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29-Year-Old Grandfather

October 12, 2008

29-Year-Old Grandfather
Alex Hawk

Probably lot’s of kids wind up losing their virginity because they and the other person are bored. That’s how it was with me. As a result of that, I’ve had an unusual life. Oh, it started out pretty normally. I grew up in a house with my parents and sister. Standard American home. Dad and Mom both worked. I got decent grades in school, etc.

No, the odd part began when I became a father at fourteen after I got my sister pregnant and a grandfather just a few days after my twenty-ninth birthday, after our fourteen-year-old son got his girlfriend pregnant. You might think there’s a story here, and there is. This is that story.

The normalcy of my life changed in the summer of 1992, right after my sister turned twelve. I was thirteen at the time and had been for a couple months. Both our parents worked, so my sister and I had a lot of time alone together. Our house was kind of out in the sticks, so there wasn’t anywhere for us to really go, or any friends to hang out with.

It all got started one morning in early July. I woke up that day without a thought of incest in my mind, though being thirteen I did awake with thoughts of sex in my mind. A few strokes of my penis took care of that, at least for a little while.

After getting dressed I came out to the living room where my sister, Tina, was playing “Super Mario World” on our SNES. We’d gotten it for Christmas and it had saved us both from going slowly mad with boredom through the summer. Well, so far it had, anyhow. I was getting a little tired of it.

“Morning, Eddie,” Tina said, without looking up from the game.


I grabbed some cereal, ate it and then came back out to the living room where I plopped down next to my sister.

“Wanna play something together?” I asked after a bit.

“Like what?”

“Street Fighter?” I suggested.

Tina shrugged. “Ok, let me save this.”

She saved her campaign against Bowser and I got the games switched out. Soon Ryu and Guile were beating the ever-living crap out of each other on our TV screen. It wasn’t as fun as playing it at an arcade, but it was ok, and better than nothing.

We played for a couple hours, but it started to get bored real quick. My sister and I had played the game so often, we were pretty evenly matched, so it was difficult to really beat each other. We had lots of fights that ended only when the timer ran out.

I looked at the clock after a bit. It was still only 10:30 in the morning. I had a whole day of this kind of boredom to look forward to. I sighed.

“What’s wrong?” Tina asked.

I shrugged. “Just bored. I mean, playing this is fun, but we’ve played it so often, you know? It just kind of gets old.”

“Yeah. Nothing on TV to watch, either,” she said. Our parents wouldn’t spring for cable, so we had only the (fuzzy), channels we could pick up with an antenna.

“Yeah.” I thought for a bit. “Well, any other games you wanna play? Not like just video games, but maybe Monopoly or something?”

Tina thought for a moment and then shook her head. “No, it’s not fun with two people.”


“We could play something new, if you want.”

“What?” I asked. I knew we hadn’t bought anything new lately.

“Well, you know I stayed over at Jenna’s house back a few weeks ago?”


“Well, her, her brother, one of his friends and me all wound up playing a game together. Maybe you can I can play it.”

“What game?”

“It’s called ‘Truth or Dare’.”

Now, maybe I was stupid, but I actually hadn’t heard of this before. “What is it?”

“Well, it’s a game where you ask the other person if they want to answer a question, that’s ‘Truth’, or if they want to do a dare. If the person you ask the question to lies, and you catch them at it, then they have to do a double-dare, which is a dare they can’t refuse. The same thing happens if they turn down the regular dare. And you can’t take truth more than three times in a row.”

“Oh, ok.” Honestly it sounded pretty boring, but at least it would be something different. “What kind of questions and dares are there?”

“There’s all sorts. The only thing is you can’t dare someone to do something dangerous.”

“That seems reasonable.”

“Yeah, it’s a pretty fun game,” she said. “It’s more fun with more people, but even with just two it ought to be at least a little fun.”

“Ok. So how do we start?”

“Well, we start by me asking you if you want a truth or a dare?”

“Truth,” I said, thinking I might as well play it safe.

“Ok. What’s your favorite movie?”

“’Star Wars’,” I replied.

“Ok. See, that was easy. Now you ask me.”

“Ok, truth or dare?”


I grinned. “Is this game really as lame as I think?”

Tina giggled. “No.”


“Your turn”.


“Ok. Have you ever kissed a girl?”

I rolled my eyes. “What kind of question is that for my little sister to ask?”

“The kind you have to answer, or you have to do a double-dare.”

“Yes, I’ve kissed a girl.” Which was true.


“So which do you want?”


“You ever kissed a boy?” I sniped back at her.

“Yes,” she said, very matter-of-fact.

“Oh. Ok. Well, I’ll take truth again.”

“Ok, but this is the last time you can take it until you take a dare,” she warned.


“How many girls have you kissed?”

“One,” I admitted.


“Which do you want?”

“Truth,” Tina said with a little smile.

“Ok. How many boys have you kissed?”



“Alright, you have to take a dare now, and if you turn it down, you have to take a double-dare.”

“I know.”

“Ok. Stand on your head.”

“Ok.” I flipped myself around and got into a headstand. Not too hard, really. I used to take gymnastics back when I was a little younger. Of course, since I wasn’t wearing gymnastics gear my shirt flopped down over my face, but that was about the only annoying thing about it.

Tina giggled. “Ok, that’s good enough.”

“Ok.” I flopped back around and sat back down. “Ok, your turn for a dare, then.”


“Uhm.” I couldn’t think of anything to suggest, so I finally decided to mimic her again. “You do the same thing.”

“Ok.” She got up, moved over to the wall, so she could balance against it a little, and then got into a headstand, just like I had, and, just like with me, her shirt flipped up. She wasn’t wearing a bra.

I swallowed hard, aware that I was getting an erection. Her breasts were still really small, but they were the only ones I’d ever seen in real life. After a good, long look, I said, “Ok. That’s good.”

“Ok.” She flipped around and came back over to sit down. She seemed completely oblivious to what I’d seen. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” I said, just to catch her by surprise.

“Ok. Take off your shirt and leave it off for the rest of the game.”

“What? Why?”

“Cause it’s a dare. If you don’t do it, you’ll get a double-dare.”

“Ok, fine,” I grumbled as I took off my shirt and set it aside. At least I knew what I’d be asking my sister to do next. “Ok, which do you want?”

“Truth,” she said with a sweet and innocent smile.

“Uhm.” Thwarted, I had to think somewhat quick. “Uhm… have you done anything with boys other than kissing?” I asked, unable to think of anything else.

“Yes,” she said with a little smile.


Tina shook her head. “You have to wait until I pick truth again.”


“So which do you want?”

“Truth,” I said.

Coyly, she asked, “Have you ever done more than just kiss a girl?”

I had to shake my head and say, “No.”


“Truth or dare?” I asked, thinking I’d get to learn something else about my sister.

“Mmmm… dare.”

Argh. Well, I had another idea that was even better. “Ok, you take off your shirt and leave it off.”

“Ok!” My sister said cheerfully as she pulled her shirt off and set it aside. Right-side-up her breasts looked ever nicer. “Truth or dare?”

Without thinking, I said, “Dare.”

“Oh, ok. I dare you to strip down to your underwear.”

“Huh? What? Oh.” My brain caught up to the conversation. I’d meant to pick truth. Grimacing a little, I stood up and lowered my jeans, leaving me just in my boxers. I kind of adjusted things a little and sat back down. “Ok, your turn.”


Ah. “What other stuff have you done with boys?”

“Everything,” she said simply.

I blinked. “Wow, really?”


“Even fucking?”



“Truth or dare?” she asked.

“Truth,” I picked, wanting to play it safe, cause frankly this thing seemed to be spinning out of control a little.

Grinning slightly, Tina said, “Do you want to see me naked?”

“Uh…” I went with the lie. “No.”

Tina frowned. “You’re lying, Eddie.”

“No, I’m not,” I protested weakly.

“You got a hard on, right?”

“Well, yeah.”

“So you wanna see me naked.”

I sighed, caught. “Well, yeah, ok, I guess I do,” I mumbled.

“Do what?” she asked sweetly.

“I want to see you naked,” I growled.

“Ha! Now you have to do a double-dare!”

Bracing myself for the worst, I said, “Ok, what?”

To my lack of surprise, she said, “Take off your boxers.”

Sighing, I stood up and pulled my boxers down, not even bothering to hide my erect penis as I sat back down on the floor, aware that my sister was eyeballing it.

Smiling again, my sister said, “Good. I take dare.”

“Get naked,” I said, without even needing to think about it.

With a little smirk, my sister stood up and very quickly dropped her jeans and panties. She stood naked in front of me for a moment and then sat back down, folding her legs under herself “Indian style”. This gave me a great look at what was between them.

“Your turn,” Tina said after a moment.

“Ok. Uh… truth.”

Giving me another sweet little smile, my sister said, “Do you wanna fuck me, Eddie?”

“Uh…” I didn’t know for sure what I should say. Was that an invitation? Was she just messing with me? Finally I decided to be honest, lest I end up with some weird dare. “I don’t know.”

Raising an eyebrow, Tina said, “You don’t know? That lies.” She pointed at my stiff penis.

I shrugged. “I’ve never seen a naked girl before, so of course I’m hard. But, you know, I mean, actually, like, Doing It with you… I don’t know. You’re my sister, after all.”

“So? Jenna lets her brother fuck her.”

Suddenly I had a notion of where this was all coming from. “Well, you’re not Jenna and I’m not her brother.”

Tina shrugged. “Ok, I guess you’re being honest.”

“Good. Truth or dare?”


My mouth went a little dry as I got ready to ask my question. Really, it wasn’t anything I should’ve asked, but I knew I had to. “Do you want me to fuck you?”


“Oh.” My penis jumped a little bit.

My sister made a point of spreading her legs a little wider as she sat back and smiled at me. “So. Truth… or dare?”

Looking at Tina with her legs spread like that, I was 90% sure I could guess what the dare would be. I chickened out and said, “Truth,” again.

“Oh, ok.” Tina thought for a moment. “If I dare you to fuck me, will you?”

Did I really want to lose my virginity to my little sister as part of some game? To me that was what it boiled down to. I knew it would be wrong as hell, but looking at her like that, and know that she wanted my penis inside her vagina, there was only one real honest answer I could give.


“Good.” She smiled coyly again. “I take dare.”

I knew that at that point I could’ve dared my sister to do just about anything to me and she probably would. I could have her jerk me, or suck me. I could finger her or go down on her. Anything. I had endless choices, so I, of course, settled for the safe one.

“Come here and give me a hug,” I said.

“Aw, how sweet.” She stood up and walked over to me. “Come on, stand up.”

I did, and my sister and I wrapped our arms around each other, pressing our nude bodies together. It was certain to me as I did this that I wasn’t going to leave this room as a virgin. I knew the next time I picked dare, I’d be getting laid for the first time.

“So what’s it gonna be, Eddie?” my sister whispered into my ear. “Do you want another boring truth, or a much more fun dare?”

“…dare…” I whispered.

“Good. Fuck me.”


Tina laid on her back, her legs spread wide and said, “Get on top of me. I’ll do the rest.”


I got myself between my sister’s legs and as I settled down on top of her she took my erection in her hand. She moved it around a little and I felt it touch something warm and moist.

“There. Now just push forward and you’ll be inside me.”

Shaking a little, scared and nervous beyond belief, but also extremely horny, I took a deep breath and pushed with my hips. I had wondered if it was going to be hard to get it in, but no. With that one movement, my thirteen-year-old virgin penis slid smoothly, easily and completely into my little sister’s twelve-year-old vagina.

“Oh, my god,” I whispered as the first wave of pleasure swept over me.

“You like it?” Tina asked, brushing a little hair out of my face.

“Oh, yeah…” I swallowed. “I’m probably gonna cum pretty quick, though…”

She moved her hand off my face and down onto my ass. “I don’t care. Just fuck me.”

Nodding, I began to move back and forth, sliding my penis and in and out of the magical passage that was my sister’s vagina. I wound up lasting a little longer than I expected. I probably fucked her for about two minutes before I finally gasped in pleasure and pushed deep inside, releasing my sperm into my sister’s body.

In retrospect, if that first time wasn’t when my sister got pregnant by me, it was probably within the next few hours after that, given that we did it a total of five times that day and over thirty times during that first week, me cumming inside her each time. Neither of us even discussed the prospect of a baby, but nine months later we had one.

I was a father at fourteen.

* * *

Fast-forward from 1992 to 2007. Our son was born in 1993. To say our parents were incredibly pissed-off would be putting it lightly, especially when they found out I was the father. They had wanted my sister to get an abortion, but by the time they knew she was pregnant it was too late for that.

Tina and I had more or less abandoned our sexual relationship after we found out she was pregnant. It kind of sucked, cause of course I was a healthy boy who liked to get laid as much as possible, but on the other hand, neither of us wanted her to get pregnant again so, yeah. That was the end of that. We could’ve used condoms, of course, and did a couple times, but it wasn’t nearly so fun.

My life progressed reasonably well after our son, Derek, was born. I finished up with my schooling, and after missing six months of classes, Tina got back into school and finished up almost on time. Eventually we both went on to college.

Throughout this, of course, we were raising our child. Initially there had been some concerns about his health and such; after all his parents were brother and sister, but in the end every single test he took, he tested above average in mental and physical development, so that was a good thing.

After college, my sister and I moved into the same city, though in different apartment complexes on opposite sides of town. We took turns taking care of Derek. It was something of a difficulty for him, I know, being aware that his parents were brother and sister. He went out of his way to keep his friends from knowing about it, and I can’t say as though I really blamed him.

When Derek was fourteen, he began spending a lot of time over at my apartment. This was fine with me, as, if nothing else, it gave me someone to play video games with, and gave him some space away from his mother/my sister.

I hadn’t been aware that Derek was sexually active. I knew he masturbated, of course; I found too many socks and washcloths with dried semen on them to guess otherwise. But I had no idea he wasn’t a virgin, and never bothered to ask him.

Of course, given that he was pretty attractive it wasn’t, in retrospect, much of a surprise that he was having sex. He played a couple different sports and had a smile that I knew made all the girls wet.

I found out Derek had a sex life with someone other than his hand one day a week or so after he’d spent about three weeks living at my apartment. I owned a digital video camera that I didn’t use too terribly often, but in this case I was getting ready for a wedding over the weekend and planned to take the camera along. When I dug it out, I saw there was a movie already saved onto the memory card. This confused me, cause I knew I hadn’t recorded anything, so I hooked the camera up to the TV and started it playing.

What I saw up on the screen was a shot of the interior of the bedroom my son used when he was staying with me. What got my attention was the girl laying on his bed, flipping through a magazine, wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of panties. Her name was Samantha and I knew she’d been dating Derek, though I had no idea the relationship had reached the level it had.

The view of her was followed right away by a shot of my shirtless son looking into the camera.

“Ok, I think it’s going,” he said, as he turned and walked towards the bed. I noticed he was only in his boxers.

“You’re gonna erase this, right? Once we’re done?” Samantha asked him.

“Of course.” Derek settled down on the bed as she set the magazine aside.

“Ok, good. Last thing I need is people seeing me doing a porno.”

The two kids began to kiss. I found myself starting to get a hard-on, and knew that I should, by all rights, just turn on this movie off and delete it. But I was curious to see what happened.

As they made out, my son began pulling Samantha’s t-shirt off. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath and had rather decent breasts. I found myself getting jealous of my boy as he started sucking on them. I mean, yes, the girl was, if I remembered correctly, about thirteen, but she was a very NICE thirteen.

Samantha began moaning a little and reached inside my son’s boxers. Then she extracted his penis and began stroking it. Despite myself, I found that I was looking at Derek’s erection and thought that it might’ve been a little larger than mine was at his age, and at least the girl he was about to stick it in wasn’t his sister.

I’d been kind of rubbing at the lump in my pants as I watched all this, getting more and more horny with each passing second. Then as Samantha then lowered her mouth down around my son’s erection, I couldn’t take it anymore. Feeling more than a little guilty, I reached inside my pants and extracted my penis, beginning to masturbate slowly as I watched my son and his girlfriend getting it on.

While Samantha blew Derek, he began tugging at her panties and soon had them off. He moved his body around and the two started to sixty-nine. Oral sex with women was something I’d never gotten into, and I felt bad about that. I was pleased to see my son didn’t seem to have any problems with it.

After a couple minutes of this, Derek said something to Samantha. I couldn’t make it out, but I guessed what it was when she sat up and the two of them went back to kissing as Derek began to lay her down on her back.

Derek got between Samantha’s legs and grinned at the camera as he started to finger her, his penis pointing straight up at the ceiling. My son did look pretty good naked, I had to admit. If I was the kind of guy who went after teenage boys, I’d probably have been crawling all over him. As it was, I just did my best to pay most of my attention to Samantha while I masturbated to the two of them.

“You ready?” Derek asked after a couple minutes.

“Oh, yeah,” Samantha replied, smiling at him.

Derek moved so that he was on top of her. I couldn’t see the penetration, but I could tell by the way his body moved that he’d just slid his fourteen-year-old penis into her thirteen-year-old vagina. Bareback, I noticed, though I didn’t think too much of it at the time.

Derek gave a couple little thrusts into Samantha’s vagina and then said, “Feel good?”



Derek began fucking in earnest, then, his tight young ass rising and falling as he screwed his girlfriend. It was very much the hottest thing I’d ever seen, and I began masturbating faster and faster, wondering if I could hold off cumming until after Derek. To my surprise, after only about three minutes of intercourse, Derek pulled back, his teenage penis slapping against his stomach as it withdrew from his girlfriend’s vagina.

“Doggie style?” he asked.

“Ok.” Samantha got up on all fours, facing the camera.

Derek got behind her and slid his penis back inside. He began fucking slowly, grinning at the camera and giving a little thumbs up before putting a hand on each of Samantha’s hips and fucking a little faster. God, he looked hot doing that, I thought, then turned my attention to his girlfriend’s breasts, swinging back and forth as my son screwed her.

I actually had to let go of my penis at this point. I was getting way too close to cumming, and I wanted to prolong things, so that I could appreciate this video as much as possible, since I entirely planned to delete it after I was done watching it. Of course, Derek had probably planned the same thing and hadn’t done it. I wondered if he was masturbating to the video on a regular basis?

Derek suddenly pulled out after a few minutes and said, “I got an idea,” as he jumped off the bed and walked towards the camera, his erect penis swinging as his body moved and giving me a view of the fact that he shaved his pubes. The picture got messed up for a few moments as he disconnected the camera from the tripod, then stabilized a bit as he took it back to the bed.

“Lay back down,” he said. “I wanna get a shot of me putting it in.”

“Ok.” Samantha laid on her back, her legs spread. As the camera centered on her vagina, I saw her pubes were as shaved as my son’s. I wondered if this was typical among kids these days?

Derek’s penis came into view, and he began rubbing the tip up and down against his girlfriend’s vagina. After a bit, I saw the camera sort of move as he redistributed his weight, and then watched as his erection disappeared into Samantha’s body.

“Oh, wow, that’s hot!” Derek said as the last of his penis sank into Samantha’s vagina, mashing their bare pubes together.

“Well, you’ll have to let me see it when we’re done,” Samantha said.

“Here, film me fucking you,” Derek said, handing the camera off to Samantha. The pictured was again messed up until she got things stabilized and pointed it at my son’s sexy, naked body.

“Ok, ready.”

I watched as Samantha panned the camera all over Derek’s body as he fucked her. She spent quite a bit of time focusing on where their bodies joined, but also focused on his face a few times. It was very hot seeing the expression there was my son got laid.

She had the camera focused on his chest when Derek gasped out, “Get my… face as… I cum…”


Derek’s face appeared on my screen, his mouth open and his eyes looking down at Samantha. Suddenly he let out a little grunt, closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as the pleasure washed over him. I pictured his penis twitching inside Samantha’s vagina as his sperm shot into her.

Once Derek was done cumming, he looked back down into the camera, a little bead of sweat working its way down his face. The look of pure happiness and bliss I saw there was enough to finally push me over the line, giving me my own orgasm. I felt a little guilty at the fact that I was cumming while seeing my son’s face after intercourse, but I dealt with it.

“How did I look?” he asked as I began to clean up.

“Real hot,” she said, moving the camera down to catch the sight of my son’s still-erect penis withdrawing from her vagina, a little bit of sperm at the tip.

Derek took the camera from her and panned it all over her rather sexy nude body. “Cool. We really gotta do this again sometime.”

“Ok, but make sure you delete that.”

“I will,” he promised, then the screen went dark.

Well, I thought as I cleaned up. THAT was certainly interesting. I wasn’t sure, at first, what I was going to do with the video. In the end, I wound up just erasing it. After all, I still needed to use this thing for the wedding I was going to.

Given that Derek hadn’t been using a condom when he fucked Samantha, it wasn’t a great surprise when he came to me one day about two months later and said he’d gotten her pregnant. He’d wanted her to get an abortion, but she’d been dead against it, and so it was that just a few months later she gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

I was a grandfather at twenty-nine.


Copyright 2008 by Alex Hawk, all rights reserved.

Never let it be said I don’t show the consequences of unsafe sex with your sibling! 🙂 Hope you liked it!

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    Nice, nice—so different from my sheltered and uneventful upbringing. It reminds me of the mantra: “Frequent copulation is good for the country and good for the nation.”

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