October 19, 2008

Virgin Brother
Alex Hawk

“Prove it!” challenged my thirteen-year-old brother, Matt.

“I don’t need to.”

“You mean you can’t.”

“No, I mean I don’t need to.”

“I think you’re full of shit.”

“I think you ARE a shit, so we’re even.”

This had gotten started when we’d watched the movie “Clerks” earlier today. There was a scene where two characters were discussing a guy trying to blow himself. I’d made some remark to Matt about how I could do that, and since then he’d been arguing with me.

“It’s bullshit, Brody. No one can really do that.”

“I can.”

“Prove it!”

Finally I snapped. “Fine! If I prove it, will you shut the fuck up?”

“Of course.”

“Fine. Let’s go upstairs, though. I’m not going to blow myself in the living room.”


We marched up to my bedroom where I shut and locked the door. “Don’t ever fuckin’ tell anyone about this, ok?”

“I won’t.”

“Fine.” I started getting undressed. “I gotta be naked to do this right,” I explained.


Once my clothes were off, I sat down on the bed. My sixteen-year-old penis was already hard. I took it in my hand and gave it a couple slow, gentle strokes, trying to get into the mood for this.

Apparently Matt thought this was taking too long. “I don’t wanna stand here and see you spank it. I wanna see you suck it.”

“Shut up, bitch. It takes a little bit before I can do it.”


When I finally felt ready, I said, “Ok, watch,” then I leaned forward… very far forward… way… way… forward… I stuck out my tongue… contact. I gave the tip of my penis a couple licks and then pushed down further, until my lips were around the tip and all of it was inside my mouth.

“Holy. Mother. Fucking. Shit!” said Matt, his mouth hanging open in surprise.

I pulled my face up. “See?” I asked, taking a deep breath. “I told you I could do it.” Then I went back down.

“Fuck, wow… what’s that feel like, Brody?”

I sat up a little and kept masturbating. “Just like getting blown by someone else. Not quite as good, but still nice. Kind of like how jerking isn’t as good as a handjob, but it’s still nice.”

“Oh…” Matt said softly. “Uh… I’ve never had a blowjob or a handjob.”

“Oh, you haven’t? Poor you.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Fuck you, Brody.”

“No, I think I’d be the butch and you’d be the bitch.” I kept beating off. “You ever done anything, or are you still virgin?”

“I’m still virgin,” he mumbled.

Something about that fact, that my little brother was still a virgin, and the way that he said it, wedged itself into my mind. It actually turned me on a little bit. “Ha! I lost my virginity when I was eleven.” Which was true, courtesy of an older girl who was my babysitter and, it turned out, had seduced a number of boys she took care of. I’d fucked four others since then, including a fourteen-year-old girl named Julia with whom I had a “friends with benefits” type of relationship going on. “You’re behind the times.”

“Right, sure you did.”

“I’ll tell about it sometime. You didn’t believe me about this and it was true.”

Matt sneered at me. Then he said, “Can you teach me how to do that? I wanna see what it’s like.”

I shrugged. “I can try. You gotta be pretty limber to pull it off, though.”


“Alright. Well, take off your clothes.”

My virgin brother shrugged out of his shirt and tossed it onto the floor. Moments later his jeans and boxers joined it and he stood there naked. His body, like mine, was pretty thin and he didn’t have a lot of pubic hair yet. His penis, which was hard, was probably about four inches or so. It was smaller than mine, which was good. I couldn’t have lived with the embarrassment otherwise.

“Alright, sit.” I patted the space next to me on the bed. “You’ve jerked off before, right?”

“Of course I have.”

“Start doing that. You gotta get loosened up a little.”


My younger brother put his hand around his virgin penis and began stroking it slowly. He used the same basic, one-handed up and down movement that I used. It was kinda weird seeing another guy beat off, especially my brother, but it also kind of turned me on.

“How long you been jerking?” I asked.

Matt shrugged. “About a year.”

“It’s a fun, fun thing.”

“Fuck, yeah.”

The two of us masturbated side-by-side for a few minutes, looking at each other while we did, but trying not to look like we were looking. Finally, when I thought all was ready, I asked Matt, “You ready to try?”


“Don’t worry if you can’t do it the first time. It took me several tries.”


“So what you do is, you stretch your penis out as far as you can, and then you lean as far forward as you can get. Then stick your tongue out and just…” I lowered my mouth onto my penis, bobbed for a few seconds and then pulled up. “Like that.”

“Ok.” Matt took a couple deep breaths and then did just what I told him to. At least to a point. His stuck-out tongue ended up a good three inches away from the tip of his straining virgin penis.

After a few seconds of trying, he resurfaced, breathing hard. “I can’t do it…” he gasped.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “It takes some effort.”

I bent over to go down on myself again as I watched my brother trying to suck himself. God, it was hot seeing him do that. I knew it was wrong to get turned on by it, especially since he was my brother and I wasn’t gay, but there it was.

After a couple minutes of effort, it was clear Matt wasn’t getting any closer to his goal of sucking his virgin penis. He sat back, breathing hard.

“I can’t… I can’t do it…”

I put a hand on his shoulder. “It’s ok. You’ll get there eventually.”

Matt looked downcast. “Yeah, but I wanted to know what a blowjob felt like.”

I licked my lips as I looked at my virgin brother’s penis. My heart raced as I said, casually, “Well, if you like I’ll suck you a little. So that you know what it’s like.”

Matt looked at me with an expression of total surprise on his face. “You… you will?”

“Yeah. I mean, I won’t do it for long, and you can’t tell anyone, but, yeah, I’ll suck your virgin dick.”

My brother rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I’m still virgin, but you don’t need to rub it in.”

“Sorry,” I replied, not sure why I’d even mentioned it. I’d never done anything at all with another guy, but I wanted to do stuff with my little virgin brother. “So you want a suck?”

Matt thought about it. “Well… ok, I guess. But don’t you tell anyone, either.”

“I won’t.”


My virgin brother let go of his penis and, taking a deep breath, I reached out and took it in my hand, stroking him slowly and gently. I was giving him his first handjob. A thrill of excitement shot through me.

“How’s this feel?” I asked in a voice barely above a whisper.


Grinning, I said, “Wait until you feel this.” Then I opened my mouth and lowered it down around Matt’s virgin penis. I ran my tongue all along the shaft and over the tip, jerking him a little as I gave him his first blowjob.

While I was blowing him, I started jerking off. This was soooo cool, I thought. Here I was giving my virgin brother his first blowjob. His virgin penis was in my mouth. I had his virgin penis in my hand. He was so virgin he’d never done anything with this incredible virgin penis of his. He was a virgin. A total virgin with a wonderfully virgin penis. A virgin… a virgin… virgin…. oh, god, he was still virgin and I was getting to play with him. My little virgin brother… oh, god… he was VIRGIN!

My orgasm hit with a suddenness that surprised me. One second I was sucking my brother’s penis, thinking about him being a virgin, and then BLAST, I started spurting out everywhere. At about the same time, Matt started to moan and began firing his sperm into my mouth as he had his first orgasm given to him by someone else. I tried to swallow and nearly choked, but eventually managed to get it all down.

As soon as Matt was done cumming, I sat back on my bed, my mind spinning. What the HELL had I just done? I’d never done anything with another guy before, and now I’d just given my little brother a blowjob! His first blowjob, I reminded myself and felt a little turned on again.

“Dude…” Matt whispered, his penis twitching a little. “That was… whoa… that was so cool…”

“Yeah,” I said, wiping my mouth a little.

“I never felt anything like that before,” he continued.

“Feels good, huh?”

“Yeah.” He grinned at me. “Thanks, Brody.”

“You’re welcome.” Shyly I found myself saying, “Matt? If you ever, you know, want another one? Just let me know, ok?”

“Really? Ok!” Matt stood up and started getting dressed. I followed suit and soon we were back in the living room, talking and chatting like nothing had happened.

But I knew better.

Over the next year or so I gave Matt blowjobs every day, sometimes even twice a day. I REALLY got off on it, even though I knew I wasn’t gay and still kept sleeping with my girlfriend. We never talked about it, he and I, except for when I was doing it to him, but I knew he enjoyed it.

All good things must, however, come to an end. So it was that just a few days after Matt turned fourteen, he got a girlfriend and wound up losing his virginity to her. He came home afterwards and bragged about it non-stop. Obviously he’d had a good time heading out onto the first steps of a real sex life.

But for me it was the end of what he and I had. I still sucked him off a couple times after he lost his virginity, but it wasn’t any fun for me anymore. The only thing that really turned me on about it had been the fact that he’d been a virgin and I was the only one to do things with him. Once that changed, I lost interest.

Then I found out that one of my brother’s best friends was still a virgin… oh, yes…


Copyright 2005 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved. In vino veritas.