The Son Also Rises – Part five
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The ride home was mostly quiet. Even when Ryan stopped for a rare treat at McDonald’s, neither of them said much. Ryan couldn’t tell what was going on in Lucas’ head. For Ryan, it was just wave after wave of guilt and shame. Unfortunately, undercutting all of that was the feeling of Lucas’ slender fingers wrapped around his cock. He could swear that he felt them there still. That and the image of Lucas, his sensual lips parted, his eyes full of nervous desire, as he lowered his mouth to his father’s cock.

Ryan hadn’t imagined that. He could ignore the other signs that had been building for awhile now. The casual nudity, the erections, the looks. All of that could be written off as something else. The look in his son’s eyes as his intent to suck, or at least lick, Ryan’s cock could not. And that was a problem. Ryan wasn’t sure where this desire for his son had come from. As they drove home, Ryan was on autopilot, his mind turning the question around in his head, examining it from all angles.

Ryan finally decided that it was basically the fact that he missed his wife. He was lost after she passed, and he and Lucas had clung together to get through the heartache of it. It formed a bond between them, and maybe caused Lucas to grow up a bit too soon. They supported each other, and became partners; the two of them against the world. Ryan missed her though, and not just her spirit and her laughter, her kindness and optimism. He missed being with her. Feeling her closeness. Making love with her. After she passed, he never even looked at another woman. Those feelings had to go somewhere though, and he was living with a gorgeous, obviously sexual creature who loved him unconditionally. Add in his confused feelings about the secret relationship he’d shared with a very young looking boy when he was in college, and you had a recipe for chaos.

Ryan glanced over at Lucas as they neared their home. The boy was sitting with his legs drawn up against his chest, staring forlornly out the window. “Hey,” he said. Lucas turned his head and Ryan smiled. He reached out and took his son’s hand, squeezed it and then drew it to him, kissing it lightly on the back. “We’re going to be okay,” he assured him. Lucas smiled wanly.

At home, they carried in the clothes and dumped them on Lucas’ bed. They tried to talk to one another, but it just felt awkward, and eventually Ryan retreated to his room. He showered, wanting to somehow wash away his guilt in the hot water. It didn’t help, but at least he was out of the briefs he’d filled with so much precum that they’d become crusty with it. He pulled on dark blue Calvin boxer-briefs, knee-length black gym shorts and a t-shirt.

By that time, it was getting on toward evening and Ryan had to do something about dinner. He opted out of the responsibility by ordering a pizza. Lucas still hadn’t emerged from his room, so Ryan walked down the hall.

“Hey, I ordered pizza,” Ryan said as he opened the door to his son’s room.

Lucas was lying on his bed, on his stomach. He’d apparently showered as well, as he’d changed. He was wearing the orange and gray striped briefs Ryan had seen before. Lucas’ laptop was in front of him, and he slammed it shut the moment the door opened, looking up at Ryan with a flushed, guilty face.

“Sorry,” Ryan said. “I should have knocked.”

“It’s okay,” Lucas said softly. “Is pizza here?”

“I just ordered it,” he said, then stood there awkwardly for too long with Lucas just looking up at him. “Are we okay?” Ryan asked.

Lucas just nodded, a bit hesitantly Ryan felt.

“Are you sure?” Ryan asked, stepping into the room. He sat down on the side of his son’s bed, and Lucas scooted a bit to the side but remained lying down. Ryan suspected why, and after everything he knew he should just leave. He wasn’t sure why he was pressing the issue, and the issue really wasn’t what had happened, but his desire to confirm his suspicions. All of his good intentions had gone straight out the window the first time he sees his boy in his underwear again.

Ryan reached out and put a hand on Lucas’ back. He stroked it softly, his fingers sliding over the bumps of his spine, seeing and feeling the fine sweep of silky golden hairs that flowed downward, disappearing into that dark little crevice which peeked out of the waistband of Lucas’ briefs.

“About today…” Ryan began hesitantly. “I… well… things got a bit out of hand, I guess.”

“I’m sorry, Dad,” Lucas said miserably.

“Hey, you don’t have to be sorry about anything,” Ryan said gently.

“But I touched… you know… your dick,” Lucas said, unable to meet his eyes.

“I let things go too far,” Ryan said. “That’s my fault. I shouldn’t have put you in that position.” Then he took Lucas’ shoulder, pushing and pulling to get him on his side. “Hey, look at me,” he said gently as he pushed, and Lucas finally rolled over onto his back. Ryan very deliberately did not look anywhere except his son’s eyes. “Not your fault,” he said clearly and softly. “You didn’t do anything wrong. Please don’t feel bad about anything.” He put his hand in the middle of Lucas’ chest. “I love you, okay?”

“I love you, too, Dad,” Lucas said, and he sat up far enough to wrap his arms around Ryan’s neck, who helped by bending over a bit. Ryan kissed the top of Lucas’ head, and then couldn’t help looking down to see the erection that stretched the front of his son’s briefs.

Ryan pulled back, once again meeting Lucas’ eyes. “Pizza here soon, okay?”

“Okay, Dad,” Lucas smiled.

“My beautiful boy,” Ryan smiled, kissing him on the forehead. Then he stood and left the room, leaving the door open behind him.

If Ryan needed any sign that things were not prosaic in the Jeffries household, he got it twenty minutes later when he called out that the pizza had arrived and Lucas came out wearing red gym shorts and a shirt. The shirt though was one Ryan had seen him wear only once before, to a dance class, where the instructor told him not to wear it again. It read, ‘Let’s get this straight – I’m not’. Ryan wondered if there was a message in there and what it might be.

They ate pizza and watched tv, but Lucas stayed on the other sofa and they didn’t talk much. Ryan kept seeing him turn to look at him, but when he’d turn his head Lucas would look away. By the end of the evening, Ryan was a nervous wreck.

A bit after ten, Lucas stood up and announced he was going to bed. Ryan didn’t know if he wanted to be kissed goodnight, so he didn’t move. Then Lucas came to him, climbed onto his lap with his feet to the left of Ryan and his left arm around Ryan’s neck. Ryan hugged him, and they just sat like that for awhile.

“I love you, Dad,” Lucas finally said.

“I love you, too, Lucas,” Ryan replied. “More than anything.”

More silence, then, “Dad?”

“Yeah?” he asked. Neither was looking at the other, and Lucas was leaning curled up against him, his hands up under his chin.

“I didn’t do anything wrong, right?” he asked softly.

“No, honey,” Ryan said, hugging him. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“But… what if I liked… you know… modeling and… stuff?”

Ryan wasn’t sure if the ‘and stuff’ was deliberate and loaded, and he was afraid to touch it just then. “Lucas, you like what you like,” he finally said. “I’m sure certain parts of today were fun for you. That’s great. Enjoy them. Don’t let today bother you. I was… I was just being a bit dumb, okay? I know you were enjoying yourself and I’m sorry I ruined it for you.”

“You didn’t, Dad,” he insisted.

“Well, I’m glad,” Ryan said, kissing his head. “Now go to bed.”

Lucas climbed out of Ryan’s lap, then knelt there on the sofa, straddling his father’s right leg and put his hands on Ryan’s shoulders. Lucas leaned down to hug him, and Ryan hugged him in return, running his hands up and down his son’s back. Then Lucas pulled back enough to look him in the eyes, and he leaned in and placed a small, chaste kiss on his lips, his eyes never closing. “G’night, Dad.”

“Night, kiddo,” Ryan grinned, stretching his neck to plant a soft kiss of his own. Lucas smiled and crawled off the couch and went to bed.

Ryan locked up the house, cleaned up the pizza box and paper plates and put away the snacks they’d had later. He shut off all the lights as he made his way to his bedroom, and finally closed the door behind him.

Into the bathroom, he pissed and brushed his teeth, then stripped off his clothes and dropped them in the hamper. He shut off the light and returned to his room, stopping in front of his bureau to grab his wallet. He opened it and retrieved the memory card he’d taken from Phil. Then he grabbed his laptop and got into bed.

Phil, if nothing else, was a great photographer. The pictures of Lucas were magnificent, capturing the boy’s beauty in ways both sublime and overt. There were closeups of Lucas’ face, in expressions from wild grins to somber relaxation with his eyes closed. The dancing and stretches captured the elegant and alluring lines of his son’s young body, shadow and light highlighting and concealing every curve of muscle and sinew.

Ryan almost stopped there. He actually tried, and managed to close the laptop for maybe ten seconds before relenting and pouring over the rest of the photos, zooming in on each one. The seductive and indecent distention of cloth around his son’s erection. Then the reveal, caught in close up, vivid color. Every vein, every little wrinkle and ridge, every single mouth-watering centimeter of it in glorious color. Ryan felt his own cock throbbing as he examined the delicately curved ridge of Lucas’ softly pink glans. It was flared, like his own, so that it sat atop the ivory shaft like a mushroom cap. Leading down from the meaty little head, in that inverted V, was a tiny ridge of tissue. Down below were his boy’s little balls, held gently in his wrinkled scrotum. Ryan could see every little tracery of red vein in the crepe-paper skin.

A few pictures further on and his own cock came into view, bared by his own son. A larger version of Lucas’, seven inches, moderately thick, with golf ball sized testicles in a large sac. A neat bush of light brown hair. It was steely and hovering over his groin, the head shining with wetness. Phil had captured Lucas’ face as he saw his dad’s swollen cock for the first time. Ryan saw wonder there, and excitement. Then nervous determination as he wrapped his fist around it, eyes wide. Then a look of naked hunger and lust as his lips parted and he began to lean forward.

Ryan didn’t remember grabbing his cock, but as he stared at that final photo he felt his balls churn and he gasped as fountains of thick cum splashed across his stomach and the back of the laptop. He felt ashamed once again. It seemed he was in a constant ping-pong match between lust and self-reproach.

After cleaning up, Ryan crawled into bed, vowing to battle on, but in his heart he feared it was a losing battle.

Ryan felt the bed move and blearily opened his eyes. There were windows on the wall behind his bed, and the early morning sun from them was casting the shadows of swaying branches on the opposite wall. More movement beside him, and warmth. He turned his head as he felt a hand slide over his stomach.

“Hey,” he said, smiling sleepily at Lucas.

“Morning,” his son smiled, snuggling against him.

“To what do I deserve this nice wake-up call?”

“I been up awhile and I missed you.”

“Mmmm,” Ryan purred happily, feeling Lucas’ hand sliding lazily up and down on his stomach. He felt Lucas’ leg slide up over his, and then Lucas kissed his shoulder. Ryan stretched, only discovering then that his sheet was wrapped around his legs. He froze. A quick glance downward showed him what he’d already felt. He was naked from the knees up, and his cock was at full attention.

“I’ve lost my sheet,” he said cautiously.

He felt Lucas shrug and his hand slid lower on his stomach before going back up. His thigh slid further over his, until he felt his son’s knee kiss his scrotum and back away. “I don’t mind,” Lucas said softly. A pause, then, “I like looking at you.”

“I… I’m not sure you should be looking at me like this,” Ryan said carefully.

Another shrug. “You’re the one that said it,” Lucas said softly, his breath warm on Ryan’s shoulder. “Naked is okay,” he said. His hand slid lower, then moved to the side, going lower still, but well away from his cock. “Boners are okay.” Now the hand, which was down on the level of the base of his cock, slid closer, until Lucas’ fingers were sliding through his pubic hair. He twirled his fingers through it while Ryan’s cock throbbed and he did nothing. “And,” Lucas continued, his voice a bit tight and barely above a whisper, “you said I didn’t do anything wrong when I touched it.”

As a finger slid experimentally along the side of his shaft, Ryan turned on his side, making Lucas pull his hand back. Ryan looked into his son’s nervous blue eyes, which skittered away, staring downward. Ryan reached out and stroked his arm. He glanced down. Lucas was naked. Naked and erect, his small cock throbbing between his legs.

“I might have been wrong about that last part,” Ryan said hoarsely.

Lucas’ eyes flicked up to meet his. “I did do something wrong?” he asked.

“I… no,” Ryan said. “You didn’t. It’s just… well, most boys don’t touch their fathers there. I’m not saying you did anything wrong. We were in a weird situation. You’re a boy. You’re twelve. It’s only natural for you to be curious. Also, let’s face it, Lucas, being gay you’re probably even more curious about that kind of thing than other boys.”

“I’ve seen porn,” Lucas admitted.

“I know you have,” Ryan said, obviously surprising his son, causing him to blush and look away.

“I… I’ve done stuff. Sex stuff. With boys.”

“I know that, too,” Ryan said softly.

Lucas gave him wide eyes for a moment. “How?”

Ryan smiled. “Because you’re twelve and not nearly as sneaky as you think you are.”

“Just… you know… touching,” Lucas admitted. “Their things were little though, like mine,” he said. “I… I just wanted to… I never…”

“I get it, Lucas,” Ryan said softly, saving him. “You’ve seen some… cocks, in videos. You’ve probably had a lot of fantasies about… doing things with them. You saw… mine… and you were curious. That’s okay. That’s normal.”

“But not touching it?” Lucas asked.

“Well, like I said… it’s not the sort of thing that fathers and sons…”

“So I’m not normal?” the boy asked.

“Hey,” Ryan said. “None of that,” he said. Lucas still wouldn’t look him in the eyes, so Ryan pushed him back flat and hovered half over him, staring down into his sweet, beautiful face. “You’re my beautiful, perfect boy,” he said. “You’re better than normal. There’s nothing wrong with curiosity.”

“So… can I touch it then?” Lucas asked, and Ryan realized he’d sort of backed himself into a verbal corner.

“I…” he began, then swallowed around the lump in his throat. “Just… Lucas, I…” he sighed. Ryan wondered if, by refusing him, Lucas would seek out another adult cock to explore. That seemed much worse than letting him see his. Who knew what a stranger might do to his beautiful son. Surely that was better, wasn’t it? Or was he just making up excuses to allow it to happen? Likely, he admitted to himself. So… limits.

Lucas was chewing on his lip, something he did when he was nervous. Ryan reached out and took his son’s hand. He held it for a moment and leaned down and lightly kissed his son on the lips. He pulled away after just a moment, but Lucas lifted his head and pressed his lips to his, pressing, and then he backed off after about five seconds and opened his eyes. Ryan smiled and pulled Lucas’ hand to his cock. Lucas’ eyes widened and his hand tightened.

“I can?” he breathed.

“For one minute, so you can satisfy your curiosity and get it out of your system,” Ryan said.

“Five minutes,” Lucas countered, his hand already moving lightly up and down on his dad’s cock.

“Two,” Ryan smiled.

“Three, and I get to look at it, too.”

“Deal,” Ryan said. Then he rolled over onto his back, hating himself, shaking his head at his stupidity, but doing nothing to stop it.

Lucas sat up eagerly, crossing his legs and scooting as close to his father’s hip as he could. Ryan could see his gorgeous little cock sticking up stiffly between his legs, rising from the smooth, hairless groin that he wanted to run his tongue along so badly.

Lucas just looked down at his dad’s cock for a bit. His eyes drinking it in, and then he reached out his left hand and wrapped it around the thick base, like he had at the studio. “It’s so big,” he breathed, lifting it upright. His right hand traced fingers upward and circled the swollen head. Ryan’s cock jerked, startling the boy for a moment.

Lucas turned and grinned at his father. He gently circled the fat glans, his delicate fingers exploring all over and making Ryan squirm. “Does it feel good?” Lucas teased.

“You know it does,” Ryan said a bit breathily.

Lucas began to gently stroke the thick cock with one hand while his left slid downward and carefully cupped his dad’s big balls. He explored them while his right hand slid lightly up and down his dad’s shaft, barely making contact.

“I really like your balls,” Lucas said softly. “I like how big they are. Like, heavy.” He turned to his dad and said, “That’s where the sperm is, right? The cum?”

“Yeah,” Ryan said, voice tight. His cock was tingling and his balls were churning. He realized he didn’t know how much time had passed. He guessed and said, “Only two more minutes.”

Lucas looked back down, his hand stroking, his other gently juggling and squeezing. “I bet you got a lot of cum, Dad.”

Ryan winced. The words might just have been too much for him. Hearing the words coming from the sweet mouth of his son was pushing him toward the edge. “One more minute,” he panted.

Lucas whipped a look at him. “That wasn’t a whole minute right then,” he accused.

“Close enough,” Ryan grunted.

Looking a bit unhappy, Lucas returned his attention to the cock in his hand. “Did you have your orgasm?” he asked.

“I… no,” Ryan replied, refraining from telling him that was what was about to happen if he didn’t end this little experiment quickly.

“There’s stuff,” Lucas said. He bent close and slid his finger through the precum leaking from Ryan’s swollen cockhead. The light touch on his sensitive skin made him squirm.

“That’s -” Ryan swallowed. “That’s what’s called precum. It comes first.”

“Then cum?” Lucas asked a bit eagerly, looking at the wetness on his fingers.

Ryan watched wide-eyed as his twelve-year-old son lifted his precum slickened fingers and slid them into his mouth, tasting. That was it. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Okay,” he gasped, rising to his elbows. “We have to stop now. That’s enough of a look, Lucas.”

Lucas pulled his fingers from his mouth and looked at his father, no doubt seeing the desperation there. “Precum tastes good,” he said, and Ryan groaned. “Are you gonna squirt your cum?” he asked.

“I am if you don’t stop, so you need to stop now,” Ryan said weakly.

“I wanna see it,” Lucas said, rising to his knees and slipping between his dad’s thickly muscled thighs. He wrapped both hands around the meaty pole and began to stroke it in earnest.

“Lucas, please stop,” the man said, knowing he was lost, lacking the strength both physical and mental to put a stop to this incestuous situation.

“Please, Dad,” Lucas begged. “Please let me see it.”

Ryan moaned helplessly. Then he watched with growing alarm as Lucas bent over, his attention completely focused on the cock he was steadily two-fisting. His blond head dipped lower and lower and then his tongue slid out and lapped up over the flaring piss-slit, taking a bubble of precum from the source.

“No, Lucas!” Ryan gasped. “Not that. You… you can jack me off, but not that, okay?”

Lucas, who’d looked up at his father’s hoarse cry, looked back down at the fat, leaking cockhead, only three inches from his mouth. “Okay, Dad,” he said softly, but then he bent his head and placed a soft, lingering kiss where he’d just licked before sitting back, his hands working again.

Ryan watched as his son’s tongue slid out between those full, luscious lips and lapped up the lingering wetness there before swirling it around inside his mouth. Then, as Ryan watched, his boy rose to his knees, his little cock quivering, and he straddled his dad’s hips. Then he sank down, so that his small penis was pressed against his dad’s much larger one. Then he began to work his hands up and down on the thick, precum slickened shaft, determination clear on his face.

To Ryan, it looked like Lucas was squatting there jacking his own big cock, both hands together sliding up and then down, in the same spot his own cock would be if it were that big. Ryan moaned and gave an involuntary thrust of his hips.

“Are you gonna do it, Dad?” Lucas asked a bit breathlessly. “Are you gonna squirt it?”

“Yeah,” Ryan said with a strangled gasp.

“Squirt it,” Lucas breathed. “Let me see it.”

With a final, shuddering breath, Ryan felt himself tip over the edge. He gripped the sheets and his body stiffened, his hips lifting a couple of inches while his cock bucked strongly in his son’s hands, exploding, thick ropes of cum blasting straight into the air, then falling back, spattering his belly, and Lucas’ belly, as well as his arms and hands. Six strong spurts followed by several smaller ones. A volume of cum that Ryan hadn’t loosed in a long time.

Ryan opened his eyes to see Lucas looking down in wonder, his hands still wrapped around his father’s cock, which continued to jerk and ooze out more hot cream. He and Lucas were both showered with it.

Lucas met his father’s eyes, his own wide. “That was amazing,” he breathed. “I seen porns, but I always thought it was fake. Like special effects. It was like a rocket!”

Ryan had no idea what to say in this situation. His twelve-year-old son was still kneeling there, legs wide, his small hands wrapped possessively around his father’s cock. Thick cum flowed down his shaft still, and began to cool on his stomach and groin, in amongst his pubic hair and dripping down Lucas’ belly and arms.

“We… we should clean up, kiddo,” Ryan finally said.

Lucas met his eyes for a second before returning to the big cock in his fists. He slid his right hand upward, gripping firmly, sliding up over the thick, sensitive glans, cum gathering in the web between thumb and forefinger. Then he lifted his hand to his mouth and he closed his lips around that thick puddle, sucking it into his mouth. His eyes closed and his tongue worked, tasting, savoring. Slowly, his eyes opened and he lifted his cum-spattered arm, turning it back and forth. Wordlessly, he began to lick the viscous cream off his arm and hand while Ryan watched in a sort of awe of his own. His cock, which had begun to bend a bit to the side in his son’s hand instantly stiffened.

Lucas, done licking clean his hand and arm, leaned back and looked down. Ryan’s cum had peppered his stomach and dripped downward. He slicked his hand against his belly, then slid that into his mouth as well. A small amount had slid down low enough to pool at the base of his young cock before sliding a bit downward over his small sac. He reached down and slid a finger through that little rivulet, then turned his hand, using the slick jizz to coat his own cock as he stroked it up and down.

Lucas looked up at his dad as his hand worked on his little cock. “It’s okay, Dad? To do it?”

“I…” Ryan nodded. “This one time, okay?” he said, desperate to see his son make himself cum. He wondered… “Lucas, can you squirt anything yet?”

Lucas looked back up at him and nodded. “A tiny bit. It just started a few weeks ago I think.”

The knowledge worked its way through Ryan’s brain like a drug, dulling and firing simultaneously.

Lucas began to breath more heavily, his hand stroking his cock desperately. Then he looked up at his father. “Dad?” he asked, releasing his dick, which twitched and quivered. “Will you do it?”

“Do…?” Ryan murmured, shocked.

“Like I did,” Lucas said. “Make… make me cum. Please?”

“I… Lucas…” Ryan said, desperately torn. “Just… just this one time, okay?”

Lucas’ eyes flashed with excitement.

“I mean it,” Ryan said. “Just this one time.”

“Okay, Dad,” Lucas said, going on all fours briefly as he crawled forward a bit and then straightened, presenting his pubescent cock to his father.

Lucas was squatting over his stomach, and Ryan reached out first with his left hand, gently cupping his son’s hanging scrotum, caressing the little nuggets within. Lucas’ breath caught the moment he touched him. Then Ryan reached with his right hand, first running the back of his fingers up along the turgid little shaft, watching it jerk. He took the small stalk between his thumb and forefinger, circling it and sliding slowly upward until he felt the ridge of Lucas’ little flared cockhead.

Looking up at his son’s face, he traced his thumb upward, sliding it across that sensitive little bundle of nerves before gently exploring his little boy’s spongy, swollen cockhead. He squeezed the little helmet, causing Lucas to stiffen and gasp. Ryan badly wanted to take Lucas’ plump ass in his hands and pull him forward until he could slide his lips down around his son’s little pink acorn. Instead, he just gently stroked the four-inch shaft with his circled thumb and finger, riding the smooth pole.

Lucas was breathing heavily, his stomach heaving and his hips wiggling, unable to keep still. “It feels really good, Daddy,” he breathed, using a term he hadn’t for several years. Something about that word shot through Ryan, causing his cock to jerk. When it did, it struck Lucas between the legs.

A bit startled, Lucas looked back and down. Then he deliberately sank down further, until the head of his dad’s cock was pressing against his hairless little taint. He slid his hips back and forth, stroking his dad’s cock with his flesh. Then he suddenly rose and went to all fours. Ryan had to adjust his grip to keep his son’s cock in his hand. Ryan thought that maybe his son wanted to kiss him, and Ryan knew that if he did, it wouldn’t be a chaste kiss. He couldn’t believe how much he wanted it.

Instead, Lucas leaned further, until his mouth was at his father’s ear. “Daddy?” he breathed. Ryan could only respond with something between a hum and a grunt, but Lucas understood him and continued in that breathy voice. “Daddy,” he said again, “will you put your finger in me? While you do my d-dick? In my butt?”

Ryan gasped. “Lucas…” he began, fingers still working on his son’s vibrating erection.

“I’ve put stuff in there,” he breathed. Then he reached out and found his father’s left hand, drew his own hand up to Ryan’s wrist and pulled it close before finding Ryan’s left index finger. He drew it into his mouth, his sensuous lips closing around it, his tongue swirling as he sucked lightly and drew it in as far as his lips would go. Ryan thought he might cum again, and he was sure that if Lucas had still been rubbing against it with his ass that he would have. Lucas drew back off the now-wet finger and said, “Please?”

There was no way Ryan could refuse. As the fingers of his right hand continued to caress the little boner, he reached down with his left, first finding his own cock. He squeezed the fat glans, feeling a shiver rip through him. Finger now wet with slick precum, he snaked his hand up over Lucas’ ass, then down, questing with his middle finger through the smooth cleft until he found his boy’s tight, rubbery sphincter. Lucas gasped and began to pant.

“Right there, Daddy,” he breathed.

Ryan circled his finger over the sensitive bud, making Lucas squirm and moan, and then, with a tiny amount of pressure, it opened up to him and he slid the tip of his finger inside. Lucas was gasping and panting in his ear, the sound of preteen pleasure sending a shock through him as he worked the tip of his finger in and out, going a tiny bit deeper each time until he was in to the second knuckle. Lucas’ ass was so tiny and tight, sucking madly at his finger. He forced it in further, and Lucas stiffened, trembling.

“Daddy!” he gasped. “Gonna do it. Gonna cum for you, Daddy.”

Then Lucas stiffened, his asshole clamping down on his finger like a vise while his twelve-year-old cock bucked and jerked in his gripping hand. Ryan thought he felt a lick of heat against his wrist as he continued to slide his fingers up and down. Lucas shuddered. Then he squirmed.

“Stop, Dad,” he gasped. “T-tickles.”

Ryan released his boy’s dick then, and gently slid his finger out of his gripping rectum. Lucas sighed, and Ryan did something he’d been dreaming about. He slid his hands down over his son’s ass, feeling those plump mounds fill his palms. Lucas sank into him, his head going to Ryan’s chest, his groin and stomach settling along Ryan’s cock. His kept his hands on that amazing bottom, caressing and squeezing as he felt the boy’s still-hard cock throbbing against his stomach.

They lay there like that for a couple of minutes, until finally Lucas raised his head and met his father’s eye. “Did I squirt?” he asked.

“I… I think,” Ryan said. He lifted his right arm off his son’s ass. Magically, his wrist hadn’t touched anything, and right there was a little streak of wetness. He showed it to Lucas.

“Are you gonna taste it?” he asked. “Yours tasted a lot different than mine.” Eyes locked, he said, “I liked it though.”

Spurred by that confession and an honest desire to do so, Ryan brought his forearm to his face and licked. He honestly didn’t taste much of anything other than his own skin, but he looked at Lucas, smiled, and said, “Sweet and delicious. Like you.”

“And sexy,” Lucas smiled.

“So very, very sexy,” Ryan agreed.

Lucas bit his bottom lip. “Your thing is still hard,” he said.

“So is yours,” Ryan smiled.

“Can we -”

“No,” Ryan interrupted. “I meant it. One time only.”

Lucas pouted, sticking out that lip. The fact that it was a bad idea flashed bright in his head, but Ryan ignored it and leaned forward, sucking that lip between his own. Lucas sucked in a startled breath, and then he pressed his mouth hard to Ryan’s. Again, warning klaxons sounded. Ryan had said one time. He’d meant it. Mostly. Sort of. Maybe. He let his mouth slide open slightly. Lucas, feeling the difference, moaned and opened his own. Ryan slid his tongue into his son’s mouth, his senses overloading, inhaling the boy. He reached down and took his ass back in hand. Hands. He swirled his tongue in Lucas’ mouth, tasting his sweetness.

Lucas gave a whimpering moan of need and slid his own tongue against his father’s, slowly, nervously, but with growing heat and fervor. He hugged his father tightly while their mouths worked against each other. He began to hump his cock against his father’s stomach.

“Okay,” Ryan gasped, lifting Lucas with thumbs hooked into his hairless armpits. He was breathing heavily. “Okay, that was a bad idea.”

“I liked it,” Lucas said. “A lot.”

“I said once,” Ryan said. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I want you to,” Lucas said, and he reached down and wrapped his hands again around Ryan’s cock. “I want to do more, Daddy.”

He could just fuck him, Ryan knew. He could lay his gorgeous twelve-year-old son down on the bed, spread those magnificent asscheeks and bury his cock in his little boy ass, and he knew, just knew, that Lucas would beg for more. He shook his head to rid it of that dark fantasy.

“One time,” Ryan repeated hoarsely, and he lifted Lucas to the side and slid out from underneath him. Then he stood, his fat seven-inch cock swaying, pointing nearly vertical it was so hard. “Come on,” he said, eyes refusing to stop traveling all over the small blond boy’s perfect body. “Let’s… let’s get breakfast or something.”

Lucas looked at his father, his eyes also flicking between his face and his bobbing cock. When he saw his dad was serious, he stood, his own little erection jerking with his movements. He reached down and wrapped his hand around it.

Ryan tore his eyes away from the erotic sight and walked toward and then around his son, who still stood gently stroking his four-inch cock. “I’ve got to piss,” he said by way of explanation as he walked by him, somehow not reaching out to touch him. For a brief moment he debated whether or not to close the door, but it struck him as a callous thing to do, especially after what they’d just shared. So he left it open and went to the toilet, his back to the bedroom, just standing there with a cock that was too hard to piss comfortably.

“I can hold it for you,” Lucas said softly from close behind him.

Without turning, Ryan said, “It’s hard enough as it is.”

“Mine is, too,” Lucas said.

“I noticed,” Ryan said, trying to ignore the idea of his son standing behind him naked and hard. It was doing absolutely nothing to help him piss.

“You can touch it,” Lucas said, leaning close and putting his right arm around his father’s waist.

“Lucas,” Ryan said in a warning voice.

“I wish I had hair,” he said, ignoring the warning. His left hand snaked out, sliding his fingers into his father’s bush of light brown curls. Ryan was honestly unsure what to do. Should he yell at him? Kiss him? He’d said one time. He’d meant it. Mostly.

“It feels weird,” Lucas mused, twirling his fingers around the curls. Ryan just stood there, frozen by indecision. “I never used to know that guys grew hair on their balls,” Lucas said, and his hand slid lower, cupping his father’s testicles.

“C’mon, stop it, Lucas,” Ryan finally said. “I’m trying to pee.”

“Your balls are really big,” the boy said, caressing them. “Not as big as your dick though,” he said, releasing his dad’s nuts and sliding a hand up along the thick shaft. His voice had grown husky, and Ryan realized that this wasn’t playfulness, but that his twelve-year-old was attempting to seduce him. “Do you call it a dick, Daddy?” he asked, gently squeezing the meaty head. “Or a cock?”

“Lucas, cut it out,” Ryan said.

“I think cock sounds better,” the boy said, sliding his hand back down the shaft. “My daddy’s big cock.”

Ryan couldn’t take it, and not in the way he thought he’d reach a breaking point. “That’s it, Lucas,” he said, stepping back, cock swaying. “You need to stop. And don’t talk like that.”

Lucas looked a bit stunned and bewildered. “But… men are supposed to like that. Being called daddy by gay boys. It’s in all the stories.”

“Stories?” Ryan asked, not sure he wanted to know.

“Stories online,” Lucas said, biting his lip now and folding in on himself a bit. His hand reached down between his legs, but not to masturbate, but rather to cover his cock. “About men and boys,” he continued. “It’s called boylove. When men like little boys. Like Phil.” He looked up into his father’s eyes. “Don’t… don’t you like me? Like that?”

“Lucas, I’m your father. Father’s aren’t supposed to like their sons like that.”

“But the stories-” Lucas began.

“Those are just stories,” Ryan said.

“That’s what I thought,” Lucas said. “but then… but then we starting doing stuff… like in the stories. Like being in underwear, or naked. And we did stuff. Sex stuff.” He met his father’s eyes. “I know you liked it, Dad.”

Ryan saw no way forward but honesty. “I did like it, Lucas. That’s the problem. I’m sorry, but it’s wrong. I should never have started any of this. You’re my son and I love you, and this shouldn’t be happening.”

“But… I love you, Dad,” he said, coming forward. It did not help in the least that the boy was still rock-hard. “I wanted you to do stuff. I want to do even more stuff. I’ve never… I’ve wanted to do stuff for awhile. I didn’t know I’d be able to do it with you, but that’s even better, Dad, because I don’t have to worry about weird old guys like Phil. Did you see he had a boner the whole time?”

“I noticed,” Ryan said. He closed his eyes. “Look, Lucas…” he shook his head. “This conversation is a hell of a lot more difficult with both of standing here with hard-ons,” he complained. Lucas grinned and Ryan sighed. “Lucas… I love you. And yes, I think you’re sexy as fuck. I love looking at you, and there are so many things I want to do with you and that adorable little cock…” he trailed off and shook himself. “But I’m your dad. Okay, I get it. We stepped over a line, and you want to sprint past a bunch of other lines, but I have to be the adult here. I have to be responsible and do the right thing. So as much as I want to carry you into that room and do stuff you’ve never read about in any of your stories, I’m not going to. We’re not going to. We’re father and son, and that’s going to be all. That’s the way it has to be, okay? Trust me.”

Lucas sighed. “Okay, Dad,” he said unhappily.

“Good,” Ryan said. “Now go put some clothes on. Lots of clothes. Like a parka or something.”

Lucas smiled sadly, then shrugged and left the bathroom. Eventually, Ryan was able to pee. It took awhile.

End of part five

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