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Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 9

Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 9

Adam glanced at the time in the laptop’s taskbar and sighed. He’d spent the last three hours explaining in an essay how the Reformation impacted the Age of Reason, and he was ready to be done. He had a bit of time before he needed to pick Isaiah up from school. The boy was ecstatic not needing to take the bus home most days, although with the school year barely a week underway, Adam was new to the routine.

He saved the Word document and closed the laptop. The paper wasn’t due until Monday, and he was nearly finished. At least with the first draft. As he climbed off the lower bunk, he felt a familiar pressure on his bladder and headed across the hall to the bathroom. When he unfastened his jeans and pulled down the front of his blue briefs, a bit of talcum powder escaped, forming a faint cloud over the toilet. He’d done his best to ignore the occasional itching, but he took a moment to pull his pants down to inspect the damage.

It had started a couple of days before, between the time Isaiah got home from school, and Amanda returned from work. He’d been cuddling with the boy on his bunk in just their underwear when Isaiah shoved his hand down the front of Adam’s underwear.

“When’d you get hair down here?” he had asked as his fingers ran through the curly mass.

With Isaiah’s hand so close, it was impossible not to bone up, “I was probably thirteen. Why?”

The boy’s fingers wrapped around his shaft, “I like how smooth your dick is compared to the rest of you. It feels nice when I touch it.”

Adam wasn’t about to let Isaiah have all the fun. He snaked his fingers down the front of the boy’s underwear. As he ran his fingers across the boy’s smooth pubic area, he said, “How’s this feel?”

Giggling, the boy said, “Better when you do it. I like it when you touch me.”

Adam wrapped his fingers around the boy’s growing protrusion, “Me too. Do you like it better when you touch my body or when I touch yours?”

The young man was genuinely curious. If someone had told him at the start of the summer that he was going to be passionately in love by the time school started back up, he’d have laughed in their face. If they’d told him it would be with a pre-teen, he’d have denied it to heaven. But now he was head-over-heels in love with Isaiah, and he wanted to know what about their intimacy the boy enjoyed the most.

Isaiah was thoughtfully silent for a bit as he pulled on Adam’s underwear, freeing his erection from the brief’s constraints. “I like them both. But I like how your skin feels on me when you touch me. I wonder if it’ll feel as good once I get hair down there.”

Adam had let his fingers glide over the boy’s pubic area before returning to stroking his boner, “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to keep the hair. Some guys shave their body hair.”

As the boy’s hand sped up on Adam’s penis, he said, “Have you ever done that?”

“Yeah. I had a friend back when I was your age. His name was Clint, and we fooled around some. Anyway, when I started getting hair down there, he talked me into shaving it.”

The boy’s rhythm didn’t stop, as Adam felt the first tingling tremor in his penis. “Why’d you start shaving it?”

Clint’s moving away for college had given Adam time to try to leave the gay sex behind. Given how the young man now realized how fruitless his earlier denial had been, he didn’t want to burden the boy with all the details. He said, “After Clint left, I didn’t see any point in shaving it. Looks kind of weird when you’re fourteen and showering in PE, and all your pubes are gone.”

Considering the boy’s questions, Adam asked, “Why? Do you not like my pubic hair?”

Isaiah was silent; his hand barely jacking up and down on Adam’s erection. “It’s cool. I like it just fine. After all, it’s on you, and I love everything about you, boyfriend.”

A few seconds later, Adam pulled Isaiah’s underwear down and began stroking his penis with his thumb and forefinger. Before long, the boy’s hand stopped going up and down on him as Adam stroked the boy to orgasm. Just like the first time, Isaiah had a clear, shiny pearl beading on his pee slit. Unlike before, he swiped his finger across the boy’s glans and deposited the tiny amount on his finger before putting his finger in his mouth. The small amount barely had any taste, perhaps slightly sweet.

After getting off, the boy resumed his assault of the young man’s erection until a few minutes later, the boy splattered Adam’s seed across both of them.

That had a few days before. And now, as Adam ran his fingers across his smooth pubic area, he tried to find any imperfections in his effort to shave himself, but he was smooth. In fact, he lifted his shirt, all the way up, and felt the artificial smoothness of the area under his belly and across his chest. It had taken a while, but two razorblades later, he had shaved every bit of hair he could reach below his neck.

As he emptied his bladder, Adam muttered, “The things I do for that boy. He’s got no idea how difficult it was to get to some parts.”

Adam had pulled away from the curb after letting Isaiah buckle up. “T.G.I.F,” the boy said once they were underway.

“How was the first week back?” Adam asked.

Isaiah shrugged, “Not bad. Did you finish the paper you said you had?”

“Almost. But I’m not going to let it get in the way of a certain twelve-year-old’s birthday bash.”

The boy grinned. “Last year, Mom wanted to take me out to a Pizza buffet, but they were still closed because of the virus. She tell you what she’s planning?”

Amanda had told Adam. It didn’t seem like much, but she swore the boy would be happy with pizza, gifts, and movies. When he’d asked her how she knew that would be enough, she told him that all Isaiah wanted was to spend time with Adam. Pizza and movies were just icing on the cake. Of course, she’d also have a cake with chocolate icing.

“You’ll just have to wait until she gets home,” Adam said cryptically. Although he had bought the boy a gift card for his console, the real gift was later, after they’d retired to their room. He was nervous about what Isaiah would think of his smooth body. Given how bits and parts itched a bit, he hoped the boy would like it.

By the time they got home, it was pushing four in the afternoon. As Adam parked in the second spot under the carport, he said, “Why don’t you get your homework done first? That way, you’ve got the whole weekend to celebrate turning twelve.”

Isaiah stuck his tongue out, “There you go, already trying to suck the fun out of a perfectly good Friday.”

“Well, do you have any?”

The boy huffed, “Yeah. Stupid Mrs. Jacovich gave us a worksheet for Texas history.”

Walking up to the front door, Adam called over his shoulder, “Come on, don’t be like me, procrastinating until Sunday night.”

Isaiah was putting his textbook and assignment in his bookbag when there was a rattling at the front door. Adam jumped up and opened the door. Amanda came through the door laden with a couple of pizza boxes and a cake box on top of that. Once she set them down on the kitchen table, she nearly shouted, “Happy birthday, Isaiah!”

Isaiah’s high-pitched pre-adolescent laughter thrilled Adam. He loved seeing his young boyfriend happy. And Amanda was right. The boy seemed perfectly happy.

By the time they had demolished both boxes of pizza and half the chocolate cake, Adam sat on the floor, leaning against the couch while Isaiah sat next to him, playing the newest game his mom had bought. After a bit, Amanda came back in from throwing the pizza boxes away, “You boys want to watch a movie? I rented the new Top Gun movie.”

Isaiah saved where he was at in the game, “Yeah. This game is single player. I’ll play it some more when you old fuddy-duddies are too tired to keep up with all this awesomeness.”

Adam dug an elbow into the boy’s rib, “Who you calling old? Pipsqueak.”

Isaiah gave a war cry and jumped on Adam, straddling his waist, “Who you calling pipsqueak? Look whose on top of who.”

Adam stuck out his tongue, “That’s look who’s on top of whom.”

Isaiah leaned forward until his face was a few inches over Adam’s. “Nope. No grammar police tonight. It’s my birthday.”

Then, he leaned forward and kissed Adam. It felt weird to kiss in front of Amanda, who had just sat down on the couch a couple of feet away. Although it seemed like Isaiah found excuses to kiss him in the living room or the kitchen, the frequency had grown over the past week. Her wry chuckle was permission enough for him to return the kiss and wrap his arms around the boy, letting their kiss linger. This evening, Isaiah was the first to part his lips and slip his tongue into Adam’s mouth, but it wasn’t long before he invaded the boy’s mouth.

Adam only broke the kiss when he felt himself bulging in his pants. “Alright, stud-muffin, you want to watch the movie or not?”

The boy climbed off his lap. Once Adam had reclaimed his seat on the couch, he patted the space between him and Amanda, “Come on.”

Isaiah gave him a wink before turning to Amanda, “Is it okay if I get ready for bed before we watch the movie?”

It wasn’t even eight o’clock. Adam wasn’t sure what game Isaiah was playing at. A glance from Amanda showed she wasn’t either. Still, she nodded, “Sure, if you want.”

The boy turned to Adam. In a sensual, soft voice, Isaiah said, “Can you help me, please?”

All of the boy’s public displays of affection started to make sense. Even including the kisses over the past week, Adam had been consistent about keeping things between him and Isaiah to a PG rating when Amanda was around. And, there were a few things he and Isaiah still hadn’t done yet. He was determined to take things slow.

With eyebrows raised, Adam said, “You need my help?”

Smiling seductively, Isaiah said, “It is my birthday.”

This felt like Isaiah was pushing at those boundaries, and Adam glanced over at Amanda. She offered a bemused smile and shrugged her shoulders.

Adam reached out and pulled the boy close, “Okay, Casanova.”

He took the boy’s shirt by the hem and pulled it over his head. The boy’s tanned torso looked inviting. Of course, he was hard-pressed to keep his hands from reaching out and playing with that torso. Then, after another glance at Amanda, whose bemused smile had been replaced by a curious stare, Adam went for the boy’s shorts and unfastened them. With a gentle tug on the legs, they fell to the floor. Isaiah grinned proudly in his new blue briefs. They were the same brand Adam wore, albeit several sizes smaller.

“There, lover-boy,” Adam smirked, “All dressed for bed. Ready to watch the movie?”

Isaiah smiled broadly, “It hardly seems fair that I’m the only one ready for bed. As my boyfriend, I thought you’d want to get ready, too.”

Seeing the trap Isaiah had set, Adam cast a glance over at Amanda, who was hiding her mouth behind a balled-up fist, although Adam could practically hear her silent laughter at her son’s machinations.

Any other time, Amanda’s tacit acknowledgment would have been enough for him to agree to Isaiah’s playful suggestion. But, dammit, he’d just shaved everything from the neck down. If he got down to his underwear, setting aside how could he possibly hide the erection growing in his pants, how could Amanda fail to see what he’d done? Between one or the other, either could lead to questions he didn’t want to answer about how fast things were progressing between him and Isaiah.

Adam stammered, “Um, you sure? I mean, we don’t wanna gross your mom out, a couple of boys in our underwear, you know.”

Amanda’s silent laughter turned loud, “Sweety, I’ve seen both of you in your underwear several times. Neither of you have anything I haven’t seen.” She chuckled some more before she added, “Go on, I don’t mind.”

Isaiah moved first. His hands were at the young man’s shirt, and without further protest, the shirt soon joined the pile of Isaiah’s clothes. In his haste, Isaiah hadn’t really seen the subtle changes wrought by Adam’s razor blades. Then, the boy attached the button and zipper on Adam’s jeans before tugging at them. Before Adam knew it, in the boy’s haste to pull his pants off, the young man’s underwear was almost to his knees before he knew it.

Isaiah stopped his tugging as Adam’s erection popped into view. Almost as important, at least to Adam, much of his handiwork with the razors was on full display before his boyfriend and Amanda.

Adam snatched at his underwear and tugged at them, but they were caught in his pants. It took a moment to free them and pull them up, covering up his shame. He muttered, “Oh, shit, I’m so sorry.”

Isaiah, eyes still wide at the shocking revelation, stammered, “Uh, n-no, t-that was my fault.”

Amanda sat in silence, her cheeks a bright crimson, while Isaiah plopped down between the two adults, grabbed the remote, and started the movie. Feeling the heat flushing his face, Adam crossed one leg over the other and rested his hands in his lap, desperate to hide the erection straining against his briefs.

Top Gun 2 hadn’t played for long before Isaiah relaxed against his arm. Adam moved it and draped it across the boy’s shoulders. Having the nearly naked boy leaning against him almost made the young man forget about the earlier embarrassment. After a bit, Isaiah ran a hand over his chest, stopping to play with his nipples for a moment before letting his hand fall to below his belly button, where the thin track of hair had once trailed down to his pubic area.

In a soft voice only intended for Adam, the boy said, “Wow, it’s so smooth. Just like me.”

Adam so wanted to ask the boy if he liked it. After all, Isaiah was the entire reason he’d shaved everything off. But Amanda was only a few feet away, and even though she was ostensibly watching the movie, he could tell the boy’s mom was very much aware of what her son and his boyfriend were doing.

Adam whispered, “I hoped you’d like it.”

The leg Adam had crossed over the other was close enough for Isaiah to inspect, and he moved his hands away from the young man’s belly, running his fingers over the smooth results of a close shave. Adam wasn’t a particularly hairy twenty-year-old, but the boy had previously commented on how much hair he’d had on his legs. However, to Adam, it was the contrast between having some body hair and Isaiah’s complete lack of it.

The boy exclaimed, “Wow, this is really smooth, too. Even smoother than mine.”

Excited by the new discovery, Isaiah’s voice was no longer a whisper, and Amanda leaned forward at the boy’s comment.

Still uncomfortable with the earlier wardrobe malfunction, her voice was hesitant as she examined Adam’s leg, “Wow. You went all the way. Can I feel it?”

Adam, embarrassed at all the attention, nodded. Over the past few weeks, he’d come to like Amanda a lot. It was clear the best things he loved about Isaiah came from his mom. But his feelings for her were hardly the same as his feelings for his young boyfriend. In some ways, it reminded him of how he liked Becky, but without the need to hide his preferences. As Adam’s love for Isaiah deepened, he could see Amanda would be supportive of their love for as long as the boy wanted it.

As Amanda ran her fingers over his calf, she nodded, “Very smooth. I’ve got some moisturizer in my bathroom. I’ll let you borrow it. It’ll keep it your skin from drying out.”

Isaiah’s attention moved to Adam’s thighs. His hand moved up the inside of Adam’s leg until it grazed his underwear. The boy seemed fascinated with Adam’s body, far more than before. His fingers traced over Adam’s fingers, which were still trying to hide his erection until the boy’s hand once again rested on the young man’s smooth skin between his belly button and the waistband of his briefs.

There was a note of appreciation in the boy’s voice, “You did this for me, didn’t you?”

Adam tried to ignore Amanda’s hand, still running up and down his calf, and nodded, “Yeah. I know how you like it…”

His voice trailed off. He really wasn’t comfortable talking about what he and Isaiah shared in their bedroom, not with Amanda sitting next to him, inspecting his handiwork.

Isaiah didn’t share the same inhibition, “When you touch me. Yeah. The way your hand feels against my skin is really nice.”

Adam tried to get the boy’s attention with his face, nodding toward Amanda. If telepathy existed, he’d have screamed, Dude, your mom’s right there.

His look hadn’t been subtle. The red in Amanda’s cheeks spread down her neck as she pulled her hand away, “Isaiah, your making Adam uncomfortable. Boyfriends don’t usually talk about that around their moms.”

Isaiah flashed an apologetic grin, “I’m sorry, Adam. It’s just… I don’t know. I…”

When the boy’s words failed him, Adam reached out and tousled his hair, “It’s okay. When I think about you, sometimes I have a hard time finding the right words, too.”

Isaiah shook his head, “It’s not that. It’s just I don’t want you or Mom mad at me. But I’ve got something I want to say.”

The boy, over the past few weeks, hadn’t been particularly assertive in their relationship, content with the things Adam had shown him. In fact, aside from that first day in the shower, neither of them had sucked on the other, although Isaiah had shown an interest in trying it out again.

In unison, Adam and Amanda said, “Okay.”

With his hand still resting on Adam’s stomach, Isaiah said, “Mom knows we fool around, Adam. And she’s cool with it because we’re boyfriends. But you’re always worried she’s going to get pissed at you and kick you out or do something worse.”

Adam cringed at his young boyfriend’s accurate assessment. Even though Isaiah left unsaid the worst, it wasn’t far removed from Adam’s mind that what he was doing with his young boyfriend wasn’t strictly legal. And staying on Amanda’s good side was critical to making his relationship with Isaiah work and not ruining his own life.

Isaiah continued, “I love you, Adam. I love how you hold me and kiss me, and how we, um,” his eyes flicked to Amanda as his cheeks grew warm and red, “play with each other’s dicks.”

Amanda’s only response was the spreading of the crimson down her neck, under her shirt.

Isaiah drew in another breath, “But Mom doesn’t care about that. I know she’s okay with us doing more than just fooling around, and you need to know that, too.”

Tears of frustration pooled at the corners of his eyes, “When you’re holding me, and we’re kissing and stuff, I can feel you holding back. Stop it. I need all of your love, please!”

Adam was stunned by Isaiah’s admission. But the boy was right. His worry about Amanda not approving was the only thing keeping him from exploring their growing love.

Amanda scooted closer and rested a hand on Isaiah’s shoulder, “Oh, baby. But I do care about what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.”

Then she put her other hand on Adam’s shoulder, “That’s why I thank God every day He sent Adam into our lives. It’s clear this wonderful young man loves you so much he just wants what’s best for you.”

Adam flushed at the praise. But Isaiah said, “I know. I feel it when I’m with Adam. That’s why I don’t want him holding back. But he’s afraid of you, Mom.”

Despite the way Adam felt toward Isaiah, sometimes he had wondered if it was possible for a twelve-year-old boy to love him as deeply as he felt for Isaiah. That question died then and there. The fiery determination in Isaiah’s eyes left no doubt the boy’s love for him just as deep.

With her hand still on Adam’s shoulder, Amanda said, “I trust you, Adam. Even more now than when I asked you to move in.”

Isaiah rounded on her, “Does that mean you’re just okay with us kissing?”

Then, he shocked the young man by moving his hand down, pulling Adam’s underwear down until his erection sprang upward and wrapping his fingers around him, “Or can you be okay with us doing stuff like this?

Isaiah’s brash, unexpected behavior paralyzed adam. Amanda gaped as seconds passed while the boy held him gently, waiting for a response.

Amanda bit her lower lip, her eyes drawn to where the boy held Adam. When she finally spoke, her voice was strained, “I, uh, oh my. Sweetie. Are you sure Adam’s okay with this?”

Adam didn’t know what to think. The uproar he’d expected from Amanda at seeing him exposed hadn’t come. Isaiah leaned forward and gave him a quick kiss, “Hey, boyfriend, do you like this?”

The tingling in his penis felt terrific, even if he’d never been more uncomfortable in front of someone before. He gave a slight nod. And Isaiah moved his hand up and down on his erection, jacking him off in front of Amanda.

Instead of pulling back or screaming at the boy, the young woman sat, mesmerized by the boy’s gentle and slow movement. The tingling gradually grew, and if the boy kept at it, Adam knew what would happen. But the resolute expression in the twelve-year-old’s eyes he couldn’t resist.

After a few more strokes, Isaiah stopped. “This is what I want, Mom.”

He flushed brilliant crimson as he stood between Adam and Amanda and pulled down his briefs, releasing his own meager three-inch erection, letting it slap against his belly when freed. He stepped out of his briefs and then moved Adam’s legs, uncrossing them before grabbing at the young man’s briefs and pulling on them until, by force of will, he pulled them all the way down to his ankles.

Adam knew he needed to say something. Amanda didn’t need to see this. And if she freaked out, what would happen? But he was powerless against Isaiah’s determination as the boy straddled his legs and inched forward until he felt his throbbing erection touch the boy’s penis. Then Isaiah closed the rest of the gap and wrapped his arms around his neck. After another short kiss, the boy turned, “You are okay with this. Right?”

Adam wasn’t sure what to make of the young woman’s expression until she let loose a nervous chuckle. “Isaiah, honey, yeah. But don’t think I, um, needed to see this.”

The boy shook his head and slid off of Adam, as he spread open the young man’s legs. His hand grappled with Adam’s nearly-six-inches as he lowered his face until he was just inches above’s penis. “You do, Mom. Adam has to know you’re okay with him and me doing the sex stuff.”

With that, he lowered his head, surprising both Adam and Amanda when he took the young man’s glans in his mouth. He held it there for a few seconds to prove his point before raising his head again. “You did this once to me, and none of the other times you’ve made me cum made me feel as good. But you won’t do it again, and you won’t let me do it to you. But no more, Adam.”

Another glance at Amanda showed her eyebrows arched in surprise, but no anger, thank God.

Isaiah climbed to his feet, his face reddening again as he glanced at Amanda before grabbing one of Adam’s hand. “Now, it’s your turn.”

Confused, Adam said, “My turn? For what?”

Isaiah thrust his hips forward, “I sucked you. Now it’s your turn. I want that feeling again.”

Who was this incredibly sexy, horny, and assertive boy? What had he done with meek little Isaiah?

Adam dared not move. Amanda wouldn’t let this go any further. A glance her way showed her staring at the rigid tube sticking out from her son. Isaiah broke the silence, “Come on, Adam. I know you love me, and I know you want to show me by sucking my dick. Please!”

Adam finally found his voice, “But, your mom!”

Exasperated, Isaiah said, “Mom!”

Amanda blinked and tore her eyes away from her son, “Yes?”

“Can Adam suck on me? He’s worried you’re going to be mad.” Isaiah said, his little nail waving as he shifted between facing Adam and Amanda.

Amanda’s eyes refused to look at her son. “Isaiah, you’re embarrassing us both. Please.”

The boy leaned forward, resting one hand on his mom’s knee and the other on Adam’s. “Only because the man I love is afraid of what he thinks you’ll do to him if he loves me like he should. This is my freaking birthday, and this is the one thing I really, really want.”

The boy shifted again, moving between Adam’s legs, thrusting his hips forward. Every part of Adam wanted to take the boy’s penis into his mouth and watch him squirm with delight. Every part that wasn’t afraid of Amanda’s reaction. Now, when he looked at her, she wore a look of surrender as she murmured, “Go on, Adam. I – I don’t mind.”

With a look of triumph, Isaiah climbed onto the couch, spreading his legs wide so that his penis was more or less even with Adam’s mouth. And with the one burden holding him back now removed, he tried to pretend he wasn’t about to suck his young boyfriend right in front of his mom. Moving forward, he breathed on the small nail-like erection as he closed the distance.

Isaiah’s glans felt hot beneath Adam’s tongue as he licked the diminutive head before taking the top half of the boy into his mouth. The boy moaned and thrust his hips forward, pushing it the rest of the way into Adam’s mouth. Forgetting about being naked, shaved, and sitting in front of Amanda, Adam’s focus narrowed to the three-inches of Isaiah the boy had gifted him. His tongue slid along the bottom of the boy, causing him to groan with pleasure.

Isaiah’s testicles hung in a slightly distended scrotal sack, and as Adam pulled his mouth off the boy’s dick, he licked down the bottom of the shaft until his togue tasted the slight saltiness of the boy’s scrotum. Adam pulled the boy’s balls into his mouth. They fit neatly, no larger than two small pecans. As gently as he could, the young man sucked on them until he felt drawn back to the boy’s sacred shaft. Once his lips pressed against Isaiah’s smooth pubic area, Adam bobbed back and forth, letting the steel-hard erection slide in and out of his mouth.

Adam could feel the boy tensing as he held him at the hips. At that moment, the only thing that existed was Isaiah’s erection, and he used his tongue to stimulate that erection as he bobbed on the boy. Then, from Isaiah’s lips came a shout, “Ahhh, fuckkk! I’m cumm…”

And then it happened. The fleshy nail spasmed as a drop of the boy’s semen landed on his tongue. It was only one drop, but a marked improvement over the small clear bead Isaiah normally produced. Even though the other spasms were dry, that one tiny bit tasted a bit sweeter than that first time a few weeks before.

As Adam pulled back, he helped guide the boy onto his lap, where he shot a lazy grin at his mom, the flush of embarrassment gone. “Okay, Adam, now that Mom knows what we’re doing, stop holding back.”

The taste of Isaiah remained in Adam’s mouth even after swallowing the boy’s seed. The tunnel vision he’d fallen into retreated, and now the young man could feel Amanda’s eyes on him. The trepidation and fear returned despite the boy’s insistence about his mom. Uncertain what to say or do, Adam wrapped his arms around Isaiah’s chest and sent an apologetic look Amanda’s way.

The movie droned on in the background. Tom Cruise simply couldn’t compete for their attention. Amanda drew in a long breath and then said, “No, yes. Um, I mean… Oh, shit. I don’t know what to say.”

Smiling like a bird with canary feathers sticking from its mouth, Isaiah said, “Say that it’s okay.”

Amanda’s expression was inscrutable. She said, “Adam, I didn’t mean to send you conflicting signals. Most of the time, I tried to forget or pretend what the two of you have been up to wasn’t happening. Knowing you, I should have realized you respected me enough to not venture much beyond what you thought I knew about. I know the two of you are gay, and you’re both very attracted to each other. I guess I’m trying to say, is that as you boys explore your sexuality, that I trust you with Isaiah.”

The boy nearly shouted, “See, Adam, I told you so.” With that, he wiggled around until he straddled the young man’s lap and kissed him again.

When the kiss ended, Adam tried to ignore the fact he was still naked in Amanda’s presence and simply enjoy the deepening intimacy he felt for Isaiah. And that went fine for all of about five minutes. Then, Isaiah muttered something about, “Oh, yeah. It is my turn.”

With that, he slid off Adam’s legs, splaying them wide as he knelt on the floor, his face perched over the young man’s crotch. This time, his fingers traced across the freshly shaved pubic area, “Wow, it’s really smooth. Does my touch feel better than before?”

With no pubic hair to get in the way, not even any stubble yet, the boy’s touch felt more intimate. “Yeah. Amazingly so. But maybe we should take this back to the bedroom,” he pointed at a slightly scandalized expression on Amanda’s face.

Isaiah’s face flushed red again, “Do we have to?”

Amanda smirked at them both, “Adam’s your boyfriend, Isaiah, not mine. Do you really want me to see you pleasure him?”

The boy grew more embarrassed, “I guess I got carried away this evening. We can go back to our bedroom.”

The newly minted twelve-year-old stood and took hold of Adam’s hand, “Come on, lover boy, I’ve got plans for you!”

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  1. Avatar for JonAnd

    Apart from the fact that it’s another subliminal pedo story, it’s a story that, in my opinion, started out comprehensibly and gradually lost its realism from chapter to chapter. Until finally, in chapter 9, the whole thing became so far-fetched that I didn’t read the rest of the chapter and spared myself the content of the following chapters. I gave the time I had saved to stories worth reading.
    Many stories are written about 12 to 14/15-year-old boys with the physical development of a 10-year-old, instead of writing about a 10-year-old, why?

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