A Thing as Pure as Love

A brother and sister on the run from the law in the 1970’s discover safety, comfort and love in each other’s arms.

Chapter 1
A young brother and sister travel across the country trying to find their mother and instead find the last thing they’d ever expected to encounter in their short lives; love.

Chapter 2
Part two of the story of Cassie and Hunter, two young kids in 1976 trying to make their way to California.

Chapter 3
A Fourth of July layover in Texas has unexpected consquences

Chapter 4
Fourth of July is finally here. The celebration begins AFTER the fireworks

Chapter 5
What consequences will arise from our young heroes first copulation with each other? Find out as they continue their trek to Los Angeles.

Chapter 6
Hunter and Cassie arrive in Los Angeles and spend some quality time together before they try to find their mom.

Chapter 7
Having arrived in Los Angeles, and unable to find their mother, Hunter and Cassie settle in and try to live a normal life.

Chapter 8
Things seem to be going badly for our heroes as they try their best to get along in life.

Chapter 9
Did you people REALLY think I’d let them die on the streets of Portland? Read on…