’s quarterback snapped the ball laterally to his wide receiver, who would have made it into the endzone, save for the home team’s cornerback taking him out just outside of the one-yard-line.

Everyone in the stands was on their feet. If the visitors scored, then they would probably win the district title. If the home team won, then they were nearly a shoo-in for the district title. And all that stood between their foes taking that title away from Isaiah’s team was one measly yard.

After a short timeout, the opposing team kept the same players on the field. They were going to go for it! Isaiah climbed on the bleacher to see over the heads of the people in front of him. He had to see it. Could his team stop the ball?

The quarterback snapped the ball. And handed off the ball to his running back, who veered around the defensive linebackers. The home team’s safety and one of the linebackers took him down right in front of the goal.

The crowd went wild. Isaiah jumped up and down and then threw his arms around Adam and gave him a big hug, “We’re gonna win, Adam! There’s only a couple of minutes left on the clock!”

He stayed with his arms around his boyfriend until Adam gently removed his arms from his neck before giving him a sly wink.

And the clock wound down as the home team took possession of the ball and ran the clock out on a series of three more plays. Again, Isaiah didn’t care about a little hug; who could object to that? This time, he climbed onto Adam’s back and grabbed around the young man’s neck and enjoyed the feel of his boyfriend. He was especially happy when Adam carried him back to the car, riding on his back the whole way.

When they got home, Adam put the car into park and reached across the console and pulled him into his lap, “God, feeling your boner poking me in the back from the bleachers to the car was enough to drive me insane.”

Isaiah melted against him as the young man’s tongue trespassed his mouth. The hint of pepperoni betrayed Adam’s choice of pizza from earlier. The larger tongue in his mouth made Isaiah long for their familiar intimacy, and his hand pushed against the young man’s jeans, where he felt Adam’s erection outlined in his pants.

Isaiah needed more. He opened the driver’s door and slid out. Before bolting toward the front door, he said, “Last one into the bedroom gets fucked first!”


When Adam closed the front door, he saw Amanda lying on the couch. She had a box of tissues sitting on her lap. Before he could ask, he noticed she was watching some tear-jerker. She waved at him as she set the box on the floor. “Isaiah made a bee-line for the bedroom. Said it was a race. How was the date?”

Even after ten weeks, the heat radiated to Adam’s face, despite Amanda’s knowledge of what he and Isaiah were doing behind their closed door. “Good. The football team won. Isaiah had a good time.”

Amanda smiled. Although she had been incredibly supportive of his relationship with Isaiah, Adam was still embarrassed that she knew pretty much everything going on. It wasn’t like the boy was a quiet lover. “I imagine he’s expecting a good time tonight.”

Then she nodded toward Adam’s pants. His erection was still making an indention in his jeans. “Looks like both of you are looking for a good time.”

The crimson in his face spread up and down, “Um, really?”

The young woman chuckled, “It’s really weird and kind of messed up, but let me joke about it. It makes it easier for me knowing how much you love each other. Now, go on, get your ashes hauled.”

Adam headed toward the bedroom, trying not to think too deeply about how Amanda coped with his relationship with her son. When he opened the bedroom door, he spied Isaiah on the lower bunk. He was naked, his three inches pointing directly at the top bunk. “What took you so long? Was thinking you got lost or kidnapped.”

The twinkle in Isaiah’s eyes showed his words to be trash talk. Adam pulled his shirt off, “Well, your mom just wanted to make sure that I put some duct tape over your mouth so she could get some sleep.”

Isaiah had the good grace to blush. “Well, when it feels so good, it’s hard to be quiet.”

Adam unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down, “I guess she’s going to hear you moan like a banshee tonight.”

The boy’s flush deepened, “But I won. It’s my turn.”

Adam let his blue briefs fall to the floor before he let his erection lead him over to the bed, “That’s fine, lover-boy, but the night is young.”

Adam dove onto the bed, grabbing at Isaiah as the boy tried wiggling free. The young man’s fingers ran up and down the boy’s ribs, eliciting peals of laughter. By the time his young lover could stammer out a “S-stop,” Adam lay nearly on top of Isaiah.

The boy’s brown eyes, not much different than his own, drew him in like nothing else could. Somewhere deep inside, Adam knew the boy was on the cusp of puberty. It was even possible he would outgrow their affair as he grew from boy, to teen, to man. Part of Adam would always be drawn to Isaiah, the boy, but he hungered to see how the boy would grow into a man.

His hands rested on Isaiah’s chest, “I love you, Isaiah Luke Clayton.”

The playful expression on the boy’s face gave way to an uncharacteristically meditative one, “At school, sometimes when I think about you, my heart thunders in my chest because I just want to be with you. I know I’m only in the seventh grade, and I’m just a kid, but I’ll always love you, Adam Weston.”

Adam kissed the boy’s neck before drifting down his body, suckling on Isaiah’s small nipples until they grew hard under his tongue. Then, he dug his tongue into the indention of the boy’s belly button. Despite being ticklish, Isaiah quietly chuckled as his fingers ran through Adam’s straight, brown hair. He only gasped when the young man’s tongue caressed his glans.


Adam slipped the boy’s erect penis into his mouth. Isaiah felt larger than when they had first started more than two months before. Perhaps slightly thicker around and a bit longer. But if that were so, Adam couldn’t have cared less as he sucked the boy.

He hadn’t been down on the boy for long when his young lover pushed him up and said, “Two can play at this game. Flip around.”

Happy to oblige his young lover, Adam pivoted until his midsection was poised over Isaiah’s face. Once the boy’s tongue licked across his glans, the young man went down again on the boy, eager to bring him to orgasm first.

Adam’s nose was filled with a sweaty smell unique to Isaiah. It was one that drove him crazy with lust, and he alternated between licking and sucking on his lover’s little tool until Isaiah stopped sucking on him as he wiggled his butt as pressure built.

“Ahh! Fuck!” the boy cried out as his hips bucked upward, and he spasmed. There was more watery seed now than ten weeks before. A second drop hit the back of Adam’s throat. With a hint of something akin to sweet and salty peanuts, the boy’s ejaculate was still sweet in Adam’s mouth, but with a bit more saltiness, too.

When Adam pulled back, Isaiah’s penis remained erect. That was another delight Adam found in the boy. He could stay erect through multiple orgasms. At twenty, it didn’t take him very long to recharge his batteries, but the boy had hardly any downtime.

Isaiah slapped his butt, “Roll over. I want to be on top.”

Once repositioned, the boy returned to Adam’s penis, bobbing up and down with all the practice and experience two months had given him, even teasing Adam with his tongue. The young man didn’t last long, the feeling in his balls bubbling up, until he moaned, “Cumming!”

Isaiah pushed forward until Adam felt the boy’s tonsils, and then he shuddered as his penis spasmed, sending a load down the boy’s throat. It was followed by a handful more spurts. As his orgasm slowly retreated, Adam enjoyed the powerful feelings as the boy pulled his mouth back until just the young man’s glans remained inside.

When Isaiah finally let his softening penis slip from his mouth, Adam found himself aroused by a hint of something shiny on the boy’s lips, the only sign from swallowing his cum. The young man pulled the boy up to his face, where the taste of his own seed on the boy’s lips was intoxicating.

After long kisses, the boy pulled back and squatted on his knees. His erection pointed toward the top bunk. “That was fun. Now, it’s my turn.”

Without waiting for permission, Isaiah spread the young man’s legs a bit wider and then reached under the mattress for some KY, which Adam had recently bought. After smearing a bit on his penis, he leaned forward, barely waiting as his slender cock pushed through Adam’s muscle ring. Of course, since discovering the joys of anal sex a week before, they had practiced it almost nightly since then.

Isaiah rocked his hips back and forth, in short jabs designed to keep him inside Adam. Despite his three inches, the boy’s tip found the sweet spot inside Adam, and the young man felt a special tingling growing inside him. Normally, Isaiah shot his seed within a couple of minutes, before the growing feeling inside Adam would come to completion. But with only a few minutes since his last eruption, Isaiah seemed to settle on a gentle rocking motion.

He murmured, “You feel like the perfect glove, Adam. I could do this all night.”

The young man couldn’t complain. Especially each time the boy’s penis hit his prostate. “You fill me up, Isaiah. It’s like having something just right in me.”

After another lingering kiss, the boy slipped back into a pleasurable rhythm. Adam wasn’t sure how much time had passed when the intense feelings spilled out from his prostate, and his semi-erection shook with an orgasm from much deeper than normal. White, sticky prostatic fluid covered his stomach as the orgasm crashed over his entire body. Somewhere inside his mind, he realized this was the feeling Isaiah had received each time he made love to the twelve-year-old. And it intense beyond words.

And still, Isaiah kept moving, although he picked up his pace at the sight of the young man’s orgasm. And a few minutes later, while Adam’s prostate orgasm continued to wrack his body, Isaiah shuddered and collapsed on top of him as the boy came again.

Time lacked meaning to Adam. He wasn’t sure how long Isaiah lay atop him, but one thing was sure. The twelve-year-old’s erection never flagged or faltered. And after a bit, Adam’s returned. Even so, he didn’t have the energy or desire to climb atop the boy. Instead, he turned on his side and spooned his young lover after preparing himself to invade the boy’s tightness.

Once Adam felt himself pushing on the boy’s sphincter, he was rewarded by Isaiah pushing against him as the boy cooed, “Oh, fuck, that feels good. We are going to do this all night!”

Adam doubted he had much stamina remaining, but that didn’t stop him from pulling the boy deeper into his embrace as well as burying himself deeper in Isaiah. When the boy shuddered, Adam said, “I should have gone slower. Did I hurt you?”

Isaiah shook his head, “You’re good. It barely even hurt when you pushed it in. It feels really good inside me. Don’t stop.”

Despite exhaustion tugging at him, Adam rocked back and forth on his hips, slowly sliding in and out of Isaiah. The boy’s rectum pulled on his penis as if trying to keep him embedded within him. The best of it was despite how good and tight Isaiah felt on him, the tingling at the base of his penis was a long time arriving and longer still building up.

Isaiah shook in his embrace as his orgasm wracked his entire body. Adam wrapped his fingers around the boy and tried to make the prostatic orgasm even more intense. Of course, the fact the boy had nothing left in reserve only intensified his orgasm.

By the time Adam finally felt his balls constrict, Isaiah barely moved in his arms. His moans were soft, no louder than a whisper. The young man’s eruption filled his young lover’s bowels, and in the protracted moment of his orgasm, Adam passed out.

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