The Lottery – Chapter 8

I sat across the table from Sam, working a small fork into the crab as I tried to free the sweet meat. I cracked the shell and extracted a long, thin strip of reddish-white meat and dipped it into warm melted butter before shoving it into my mouth.

“This is so good, Sam. I could eat crab all day long.”

Sam peeled a big Gulf-shrimp and ate it in two bites. Then she winked and grinned at me, “All day? I thought you discovered some other things you enjoyed earlier.”

I flushed, glancing around. Nobody sitting close to us even gave us a second look. To the other diners, we were two teens out on a date. “Well, we can split the time between the two, right?”

I grinned at Sam’s flush. Once we finished eating, we paid and drove back to the condo. On the way back, I said, “So, when do you want to teach me how to drive?”

Sam tapped the steering wheel, “Maybe when we’re not driving an eighty-thousand-dollar rental.”

Even though money was no longer something we had to worry about, doing something stupid, like letting a twelve-year-old drive an expensive rental car wasn’t something we really wanted to test. Still, I filed the idea away for future discussion.

Back inside the condo, we headed to the bedroom. Although the sun was down, it was still early. I stretched my arms, trying to decide what I wanted next. While I was stuffed to the gills with good food, I was also horny. I came up behind Sam and wrapped my arms around her and pulled her to me, her back against my front.

I felt older than my twelve years. I had crossed the threshold from childhood to adulthood that afternoon with Sam, and could never go back. Why would I want to? I rested my head on her shoulder, “Thanks for an incredible day, Sam.”

Sam twisted around until she faced me and lightly draped her arms around my neck. Her eyes sought out mine and she locked onto them, gazing deeply into me, as though reading my soul. She must have seen something in them. Her lips curled into a smile that reached her aqua-green eyes. “You’re welcome, Robin. I confess, I worried after we, um, made love. Worried you weren’t ready. Worried how under all this, I’m still your mom and you’re still my son. Worried this happened too fast. Now, you holding me, I know this is real. What we did on the beach was right for us.”

My fears had been different. After most of a year fooling around with Jeremy, we’d traded hand-jobs, blowjobs, even butt-fucking once. Sex with Sam was like going from junior high to college, though. It represented a life-altering shift. But one I felt ready for.

She pulled my head towards her, and we kissed. The garlicky taste of shrimp mixed in with Sam’s essence stirred within me desire. When her tongue darted into my mouth, I slid mine along hers and then mounted my own attack through her lips, twisting my tongue around hers. I broke the kiss long enough to take her shirt by the hem and pull it over her head, tossing it into a nearby chair. I found within her eyes permission to reach behind her and fumble with the hooks on her bra until she eventually reached behind and helped me unhook her.

I pulled her bra away from her and it fell to the floor between us. I kissed her lips again, but having a good idea of what Sam needed, I worked my lips to her chin, then to her neck. From there, my lips grazed her shoulders. When I kissed the swell of her breast, Sam gave a contented sigh, “Yeah, baby.”

I ran my tongue over her firm nipple. My body tingled as I felt the tiny ridge line of her areola. Sam shuddered under my attention. Finally, she pulled my mouth from her tit and grabbed me by my shirt and pushed until I bumped against the end of the bed. Then she tugged my shirt off and tossed it on top of hers.

She pushed me onto the bed and pulled at my shorts. They were sports shorts and once she got hold of the elastic, the shorts slid easily down my legs, where they bunched up at my feet. With the same motion, she also gripped my briefs, so I lay naked under her gaze.

Sam knelt at the foot of the bed and rested her hands on my thighs. I leaned forward on my elbows and enjoyed the intent look on her face as she stared at my four quivering inches. Eagerly, I waited for her to pounce. There was no doubt in my mind she would leave Jeremy’s feeble attempt to pleasure me far behind.

Her hand touched me first, her fingers wrapping around my thin shaft as she leaned over me. Her hot breath made me twitch with anticipation. I jumped at her tongue’s touch, as tingles swept across my body. I moaned, “Ah, fuck!”

The heat on my dick intensified tenfold. I glanced down as she took my head in her mouth. The feeling was nearly indescribable. It was like a wet glove made just for my dick. I’m not one to get loud when I play with myself. Even when it was Jeremy and me fooling around, the feelings flowing out of me were controlled. Not then. I groaned, “Ahhh, God, that feels good.”

I moaned wordlessly as Sam took me in, inch by inch, until all four inches of me were in her mouth. Her tongue roamed over my erection, licking on all sides. The tingling was strong, almost from the get-go. While the feeling in my dick was like what I’d felt when I was embedded in Sam’s pussy, it was also different, too. The tingling increased slowly and several minutes passed by as she licked and bobbed up and down on my erection. Still, the inevitable moment arrived, “Ah, Sam, I’m cumming!” I yelled. I was so glad the condo below us was empty.

My marble-sized balls constricted, and I felt my dick spasm as I felt my little dollop of ejaculate shoot out. Sam took that bit of nectar without a problem. Her mouth stayed on my dick until the spasming stopped. Perhaps she would have kept me in her mouth until I went soft. But at twelve, a boy can stay hard long after he’s shot his wad.

Sam pulled back her head and grinned at me, “How was that?”

A hundred times better than Jeremy, I thought. Somehow, I doubted Sam wanted any comparisons. In fact, the last time Jeremy had sucked me to orgasm, I was still dry cumming. My friend, on the other hand, had shot three or four salty and bitter loads into my mouth. Sam was a vast improvement. Sometimes, less is more, “Wow! Wow!”

She stripped her shorts, joining me in being naked. Then she took my hand, “Come on, Robin. We didn’t get cleaned up before dinner. Why not try out the whirlpool?”

After we filled the tub to the correct spot, we turned it on and climbed in. The hot jets of water massaged us as we settled against one side of the tub. Sam took a loofah and added some soap to it before she started cleaning my back. I could feel the difference as the film of suntan lotion was wiped away. Once she finished with my back, she wrapped her arms around my chest and pulled me against her as she washed my front.

Gone was any hesitancy. Her fingers soon grappled with my still-erect penis. She said, “God, I love your body, Robin. How you stay hard is a mystery. One I intend to unravel.”

I shifted away from her, coming around behind her and wrapping my arms around her. I cupped her boobs and squeezed them for a long moment. Then, remembering we were supposed to be taking a bath, I grabbed the loofah from where it floated and washed her back, scrubbing the oily residue of lotion away.

Sam squealed when the loofah touched her boobs, “Yow! That’s rough. Use your hands, Robin.”

Rubbing Sam’s boobs, whether with lotion, dry, or now, with soap, it was all great. She leaned back against my chest as I massaged her tits with soapy water. Still, after a few minutes, she spun around, sending water sloshing dangerously close to the lip of the bathtub.

She straddled me and wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me. After breaking the kiss, she whispered into my ear, “You got yours, my love. Now it’s time to get mine.”

With that, she shifted forward and took hold of my erection as she positioned herself over me. Then, with a happy sigh, she sank down, enveloping all of me inside her pussy. How suddenly she had shifted and sat on my erection had taken my breath away.

Now, with her straddling me, and my butt resting on the bathtub’s hard surface, Sam worked her knees, rising and dragging my dick across the tightness of her walls, and falling, sliding me deep inside her again. The tingling came almost right away as she rode me. But the build-up, so soon after my last cum, took longer. At one point, a few minutes after she started riding me, Sam snaked her hands around my neck and kissed me as I slipped up and down her vagina.

At one point, that tingling was riding, ever so slowly to that magical point of bliss. Sam shuddered and her pussy convulsed around my rigid cock. She squeezed my neck, as her rising and falling became uneven. A moan ripped out of her mouth, “Ah, Robin! Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!”

The undulation of her pussy walls on my dick finally tipped me over the edge and I spasmed inside her. I followed that with my entire body shaking as I came. My dick came a half-dozen times, although I imagined there might have only been a bit of cum with that first spasm.

Sam didn’t move after her body stopped shaking, although she stopped squeezing my neck. She simply stayed there, sitting on my lap. Still in my orgasmic bliss, I hugged her, rubbing my hands against her back. There was a timer on the whirlpool. It cut off the hot jets before she finally slid off me. I could see tears in her eyes when she slid off.

Concerned, I reached out and took a hand, “Sam, are you alright?”

A tear trickled down her cheek as she nodded, “Yeah, Robin. I’m fine. I get emotional sometimes, and when I came, my emotions got the best of me.”

She sat next to me and leaned against me as I wrapped an arm around her shoulder. She explained, “Earlier, when we made love on the beach, what we experienced was surreal, and some part of me thought it was a dream. Then, when I gave you a blowjob, well, that was mostly for your benefit, so it didn’t really hit me. Then, when we made love here in the jacuzzi tub, it finally hit me, like really hit me, you and me, we’re really doing this. It’s not a game, not anymore. We’re an honest-to-God couple. Tonight, when I go to sleep, I’m going to be falling asleep next to the man I love.”

She took my hand, “It’s too soon to promise anything. But just know that, when you’re ready to be more than just my boyfriend, I’ll be ready.”


I waited for Sam to cut the ignition before climbing from our new SUV. Even though less than two months had passed since we were last here, I felt as though I weren’t the same boy as I was the last time we were at Grant Jones’ office.

I scurried around and opened Sam’s door. When she climbed out, I noticed I had gained slightly on her. I figured I was maybe three inches taller, although you wouldn’t be able to tell when she’s in high heels.

I resisted the urge to slide my arms around her waist. I followed her into the office where a new receptionist sat. The chairs were a little nicer than the folding chairs we’d sat in so long ago. One thing that hadn’t changed, the plastic plant had even more dust on it than before.

When Grant came out and saw us, he said, “Good God, would you look at the two of you! Y’all certainly got plenty of sun.”

My blond hair was sun-bleached and down past my collar. And we both had dark tans. Probably wasn’t healthy long term, but we had other places we wanted to go, places where lounging under the sun wasn’t a priority.

Once we were in his office, Grant said, “Have y’all thought about where you’d like to hang your hat?”

Sam quirked an eyebrow, “Our hat?”

Grant grinned, “You know, where you want to live?”

Sam shrugged, “We’re still working on that.”

I added, “I know we’re supposed to have a permanent home and all that, but I’ve talked it over with S-, Mom, and I want to do the online private school you emailed me about. That way, no matter where we go or stay, I can keep up with my studies.”

Grant smirked, “I figured you’d say that. I can’t say I blame you, either. I can arrange that. But just so you know, as the trustee for your trust, I’ll be looking at those grades, Robin.”

He leaned back in the chair, “After talking with Bert and the finance folks, we all agreed a few pieces of property in the trust’s portfolio would be prudent. The trust will close on some real estate a few miles west of town. A developer started a sub-division but ran short of money and their bank foreclosed on it. We think he was a bit overly ambitious. In a few years, we expect a subdivision out on Interstate Thirty might be worth the money to develop further. In the meantime, he only finished one home out there. Was going to make it his model home. We think you’d like it.”

Sam looked at me with uncertainty. Even though she’d really bloomed in the absence of Earl, money wasn’t a strong suit for her. Even at twelve, scratch that. My birthday is in a few days. Even at thirteen, I had a head for numbers. I said, “Even the money guy thinks it’s a good investment?”

Grant nodded, “Yep. Wesley Parker is the one who made the recommendation. We got the property for a bit more than a million dollars. If he’s right, and he’s got a solid track record, once we build the development out, it’ll return upwards of five million to the trust.”

“And if he’s wrong?”

With a shrug, Grant smiled, “Then you’ll live in a very nice neighborhood with no neighbors, and some very nice East Texas Pines.”

Sam reached over and took my hand. Squeezing it gently, she said, “That sounds really nice, Grant. Just promise me and Robin, it won’t hold us down. After time down on the coast, we want to travel. See more of the country. Can we do that?”

I returned the light touch before leaning forward, “Mom’s right,” I said, barely avoiding calling her Sam. “Given what you told us our budget was, we did pretty good, I thought. Between the hotel stays, condo rental, car rental and dining out, we only spent fifteen thousand.”

Grant took a sheet of paper and slid it across the desk toward me, “You guys did fine. But don’t forget about the clothes. Your bill at Macy’s in Austin was a couple of thousand dollars. And your new Range Rover is ninety thousand dollars.”

I chuckled. I liked the new SUV. Sam had already given me my first lesson driving it. “True. But we won’t buy a new car every month. Well, at least I hope not.”

Grant smiled, “You say that.” Then he glanced at Sam, “Just wait until he’s sixteen. Even some millionaires struggle with new drivers’ insurance. Especially on the cars you guys can afford.”

I flushed, thinking about the power under the hood of the Range Rover. There was no way I’d wait until sixteen to enjoy controlling that kind of power. Still, we had gotten off track. I waved the transaction sheet, “As you said, we did fine. Sam…, um, Mom and I want to figure out how we can travel around and see the places we want to see without breaking the bank.”

Grant nodded, “About the only thing I wouldn’t do is buy an expensive RV and travel places. Unless, of course, where you’re wanting to stay is national parks.”

I shook my head, “Not really. We’re thinking when we finish up here, we want to go spend a couple of weeks in San Antonio, do Sea World and stuff like that. Then maybe go to California for a couple of months. Disney Land, that kind of stuff.”

Grant added, “Washington, New York, that kind of stuff?”

I nodded, “Yeah. We want to stay at nice places, but spending a thousand dollars a night…”

My voice trailed off. We wanted to enjoy the money. But being stupidly extravagant didn’t seem right.

Grant leaned forward, “You’ve got a good head on your shoulder, Robin. You know, I had a couple whose bankruptcy I worked on a while back. They were good folks, but got suckered into buying one of the expensive time-shares.”

Sam and I both nodded. One of the radio stations we listened to had played commercials about lawyers suing time share companies.

Grant continued, “The dirty little secret is that there are plenty of time share resorts very close to most major cities. And except for a few times a year, they have some portion of their inventory available to rent. If you want, I can call the trust office at the bank and see if they can make some calls. I bet they can get you a good deal in San Antonio.”

I glanced at Sam, who nodded. Grant was on the phone and a few minutes later, when he hung up, he said, “Let’s see what comes of it. Even though the couple I helped with their bankruptcy got taken in by the timeshare company, the truth is, most of the resorts are quite nice and well taken care of. My girlfriend and I stayed at one in New Orleans last year and it was a nice, fully equipped condo, just a few minutes’ walk from the French Quarter.”

Sam shook her head, “We’ll take your word on that one. Not going back to Louisiana anytime soon.”

While we waited for the bank’s trust department to call back, Sam disappeared into the restroom. Once she left his office, Grant said, “I was impressed with your emails while you guys were in South Padre. Asking for updates on your expenses shows real maturity, Robin. I’m going to send you a view-only link to a tool the bank uses to monitor and track the expense account tied to your debit cards. They’ll be able to set you up with tools that’ll let you track things on your own. This will also show you what’s available to be transferred into the expense account, for when you and your mom want to make a big purchase.”

While I was pleased Grant trusted me enough to share this info, it piqued my curiosity. “Does it bother you for me to email you about the trust?”

“God, no,” Grant said. “I’m glad you’re interested. Makes me feel like you and your mom will be okay managing your money when you get older. I’m always available to answer any questions you have.”

I grinned in response, “For a fee?”

The phone chose that moment to ring, and Grant winked at me as he answered. He wrote something down and said, “I’ll call or send you an email.” Then he hung up.

Sam came back into the office as Grant smiled at her, “Good news. The bank’s trust department confirmed a two-bedroom executive condo on the San Antonio River Walk for ten thousand for the entire month of June.”

That was more than twice as expensive as our condo on the beach. “That much?”

Even Sam looked surprised at the cost, while Grand said, “It’s really upscale, as these things go. You can comfortably afford it, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

We had talked about visiting San Antonio for a while, and the rent on the condo really wasn’t that much compared to what we had. I took Sam’s hand and said, “Let’s do it, S-, Mom.”

Grant took us out to the abandoned sub-division after we made the reservation for San Antonio. We drove out there in our Range Rover. It was about thirty miles from Texarkana. We got to it by exiting the interstate and turning down a farm-to-market road. Less than a mile down that road, Grant had Sam turn onto a side road. A few yards down the road a gatehouse sat squat in the middle. The gates were down and chained.

I followed Grant over to one of the gates, where he keyed in an access code that popped the lock. When he finished taking the lock off, he said, “I’ll text you the code, Robin. I really think you guys will like it. Even though the developer went balls-up, he tried to keep as many trees as possible.”

Back in the car, we drove through, stopping only long enough to lock the gate behind us. You’ve seen news stories about neighborhoods wiped out by a hurricane or tornado. That’s sort of what it reminded me of to drive through the place. There were no houses, just meandering roads. Lots were clearly marked with surveying stakes, and tall pines remained on every lot.

As she drove slowly toward a lone house toward the back half of the sub-division, Sam asked, “How many lots are there?”

Grant said, “A bit more than a hundred. Some lots in the center were designated for park and recreation. All told, there’s about fifty acres.”

We stopped in front of the house. If you’ve seen one McMansion, you’ve seen this one. Built in the ranch style, it was a single story. The inside still needed a bit of work. We could see sheet rock in several of the rooms. The master bedroom was nice, but the bathroom wasn’t up to par, especially after the experience we had in South Padre. Sam looked inside and shook her head, “Oh, Grant, it’s so plain. It’s going to take some work.”

Once we finished touring the house and were outside, Sam wrapped an arm around me affectionately. It was one you could easily mistake as maternal. She said, “Grant, you’ve made it clear we need some place to call home. At least officially. If you and the folks at the trust think this is a good fit, we trust you. But, God, that place is going to need some work.”

Sam pressed her body against me as she continued, “If there’s one thing the past couple of months have taught me, it’s that I can trust Robin. Do you mind working with him on the upgrades we’ll want?”

Her hug was still maternal enough to not rouse Grant’s attention. He just bobbed his head, “Yeah, Sam. No problem. Just shoot me an email, Robin, and we’ll get contractors out here and fix it up for you guys.”

We finished up back in Texarkana for the night. We met Grant and his current girlfriend for dinner at a local restaurant and then Sam and I stayed at the same Hilton hotel before heading out for San Antonio the next morning.

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