Sibling Rivalry
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Chapter 3

Nicole made it home just before noon. Megan’s big sister had called ahead to say she’d be there, and by the time she pulled up out front Megan had the boys dressed and they were able to quickly file out to the car. Megan hadn’t been able to meet Jack’s eyes since she’d emerged from her room, and she was avoiding looking at Shane just to be safe. Had Jack told his brother what had happened? Megan felt as if she were in completely over her head.

The boys chatted animatedly with their mother while Megan mostly watched the passing scenery, lost in thought. Megan had only been to one other Rainforest Cafe, years before with a boyfriend. The décor, and especially Jack’s obvious joy for it, helped to raise her spirits. Even Shane forgot for a bit about looking ‘cool’ and joined in his little brother’s enthusiasm at the animatronic animals and atmospheric effects.

“The volcano’s gonna erupt!” Jack cried at one point while they were eating appetizers, and Megan smiled as the brothers grinned at one another while the low growl of thunder echoed around them.

After lunch, Nicole drove them to a nearby mall where the boys ate ice cream and ran from store to store while she and Megan relaxed next to the coolness of a large, tinkling fountain. Megan remembered to ask about her sister’s love life, but Nicole informed her she wasn’t seeing anyone special, but she still dated.

They got home around three in the afternoon, and the boys wanted to go swimming. The thought of being surrounded by even more naked boyflesh didn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence in Megan’s ability to keep her attractions to herself, but she thought it would look even more odd to decline. So they arrived back at Paradise Cove and the boys were already stripping as they got out of the car.

Megan was slipping off her jeans when she sensed a presence and turned to find Shane leaning in the doorway of her room. He was already naked of course, but luckily not hard. She turned, and the boy’s eyes went to her naked breasts. “I wanted to see if you were ready yet,” he said, eyes not leaving her boobs. Megan noticed that the fingers of his left hand were lightly squeezing his fat cockhead, and while he wasn’t quite half hard yet, he was on the way.

Shane glanced up to her face, saw her looking at his crotch and dropped his hand with a blush. His cock was pointing straight out and nearly four inches long. “Mom’s already downstairs,” he said.

“I’m almost ready,” she said, folding her jeans and putting them on top of the dresser. She hooked her thumbs into the lacy blue panties she was wearing and pushed them down. Shane’s eyes stared avidly at the small brown bush of hair between her legs and his cock shot up to full mast in an instant.

The boy looked down at his erection, as if surprised by it. “I’ll tell ’em you’re almost ready,” he said, and then he retreated. Megan watched his tan bubble butt flexing as he moved away.

Megan stepped out of her panties, did a loose fold and put them on her jeans. She grabbed the tote she’d used before, made sure there were still a couple of towels and her suntan lotion inside, then she grabbed her sunglasses, took a deep breath, and headed for the stairs.

“She’s comin’,” she heard Jack say, and then the sound of the door opening.

Megan got to the bottom of the stairs to find Nicole, undressed now, waiting for her holding her own tote bag. “What did you do to the poor boy, Megs?” Megan’s felt a sudden core of ice form in her chest, which melted a bit when Nicole laughed and said, “The boy goes upstairs to check on you sporting Vienna sausage and comes downstairs with kielbasa.”

Megan blushed. “I… sorry?”

Nicole laughed again. “That boy sees hot, naked girls and women all day long and mostly keeps that monster tamed. Mostly,” she added with a grin. “But Aunt Megan comes to town and he’s a lovesick puppy with a hair trigger.”

Megan laughed in spite of herself, and Nicole playfully bumped her shoulder against her. “It takes a bit of getting used to,” Megan admitted.

“I can imagine,” Nicole chuckled as they began walking toward the pool. Shane and Jack were far ahead of them. “You’ve probably got no idea how many of those sixth-grade boys you’re teaching are filling up socks with boy juice thinking about you.”

“Nic!” Megan exclaimed, but she laughed, having thought about that very thing more times than she could count.

“I’m serious,” Nicole said, chuckling. “Boys are complete horndogs. Those boys are sitting in your class every day with hard-ons and you just never see them. At least with the boys around here you know when their dirty little minds have dived into the gutter. Or when the wind is blowing, honestly. Doesn’t take much to get the little things standing to attention.”

“You’re horrible,” Megan grinned, wondering for the first time if maybe she could eventually share her dark secret with her sister.

“Just speaking truth,” Nicole said. “See?” she said, cocking her head to indicate a boy of about ten walking along the opposite sidewalk, diminutive erection thrust out before him. Nicole gave her a smile. “They are cute though. Young or old, big or small, dicks are a wonder.”

Then, as they neared the pool, Nicole said in a low voice, “Don’t look now, but here comes Secretariat Junior.”

Megan, who’d been sneaking a guilty look back at the ten-year-old’s cute little backside, turned to see the auburn-haired boy she’d seen yesterday walking toward them. Richie, she remembered.

“Hi there, Richie,” Nicole said, stopping in front of the boy. Megan was forced to stop as well, and once again thankful for the anonymity of her sunglasses, she stared at the boy’s cock. It was flaccid, but still incredibly large. It hung at least seven inches, and it was perhaps two inches thick. A big cock even for an adult, on the five-foot-two, skinny boy it looked enormous. He had more pubic hair than Shane, but not by much, the silky little bush coppery in the sun.

“Hey, Mrs. Bennington,” Richie answered, coming to a stop. Megan saw the boys eyes roaming up and down her and Nicole’s bodies. “Shane and Jack are at the pool.”

“Yes, we’re heading after them,” Nicole said. “How’s your mom doing?”

“She’s okay,” the boy answered, reaching down and unconsciously gripping the python between his legs, tugging it downward. “She told me to bring that plate back, but I forgot.”

“Well, you can bring it back later,” Nicole said. “I think Jack misses your… company.” She turned and winked at Megan.

“Uh… yeah,” the boy said, apparently hearing something in the woman’s voice, but not quite getting it. “Maybe today or maybe tomorrow. I’m goin’ home cuz my dad is comin’ to get me. We’re goin’ to Beto’s for dinner.”

“Tomorrow then,” Nicole said, and then she and Megan stood and watched him walking away. Another bubble butt, Megan noted.

“Tempting, isn’t it?” Nicole said with a sly smile. “By the way. Dad?” and she once again wiggled her little finger. “Kid must have gotten it from his mom’s side. I think that’s why they divorced. Dad couldn’t deal with being compared to that monster every day. The step-dad now…” Nicole winked at her again. “Mom traded up.” She shrugged. “If that sort of thing matters to you anyway. I’d have gone after dad myself. Cute guy, but obviously lacking in the self-esteem department. Too bad. Really successful, and who cares how big a guy’s dick is?”

The women arrived at the pool to find it even more crowded with kids than it had been the day before. There were probably even fewer adults, however, making it easy for the sisters to find loungers next to one another. They settled in, laying towels on the chairs and adjusting the backs. Nicole put hers down flat, while Megan kept a comfortable sitting angle. She wanted to be able to boy watch.

They’d just settled down, Megan to watch, and Nicole on her back with her eyes already closed, when Jack came running over, body glistening wetly. “Hi, Aunt Megan,” he said, smiling.

“Hey, hon,” Megan said, noting that the boy’s penis was about the smallest she’d seen it. Apparently shrinkage was a real thing.

“Want me to put on your lotion, Mom?” the boy asked.

“Thank you, Jacky,” Nicole said without moving.

Jack squatted down and reached into his mother’s tote bag, eventually coming up with a tube of sunscreen. Then he knelt on the other side of her, facing Megan, and opened the tube. He squirted a large amount in his palm, and she was reminded of Shane putting lotion on her and getting her first look at his teen erection.

Megan watched idly as Jack swirled his hands together, spreading the lotion equally, then lay his hands on his mother’s stomach. He circled his hands around, coating Nicole’s stomach and sides liberally, then Megan felt her eyes widening behind her sunglasses as Jack’s hands worked upward, over his mother’s ribcage, and then his small hands were massaging lotion into her large breasts. Nicole’s boobs were big enough that it took both of Jack’s hands to spread the lotion around one, moving it back and forth, his palms sliding again and again over her big nipples, which rose quickly to prominence.

Megan felt a growing warmth between her legs. She couldn’t believe her sister let her eleven-year-old son touch her like that. She supposed it must be a nudist thing, because not only wasn’t Nicole batting an eye over the intimate touching, but neither was anyone else around the pool area.

Another quick squirt of liquid, and then Jack was caressing his mother’s other boob. Finished there, he massaged up to her neck, and then did each arm. Then he reloaded his palm while he scooted to his right on his knees. Jack next placed his hands on Nicole’s right thigh, working the lotion into her skin, kneading her like dough. Megan felt her breath catch as Nicole slowly opened her legs, and then Jack’s hands were working on her inner thighs.

Even that display of public fondling didn’t prepare Megan for what came next. To her utter amazement, Jack drew his right hand up between his mother’s legs, his palm sliding across the little strip of blonde hairs while his fingers slid slickly along Nicole’s vulva. She spread her legs even wider, and Jack was now using both his hands, the left caressing her groin while his right slid up and down, again and again over his mother’s sex. Megan would have even sworn that for just a moment two of the boy’s fingers slid up inside her. She was astounded. This couldn’t be normal. Nudists or not, allowing a young boy to touch his mother between her legs… that couldn’t be considered normal, could it? And yet, again, nobody seemed to be paying the slightest bit of attention to them, and Nicole was simply lying there as if Jack were massaging her elbow.

Megan’s heart was racing and her throat was suddenly parched. Just when she thought it was going to become even more overtly sexual, if it hadn’t already, Jack got more lotion, then began on her left thigh. From there he did both calves and her feet. Megan noticed that his little cock was quiveringly erect.

Through it all, Nicole didn’t say a word, or make any move at all except to have spread her legs for her son. Finishing with her feet, Jack seemed to be satisfied. Then he looked at her. “Do you want me to do lotion for you, Aunt Megan?” the boy asked.

“N… no,” she croaked.

“Oh, let the boy put lotion on you,” Nicole said, speaking at last, but still not moving at all.

“I… I don’t…” Megan began, but she had no idea what to say.

Nicole made a sound of exasperation. “Don’t be such a prude, Megs. It’s perfectly innocent,” she said. “He’s just a little boy.”

But Megan knew he wasn’t just a little boy. The throbbing erection between his coltish legs said he wasn’t a little boy. The way he’d begged her to touch it earlier said he wasn’t a little boy. The fact that he’d sucked Shane’s cock and apparently let him and possibly other boys fuck him said that he wasn’t a little boy. The fact that he’d eaten out her pussy while she was sleeping most certainly said that he wasn’t a little boy. But mostly it was the hungry, knowing look in his sparkling blue eyes that said he wasn’t a little boy. However. Her pussy was tight and aching, already dripping between her legs. And Nicole had told her to let him. Pretty much insisted on it, in fact. She was in the clear on this one, wasn’t she?

“I… guess it would be okay,” she finally said.

“Hallelujah for common sense,” Nicole said dryly.

As Jack rose to his feet, boner bouncing, Megan took a look around the pool. She saw Shane off playing with some boys and girls his age, their nubile bodies glistening as they jumped and splashed and laughed and shouted. She and Nicole were situated on the shallow end of the pool, which held mostly under sixes. The only adult on their end of the pool, the only one likely to have seen the rather intimate application of suntan lotion from son to mother, was an overweight lady who looked to be in her sixties, and she seemed quite intent on the book she was reading.

Jack stepped to Megan’s right, his back to his mother. Right in Megan’s eye line was his stiff dick, the little acorn head shiny with a trickle of precum. Knowing what a horrible idea this was, but miraculously freed from guilt by her sister’s insistence, Megan adjusted her lounger so that it was flat, and she carefully lowered herself, taking a deep breath to steady herself. A quick glance to the side showed her that Nicole was still facing upward, presumably resting or even asleep. Megan’s heart was beating rapidly, and fighting panic, she slid her eyes closed.

It didn’t take long. She could hear the snap of the lotion lid, the squirt of the liquid, and then she tensed until she felt the firm warmth of Jack’s small hands on her stomach. The lotion had already warmed in the sun, and as Jack spread it around it felt somehow even more sexual for the heat of it. She felt her nipples already hardening and the boy was still caressing her stomach and sides. Just under her ribcage, his hands left her and she heard the bottle squirt again.

She was being touched, she thought. By a boy. It was like one of her dreams, but a dream she’d never imagined would actually come true. Now here she was, lying in the warmth of the sun, her nose full of chlorine and coconut, and an eleven-year-old boy was… yes. He was back, and he was caressing her breasts. She bit her lip to stifle a moan of pleasure. Her boobs were nowhere near as big as her sister’s, but still Jack used both of his small hands to stroke and squeeze. His palm was against her right nipple, sliding wetly in small, intimate circles, purposefully teasing her. Then she felt his fingers. He gently pinched her nipple, then tugged it lightly before describing small circles around it. She squeezed her thighs together, feeling a burst of pleasure ripple through her.

His hands left her, and she heard the squirt of the bottle again. Then he was back, having to lean further over her to reach her left breast, and she felt something against her arm. It took only a moment before she realized what it was. Jack was gently humping his precum-slicked eleven-year-old dick against her. As he caressed her left breast, hands and fingers teasing her swollen nipple, she moved her arm slightly to the right, giving him more surface area to rub against. The heat of his preteen cock against her arm made her pussy spasm, just imagining it rubbing other places.

Thinking the pleasure would somehow last forever, Megan was disappointed when Jack’s hands left her to get more lotion. Then his cock was back, and his hands were on her upper chest, her neck and shoulders, and then he was reaching far across her to apply lotion to her left arm. She could feel his slick, hot penis against her right wrist, and not even thinking about it, she shifted her arm a bit until she could rub the back of her hand against his stiffness.

When he pulled back, she thought she’d gone too far and she was about to apologize when she heard the squirt of the bottle once again. At that time, it took a moment for her brain to catch up, so she had just barely prepared herself when she felt Jack’s hands on her right thigh. Even expecting it, his touch made her tense up, but the moment he began to caress her leg she was able to relax into it. Her legs slowly spread without a conscious thought.

At the moment Jack’s hands slid to her inner thigh, she once again felt the kiss of his fevered penis against the back of her hand. It pulsed there, searing her as he pressed into her and then his hands were climbing higher. She couldn’t help it. She gasped when his hand slid up over her pussy. She took a shuddering breath, hardly daring to believe it as his palm pressed against her small pubic bush, putting pressure on her swollen and throbbing clitoris, and then she felt his fingers against her lips, touching her wetness.

Megan shuddered as pleasure surged through her. Barely thinking, she twisted her hand, taking Jack’s hard little cock into her fist. She felt it jerk strongly, and she squeezed it as his fingers slid in slick circles over the swollen lips of her cunt. Then he was rubbing up and down, his cupped hand sliding over her lips then up over her mound, then back down again. She began to move her hand back and forth, aided by the slickness of his dripping precum, the hot four-inch cock so perfect in her tight grip.

Megan could hear Jack’s panting breath now, and she was afraid to do anything other than lie there and feel his touch while jacking his gorgeous penis, sure that if she looked around she’d see everyone pointing, gasping in horror as she molested a preteen boy in public, feet from his own mother. She wasn’t even sure she cared, surrendering herself to the pleasure as she felt two of Jack’s small fingers slide into her pussy. She trembled as an orgasm rocked through her, her jaw clenched as she tried to keep from crying out. His fingers were moving inside her, rapidly fingering her, the sound of it akin to the squirting of the lotion bottle.

Suddenly Jack’s fingers stopped, while her pussy continued to contract and suck at the buried digits, and in her hand his penis jerked and she felt the sudden sting of his watery, preteen emission splatter against her side.

“Did you bring any snacks, Mom?” she heard, and she quickly moved her hand, catching a tiny spritz of hot jizz in the palm of her hand. The voice was Shane’s, and Jack’s fingers quickly left her pussy. She could feel that Jack was carefully wiping his fingers against her towel. Megan closed her fingers around the slimy droplets in her hand, feeling them seep into the grooves of her closed fist, before spreading her hand against the towel, subtly wiping it. Another squirt of lotion, and then Jack was rubbing her calves, as if nothing had happened.

“There’s a Ziploc bag of cookies in my tote,” Nicole said.

Jack very quickly finished off her calves and feet and then he said, “Gimme some,” and she felt him leave her. She tried to calm herself, sure her pointy nipples and wet pussy were obvious to everyone around her. In a panic, she felt liquid running down her side and knew it was Jack’s thin boycum. She quickly turned onto her side.

Nicole was also on her side, looking over at her, and as the boys stuffed the nearly empty Ziploc bag back into the tote and ran for the pool, her older sister said, “Kid has magic fingers, doesn’t he?”

“I… yes,” Megan said, sure her sister knew. She had to know. How could she not know? Her face was burning.

“Both the boys give great massages, too,” Nicole said, rolling onto her back again. “I’ve trained ’em well.” She chuckled. “Don’t worry, sis, we’ll get you to relax and enjoy your vacation eventually. After dinner, I’ll have Shane give you a massage. You’ll love it.” Then she laughed. “Probably not as much as he will, of course.” She snorted laughter. “Boys.”


A little later, the boys begged her to go swimming with them. She found herself amid a gaggle of cute boys, ranging in age from about nine to fourteen. They played around, splashing each other, dunking, wrestling. Just general horseplay. However, watery horseplay with a bunch of pubescent boys took on a whole new tone when all the participants were naked. She felt more than one hand slide over her boobs, her ass, even between her legs. She got her own share of contact, finding more than one boyish erection pressed against her stomach or ass, or with unerring accuracy, right into her hand.

The boys bounced around her, treading water and staring at her with sparkling, excited eyes. Shane and Jack were surprisingly possessive, sticking close to her and literally cock-blocking some of the other boys at times. Shane, shy up till then, found some freedom in the obscuring anonymity of the water, and she felt his healthy teen erection pressed against her hip more than once.

Finally, a bit exhausted and overstimulated, Megan begged off and climbed up out of the pool. She made her way around the pool, surprising herself with the level of comfort she felt, walking naked in front of so many people.

Nicole rose to her elbows as Megan returned and said, “Let me guess… a sea of boners, right?”

Megan laughed, surprised as well with her growing ability to talk about such things with her sister. “Something like that,” she said with a grin.

“The redhead out there?” Nicole said, nodding in the direction of a cute boy of about fourteen who’d been among the boys swimming with her. “Last time I made the mistake of swimming with the boys he came up behind me, copped a feel and, strike me down if I’m lying, got the tip in me.”

“He did not!” Megan said, laughing.

“If I’m lying, I’m dying,” Nicole said, putting up a hand to show she was swearing. “Grabbed two handfuls, got that thing up between my legs and gave it a shove. I about shit.”

“What did you do?” she asked, excited despite herself.

“Oh, I gave a bit of a yelp and he backed off quick. Swore it was an accident, apologized. Of course, for the next month he got a hard-on every time he saw me.” She shook her head with a smile. “Boys.”


It was after six when Nicole finally wrangled the boys together. As they walked back home, Jack kept talking about how pruney his fingers were and wondered openly about why his penis wasn’t pruney, but Shane’s was, to which Shane pointed out that Jack’s brain was pruney. Nicole allowed that both boys had valid points.

Before reaching the door to to the townhouse, Nicole suggested pizza, which earned her a cheer from the boys. Inside, Nicole headed to the kitchen, and Megan followed, while the boys ran upstairs. Megan helped her sister unload her tote, and they put all their towels in the laundry, then they headed upstairs to shower off the chlorine and suntan lotion, parting at the top of the stairs.

Megan heard her sister’s bedroom door snick shut just before she reached the hall bathroom that she shared with the boys. She could hear the shower already running, but the door was open. She noticed that the boys never seemed to close either the bathroom door or the door to their bedroom. She’d already encountered Jack on the toilet earlier in the day, the boy happily informing her that he was pooping. She thought there was something to be said for a bit of privacy.

Of course, not caring about privacy had certain benefits as well, she thought as she looked into the bathroom. The hall bathroom was even larger than Nicole’s en suite, designed for multiple people with a double sink and room for a small sitting bench. The shower was large, about eight feet long and four wide, with two separate rain shower heads to promote family togetherness, she supposed. Either end of the shower had a tiled, built-in bench. On one of the benches, Jack sat, his legs spread, leaning back against the wall. Kneeling in the spray of water from overhead, Shane was busily sucking his brother’s cock.

Jack saw her as she appeared in the doorway and smiled at her. Intent on his task, Shane didn’t notice her. Jack motioned her forward, and unable to help herself, drawn to the erotic spectacle, she eased forward.

It was a scene straight from her fantasies. Shane had his full lips wrapped tightly around his brother’s four-inch cock, sliding up and down the thin shaft, his cheeks sucked in as he applied vacuum. His eyes were closed, obviously not just servicing his brother, but greatly enjoying what he was doing, as further evidenced by his steely erection.

Jack was grinning at his aunt, and as she watched, he put his hands on his brother’s head, guiding him up and down while making lewd faces at her. Megan felt her hand caressing her pussy, surprised that she’d done so unconsciously, and Jack’s eyes glittered with lust as he watched her petting herself. She felt a moment of guilt, letting the eleven-year-old see her like that, but considering the little scamp had gotten her off twice already that day, she realized the guilty feelings were too little and too late. When he motioned that she should join them in the shower, she barely hesitated.

Shane looked up as she opened the door, letting his brother’s slick little boner slide out of his mouth, where it quivered. He stared up at her guiltily, so Megan figured the best way to play things would be to just ignore the incestuous display.

“Oh, that feels nice,” she said, stepping under the showerhead. She rubbed her short brown hair. “That chlorine is going to ruin my hair,” she said. Then she looked down at Shane, who was still kneeling on the floor and looking up at her with a jumble of mixed emotions chasing one another across his handsome face. “Could you hand me the shampoo, Shane?”

The thirteen-year-old stood, cock swaying stiffly, and grabbed a bottle of shampoo from a recessed shelf and handed it to her wordlessly. She looked down at his swaying cock, then back up to his eyes. She gave him a smile and then sprayed some shampoo into her palm before handing the bottle back to him. “Thanks, sweetie,” she said.

“Hey, you didn’t finish,” Jack complained.

Megan looked over to see the eleven-year-old squeezing his cock while Shane glared at him. After a few tense moments, Megan said, “Well, don’t let me interrupt. I just had to get this chlorine off. You boys go back to what you were doing.”

“See?” Jack said. “She doesn’t care. C’mon, I didn’t get to cum yet.”

“I’ll do it later,” Shane said softly through gritted teeth.

“That’s no fair,” Jack pouted.

Curious now for some morbid reason, Megan wondered if she could get the boys to resume, willingly performing a sex act in front of her. Jack was a little horndog, so she knew he wasn’t an issue, but Shane had been shy and awkward around her since she’d arrived. She didn’t know why it was suddenly so important to her, but she really wanted to see if she could get the older boy to expose himself like that.

“I’m sorry, Jacky,” she said, enjoying the childish nickname. “You boys looked like you were having fun and I’ve gone and ruined it. Shane, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you. Don’t stop on my account.” Then she went over and cupped Jack’s face. She turned to face Shane. “Besides, how can you say no to this pouty face?”

Shane was exploring her face. “You really don’t care?”

Megan made herself shrug nonchalantly, as if she saw pubescent boys giving each other blowjobs every day. “Your mom told me you boys are… open with one other,” she finished a bit lamely. “I was the one who intruded, so you shouldn’t have to stop because of me.”

“Mom said we weren’t supposed to do stuff in front of you yet,” Shane said after a few moments of thought.

Yet? Megan thought. Nicole must have known she’d run across the boys’… activities, eventually. “Well, I think that was for public areas of the house. Like in the living room last night. The bathroom is private, so you should be able to do what you want.”

“Are you gonna… watch?” he asked.

“I’m gonna… shower,” Megan answered, matching his tone. Then she stepped back under the spray. “What you boys do is up to you.”

Megan lathered up her hair, not exactly looking at the boys, but not exactly looking away either. Shane stared at her a few long moments, evaluating. Then he walked over to his little brother and bent down to talk softly to him. Something Shane said caused Jack to look over at her with a grin, and then he rose to his knees on the bench, his left profile to her.

Shane took a seat on the bench, sitting on his left leg and facing his brother. Locking eyes with Megan, as if daring her to look, he took his little brother’s still-hard dick between his fingers, leaned forward, and began to circle the little glans with his tongue.

Megan felt almost as if she’d been punched in the stomach, except the punch was lower than that and it didn’t cause her pain, but pleasure. They were no more than four feet from her. It was like having a front seat to creation. The wonder, the splendor of it, an erotic masterpiece. She watched, staring now she fully realized, as Shane’s lips parted and slid over the pink glans, then closed over it, around it, before sliding slowly downward, taking inch after inch of Jack’s slim preteen prick into his mouth. Then, as if upping the ante, Shane’s hand dropped to his lap, took that big teen cock in his fist, and he began to stroke it.

Soap. She needed soap. Licking her lips against a mouth gone dry, she fumbled for a nearby bottle of body wash and squirted entirely too much into her palm. Then she began to soap her breasts, or at least make a show of that. In fact, she was simply feeling herself up, and there was no doubt the boys knew it. She gasped a little as she pinched and pulled at her right nipple with her left hand. Meanwhile, her right hand was snaking downward, leaving a slick trail of liquid soap until her hand sank between her legs and she hunched over at the explosion of pleasure that rocked through her.

Shane’s mouth moved back and forth on his little brother’s cock while he stared avidly at his aunt. Jack, also watching her, had his hands on his brother’s head and he was humping his skinny hips, driving his stiff four-inches into his brother’s hot, hungry mouth. Below, Shane’s fist was steadily stroking his five-inch cock, the head looking red and swollen.

Megan shuddered as she slid a finger into her tight pussy, feeling it suck at her. She added a second, blatantly fingering herself in front of the hungry eyes of the two young boys, gasping as another orgasm took her to her knees. Seeing that, Shane grunted around his brother’s dick, and in his fist his cock jerked and spewed a streamer of watery jizz that splashed against Jack’s thigh. It was quickly followed by another and then a third, the searing liquid dripping down the younger boy’s hairless leg as Jack stiffened and thrust forward a final time, holding Shane’s head while he shook, and Megan could imagine the tiny droplets that were spitting out of his cute little cock.

Breathing heavily, Megan pushed herself upward on rubbery legs. Still staring at the boys, she saw Jack slowly pull backward until his slimy cock slid from Shane’s sensuous lips. Moving just a bit forward, the softening prick lay obscenely against Shane’s cheek. Just above that shiny tube of flesh, Shane’s eyes continued stare hungrily at her, all traces of his earlier shyness eradicated by the shared experience. In his fist, which was dripping hot boyjuice, his cock continue to throb, not having lost an ounce of stiffness.

As Megan stood there under the water, staring at Jack’s softening cock against his brother’s lips, at Shane with his stiff, dripping cock still gripped tightly in his fist, she realized what she’d just done. She looked at the open bathroom door, realizing then that Nicole could have walked in at any moment and seen… everything. True, she hadn’t touched the boys, but she could never make the argument that she hadn’t molested them in some way. Masturbating in front of an eleven and thirteen-year-old had to be illegal, right? Nicole would know, as a lawyer, but that wasn’t exactly the sort of subject you broached with the mother of the boys you just molested. Or something.

Rinsing quickly, Megan didn’t even bother taking the time to dry herself, she just hurried to her room, dripping water into the hall carpet. Safely behind her door, she dried off using a white terry-cloth robe hanging on the back of the door. She’d looked as she left the bathroom and seen that her sister’s bedroom door was still closed, so there was that. The question that had a ball of ice forming in her chest was, would Shane say something to his mother? Megan wasn’t so much worried about Jack. The boy had a natural sort of sneakiness about him, and he obviously knew how to keep a secret. Having pushed past Shane’s shyness with her, would he turn on her? She just didn’t know, and the uncertainty had her mind spinning with nightmare scenarios.

Realistically, the nightmare would come or it wouldn’t, and there was nothing she could do about it. Figuring that the best play would be to simply pretend that nothing had happened unless something happened to change that, Megan gathered herself, straightened her spine, and left her room. She glanced into the boys’ room as she passed, seeing Shane on his stomach on the bed, his perfect, tanned bubble butt a glorious pinnacle for his winking pink anus and his big balls below. Beside him sat Jack, with his back against Shane’s headboard, as always, gently masturbating himself as the boys talked. Jack looked up at her as she passed, looked as if he was about to say something, but Megan didn’t stop, unable to face them yet.

Downstairs, she was heading for the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Being right there, she went ahead and opened the door, although she wasn’t sure if it was her place as a guest. Of course, masturbating in front of her nephews wasn’t her place either, so the door seemed a small infraction at best.

“Yes?” she asked, seeing a nice-looking guy there in the uniform worn by the gate guards. She thought it was funny just how odd it now seemed to see someone dressed. He did look familiar to her though.

The guy smiled and held up two square boxes. “Pizza.”

Of course, she thought. They wouldn’t allow pizza delivery guys inside. They’d have to leave it at the gate. “Thanks so much”, she said, taking the warm boxes. The smell of pepperoni made her stomach rumble. “Do I owe you something…?”

He chuckled, and said, “All paid for by Ms. Bennington, and no, a tip isn’t necessary. I can see you don’t have pockets.”

And that’s when Megan recognized him. He was the man from the day before, the one swinging the little boy. The one with the tiny penis. She remembered Nicole saying that all the employees around the community were also residents. She wished he was nude so that she could examine him more closely. She knew herself to be strictly a boylover now, but the thought of a grown man, and a handsome one at that, with a boy-sized penis… well, the idea was intriguing. She didn’t ask to see it though, and simply thanked him and closed the door.

“Pizza!” she shouted, and immediately heard what she knew had to be Jack’s oversized feet hit the ground.

Sure enough, before she could even get to the kitchen the boy was at her side. “Mmmm, smells so good,” he said.

With him so near, the smell of shampoo and clean boy was in her nose, and she had to agree. “At least let me put it down,” she laughed, as Jack attempted to open the top box in her hands.

A bit of Megan’s fear dissipated as she joked around with Jack. He was such a cute and funny kid, smart as a whip, sly in a way that surprised her, and he seemed to view sex as a sort of daily activity with no more significance than playing a game on his Playstation. He did seem to understand that not only was she uncomfortable with some of the things that were happening, but also the reasons why he should be circumspect about it. It was Shane who was the big question mark in all this.

As if she’d summoned him with the thought, Shane came into the kitchen and gave her a look she couldn’t quite interpret; part lust, part confusion, and she thought a bit of adoration still as well. She couldn’t help but notice that his penis was once again the cute little nubbin that she found so adorable.

Shane grabbed a few paper plates from the pantry, put them on the table, and helped himself to several slices of pizza. Megan had wondered at the two pies, but now she wondered if two would be enough. Pubescent boys ate like bears about to go into hibernation. The boys had already emptied one of the boxes between them.

As Shane was grabbing his pizza, Nicole finally joined them, all smiles. She nuzzled Jack’s neck, causing the boy to giggle and nearly lose his plate. Apparently sensing something in her older son’s mood, she went to him, hugging him from behind, and Megan stopped breathing for a moment as she watched them from the corner of her eye. Nicole bent down and spoke softly to Shane, who shook his head. Her arms were around his slim body, her left on his smooth chest, petting him gently, and her other hand lower, fingers very near the boy’s tiny strip of new pubes. It seemed a very intimate embrace, but also very motherly.

Finally, Shane nodded to something his mother said, and she kissed him on the cheek, then released him, patting him fondly on his firm bubble butt. Nicole looked at the table, where one box held nothing by grease stains, and the other was already missing a third of the pie. Megan had yet to take a piece and Nicole shook her head and mock glared at the boys. “You could leave us a little, couldn’t you, little piggies?”

The boys each stuck out their tongues at their mother. The corners of Jack’s cheeks were smeared with pizza sauce, making him look a bit like the Joker as he leered at his mom. Nicole turned to Megan. “Like a swarm of locusts, these boys.” Megan felt herself relaxing.

The rest of the meal was uneventful, except that the laughing and joking left Megan feeling much more calm as the fear slowly drained away. Even Shane kidded with her and was free with smiles. After dinner, she volunteered to clean up, an easy task considering they’d used paper plates, and Shane helped her, bumping her playfully with his body, and even blushing a bit again at the casual contact. Megan felt things were finally getting back to normal, if anything about her trip so far had been normal.

Of course, that was never going to last, and after dinner things went back to complicated very quickly.

“Well, after Rainforest and swimming and pizza, I think we ladies deserve a treat. What do you say, Megs?” Nicole said as Megan and Shane joined her and Jack in the living room after cleaning up in the kitchen.

“I… suppose,” Megan said uncertainly.

“There we go,” the blonde woman said with a smile. “Shane, I promised your Aunt Megan you’d give her one of your world famous massages,” Nicole said, and Megan felt her stomach rise up into her throat. Shane looked at her with raised eyebrows.

“That’s… okay,” Megan said. She gave a dismissive wave. “He doesn’t have to do that.”

“Hey,” Nicole protested. “A promise is a promise. Shane loves giving massages, don’t you, Shaney?” she asked.

“Yeah?” Shane said, unconsciously making it a question.

“See?” Nicole grinned. “And my Jacky can give one to me. How about it, kiddo?”

“Okay, Momma,” the boy said with a grin.

“Massages for everyone!” Nicole laughed. When Shane and Megan didn’t move, Nicole hopped to her feet and herded everyone to the bottom of the stairs. “Up! Up! Relaxation awaits!”

Megan felt carried away in her sister’s exuberance, like flotsam in a stream, and she found herself practically forced up the stairs. At the top, Nicole peeled off, taking Jack by the hand and leading him to her bedroom. That left Megan and Shane standing awkwardly, watching them retreat.

Nicole ushered Jack into her room, then turned and smiled, saying, “Go!” with a laugh. “You won’t regret it, Megs. Magic fingers!” Then she shut her bedroom door.

The two continued to stand there, neither talking. The moment stretched out, and Megan finally said, “We don’t have to do this, Shane.”

“It’s okay,” he said softly. “I don’t mind.”

“But I don’t want you to do something you don’t want to do.”

“I like giving massages,” the boy said, meeting her eyes for just a moment. The shy boy was back, which relieved Megan in a way. “Besides, Mom’ll know if we don’t. She’s, like, psychic.”

Megan chuckled. “I… okay, then. Let’s do this.”

Shane bit his lip, obviously thinking, and said, “Okay… well… go lay down on your bed. I gotta get something and I’ll be right back.”

So Megan went to her room, and with a fluttering stomach, lay face down on her bed. Shane was back quickly, and Megan turned her head to watch him enter her room. She couldn’t help but stare at the little fleshy button between his legs. She still marveled that something that tiny and cute could… well, best not to think about that, she told herself.

Shane turned and closed the door behind him, which made Megan nervous. Shouldn’t they keep the door open? But Nicole had closed her door. Megan wasn’t sure what to do, but Shane was coming to her holding up a bottle of something and she forgot to worry about it.

“Oil,” he explained. Then he stood at the bottom of the bed and looked around. “Do you want me to lower the lights or anything? Mom likes it dim. And I could put on some music or something if you want. Mom says it’s more relaxing.”

“I… whatever you think is best,” Megan said.

The boy chewed his lip for a moment, then said, “Well, I’ll get the light, but getting a playlist and the speakers and all that is a pain, so… if that’s okay?”

“That’s fine, Shane,” she said.

“Cool,” he said, then went to light switch and used the dimmer to lower the lights to something just above total darkness.

Apparently Shane had no problems seeing in dim light, as he found the bed unerringly and climbed up onto it. “You like oil, right?”

“Uhhh,” she said. “If I’m being honest, Shane, I’ve never had a massage before.”

“For reals?” he said.

“For reals,” she said with a smile he probably couldn’t see.

“Mom says I’m really good at it,” he said. Then he was on his knees, maneuvering until he was crouched over her on all fours before sinking back to sit on his heels between her legs.

She felt the dribbling oil on her back first. Shane did a slow figure eight, snapped the cap back into place, and then his hands were on her, spreading the oil over the small of her back. Tense at first, as he massaged up her spine, working out the tension, she relaxed into it. She wasn’t sure what a trained masseuse might be like, but Megan agreed with Nicole; Shane seemed to be very good at it.

Shane’s strong hands stroked her sides, then moved inward to work her spine, and then he’d move up a bit more and do it again, climbing higher and higher. He had nearly reached her shoulder blades when he reversed direction, going back downward. She was practically melting into the mattress. She’d never felt so luxuriously relaxed. However, when Shane reached the area where her waistband would normally be, she’d just naturally expected he’d stop, so it surprised her a bit when he didn’t. Of course, she was nude so there was no physical barrier there. She tensed a bit again when he continued down, his strong fingers working all the way down until they slipped into the crack of her ass, and then he moved outward, caressing each firm globe of her ass. While there was certainly an erotic component to it, it was also so soothing that she just relaxed. Even when he slid his hands to her inner thighs she didn’t tense, and he didn’t try anything.

More oil, and then Shane’s magic hands were working themselves up along her back again. She was practically dozing when it occurred to her why her nephew had stopped below her shoulder blades before. From his position kneeling between her legs it was apparently a bit of a stretch to go any higher. As his hands slid up toward her shoulders, she realized just how much of a stretch; first, because of the extra pressure of his hands as he used them to support more of his weight, but more importantly, because of the sudden heat sandwiched in between each of her asscheeks. She hadn’t felt its touch before, but she knew what it was instantly.

Megan felt the boy’s cock pulsing there against her ass as his fingers kneaded her shoulders and then he was moving back to her upper back, causing his dick to slide backward, and then he was back. It didn’t take a genius to realize that the boy was purposefully humping against her, sliding his oiled cock in the groove of her ass. She felt her pussy suddenly wake up and take notice.

“Shane,” she said softly.

He eased back quickly, once more sitting on his heels. “Sorry,” he mumbled. “I… it was a accident.”

Megan knew there’d been nothing accidental about it. Well, maybe when it had first touched her, but not the humping. She decided to let it go. Especially if it meant more of his wonderful hands working on her body. “It’s okay,” she said.

Shane scooted down then, back toward the foot of the bed. Then he began to work her legs. Once again, it started off innocent and extremely soothing. But as his hands worked upward, sliding strongly along her inner thighs toward her center, her pussy reminded her that there was a naked and no doubt sexually aroused thirteen-year-old caressing her body. Shane stopped short of touching anything he shouldn’t, but that didn’t stop her body from wanting it, no matter how much her mind told it to shut up and mind its own business. She knew she was wet, and she wondered if Shane could smell her excitement.

Shane had reached her feet, using both of his hands on each foot, stroking the arches with enough firmness for pleasure, but not tickling. Oil-slickened fingers slid sensuously between her toes, and then he finished with both feet and just stopped.

The lack of movement, of his wonderful touch, went on for nearly a minute before Megan finally spoke. “Shane? You okay?”

“I… uh… you need to turn over?” he said, once again making it a question.

Oh, she thought. Well, it made sense. And he was being good. And it was just a massage. Right?

“Ummm, okay,” she said, then she felt Shane shift a bit, and being careful not to kick him, she turned over. She considered just keeping her eyes closed. It would make things easier somehow. Her curiosity got the better of her though, and she squinted through mostly closed eyelids. Shane was at the end of the bed, sitting on his heels, and rising up between his legs was his powerful teen cock. She closed her eyes as her cunt tightened and a tiny ripple of pleasure took her.

She felt him move. Even that made her pussy tingle. Stupid, but there it was. She flinched as she felt the oil once again dribbling onto her skin; this time against her flat stomach. She felt it begin to drip down her side, but Shane was there quickly, catching the stream, and then his hands were sliding over her body.

A shudder went through Megan as Shane began to massage her middle. His hands slid firmly but gently down to just above her pubic hair, then slid to the sides, caressing her hips, his thumbs digging tenderly into the muscles of her groin. Then he was sliding upward again, but he hesitated, his hands just below her ribcage.

“I’m… just gonna do like I do for Mom. Okay?” Shane said softly.

“Just… yes. Just… whatever you do,” she finished, a bit flustered. She was worried where this would go, but Nicole was the one who told her to let Shane massage her. He was just going to massage her like he would his own mother, so… that should okay. Right?

Megan immediately thought of Jack and his enthusiastic application of suntan lotion as Shane moved to crouch atop her, basically sitting on her lower stomach, but supporting most of his weight on his legs. Most of his weight. She felt what she realized must be the thirteen-year-old’s testicles brushing her pubic hair. Then his hands were sliding over her breasts, the spice of the oil nothing like the smell of coconut suntan lotion but Shane’s hands massaging her boobs put her right back on that lounger in the sun with Jack’s smaller hands eagerly groping her. And just like that time, her pussy was dripping and sending tingles racing throughout her body.

If anything, Shane was even more practiced with his touch than his little brother, and he was soon twisting and pinching her aching nipples, making her moan with pleasure. She could buy that Shane oiled his mother’s breasts. Nicole was open with her body, and of course she’d seen her allow Jack to spread lotion over her generous bosom. But there was no way she let the boy play with her nipples like this. This was all Shane and his obvious attraction to her. She didn’t stop him though. The pleasure was too intense, her desire for the boy, which had grown exponentially since her arrival, was just too strong to ignore.

Knowing it was wrong, but unable to stop herself, her mind a whirling, chaotic jumble of erotic imagery, she lifted the arms that had been lying limply at her sides, and she found Shane’s knees. The boy hesitated for a moment, still holding a swollen nipple between the fingers of each hand, but then he continued, his oiled fingers caressing and teasing and sending arcing sparks of pleasure through her body and her brain alike.

As if possessed, shocked by what she was doing but powerless to do anything about it, her hands crept upward over Shane’s smoothly muscled, hairless thighs. Her thumbs firmly traversed the quivering muscles under that youthful flesh, her fingers dancing lightly, skipping upward. She slowly caressed his inner thighs, her hands converging, coming closer and closer together, and closer and closer to her goal.

A part of Megan screamed at herself to stop, but that was a small voice in a vast storm of carnal energy. Shane’s thighs were trembling under her sliding hands and the part of her that knew what a horrible idea this was had just enough strength to allow her to keep her eyes closed, as if not seeing her sin would somehow absolve her of it. Shane continued to tease her nipples, and then her fingers were there, at the very root of him.

The culmination of days of near constant lecherous thought was realized as Megan wrapped both of her hands around Shane’s beautiful cock. His hands fell away from her, but she didn’t care; she was getting more than enough pleasure simply touching this object of her deepest desires.

She caressed it gently, her fingers discovering all its secrets; the smoothness of the shaft, the satiny texture of the skin, the underlying arteries and veins. She did something she’d wanted to do from the moment she’d seen him; she ran a loving finger along the base of him, amid those sparse, silky hairs. She could hear Shane breathing hard, and as her left hand lightly clutched his throbbing cock it jerked in her fist and she felt a small stream of hot liquid slide over her finger.

Megan brought her right hand back to the thirteen-year-old’s cock and found the thin stream of dripping precum. She twisted her fist around the shaft, then moved her hand down to the base, his dick pulsing strongly. Then she stroked upward until she felt the flaring ridge of his glans. Shane trembled and took a shuddering breath as her hand slid up over his spongy cockhead, squeezing it gently, feeling another rivulet of precum slide over her finger. She twisted her fist again and Shane gasped.

“I… I’m gonna…” he croaked hoarsely.

“Not yet,” she said softly, sliding her hand downward, away from his sensitive crown. She opened her eyes, seeing her hand wrapped around the boy’s magnificent penis. She slid her left hand over the firm rise of his pulchritudinous ass and pulled him, at the same time yanking gently on his cock.

Shane knew what she wanted, and he used his arms to lift himself and slide forward until his knees were on either side of her head. Megan reached underneath him with her left hand, pushing his big, hairless balls forward. Then, taking the irrevocable step, she gently sucked one of his testicles into her mouth.

Shane’s moan, in his scratchy adolescent voice, sent a shudder through her. She ran her tongue over the largish orb in her mouth, feeling the crepe-paper texture of his hairless scrotum. She was careful not to hurt him, sucking just hard enough to excite. Then she switched to his other ball, unable to take both in her mouth at the same time. As she lavished his nuts with attention, her fist slowly rode up and down on his slick shaft.

Once again the boy began to make whining sounds, letting her know he was close. She released him then, and clutched his waist, arms straining, lifting him bodily as she slid out from underneath him. Shane found himself on his back, staring up at her while she looked down at his quivering erection. She rolled to her stomach, her left fist wrapping around his cock, lifting it, and then it was in her mouth.

Megan felt her eyelids fluttering as the taste of the boy filled her mouth. Hot, musky, meaty and sweet, the flavor of Shane’s cock melted into her, through her, filling her body and mind. Rampant and wild, youthfully fresh and exuberantly feral. She lowered her mouth, feeling the smoothness of his shaft as her lips slid over it, feeling it filling her mouth. Relaxing, she allowed her lips to settle amidst the sparse silky hairs at the base as the head of his cock slid into her throat. She stopped then, listening to Shane breathing heavily, feeling the throbbing of his young cock, letting the moment and the sensations burn into her.

With all of Shane’s cock stuffing her mouth, she realized with a bit of surprise that he wasn’t really as big as she’d imagined. She’d had bigger cocks in her mouth, but of course Shane was still a boy. She guessed he was a smidge under five inches, and perhaps an inch-and-a-half thick. It was already an average-sized adult cock, but on his small, slim body it just looked so much bigger. Not that she was complaining.

Neither was Shane, as she began to hungrily work her mouth up and down on his teen dick, making greedy noises as she bobbed her head, stopping at the top each time to swirl her tongue around the thick glans, to taste his leaking precum, to suck it gently into her mouth and over her taste buds. Megan realized she was practically sobbing with pleasure. Years now of dreaming of this, of having a young boy’s cock in her mouth, of pleasuring him in this way. She felt her resistance beginning to melt away.

Megan reached up between Shane’s legs, gently cupping his hairless nuggets, feeling their sweaty warmth against her palm. With her right hand, she gripped the base of his cock and slowly drew upward, sucking strongly now at his spongy glans. Still sucking at his flared cockhead, she raised her eyes to find the boy staring at her avidly, his eyes burning with lust.

Megan realized in that moment just how badly she wanted to fuck the boy, to feel his teen cock sliding into her greedy pussy. That thought brought her back to the reality of what she was doing. She was sucking her thirteen-year-old nephew’s cock just down the hall from his own mother. She almost fled in that moment, but she knew how cruel that would be to Shane. Not to mention how badly she needed this; needed to feel his hot boycum splashing against her tongue.

Her cold dose of reality didn’t interrupt her blowjob. In fact, she simply went at it with renewed effort, feeling a sense of urgency as she thought about how easily Nicole could walk into her room and catch her in the act. Eyes locked with her nephew, she worked her mouth up and down, taking his cock to the hilt again and again, faster and faster, listening to Shane’s increasingly ragged breathing.

“Gonna… gonna go,” Shane suddenly said in a strained voice, his limbs beginning to tense.

Megan decided that she wanted to see it. Needed to see it. She back up, her fist now riding his shaft as she leaned in and sucked at his frenulum, her lips pressed firmly to that little spot, feeling the flared ridge of his glans against her upper lip. Shane suddenly gasped and Megan saw the first jet of watery cum just before it careened off her forehead. The next thin streamer arced up and splashed against Shane’s stomach, while Megan opened her mouth to catch the final little squirt, her eyes closing as she savored the boy’s sweetness. Feeling wet heat dripping over her fingers, she took his crown back into her mouth, sucking lightly to get the last drops while Shane squirmed from overstimulation.

Megan released him then, licking her fingers clean, then sliding upward to rasp her tongue across his stomach, wanting every last bit of his watery offering. Collecting the last of it, she slid up even further, until she was crouched over him, face to face.

“Did you like that?” she asked softly.

He nodded. “It was great.”

Megan flinched as she felt a sudden bumping between her legs. Shane’s cock, still hard, lurched again, hitting her squarely between her swollen lips. She realized how easy it would be to simply slide back, to feel that beautiful thirteen-year-old cock sliding into her. Her mouth went dry as her heart hammered in her chest. Without even realizing she was doing it, she lowered herself just the slightest bit, her breath catching as she felt the tip of him lodge right at her entrance.

“Shane…” she said weakly.

“I…” he gasped, and then she gasped as he pressed upward, the thick head of his cock slipping inside her.

Megan jerked forward and then rolled to her side and off the bed, standing there with her breath rasping and a sense of yawning emptiness between her legs. “I… I can’t, Shane. I’m… I’m your aunt.” She realized how stupid that sounded with the taste of his boyish cum still on her tongue.

“But, Aunt Megan…” he began

She held up a hand. “I’m sorry, Shane. I… I just need to be alone for a bit. To think. I’m sorry.”

The boy rose to his feet, his throbbing erection swaying hypnotically. “Okay,” he said softly. “Thanks for… well, thanks.”

Thanks for sucking my cock, she thought. When the door shut behind him, she fell into her bed, feeling lost and confused.

End of chapter three.

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