October 23, 2008

Just Practicing
Alex Hawk

For the curious out there, this is the first story I ever published! Enjoy!

It was a cold, dreary day in late March. Thankfully the snows were finally starting to melt away. We lived out in the woods of Alaska, about four hours from the nearest… well, anything. The next-door neighbors lived an hour away. Our family consisted of me, Trey, my thirteen-year-old twin brother Dane, our twelve-year-old sister Nichole, and our Mom and Dad. We’d lived out here in the middle of nowhere for as long as I could remember, though we were actually all born in New York.

A couple weeks ago our world had been shaken up. Our parents had told us that Mom had accepted a job at a university down in southern California. She’d be working as a teacher! We were all proud of her and everything, but it meant that we’d have to move all the way down to California. I couldn’t imagine a place stranger than that!

Now our parents were out in Anchorage for a few days, tying up some loose ends and getting things ready for us to move. We’d be leaving our home in just a month. They wanted Mom down there early. This left my brother, my sister and myself at home by ourselves for the first time since the bomb had been dropped on us.

“It’s gonna be weird leaving here,” said Dane.

Nichole said, “Yeah. I can’t wait to actually go to school.”

We’d all been home schooled, of course. There wasn’t any real way for us to go to a real school, not being so far out into the wild, so we’d been taught here. It wasn’t bad, and we’d learned a lot. We even had Internet access over the last couple years, so that had made it even easier.

“It’ll be cool, yeah,” I said. “We can meet some new people. Make some friends. Maybe Dane and I can even meet some girls.” I grinned at my twin brother. He grinned back.

“Uh… hello? I’M a girl, dummies,” said Nichole.

“Yeah, but you’re our sister,” said Dane. “Trey means that he wants us to meet girls for girlfriends.”

“Oh, right. Duh. Yeah, that would be different.” Nichole looked thoughtful. “Maybe I could even meet a boy.”

“Uh… hello?” I said in a snotty tone. “WE’RE boys, dummy.”

Nichole stuck her tongue out at me and we all laughed. The three of us got along pretty well. We had to, really. I mean, we were each other’s only friends. If we didn’t get along well the winters would be cold and lonely.

Later that night, after dinner, which Dane cooked (badly), the three of us sat around and turned on the DVD player.

“What do you guys wanna watch?” asked Nichole.

I stood up and went over to the Wall o’ Movies. We had over a thousand. Mom and Dad figured it was a good way to keep us all from going nuts.

“What ones haven’t we seen? I know Aunt June sent us a whole bunch of new ones last month,” I said, looking everything over. What with one thing and another our parents hadn’t had the chance to sort them out properly.

Dane came up and stood next to us. “Most of these look kinda boring,” he said, thumbing through a few.

“Yeah…” I read off a few titles. “‘Murmur of the Heart’, ‘Europa, Europa’, ‘Pelle the Conqueror’, ‘Leolo’, ‘1900′. Jesus, these are all, like, foreign films. I don’t wanna read subtitles.” Despite our parents best efforts I remained a pure barbarian when it came to such things.

“What’s this one?” my sister said. “‘Blue Lagoon’.” She read from the cover. “This could be pretty cool. It’s about some people stuck on a desert island.”

I took it from her and looked it. The girl on the cover was pretty hot and wasn’t wearing a lot. “Looks good to me,” I said, passing it over to Dane.

Dane said, “Yeah, let’s watch this.” He passed it back to Nichole who put the movie into the player. The three of us sat back on the couch to watch.

When the movie was over we all sat there with wide eyes, our minds whirling. Nichole was the first one of us to speak saying, “Well… that was… interesting…”

Dane and I nodded slowly. He managed to say, “Yeah… very… interesting. It kind of reminds me of what we were talking about earlier.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Well, when we were talking about meeting girls and stuff.”

“Oh, yeah.”

“And me meeting a boy,” said Nichole.

“Yeah… I wonder what it’s like to do some of the stuff in that movie,” I mused.

Nichole looked at me. “You mean like sex? Like they did?”

I shook my head. “No. Well, yeah, kind of. I guess. Mostly even just stuff like kissing and such, you know? I mean, I can’t wait until I get to at least kiss a girl.”

Dane and Nichole nodded and she said, “Yeah… kissing a boy sounds like fun, too. At least for me. I mean, you guys might not like it.” She grinned a little.

Both Dane and I laughed. He said, “Well, I just hope that when the time comes to kiss my first girl I don’t screw it up. I mean, you gotta know that everyone down there’s done a lot of stuff.”

“Like what?” I asked. “You think most kids our age have already kissed and stuff?”

“I think most kids our age have probably already had sex,” he said.

The three of us digested that for a bit. Nichole said, “You know, I got an idea.”

“What?” I asked.

“Well… maybe the three of us could, like, practice some stuff.” She blushed a little.

“Yeah? Like what?” asked Dane.

Nichole shrugged. “I don’t know. Maybe we could try kissing each other. I mean, I don’t think it would be a big deal or anything, you know? It’s just practice.”

Dane and I considered this. He said, “You know, you might have a good idea there.”

“So, like, Dane I would kiss you?” I said.


I looked at Dane. He looked at me. Almost at the same time we said, “Ok!”

Nichole giggled a little nervously. “Ok. So… Trey. Why don’t you try kissing me?”


My heart beating a million miles a minute, I moved close to my sister. We leaned our faces towards one another and pressed our lips together. My virgin penis started getting a little hard at the contact. It felt nice kissing Nichole.

After we broke our kiss, Dane said, “My turn now?”

Nichole said, “Yeah.”

He moved over and the two of them kissed. It lasted about as long as my kiss with Nichole had. When they were done, Dane said, “Hey, can we try something different?”

“Ok. What?” asked Nichole.

“Well… how about we try it like they do in the movies? With our mouths open and stuff?”

“Oh, you mean like French kissing?”


Nichole nodded. “Ok.”

I watched as my brother and sister moved close again. They started out kissing like normal but then opened their mouths and started really kissing. Now my penis got fully hard and I knew that as soon as I was back in my bedroom I’d be whipping it out and having a good time.

After about a minute their kiss ended and Nichole said, “That was pretty cool.”


“Can I try it?” I asked.


My sister and I put our faces together and followed the same pattern she’d used with Dane. When our mouths opened up, it took me a few seconds to figure out exactly what to do, but soon I got the idea. It was a lot better kissing like this than it was with our mouths closed, that was for sure!

“That’s much better,” I said.


“Can I kiss you again?” asked Dane.


For the next ten minutes or so my brother and I took turns making out with our sister. It was really sweet! Then I had a little idea.


“What, Trey?”

“I wanna try something. Can you, like, lay down and I can lay down on top of you and we can try kissing that way?”

“Oh.” My sister considered this. “Ok.”


Nichole laid down on her back, spreading her legs a little. I got on top of her, holding myself up with my hands. I leaned my head down and we started kissing again. It was very different doing it like this. Not bad at all!

When I was done kissing Nichole, Dane took his turn. He seemed to be enjoying it just as much as I had. Soon he and I were taking turns kissing our sister and enjoying every bit of it.

After the last time I finished kissing Nichole she said, “Hey, guys?”

“What?” I asked.

“Can I see you two kiss each other?”

“Uh…” I looked at Dane. He looked about as thrilled at the idea as I was.

“Please?” Nichole asked. “I mean, since it’s just practice it’s not a big deal, but I just kinda wanna see what it’s like to see, you know, two boys kissing…”

“Well… I guess since it’s just practice…” I shrugged. “I don’t know. What do you think, Dane?”

He shrugged. “I guess it’s not a big deal. I’ll do it if you want to.”

I shrugged. “Ok.”

Awkwardly my twin brother and I moved towards each other. Soon we were pressing our lips together and, eventually, had our mouths open and were swirling our tongues around one another. It was really strange kissing my brother. We were identical twins so it was almost like I was kissing myself.

When Dane and I were done kissing I pulled back and looked into his eyes. We didn’t say anything, we just kind of looked at each other. Nichole said, “That was pretty sweet.”

“Thanks,” Dane said.

“Let’s try all kissing each other at once,” I suggested.

The three of us leaned in together and started rather awkwardly trying to kiss each other. It wasn’t too easy, but we made it work and it was pretty cool, even if it wasn’t all THAT great.

Nichole looked at the clock after that. “We should probably get to bed. It’s getting pretty late.”

“Yeah,” I said. I was anxious to go jerk off.

Each of us gave the other a good night kiss and we all headed off to bed. No sooner was I in my bedroom than I’d stripped naked and laid down, my hand wrapped around my teenage penis, jerking furiously. It wasn’t long before I’d had one of the best, most intense orgasms of my life. Some of my sperm even landed clear up on my cheek! It was amazing! Eventually I drifted off to sleep.

* * *

The next morning all of us got up fairly late. I made up some French toast for us and when we were done eating, Dane said, “So I had an idea last night.”

“Oh?” asked Nichole.

“Yeah. I was thinking… you guys wanna, like, pretend we’re on an island? I mean, like we can strip down to our underwear and run around like they did in the movie.”

I was about to veto the idea and then I reconsidered. I’d be seeing Nichole in her underwear. I said, “Ok, Dane. I’m in. Nichole?”

Our sister thought for a bit and then shrugged. “Sure. As long as we turn up the heat a little. Otherwise it’ll get pretty cold.”

We both nodded and once all the breakfast dishes were cleared we gathered together in the living room, all trading nervous glances.

“So… since this was your idea, Dane, you go first,” Nichole said.

“Ok.” Dane stood up, pulling off his t-shirt as he did so. Then he very quickly pulled down his jeans and stood there clad only in his briefs. I could clearly see a faint bulge where my twin brother’s penis was located. I wondered if his was anything like mine. The rest of him certainly looked almost exactly like I did.

“I’ll go next,” I said, standing up and stripping until I was down to only my tighty-whities.

Nichole looked at us and said, “You guys look just the same.”

“Of course we do,” I replied. “We ARE twins, you know.”


“So… you gonna take your clothes off?” asked Dane.

“Ok.” Nichole took a breath and stood up. Moments later she was standing before us wearing only her bra and panties. This was not a bad thing! Not bad at all.

“No, come on, Nichole,” said Dane. “You gotta take off your bra, too.”

“What? Why?”

“Well, in the movie the girl didn’t have a bra on.”

“That’s true,” I added.

Nichole looked mildly irked. “Yeah, but she had long hair that covered her up a little. My hair’s too short for that.”

“Look,” said Dane. “If you take off your bra, Trey and I will kiss each other really hardcore, like we did last night.”

“You will?” she asked looking at me.

Hesitating only an instant, I nodded.

“Well… ok.” Nichole reached behind herself and unhooked her bra, pulling it off her body. I drank in the view of my sister’s small breasts. They weren’t too much to look at, really. Just a couple small mounds that looked like peach ice cream with cherries on top. But I liked what I saw!

“Now you two kiss,” she said after a bit.

Not even pausing, I pulled Dane over and started kissing him, our bodies pressed together. It felt really different doing this just in our underwear. I could feel his bare skin against mine, and down bellow I could feel my hard penis rubbing against his. I liked it!

Then after I was done kissing Dane, he said to Nichole, “You wanna try kissing with us again?”

Nichole slowly said, “Well… yeah, ok.”

I watched my brother and sister start kissing again, but this time it was much different than it had been before. They were hugging each other while they kissed. I wondered what it felt like for Dane to have Nichole’s breasts pressed up against his chest. I’d get the chance to find out soon!

Sure enough, as soon as they were done kissing, Nichole moved over to me and we began our lip-lock. It was a LOT different doing it like this, that was for sure! Feeling my sister’s breasts against my body was driving me nuts.

For the next few minutes Dane and I took turns making out with Nichole. Eventually we wound up laying on the floor and doing it that way for a while. Having my underwear clad penis resting against my sister’s underwear clad vagina made the kissing even better and it gave me a good idea.

“Hey, Nichole?”


“You wanna try practicing… you know… Doing It? I don’t mean actually Doing It,” I said quickly, seeing a little look of near panic in her eyes. “I mean I just start moving on top of you like we’re doing it. Just to get used to it. I mean, we still got our underwear on, so it’s not like it’s a big deal or anything.”

“I think that’s a good idea,” piped up Dane. “It’s not like anything bad can happen or anything, and we’ll all get some practice.”

“Well…” Nichole looked thoughtful. “Ok, I guess we can do that.”


Rather awkwardly I started moving on top of my sister, rubbing my crotch back and forth against hers. From what I’d seen in movies and such, this seemed like how people did it when they had sex. I wasn’t sure that I was doing it right, but I knew for a fact that it felt wonderful!

“Oh, Trey…” whispered Nichole. She wrapped her arms around me and spread her legs a little wider. “That feels really nice…”

“Yeah. For me, too…”

We moved silently from there. Finally after a couple minutes Dane said, “Hey, don’t I get a turn?”

I shot a look of total death at my twin brother as Nichole said, “Yeah… yeah, you do.”

I got off Nichole and sat on the couch while Dane got on top of her. It took him a little longer to figure out what he was doing, which made me happy. Soon, though, he was thrusting away on top of Nichole’s mostly nude body. I wondered what it would feel like to actually be naked while doing it. I bet it would feel really good!

After a couple minutes of Dane thrusting against Nichole, I was just getting ready to ask if I could have a turn. Just as I opened my mouth, though, Nichole started whimpering and holding Dane tight against her.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered. “Go a little faster…”

Dane’s body started moving a little quicker, and Nichole’s moans got a little louder. Suddenly she tightened up her whole body, put one hand between Dane’s shoulder blades and the other right on his ass, and gave one loud, long moan.

By the time she was done moaning, both Dane and I were totally motionless, looking down at our little sister. Eventually she relaxed and looked up at us with a little grin on her face.

“THAT was nice…”

“What happened?” I asked, thinking I might already know.

Blushing a little, Nichole said, “I had an… well, an orgasm.”

“Oh!” Dane said, blushing himself. “Did I make that happen?”

“Yeah. Well, both of you,” she said, grinning up at me as well as Dane.

“Can I have another turn?” I asked.

Nichole shrugged and said, “Yeah, ok.”

Dane reluctantly moved aside. I could see just a tiny bit of wetness on both his underwear and our sister’s panties. I wondered what it was. But I didn’t really care that much. I got into position on top of Nichole started thrusting away.

“Go a little slower, Trey,” she whispered.

“Oh. Ok.”

I slowed down and closed my eyes as I moved on top of her, feeling her whole body against me. Well, all of it except one patch. I knew what I wanted to try next, but I also knew Nichole might say no. Finally I screwed up my courage and said, “Nichole?”


Swallowing hard I said, “You wanna… like… try it without any underwear? Just to see what it’s like? If we don’t like it, we can always stop.”

“Uhm… well… sure, I guess we can try it.”

“Ok,” I said as blasé as possible while inwardly my heart did backflips of joy.

Nichole reached down and very quickly pulled off her panties. When she laid back down her legs were spread wide and I could see her vagina for the first time. It was beautiful. Just like some strange kind of flower. She only had a tiny bit of hair up at the top, and I didn’t see any sort of hole where the boy’s penis went, but I didn’t really care. I was just happy to see it!

Now I pulled off my underwear, my very hard four-and-a-half inch penis popping up and smacking against my stomach for an instant. I was dimly aware of Dane taking off his underwear and I cast a quick glance at my twin brother. His naked body, even his erection, looked pretty much the same as mine.

“You look really cool,” said Nichole softly.

“You, too.” I smiled at her. “Should we get started?”


I laid on top of my sister’s nude body and felt my penis come to rest against her vagina. THAT was sweet! I could feel this wonderfully warm, moist skin against the shaft of my teenage erection. It was glorious! I started very quickly thrusting against her once again.

It wasn’t too long, though, before I heard Dane say, “Can I have a turn?”

I didn’t want to stop, but I didn’t have any real choice. I pulled off Nichole and sat back to watch as Dane got on top of her. On the bright side, I learned, as I watched my twin brother dry-fucking our sister, that at least I apparently have a good looking butt, because Dane’s seemed pretty nice.

I didn’t want Dane to be the one to give Nichole an orgasm this time. It had to be me. I let him go on for about three minutes before I crouched down, put my hand on his butt and said, “My turn, ok?”

Dane looked a little startled, but all he said was, “Huh? What? Oh. Yeah, ok,” and then got off Nichole.

Happily I laid on top of our sister and started moving against her one more, savoring the pleasant sensation of my shaft rubbing against her slit. Oh, it was spectacular! I figured I’d take my time and go nice and slow, hoping that might make Nichole feel even better. I figured also that the further back I rubbed against her, the better it would feel.

I’d been at it for a bit more than two minutes when something strange happened. I’d pulled back really far and pushed forward slowly. As I did so, I felt the tip of my penis get caught in something. It popped right out again, and I wasn’t entirely sure what had happened. I decided to see if I could make it happen again, and sure enough it did!

Now I suddenly knew what had happened. I pulled back and pushed forward once more, but this time when the tip of my penis got caught I stopped and held it there. It was poking up against something very warm and kind of wet. I knew instinctively that this had to be the entrance to my sister’s vagina. Adjusting the angle slightly I pushed again and felt almost all of the tip slide into her.

“Trey…?” Nichole asked in a shaky voice.

“Sorry,” I mumbled. “Do you want me to take it out?”

“Shit, Trey!” gasped out Dane. “You don’t have it IN her, do you?”

“No… just the tip,” I sort of spoke, sort of grunted.

“Let me see!” said Dane.

I sat up a little, looking down to where the tip of my penis disappeared up into my sister’s vagina. It looked pretty damn cool there.

All three of us were silent as we looked at this display. Finally Dane said, “I wanna try it! Please, Nichole? Let me try it!”

I knew I didn’t want to pull out. I didn’t have any choice, though, because Nichole said, “Ok… you can try it for a bit, too, Dane…”

Hating my brother at this point, I sat back, feeling the tip of my penis pop right out of Nichole’s vagina. I kind of moved back and Dane got between our sister’s legs, looking down at her spread out body. He said, “Ok… where exactly does it go?”

I had an idea that, for some reason, I wanted to try. I said, “Here let me help,” and reached around twin brother’s nude body to take hold of his hard penis. It felt almost exactly the same as mine did when I was holding it. Dane didn’t say anything as I put my hand around his erection, but I did feel his body tense up a little.

Leaning forward a little, I looked over my brother’s shoulder, feeling my penis brush briefly against his butt. I lined up his erection with Nichole’s vagina and said, “Ok, just push a tiny bit until the tip starts going in, ok?”

Dane took a breath and nodded slowly. I felt his body move and watched as the tip of his penis slid slowly and delicately into our younger sister’s vagina.

“Wow… I like that,” he said with a little grin as I let go of his penis and laid down next to Nichole.

“What do you think, Nichole? How does it feel for you?” I asked our sister.

Nichole nodded a little and said, “Yeah… it feels… it feels kinda good like that…”

“Can I maybe… try putting in a little bit more…?” Dane asked.

“Yeah… I guess so… but not all of it, ok?”

“Like how much?”

“Uh… maybe half?” Nichole said after thinking for a moment.


I sat back and watched in annoyance as Dane began pushing his penis a little deeper into Nichole’s vagina. On the one hand it was really cool to see him sliding into her. On the other hand, I hated the hell out of him for getting his in deeper than I had mine.

“Can I… can I like… sorta… move it in and out a little?” Dane asked quietly.

“I guess,” said Nichole after a few seconds. “But be careful…”

“Does this count as sex?” I asked after watching for a few seconds.

“I don’t think so…” Nichole managed to say. “I think the boy… has to be all the way in…”

“Oh, ok.”

I watched Dane pseudo-fuck Nichole for a little under a minute. It was really interesting seeing everything he was doing. He pulled almost all the way out and then pushed his penis back to the halfway point. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Nichole? Can I try it for a little bit now?”

Nichole took a deep breath and nodded a little. She said, “Dane… give Trey a turn for a bit…”

Dane pushed his penis back to the halfway stage and then pulled back all the way, sliding out of Nichole. Looking death at me, he moved out of the way and said, “Ok, Trey. Knock yourself out.”

I got back in position between my sister’s legs and touched my penis against her vagina. I found the entrance really easily and pushed forward. It seemed like my tip went in much easier than it had before Dane had his in her.

Once I had my tip inside Nichole, I pushed forward a little more, feeling some of the shaft of my penis entering her vagina. I pulled back a little and then went forward some more, until just like Dane, I had half my shaft up inside my sister.

It was the coolest thing I’d ever experienced.

“Wow…” I said, looking over at Dane. “You were right… this is incredible…”


Looking down at Nichole, I said, “Can I move like he did?”

“Yes…” she whispered. She was pretty well lost in pleasure, I guess.

Very slowly I started working my penis back and forth inside Nichole’s vagina, feeling the sensation of her flesh clutching at me as I moved. It was so sweet! I longed to get myself all the way inside of her.

Getting an idea, I said, “Can we kiss some more?”

Nichole said, “Sure.”

I leaned down and started kissing Nichole, acutely aware of what every part of my body was doing as it contacted her body. While we kissed, I started moving back and forth again. Each time I pushed into my sister, I tried to push a little deeper than I had before. Very slowly I was working every bit of my hard, thirteen-year-old virgin penis farther up into my sister’s twelve-year-old virgin vagina. When I finally stopped, I was all the way into her, and could feel little sparks of pleasure shooting all up and down the shaft of my erection. It was mind blowing.

Nichole must’ve known that we’d just lost our virginities to each other. She whispered, “Oh, Trey… oh, Trey…” One of her hands slowly moved down to rest on my butt.

I couldn’t say anything. I just held myself inside my sister’s vagina and tried hard not to cum.

“Dude… Trey? Are you… are you actually fucking her…?”

Both Nichole and I were looking into each other’s eyes, and we nodded pretty much at the same time.

“Holy shit!” Dane said. “Is it better than what we were doing before?”

“Not even in the same building, Dane…”

“Wow… I wanna try it! Can I? Please?”

Ignoring my brother, I started moving slowly, fucking my sister very gently. It felt so good inside of her, I never wanted to pull out. I knew that I would have to eventually, if for no other reason than to give Dane a turn, but I was determined that at the very least I’d have my orgasm first.

Pretty soon it was obvious that wasn’t going to take very long. I felt the sensations building up inside my body and almost totally lost control as I let out a series of hard grunts and pushed as deep into my sister’s vagina as I could get, feeling my penis start to kick and buck inside her as my sperm shot into her waiting body. I collapsed on top of her, totally overwhelmed.

After a few seconds, I felt another hand join Nichole’s on my ass and I heard Dane say softly, “Trey? Let me have a turn now, ok?”

My mind whirling with the fact that I’d just lost my virginity to my sister, I pulled back from her, my penis withdrawing from the Gates of Paradise that laid between her legs. I couldn’t quite read her face, but I was too busy concentrating on my own feelings to worry about it.

Dane got between Nichole’s legs again and looked over at me.

“Do you wanna put me in again?”

For some reason the idea of touching Dane’s penis again really appealed to me. I don’t know why. But I got in behind him, taking his erection in my hand, and gave it a couple slow strokes.

“Yours is almost just like mine,” I said softly to my twin brother.

“Yeah…” He reached back and wrapped his hand around my penis, giving it a couple strokes, just like I was doing to his. “Except yours isn’t virgin anymore. Mine still is.”

“Not for long.”

I took my twin brother’s thirteen-year-old virgin penis and pressed it against our sister’s vagina. Then I pushed against his butt and saw/felt him slide into place. I let go once he was all the way inside her and then laid back down next to Nichole, anxious to see my brother experience his first fuck.

I couldn’t quite describe what Dane’s face looked like. I knew that he looked at least as blissed out as I felt when I fucked Nichole. I also looked over at Nichole. She had her eyes closed, but it seemed as though she was enjoying herself.

Dane didn’t last quite as long with his fuck as I did with mine. It wasn’t very long before he held himself against Nichole just like I had. He moaned a little, and his whole body seemed to tremble as the orgasm took hold of him. It was wonderful to watch!

After Dane was done cumming, he pulled out Nichole’s vagina. I could see a little of our sperm leaking out of her. He flopped down on the floor on the other side of her and we all laid there in silence. I think they eventually drifted off a little bit. I know I did. When I woke up they were quietly fucking once again. After Dane had his turn, I got to have one of my own.

The entire time our parents were away, the three of us had sex as much as we possibly could. Most times it was me or Dane fucking Nichole, but there were a couple times Dane and I wound up jerking each other off while Nichole fingered herself. She really liked seeing us doing stuff with each other. We’d kiss each other while masturbating one another, and a couple of times she even talked us into sucking one another off. It wasn’t the best thing in the world, but it was pretty sweet.

It wasn’t until after we’d been in California for a few months that we found out Nichole was pregnant. It was even money on who’d done the job, me or Dane. I liked to think that it was me who made the baby, but there wasn’t really anyway to tell.

Nichole lied to our parents and said she’d gotten drunk at a party and had sex with a boy who had gotten her pregnant. She couldn’t remember who he was. When she finally gave birth, to a boy, both Dane and I helped her take care of him, which made our parents very pleased.

After our son was born, we all sort of stopped having sex with each other. Dane and I still jerked each other off from time to time. We had really gotten to like that. But we didn’t do anything with Nichole. We didn’t want to get her pregnant again and the idea of using protection just seemed kind of… wrong, somehow.
Just recently, though, Nichole started talking about the idea of having another baby. She approached both me and Dane with the idea. It’d been two years since the birth of our son. Maybe we’d have a daughter, who could grow up to be her brother’s first lover. Maybe.


Copyright 2004 by Alex Hawk. All characters and events depicted are fictional. Any similarity to real people or events is entirely unlikely.