Forbidden Fruit – Chapter 8

Tossing the towel over the rack, Isaiah looked at himself in the mirror. Or at least the part of himself he could see through the condensation he’d wiped away. His brown hair was damp and messy. A little work with a comb gave it a semblance of order, if just a little.

Although he couldn’t see the rest of his body reflected through the mist covering the mirror, he could just look down and see. The worse of the sixth grade had been Josh’s rejection. That’s had nearly crushed Isaiah’s spirit. But that hadn’t been the only problem. He was short. He’d finished the sixth grade at four feet, five inches tall. And perhaps had gained one whole other inch over the summer. There wasn’t any doubt in his mind, in a couple of weeks, with school in session again, the other newly minted seventh graders would tower over him by a good six to eight inches.

He glanced down between his legs. Even the last couple of months in the sixth grade, he’d realized most of the other boys in gym class were leaving him behind. Several of the kids, Josh included, had hair down there. Some just a few stray hairs and others a lot. He ran his fingers over the area, so smooth.

He shook his head. Did any of that really matter? Adam had seen him naked. And he hadn’t pointed and laughed. Just the opposite. He had tried to make Isaiah feel good about himself. A twinge between his legs was enough for Isaiah to realize he needed to get moving. He pulled on a pair of white briefs. When the elastic waistband snapped into place, he thought about how nice the colored briefs looked on Adam and thought he might ask Mom to buy some him some.

When he stepped into his bedroom, Adam was lying on the bottom bunk, over the covers but still dressed in just his blue briefs. “How’s it going, roomy?”

Surprised, Isaiah ran over and hugged him, “You’re staying with me tonight?”

Adam wore a nearly dazed expression as he added, “Your mom said it’s cool. I think she’s going to let me help with the rent, so I might be staying for a while. Is that okay with you?”

Isaiah’s belly was doing summersaults at the news, “Okay? Like times a million. That’s awesome.”

Then, to show it, he pulled back from the hug long enough for his lips to find Adam’s. With the door closed, he savored the sweet taste of Adam’s lips, a hint of the sweet and sour chicken from dinner awoke his own tastebuds as his tongue slipped into the young man’s mouth.

Breathless, when the kiss ended, the boy smiled, “Wow. If you’re going to stay with us, that means we can kiss like that a lot. Right?”

Even sitting on the bed, Adam was able to wrap his arms around his back and pull him close. Standing against the side of the bed, for once, Isaiah could look down on the young man’s face. “Yeah. We talked, and your mom’s cool us being friends.”

Isaiah would have loved to have listened in on that conversation. He was almost twelve and no longer a little kid. He’d overheard adult conversations plenty of times and suspected Adam and his mom must have had an interesting discussion. “You told her you’re gay? How’d she respond?”

Adam’s eyes lit up, “Better than I thought it would. I think she’s suspected for a bit now.”

Isaiah straddled Adam’s knees and sat, his eyes nearly even with the young man’s. He’d always loved his mom, but he felt something even deeper. “Gosh. It’s really cool, she knows. Now there’s nothing to hide.”

Adam cocked his head, “What?”

Isaiah slid forward a bit until his lips were just an inch or two away from Adam’s. He whispered, “I love you, Adam. Will you please be my boyfriend?”

Despite the connection he felt with Adam, the boy felt trepidation when he asked. After all, Adam had already told him once just a few hours before they couldn’t be boyfriends. Now, though, Isaiah felt a spark of hope that with his mom on board with Adam staying with them, things would be different.

Then, when Adam leaned forward and kissed him in response, the doubt evaporated, and Isaiah threw his arms around his boyfriend’s neck and melted into the kiss.

Later, lying on the top bunk, Isaiah rolled onto his side, sleep eluding him. The evening had been the happiest one he could remember, so falling asleep should have been easy. But it wasn’t. His boyfriend was sleeping just a few feet below him, and all the boy could think about was being held by Adam.

Finally, after tossing and turning a few more times, Isaiah climbed down and pulled back Adam’s covers and slid in next to him. Adam murmured, “Couldn’t sleep?”

As the young man draped an arm over his chest, Isaiah snuggled against him, “No. Can you hold me?”

Adam rolled onto his side. The hand draped over Isaiah’s chest pulled the boy against the young man’s chest, turning Isaiah into the small spoon against Adam’s large. The warmth of Adam’s body cloaked the boy in a cocoon. Isaiah had never felt safer nor more loved than as he slowly drifted off to sleep. Just before he slept, he was vaguely aware of something hard poking against his backside. And then he slept.


Adam felt a strain in his briefs as he opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Isaiah cuddled against his side. Blinking against the twilight darkness of the boy’s bedroom, he vaguely recalled Isaiah cuddling with him at some point during the night. The boy’s warmth was probably why the covers were pushed down to the foot of the bed. Even now, Adam felt comfortable, warmed only by Isaiah’s body.

A glance toward his crotch showed his erection tenting his briefs, making them tighter than normal, despite his modest size. Morning woods he was used to, but his erection was as hard as it had ever been. That’s when he felt something pressing against his hip. Looking at Isaiah, one leg draped over one of Adam’s, and his crotch was nestled tight against Adam’s hip.

Adam swallowed as he felt a sense of desire wash over him. He tried to ignore the twitch down below. It was too early to get moving, and he wasn’t about to do anything about his erection. Not with Isaiah soundly asleep beside him.

His eyes had just closed when he heard a soft knock at the bedroom door. Then the door swung open, and Amanda stuck her head inside. After a long moment, probably to let her eyes adjust, she whispered, “Isaiah? Adam? I’m heading into the office. You boys awake?”

That feeling of vulnerability he felt around Amanda hit Adam as he whispered, “Just me. Isaiah’s asleep.”

Amanda came in and stood next to the door. “Can I come in?”

Adam wished nothing more than for his painful erection to go away, “This is your place.”

Amanda came over to the bed. She rested a hand on Isaiah’s bare shoulder. After a long minute, she murmured, “You boys look lovely together, Adam. I really should have knocked. Isaiah would freak out if I walked on the two of you naked or something.”

Feeling his penis push against his underwear, Adam hoped she couldn’t see how crimson he was in the face. “Yeah. We’ll try to keep things PG, Amanda.”

The young woman leaned down and kissed her son on the forehead and then leaned over and rested her hand on Adam’s chest as she gave him a peck on the lips, almost identical to how she’d kissed Isaiah before bed. “You’re sweet, Adam. You’re boys, not monks. For now, I’m going to try to pretend Isaiah isn’t growing up. The instructions for dinner are on the fridge. If I’m lucky, I’ll be home by five-thirty.

A moment later, Amanda was gone. And now, not only was Adam still horny, he was as perplexed as ever. Isaiah’s mom had warmed remarkably to the notion of Adam dating her son.

Adam tried falling back asleep but to no avail. He wasn’t sure how much time had passed since he heard Amanda’s car pull out of the driveway, but he couldn’t help it. The hand that wasn’t wrapped around Isaiah, slid down his taut belly until it threaded through his coarse pubic hair, and encircled his erection. As quietly as possible, he pulled on himself, letting the tingling sensation gradually build within him.

“Whatcha doing?” A voice startled Adam out of his rhythmic reverie.

Started, Adam jerked his hand out from his underwear, “Shit, you startled me.”

Isaiah giggled, “You cussed,” as he rested a hand on the young man’s chest.”

“You startled me.”

Isaiah stretched and yawned, “Well, good morning to you, too.”

He reached across and gave Adam the best one-armed hug he could manage, then he said, “Were you, um, playing with yourself?”

The tent in his underwear hadn’t gone away, not one bit. Adam was tempted to tell Isaiah it was nothing, but lying in bed cuddling with Isaiah, that seemed silly. Instead, he said, “Uh, yeah. Don’t you?”

Despite the darkness of the room, Isaiah’s flush was visible. He whispered, “Yeah.”

He rubbed a hand in a circular motion on Adam’s chest, “You’re poking up a lot. Can I see it again?”

Even though Adam sort of felt as if he had Amanda’s permission to go a bit further than just kissing with Isaiah, he wasn’t sure where that line was. After all, there wasn’t any rush. He and Isaiah could take all the time in the world, discovering their love for one another.

He said, “Maybe later. Okay?”

Isaiah’s hand moved from Adam’s chest down below his belly button, “Why? We’re boyfriends, Adam. Don’t you want to do stuff with me?”

Of course, he did, A lot. But images of Amanda standing over his shoulder made him say, “I do, a lot. But what’s the hurry?”

The boy’s fingers had found his waistband, “Do you know when I realized I was gay?”

“No. When?”

Isaiah let a sad sigh escape his lips, “I guess it was just before Spring Break, and me and Josh were in the shower after PE. When I realized I wanted to touch his junk, I thought something was weird. But it never stopped. I barely managed to stop myself a couple of times. Well, until I tried to kiss him and made him hate me.”

Adam empathized with him. He’d had similar moments with both Clint and Jacob.

Isaiah wasn’t finished, “And after the shower at the waterpark, I wanted to see your stuff again. I still do. So, can I?”

Adam repressed a chuckle. If this was Isaiah’s idea of going slow, there was a real possibility the next time Amanda opened the bedroom door, she might be staring at a couple of naked gay boys. As he gripped his underwear, he was thankful Isaiah thought he was big. But he was at best average—a bit more than five and a half inches.

His erection slapped against his belly once his underwear was down below his thighs. Isaiah gasped, “Cool!”

Smiling at the pleased expression on the boy’s face, Adam realized just how different things with Isaiah would be compared to the lusty experience he’d had with Jacob. He loved Isaiah, wanted to let things progress normally at Isaiah’s pace.

He gripped his erection and slowly jerked off, even as Isaiah’s fingers threaded their way through his pubes. When the boy’s finger sent a jolt through him as it touched the base of his penis, Adam pulled his hand back. A glance at Isaiah’s face revealed the boy’s open curiosity and an unasked question.

Adam said, “You can, if you want.”

Slowly, almost reverently, Isaiah’s fingers gently wrapped around his penis and copied his up and down motion. The tingling he’d been building ratcheted up by a factor of a thousand at the boy’s near-caressing touch.

The boy’s smaller hand moved up, then down in an unfamiliar cadence, but it didn’t matter to Adam. The boy’s fingers simply reflected the connection between them. When the tingling reached into the young man’s balls, he knew he wouldn’t last long, “Ahhh, Isaiah, I’m about to cum.”

The boy turned his confused face to him, “Come? What?”

But he didn’t stop jacking and then it happened. Adam let loose a wordless moan. His dick spasmed as a thick rope of semen splattered his torso, running from above his navel to the middle of his chest. Another spurt landed below his belly button, and a third coated Isaiah’s fingers.

The boy, still gripping Adam’s rod, softly spoke, “Oh, shit! That’s what they were talking about!”

Still catching his breath, the young man said, “Wow. That felt incredible, Isaiah. You did it like a pro.”

Still, with that look of wonder in his eyes, the boy pulled his hand away, lifting it to his nose. “A couple of guys in gym talked about white stuff shooting out. I saw a video online once. But…”

Isaiah’s words failed him even as he tentatively stuck his tongue out to taste that part of Adam on his fingers. After a moment, his face contorted, like biting into a lemon, “It’s really salty, Adam.”

Coming down from the high of his orgasm, Adam reached over Isaiah and fished up a T-shirt, which he used to wipe himself clean. When he was done, he gave it to the boy, “Use this to clean your hand.”

Now, with his penis satiated, Adam’s gaze fell on the boy nestled in the crook of his arm. Hand clean, Isaiah dropped the T-shirt on the floor, “That was cool.”

Hugging his young boyfriend, Adam said, “Have you had that happen before?”

Isaiah blushed at the question as he shook his head. “The coach talked about it in Health class last year. That’s your, um, semen?


Isaiah looked up at him. In a pensive voice, he said, “When do you think I’ll get, uh, semen?”

The question took Adam back to his own first time with Clint. He’d been a few months older than Isaiah when the older teen first masturbated him. He still remembered the shocking pleasure at the clear goo splattered on his torso.

His eyes drifted down to Isaiah’s underwear. He’d been so focused on his own needs, he’s grown used to the boy’s erection pressed against his hip. What he wanted was to examine that beautiful tube of flesh, find out what it was capable of. The image of Amanda came to mind. The problem was making sense of her mixed signals. To Adam’s way of thinking, the boy’s mom was terribly conflicted. She wanted him happy but safe. Adam could hardly imagine her internal conflict.

Amanda had sought him out, hopeful he could be a role model for her son. No doubt to steer him away from his attraction. When had she realized the bond Isaiah shared with him wasn’t going to steer him away from his attraction but directly to it? Indeed it was before she’d invited Adam to stay with them. Now, to Amanda, Adam was still the boy’s salvation. But now, instead of trying to pull the boy back from his attraction, she wanted him to guide Isaiah through it.

Still, as his hand slid down the boy’s torso, he wasn’t sure this was what she meant. But Adam couldn’t pull back even if he wanted.

“Whatcha thinking?”

Adam flashed a grin at Isaiah as his fingers brushed against the white waistline of the boy’s underwear, “About you. About how I want to make you feel just as good.”

With that, Adam took the expectant look on Isaiah’s face as permission and slid his fingers under the waistband. The silky-smooth skin felt delightful under his touch felt like nothing else. When his fingers grazed the base of Isaiah’s penis, the boy gasped, his mouth forming a wordless O. Then, with as much care as he could muster, Adam wrapped his thumb and forefinger around Isaiah’s boyhood.

“When you played with it, is this how you did it?” he asked in a reverential voice. At that moment, he imaged he understood how an Israelite high priest must have felt when he entered the Holy of Holies.

The boy shook his head slightly, “N-no.”

“Do you want to show me how you did it?”

Another shake of the head, “No. You feel really good,” Isaiah’s voice was breathy.

Adam moved his fingers up and down a couple of times before he stopped and pulled the boy’s underwear down to his knees, allowing his eyes to feast on the three inches on display. Isaiah’s little head flared wider than his shaft, separated by a slightly darker circumcision scar that made up about a third of the fleshy tube. A bluish vein ran up one side of the penis, but otherwise, the erect appendage was smooth.

Feeling the blood flowing into his own appendage between his legs, Adam took Isaiah’s penis in his hand and slowly jacked him up and down. From time to time, he’d look at the boy’s face, enjoying the lopsided grin Isaiah wore as his eyes grew glassy, his world shrinking to the space between his legs.

A couple of minutes into the gentle stroking and the boy’s legs contracted as an intense look plastered his face. “Nngg,” he moaned, “F-feels really different. Like I’m gonna pee!”

Adam picked up the tempo as he watched Isaiah’s eyes roll back. A few seconds later, the fleshy tube in his hand spasmed. The boy arched his back as he loudly moaned. His penis kicked a few more times as Adam kept stroking. When he stopped, he spied a tiny bead of clear fluid on the tip of Isaiah’s penis. It was almost invisible, barely there.

When Adam pulled his hand away, the boy’s eyes fluttered open, “F-fuck, that was awesome.”

That was the first time the boy had ever cussed, at least in front of Adam. But he could understand it, especially if this was Isaiah’s first orgasm.

Grabbing the boy, Adam hugged him tightly, “Yeah, you seemed to have enjoyed yourself.”

Isaiah squirmed around until he lay on top of Adam, where he kissed the young man. Despite having just woken up, the boy’s lips felt soft and magical against his, and when it ended, he let the boy’s head rest against his neck.


So, this is what it feels like to have a boyfriend, Isaiah thought as he lay on Adam’s chest. The intense feelings he’d gotten from the young man playing with his penis still lingered a bit. Nothing had ever felt more right than being with Adam. The part of his mind, the part he usually used when he had to listen to his mom, said what he found in the young man’s arms was wrong. But he didn’t care. At first, he had prayed so hard for the feelings he had once felt for Josh to go away. The problem was, they didn’t really go away until he fell in love with Adam. It was, he realized, an answer to his prayer. Adam made him happy, and with the young man as his boyfriend, he actually wasn’t scared of going into the seventh grade, even if he would be the shortest kid on campus.

After another long, sensuous kiss, the boy realized Adam’s penis was between his legs. And it was hard again. For a moment, he thought about teasing Adam about how hard he was but realized as his own pole was hard, laying flat between their bellies. The feeling of Adam’s erection when it erupted had been incredible. Isaiah had been surprised when the pole grew even harder in his hands before spitting out gobs of semen. Now that he knew how to jack Adam off, he felt silly about how he’d been trying to play with himself before. Rubbing his penis with a pillow had been fun, to a point, but now that he knew how to do it, he really wanted to see it again.

“Um, Adam, can I play with your junk again?”

The young man took in a deep breath, “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

That was something else he loved about his boyfriend. While the differences in their age and development didn’t mean that much to Isaiah, they evidently did to Adam. Isaiah could see the point. After all, between the stuff they taught at school and his mom, the idea of good and bad touches had been drilled into him. Instinctively, he knew the teachers at school would consider Adam’s touching the bad kind. But they didn’t understand. At least his mom did. So did Adam, thank God.

Isaiah shifted, moving down until he was straddling Adam’s legs, “I wanna.”

As he wrapped his entire hand around the enormous penis, at least to his not-quite-twelve-year-old eyes, Isaiah liked this vantage point. He alternated his view between the nearly six-inch object of his desire and Adam’s open face.

As the boy stroked up and down on Adam’s erection, he found a rhythm and fell into a pattern, jacking gently up and down, listening to his boyfriend moan in pleasure. He’d lost track of how long he’d stroked Adam, but at one point, the young man’s eyes slammed shut as he groaned, “Here we go again!”

A moment later, his white goo splattered against Isaiah’s chest, followed by a few more dollops of Adam’s semen, which got on the boy’s belly and hand. He didn’t want to let go. He found a closeness to Adam impossible to explain as he held his boyfriend’s penis, slowly milking the last little glob from Adam’s glans.

When the young man opened his eyes, he chuckled, “Real nice, Isaiah, that felt even better the second time around. But damn, you’re a mess. You should get a shower.”

Looking down at the sticky, white semen, Isaiah couldn’t help but agree. When he slid off the bed, he grabbed a pair of underwear from a chest of drawers. Everything since last night had been magical. He didn’t want it to end. “Can you join me?”

Adam’s eyes twinkled, “You know how to get a shower, man.”

Isaiah rolled his eyes, “Yeah, so? Can’t I take a shower with you? After all, isn’t that what boyfriends do?”

The twinkle in Adam’s eyes turned into a wide grin, “Sometimes. Okay. But my dick needs a rest. You’ve been very generous in your attention.”

A few minutes later, Isaiah pulled the shower curtain closed as water shot out from the showerhead, drenching them. Adam grabbed a bottle of bodywash, “Here, let me see your back.”

The soft touch of Adam’s soapy hands on his back made Isaiah’s body tingle all over. If he hadn’t already been erect, he’d have popped a boner for sure. His boyfriend didn’t stop at his lower back. Soon, Adam’s soapy hands were massaging the boy’s pearly white globes as Isaiah giggled. The boy didn’t mind at all at the extra attention paid to his ass-cheeks before Adam knelt and washed his legs, going from back to front.

Then, once his legs were lathered up, Isaiah’s breath was caught in his throat as Adam’s face was just inches away from his three-inch erection. Slowly, Adam’s hands worked up from his legs and massaged at his nail-like tube. Overcome by the intense feeling building from within, Isaiah leaned against the wall-tile. “Ahh, that feels really good.”

Adam looked up and smiled, “You want me to make you cum again?”

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Isaiah squealed.

He closed his eyes, letting the tingling sensation build. Adam’s hand stopped stimulating him for a moment, and then he felt something wet encircle his glans. The unfamiliar touch caused him to open his eyes, and he nearly squealed again as he saw Adam’s mouth engulf his glans. Already sensitive from the steady buildup, the touch of Adam’s tongue on his shaft was too much. He felt that explosion in his penis as it kicked in the young man’s mouth. A couple of more spasms radiated from his erection as he felt himself sliding down the wall-tiles as his grip on reality slipped away.

“Hey, buddy, you okay?”

Water splashed in Isaiah’s face as his eyes fluttered open. He was lying in the bottom of the bathtub, the showerhead overhead raining down on him. “W-what happened?”

Adam, straddling his legs, said, “You damn near scared the hell out of me, Isaiah. You passed out when you, um, came.”

Everything came back into focus, and he felt himself twitch at the memory, “When you put my junk in your mouth. Man, that was intense.”

Blushing, Adam said, “I was going to ask what you thought of your first blowjob, but your body kind of gave that away.”

So that’s what a blow-job was. Isaiah had heard other boys in PE talk about it, and he sort of understood what they were talking about. But now he knew, and he liked it. Even if he had passed out from the intensity.

“Can we try that again?” Isaiah said as he sat up.

Adam cringed, “Eventually. But maybe we should slow things down a bit. We’ve been boyfriends for less than a day. There’s plenty of time to do this stuff. Plus, I don’t want to piss your mom off.”

Confused, Isaiah said, “But you said she was okay with us being boyfriends and that boyfriends do things like this. Right?”

Adam turned the water off, “And that’s true. But I don’t want her regretting letting us be together either.”

As Isaiah let the young man dry him off, he wondered how his mom felt about things. There was so much he wanted her to understand. Maybe Adam was right. Taking things slow might be best. But he doubted it.

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