Sibling Rivalry
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Chapter 4

Megan didn’t remember falling asleep. She woke to darkness and the certainty that she wasn’t alone. That’s when she felt the mattress depress as someone crawled onto her bed.

“Shane?” she asked, sure the boy had come back to finish what he’d started.

“It’s me, Aunt Megan,” Jack said softly.

Megan realized she could see him faintly in the dim moonlight shining through her bedroom window. “Jack? What time is it?”

“It’s like two or so I think. Mom and Shane are asleep.”

Megan felt the boy crawl up and lie beside her. Then his small hand was on her breast. As he began to lightly squeeze and caress her, she said, “Jack. What are you doing?”

The boy’s hand stilled. “I…” He removed his hand. “I thought you maybe wanted me to?” he said, his voice rising to a question.

“And why would you think that?” she asked, rolling to her side to try to make out his facial features in the shadows.

“Well… in the shower before.” he said. “And then… well, Shane said you s-… I mean… well, he said you… you know…” and his voice dropped to a whisper, “… sucked his dick? So I thought maybe… you know… uh… do you wanna suck mine, too?”

Megan was surprised at the hurt she felt knowing that Shane had told Jack what they’d done. She shouldn’t have been. Either surprised or hurt. It was natural for brothers to share things like that, and the way the boys had been sniffing after her like dogs in heat, well it was no surprise. She wondered if Jack had told his older brother about the things they’d done together, and she felt her face burning in the darkness.

“Jack, you need to go back to your room,” she said.

“But it’s not fair,” he whined.

“Jack…” she said, her voice a clear warning.

“Can you at least do it with your hand?” he wheedled. “My dick is so hard. Please? Feel it,” he said, grabbing her hand and pulling it down to his crotch.

Megan could have resisted. Should have resisted. The truth was that she wanted to touch it. She’d masturbated the boy earlier at the pool, but that had been so frenzied and secretive that she hadn’t been able to savor the experience. As lovely as Shane’s cock was, it was boys like Jack that truly excited her. Small, hairless cocks attached to boys just barely tipping into pubescence. So she allowed her hand to be guided downward until she felt his hot little missile against her fingers.

She wrapped her fingers lovingly around the slender shaft while snuggling closer to the boy. His head was near her shoulders and she could smell his earthy muskiness and the faint perfumed scent of his shampoo. She slid her fingers down around his silky cock until she could collect his small testicles in her palm. “Is this what you wanted?” she breathed.

“Uh huh,” he said softly.

Then she felt him shifting, and she gasped as she felt his soft, wet lips wrap around her nipple. She shuddered and her hand dropped the boys little nuts to slide quickly up to his cock, clutching it as Jack began to suckle at her tit. “Jack,” she breathed, and then she shuddered again as she felt his hand between her thighs, trying to slide upward.

Megan didn’t hesitate. She cocked her left leg at the knee, spreading herself wide for Jack, who took instant advantage of the opening, sliding his small hand against her already wet sex, probing expertly and finding her hole, sliding two little fingers inside her. She gasped, shocked into movement, her hand almost frenziedly jacking the eleven-year-old’s throbbing young penis.

Megan didn’t care about propriety. She didn’t care about the fact that Jack was her nephew; her sister’s son. She didn’t care that he was an eleven-year-old boy. Well, that wasn’t true. In fact, she cared very much that he was an eleven-year-old boy, and that his beautiful preteen cock was throbbing in her fist; that his deliciously pubescent lips were sucking at her breasts; that his wickedly illegal little fingers were sliding in and out of her dripping cunt. She wanted this. Had wanted this. So badly, and for so long.

With a desperate growl of desire, Megan slid down while pulling Jack up to her. She had her hand in his hairless armpit, clutching him close to her while her head dipped, and then her hand was on the back of his neck, tickled by his short hair as she pressed her lips to his. Jack made a small, startled noise, and then he was pressing himself against her while his soft lips parted and she felt his little tongue invade her mouth. Both held each other tightly as they kissed hungrily, their lust and their desperate need for one another acted out with swirling tongues and wet, sliding lips, nostrils flaring as they breathed quickly through their noses, neither willing to pull their mouth away from the other.

For Megan it was a pouring out of all her secret desires. All of her desperate longing. All of her illicit, sometimes shameful depravity. Her lust, her desire, her reverence of all things boy were expressed in that fiery kiss. She felt almost as if she could drink in his youth and beauty and wild sensuality. She clutched his small body to hers, her hand gripping his firm little ass, feeling his four inch erection sliding against her stomach. She’d felt his hands trying to reach her pussy, but his arms weren’t quite long enough, so he was contenting himself with squeezing and caressing her breasts.

Having given in to her desires, she needed to worship Jack’s body, to glorify his youth and beauty. Finally breaking the kiss, both of them panting, Megan began to kiss and nuzzle his neck, feeling his downy vellus hairs against her lips. She pressed her mouth against his skin, feeling his rapid pulse against her lips, licking at it, imagining for a moment herself as a vampire, sinking her teeth in and feeling the spurt of rich arterial blood, which would no doubt taste as sweet as his boyish semen.

From Jack’s neck, Megan worked her way down to his upper chest, then pushed his left arm up over his head and slid her mouth down to his armpit, feeling him tense and giggle as she rasped her tongue over the salty, hairless flesh there.

She looked up to see him staring at her and she couldn’t help a grin. “You’re ticklish.”

He nodded and said slyly, “Some places.”

“I can’t wait to find out where,” she said and his eyes sparkled.

Not to leave out the other side, she worked her way over to his right armpit as well, and got another squirming giggle. Far from taking her out of her sexual mood, this evidence of his boyishness just further inflamed her. She worked back to his slim but muscular chest, kissing and licking her way to his right nipple. She sucked and licked, blowing on the little nubbin till it rose to pointy stiffness, just a pinprick of excited flesh rising from the pebbly brown disc.

After bringing Jack’s other nipple to attention, Megan returned to the center of the boy’s chest and began working her way downward. Sliding her left arm down, she felt the boy’s stiff penis and she laid her forearm over it, feeling it throbbing. As she reached his stomach, Jack began to give little thrusts of his hips, working his small erection against her arm.

Megan looked up from tracing her tongue along the smoothness of Jack’s belly and said, “That’s cheating. I’ll get to it soon enough.”

“I can’t help it,” Jack whined. He thrust again.

“You’re going to have to wait,” she grinned, and moved her arm. Jack groaned in frustration, and she looked down with a smile to see his little cock twitching fitfully.

Returning to her task, Megan left a trail of wet kisses downward until she reached Jack’s navel. Somewhere between an outie and an innie, Jack’s bellybutton stretched horizontally across his middle, like a winking eye. Megan slid her tongue along it, circling, and Jack writhed and tried to thrust his cock toward her. Grinning, she took the hint and moved downward, licking right down his center, his thin little cock looming larger and larger in her peripheral vision. Just before she would have met it with her mouth, she skipped to the side, kissing and licking her way down and just barely avoiding contact. Jack groaned again.

“Please, Aunt Megan,” he begged.

“Now I’m going to make you wait another five minutes,” she said.

“Ahh! You’re so mean!”

“Hmm. Would a mean person do this?” she asked, sliding to her left so that she was lying between the boy’s coltish legs and sliding her tongue wetly across his inner thigh.

“Yes!” he said. “That’s exactly what mean people do instead of licking my… other things!”

Megan chuckled. “Your other things are just going to have to wait,” she said, but then relented enough to give him a kiss right on his little scrotum. Jack sucked in a breath, but she was already moving on to his thighs again, the smell of him thick in her nose, the silky smoothness of his flesh sliding under her lips.

As the woman worked her way down her nephew’s left leg, she rejoiced in the complete lack of hair. Lower and lower, down over his knee and further. It wasn’t until she reached his lower calves that she felt some short, silky hairs. Moving past those, she circled his bony little ankle with her tongue, then took his long, thin, size seven foot in her hand. She slid up to a sitting position, and ran her tongue up along the bottom, doing it roughly enough for him to squirm, but not be overly tickled.

Staring into the eyes that were staring into hers, Megan slid her tongue between Jack’s two smallest toes, again adding pressure so as not to tickle him. Then she slowly moved down the line, inserting her tongue between all his toes until she got to the big one. This one she tickled a bit with the tip of her tongue, and she felt his foot and leg tense. Then, eyes still locked, she slowly slid her lips down over the long digit, which she’d heard her sister call Jack’s monkey toes. She reached the bottom and swirled her tongue over the tip of it in her mouth, then drew up, and slid back down, leaving no doubt as to the corollary. Jack reached down and clutched his erection.

“If you’re going to do it yourself, I guess you don’t need me,” she said and grinned as he snatched his hand away.

“I’m really, really horny,” he said a bit miserably.

“Is that why your cock is so hard?” she asked, shocking herself with the use of such foul language. She felt a strange thrill.

Jack’s young eyes sparked and he nodded, grinning.

Still holding the boy’s left foot by the heel, she leaned back a bit. “What do you want to do with that cock?” she asked, lowering his foot until his big toe was touching her nipple. She moved his foot in little circles, teasing them both.

“I want to put it in you,” Jack said a bit breathlessly.

“In me?” she teased, leaning back further and using his foot to trace a line down her body.

“In your pussy,” Jack said. “I want to fuck your pussy.”

The dirty talk from such an angelic looking little boy stoked her carnal fires. “Mmm, I can’t let you fuck my pussy with that beautiful boycock,” she breathed. “That would be wrong.”

She gasped as she wedged his heel against her cunt, she rubbed it up and down, exciting herself even further. Then she was surprised when Jack pulled his foot back out of her grasp, and then slid it back on his own, his big toe, that had just been in her mouth, now sliding up and down in the groove of her swollen pussy lips. He gently slid his toe inside her, and then it was Jack drawing corollaries. She leaned back, opening herself to him, and she watched his avid, staring eyes as he fucked her with his big toe. Then he pulled back and flicked his toe against her engorged clitoris and she bucked as pleasure shook through her.

With another growl of lust, Megan went quickly to her hands and knees, practically racing toward Jack, who fell back a bit involuntarily. That was just fine with Megan, who quickly crawled up over his little body until her knees were on either side of his head. Once again staring into his eyes, she watched them crinkle with his grin as she lowered herself.

Megan gasped as Jack reached up to grip her thighs and he pulled her against his mouth, which immediately and expertly went to work. She tensed, shuddering as he lapped hungrily at her, then speared his tongue inside her. A few quick jabs and then he was licking up and down the length of her. Then his hands increased their pressure as he pulled himself up a bit, allowing his lips to slip over her clit.

“Uhhhnnngggghh,” Megan moaned, trembling atop the boy as an orgasm quaked through her. She reached down and clutched his blond hair, pulling him against her as he sucked at her clit, his tongue flicking it rapidly.

“Jack,” she groaned. “Jacky. My sweet boy. Ohhhhh, fuck. Uhhhnn, right there, baby.”

Then she gasped as Jack maneuvered one of his hands up between her legs and he slid two fingers up into her still-spasming cunt. She went again, biting her lip to keep from crying out, grinding her pussy against the eleven-year-old’s face. Jack spread his mouth wide, sucking strongly at the area around her clit and she felt herself starting to go yet again.

“Wait,” she said weakly. “Wait, Jacky.” Breathing hard, trembling like a leaf, she turned herself around till she was facing the boy’s feet. As she settled back atop his face, he immediately attacked her pussy again, and she carefully folded her upper body, staying in contact, eyes locked on her target.

Megan hooked her right thumb around the bald base of Jack’s small cock and pushed it upright. She didn’t bother with preliminaries, and simply swallowed the boy to the hilt. She felt Jack tense under her and his mouth go still, but he recovered quickly and attacked her pussy with renewed vigor. For her part, she closed her eyes, savoring the taste and size of the boy’s preteen cock. It fit so perfectly in her mouth. She closed her lips around him, sucking lightly, her tongue swirling against his slender shaft. Then she drew upward until just the little acorn-shaped glans was left in her mouth. She hummed in pure enjoyment as she sucked at him lightly, her tongue eagerly exploring, tasting, sliding along the tiny groove of his pisshole, eager for the little bubbles of precum he was producing.

Reaching between Jack’s thighs with her left hand, she took hold of his little testicles, feeling their warmth, squeezing them gently as she began to work her mouth up and down on his throbbing four inches. Between her legs, Jack continued to fuck his fingers in and out of her as his lips sucked and teased her clit.

Megan moaned desperately around her nephew’s cock as another orgasm ripped through her, leaving her breathless and shaken. Jack’s penis continued to jerk and throb in her mouth, so she began to suck him again. Jack continued his merciless attack on her abused pussy, so she slid her right hand into the gap at the small of his back and worked it down between the cleft of his athletic little ass. In the clear again, she bent her hand upward, her middle finger quickly finding his rubbery little sphincter. Jack squirmed and gave a little whine. The combination of his leaking precum and her own saliva had found themselves down around his tight little scrotum, and so she was able to use that wetness to ease her finger into his rectum.

Jack gave a high-pitched squeal against her pussy while his asshole clamped down around her invading finger and his little cock bucked in her mouth, rewarding her with a tiny spray of thin, watery, preteen jizz. Megan rolled it all around in her mouth while his cock continued to jerk, her spit and his cum sliding around his thin shaft. Then Jack made a little whining sound against her pussy and tried to pull backward out of her mouth and she knew his little penis was overstimulated and she released him, contenting herself to lick around the hairless base, to feel his slick cock sliding against her cheek.

Jack’s cock may have been too sensitive to suck, but it didn’t lose any of its stiffness, so a minute later, as Megan came down from yet another eleven-year-old induced orgasm, she began to lick at his shaft again. “I love your cock,” she said just loudly enough for him to hear, feeling positively wicked to be speaking to a little boy in such a manner. “Such a perfect, perfect cock.” She sucked the spongy little glans briefly into her mouth, then released it. “So gorgeous,” she breathed. Jack grunted.

Megan took his cock back into her mouth again, but then Jack once again pulled back and she was worried he was still too sensitive to suck. Apparently that wasn’t the reason. The boy slithered out from under her and rose to his knees. She turned to look at him over her shoulder, and he gripped her hips and pushed/pulled her until she flipped onto her back.

The boy was staring down at her like he was possessed, his blue eyes glazed while between his legs, his four-inch cock jerked up and down. “I don’t care,” he said hoarsely.

“Jack?” she asked, rising to her elbows.

“I don’t care anymore,” he growled, and then he was on her.

Startled, Megan fell back with Jack atop her. The boy wrapped his strong, skinny arms around her, lying his face between her breasts. Between her legs, she felt his probing erection, poking, poking, blindly trying to find its way home. Megan was shocked. She knew the boy wasn’t actually trying to rape her. There was no malice in him, but she’d certainly driven him to the edge and here was the result. She knew she could, while maybe not easily throw him off her, still get him off her if she wanted. She just wasn’t sure that was what she wanted. She knew how wrong it was, how much trouble it could cause her, but she’d been driven to the edge herself.

So instead of pushing him off, or chiding him, she instead reached down between them, found his slender cock, and helped guide it to that magic spot. Years of secret desires, countless lewd fantasies, every illicit thought she harbored for the cute boys in her classes, the grocery store, television and movies, all were brought to fruition as Jack’s slender penis slid into her.

“Unngggh,” Jack grunted, pressing into her, all four inches buried inside her gripping heat, straining forward.

“Jacky,” she breathed, one hand on his muscular ass, the other behind his head. “Oh, baby. My sweet, sweet baby. You’re inside me. Oh, you feel so good. Your cock is so hard. Fuck me now, Jacky. Uhhh, fuck me with your hard little cock. Fuck my pussy.”

It was like she was a different person. Megan had never spoken like this to a lover, but Jack woke something inside her, some dark, depraved part of her that she’d repressed for so, so long. She grabbed a small globe of preteen ass in each hand, urging him to thrust into her, gasping each time he slammed his skinny hips, driving his sweet little cock deep. She wrapped her legs around him, encircling his little body as if she’d never let him go.

“So good, Jacky,” she moaned. “You feel so good inside me.” She shuddered, cumming around his driving cock. “Uhhh, fuck me with that hot little cock!” she hissed. “Give it to me! Fuck my pussy! Mmmmm, fuck your aunt’s pussy.”

Jack suddenly latched onto one of her nipples as he continued to drive his cock into her. The loud slap, slap of their joining echoed through the room. Jack sucked and even bit lightly at her, chewing on her nipple and trying to suck her breast into his mouth. It was so very close to painful that it somehow became intensely pleasurable.

Just as Megan felt herself nearing another orgasm, Jack pulled out of her. She groaned at the loss and clutched after him as he rose to his knees, cock wet with her juices. The boy then grabbed her left leg and lifted it, putting it up on his shoulder, forcing her a bit toward her right side. Then he pushed his cock down and slid it back home again. Hugging her thigh to his chest, he began to work himself into her again, gasping, his toned little body rippling as he thrust into her again and again. It was a completely new position for Megan, and she marveled at the apparent breadth of the boy’s sexual playbook.

Megan couldn’t reach Jack in this position, so she just fell back, her hands going to her breasts, squeezing them and twisting her nipples as the eleven-year-old slammed his small cock into her again and again, each powerful thrust rocking her.

“Uhhhh, cumming,” she gasped as she felt her pussy spasm again around the boy’s slender cock.

“I can feel it,” Jack gasped, driving himself even harder.

“Fuck,” Megan moaned. “Give it to me, baby. Give me that cock.”

“F-fucking you so hard,” Jack said, sounding just a bit uncertain, and Megan imagined he didn’t usually talk like that. It made her feel oddly special.

“With your cock,” she urged.

“Fucking you with my cock,” the boy said with more confidence. “Fucking you in the pussy.”

“Mmmm, that’s it, Jacky. Fucking my pussy with your boycock.”

“My boycock,” he gasped. “Uhnn, gonna… gonna cum,” he moaned.

“Give it to me, Jacky,” she moaned. “Give me your cum!”

The boy’s steady thrusts began to stutter, becoming ragged and uneven. He’d slow for a moment and then recover, speeding again, but finally he pushed himself forward one last time, straining against her as his cock bucked inside her pussy. Just the knowledge that he was filling her with his immature seed was enough to send her one last time, and she writhed as Jack clung desperately to her thigh, his sweaty torso slick and hot against her, his little dick twitching inside her again and again.

Finally, Jack slumped, lowering himself between her legs, chest to chest, the top of his head just under her chin. She caressed his short, silky blond hair, damp with sweat, murmuring soft words of love, relishing his slight weight atop her, even where his slimy little cock pressed against her stomach, slowly softening.

After a time, Megan heard Jack’s breathing deepen. She thought about waking him and sending him back to his room, fearing Shane or Nicole discovering his absence. She couldn’t bear the thought of his warm little body leaving her just yet though, so she reached out carefully, grabbed her cell and set the alarm to go off with enough time for Jack to get back into his own bed in the morning, hopefully with none the wiser. Between her legs, she felt warmth and a lingering glow, but it was nothing compared to the warmth she felt in her chest hugging her nephew to her as she drifted off into a contented sleep.


A soft chime woke Megan at 6:30. She wasn’t sure if Nicole would be working that day or not, but she knew that her sister usually didn’t get up until 7am when she did. She figure 6:30 was a safe enough time to wake Jack.

Shutting off her alarm, she lay her head back and looked at the ceiling. Dawn wasn’t far off and there was a faint light already. Jack was a warm presence at her side, his cheek against her breast, his coltish legs twined with hers. She smiled as she felt the insistent press of his little erection against her hip. Carefully untangling herself, she scooted back a bit and looked down at the boy, who grumbled in his sleep and settled onto his back. His beautiful cock was hovering over his hairless groin, pulsing with his heartbeats. She couldn’t help running a finger up its short length. The urge to take him into her mouth, or better yet, back between her legs, was strong, but she knew she’d pushed her luck far enough already.

Putting her hand on his shoulder, she shook him lightly while speaking softly in his ear. “Jacky? You need to get up, honey.”

“Mmmeh,” he grumbled.

She grinned. “Come on, sweetie. Rise and shine. You need to get back into your own bed.”

Blearily he cracked his eyes and looked up at her. “Time i’zt?” he slurred.

“It’s 6:30,” she said with a smile. “Come on, get up. You have to get back to your bed before your mom and brother wake up.”

“Wan stay wit’u,” he grumbled, shutting his eyes again.

Knowing she was cheating, she reached down and gently wrapped her hand around his erection, which jerked. She let her fist ride loosely up and down the silky shaft a few times, and Jack opened his eyes again, this time with a tired grin.

He lifted his head, leaned toward her and took one of her nipples in his mouth. She felt a shock of pleasure ripple through her and things instantly tightened between her legs. She had to forcibly reject the urge to pull him on top of her, to feel his steely little cock sliding into her again. Instead, heart beating rapidly, she pulled backward, releasing his dick and slapping him lightly on his ass.

“Up,” she said.

“Yer no fun,” he said, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. Her gaze went to his rampant cock, her eyes no doubt burning with lust.

“Jack,” she said, and the tone of her voice made him focus on her. “You need to go back to your room,” she said. She held his gaze intently. “You know this has to stay between us, right?”

“I know,” he said, half shrugging.

“I mean it, Jacky,” she said. “You have to promise me. You can’t even tell Shane.”

The boy leaned back and crossed his heart, mimed zipping his lips shut, then turning a key which he then tossed over his shoulder. He raised his hand solemnly and said, “I swear.”

She smiled. “Good boy.”

He grinned and said, “But you gotta let me fuck you later.”

She rolled her eyes and chuckled. “You are one horny little boy.”

He rose to his knees and she couldn’t help but follow his bouncing boner as he moved toward her. He leaned down and kissed her cheek and whispered, “And you are one horny lady.”

She laughed and reached up between his legs, gently pinching his little cockhead. “You got me. Now git.”

And he got, but her eyes lingered on his muscular ass as he left her room.

Alone, she let out a satisfied sigh and went back to sleep.

End of chapter four.

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