Confession of a Boy Lover – Chapter 9

I set the broken chop sticks to the side and picked up my fork to spear the last bit of Szechuan beef in the small cardboard box, “Fucking chopsticks, civilized folks eat with forks, dammit.”

Jem laughed as he expertly tweezed a piece of General Tso’s chicken and adroitly plopped it in his mouth, “So says the foreign devil.”

I chuckled at the 70s kung-fu accent Jem attempted, before deciding I’d show him what’s what. I tossed my empty box onto the coffee table and lunged across the couch, digging my fingers into his exposed ribs. Of course, we were still naked. We’d managed twelve hours without a stich of clothes as we watched TV today. There was, however, a bathrobe tossed over the back of the couch; my one concession to modesty when the delivery guy showed up with dinner. Jem squealed as he tried scooting away from me, but that only opened his body and I was climbing over him until I was on top of him, “I’ll show you foreign devil.”

He giggled and then threw his arms around my neck. Then he leaned forward and kissed me, mixing the spicy heat of his dinner with the more complex flavoring of mine. I decided I liked his food just fine when his tongue darted into my mouth, sending my taste buds into overdrive. When the kiss ended, he said, “Can we watch that new movie with What’s his name in it?”

I pulled back, ignoring my erection, and said, “Which what’s his name?”

“You know the one where the earth is destroyed this year.”

It clicked. I had a downloaded copy of 2012 with John Cusack. “Sure, let’s get dinner cleaned up and we can watch it.”

While I bussed our cardboard boxes and broken chopsticks, Jem headed to the bathroom. I was back in my place with the movie ready to play when he came back. “Feel better?” I asked.

He came over to me and moved my hands away and sat in my lap, “Yep. Ready to watch the world get destroyed.”

I hit play and enjoyed Jem’s perfect orbs sitting on my lap. His balls rested on my erection, which was pointing forward, below his own. It was difficult to pay attention to the movie, knowing I had a beautiful boy barely inches away from being impaled on my dick. I tried to push the thought aside as Cusack played the part of a failed writing hack reconnecting with his kids.

At the part where Cusack’s son tells him how much he dislikes his father, Jem put his hands over my arms, “If you were my dad, I’d never want you to go away.”

I hugged him, “I’d rather be your boyfriend.”

To emphasize my point, I reached down and tugged on Jem’s erection. He sighed and leaned back against me, “You know what I mean, Jack. I really, really want mom to let me spend the summer with you.”

I stroked him along the length of his erection, “One step at a time, bro. You know I’d love to have you stay. Why’s it so important to you?”

He turned his head and kissed my cheek and ear, “I guess for two reasons. Mom needs to move on. She hovers over me. Maybe dating someone will help. The other reason is I love you. I watch other people who love each other being together. I want to know what that feels like. Even if it’s just for a summer.”

I turned my head and found his lips, and we kissed as Cusack and his kids trespassed onto government property. A bit later, Jem shifted his butt around, making me hornier with each move. Still, I didn’t want to rush things. A boy’s first time should be special.

As California slid into the Pacific Ocean, Jem finally shifted enough that he reached down and pushed my penis under him, where I felt myself poking against his hole. I gasped, “Whoa, Jem. Slow down, son.”

I could almost feel him grimace at the discomfort caused by the pressure against his tight sphincter muscles. “Y-, you called me ‘son.’ I thought we were boyfriends.”

I lifted him up from my lap a couple of inches, letting my erection move between his back and my front, “A term of endearment.”

I could see his wheels spinning, “So, I can still be your boyfriend even if you’re calling me your son?”

The last thing I wanted to do was drive a wedge between Jem and Wes. But over the past two years, the boy’s father had put his own desires ahead of being a father to the boy I loved. “Yeah. I guess so. More emphasis on the boyfriend part, though. You think?”

Jem nodded and shifted around until he was straddling me, kissing me again. After coaxing my tongue into his mouth, where I enjoyed exploring every inch I could manage, when the kiss ended, he whispered, “Fuck me, Daddy.”

Although Jem stunned me with his language, I reminded myself that he had been exploring his body and learning about sex for nearly two years. How could I blame him when we wanted the same thing, even if he was exploring deeper parts of this relationship with me for the first time?

“Now?” I grunted.

Jem nodded, “Yeah. Just a sec.”

He stood and held up a finger for me to wait and raced from the room. A moment later, he returned. He held a skinny tube of lube. “I took this from Mom’s stash of toys under her bed. She has a lot.”

He resumed his seat in my lap, facing me. Of course, I wanted him, but I also didn’t want to hurt him. I ran my fingers over his back, drawing him into my embrace, “When was the last time you put your mom’s dildo in your butt?”

He flashed a cheeky grin, “Wednesday.”

Surprised by how recently he’d impaled himself, I figured I could test the waters and see if he was ready. I put a dab of the gel on my index finger and slid my hand under his backside. Knowing my body so well, I found Jem’s hole right away. When I pushed my finger against his sphincter, he pushed against my finger and I slid in as he moaned.

“That hurt?”

Jem shook his head, “Do another finger.”

I used the first finger to lube the second and while it took a little more work to get both fingers all the way in, Jem’s face only contorted once. “How’s that?” I asked.

Jem looked into my eyes, “I swear, Jack. I’m ready for you. Please fuck me!”

I lubed myself pretty good and proper, and even applied some more around his opening and inside the first few inches of his rectum. Then Jem positioned himself on me. I held my dick steady as he grunted and pushed down against me. Something gave way, and I felt myself gripped in the tightest of vices. He had taken my glans in.

Jem wore an odd expression. I asked, “You okay?”

He drew in a big breath, “Y-, yeah. You f-, feel okay. You feel different from Mom’s toy.”

I rubbed his back, “Bad different or good different?”

He let the corners of his lip drift up, “Good different, I think. I just need a sec to get used to you.”

We lightly kissed until he nodded and pushed down. The sense of having my dick gripped so thoroughly and the knowledge that he still had three more inches to go. I said, “You okay?”

“Yeah. That actually felt okay. My butthole doesn’t hurt anymore.”

I patted him on the back, “Oh, Jem, I’m sorry. We should have taken more time.”

He shook his head, “Nuh uh, this is how I dreamed about it.”

He pulled up, dragging my penis along the tight confines of his hole, and then slid down, taking another inch. There was a hitch in his breathing. I was concerned, “Dude, you sure you’re okay?”

He wore a silly grin, “Oh, yeah. That felt super good.”

I must have touched his prostate. My own efforts at massaging my prostate had never gone far. Even Jem’s butt-play with me in the bath hadn’t done much for it. I wondered what it would feel like to have my young boyfriend poking my prostate with his erection. With any luck, I wouldn’t have long to wait.

Jem’s knees flexed, taking him up a couple of inches, and then back down. He shuddered, gritting his teeth, sliding down me until he could go no further. All of my five inches were in him. We both wore shocked expressions as the realization hit. My arms around his back pulled him closer, “Dude, are you sure you’re okay. This isn’t supposed to hurt.”

He flexed his legs, moving a couple of inches up before settling again against the base of my penis, “I’ve never felt this full. I’m not gonna lie, Jack. That first inch hurt more than I wanted to admit. But after that, it was just taking you in at my own speed. You feel super good. I’ve got a tingling that feels tons better than mom’s dildo.”

Then a smile spread wide, “Oh, my God. Jack, you’re fucking me. I’m not a virgin anymore.”

I scratched his back, “We’re making love to each other, bro.”

He nodded, “Yeah. We’re fucking! Fucking!”

I think he just liked the sound of the word on his lips. That didn’t stop him from rising, pulling back until his sphincter muscles trapped only my glans. Then he sank back down, sliding the four inches he’d pulled out, all the way back in. He shuddered as he bottomed out, “Ahhh, feels good.”

I wanted to cum inside him. To fill him up with my seed. But even though I wanted a lot out of sex with Jem, this moment was his. I felt a rising sense of confidence. With any luck we would have at least a week of unbridled sex. I’d get mine.

Yet Jem was slow, rising and falling as it suited his body. I doubt he could have as easily taken a larger man. Even so, I could see his expression, the look in his eyes as he adjusted to my smaller than average penis. I had no doubt it felt as good as he claimed, even if it was more difficult than he let on.

Time was losing meaning. The movie’s credits were rolling as Jem gradually fell into a rising and falling motion, stimulating my dick even more than a blowjob. The tingling boiled in my balls as they jiggled below his ass every time his backside hit my lap. They ached for release as the tingling steadily increased. I bit my lower lip even as I wanted to tell him to speed up. Jem moved at his own speed and it was driving me wild as I craved for my release.

I felt the build-up as my balls began to retract. Then Jem stopped and leaned in for a kiss. I squeezed his back as I let him invade my mouth, his smaller tongue twirling around my larger tongue. The little fucker! Even though my ardor longed for release, the tingling in my balls subsided. When the kiss ended, Jem said, “T-, the last time I put the dildo up my butt, I kept it up there for t-, thirty minutes. I don’t know if I can go as long with you in me, but this feels super good.”

Thirty fucking minutes? How was I supposed to last that long buried to my hilt? A few minutes after kissing me, his knees moved again and his tightly gripping hole slid along my shaft. Jem found a rhythm faster than earlier and before long, that familiar tingling spread throughout my body. I was praying he wouldn’t stop as my balls pulled up. I moaned, “Don’t stop, son. Keep going!”

My dick tingled as I felt my load travel through my urethra. That feeling had to be because of how tightly constricting was his hole around my erection. Then, as I felt myself coat the insides of his bowels with my cum, Jem shook in my arms as his prostate couldn’t take the stimulation any more. He yelled, “Ohhh, God!”

His knees shook as he kept trying to rise and fall on my shaft. My dick still spurted inside him and his prostate hadn’t stopped orgasming. Overcome by it all, he collapsed against my chest, murmuring, “Wow. that’s a lot of loving, right? Jack?”

I stroked his back, holding him close to my chest, “That’s right. I’ve got nothing but love for you.”

Still in my arms, he giggled, “Y-, you said butt love.”

His giggles went straight through us, vibrating my still erect penis, heightening the aftereffects of my orgasm. Chuckling, I said, “Yep. I guess so.”

He didn’t stay on my lap for long. When he slid off, my penis was slimy with my semen, our lubricant and a bit of his own secretion. He sighed, “It feels like something’s missing now that you’re not in me anymore.”

I climbed from my seat and took him by the hand. I was still blown away by how practiced Jem had appeared. How a boy can go from uncertain and needy to confident and asking for what he wants was something I marveled at and would take a bit of getting used to. “Let’s go get cleaned up. Then we can head on to bed.”

In the bathroom, Jem sat on the toilet, his ass making some interesting noises while I cleaned myself in the sink, washing thoroughly with warm water. I’m sure I could have suggested a shower. But I wanted to get him into bed. Seeing the utter bliss from our love-making on his face made me hungry to experience the same thing. I wanted him to take me and make me his own, just as he had given himself to me.

Jem beat me to the bed, crawling onto it and casting back the covers. His head propped against a pillow, he lay on his back, the newfound yet knowing look on his face conveyed a longing, “I liked it when you called me son. I know you didn’t mean it like with my dad, but I like it even more.”

I sat next to him, “You don’t mind me calling you that? Son?”

Languidly Jem snaked an arm around my neck and leaned forward, kissing me. It was tender without the urgency of earlier, “No. I like it. As long as you don’t mind fucking your son.”

I reached over and grasped his erection, marveling at how the boy remained hard as iron even after his earlier orgasm. “Or being fucked my him?

Jem sat up, “Now? For real? I wasn’t sure if you really meant it.”

Things with Jem had escalated far beyond what I had done with Mark or the other boys. My first boy had been nothing more than mutual masturbation. Aside from Mark, I’d only sucked off a couple of other boys. Sex had always been a fantasy, but one that was unrequited. Until Jem. Even when it had been a fantasy, I’d always imagined it as me making love to whichever boy I had been with at the time, never the other way.

My relationship with Jem, built over a period of several years was so unlike the ones before. I loved him more completely than anyone before, and if letting him invade me was what he wanted, then I would happily let him.

“Would hardly seem fair, if only I got to make love to you,” I said.

His hand went to his erection as Jem bounced to his knees, “How do we do it?”

I had enjoyed him sitting on my lap as we made love, but the differences in our size meant that wasn’t possible in reverse. The idea of being on my hands and knees while being fucked doggie style didn’t appeal to me. I wanted the first time he penetrated me to be as intimate as when he and I looked into each other’s eyes as I impaled him.

Lying on my back, I bent my knees and spread them, “Get between my legs, Son.”

Jem hurried to comply, positioning himself between my legs, resting his arms on either side of me. I spread my knees as far over as I could, and my young lover leaned over me until I felt his boner brush against the crack of my butt. I reached down and spread my ass open a bit more, “There’s some more lube in the nightstand. Put some on us.”

Jem pulled back long enough to smear his fleshy nail before finding my hole with his slimy finger. He had even more confidence when compared with the previous night in the shower. His finger smeared my sphincter with the goop before penetrating me, smearing the first inch or so of my rectum with it.

Then he was angling himself in front of me. He pushed himself forward until I felt his slick glans against my equally slick opening. With only his finger to compare to, I gritted my teeth, “Alright, Son, make love to me.”

Jem shifted his hips forward, and I felt the tight ring of muscles give way. It was painful in a way his fingers hadn’t been. It could have been worse. I imagine he found taking my dick worse. Instead of waiting for me to adjust, his hips kept pushing and within a couple of heartbeats, his pubic bone was against the bottom of mine.

There was pain around my asshole and discomfiture for the first couple of inches. Jem paused, penetrating me as far as his three and a half inches would allow. The discomfiture faded quickly. The pain took a bit longer. Still within a minute of Jem’s invasion, the pain was gone and now I felt a warm fullness. Leaning over me, he said, “Am I doing it okay?”

I nodded, “Oh, yeah. You feel really nice.”

Taking that as permission, he rocked his hips back a few inches, barely avoiding pulling out. He slid it in again. When he bottomed out in me, his glans tapped my prostrate, sending the most intense shot of pleasure shooting through my body. My dick, which had been semi-erect, shot out to its full five inches.

Jem took my wide-eyed surprise at the intense feeling rocking my body as permission to rock back and forth, rhythmically sliding in and out, bumping against that sensitive spot each time. It wasn’t long before I felt a tingling. Only it didn’t start in my balls or along my erection. This one was deep inside me, and as it radiated out, I felt more pleasure rippling through me than I thought possible without actually cumming.

Buried in me to his hilt, Jem leaned down and kissed me. My arms reached around his neck and held him against me, enjoying the moist warmth of his lips against mine. I pushed my tongue through our lips, enjoying the moan Jem let loose.

When our kiss ended, Jem resumed sliding in and out. He had already enjoyed the most intense orgasm in his young life within the last thirty minutes. He was rocking along as I felt the tingling spread from within me again. This time, he didn’t slow or stop. He kept on sliding in and out. Every time his glans tapped against my prostate, the tingling intensified until I orgasmed. My ass quivered as my insides shook, my orgasm started from within and spread like lightning through my body. My dick spasmed without my hand touching it, and my cum dribbled onto my belly. If anyone had told me I could cum without touching my dick, I’d have called them a liar, at least until that point.

My arms latched onto Jem’s hips as he sped up, pounding my prostate mercilessly, keeping my internal orgasm coming long after the handful of spasms leaked from my dick. I was barely hanging onto consciousness when my young lover pushed hard against me. His erection spasmed within me as he finally came. He managed to resume his humping motion for another few seconds until he collapsed against my chest. I could feel both our hearts racing a mile a minute.

After he caught his breath, he leaned forward, kissing me again, “I love you, Daddy.”


I awoke the next morning to a feeling I never imaged waking up to. When I finally opened my eyes, blinking against the ray of sun shining through a split between my curtain panes. Then I looked down and saw a blond head bobbing up and down on my morning wood.

My very first inclination was to say, What the hell, Jem?

I resisted that temptation and closed my eyes and enjoyed the wet heat enveloping me. Even though I couldn’t see him, I felt the boy bobbing up and down, sliding my morning wood in and out of his mouth. Sure, I had to pee, but what he was doing to me made pissing an impossibility. Instead, I knew I’d cum within a couple of minutes the way he worked my dick.

And I let him. As he enthusiastically sucked on me, I realized I wanted what he did. I wanted to find a way for Donna to let me spend more time with Jem. It wasn’t simply about enjoying the moment, although as I neared orgasm, there was certainly that desire. I wanted to be the man in Jem’s life.

When I came, Jem pushed down, swallowing through his gag reflex, pushing my dick against the back of his throat. When I stopped cumming, he pulled off me and gave me a hug and a kiss. I could taste myself on his lips, and that only steeled my resolve to be everything to Jem I could manage.

We didn’t stay naked the whole week, although if I had let him, Jem would have. He loved the look in my eye when I drank in his naked form. But we went out to eat a few times, went putt-putting, and even went and raced go-carts. It was great. Nobody stared at me, wondering what I was doing hanging out with my sexy twelve-year-old boyfriend. Why would they?

When we went out, every few sentences, Jem called me Dad or Daddy, and I called him son. Perhaps we were a bit of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In public, Jem and I fell into the role of a loving father and son. And then, when we got home, the clothes came off, and we experienced the fullness of our relationship.

All too soon, the week came to an end and Donna returned.

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