Helpless for the Summer – Chapter 8

Day 6


Something scratched at me and woke me up. When I opened my eyes, the bedroom was still dark. The scratching was on my arm and although it was dark, I could make out a dim shadow. It was Kelly’s arm resting on mine. More precisely, his wrist brace scratched my skin where the back side of the velcro rubbed against me.

As gently as I could, I moved his hand onto the bed and rolled onto my side to better see Kelly’s sleeping form. As my eyes acclimated to the dark, his features came into focus. His bare chest rose and fell. Part of me knew I should feel guilty. After all, what Kelly and I had was escalating. Bad enough that I had masturbated him. Granted, I had told myself it wasn’t practical for him to go forty or more days without taking care of that need. Boys his age get erections and need the release.

But giving him a blow job went way beyond simply giving him sexual release through a hand job. The part of me that knew this was wrong seemed broken, though. I didn’t feel shame, even though some part of me knew I should. I wasn’t fearful. I imagine some women who touch their sons worry about the secret getting out or worse, the secret turning their sons against them. I’ve always had a bond with Kelly and a level of trust that connects us. And now, as our relationship had changed, that bond, that connection felt stronger. Somewhere inside me, I knew he wanted this even more than I did, and he trusted me to walk beside him through these new experiences.

Still, I didn’t know where things would end up. Would he tire of the sexual part of things? Would he eventually want a girl his own age? Or a boy? I didn’t know. But I felt we could navigate those things.

As I gazed on Kelly’s sleeping form, I slipped a hand into my panties, and enjoyed the pleasure I found in touching myself. While it may not feel as good as Kelly’s touch, it was enough. With my other hand, I pulled my sports bra off, giving my other hand access to my breasts. I squeezed a nipple as I found my clit. It wasn’t long until I was wet as last night.

I yanked my fingers from my panties when Kelly mumbled in his sleep. He thrashed about, kicking at the covers. When he settled down, the covers were down at his feet. As his breathing returned to normal, I thought about satisfying my needs. Before I could resume, the expression on Kelly’s sleeping face reminded me of when he was a little baby. I’d seen the look more than twelve years before when he pissed his diapers.

Curious, I leaned over and heard a faint hissing noise. After eight or ten seconds, his expression softened and a light snore confirmed he slept. I knew it was the pain meds. The sleep they put Kelly into was so deep, he just lost control of his bladder. It would pass once he didn’t need the meds for the pain in his wrists.

What would happen when he didn’t need the wrist braces? I didn’t want him going back to his own bed. Even though only a few days had passed with him sharing mine, I didn’t want to lose that. I enjoyed his closeness and wanted it to continue. I wanted us to keep taking showers together. They’d be so much more fun once his wrists healed. Although I couldn’t imagine it being much more fun than when Kelly had eaten me out.

Just thinking about Kelly licking my pussy made me aware of how wet I was. I pushed my panties down and off and let my fingers resume their effort to satisfy the itch I felt between my legs. Working away at my little clit, it wasn’t long before I came. Sometimes, when I cum, I feel a release with satisfaction washing over me. This morning, the itch didn’t go away. I craved more than what my fingers could provide. Sighing in frustration, I wiped my juice on my bra and tossed it on the floor. I moved closer to Kelly until my knees touched the side of his leg. I closed my eyes and tried to get a bit more sleep.

When I woke up again, there was a bit of light poking through the curtains. Kelly’s soft snore barely registered when I realized one of my legs lay over his left leg. The heat of his leg was against my slit and my tits pressed against the side of his chest. His arms were over his head, almost as if they had been placed there to get them out of the way.

Unable to keep myself from his beautiful form, I placed a hand on his chest and his snoring stopped. A few heartbeats later, Kelly murmured, “Mmm, what time is it?”

I cast a glance behind me at my alarm clock. “A bit before eight.”

He smiled as he realized how close we were. Then his smile grew into a grin when he realized I was naked. I leaned in and kissed him, “How’d you sleep?”

He pressed his lips against mine. When he finally broke the kiss, he said, “Good. But, ah, I think I wet the diaper.”

I rubbed his chest some more, “It’s okay, Kel. It’s just the meds.”

He sighed, “I know, it’s just not very grown up and… I dunno… I want to be grown up for you, um, Karen.”

I loved how he called me Karen. It made it feel more like I was his girlfriend. My hand slid from his chest to the waistband of the rubber pants, “You’re just perfect, Kel. Now, how about we get you out of this wet diaper?”

Knowing what I was about to see, it was more pleasure than work to get the changing pad from below the bed and let Kelly crawl onto the middle of it. Once the rubber pants were off, the wetness of the cloth diaper was plain to see. Kelly flushed in embarrassment. Even after nearly a week, I think it felt more difficult letting me see him in a wet diaper than just naked. I knew the remedy for that as I unfastened the safety pins and unfolded the cloth towel from his midsection.

True to form, my lovely boy’s four and a half inches were flying at full mast. When I used the wet-wipes, I spent a bit more time making sure his penis was clean than normal. Of course, it’s easy wiping a penis when it’s hard as a rock.

Once he was clean, I put the changing pad away and rejoined Kelly in the bed. He fixed his eyes on my bare chest, “Cool. I kinda hoped we could go around naked again.”

“Me too. It’s really liberating not wearing clothes when I’m with you, Kel.”

He flushed. I couldn’t blame him. After all, yesterday, we had spent the afternoon naked in the living room. Now, we were naked in bed. Kelly is nearly thirteen. From the way he acted yesterday to the look on his face this morning, he wanted more than what we’d done yesterday. So did I.

I snuggled against my son, kissing him on the cheek as he pulled the covers over us. My hand caressed his chest as he rolled onto his side, facing me. This put his face inches away from mine and my lips eagerly pressed into his lips.

Even though his wrists were secured in their black wrist braces, Kelly draped an arm over my waist as he shifted toward me. I wanted to tear those wrist braces off, but after last night, his expression when I put them back on told me I had pushed things as far as I dared, at least as far as the wrist braces were concerned. When I felt something warm and hard against my thigh, there was something else I hadn’t pushed far enough. The way Kelly pushed his body against mine told me he felt the same way.

Snaking one of my arms around him, I pulled Kelly against me, pausing only long enough to reach between us and thread his erection between my legs. I shivered as the top of his penis dragged against my outer lips. I wanted to feel him inside me, but reminded myself there wasn’t a hurry. We had the entire day to truly become lovers, not just boyfriend and girlfriend or even mother and son.

We lay on our sides, my breast crushed against his chest and his penis between my legs. There must be something primal and evolutionary about sex. Kelly’s hips rocked back and forth, pushing and pulling against my legs. My hand on his back went down until I felt the soft globe of his butt, and pushed him, trying to keep him from rocking. At least for the time being. I dearly wanted him to cum. Just not yet.

I felt the soft skin of Kelly’s neck against my lips as I kissed him. As tempted as I was to brand him as my lover with a deep red hickey, I resisted the urge. Instinctively I knew he would be embarrassed. The last thing I wanted was to make him embarrassed, especially when I wanted him in me. I worked my way up to his ear. I kissed it and sucked on the bit at the end. Then I decided I didn’t want to wait any longer. I hugged him tighter and whispered, “Make love to me, Kelly. I want you to fuck me, baby.”

There! I had said it. Kelly sucked in a deep breath of air. “Really?”

I moved a hand between us until I found the base of his erection, just below my slit. I raised myself a couple of inches as I shifted his erection until I felt him against my vagina. My voice shook, “Push in, baby!”

I felt some pressure and then my soaked pussy walls welcomed him. Despite his size, I felt some discomfiture when he penetrated me. Of course, I hadn’t had sex with anything other than my fingers since Kelly’s dad knocked me up over thirteen and a half years ago.

Kelly was a couple of inches inside me. I could feel him shake beside me, as the reality of what we were doing sank in. I used those precious moments to get used to him. A few heartbeats passed before I said, “Oh, baby. You feel incredible in me.”

It wasn’t especially true. Even though I was wet, those two inches had chaffed. But I knew once my body adjusted, I would be in nirvana. “That’s good, Kel. Now, pull back but don’t pull out.”

A moment later, I felt and heard a little pop as his head cleared my hole. “Oops,” he muttered as he poked me until he found my pussy again. Then he slid in. His penis was slick with my juices now and he slid in. The discomfiture disappeared and when he slipped into me I felt a wave of tingles wash over me. I felt myself edge toward my orgasm. And we had barely started!

Of course, if he made me cum before he was ready, I could keep right on going. Nothing would stop me from feeling him orgasm inside me.

He still popped out when he pulled back. But when he pushed in again, he slid in, going all the way until his small ball-sack slapped against my butt and his pelvis pushed into mine. I trembled at the feelings coursing through me. Even when I had been with Kelly’s father, I hadn’t felt this much intensity. I pushed my face into his shoulder, going so far to bite him, just enough to leave a mark.

When my teeth clamped on his shoulder, Kelly moaned and began rocking his hips forward and backward. I threw a leg over one of his legs and rolled onto my back while staying harpooned by his four and a half inches. Once on top of me, Kelly’s rocking smoothed out and before I realized what was happening, my eyes dimmed as my body shook. I came harder than I ever had before. “Ahh, fuck!”

Hearing the profanity in my mouth only egged Kelly on. He sped up, keeping my quivering pussy pulsating with orgasm. A handful of heartbeats later, he swore, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Then he shoved in harder than before and I felt him spasm inside me. My insides grew even warmer with his spilled watery seed. That was the only moment I worried I might get pregnant. In all my years since becoming pregnant, I hadn’t been with any other guy, and I saw no reason to mess with birth control.

Another shock of pleasure washed over me and another body-wracking cum blew any thought of protection away. When he finished, Kelly collapsed on me, every bit as hard as steel.

When he came down from the orgasm, Kelly slid off, resting against me, on his side. “Fuck!”

I kissed him, “Okay, lover boy. How was that?”

With stars in his eyes, Kelly gave me the biggest grin in his life, “That was un-fucking-believable. I thought when you sucked on me last night that it couldn’t possibly get any better. But this morning, you proved it gets better. Oh, my God! That was awesome!”

After a bit, I crawled on top of Kelly and soon was impaled on his penis. One thing I had forgotten about boys and their toy, they can stay hard through multiple cums. I was determined to find out if my new reality was as good as my memory.

Bouncing on Kelly’s hips, that feeling of something building inside me gradually increased. The look of pure pleasure on his face was enough to know my son enjoyed it as much as me. I was in control, and I enjoyed moving at a pace that brought me immense pleasure even while I inched toward another mind-blowing orgasm.

This time, I stopped as I felt myself nearing that point of no-return. I rested on his lap for that intense pleasurable feeling to fade and then I picked up, finding that exquisite pleasure as Kelly screwed his eyes shut. He was getting close. I sped up, wanting to feel his eruption matching my own.

Kelly groaned and tensed. My hips burned and my knees ached, but I was resolved to reach that magical place as close as possible to him. He shuddered, and I felt his penis twitch and grew warm again as his cum filled my womb.

Yet I bounced on. Only a few seconds passed until I felt a roar in my ears as I came. My orgasm flowed through my entire body and I kept bouncing through the burning pain in my hips. I kept at it until I felt Kelly shrinking inside me. Worn out, I flopped onto my back, right beside Kelly, spent.

Two orgasms in less than thirty minutes. I hadn’t experienced this, even before I became pregnant with my son.

Kelly mumbled something incoherent, and I slid from the bed and went to the bathroom where I sent to the bathroom and felt his seed slide from my insides. For the second time, I worried about the lack of protection. But then again, my son’s seed is clear and watery. Still, I might risk it today, but I made a note to get myself back on the pill. My son, boyfriend and lover, I loved unconditionally. But I didn’t want to get pregnant from his seed. At least not yet. Maybe when he gets older. Maybe.

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