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Levi Holland
A part of the Flash Fiction Series


I wouldn’t say Daniel and I were the closest friends. Our Moms were close, so we were too. At least growing up. Near the end of middle school, our parents got in some sort of tiff—knowing my mom, it was likely something petty on her end—and then we sort of drifted apart. Thankfully, though, this story happened near the end of my sixth grade year.

Daniel and I were in the same gym class, which was awesome because it meant we got to play different sports for an hour each day. The only part that sucked was when we had to switch to health class every other quarter, which was a torturous, never-ending experience and definitely not how I wanted to end sixth grade.

One good thing that came out of health class, however, was our sex-ed unit near the end of the year. Getting to learn more than the stripped down version they taught us in 5th grade was super neat. We learned a lot more about girls’ bodies and guys ejaculating, and even though I was still a year or two out from anything other than pee coming out, I was no stranger to hormones. It seemed like any small talk about sex was enough to get me hard.

Our teacher had given us a couple handouts to work on, the kind where we had to fill in the blank spaces on a bunch of anatomy diagrams. Daniel and I worked beside each other in class. I kept having to double check I wasn’t misspelling any words. Daniel, meanwhile, had ignored the assignment completely, opting instead to draw a dick shooting water droplets next to the printed vagina. And bang, just like that, hard as you please. It didn’t matter that it was only a shitty x-ray diagram. My dick was bending the wrong way, and I slipped my hand in my pocket to readjust myself.

“You’ve got a boner,” Daniel teased in a whisper as he elbowed me.

“Shut up, I do not,” I said, fixing myself and draping my shirt over my lap.

He leaned over and said, “Ask your mom if you can stay at my house this weekend. I want to show you something.”

Knowing Daniel, it was something inappropriate, and I didn’t really want to chance getting in trouble, but I also didn’t want him to think I was chicken or anything. In any case, it was pretty close to the end of the week, and soon my Mom was dropping me off at his place. Daniel immediately dragged me upstairs to his room.

“So, what’d you want to show me?” I asked, setting my overnight bag beside his bed.

“Not now, dummy,” he said, “tonight.”

By tonight, he meant after his parents had wished us goodnight and gone to bed. With his parents sleeping downstairs and a set of stairs that squeaked halfway up, we would know if someone was about to walk in on us. Honestly, I can’t say anyone ever really bothered us after hours, other than the occasional wrestling match where we stomped too loud or tackled each other to the floor.

When it was time for bed, I laid on the blow-up mattress in the middle of the floor, but Daniel called me up to his bed instead. Daniel’s eyes twinkled as he reached for his iPad and tapped the incognito button on his browser. I and my dick both had a pretty good idea of what we were about to do, and true to form, my dick sprang up like a meerkat. At that age, it was small enough that it wasn’t showing through my gym shorts.

“Do you know what a creampie is?” he asked.

We’d eaten plenty of oatmeal cream pies over the past few years, but I doubted that’s what he meant. Instead I shrugged noncommittally while he tapped in the words creampie gifs on the screen. The moment he hit enter, my jaw dropped as all my blood rushed from my head downward. He scrolled past clip after clip of guys shoving their massive dicks inside other girls’ cooches. When they pulled out, a heap of white filling spilled out from their outstretched holes. How any of those girls even managed to squeeze those dicks inside themselves was a wondrous mystery to twelve-year-old me.

“Are you getting hard again?” Daniel asked.

I nodded, and he looked down between my legs. At most, there might have been a small visible lump. Unfortunately, I only ended up just shy of average by the end of puberty.

“Me too,” he said, “touch it.”

More without my permission than anything, Daniel pulled my wrist into his lap where a stiff pole bigger than mine pressed against my palm through his shorts. Here’s the crazy thing: I wasn’t gay then. Or maybe I was and didn’t realize it, but I already knew about jacking off, and every time I had cum so far, it was to the thought of one of my girl classmates and their developing boobs. Holding Daniel’s dick was a wildly foreign sensation to me, and in the moment, far from my ideal Friday night.

“Do you wanna do it?” he asked, his voice low and raspy. He barely waited for an answer before he lowered his shorts. His dick pushed up against his boxers, and soon he fished it through the hole in the middle. The pink crown glistened a little, and I realized my friend must be making sperms.

“You do it, too,” he said as he captured his boner in his fist and began wanking.

Lowering my underwear down to my balls, my boner slapped up against my groin. It was smaller and fatter than Daniel’s, but whereas he liked to take his in his fist, I preferred one thumb and a finger as I rubbed the skin near the head. After that night, I tried it his way a couple times, but it always made my dick tingly in an uncomfortable, itchy kind of way.

Other than the sound of our hands bopping along and the little breaths that escaped us here and there, we were silent as we wanked next to each other until Daniel asked, “What’re you thinking about, Thomas?”

In my head, I was mounting this girl Rachel Hornbrook from my first period class, but Daniel’s question and heavy panting kept distracting me.

“Rachel,” I told him, but by then I gave up putting any real effort into my mental fantasy. At some point when my eyes were closed, Daniel had lowered his boxers and was now fondling his balls with his free hand while also reaching further between his legs. Now that he was fully exposed, I was surprised he had a couple tiny strands shooting from his groin. There couldn’t have been more than three or four, but they were long and coiled. I couldn’t wait to get pubes.

Pretty soon he started huffing and puffing until he gave a pinched whine and whispered, “Gonna bust.”

Maybe it was the gifs we watched right before, or my horniness in general, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away as little water droplets sprinkled from the end of Daniel’s twitching penis and onto his stomach. It was a quick spray, and after that, a thin, clear river leaked out from the hole and over his thumb.

For some reason, my mind immediately created a fantasy of Daniel plugging his dick inside of Rachel and doing the creampie thing to her with his sperms, and that thought made my eyes roll and stomach clench as my own orgasm took hold. I knew I wouldn’t make any mess like Daniel had, but that didn’t stop my body and nerves from feeling really great all over. On a different night, when I was particularly horny, I found out I could have multiple cums in a row, but that all stopped shortly after I started shooting.

When I opened my eyes, Daniel was still fiddling with the end of his dick, but he was staring at me, switching back and forth between my stubby boner and flushed face.

“You should sleep up here tonight,” he said. “Forget our clothes. Let’s sleep like this.”

“What about your parents?” I asked.

“When have they ever come up here? Come on, Thomas.”

I leaned over to snag my pillow from the mattress, and Daniel poked me in the butt cheek before giggling. We turned off his lamp and huddled together naked under the covers. Being almost summer, Daniel’s overhead fan whirred and cast a nice breeze over our faces as I tried to settle in, but Daniel had other plans, I guess. His hand trailed along my arm, rubbing back and forth in a soothing way that helped me relax even more.

I jumped when his hand grazed my balls, and it didn’t take long for me to stiffen up again.

“You’ve got a fat boner,” he whispered.

“Is that good?” I asked, genuinely not sure.

“I like it,” he said. “I bet it feels really good inside.”

I feel now is a good time to mention that Daniel eventually married a man, although I think his being gay was probably pretty obvious in hindsight. He came out in high school, and though he and I weren’t as close then, word got around, and besides, I still followed him on social. When Daniel first said that, I assumed he meant my dick would feel good inside a girl. I was too young to consider the double entendre.

I genuinely believe most people are born attracted to who/what they’re attracted to, but I also believe there are situations that can awaken something we don’t know about ourselves. Going into that sleepover, I was 100%, undeniably straight. Afterward, Daniel woke something in me.

“Can I try something?” he asked. His hand on my boner was soft and free from any rough callouses. Honestly, I would have agreed to almost anything he suggested at that point as long as it involved cumming again. When I realized he couldn’t see me nodding, I told him yes.

The covers rustled, and Daniel slid further down the bed while staying under the covers. His hands trailed down my stomach before reaching my thighs, and it wasn’t long before his fingers were around me again.

The first time his tongue rasped the underside of my dick, I wasn’t sure what it was, but when his moist lips closed over the tip and his tongue swirled, I knew then. And I was in heaven. No amount of jacking off had been this intense, and I shook in place as Daniel bobbed his head along. His hair tickled my stomach, tickling me as his tongue performed wonders.

Like I said before, I didn’t make any semen yet, so I never announced when I came. Daniel knew, though. I buried my arm over my mouth as I groaned, and my penis pulsed against the moist heat of his tongue. He kept on going, rolling it over and over until I had a second dry orgasm. Despite the fan blowing on my body, I’d broken out in a sweat. I wasn’t sure if I could take much more of it, but I think Daniel’s jaw must have gotten tired, because he slurped up my dick one last time and crawled back up to the pillow.

“How’d that feel?” he asked. “I saw that in a video, too.”

I was still sweaty and breathless but finally told him how amazing it felt.

“Do you think you could do me?” he asked.

And there it was. The little key that unlocked the part of my brain that said, You know what? Maybe I do like guys, at least a little bit. No other fantasy or orgasm had been as intense. I knew right then I’d do as he asked. Even as my heart beat from nervousness while I slid down to Daniel’s groin, I was all in.

It was inky black and thickly hot beneath the covers. When my hand bumped into Daniel’s boner, it twitched with a quick thump. I teased the hairs around it first, feeling their silky, wiry texture before tugging on one. He let me know how he felt about that by pinching my ear. I steadied my hand around the base of his erection, not really knowing what I was doing. The tip of his penis first brushed my upper lip, and right away a little bead of moisture smeared there.

What was gonna happen when he came like I did? Even though I wanted to try sucking his dick, I wasn’t jazzed about tasting the fluid coming out of it. I licked my upper lip and lapped up whatever was there. If it had a taste, I couldn’t tell much. Feeling a little bolder, I kissed the tip of his dick and slowly let it slip between my lips.

Already it filled up way more of my mouth than I would have guessed. There wasn’t enough room for my tongue, my teeth, and his dick. When my teeth grazed his penis, he hissed and told me to cover them with my lips. After that, I tried running my tongue around his penis like he had mine, but my mouth was drying up, so I worked up some spit before going again.

Daniel’s hands found their way to my head, and I leaned against him as he stroked his fingers through my hair. The more I was under there, the more stuffy it got, and even though I was enjoying myself, I was grateful when Daniel started to tense up. The coolest part was how his dick got harder before twitching nearly a dozen times. When he came, I expected the roof of my mouth to get sprayed with his jizz, but he must have been pretty tapped out. I tasted something a little different than my spit, like a bitter-sweet, tangy something, but it wasn’t long before it mixed in with the rest of my saliva.

Coming back up from the covers, I was thankful for the cool air as I flopped back beside my friend. I ran my tongue over the roof of my mouth, still feeling something lingering there. The covers rustled again as Daniel leaned over and gave me a quick smooch on the cheek.

I rubbed away the spot on my cheek and laughed. “Dude, don’t kiss me. That’s totally gay.”

Yeah, I know. The irony isn’t lost on me.

The End

Copyright 2023 – Levi Holland
All rights reserved

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    Josphe Amn

    Great! It made me recall me my own surprising feelings when I had experienced those amazing sensations when we were doing sort of those secret activities with my 13 years old brother. I was about 10 years old. It was absolutely the end of my innocent but horny childhood. I tried later relieve those pleasures with so many girls. They pretty much used stalk me. But I knew that my target Will solely be boys.

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